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how to access agp speed options?
Best ASUS motherboard for a 2.4 m0?
New to overclocking, advice?
Best Abit Motherboard for Intel p4 CPU
Abit IC7-MAX3 or Intel Original D875PBZ
Which mobo for a 3ghz "Prescott" core
Help from the Intel crew
P4C800-E and CPU Overtemperature Warning
New Forum
IC7-max3 uGuru?
P4c800 Deluxe CAS Settings
Who is using P3B-F
Abit IC7 vs Abit IC7-MAX3
ai7 owners please read
I need your awesome wisdom!!!
IC7 MAX3 & Prometeia Mach1
vcore settings p4p800dlx
Southbridge cooling - IC7 MAX3
which sata port to use on ABIT IC7
Asus Cusl 2 ?
Thermalright NB1 + SP4
Strange CPU Fan Recognition Problem
Abit IC7 MAX3 - need help - VTT fix
ABIT Online RMA?
P4C800- Kingston PC3200 Value Ram
anyone using the new ic7-g biios yet?
P4P800E-Deluxe + Antec SL400 PSU ??
[HELP] Abit BH7 + 800mhz CPU?
Questions in regard to OC'ing
New ABIT Mobo's - Intel® LGA775
Bios questions of AI7
Possible speeds with my P4P800E
increased overclock and wondering if these settings are good?
P4C800-E DL and strange O/C issue.
new ai7 bios
IC7 Max-3 worth it?
P4C800-Deluxe users out there...
Motherboard Beeps
P4P800 Deluxe vcore problem
[HELP] Does anyone have a P4P800 + 3.2Ghz Prescott??
Asus Mew-VM
IC7 MAX 3 - What kind of memory does it use?
P4t533 users?
NEW IC7 MAX3 BIOS with Correct Temps! (in theory)
ABIT AI7... Linux...
What ram with AI7?
MicroATX Intel Mobos...
P4R800-VM Bios
RMA'ing a gigabyte motherboard
is7 help: key board and mouse wont work
IC-7 problems
The DFI support forums has changed!
HELP WITH MY 2.4c with p4d8x deluxe runs at 1.2, 100fsb help
NB Cooling
Secrets for OC'ing 3.0C on MSI NEO PT880 LSR???
A Stable Overclocked System P4c800-e Deluxe
need a new P3 mobo.
P4C800-E Deluxe, Burn baby Burn, please help!
AI7 Fan Speed Control
Will i915 support PCI?
Newbie's rig - please help
P4C800-E Delux : test MB
D865PERL thermal question
Intel D865GBF... OC....
IC7-G Lock up prob.
875 chipset specs needed for various mobos.
DOH! question about my p4c800-e dlx
on what bords (chipset) can i install a celeron ?
Abit ic7 question
GA-8IK1100 vCore values
p4c800dlx vcore mod and voltage before and after
Help w/P3V4X updage
god hates me,and i hate epox!
changing nb strap on ic7
None of my USB work...
AI7 NB fan + Zalman ?
IC7 MAX3 Diagnosis Please
Please Read This...Very Important info on the P4P800-E Deluxe Model
Problem with Abit IC7-G
P4P800 Bios 1017 now out
IC7 MAX3 No Video
IC7 MAX3 No Video
Ic7 Max3 Boot Up Problem
IC7 MAX3 No Boot!
ic7 dual channel problem
IC7-MAX3 temp reporting
P4PE support 533FSB Prescotts?
Mbm Ai7
Where to fidn a Slot 2 Motherboard?
Passivly cooling Alternate Areas
P4C800-E Deluxe Vdroop Mod Advice
P4P800 DLX, Windows has encountered an error.....
Ic7-max3 Psu???
P4PE-X + Intel P4 2.80A 1mb 533 fsb
P4C800 Duluxe Failed CPU Test
" Bios is not installed" ?
Can P4P800 run a Wilamette CPU ?!?!?!
