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Has anybody seen an i915 mobo with socket 478 support yet?
FSB Limits on Intel 845E chipset
how to stop safty shutdowns?
What are the voltages available for the GA-8IK1100 and GA-8KNXP?
vCore Voltage Reset Awakening From Sleep
p4p800 dlx crashes...
Help - IS7-G
Temps and IC7-MAX3
875p Neo FISR... where is the case probe?
ai7 installation
anyone have ecs 868a-p?
lock ups using CSA LAN, IC7-G
DFI infinity I875p and 9800 pro
Flashing To 15 Bios? - How To
with and without OTES on IC7-MAX3
AI7 Onboard Sound/Dolby Digital 5.1
875 vs 915
wierd shut down/freezes?!
Installing a Sata HDD
MSI 6545 /w P41.6A = no oc?
stressing IS7 enough or too much?
Ic7-Max3 with Spark7+ hsf... having problems...
I'm need help someone please...
Which abit mobo
Best Ic7 Max 3 Bios??
What Kind of Ram to get for P4P800 Deluxe and P4-M?
PWM Temps, all temps bugged?
P4P800-VM OC in BIOS?
IC7-G, tempturature
Quick questions about Bios Chipset ^^
Motherboard help!
HOW do i flash my bios????
MSI 875p NEO FISR PCB v2.0 got info?
Motherboard help!
Asus Probe low temp readings
Possible AGP problem?
AI7 + Memory Recommendations?
ga8IK-1100 1.0 Where is cputempsensor
P4C800E-dlx ata 133 booting
ok guys stay tuned.. asus vs abit
Mosfet heatsinks on P4C800 - Anyone?
P4P800 - no posting?
Which revision of the P4C800?
Donthan Theory
P4C800-e northbridge volt mod?
Taking a gamble :(
Need OC advice
865GBF Overclock?
Installing heavy NB cooler, need any fortification?
i seem to have lost my IDE! :eh?:
Intel i875pbz... how does it OC?
added heatsinks to he PWM's
P4S533-MX problem
Max3, do minus 10c for temps?
ap800 dying or what
400fsb P4 Ddr400 = Ddr266??
Do I have the latest BIOS?
New parts for my rig, yay
Abit IS7 on-board nic card issue when starting windows??
Help with P4C800..
msi board overclock
IC7 all versions and PLL cooling
Can't get past 250 FSB - should be much faster
Updating Bios....
Dead board or psu?
Time to upgrade...
Since when did these mobos come out?
Looking for Asus P4T-533
best SSF board???
mobo for 2.8GHz P4
Help Please Im Dieing
Why volt mod when....
Help with Ram speed please...
IC7-MAX3 fan loudness?
How to up voltage?
Need some help choosing...
GA-8KNXP & ATI 9700Pro Problem
Intel PentiumI ugh!
Need advice. Trying to chose a new Mobo for Prescot
Abit AI7 or Asus P4C800 Dx?
ASUS Probw
Clock Gen for IC7 Max3
IC7-MAX3 Temp jump...help?
Max3 SATA trouble at 270+ FSB?
no more bios updates??
This stable?
Help me pick a 478 loaded motherboard
A little help with a Dell dimenion 4400 board
IC7 and Celeron D...Are they compatible??
Can't enable Turbo on p4p800-e deluxe
Any BIOS available for ECS 848P-A.....
Abit AG8 just got the board
Another which boards are better thread...
CPU temps
What's the difference????
P4C800 vs Max3 *pressHOT and mosfets
IC7 MaxII No Power
HD problems w/ P4S800D (non E DeLuxe)
Which MOBO to go with a prescott processor???
AI7 + SATA Settings
IC7-Max3 and Thermalright SP-94
P4P800 E-DELUXE ratio????
I just got a new setup.. pls advise guys
PII-2200B, Amptron
Asus Bios Goes Defualt!
What You Guys Think of P4I845PE
Dual Xeon board not starting with 1 CPU
I Got New Mobo......
ai7 nb fan replacement
So what MicroATX IS good for OC?
Which Brand and Model????
Dead P4P800 Deluxe mobo?
P4C800-E Deluxe rev. 2.00 Differences
What's the better motherboard?
On-board LAN on AI7 doesn't work
Help, 4pca3+ won't go above 230fsb.
Help, 4pca3+ won't go above 230fsb.
Weird thing
Weird thing
Is 2.4 ghz @ 3.2 ghz MAX?
IC7-G IDE Channel "driver not intended for this platform"
IC7-G and WD 37g Hard Drive
Strange Problems With IC7
MBM5 and IC7-G
how to overcome "CPU TeST Failed" P4C800-E
Mem speed woes
oc-ing P4P800Deluxe problems : help!
Suggestions on where to begin
Need a mobo..
