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poor board performance
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P4P800-SE Help Needed Please!
p4p800-e deluxe to p4p800-se bios flash
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AS8 and 506 no Post, Code 18
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which one to buy, only have 16 hours to decide
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p5wd2 temps
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PCi slot extention cord???
ABIT IS7-V2 w/p4 3.0 won't POST
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560j lga 775 board
EVGA Mobo???
Nf4 for intel any good for ocing?
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Installed P5WD2-E; Cannot boot into Windows!
P5WD2 PREMIUM again?
Is7 Nic, Or Pci Nic
p4-478 pci-e+agp motherboard
p4-478 pci-e+agp motherboard
Need Help ASAP!
NI8-SLi GR and pentium D 920
recommended Intel SLI mobo?
Abit AS8 Power Cycle Stats
cant get asus p5wd2 to show video...
Asus P5LD2 deluxe recomendations.
P5WD2-E Vdroop mod
P5WD2-E Long pause after POST / USB Keyboard Wakeup
875p Replacement?
Would this cause any problems?
Whats the difference between 955X vs 975X?
Best DD2800 memory for Asus P5WD?
Best Presler 920 Motherboard?
nVidia discontinuing current SLI 8x chipset to be replaced with a worse one?
RAID controller dissapeared on P5AD2 Premium
PS/2 Keyboard with a USB Mouse, will this cause hardware conflicts?
p5wd2-p no post HELP!
GA-8IK1100 REV 2 Memory speed??
Is this the limit for my P5WD2-e ?
AW8-Max won't boot :(
p4c800-e deluxe owners running faster 2GB RAM?
qdi dvance 10t probs
Grounding Problem P5WD2-P
Quest for 1400 FSB on P5WD2-e
ICH Chipset Voltage - what does it do?
EPoX EP-4PDA3I-3 (rev. 3.x)
Asus P5WDG2-WS instock@ZZF
newguy o/c help please
Help! Can't get onboard sound to work with my P5WD2-P.
P5WD2-E New Bios
s370 that supports Taulatin
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2 board in a row P5WD2 problem??
PCIE & FSB voltage control
ASUS P5AD2-E Premium Just like to say
BSOD install of P5Wd2-e
Ai7 post code 7F (detailed problem)
abit as8 and cedar mill p4 631 support
Where is the p5wdg2-ws?
Peculiar P5WD2-E Memory Dividers?
cappy bios
Upgrading from my AS8
ECS PF5 Extreme 1.0 campatability
new system needs overclocking - bu t i cant figure out how :-(
Any chance for some new motherboards that support Dothans without the CT-479?
My 5GHz overclocking adventure.
Best 775lga mobo for overclocking.
proths final P4C800-e bench
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P5LD2 goes comatose
P5WD2-E Premium...Satan in DISGUISE!!!
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8VM533M-RZ fried?
P5N32-SLI (known Asus Issue)
P5N32-SLI (known Asus Issue)
[P4C800-E]Which RAID?
P5WD2-E Premium @ the Egg
AW8-Max 266fsb issue's?
AW8-Max (bios rev. 15) and Patriot 6400 ?
Gigabyte GA-8I848P-G
Are the SATA II Ports on the P5WD2 Premium SATA compatible?
Who has the better BiOS Abit or ASUS?
Differences of Intel North bridge on Abit boards
Help overclocking my setup please
Cheap, decent mobo for Celeron-D 325?
Looking for cheap p4 motherboard with onboard gigabit
Any good PCI-E and DDR1 boards out there?
where can i find these Motherboards?
Did Abit Die?
8-phase power boards for OCing 9XX tellys?
Any intel crossfire motherboards?
BIOS problem
No On Board Sound When I Overclock
P5WD2-E Review is here
Making Up for Vdroop with more VCore???
How many P5LD2-D people have good OC's???
ASUS Pulls the P5WD2-E ???
Possible trashed BIOS?
What's the concencus with 945-955 and PCI-E Settings???
P5N32 Problem - maybe
msi board info needed
704 bios for P5WD2-P
The old Afudos (v.1.16b) - where can I get it from?
