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Anyone running P4P/C800 BIOS1016 and Prescott?
fastest memory on gigabyte boards?
READ if you need crap RAM after CMOS clear
Asus P4P8X vs. Abit VI7
i cant play games
IS7 Full PAT with 3:2 divider?
MSI 865PE Neo2 : good for OC?
Building new Intel rig
2 died CPU with this MB
P4C800E Raid config. advice?
Is this the max I can get from this mobo?
Memory bandwidth problems !
Just got a 2.4ghz chip and an IC7 - new to intel.
Need an Intel mobo with SECURE northbridge loops / attachment
Ram divider issue
IS7 PWM temps?
Soyo P4vga
motherboard drivers
i need a program to force a bios flash
2.8C on asus P4PE
Newbie XEON suggestions
Problem With Asus P4c800-e!!!
I Need Heeelp!!!!
Ripping Hair Out
Quick q on mobo spec (P4P8X)
Abit IC7.. seem to be hitting the fsb wall around 262fsb...
Changing FSB in ASUS P4C800-E
P4P800 Dlx / Raptor UDMA Problem
Pentium M for Socket 478 boards?
why does it say this??
info on northbridge strap-ic7
Any OTHER way to Increase Vdimm on IC7-G :(?
how do you konw your sweet spot?
IC7-Max3 Under Volting/Temping
question about LAN
AI7 w/cut PC speaker
Via P4PB Ultra
need a recommendation for p4 2.8E GHZ cpu
Wierd CD problem w/P4P800 Dlx
P4P800D Shutdown issues
IC7-MAX3 Video Voltage & SDRAM Voltage
Which one?
Is it worth getting a new nb hsf for an IS7-E?
Finally.....got my old system up and running
P4P800 + sata raid
Memory settings on Lanparty 875B. What do they mean?
Power/AUX Temp...?
Abit To Hot
Mobo/Video card problems
which RAID controller
Bottom line, how do I get an accurate temp with an IS7-E?
IT7 MAX Legacy cannot install winXP
WooHoo! I'm In!
Wiring IC7-MAX3 . . & . . Antec SOHO 1040B2
P4C800-E DLX video memory cache bios setting....
Where can I get Asus LiveUpdate?
p4c800-e vcore measurement sites?
P4P800 Droop mod & Full PAT mod
Abit AI7 mobo comparison
Abit IS7e Cant Install Windows XP
BIOS 22 - IC& series
volt drop mod?
I am stuck at 235 fsb - help me improve!
ABIT IC7-MAX3 Slight Startup issue
PC Alert 4 & MS_6198
P4c800e Bios 1016
P4C800 E deluxe rev 2
P4P800 Dluxe RAID only 64K stripe?
NB Temps for P4P800 Dlx
Help with asus p4800 e deluxe
How are Gigabyte mobos overall?
dont assume like i did
P4C800-E Deluxe no POST
P4P800 Vmodd
P4P800-DLX O/C guide
No post, no BIOS beep ~Hmmm
Anybody Else w/ Crap Raid 0 Scores on IC7?
intel d845pt question
Have an asus p4c800 e deluxe and wonder what bios to run?
IS7-E making annoying "beeps"
2.4C @ 3.5 (290/233 2-5-3-3) or 3.0C @ 3.8 (255/255 3-4-8-8) ?
IC7 Undervolt problem or PSU?
Perplexed is it IS7 board or RAM or ?
New overclocker.......RDRAM questions
Should this be fixed?
500mhz ddr, is it possible w/ p4p800
i flashed my bios...am getting less o/c & higher temps!!
Abit IC7-MAX3 Voltage Problem?
Alderwood/Grantsdale Preview
Need to know if Mobo fried cpus help please
How to Increase vDimm on IC7-G?
need fsb higher!!!! =)
AGP/PCI lock motherboards
P4P800 Deluxe BIOS 1016.001
mia+cia on the intel 865pe chipset rocks
hooking up my front usb ports.
All Abit Mobos Show Wrong Temp Readings!!
Several P4P800 Delux problems
For abit users
p4p800 fsb:ram ratio
Slow bios on P4C800-E Deluxe?
PaltRudes BIOSmods
Hard drive is not formatted?
All p4p800 Deluxe owner, can you post at vcore 1.62-1.65?
Temp probe on IC7-G, way off?
Need recommendation for good board for P4 2.4b
Realtek problems onboard?
Asus P4S800 (SiS655TX)
P4P800 Onboard sound drones/cracks due to different activity
P4C800-E problem
voltage with a p4s533-x
Raid Array HD Light on ALL The Time
Help & Advise
disable IDE??
Do I upgrade this P4PE?
Disable SATA, P4P800 Dex
Computer Still Crashes After 1-2 Days! Help!
I Hear my Computer
Max FSB expected on IC7 w/ OCZ PC4200 EL?