Got my New Board, what to expect?
mobo for P4 2.4b
2.8C P4C800E Dlx Windows shows wrong time?
Help!!!! Serious Problem and Need Help Fast!!!
did I kill my board
IS full load temperature 55C too high for AI7?
Will Celeron D run on P4S333?
1.6 bios
Compatability Question
Setting up GAT with Abit AI7...help!
Need Mobo for Intel P4 2.4b 533mhz
Diff between p4p800e dlx and p4c800e dlx?
Question about north bridge...
I don't know where my power switch plugs in on my mobo!!!
ECS 865PE-A cheap mobo report
Question. Ic7, or IC7 Max3?
what are your max3 full load voltages read in windows?
The P5GDC-V Deluxe
Did intel fix that problem with the ich6 on the 915 and 925 chipset?
875 motherboard with 3.2v or more vdimm
IC7-MAX3 and wall at 240FSB
Adding hard drive on a p4c800e
is there a m/b without IDE, Floppy, COM, Parallel, PS/2 Ports???
p4p8x pc probe questions
p4p800 question about endless loop install (interesting)
Thanks Abit Rma
my mobo survived
Supermicro P6DBE Memory
Need HELP!!-The worst problem of all!
HyperThreading problem
SOFTFSB in automatic mode, possible???
ic7 optical input
lga 775 MB
Granite Bay to i875.....
will it still work?
Asus P4C800-E no boot after oced...Help...
No socket 478 pci-x?
Can I OC an Emachine Etower 766id
For those of you with an ABit VT7 and ATi Radeon card
Temperature monitoring on BD7II gone crazy!
Oh man, i want an ic7 max3!
Does Abit Serielle 2 sata adapter work on the P4C800E?
Are there any quad-channel rdram enthusiast boards?
overclocking dfi pro 875 b
What mobo to buy?
Which is the best way
p4c800-e deluxe big problem!!~! =[
RMA IC7 or IC7-G?
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe. Best "Current" ram choice p4 800 fsb 3.0 Ghz
MSI = Crap?
symtoms of a dead bios, please...
cant read aux1 or aux2 fans on IC7MAX3
Abit Temp Tests!!!Board reads 10c too high
Wanna make some money?
Asus Update
best bios version
Monitor vdimm?
Asus P4GD1 (i915P but S478)
Newbie Here :) 2.66
ATTENTION dfi lanparty pro 875b owners
Need Help O'clocking Intel P4 2.8E Prescott
8knxp " checksum error " on bootup
What should my temperatures be?
P4C800 users - easy overclock with..
Quick Comparrison
simple mobo
253 oc in XP gets me 2000 style taskbar?
whats better, the AI-7 or the IC-7?
what is the best motherboard out there for overclocking plane and simple???
Biostar U8568 Pro
Power Error 8IK1100 Rev 1
IC7/9800 pro video woes
PLS explain this phenomenon!
DPS Module question
Maximum power of CPUFAN1 of AI7
clearing cmos??
Newbee Questions
Ever overclocked a P4R800-V Deluxe?
Asus RMA
setting up raid 0 on a Max 3, first timer....
Best Intel MBs?
[CHOICE] have a P4P800 - upgrade to a ?
Setting up raid 0 on Max 3
what is pwm sensor?
AI7 F. Post Code?!
IC7-G Passive NB Cooling
Performance Ranges
3.2C & Abit IC7 Max3
IC7-Max3 On-board LAN problems
removing plastic cradle around socket??
removing plastic cradle around socket??
Switching to a new Mobo (Asus p800 Delux)
Will asus integrate pci-E into there current line up
"Best" NB cooler for IC7?
Newbie looking for help and advise!!??
8knxp rev2 question
Compaq Layout
Did droop mod, now have a problem!!
Is this a decent board ???
Need Memory Recommendation for P4C800E-Dlx and 2.8C
which motherboard?
Setting up SATA with one HDD on ic7 max 3
North-bridge heatsink of AI7, good enough?
P4C800-E OC need help!
ASUS-P4P800-DELUXE, ram suggestion for oc?
Need Advice, Asus P4P800-VM P4 with video
Which mobo?
Which mobo?
Bios ticking?
difference in oc'ing between p4c800/p4c800e
zalman cnps7000-uc on an abit IC7 max3
how to disable CPU throttling?
Help newbie P4C800-E, 3.2GHz need more speed
help oc'ing with AI7 and 3.0C
Woe is me!!!
vcore and dimm voltages
Help with Raid ) on P4c800 E deluxe Intel or promise
Prometia and IC7 Max3
New MOBO and Processor
I need a Th7II fast
Help pushing my rig further
Anyone who is overclocking a Max3, please read this.
IC7-MAX max fsb 230?
IC7-MAX max fsb 230?
Anyone have or know about Asrock P4S55FX+ ?
