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Setting up Raid-Array P4C800-E
mbm 5 and max 3
Soyo Pent 1.8 mb
Sad Little Motherboard...
Fried BIOS causing nothing to work?
P4C800-E Raid Array.
Need Mobo for P4 3.06 HT (northwood) that will positively lock the PCI bus @ 33
smoking p4p800-e deluxe
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Friend's Compaq mobo died
urgent help needed, comp locks up at bios
Computer Won't Turn On!!!
What voltage to overclock?
Lanparty 925xe T2 Vs 925x T2??
Strapping an 800MHz FSB CPU to 1066MHz?
Will my GA-8KNXP motherboard take a Radeon X800 XT PE graphics card?
Abit Max3 mod's, lemme get this straight
P4P800-MX ICH5 roast?
Looks like I just found my new mobo :D
My MoBo doesn't shows video
sinking mosfets and other things p4c800
Strapping an 800MHz FSB CPU to 1066MHz?
P4P800-E Deluxe 2.8 Ghz OCed to 3.5 Ghz
Regarding a P4S800
IC7-G USB 2.0 Issue
Need socket 478 mobo suggestions
Blown up another P4P800E-Deluxe
P4C800-E 1019 minimum voltage options
replacement heatsink for northbridge on IC7-max3?
Mosfets on P5AD2-E ??
AS8...FANEQ question.
LGA-775: 865PE vs. 915P
Lanparty pro875b Help
increase max vdimm in P5P800
will my P4 2.8ghz work in the Shuttle AV40R ?
P4C800-E Deluxe --> Bios 1019 = Lower OC
Mobo Change?
can't set my CAS lower than 3 on my gigabyte GA-81915P
Abit TH7II processor upgrade
p4c800e dlx sound specs?
AS8 Beta BIOS 17
Asus added features
Anyone heard about the MSI 925XE?
For $37 How good can it be?
875P-T Volt modding
PWM Temp?
P5AD2-E Prem Memory Config?
865PE Neo2- Whats Dynamic O/C, Perf Mode?
Shuttle board bites the dust, what to get next?
Upcomming intel chipsets to support two video cards
New Sata HDD for my P4c800 E deluxe
120mm fan and ic7 max3 fan port.
Temps gone bonkers P4P800DLX
Will a 1.6 P4 Willimete work with P4C800?
GA-8AENXP-D RAID 10 Problem
lanparty 875B and tccd
AS8 trouble
Intel D915GEV O/C
IC7-G Died, Can anyone Diagnose?
8KNXP Beta Bios's?
opinions and ideas needed?
P5AD2-E Premium Restart Shuts Power Off Completely
soyo sy-p41845pelite w/1700es
Need to lower multi on 550
Best Mo Bo for 3.4 Prescott
DFI 865pe LanParty getting to my nerves
P4c 800-e Deluxe
Abit Fatal1ty
Abit, reliability?
i865PE owners plz post your bandwith efficeiency
Any luck with a P5P800?
need a replacment board foa a p4s533-mx
microATX boards: any known good overclockers?
Some quick help please
Where's Intels SLI board? Whats taking them?
Good Idea?
mother board help
AA8XE vs. P5AD2-E
Hooked up new hardware, but can't boot to anything
what are your as8 bios settings?
Aopen i855gmem-lfs problems.
Asus P4P800 - Bios 1021 beta 2 12.15.2004 - anyone running this?
Need a board with certain requirements
Need Help from owners of P4P800E-Delux
Overclock on 3.4e and AI7
p4s800d-e deluxe video problems
IC7-G Hangs w/heavy network bandwidth
Abit Ic7-max3
What memory to get for GA-8knxp ?
Bios Settings / Ram Timings issue IC7 MAX2 w/ 3.4E HyperX UL2225
Will this ram work past 250? on IS7
If overclock P4GE-MX above 110Mhz, AC'97 audio stops working...
Beta Bios
will the 4PDA2+ support a Prescott?
