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ASRock not booting!
USB is not working
My mobo acts weird.
Advice: P5WD2 Premium, P4 3.6 and memory
no SATA detected?
p5gdc-deluxe problem after 255mhz
My Temps is it ABIT?
AA8XE Bios Update
I'm in quite a fix here...HELP!
overclocking D865PERl Intel
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Friendly update (batboy)
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a littlke help
P5WD2 Load screen?
FK (Final) Bios out for 8KNXP Rev.2
overclocking MSI 6534
Difference between AW8 and AW8-MAX?
P4C800-E Delux,In BIOS, what does performance acceleration mode do?
looking for new Pentium Socket-T base MoBo for my comp !!!!
Some help please? P5WD2-P with 830
Need Assistance
Radeon 9700 & MSI 645 Ultra-C
New Xeon Server Motherboard
Crazy BIOS update for the AG8
P5WD2 Standard vs. Premium
Torn between asus and abit :(
CPU-Z What does it all mean???
AI7 or VT7
P4p800-vm ?
Motherboards maximum cpu limit
-EDITED- Read the rules SirBA
AS8 (Random) Reboots
So I bought this DFI 875P-T and the audio didn't work...
OC'n P4-M 2.4 on a desktop board downclocking
Nvidia LGA775 MSI P4N Diamond Test
Abit vs Asus Droop
"Unknown Device" :Intel(R) 82801FB LPC Interface Controller - 2640
update bios
Good OCing Socket 478 Mobo
Which Mobo to get for S775 ?
lga 775 mounting?
Pentium D 830 & P5WD2 Question Please Answer?
P5P800 = POS? First no XP, Now Unstable... POS detected Off the port bow sir!
Overclocking Intel Seattle SE440BX
AS8 w intel 640 booting at 14x
P4 428+ pci-X help
ic7-g max2 help
Having just a few problems with the AA8XE.
P5WD2 Premium Vcore dropping
CPU Fan Error
Help on removing a overclocking protection from intel winnipeg motherboard bios
Please help my friend out, he's been screwed
P5AD2-E Premium no boot
Best Bang for Buck Dual Core Mobo
What mobos will work with a P-lll 1.1 GHz?
Is this for real?
P5AD2-E Premium CPU Fan
LGA775 and DDR1 Boards - Please help me choose
Pentium D 820> Need MotherBoard
Throttling on AS8 when too much vcore
Help Broke A Mosfet Off My Board
Asus P5wd2 Premium & Corsair xms2 ddr2 8000UL
Need a mobo that allows control of the multiplier
775 Upgrade ?
Will a older P4 work with this mobo??
Intel 830 with P5ND2-SLI dlx...single or dual core?
P5AD2-E users using onboard Cmedia sound, help needed.
Bios/CMOS keeps reseting. P4P800 Deluxe any way to LOCk the Bios.
P5WD2 not booting
updating firmware?
p4 cpu in a 479?
Dell Dimensions 8300
What should I be running in this?
Overclocking Asus Guppy mb with a celeron D 2.9ghz processor?
P4C800E-D BIOS Q: Suspend Mode setting?
Someone Please help me picking a mobo! mATX/Socket 478
ABIT IC7-G Volt Mod Question
Anyone know anything about Rambus?
BH6 - Can't go 133 FSB after bios update - help!
which mobo for new system?
asus p4c800e/dlx
Mobo replacement issue
Socket T mobo recommendations -- Need to buy soon
Those of you with P5wd2 and running 300FSB+!
P4P800SE hang on NVRAM check? huh?
Asus Bios Beep Codes??
Abit IC7 POST Codes
new system wanted what to get??
P5WD2+660+OCZ PC2-6400+7800 GTX=Mad Action
Need help deciding on a motherboard
P4c800-e Dlx?
P5AD2 vs P5AD2-E - Modding the P5AD2?
Where can i see the northbridge temps?
P4C800 DLX Bios V1021.004
what's the difference between these boards!?