Help with a D845PEBT2
Asus Bios
difference between the P4C800 deluxe and "E" deluxe Mobos
where are the dividers in the p4c800-e deluxe?
Not used to overclocking intel...
Why does my USB, Mouse serial not turn off??
Intel D850MVR compatible CPU questions.
Good 2.4b OC'ing mobo with NB mouting HOLES?
IC7 Max3 with 3.0C advice plz
What is the best Asus 865 board for OC
dead ic7 max3
does the ai7 come with a case badge?
locking agp/pci bus on ic7 max 3??
Complete Lockup!!! Not even getting any power!!! Help!!! IS-7
IC7 MAX3 OC help
8knxp vcore woes
AI7 or IS7???? HELP
IC7 vs. IC7 Max 2 vs. IC7 Max 3
Droop-mod random bluescreens
GA-8KNXP onboard sound V soundblaster Live
IC7-G or AI7 for new system
Why is my 3dmark03 cpu score low?
Have I understood the basics of overclocking the 865 chipset?
[NEWS] Intel Recalls New Chipset-Based Motherboards
North? South? Bridge what's that?
Is it true if you use GAT that...
Ic7 max 3 -> 2 mins from quitting this hobby
P4P800 Deluxe SATA and IDE question
Help me find a good mainboard please.
Who uses speedfan?
What 3DMark03 score should I be getting?
difference between p4p800 and p4p800e
8KNXP & 2.66B
i sold my sweet 2.6c for a 3.0c
Measuring P4C800-E Northbridge voltage
MSI Neo 865PE & A-Data pc4000 CAS Timing problems
IC7-MAX3 BIOS 16 Temp Gauge
IC7 Max 3-ONBOARD Sound
ABIT AI7 and USB driver problem
Abit AA8-DuraMAX 925X Opinions
What's the min Vcore available with Abit IC7?
What's the min Vcore available with Asus P4P800-E deluxe?
SOYO Dragon v1.0 taking a crap on me!!!
Have a question for you guys?
i865 vs i875
ARE ABIT boards good.
Changing RAM ratios
Anandtech reporting the intel oc lock
Do not use bios 24 on the IC7-G
OS won't install - can anyone help????
8KNXP Boot Issue
IC Max 3 Temp
Locking Out the Bios......Possible??
New chipset drivers out
P4S800 high or low density memory????
8KNXP EasyTune Readings?
Sinking up my Max 3
Does AG8 support DDR?
SiS Chipset Driver Removal
weeeiiird newegg order...
asus rma
Back to my IS7..
875p Sy-p4i875p D2 V1.0 Soyo
Soyo I875 Version 1.0 black
ABIT board for under $100
Vcore Voltage
I've got a really wierd Bios version for my p4c800-e dlx board. any thoughts?
Intel locks overclocking features
AMI BIOS cant get into the FSB????
3rd HD on P4C800E-dlx?
IC7-MAX3 Vdimm question...
P4P800 Deluxe Noob needs help
ic7 and drivers from abit
250 fsb wall
P4P800-E: RAM compatibility.... help!
P4C800-E V-droop Mod (Poti?)
Noob question on abit
Is7 Best Parameters Please !!!
ASUS p4c800e won't let manually set FSB above 200 ?
P4C800 Deluxe Bios
Help OCing my KOBIAN PI845EX
How effective is the Droop Mod
Is bh-6 ram good for IC7-max3 ??
What is the O/C potential of my new setup?
why doesn't anyone recommend the MSI neo2 series?
Fry's Electronics now has AA8, AS8, AG8 (Socket T)
Disable SI Raid controller in bios 24 on IC7-G
IC7 Max 3 Bios Instructions for OC please
p4c800 deluxe and 3dmark03
IC7 MAX3 questions
AI7, max FSB ?
8knxp vcore higher than 1.6
Does BIOS version Effect OC Asus P4P800-DLX
hey guys need help
Is this a realistic goal?
SATA RAID: wont boot past BIOS, restarts at XP load
will IC7-Max3 fit with SP-94?
CPU temps on Abit vs. Asus
OC'ing HP Vli 8
P4P800, Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer, and a NB heatsink.
What is the difference between IS7-E2 and IS7.
P4C800 with ocz 3700EB?
p4p800 and p4 2.4c HOW TO OC
P4C800-E Audio
Beeping Asus Mobo, Cant Config Sata
we are lucky to choose Asus
MSI uses low quality caps
Need help with my P4C800-E Deluxe....possible RMA candidate
Would like to know what you think?
IC7-G problems w/ HDD
3.0E + IC7-max3
different quality in different mobo companies?
pap800 & radeon troubles
Abit, Asus, Gigabyte?
Ai7 Vs. Is7
Looking for suggestions on motherboard
Temps on the AI7?