Overclocking intel celeron sys help
bios saving question
Anybody heard Asus CT-479 adapter before?
Award Bios upgrade?
Best Board For P4 3.4
photo of TUSL2-C rev1.04 required
Original BIOS
!!WARNING!! Attn AS8 Owners/Buyers
Help an AMD guy choose a intel mobo
gigabyte GA-81915P pci-e overvoltage option
P4P800-E Deluxe or P4C800-E Deluxe, which one should I go for?
AI7 overclock rescue
DDR Voltage Option, will they change it?
CPU Intelligent Accelerator
CPU host frequency
Help Overclocking a 2.4 GHz P4 800MHz FSB Using Abit AI7 Mobo!
Bios Boots-up then restarts
Going intel..
boot options
BIOS help needed
FIC motherboard
GA-8IPE1000 rev.1
ABIT IC7 G system freezing occasionally
Dead Power Supply or Dead Mother Board? (P4P-800)
IS7 NB Cooler
trying to install windows. USB keyboard & mouse dont work after bios. AA8XE
Reading HDD Temps Through The Intel SATA Controller
diffrence between ic7-g and ic7-g max advanceII
Error Over Clocking
Asus still works
Don't think droop mod works!?????
What M/board Is Best For My P4 2.4
P4P800 Boot Hang!
Need a new Mobo
about the ic7max3
Tried the droop mod Didn't do a thing for me
P5AD2 - E Premium - Passive Bridge Cooling
P4C800E Dlx mixing different Ram w/ mild OC?
250 FSB looks very promising
Help, motherboard is overvolting!!
bios update
P5GDC Deluxe
turbo mode on a p4p800se
need help, where is the cpu temp diode located?
AS8...ABIT EQ accuracy question.
New bios versions for the AG8 and AA8
As8 Tccd???
New Motherboard :( what one?
p4vp-mx install problems
P4 6xx series 775
IC7 oc problems...pls help
How do I select 5:4 memory divider in BIOS?
Flashing P4C800E DLX Question
Whats going on here???
MBM 5 on Abit IC7-G MaxII Advance
P5AD2-E Premium
BSOD on Prime95 -
Does P4P800e Dlx uses CPU sensor or onboard sensor?
Well this is weird...
P4p800 + R9500 = boot problems!!!!
New to Overclocking
Help on My MOBO
My D865GBF won't show OC settings in Burn-in mode
clean install & overclock good?
CPU-Z & P4 660
Sen's AS8 Review
4 Sticks of Geil DDR550 on an 875P-T.... are 4 holding me back
max oc with p4p800 would p4c800 do better
P4C800- E Deluxe
Is my Max 3 going to melt?(3.4e@4GHz)
P4S800D E-Deluxe
Board that supports 3.7ghz
[BIOS Request] Patch 600 support to AS8
P5AD-2 Premium difficult to install OS on?
need a stable motherboard for overclocking
Help me configure my bios!
865 support 6xx
ASUS P4P800-E Deluxe RMA
Gigabyte Accuses Asus of cheating!!
Msi865pe Neo 2-p
I think I fried my motherboard..
Considering the switch to Intel
quick ? :from 915 to 925 upgrade or not
Help OC IS7
PC-DL system panel connector problem (PIC)
NEED HELP P4C800-E Deluxe!!!!!
P4P800e-dlx bios not detecting SATA's
decisions, decisions
LGA775 need help deciding
Help! P5GD2 Premium won't boot past POST
Question about Asus P4P800-E-Deluxe
a question about 8I845GVM-RZ(-C)
IC7-G or P4C800-E DLX for prescott overclocking
p5p800 will not boot
What more can I do with P4C800-E Deluxe?
Best AGP/DDR1 LGA775 board.
Just Cant Get There!!! Please help...
Dual Channel Woes.
Question for people who done the droop mod
P4P800-E Deluxe crashes...plz Help.
NB strap cpu as?
What Asus 775 motherboard is futureproof?