P4P800 wont do a bios flash?
P5WD2 bios 0512. Any of you tried it yet?
Looking for a new Motherboard
Ai7 turn on issue
P5WD2 boot issue...
Just for fun...
About to upgrade motherboard for my 478 2.66ghz - Please help
Can the p4p800 handle this?
Dell XPS Gen 2
AI7 loads default fsb
Tualatin Upgrade on HP 9680c - need BP advice
nOOb question about ram timings, dividers, and the p5wd2
Raid Problems with P4P800 Deluxe
Raptor and P5AD2 Premium
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe and Intel-D 830....Ram?
P5WD2 boot from IDE - Can it be done?
CPU temp
Intel 915G Boards OC capability???? - Please help
Help with microatx socket 478
Can't set up a Raid 0 on an IC 7 Motherboard??
New ABIT AW8MAX BIOS out (Version 12)
Got my new "P5WD2" and I really need some help setting a single raptor. (easy)
IS7-e and Prescott Problem?
AS8 raid controller
Which boards are best in performance?
wierd sound issue on P5WD2
check list of reg # 2
Abit AL8
2 Raptors in Raid0, installed XP, rebooted - then BSOD; WTF?
Question about power to a P4P800-MX
Everyone with an IC7 can help me, Please! OS setup currently
P5WD2 and SpeadFan v4.25
Which board to order?
ASUS cheating at OCing?
System failed CPU test
IC7-G Sensors
Soyo SY-7VEM Socket 370 Mobo
NEW AS8 version 18 bios update
P4P800-VM audio and LAN messed up
Question about 4-pin/8-pin Power Connector on P5WD2-Premium
Upgrade ?
aa8XE doesn't support flashmenu
Socket 478 Mobo
P4P800SE Memory acceleration
Problem with D865GBF board?
abit ic7 game accelerator setting
AA8XE ~ Anyone notice a high pitched noise possibly related to ram?
need help with my IT7 max 2 2.0
945P or 945G
Mobo's and ME
Siren Alarm !
Noob Needs Guidance
is this a good buy?
Differnce between Max 2 Advance and....
Foxconn 865
Asus P4P800SE + Prescott p4 3.0e major problems please help!
Huge Problem, Please Help me!!!
P4C800 Deluxe and 2Gb ...trouble
Annoying beeps when playing certain games
NVidia NForce4 SLI for Intel
915P/G combo and DDR2 overclocking
p4p800-vm / ct-479
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe and Intel Dual Core
P4P800 -> P4P800SE flash
Shuttle SB83G5 OC (915G/ICH6R) - Where's the PCI Lock?
Can I use a P4 Hyperthreading in a 850i chipset?
Im having some stability issues...
Abit AW8MAX - Single and Dual Channel config
945/955 Chipset Owners - Undervolting/Overvolting
P5P800 good board?
DFI 865 questions
IS7 250fsb 1:1, what do you need?
Which mobo for Celeron D?
ASRock 775Dual-880Pro
CrossFire Boards When???
motherboard problem!
Where are the Malvescorner Droop pictures?
Hard Drive help
My p5ad2-e premium is acting weird
USB Card Reader Irritation
Unable to Overclock, Award Pheonix Bios v5.5 (help pls)
Replacement for IC7-G board
ASUS NCCH-DL Overclocking Success
Many AI7 Issues
Can I install more ram?
Looking for new mobo/video card, any thoughts?
Time to upgrade the studio
Help in choosing 848P motherboard: Abit, Asus, or DFI?
Unlock CPU Multi in ASUS P5LD2
ASUS P4P800 Problems
More problems.. ic7-g
AI7 NIC Issues
Help Overclock
Ideas for a new system
Nvidia Nforce4 Intel SLI???
How much are temps off on abit boards?
Abit IS7 or AI7?
Second Gigabyte dead, starting over
Temp Readings?
Any gains to be had with pci latency?
Which chipsets overclock?
Prescott/Celeron D support, socket 478 boards, making it work?