On P4C800-E Deluxe...
AI7: Onboard LAN producing "connection errors"
Why is my afudos flash not working?
stuck at 240fsb - whats the cause?
Setting multipliers on AI7 mobo
P4P800-Dlx revision #
BIOS Voltage Readings Accurate?
Bad BIOS Checksum!?!?!!?!?
not sure what drivers to update
NB chip cooler on IS7
QDI BrillianX BX cannot assign IRQ to AGP
New to OC: P4P800-E D Question... what can I do?
removal of max 3 hsf retainer on board
AI7 - slow IDE hard drive performance?
P4P or P4C???
help with mobo
Need Serious Help Fast - Voltages
Abit Ti4200 & AOpen AX4BS Pro Problems
IC7-Max3 VCore Stabilization
IS7 and AI7
CPUFSB/CPUCOOL underclocked from 2.4ghz to 1.8ghz--HELP!
Just Installed P4C800 E-Deluxe Mobo
help with GA-8IK1100 875P P4 TITAN PLEASE.
Help me solve this overclocking mystery
what is the problem???
what board?
how to o/c
I broke down and bought it
P4C800-E CUP & RAM upgrade
To buy IS7 or IC7 or IC7-Max3?
Can I use pc4200 with a Asus p4pe-x ?
New system built :)
Max FSB on P4P800 ???
best overclockin board for 3.0C for under $125
question about a 370 socket motherboard????
cheap board for celeron 2.0 w/ oc features
I need of help with mobo selection.
Stability Problems...help!
IC7Max3 dead??????
Help Quickly!
Help Quickly!
Have we decided if AbitEQ is useless yet?
Abit Accessories
Asus p4c800-e DX and MSI 875p Neo FIS2R
Chances of a BD7II-R hitting 200MHz FSB?
p4c800ed fan CPU current rating
Seeking a little guidance for my new system
Building from the ground up... start at stock?
P4P800 instant music didn't work
P4P800 Q-fan
ECS PF1 Deluxe 1.1
I summon the WISDOM of all great OCForum Gods!
Prime95 question
Is good the GA-8IG1000MK?
Can't overclock Asus P4P800-VM
BD7II, removing plastic mount
p4p800e dlx - No Post
What happened to abit SI7?
Gettign new mobo today. P4P800 or IS-7? Help me decide.
4PDA5+ and SP94
Northbridge at 7V?
cpu voltage
P4P800 Dlx - Broken NB loop
p4c800e dlx temp accuracy?
845 Board to downclock vcore on a pentium M?
P4C800-D cold boot issue
P4c800 E Dlx + 2.4b
AI boot-problem
Broken Plastic Motherboard Heatsink Bracket - And Easy Fix!!!
Performance Mode makes a different
such a livley area? i need info on who owns an EP-4PCA3+
Can't get by 3.0ghz. Is it the mobo, ram, or proc?
P4P800 SE Voltage not proper?
P4PE 1003 Bios
dfi motherboard revision..
P4C800 E D odd ddr freq's
msi 875p fis2r bios
new to intel
can't enable HyperThreading
No of fans in AI7
FIC boot problem
intel ram ratios
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe mem timmings
bios flash help
Not able to reach 3 GHz
Anyone using the AI7 w/ 533mhz P4B?
HELP! Cannot download Bios 15 for IC7 Max3
Ic7-g Sata
Neo-2 865PE questions and discussions
P4C800-E Deluxe droop mod necessary?
What's the best board for hardcore intel overclocking?
MSI 865PE overclocking Possible help for others
IC-7 Chipset Driver Which One ??
Running without NB fan?
Bios updating issues
How far can I go?
Highest over-clock on asus board
P4C800-E Dlx. - Front Audio?
IC7 BIOS 2.3 ; anyone try it ?