ABit IC7, no post, shuts off after 20 sec, beeps with no ram installed
aa8xe vs aa8xe fatality voltage weeks
Does the P5AD2-E suppot Pentium 4 660
Good hardware monitor
Abit Board: What is NMOS and PMOS?
p4p800-e sound problems?
DDRVTT? Abit EQ beep
Which mobo?
is there something wrong with this shuttle setup?
Gigabyte GV-3D1
Abit Is7 loud beep when raising FSB
Three P4 Questions
LG775 With AGP?
Need a relatively cheap new board
I need advice
P5AD2-E Insane stock sys. OC Newb help
Bios Rom Checksum Error on New mobo
Which P4 socket478 board has agp/pci lock with adjustable FSB?
Hey just alittle question
P4P800-E Deluxe CPU test Failure?
sff oc board
ASUS Ai Booster Utility V1.01.14 (for Windows 2000/XP/2003)
Sata Drive problem on P4C800 Deluxe
Abit Is7 support p4 2.4a prescott?
Asus P4S8X
Help me decide which ram I should get!
IS it possible to disable the NB fan warning of AI7
Problem with Memory Bus on P4C800 Deluxe
ABiT Secure IDE dongle
device detection error HELP!!!
AI7 beeping....
P4C800e-d: Where to measure vcore
a simple question about the GA-IPE1000-L
Which board is best ?
Tips on my future system
Problem! Three quick tick sounds at boot
OLD Dell 650p3 bx mobo doesn't like NICs?
Latest TH7II-RAID Vcore mod BIOS
IC7G Voltage Weirdness
P4TE Board
New System! 3.0@3.9 [air]
What is this?
Help I tore a transistor contact off!! NEED HELP HERE!!!
Flashing a Dead Bios?
Dual DDR 400
Plz Help Me Guyz Its Urgent????
Asus P4C800-E dlx No Longer boots XP???
P4E Mobo, with 4xPata and 4xSata ?
Good Abit Mobo
Problem with my friend's PC
Kayak XU Dual CPU
How is BIOS for my MOBO?
PS2 Problem with GA8KNXP
Abit Is7
OC Dilemna
help c/o 8KTA3 to intel D815EEA $115 good/bad
3rd PCI-E X1 slot on 915P boards
Is this proc/mobo combo okay?
New to Intel, need mobo for Prescott 2.8e
8ANXP-D Bios Update
Dual Channel mem troubles on IC7-MAX3
best M/B for p4 3.20e Ghz
dead msi 645E max
Asus WiFi Adapter anyone using it
Decent Skt478 mobo?
Digital Out on Abit Ic7-max3
is the n00b crazy?
P5GD2 Deluxe performance problem
Whats this socket on old motheboard?
Brickwall at 220 FSB
? about Abit IC7-G and the Serillel tech..
P4C800E-Deluxe Caps Mod
DFI lanparty 865pe no sound
Motherboard/cpu combo's?
P4C800-E, should I volt mod ? what vdimm can I get ? droop mod ? best bios for northy
micro atx board ..PSU question
How good or bad are p4s800 ?
should i try to get a socket 775 mobo?
Volt mod my P4S800D can anyone help?
IS7 Problem...HELP!!!
Did I fry my AI7 or 2.4C GHz or both?
RAM SPEED Incorrect on MSI 915G Combo-FR
GA-8IK1100 (Rev 1.0) raid???
Overclocking with a Soyo SY-7VBA133U Motherboard.
Albatron 875pro Batboy! Crazy Temps?!
Ai Booster Problem Cpu Fan Stops
MBM5 & emachine
IC7Max2 3.4E --> ? w/ 2x512 HyperX2225's
Best PCIe mobo for high FSB with Prescott 3.2
Help! Neo2 and 9800Pro problem.
droop mod voltage chart for p4c800e?
Need a good mobo
Seting up the NEO FIS2R s478 875p board
Ambulance sound from AI7
No monitor image after installing new mobo
Soltek SL-865 Pro-775
Sound Issues
Can I run dual Channel like this?