P5WD2 volt and cap mods (56K warning)
No Boot, No Beeps.
No sound on P4C800-E DLX
P5AD2-E Premium - Need Accessories
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe PSU problem?
P5AD2 Premium - no sound after 1011.007 beta BIOS
no video
Albatron K8SLI Nforce 4 390HTT!
Weird USB deal
Dell Optiplex GX110 mobo?
AS8 - Bandwidth Efficiency Problem
AI7 booting problems with post fault/beeps
Please Help 3.0E and P4P800SE
possible to update p4c800e-dlx bios w/o a floppy?
need help!!!!
What is wrong with my p4c800e-dlx?
not booting
thermal issues
MAJOR mobo issue.
Motherboard and Gaming
P5GDC Deluxe peculiarites
P5WD2 comment & question
Hardware profile in Boot sequence??
p5ns2 problems
Need a reccomendation
Looking at upgrading from Intel mobo, need suggestions
P5GDC + XMS Pro + XP-120?
Troubleshooting an VT7
D845GVSR. Help me!
Intel 865pe major heat problem!!!
Help me find a P4GD1
Overclocking P5WD2
Help with my P4C800 DLX!
D845GVSR 3066Mhz
Question about vdimm on AI7
Max 3 Ram question
Need MOBo for P4 2.53 533 FSB
Overclock pci?
quick question
drivers ><
AA8XE Shuts Down after WC Install
Have 865PE chipset but cant get memory speeds +DDR400
Intel 865pe-ls and P4 3.2@3.6 am I at my limit?
OVerclocking Intel D915GUX
P5WD2 Premium & "SLI"
Any newer onboard sound drivers for P4C800-E Deluxe, than on Asus web site?
Asus P4S800D-X or ASROCK P4V88 ?
20-pin PS Connector
New bios for AW8 and AW8 max is out...aw811
P4C800-E dlx- in BIOS, is it better to enable Plug&Play O/S or not?
P4C800-E dlx- How hot should the chipset H/S get?
Weird Noises :/
Annoying problems with a D915PBLL
DDR MOSFET problems.. :(
P4C800E-Del Gigabit Lan problems
Looking for new mobo
Can a Dell Mobo be unlocked?
Zalman 7700 Fit IC7-Max3? (7000 Fits)
What to set the setting in BIOS on a P5WD2 premium so I can install windows!!!
Questions on P5LD2-Deluxe Motherboard
Which motherboard
P5GDC-V Deluxe
Intel 955x - SLI?
Holy ****
Thinking of purchasing an AA8XE and some questions
Strange No POST - MSI 875 Neo-LSR
P5LD2 Deluxe Bios Issues
ECS SATA Problem
P5LD2 Deluxe + RAID10 NIGHTMARE!!! Help...
Need to up RAM volts on my PERL
IC7-G dead?
need advice on new mobo please
p4s800d-x how to change 4x -> 8x
updated bios... onboard ethernet doesnt show..
This a good win?
IC7-6 MaxII and SATA driver.
New mobo?
NB72 - No CPU voltage?
Asus P5LD2 - Deluxe & RAID
Will this Mobo work with this CPU?
P5ND2 overclocking issues
How safe is it flashing with "Flashmenu"
Which dual core motherboard?
abit IC7-G cpu & n.b. cooler ?
Help needed with options for HDD in P5WD2 Premium BIOS
Building a Celeron D system, but upgradeable...
Sli or 955?
looking for a dual core-dual processor board
Needing Asus Utilities
32bit or 64bit socket
AI7 - Pickiest mobo ever? Read if you dare...
P5WD2 and CHA/PWR Fans
best mobo for intel p4 630 3.0ghz 2mb cache
anybody interested in quad vid card mobo
Board that has AGP and can use Pentium D
Whats the latest buzz?
P4P800 cant handle 5 HDD's?
AA8 malfunction
Sound Quits Mid-Game
Slowness And Lags On P4C800-E DeluXe
Help AA8xe not seeing my ide channel or onboard LAN
Anybody who owns a P5WD2
What MoBo Folks?