Crashing with 2 memory modules
IC7 models???
USB Boot?
ASUS P5P800SE improved? compare to Abit AS8 or P5P800
New System Questions
Gigabyte 975X, a real contender??
P5WD2-E Crossfire Question
D1826 Fujitsu Siemens
P5WD2 or P5WD2 premium?
Signs of hardware failure or something else?
Help me connect my front panel mic and earphones
MB ASUS P4S8X-MX fsb issue
Opinion on this mobo...
P5LD2-D, Can't OC ram when locking PCI-E to 100Mhz????
New Years Day Surprise - Abit IC7
Mr. Natural bios
8-pin EATX P4 power plug on Asus p5wd2
Fried Motherboard?
Opinions on P5ND2-SLI?
Which board?
How do I increase voltage from the P5WD2-P
P4c800-e chipset
AA8XE problems?
Any upcomming Desktop boards that will support Core Duo (PentiumM dual core)
windows shutdown problems!
Dell Demension 4100 mboard
Am I UnderClocked?
AW8-Max & XP120
Here's my mobo, is anything wrong with it?
P4P800SE Overvolting.
need help configure IC7 max 3 and sata
Epox EP-4VKMI?
xp120 on p5wd2-e does it fit on the p5wd2-p
P4C 800-E Deluxe Compatability Question
975 is here!
Known compatibility problem with Antec NEO HE powersupply and asus boards
P5N32 Heat Pipe Advice?
P4P800-E Dlx and Pentium M 770 - which bios?
p4t-e with new chip wont boot
ic7-max3 can it have more than 3 SATA drive?
I dun believe this P4P800SE with 2.4A OC result..
Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal ?
i850e Chipset voltage mod possible?
P5WD2-E Review
P5P800 + 660 Help
Some observations about the p5WD2
What mobo supports Mobile P4 socket 478?
About to buy 955x/P4-640 Based System. Suggestions on my config Please?
hows this mobo
Advice for buliding a 5 Ghz 24/7 machine
Flashing BIOS system crash
Is there supposed to be a backing plate for p5wd2-p?
replacment board needed
ECS 848P-A Version 2.0 OC
No Bios screen, monitor turns on only when comp enters windows
Gateway PIII 667MHZ on a Intel board...
Asrock 775v88 Sata Configuration?
Which Asus Board should I Go For ?
Still no P5WD2-E i975.... unbelievable
Asus P5VD1-X: worth it as a cheap alternative?
ASUS mobo to use with Intel 950
Any way to overclock this higher?
P4s800d-x shows no fan speeds and need to know temp settings
P4S800d-x no cpu fan speed and need temp settings
Overclocking with the Epox EP-5EGMI
Soyo Dragon2 875P Rev 1 Black Label Board Hardware monitor
P4C800-E Dlx - Where is the "1t / 2t" RAM setting in BIOS?
Intel D865GRH locked?
p4 socket 478 pci-e... which one is the best?
Help - mATX ASUS Board choice
Can someone explain me, how the "FanEQ Control" really works, on ABit MOBOs ?
IC7 max 3 bios for mobile P4
P4P800 (not SE) Bios 1021.006 and Pentium M
delete please
Abit of a Problem - puffy caps
Which ASUS mobo to buy?
where to order asus 975 boards
What abit board supports 4gb ram and XP PRO?
Newer P3 chip on older P3 board
950 65nm and P5ND2-SLI
Broken release clip on AGP slot
recovery bios not working.
Good heatsink/fan combo for IC7-max3 northbridge?
P5WD2 mobo temps too high
Problem with the ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe with SLI Need some help please
Would anyone with an intel "d" and P5WD2 premium
Help with motherboard decision
Need help making a life changing decision!!
ASUS P4P800-SE PCI bandwidth problem?
gigabyte 8IPE1000??
Asus P5WD2 (955 and 975) memory compatibility ?
Abit AW8-Max memory compatibility?
Intel D975XBX
Another mobo question (settle in, long-winded) ...
P5ND2-DLX Owners with X-Fi and 0906
IC7-G won't post no matter what I do...
Raid On AW8-Max
Fried my P4CE800-E Deluxe?