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Issues with Sata and Scsi
P4C800 dlx - 2.6c - TwinX1024 3200ll V1.2
Functions of uGuru
Help with NB fan on Abit IS7-E mobo
Help with NB fan on Abit IS7-E mobo
Abit IC7 Max3 Bios flash
Max vdimm on all ic7 series please
Bottle necks
How to lock PCI/AGP bus: MSI 875p FIS2R ?
All DIMM's on Max3 filled = lower speed!?
P4P800 Mosfets cooling neccesary?
Mobo/CPU combo...
P4t-e advice needed.
IS7E OC stability issues
lapped my hs and cpu
P4P800 for 30 bucks?
building a new computer
Pro266TD RAM Question
Northbridge p4p800 question
New mobo issues IC7-G Max2
IC7-G Max2 BIG issues!!!!
IC7 max3's northbridge is not working?!
motherboard help
MOBO choices
Voltage setting frustrations !!! Help me out
PIV 2.4Ghz 533FSB on TH7II-RAID board?
Can Zalman's CNPS7000A-Cu fit inside AI7?
best mobo out there for overclocking a 3.2C?
IC-7 max2 Advance?
OC of a P4 3 ghz 800 FSB with FIC P4-865 pro
IC7G MAX3 Temps?
AGP/NB voltage
IC7-MAX3 Stability
p4c800e - dlx
O_o this is damn nice. opinions?
Weird PC problem with random shutdowns
Removing Heatsink MOunting Bracket, ic7-g Max 3!
anyone overclock a pt800 board
what does game actually do?
Old 9700 AIW pro work in p4p800 and o/c??
MB test
sony-asus: tough problem
Problems with o/c'ing a MSI PT880 motherboard
Teeny Wheeny Mosfets on p4c800E-Deluxe
Need motherboard advice - IS7/IC7/AI7
Gigabyte 8IP1000pro & Radeon 9700pro
P4P800SE voltage question
GA-8KNXP + Corsair XMS DDR400 + PAT = CRASH
My 3.0C SL6WK sucks w/P4C800-E Deluxe & 1gb OCZ 3700 Gold Rev2
my ga8-ik100 rev 2.0 is giving some high temps for my cpu
P4T533-C offers boot from usb devices?
P4C800E DX Reliable reading temps?
Need Help From A Pro
p4c800 E Dlx
Abit vs Asus
more life into the Soyo forums!!
P2B & 300A Slot1
875 Infinity vs 875B Lanparty
IC7-Max3 BIOS 1.5
How high does the IC7 over-report core temp?
bad BIOS on dfi lanparty 875b?
Where to get PRO875B REV 2??
Need A New Motherboard
New Abit IS7E NB cooler?
Please help me kick-start my first overclock!
TH7II-Raid and BIOS for CPU multiplier up to 26X ?
IC7-max3 voltage
LOTS of IC7 Questions :D
P4P800, should I RMA it?
Building a Budget Server & selling my farm =( Any price pointers?
Problem with P4 2.8 GHZ and P4P 800 Deluxe
p4p800 memory divider help !
AI7 EQ-alternative?
Msi 875p-neo-fis2r
Need help resolving IC7 stability issue
Emachines Mobo Help
I need help from IC7G Experts!!!
drive not seen by mobo
3 new abit boards
p4p800 vs p4c800
abit, asus epox, gigabyte??
ABIT AI7 - Floppy search on boot
P4C800-D hangs with USB kb/mouse
noob-help me in oc-ing my p41.6ghz/msi 845ge max (6580 v2)
New P4C800 E D problem
AI7 Northbridge Fan Replacement?
P4C800-E Dlx swap
IS7-E2 GAT support & overclockability
controlling the DPS 2 thing
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
help anyone running 300 fsb stable with ic7??
How do I changing the FSB: DRAM
BX133 w/ Tualley P-III-S won't soft boot
intel application accelerator!
TH7-RAID Debug Led "00"
IC7-Max3 Question...
Abit IC7-MAX3 or Asus P4C800E-Deluxe?