ASUS motherboard not installed?
IC7 Trace Repair?
first OC
new mobo upgrade
No temp change?
Bios 1:1 HOW????
Abit Rma
AI7 nb h/s fan question..
P4p800 DLx - Firewire nothin happens
Lightning struck - help please.
P4P800-E dlx. Slow Sound under load.
Looking for a mobo with PCI-E
Woo Hoo!!! I killed ANOTHER motherboard!
P4P800 Deluex w/ 2.8C...OC = diminishing marginal returns?!
SATA interfering with overclock!?
Intel D865GBF question
IC7 and IC7-G
P4C800 Deluxe and it's bios
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro3
MBM5 or uGuru on the AI7??
Increasing VAGP on the IC7-MAX3?
8sq800-ultra temps
IC7-G and windows install
Intel D865GBF question
is the Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Rev 2.0.....
AbitEQ fan problems (IS-7)
New mobo time...
Which Motherboard
Looking for suggestions on my first o/c.
AGP undervoltaged - IC7 mAX3
IS7 hits a 234 FSB brick wall
46 degrees idle, 60 degrees load on 3.0c - heading for disaster?
AI7 Bios upgrade changes uGURU Reported Temps
is7 help with sata
A!& and guru code 84
P4P800 Deluxe - NB Temps?
Does the IC7-MAX3 undervolt?
AOpen boards??
Is it possible to overclock a Mega PC ?
Ich5r RAID on P4C800-e Deluxe
can i volt mod a gigabyte ipe 1000 pro
OCing help! IC7 MAX3 - water
P4S800D-E SiS IDE driver problem.
BIOS version for P4P800?
RAM O/C: AI7 vs. IC7
best ram for ic7-max3
ic-7 +250fsb 1:1 issues fixed?
Asus P4s533
Ok have a few questions about p4p....
Max 3, trust bios vcore reading or cpu-z?
Best motherboard for this setup?
Best MicroATX mother board?
Problem with Onboard sound - GA-8KNXP
Asus P4P800-E deluxe.........DDR Frequencies???
Plugged it all in and no monitor!
Abit IC7 Max 3, OCing settings help! Please?
abit Max 3 can't run memory 1:1 at 250
PC-3500 DDR RAM but only DDR400 (PC-3200)
PAT and Easytune4 on a Gigabyte 8i875 (could be similar to 8knxp)
HP conversion! OEM MSI to Overclockable MSI!
MSI 865PE Neo2-PFS How does it overclock?
Intel Motherboard Problems
Intel Motherboard Problems
P4C800E Deluxe - MBM5 Sensor Settings
IC7 Max 3 annoying green lights
P4C800E-Deluxe overclocking guide
Max 3, 2.8e & 1GB Corsiar xms ddr500 OC ?'s
Temperature reading from Abit mobo
What does changing the AGP voltage in the BIOS do for IS7?
What are the best Ram timings for a P42.8C
Memory Problem ON P4S533
P4C800E Deluxe - SMBUS Unknown Device
Need help with sata raid setup on p4c800edlx
Newb OC needs some help
Chaintech 9CJS Zenith sound problem...
3.0C @ 3.606 - FSB 240 - stock cooling - is that good?
P4C800-E Dlx which PC-4000 Ram to buy?
Abit Ic7 Bios 2.3
Tualatin pinmod?
P4C800 or Max3 or DFI? Only for pure OCing...
P4C800DLX OCing & RAID ?
The Best CPU for a P4C800-E Deluxe
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe HT OFF No More Overvolting!!
AI7 and high temps, are these temps normal? Please help!
Differences between 875 and 865 intel chipsets?
audio video workstation
Asus P4C800-E/3.0c P4 Advice
I think its dead.. any suggestions?
MBM 5; Can it shut down computer?
Newbie OCer
MAX3 mounting - OTES / Spacers???
IS7 and ram upgrade question.
AGP/PCI Issue?
What about AOpen boards????
VDroop question
Should I get P4C800 (i875) or P4R800-V (ATI 9100IGP)?
Possible to vmod a epox 4PCA3+ Rev. 2.2 ?
no more bioses for asus p4p800 dlx???
IC7 MAX 3 and 1g of ram users!
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
P4C800-E dlx 3.3v seems low
nf7 can i run single stick of ram?
Best BIOS for o/c P4C800 Deluxe
Need advice on motherboard purchase.
All Ic7 Max Users Please Read And Reply
P4C800-E DLX memratio and agp/pci lock
P4P800 and 3.0 WCed OC help!!!!
p4p800 turbo mode
Asus P4S800
how to access agp speed options?
Best ASUS motherboard for a 2.4 m0?
New to overclocking, advice?
Best Abit Motherboard for Intel p4 CPU
Abit IC7-MAX3 or Intel Original D875PBZ