P5gd2 Premium+3.60@4.15 Help
IS7-E2 and Celeron D 2.8Ghz Theory???
P4C800-E Deluxe and Intel Prescott Processor Problems
IC7-MAX3 NB Cooler replacement
P5AD2-E premium wont sucessfully boot to cd..?
P4P800 DX bios
Dell 8200 mobo in another case?!?!?
Memory Confusion with MSI board
Max 3 RAID bios settings & ?'s loading ICHR5 driver
Please help me understand SiSoftware Sandra memory stats
Little Question:
p4c800e-dlx. can i run non-raid on promise controller?
Cannot OC the Abit IC7
RocketBoy AG8 V1.0?
Did I kill the P4C800-E D by using Conformal coating
Max 3 NB Passive or HSF?
Looking for a new mobo
Best mobo for LGA 775
P4P800 won' start!!
875P or 925X DFI Board
P4P8X Cheap replacement for POS Dell Board?
Usual prices for ABIT IC7-G and Max?
P5AD2 Premium, overclock dynamic.
AG8 and uGuru OC'ing
Fatal1ty MOBO
P4P800 Problem
P4P800 DLX and P4P800 DLX SE
ECS P4VMM2 V5.0A is oc possible
AI7 what chips to heatsink
ECS P4VMM2 to overclock?
DFI Lanparty PRO875B Sound Driver Problem
Just installed ic7-g and wanting to OC!
New IC7-G user
Need suggestions on a mobo, not oc'ing
Floppy Problem (P4C800-ED)
P5GDC-V Deluxe wont boot
Help needed urgently :/
Just installed IC7 II AND HAVING PROBS
Changing RAM timings on a GA-8I915G
IC7-G sound issues when o/c-ed
Good budget board
Best S478 Micro ATX board??
New M/B issue -- RMA or I'm stupid
P5GD1 leaves monitor on standby
Max 3- bios settings for Sata, Sata RAID & 2 IDE's
P4P800E Destroyed
Does the Abit IS7-E Support Extreme Edition Processors?
CPU lock free
IS7 or IS7-E2?
Asus P4P800-SE Deluxe
NCQ compatable?
[Retired Sticky]AA8XE BIOS settings for overclocking
What P4c800-E Dlx Bios allows you to drop the multi to 14x?
P4-800E Delux CMOS
p4p800 deluxe and random reboots?
ic7-max3 w/ SATA
Help w oc on aa8/3.4 setup???
Question about warranty
IC7G voltage
Un-locking a Gigabyte 8iRXP
Gigabyte 8iRxp Help
p4p800se definitive overclocking guide
AA8-3rd Eye configuration
Back to Abit for OC
Pic of fried Asus P4C800 E Deluxe motherboard
IC7-G Dead
p4p800 deluxe and random reboots?
Abit AI7 Board LED
droop mod
4:5 mem ration for 200FSB processors
New bios for AG8,AA8
Urgent help! AI7's USBs all gone after a fresh installation of Windows
The Droopage.
Intel D845PT DDR400 FSB:RAM 1:1
How much droop is normal for board?
915BPL support NCQ?
Wierd Problem
8IPE1000-G PCI lock problem
ABIT IC7-Max3 Northbridge fan messed up
droop mod? Quick help pleasde I wanna do it tonight
P4P800SE Support CD
P4p800 SE Overclock Question
LANPARTY 875-T or P5P800
P4C800E-Deluxe droop mod question
Overclocking an Intel Mobo (D865GLC)
AI7 with old PCI video card? (temporary)
PCIEclk and PCIclk
P4P800-E Deluxe OC Help Please
Best mobo for socket 478 around 100-120 bux?
Dell Mobo died. What should I replace it with?
Max 3, question about preinstalling raid drivers.
What's The Next Killer Asus Board?