How to overclock on 865 board
3COM LAN semi-dead!
SI or Intel Raid ic7-max3
What's the highest STABLE FSB you can achieve on your ASUS Intel board?
What's the highest STABLE FSB you can achieve on your ABIT Intel board?
P4P800 pci/agp lock dont work??
50% cpu workload max????
OCZ Memory with DFI Lanparty Pro875B
Which Mobo ?
Setting up RAID 0 on my p4c800.. HELP!
VIA Mainboard holding me back??
is7e max fsb?
New system, whats next
3rd P4C800-E Deluxe dead...
the "perfect" intel o/c'ers motherboard
My IC7 vdimm mod -- with pics
My IC7 vdimm mod -- with pics
is7 vdimm mod -- with pics
master list of i865/875 motherboard problems
Motherboard for a game server
another Max3 problem
P4P8X Comments and Concerns
IDE light staying on?
sata raid0 on the p4p800 dlx..
Good Motherboard for Below $100
What is the best mobo with integrated video?
IC7Max3 VTT fix with Madcat1968 mod
IC7-G cannot get past POST / BIOS screen Help!
P4G8X ethernet driver and other drivers
Need to speak to someone w/P4C800ED
Mobo for prescott 2.4a
best bios for the p4p800 dlx?
Dps2 on gigabyte 8knxp
p4c800 deluxe..asus update>>>>dead mobo?
pc4000 reading at pc3200
New p4p800 SE??PAT OR MAM?
MSI 875 board blew up on me!
P4C800-E Deluxe o/c FAQ or How-To
Going from P4C800-E Dx to IC7-MAX3...
ic7-g problem
This is how I overclock.
AI7 Mosfets.. how do YOU keep them cool?
p4p800 voltage fix through new bios?
Ai7 or IC7-Max3?
FSB and CPU Multiplier controller
Intel 865/875 with 3 sticks of DDR
Question abt ram dividers in bios
Abit Ic7 DMA pool trubbels
8knxp new ram
Will Prescott CPU's work in my P4C800??
What is so good about the P4C800-E Deluxe?
vcore volt mod??
North Bridge over heating?
Post beeps
system thermal???
P4C800-E Deluxe and Zorro case - connectors query
Hi, hopefully someone can help me here (P4S533-MX)
Asus P4P800 Strange temp and voltage info
IC7-G & ATi 9700 Problems When Selecting AGP 4X Mode
OC'ing A P4P800
P4C800-E Deluxe v2.00 and RAM voltage
Computer shuts off in games
Ram support for my mobo
P4C800-E DX Vdroop mod question
any one using max3 1.4BIOS
P4P800: AGP Voltage to 1.7v? Is it safe?
Rig takes 5 minutes to boot.
Holy Zombie Jesus!
IS7-E VDIMM undervolts
Mobo from HELL: WMT-LX
Change of mother card.
Jumping over to Intel
SIS or INTEL chipsets
Ram is set in bios as 400mhz But FSB is cranked to 250 does that mean...........
3 sticks of RAM on AI7?
System and Mobo Selection
10k ohm for vdimm
P4S800D motherboard
Asus P4T533-C with a Prescott CPU possible?
IC7 Problems...HELP
problem with my ic7-max 3
what should i do?
Ide Raid 0 on p4p800 not working help!
asus p4c800e dlx 2 scsi & sata probs
Need help with CA810E Overclock
P4C800-ED Promise config??
p4p800 @ 250 fsb = 3d Artifacts??
Prescott 2.4A on BH7??? Go or NO go???
4PCA3+ v2.2 Sata Raid problems
Droop mod / Vdimm mod on P4P800 problems. Can anyone figure this out?
Stupid question: P4P800 overclock, cannot adjust FSB freq?
Best P4c mobo with highest overclock, stability, and speed locks?
People with p4p800 and Full PAT BIOS
Which mobo to do 290-300+fsb no mods?
