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Probs with P4P800SE
Best pentium 3 slot 1 (450, 700mhz) mobo?
which board with 3.2-3.4v memory
Hello! new here in need of some help! Asus P4P800SE fan speeds
SY-P4I865PE Plus DRAGON 2 v1.0 parallel port problem
IS7-E PWM temps
Problems with p4pe-x
New Rig, need help with BIOS. (P5AD2-E Premium)
BE6-II V2.0 Memory
Wave driver problem ??
Having trouble booting up new system
ABIT Fatal1ty AA8XE...any problems at all??
Motherboard monitor on P5ad2-e, or alternative.
Are S/PDIF brackets for digital audio generic or mobo specific?
Abit Fatal1ty system problem...Can anyone help?!
Heatsink removal
AS8 fan monitoring question
Intel D845EBG2, BIOSes
Jetway PM9MS Problem
Abit AS8 USB driver install
3 Asus Board To Pick
P5AD-2 Premium unknown device after 1005 BIOS!
reinstalling AS8 SATA drivers?
heatsinking everything
Having some problems with my new p5ad2-e premium
p4p800 OC, timings change
MSI P4N is here...and looking GOOD!
How high can I go??
Intel D915PBL: Any good?
Pentium 3 board {need help}
ASUS P5ND@ - SLi Deluxe or the ASUS P5WD2 Premium
Can ATA Raid 0 be transferred to Serial RAID 0?
cannot change video settings
adding caps to the front of a p4c800-e
Asus P5P800 and 24 Pin Power
ASUSí Intel 945P Mobo Supports Multi-GPU
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Vs. Abit AI7
Good Socket 478 Oc'ing Board
Modding PLL's on a P4P800-E Deluxe?
FSB question
FRIED 8IK1100 as in on fire!!!!
Albatron PX865PE Pro problem
Cheap xeon dually board
P5S800 -VM for budget rig
Abit IC7-G Problems.
Best O'C P4P800-E DLX & 3.0E?
Voltage Problem on P4P800SE
Asus p4p800-e dlx burned out...
PCChips Motherboard Troubles
Dual Celeron Board?
Motherboard upgrade
Should I buy MSI P4N Does it Overclock Good
AS8 SATA problem
Time for an upgrade, need some advice
Mobo Confused
Noob Questions
Sen's (i955X) Gigabyte 8I955X Royal Review
2 Problems w/ p4c800-e deluxe
2 Problems w/ p4c800-e deluxe
WPCREDIT for SiS650 Chipset
Soon to be an Abit owner
ICH6/ICH6R Issue os Asus P5 series mobos...
Asus p4c800-e dlx vs p5p800
p4s800d-x any good?
WHOA, Look at this.
abit fatal1ty aa8xe in thermaltake kandalf case
MSI P4N Diamond. Is it any good?
Attn: Asus P4c800 users
my IS7 is conflicting with my SATA hard drive
Monitoring Temperatures on 915P
First overclocked!
Abit IS7-E question
ocz ddr booster + AI7
My old P4C800 = Crack Head
is P5P800 slower than P5AD2-E?
How is the 925X-T2?
MOSFET mod for P4C800 series
Which motherboard
P5GDC Deluxe
p4c800-e voltage question
Dual Sli support for intel cpu
Question to Gigabyte LGA775 Owners
dual Xeon 3.2 800fsb overclockable motherboard? Urgent.
dual xeon 800fsb overclockable motherboard? any suggestions???
P4P800-E Deluxe Sata HD Recognization
Major BIOS Crashing on a ASRock P4V88
5:4 and Samsung = Not working?
help for bios flash ....
AS8 Issues.
Update DMI?
Do you own a dead socket 478 motherboard? Help out some fellow members!
Intel Dual Core Asus Boards
What version is the best P4C800-E dlx to get? v1 or v2
DFI Lanparty Pro 875B rev. B ETHERNET PROBLEMS
DFI Whats the deal?
this ram works on p4p800 right?