AI7 Bios16 Released
Could the AI7 be the cause?Suggestions?
IS7 BIOS 18 released
albatron bios update???
New user/OCer, Asus P4P800 OCing help?
P4C800 Deluxe slow bios/boot screen drawing
p4p800dlx problem
Most popular mobo 4 Intel cpu ?
Need help upgrading memory on my IC7
Albatron 865PE
GA-8KNXP and P4/3.06GHz 533MHz FSB Setup
how do i tell if my max3's vtt and vdimm are off?
What is a pci clock and should I lock it?
p4c800e deluxe OC ?
why do we have to hack for PAT > 200MHz FSB?
northbridge heatsync?
New/Old Chipset drivers?
Where to get updated IS7 drivers?
AI7 vcore
Epox 4PCA3+ and Prescott.
IS7 and prescott, will system start with original bios??
How Exactly do I find out my mobo name?
P4C800 Deluxe ,faulty voltage ?
Any compatibility issues with these parts?
Help Me >> Asus P4p8x
Pumping voltage to the IS7 NB
PIII socket370 sdram motherboard recommendations?
Everynite Lockups
P4P800 AGP 8X question
P4C800-D/ PAT causing auto mem. timings
Help, my Shuttle SB75G2 i875 Canterwood died
Simple question
P4PE Ram question & WD Raptor coming in
how bout onboard sound?
asus 845gv
IC7 max-3 post but hangs at verifying DMI pool data
P4G8X Vcore mod
Q Re: SATA Connectors on MAX3
Asus Probe temps, how high?
The Best of the Best.
AI7 maximum fsb
AAARGH!!! Do i have to reccomend it?
.....8PENXP vs. 8KNXP?
P4C800-E Deluxe Hacked Bios?
Anyone have any conclusions on which Mobo works best with a Prescott?
MOSFET sinks needed to get to 300 FSB with IC7-g?
Hole for NB Mounting
Does thim mem run good in dual channel?
80286 intel board: need help ID'ing
P4c800 (dx,e, e-dx) users. Here's a great oc tip.
IC7-G: Increaseing RAID 0 performance.
IC7-G: Prob. updateing Intel chipset.
P4C800-E Deluxe Overclocking Help
Deciding on mobo...
Adding Asetek water chill N/B block
OC Help! (P4P800 Deluxe)
moving a SATA (ICH5R) RAID0 from one mobo->another
IC7-G Vcore
Performance Acceleration Mode on P4C 800 Deluxe
Abit Prescott support
Can I do this?
New Settings...
P4C800 E deluxe ?
P4C800-E Deluxe Low Sandra Mem BMs
cant go over 169fsb?
1015 = Better overclock for me!
P4C800Deluxe High Temps?
Help with p4p800 BIOS
Wierd boot behaviour
Absolutely baffled by memory settings on IC7
Abit AI7 new beta bios.
Overclock Help for Newbie!!
Overclocked LanParty 865PE won't "see" SATA boot drive
P4P800 with 2.8c
MSI PT8 Neo-LSR.. Any good?
New to the P4 DDR scene, quick question?
SATA connectors on 8knxp.
ICH5R sata raid.
Need help decideing on which mobo to buy
Intel 865 PERLK
How to remoce CPU Mounting hardware - IC7-MAX3
how to overclock p4g800-v
AGP Voltage Question
Which board is the best bet to reach 300MHz FSB?
Max Overclockability?
Anyone use FlashMenu with AI7?
Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe Official Thread
Agp Voltage In Bios
AI7 + Audigy2 ZS
Lots of qest about IC7M3
1015 bios updated ! now crashes!
System setup when you change Motherboard
P4P800-Deluxe post freezing problem
Msi 648 Max ?
1:1 mem or high fsb
Msi Ms-6585
P4C800-D random rebooting
p4s533 question
NVRAM Post Delay on P4P800-DLX
4PDA2 series teperature problems.
Aopen AX4B-533
Memory question for an Abit IS7 board
Abit IT7-Max 2 IDE and USB
P4P800 onboard Fire Wire problems ????
P4P800 / P4C800 PAT questions...
well i know what it will do now :)
Sandra Memory Benchmark on 865PE Infinity
Albatron PX845PE Pro IIs and 800 FSB
asus p4c800-e Deluxe win2k3
P4p800 / p4c800 difference?
Which P4 Mobo?
P4P800 can only be run at stock settings?? What is the Problem??
P4P800 strange VCore...
Which Mobo next ? :/
P4C800-E Delux not working
What is maximum vdimm on non-modded ic7?
PAT suddenly causes serious instability
Fluctuations in CPU core voltage with IC7Max3 normal?
FSB up to 255 only, help?
i under stand u loose ur agp/pci lock...