For those of you with P4C800 dlx and are considering pc3500 hyperx ram
is7 for 45 bux a good deal?
Can my rig do full PAT??
Happy bought new componets..
Abit Is-10
Help with oc-ing my system
asus p4c800-E Deluxe
CPU/Memory ratio P4P800
asus motherboards
865 or 875 for OC?
Memory for BD7-RAID
Paltrudes BIOSmods
just overclocked
P4P800 Post
Problem Overclocking
Aux 12v question
Problem updating bios on P4P8X SE
ai7 can't boot xp/2k
Where is the fast writes setting on IC7-G?
For those of you using a Soyo Dragon 2 v1.0
RAM and the IC 7
new IC-7 ?
AI7 Vdimm Dropping
Asus P4PE bios problem
Noob question
puzzling results with memory timings and Ic7...
P4S800d-e overclocking
odd 3dmark scores with overclocking P4C800 E Deluxe
help on select "best" memory for o/c
Thinking about mobo upgrade...any thoughts?
Optimal MOBO for 2.8E ?
Why don't Intel mobos give stable vcore?
strange temp readings on p4p800 deluxe?
overclocking help
Just did my Droop Mod -- pics
P4P800 Delux Cooling Tweaks Help, Northbridge and Ram
Will I notice a difference ?
Help!!! TH7-Raid 06 Error, won't boot...
ide raid on a 8 knxp
Abit Post code error, pc wont start advice please
Abit AI7 P4 3.0 Project
2.53 Sl62 which board! Need to Upgrade!
need some help please
AI7 sata main drive ata secondary
just need the settings
P4C800-E Deluxe Mainboard and DDR500
IC7: anyone using pc4400?
Help me OC my motherboard, cpu, memory, etc.
Good micro-atx oclocking board
Need more insight into AI7
i815 mobo with 512mb problem
Some IC7-Max3 Questions
MSI MS6163 Pro halts on Processor Initialization
New rig with P4C800-E dlx, having problems
I can’t OC more than 3.0Ghz
Can't go past 250FSB on my IC7
Newbie can't get AI7 over 249 FSB
MSI Neo2-P -- Need bios help
Sata And Ide Hdd Together
sata 150
how do i make a CD bootable?
P4P800SE with i865PE
IS7-E NB cooling question
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe P4 3.2 Northwood
P4C800 Bios Help
machine shuts down
Vcore inaccuracy?
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Memory Help
this is a "which mobo should I get" thread
Asus cutting corners on p4p800 deluxe??
asus p4c800-e windows wont start after 20% auto overclock
help the noob overclock p41.6 with asus p4c800-e mobo
IC7-G and Zalman NB Cooler
P4P800-VM Vcore adjustment
help the noob overclock p41.6 with asus p4c800-e mobo
mobo for a friend
P4C800 Deluxe OCing 2GB cas3.0 infineon ram
P4C800 overclocking Question are memory & video setting right
help clock problems
P4C800E-D+onboard NIC(Intel)= slow upload ?
anybody using Abit BX133??
Please Help!! Hynix With P4c800-e
Multi boot
Well Explained and easy to do vdimm mod for P4C800-E Deluxe!!!
IC7-Max 3 Sporadic Cold Boot Issue resolved
Need help regarding my p4p800-D mobo
P4C800E Delux----OCZ 3700 Gold
Should I OC now or wait till warranty expires?
cooler mounting bracket p4c800 e deluxe
D865GBF - Can't rollback faulty p12 bios flash
should i upgrade?
Has anyone Lapped the NB HS on an IC7-G?
P4P800 Deluxe - Corsair Fails SPD Rating - No Overclock
Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe and 2.8C good combo?
Constant MCH temreture.
Low fsb while asynchronized. Why?
Voltage monitoring in p4c800e-deluxe
CPU voltage drop when loaded
*Sighs* RIP BE7...
Asus update to flash bios??
Flashing BIOS with asus update? Please help.
need a good motherboard