Lose control of keyboard during boot - 8KNXP Rev 1
Problems With Chaintech 9CJS
8s648fx-rz(-c) overclocking
new motherboard
ECC Mem on a ASUS P4P800 Deluxe ?
Mobo for intel 2.0AGHz/512kb/400 FSB
Old P4T533-C Cold Boot
Flashed BIOS to fix P5WD2 Premium heating issue
Sweet Asus P5WD2-E Premium (975X)
Zalman 7700 on P5ND2
ASUS P5WDG2-WS i975x
Dell goes POP, bad caps on mass Optiplex machines
Anyone Hear Anything Yet?
New board woes
Bad Bios checksum....P5wd2 won't boot!
<<How can apply Vmch Mode?>>
Best LGA775 Board - Asus or Abit?
Bios ACPI Setting?
p5wd2 and RAID problems
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe, 4gigs of ram in Winxp 32Bit?
Memory lapse
Front USB connectors to an Asus P5VD1-X
DFI 370 Pin CM33-TL Motherboard
Help me overclock my 81GX
905s Top Dog :)
Help!P5WD2 won't recognize IDE hard drives
MB Temp Question?
Last question before ordering (P4 478)
ic7-max3 Memtest problem
Help! New asus powerdowns at boot!
p4pe-x problems dot dot dot
GA-8IHXP(3.0) - Prescott possible?
Need bios config help P4C800-E Deluxe
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe OC CPU, but Ram slow!
best mobo for crossfire?
VERY DISCOURAGED with P5WD2 Premium new system
quick question for P5WD2 owners
Best settings for my bios with new corsair ram
Motherboard overclocking NOT FAQ
AW8... The differences
Im having troble finding this.. help plz!
Any Opinions on this board (ECS)
Any info on IS-10 overclocability?
Serial Port problems on Soyo SY-P4VTE
QUICK HELP!! Mobile Intel® Celeron®
<<8IK-1100 overclocking issue>>
<<<P4P800-X not overclcoking at 1:1 Cpu/Ram ratio>>>
Will raising the voltage on my OCZ 520 help with Voltage Droop ?
Is Corsair mem still bad for P4P800 DLX?
chaintech spt800 VIA socket 478
Need new 478 875P motherboard. where did they all go???
I'm back.. (IS7 OCing)
Locking the PCI-E bus????
Asus P5VD1-X and Sata HDD trouble.
Help Cant Decide On Which Mb To Get!
Refurbed P4C800 E Delux
Abit IC7-G Max 2 Advanced Memory/Raid Problems
P5ND2-DLX New Bios 0905
Msi live update
Beta Bios for IC7-G
P5AD2-E Premium and Memeory Question..
AA8XE Fan Monitoring Problem?
Abit IC7G MaxxII
Abit TH7II powers on for 1 sec
Quick question hot swap BIOS
P5S800-VM Gone wrong.
p5wd2 pre. and PCI-E slot Question.
Will a bad CPU fry a mobo?
Playing with emachines
Seeking advise for a board good for overclocking.
8KNXP Rev2, Time for an upgrade?
Good OC Motherboard needed, but im green to intel
P3B-F rev 1.03 only sees half the RAM
P5WD2-P can't find dvd drives?
P5WD2 Onboard Audio Problems ...
Need ASRock "Hybrid Booster" software
Nooo my Fatal1ty.....
P5WD2-P Default V-Core Voltage?
P4P800E Deluxe and XP3500 Redlines?
How reliable or trouble free is the Asus P5WD2?
GA-8S648FX-L Will not oc at all
ic7-g no go w/new psu?
Does the P5WD2 Non-Premium have Hyper Threading Technology support. Premium does!
Is the Asus P5WD2 Premium superior in performance to the Intel D955XBK?
Any good Intel SLI Motherboards out there?
w00t got a cheap mobo
Droop mod overclocking results?
AS8 removing XP120
P5WD2 vs P5WD2-Premium?
XP install hangs at 34 minutes on new P5WD2..HELP!
AG8: any good O/C's?
P5WD2-P Droop Mod - Resistor Question
mobo for socket 478 northwood?