Settings for P4 2.4C, P4P800 Deluxe, GEIL PC4000 RAM
Who makes best intel board?
P5gd2 premium
best solution for noisy, dieing northbridge fan
530j+AS8 v1.1=hell...630+AS8 v1.2=heaven
firs time using p4p800e-dlx.. help!
Losing memory performance mode
TH7 II Max CPU Speed?
The LEDs hate my guts, and it's the last portion I need
**HELP**Abit BE7 and P4 2.4pressy
MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum problems
Highest CPU for P4C800ED
bios flash gone wrong?? please help me!!
P5P800 wo0nt boot from CD-ROMS. HELP!!!!!
Do I need a new board?
cant boot up. please help
Whats with this board?
P4C800-E Deluxe questions
955X chipset
Need help with an upgrade problem.
IS7 refuses to POST with Celeron D..dead board or BIOS issue?
Graphics problem after sinking FET's
ic7-max3 case temp sensor
Does this mobo OC?
Piece of garbage lol
Intel SLi
broke off socket lga pin on P5AD2-E Prem
celeron 1,7 Ghz on ms-6529 mb.
P5AD2-E: Two questions, temps, and Post Reporter
NCCH-DL not booting at all!
MS-6399 bizzare problem
Aopen 915 Pentium M mainboard
I need a lot of help here
Can I get some s478 oppinions please?
n00b question regarding IS7
Check out what I did with an IBM board
ABIT Introduces Silent OTES
my ASRock p4v88
Can't turn it up a knotch ???
Avoiding CPU errors when using waterblock.
uGuru versus Motherboard Monitor temps
how can i lock the bios on my AA8XE so nobody can get into bios
weird 865G Neo2 PLS OC Problem
What should i get?
Which 2 Mobos should i choose?
Abit AS8 Initial Setup Help
Intel D815EEA2
Is This Board Any Good?
got my pc running!
Maybe you can enlighten me...
CPU Fan connector shorted
BIOS for P4C800 Deluxe (non-E) which supports the CT-479 P4-M adaptor?
Old Upgrade Question (just out of curiosity)
Overclocking a dell, need help! Stuck in a hole
Motherboard Temp
ASUS motherboard P4PE-X
Mic Not Working
where can i get a 875 b driver cd.
best of 3-asus vs abit-burned!!!
ASUS P5WD2 Premium i955x
Problems OC'ing ic7-g
GA-8KNXP - boot of Sata raid on ICH5R with "trouble"
help finding overclocking 478 abit MICRO-ATX motherboards?
Micro-ATX overclocking board, 875P or 865PE
8Ik1100 OC
System Wont Boot After Changes, Help Me!
System Wont Boot After Some Changes - Help!
New ABIT user
AI7 Boot Problems after uGuru Changes
M/B upgrade
A long time has passed since some said it was impossible to OC a D850GB(Any luck yet?
Gateway Motherboard
Need a new BOARD ASAP!
Need Overclock Advice
AA8XE with OCZ 4200eb platinum rev2 ltd
Max Safe Mosfet (PWM) Temps on IC7-G w/ Prescott?
AA8XE - Strange Cpu-Z
batboy, guesses on minimum overclock for 3.4 550, AA8XE, antec 550, 667DDR2, XP-90C
Good socket T mobo
Silicon Image 3114R RAID or Intel ICH6R on P5AD2-E Premium?
Ic7-Max3 Bios
New to Intel
Jumperfree mode on a P4S8X-X
how on earth do i fix this?
Gigabyte Removed Previous Bios's?
Check it
help needed here!
P4P 800-E Deluxe
Safe to say a RMA?
P4C800-E Deluxe Overclock Newbie Q's
Lagged out pc
Is this Abit Board good?
AI7 FSB problem
IS7 and E0 celeron temp reading
P4P800 Deluxe & Antec 1080 AMG 430 psu.
where do i download sata drivers for my 875p-t?
P5AD2-E Premium Thermal sensors.