Fan/Heat Issues with AI Booster/P4P800E-Deluxe
Setting AGP voltages on the AI7
IC7-G Random Power Off/Restart
question for people using onboard silicon image RAID (3112 or 3114)
Intel "BOXD925XECV2LK" i925XE Chipset Motherboard For Intel LGA 775 CPU
Abit AI7, SATA Raid & IDE Raid Simultaneously... problems
865/875 Picky Ram Issue
Intel board vs Dual Channel Corsair
Quick question on Asus P4C800-E DELUXE
need help FAST!!!!
Overclocking and checking stability with Prime95
Best components for P5AD2-E Premium
Q on temps/stability
Problems OCing meh rig
Q about temps/stability
IC7-G MaxII Adv. Vs. IC7-MaxIII
Removing the HSF bracket on an P4GE-MX (478)?
Abit IC7MAX-3 rebooting problem
Our Board + Aspire PSU: nice mix!
PC Won't Post, Motherboard Problem?
Good Tight-Budget Mobo?
OCing P4V533-MX
VIA Motherboard. SORRY!!
need lan boot + OCing P4 mobo
hsf bracket...
Modest OverClock or 2 GIGS of ram
p4c800dlx-Boot up problems after installing new IDE hd
MSI 665 Max-FISR
ABIT AS8 with LGA 775 3.4 -- Ram FSB help...
MSI 850Pro5 overclock problems
new BIOS to overclock a pentium III
Step on DroopMod and VdimmMod
OC My IS7 w/2.8 Northwood?
Anyone running the NEW mobo's?
IC7/IC7g BIOS 28 out today
Abit AG8+overclocking...
P4C800-E + sata
GA-8IPE1000 and Memory OC
Four stick overclockers????
Locking AGP/PCI Ports - Asus P4C800-E Duluxe
Asus AI Booster Fan Control
Cant OC above 2.8 with NW chip
AI7 modded bios ?
P4P800SE to P4P800Delux
Why are the auto O/C Settings Cooler?
Mother Board took a Dump ???
cheap mobo
ABIT IC7-MAX3 mobo nb fan spin slow!!!!
I love my droop and vdimm mod.
IC7-Max3 Memory Slots
Memory Choices
What are the best Mobo's for overclocking Tualatins?
Where to buy IC7 MAX 3 online in the US?
2.8c o/c -> What M/B?
p4c800-e and DDR2
Bios updating issues on AI7.
775LGA / 875Chipset
p4c800-e problem, was never able to read vdimm correctly in mbm
P5GDC Deluxe: Is it any good?
whats a good s478 that can push the ram with lots of volts ?
IC7 overclocking newbie here .O
Is there a Good soul to help me?? Im living a real nightmare!!!!!!!
8TRS350MT - dead - please tell me what to buy
IC7 mobo probs!
Need help on DroopMod and Vdimm and Vagp
P4C800E DLX Ram timings auto update
My SATA saga
ddr2 667 vs 533
Which Chipset is good for 2.53 533fsb Nortwood
crashed and died
Deciding on what I should do
Need to replace my NB fan on IC7-G
Which is right for me? AI7 vs IC7-G
Will the RAM slow down?
P4P800-E and 500mhz DDR, nothings working
clarification: difference btw P4P800E Deluxe & P4P800SE
Overclocking P5AD2 PRE
My IS7 sucks?
is changing voltages possible on an intel mobo?
What is the Fan size of the IC7-MAX3 OTES fan?
Starting a New gamer Computer...
P4C800 temperatures
TH7 II and P4 2,8 B STILL ROCKS !
HP Motherbord
Question for recent AI7 buyer
Looking for a cheap 478 mobo
Does ASRock P4i45GV R5 work with P4 1.6A Ghz?
PC4000 memory failing memtest in AI7
Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE Max Vdimm?
modding voltages on an intel 875 mobo?
6800GT is lagging. anyone know how to reassign IRQ?
Problem with Abit AG8
How do you remove the IC7 MAx 3 OTES Cooling DUCT?
Anyone been able to get over 260 fsb on a 915/925?
ASUS P5GD2 Deluxe Raid1 Issue
Intel MoBo vs Corsair Memory???
Jetway PM9MS Deleron Overclocking