Intel Bios
Help. Where are the agp settings
AGP/PCI MHZ Question
P4C800dlx .1015 bios upgrade newbie note:
Do I have a legal case?
Cables included with retail IC-7?
Where is the southbridge on the P4C800-E
Overclocked LanParty 865PE won't "see" SATA boot drive
Need some advice
Trying to choose RAM for AI7 - Please help!
feature rich board
Gud MB with adjustable RAM Voltage?
p4c800-e ram timings
help out a n00b to intel
idiot question
Got my Asus P4S800D-E DELUXE!!!
DFI Pe21-EL, FSB problems
IC7-G CPU Temps
Not sure where to post this but...
AI7 not rebooting after shutdown.
New BIOS 1015 for P4C800ED!
AI7 GAT settings
Angry @ Angry_games
New Bios from Asus 1015 for the P4P800 Deluxe
IS7 vcore voltage weirdness
AI7 Vdimm mod and PSU mod
PCI Latetency Timer?
pt880 chipset anybody? (for P4 Northwood / Prescott)
Abit AI7 e SYS driven crazy.
IC7-G NB loops
droop mod
Which mATX 478 mobo's allow Vcore adjustment?
abit is7-e?
IC7 boot problem with sata
Help! P4c800-e Deluxe Won't Boot! Darn It!
North Bridge? South Bridge?
CPU Temp seems high....
Where can I buy SMD Grabber in CANADA??
New 1015 Bios for P4P800 Mobos
P4P800 Northbridge Heatsink Question
FSB:RAM frequency
P4C800-E Deluxe Losing Optical Drives
P4S800D-E DLX or P4C800-E DLX?
P4P800 Deluxe VDimm mod Help
asus p4c800 del vcore mod
IT7-Max 2 2.0 RAM Question
My stupidity!
AI7 and low sys fan rpm warnings
Bios flash P2B BX2I1012
Gigabyte 8KNXP overclocking results?
GA-8KNXP Ultra..not real SCSI-320?
!st timer
Problem: MB, CPU or memory?
Somebody must have the answer
p4c800 del
Whats the story on PAT
best ram for p4p800 865pe?
Modified F9 BIOS with changed Boot Logo
IC7 vs IC7 max-3
p4c800-e deluxe ?
Thermaltake SP-94 and 947 do not work w/ IC7max3
IC7-MAX3 SPD Problem
IC7 MAX3 Raid0 problems
Abit IC7 vs Asus P4C800-E
p4c800 del memory settings
no beeps
ABIT IC7 IC7-G IC7 MAX3 ALL in one Modifications - The way to go!
p4p800 deluxe sata connector 2 not working
p4c800e deluxe northbridge cooling?
Ausu P3V4X Battery Question
a history lesson please asus TX98-XV rev 1.02 W/pentium 233 cpu
2.4C overclocking on p4p800-Deluxe
Looking for an old dual MOBO for some PII's
Please help !! 2.4C MO can't use 3:2 or 5:4
About to buy a P4P800 Deluxe 2nd hand, what should I look out for
Are the chips on the P4P800 really 875 (P4C800) chips?
Thinkin upgrading, computer specs, Advice plz:
cpu burn-in
Got an Intel 2.4C, need a good not to expensive board for OC.
motherboard for 3.2 EE
P4SE333 Help Please!
Ok, benchmarks for full PAT P4P800 bios hack!
Abit mobos that support the Prescott
Should I flash bios?
I need the 1.08 beta bios for the P4T-E
PAT(?) enable/disable
P4C800E users -- important note about VCORE settings!!
4 gig :(
Suggestions for ASUS P4P800-s Overclocking for Newbie please
Abit Vs. Msi Msi?
abit IC7g cooling question
Does your AI7 hate dividers used with loose timings?
Recommendations on good chipset heatsink/cooler for Epox 4PEA+
Lowest Vcore P4C800-E?
p4p800 dlx onboard lan
new p4s800d-e deluxe will not accept my cpu
Sata & Raid on P4C 800E
Need P4P800 SATA driver for install.. lost my CD
Overclocking the Intel D875PBZLK
First overclocking experience...
heatsink & fan
AI7 and MBM5?
Considering new mobo with good VDimm options
p4 800 deluxe and dual mode memory
Would like your opinions.
Lanparty Pro875B ???s
Ive about had it with 865pe/875pe boards. ARGH
quick Question on intel mobos and 865 chipsets..
Where are the Asus P4S13G's?
PAT not enabled?
Socket 370 Celeron 1.3Ghz - Need a board for it
IC7 Max3 Ram-dividers?
Upgrading P09 to P13 - Am I missing something?
is this PCI bus and everything locked on this chipset?
P3 BIOS Hardware Monitor Problem with VCORE Voltages
UgUrU temps
New Intel Board -- Which One?
P4P800 FULL PAT bios hack!