IC7-Max3 don`t see CD-Rom Drives HELP!!!!
Chassis Intruded, Sytem Halt????
best OC mobo for 3.2e
PAT Mod for the P4P800/P4P800-Dlx (and maybe other variants)
intel 82443bx epox bx7+100
First time flashing BIOS P4C800-E
Best Board for a SATA RAID boot system
What motherboards allow Celeron D voltage adjustment?
What would be best for me?
p4c800-Edlx....rev.1 or rev.2
is my ic7-max3 dying?
LGA775 DDR PCI-E motherboard options
Booting without processor
p4 3.2 fsb533 2mb cache on asus p4c800 deluxe
P4C800-e Deluxe BIOS / RAID problem
875P-T/ 640 Boot Prob
biostar intel sli mobo
Need Drivers
Burnt Power Connector...help!!!
Difference between 925X and 925XE
DFI 875P-T droop mod problems
ASUS P5AD2-E with 2GB Ram won't boot
Bios Help Please!!
abit is7 boot problems
Switching to LGA775, need advice.
Clockgen not working?
Need help settling an arguement
P5AD2 Delux wont boot.
Need some suggestions
To cool or not Too cool.
Can't find motherboard for MBM
Does anyone have this?
Help with choosing
Recommendations? Celeron-D Compatiable Mobo
abit help~
p4c800-e Deluxe memory question
Bios Settings need Help Please
P5AD2-E......Spread Spectrum??
abit IC7-G does not recgonize any SATA drives
Clean Motherboard Wanted!
HELP! need voltage reg info on P4C800 deluxe
AGP Slot.....
Recommended Northbridge cooling for P5AD2-E Premium ?
GA-8KNXP and 6 sticks of RAM (= 3 GB)
IS7-E BIOS update and NIC
Getting strange and fluctuating readings from temperature sensors
Nvidia Sli Intel Solution
Problem with motherboard- P4C800-E Dux!
Underclocking P4C800dlx & Northwood
Vcore Droop on P5AD2-E Premium
Get new bios for discontinued board
p4c800-e dlx pci lock not working
Hey i need help over clocking my pc
P5AD2-E MB or CPU or AiBooster Program
P4P800-e Deluxe Blowout
p4c800 e dlx power switch question
Abit IC7G Max II Advance- lying sensors
P4G800-E users now can use the Asus CT479 socket adaptor
booting problem.
Asus P5AD2e-dlx Audio driver problem
SLI mobos.. are they all amd or can you get a p4
anyone think this is a good board
Sata and Pata combined
P4P800 SE question
Need help AS8 won't boot. New system
p5p800 droop mod
Droop mod - right or wrong potentiometer/resistors?
p4c800 dlx goes up in flames!!!
ECS PM800 M2 (PCI-AGP lock?)
P4P800-E DLX bad BIOS flash? WTH?
Which Motherboard...?
Abit IC7 Max3 ....65c :O
NEW mobo and CPU, windows wont load please help
Removing Mosfets Cooling
Gotta find a Intel P3 Motherboard
Intel ICH5R Raid Question?
Flashing 875p-t
Asus P4P800 E Deluxe...
Geforce FX 5200 and D850EMV2 Board
Cap Mod on Max3 done!! [Pics]
ic7-g networking issue
Micro ATX Board
FSB Select = 667MHz.....Huh?
865PE Neo2 N/B Fan=OFF is ok?
Asus P5P800 Users - How do you know if hyperpath is enable or not ?
Gigabyte DSP modules, wassit?
Got my ish baby!!
MSI MS-6577... seems obscure
searching for a Cheap, Effective, LGA775 heatsink. Reccomendations?
I need help with Fire Wire IEEE
All there models.... Same thing?? P4P800-E.....
p4p800-e deluxe - ddr freq @ 266; won't post
agp/pci on a Asus P4S800
vCore drop to 1.3v under load?
P5P800 Power/Aux Temperature?
Wondering about linking 2 motherboards?