Aaarrgghh! Dumb computer died! Would like to reset BIOS...
What DDRAM speed should I use when OC?
Asus p4p800s-x
help question
P5WD2 w/ MBM
changing Dell MB from 400MHZ to 533MHZ
P4C800-E DLX Great NEWS The latest BIOS 1023.001
Chaintech 6BTM w/ PWM IC AIC1569CS - Celeron 1300 possible?
ASUS P5GD2 Premium Mainboard
Modded IC7-G BIOS with More Divider Options?
asus P2B-vt bios
what is the diffrence between IC7-MAXII and MAX3?
Memory ratio for Intel Mobo
Help with ASUS P4P800SE ASAP
Problem with P4C800E-Dlx
Lanparty 875B for 2 boards?
ThermalRight XP-90C & ASUS P5WD2 Premium
P4C800-E Dlx Rev.2.0 with booster
Best S478 Mobo for OC under 85-90
VCore in BIOS is DIFFERENT from VCore in CPUZ & SpeedFan?!
Gigabyte GA-8N SLi Royal Intel Mobo......
AGP and PCI-E on one board, GO VIA!
New Intel System - which mobo/which CPU?
Rust on mosfet?
Troubles running 133 MHz on ASUS P2B-B.
help please
AA8XE Toslink problem
AI7 + Celeron 1.8A + 512MB DDR 400x2 = ????
ic7-g setup
SATA on IC7-G Max II Advance
No sound after OC?
recommend me a s478 mobo
good Micro ATX intel 775 boards?
north bridge fan failing
Gigabyte GA-8I945G Pro
What do you think ?
Ic7 Ide
Can this be oc'ed??? :(
FED EX has Arrived :)
P5DW2 CPU Lock?
ASUS P5WD2 Premium and Leadtek WinFast PX6800 Ultra problems
P4P800E CD/HD Light Question
P4C800e-d Can someone help me out? Trying to install an IDE hdd.
8IPE1000-G problems?
Whats the abit equivalent to asus p4c800e dlx?
SmithField 775
P5AD2 and Intel 640 CPU question
Asus AI booster?
Max CPU for 8S648FX?
PIII socket 370 Mobo ???
Abit IC7-MAX3
Asus P4C-800ED Bios 21 - 22
[HELP] Socket 478 mobo's with PCIe ?
Can this be o/c'ed?
P4C800-E Delux, can I running an old P4 400mhz CPU & 400mhz DDR RAM together?
IS7 vs IC7 power
aw8 reviewed in net forum
Flashing Bios, Is it neccessary?
bootcd bios
Options for Spread Spectrum in P5WD2 Premium BIOS
help first post, new overclocker and an old board!!
WD Raptors and Raid on P5WD2
P4P800SE Vdimm mod
I want an OC'able mATX LGA 775 mobo!
dual motherboard?
I'm conFUZZZZZED!!!!!
Bios won't retain HDD info.
Help! - GA-8184P-G Beep error codes
Gigabyte 8sq800
Asus P4PE Vdroop
New IC7-G Problem..
installed new bios for asus mobo....
Looking for a Socket 370 board O/Cing board.
Will D875PBZLK Support prescott ?
intel/celeron oc?
get a new 3.4 that hit 4GHZ on my AA8XE
Prescott temp on IC7
Which chipset?
Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB not recognised in ASUS P5AD2-E
Go shopping on my tab!!!!!
Is IC7 and IC7-max the same board?
MBM5 Fan monitor on IC7Max3
Asus P4C800-E DLX, Do I need a Nortwood to boot first time?
P5ND2-SLI NF4 Intel Ed.
MOBO Selection help
Which socket 775 board best for RAID1?
Will this board support SLI WC?
New P4 Motherboard
Bios update fix droop?
Strange P4C800e dlx
Abit IC7-G Windows Install Problem...