P4C800E-D: Why is PAT in 2 places?
New IC7 BIOS v2.1 w/Prescott support
HSF's and RAM suggestions IC7 Max3
so I came across a working 1.1 celeron...
Trouble with P4P800 Vmodd
P4C800 Deluxe 1gig mem,want more Help
Best RAM for P4P800 Deluxe
Burst Length?
IS7 Vdimm modded but lost stability...
AI7 Beta 16 BIOS
could mobo be bad?
Network adpapter on P4C800 dlx intermittent
Chaintech 9CJS Zenith??
P4P800 Deluxe or P4C800 E Deluxe?
i think i just broke my second mobo
n/b strap cpu
865PE PAT over 200mhz?
CPU Usage
P4P800 crashing
Experience with Abit IS-10?
slow raid 0 on p4c800 e deluxe
Dual Chan, Ram Questions
newbie ic7-max3 owner needs advice
4pca3+ rev2 will it get me past my ic7?
Ic7-g Rma
memeory compatibility on via pro133 693A
Want a good cheap Mobo for the parents
new asus p4s800d-e duluxe wont post
IC7 Max3
new p4c800-e del
Help! P4P800 Dlx & Aspire X-Dreamer II
Anybody use OCZ PC3500 EL for your IS7?
Trouble o/c'in my P4P800 Dlx
Motherboard Startup Beeps
P4C800E deluxe trouble
Weak O/C I know I can get better
Vdimm Mod for P4P800 Deluxe
IC7-G overclock
IC7-G overclock
good guide to droop mod?
tuv4x and p3 1.3 will it oc well?
Prescott support & 865/875 chipsets
Prescott support and 865/875 chipsets
ic7-max3 OTES fan
AI7/Max3 confusion
Editing of the bios AI7.
Asus Update not finding hardware???
usb headset keeps dieing on me is it ,obo
Most Compatible Ram to use on AI7 board
PS83-BL Can't set AGP/PCI Ratio!
New Enermax PSU on my Abit BH6 causing sort of shutdown problems...
Official DFI Support guy =)
oc'ing ai7
865 vs 875
TUV4x and Celery 950
Auto bios update
blue screen
can u overclock an hp computer
Where is the ram divider in BIOS?
Rev.1 and Rev.2 P4P800dx ?
Which memory slots do you use?
p4p800 dlx modes???
Asus mobo or other for P4?
Bios settings for P4C800-e dlx
anyone know how many watts the intel 875 northbridge puts out?
p4c800 bios
ic7-g problem
need p4p800 drivers
P4XP-X and P4 2.6C 800FSB HTT
TH7II Hyper-Threading BIOS????????
PAT disabled on IC7 with 4 dimms?
Soyo Ultra Dragon P4X400 Socket 478
P4P/C Deluxe IDE RAID controllers
p4c800 dlx question
IC7-MAX3 raid
PAT Question
where do i find?
how can I tell if my mobo is ic7 or ic7-G
p4p800 deluxe problem
LuckyTech P6LX3 mobo help
is there any guys use abit VT7(via pt880)??
Cheap celeron mobo with video
need some support... should i buy or not?
p4C800 clock problem
Resolved: Fails to POST, BIOS error (was: help!!!)
P4S800 Sec IDE problem
Mobo not overclockable or not?
How to enable PAT over 200 FSB on P4P800 mobo
ctiaw readings...
Can you use PCP800 bios for P4P800-DX?
AI7 Slower app load times when FSB is raised?
IC7-Max3 bios update, worth it?
Random Reboots
Help me spend ~$225
Temperatures of motherboard and cpu
Knxp and PC4000 ?
magic flash Epox
Question about the IC7-G
fan suggestion
New physical bios?
Built My Abit IC7-G PC, but havin problems PLZ HElp!
FSB Question
P4S800D-E Dlx....Just got it
IC7 MAx Video problems on XP Install
IC7 MAX-3: Wierd Video problems on clean XP install
How do you RMA an INtel MB
HELP it went carzy
Overclocking and memory?
P4C800-dx voice POST
Just how much are the temps off on a BE7 or BD7-II?
heatsink & fan
oc'ing my p4p800 deluxe
AI7....PWM temp?
P4P800 vdimm mod, voltage problem?
th7-ii bios
ASUS p4D question
P4C800 deluxe raid problems
Are there any hacked IC7-MAX3 BIos?
p4c800 d Vocal Post
How do contact asus??
8KNXP Rev 2 - Slow when accessing DVD-ROM
Asus P4pe
Killed a P4C800 doing the droop mod!
VIA P4MA Pro 533 Mainboard
Abit IC7 and 2.6 800fsb ?????
Best Motherboard For P4 2GHZ Willamette
MBM5 and p4p800 dlx
IC7-G 137GB Barrier?
AGP Problem Need Help!!!