Network problem with P5AD2-E
My ABIT board is wiggin out NEED HELP!!!
Help Overclocking Problem
Troubleshooting an unbootable rig! Help Please!
P4 600s and unlocking
Asus P4C 800E-D New Bios 21
OC Wall
P4P800 SE Vcore problem
packard bell mobo
DFI Lanparty 925X-T2 OC
VID CMOS Setting - What is it?
Finally a new system
Gateway E-series MoBo??
are ATX board better than mATX?
the asus sli intel board
P4S800 Vcore Voltage Celeron D 320
What CPUs?
P4C800-E Dual raptor's as main drive
HP Pavilion 9680c PIII 650 - need advice upgrading
ASUS Sony Custom MB Bios
Question about 1020 Beta Bios for P4C800- E Deluxe
Question about 1020 Beta Bios for P4C800- E Deluxe
Problem w/ a P4C800 dx
Where is the sensor for MB Temp on P4C800-E?
ASUS Bioses 2005/03/26
Slow boot screen on P4C800-E
MSI neo 2 or ASUS P4P800?
Games speed up when overclocked (AA8XE Fatal1ty)
pro875B vs pro875B rev B
Help with Mobo problem
cant identify motherboard
Board won't boot
88C temp spikes!!!
CPUs compatible with ASUS CPU Lock Free
Realtek AC97 integrated Sound problem on Ga-8S661FXM Mobo
best Intel mobo
IC7 OC weirdness; need suggestions
Help!! I cant get my new p4 super rig to boot
IC7-G MAX2 sucks for OC or is it just me?
Intel SLI
P4P800 delux vcore setting?
Bios Best O/c For P4c800
PG5DCV Deluxe--Can't install Windows Help!
P4P800-E vs P4C800-E Performance
Which Mobo to get?
Mother wont fire up. help plz
Asus P5AD2-E Premium vs Abit fatal1ty AA8XE for new build
865PE-NEO2 Which Raid Controller?
Beeping noise
ABIT Cancels Intel VT8 Motherboard
help needed pls
Overclocking P4 2.4C on an IS7
P5AD2-E Premium HardDrive recognition problems
looking for best microatx motherboard
865PE Neo2-P Sata and IDE Drives?
Temperature monitoring software for Shuttle XPC
want 2 OC the %@#& out of 2.4 Cel 533, what mobo?
what's the difference between these two boards?
agp pci lock on abit sg-72 ?
P5AD2-E Components
Sata recognition on 925 chipset?
Dell Dimension 8100 XP2
cant decide!!!
how do i get rid of the ambios screen and words
Setting up Raid-Array P4C800-E
mbm 5 and max 3
Soyo Pent 1.8 mb
Sad Little Motherboard...
Fried BIOS causing nothing to work?
P4C800-E Raid Array.
Need Mobo for P4 3.06 HT (northwood) that will positively lock the PCI bus @ 33
smoking p4p800-e deluxe
P4P800-MX help please
Friend's Compaq mobo died
urgent help needed, comp locks up at bios
Computer Won't Turn On!!!
What voltage to overclock?
Lanparty 925xe T2 Vs 925x T2??
Strapping an 800MHz FSB CPU to 1066MHz?
Will my GA-8KNXP motherboard take a Radeon X800 XT PE graphics card?
Abit Max3 mod's, lemme get this straight
P4P800-MX ICH5 roast?
Looks like I just found my new mobo :D
My MoBo doesn't shows video
sinking mosfets and other things p4c800
Strapping an 800MHz FSB CPU to 1066MHz?
P4P800-E Deluxe 2.8 Ghz OCed to 3.5 Ghz
Regarding a P4S800
IC7-G USB 2.0 Issue
Need socket 478 mobo suggestions
Blown up another P4P800E-Deluxe
P4C800-E 1019 minimum voltage options
replacement heatsink for northbridge on IC7-max3?
Mosfets on P5AD2-E ??
AS8...FANEQ question.