Error on boot w/ P4S533-VX
Installing Gfx card on Compaq K8S-LA board
P4P800-D overclock
Cable tester for the p5wd2 p
Stable mobo for dualcore?
GA-8I915P memory slot issues
help please
530J unlockable yet?
OC P5WD2 P w/ DDR2 1000???
p5wd2 premium and thermalright xp-90c
P5LD2 won't stay on
Confusion over P5WD2 Premium dividers.
P5WD2 Premium - Why TWO Ethernet Ports?
Front Panel, Front Audio, and Front 12v
HP Asus PTGD1-LA Help
975X on Intel.com
Need Help on P5WD2 Premium !
Help with Shuttle MOBO Model AS45
P5WD2 Premium Mobo Problems
Interesting problems with my p5ad2-e premium
ASUS - 42302e31
P5GD2 CPUfan question
AA8XE 3rd Eye
P5LD2 or ABIT's AW8?
Newer Abit users avoid this product.
Is Chipzilla losing it?
P5GD1 or P5LD2 for overclocking?
OMG!!! the nightmare!!!!! p5gd1-vm
P5WD2-Premium Sound card will not work
P5WD2 Premium: Location of MB temp sens
P5WD2-P What did you need for 300FSB?
Audible Cpu Test Failure Warning on a P4P800-E-DX
ASUS P4S-LA's BIOS "sees" Pentium 4 2.4 GHz as a 1.8 GHz processor
Major Help needed with P4C800-E-Deluxe
audio in on p5wd2-p prob
p5gd1 prob? Sata not booting when overclocked? (yet ide was doing fine)
Aftermarket BIOS?
GA-8S661FXMP-RZ vcore?
P4S8X-MX Question
Decision problem with media PC
Can a KVM fry a motherboard?
Need info on motherboards/chipsets
Buying a new mobo, questions.
Vcore adjustment unavailable in an EP-4PCAI BIOS
Typhoon for P5WD2
Socket 775 need some advice. Only want new MB
My IS7-G seemingly dead
Did I kill my mobo (D850GB)?
need to update a 478
p5gd1 max fsb?
P5ND2 SLI Deluxe - OC?
Picking MB based on Chipset
First time using SATA Drive on P4P800-E DLX
Do ASUS and Audigy Mix?
P5WD2 - Motherboard Monitor?
Abit AW8-MAX system crash. Help :(
Help me choose a mobo!
P5WD2 BIOS editing
Mobo Stand-offs & Screw Sets???
Noob overclocking, what are safe voltages
Finally an upgrade. Help?
P5WD2 Premium RAID Problem - Help!
cheap(ish) 775 mobo with some OC potential
asus keeps sending me bad boards
New Asus P5WD2 P BIOS 0606
ASUS P5WD2: Install WinXP with USB floppy
P5ND2-SLI PCMark Scores go down
got a problem with my IDELED
P5WD2-Premium Disk
Quick Motherboard Question...
P5ND2-SLI Dlx BIOS/Pll issues
Warning to all: i975X Will Not Support Conroe
P4C800-E DLX Performance Help needed..
Is this mix available?
Can Anyone Help
a question for bios guru`s
Abit AL8-V
Board for P4 540
Post but hanging!
The first 975x is nearly out!!
Looking for a budget board
975X soon?
Help me overclocking my BH7...
Might this be a motherboard issue?
P5GD2-X, CPU fan control issues
Ordered my P5WD2
8KNXP - CoolerMaster AquaGate
About to add to VT7/p4 2.8 input?
Can anyone help me with bios settings for Abit IC7 Max 3 ?
My next mobo: Gigabyte GA-G1975X (i975X)
P4S800 problems round 2
P5WD2 Overheating
P4S800 won't post!
Motherboard clock speed
P4P800e-Deluxe OC'ing help
Help choosing a mobo
P5WD2. Pls Help!. Can't get past 265 FSB.
Asus Cusl2 mobo dead?
519 problem
asus update
P5RD1-V "NTLDR is missing"
Chipset hold down loop repair
Need A OC Guide For P4C800-E DeluXe MB!!!!!!