How do i get or create a PLL file, with my MOBO IC DATA ? to import in SoftFSB ?
Yo, I need some emergency help!
Motherboard Monitor on P5AD2-E? (Anyone have it working?)
Overclocking my 3.2e
P4C800 Family Question
RAID controllers on IC7-max3
does a list of mobos supporting OC and GB LAN exist
Abit EQ Monitor
slow ram on abit 1C7
help needed
I know double posts are bad, but is my mobo the problem?
Zalman 7700-Cu 12cm on Abit IC7
If you have the AA8XE, could you please answer a question or two?
GA-8IPE1000 Pro2 FPS problem?
good motherboard. advice or suggs. plz
Temps of Controller on p4c800e-deluxe
PCI Video on PCI Express Board?
Will any Intel mobo be able to run DDR2 5400?
Modding locked bios? (Award)
ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe overclocking issues
ASUS P2B-B - what is the quickest processor which can be used with this mobo?
the other 875p-t thread
Locked BIOS options (Asus P4B)
2GB of RAM on P5P800 Intel 865PE
abit AI7,IS7 and IS7 max3 need help
Abit IC7-G
wierd problem with SATA on IC7-G
Need some pointers OCing a P4 3.0C!
Can this overclock?
Easy question ABIT guys.
Problems with high vCore on P4C800-E Deluxe?
looking for good motherboard
What Motherboard to get?
installing a P4C800-E Deluxe-Screw holes
Fatal1ty AA8XE questions... sorry heh
Intel sucks;)
Which motherboard is better?
mobo recommendations for pentium D
About flippin' time...
After a one-year trip with Abit, i'm back to Asus
Help me OC my AA8XE Please.
Intel to launch new software utilities
ABIT Introduces Guru Clock
MBM5 and GA-8I915P? is there another option?
The PCIe Frequency
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe, how do you hear vocal post messages?
Abit AAA8XE-3RD EYE or AL8?
bios flashing on asus p4c800 without cpu
usb 1.1 controllers on abit IC7 max3?
ugh... new memory killed my computer... what do i do.
ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe Preorders
Ati Chipset For Intel
Help w/ p4p800 deluxe and wol
vdroop on p5p800
asus probe 2.23.06 weirdness
Removing IS7 Northbridge fan?
P3V4X & Ati 9600xt
Asus P5WD2-Premium FSB ?
IC7 and 300gb SATA Disk??!
AA8XE fatal1ty won't work with 4GB RAM ??
very high temps on AA8XE normal???
Thermalright XP120 and IS7
P4C800-E Deluxe Woes
Anyone here using an ASUS P5WD2 yet?
ABIT IC7-G (BIOS flash HELP for everyone)
asus p5rd1-v
P4C800-E DLX Memory scores drops, after Power saving modes
Best motherboard for this system.
aopen dothan motherboard
need aopen pdf
TO: All Asus i9xx series chipset boards
Motherboard just... died.
New to OCing - need input on my Abit V17 mb
All P4C800-E Deluxe Users:
is this board a good one?
Gigabyte mobo capable of supporting 4 graphics cards in SLI configuration
Budget reliable board for Celeron D?
Best oc-able and stable mobo under $100? Intel 478. no sata needed.
ASUS P5ND2-SLI Deluxe and Dual Core CPUs
Best Board Using 660 Cpu And Agp Slot
Abit AW8-MAX when will it be available
Good s775 Intel mobo?
AA8XE one long and three short
P4C800E-Dlx mODS
Pentium M on ASUS Boards via CT-479
PCI Slots not working......
Dual cores working with 865/875 chipsets?
Intel 945G vs 955X
How long does it take for Sandra2005 to load?
temperature readings p5p800 biod
Probs with P4P800SE
Best pentium 3 slot 1 (450, 700mhz) mobo?
which board with 3.2-3.4v memory
Hello! new here in need of some help! Asus P4P800SE fan speeds
SY-P4I865PE Plus DRAGON 2 v1.0 parallel port problem