LGA-775: 865PE vs. 915P
Lanparty pro875b Help
increase max vdimm in P5P800
will my P4 2.8ghz work in the Shuttle AV40R ?
P4C800-E Deluxe --> Bios 1019 = Lower OC
Mobo Change?
can't set my CAS lower than 3 on my gigabyte GA-81915P
Abit TH7II processor upgrade
p4c800e dlx sound specs?
AS8 Beta BIOS 17
Asus added features
Anyone heard about the MSI 925XE?
For $37 How good can it be?
875P-T Volt modding
PWM Temp?
P5AD2-E Prem Memory Config?
865PE Neo2- Whats Dynamic O/C, Perf Mode?
Shuttle board bites the dust, what to get next?
Upcomming intel chipsets to support two video cards
New Sata HDD for my P4c800 E deluxe
120mm fan and ic7 max3 fan port.
Temps gone bonkers P4P800DLX
Will a 1.6 P4 Willimete work with P4C800?
GA-8AENXP-D RAID 10 Problem
lanparty 875B and tccd
AS8 trouble
Intel D915GEV O/C
IC7-G Died, Can anyone Diagnose?
8KNXP Beta Bios's?
opinions and ideas needed?
P5AD2-E Premium Restart Shuts Power Off Completely
soyo sy-p41845pelite w/1700es
Need to lower multi on 550
Best Mo Bo for 3.4 Prescott
DFI 865pe LanParty getting to my nerves
P4c 800-e Deluxe
Abit Fatal1ty
Abit, reliability?
i865PE owners plz post your bandwith efficeiency
Any luck with a P5P800?
need a replacment board foa a p4s533-mx
microATX boards: any known good overclockers?
Some quick help please
Where's Intels SLI board? Whats taking them?
Good Idea?
mother board help
AA8XE vs. P5AD2-E
Hooked up new hardware, but can't boot to anything
what are your as8 bios settings?
Aopen i855gmem-lfs problems.
Asus P4P800 - Bios 1021 beta 2 12.15.2004 - anyone running this?
Need a board with certain requirements
Need Help from owners of P4P800E-Delux
Overclock on 3.4e and AI7
p4s800d-e deluxe video problems
IC7-G Hangs w/heavy network bandwidth
Abit Ic7-max3
What memory to get for GA-8knxp ?
Bios Settings / Ram Timings issue IC7 MAX2 w/ 3.4E HyperX UL2225
Will this ram work past 250? on IS7
If overclock P4GE-MX above 110Mhz, AC'97 audio stops working...
Beta Bios
will the 4PDA2+ support a Prescott?
Overclocking intel celeron sys help
bios saving question
Anybody heard Asus CT-479 adapter before?
Award Bios upgrade?
Best Board For P4 3.4
photo of TUSL2-C rev1.04 required
Original BIOS
!!WARNING!! Attn AS8 Owners/Buyers
Help an AMD guy choose a intel mobo
gigabyte GA-81915P pci-e overvoltage option
P4P800-E Deluxe or P4C800-E Deluxe, which one should I go for?
AI7 overclock rescue
DDR Voltage Option, will they change it?
CPU Intelligent Accelerator
CPU host frequency
Help Overclocking a 2.4 GHz P4 800MHz FSB Using Abit AI7 Mobo!
Bios Boots-up then restarts
Going intel..
boot options
BIOS help needed
FIC motherboard
GA-8IPE1000 rev.1
ABIT IC7 G system freezing occasionally
Dead Power Supply or Dead Mother Board? (P4P-800)
IS7 NB Cooler
trying to install windows. USB keyboard & mouse dont work after bios. AA8XE
Reading HDD Temps Through The Intel SATA Controller
diffrence between ic7-g and ic7-g max advanceII
Error Over Clocking
Asus still works
Don't think droop mod works!?????
What M/board Is Best For My P4 2.4
P4P800 Boot Hang!
Need a new Mobo
about the ic7max3
Tried the droop mod Didn't do a thing for me
P5AD2 - E Premium - Passive Bridge Cooling