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need some support... should i buy or not?
p4C800 clock problem
Resolved: Fails to POST, BIOS error (was: help!!!)
P4S800 Sec IDE problem
Mobo not overclockable or not?
How to enable PAT over 200 FSB on P4P800 mobo
ctiaw readings...
Can you use PCP800 bios for P4P800-DX?
AI7 Slower app load times when FSB is raised?
IC7-Max3 bios update, worth it?
Random Reboots
Help me spend ~$225
Temperatures of motherboard and cpu
Knxp and PC4000 ?
magic flash Epox
Question about the IC7-G
fan suggestion
New physical bios?
Built My Abit IC7-G PC, but havin problems PLZ HElp!
FSB Question
P4S800D-E Dlx....Just got it
IC7 MAx Video problems on XP Install
IC7 MAX-3: Wierd Video problems on clean XP install
How do you RMA an INtel MB
HELP it went carzy
Overclocking and memory?
P4C800-dx voice POST
Just how much are the temps off on a BE7 or BD7-II?
heatsink & fan
oc'ing my p4p800 deluxe
AI7....PWM temp?
P4P800 vdimm mod, voltage problem?
th7-ii bios
ASUS p4D question
P4C800 deluxe raid problems
Are there any hacked IC7-MAX3 BIos?
p4c800 d Vocal Post
How do contact asus??
8KNXP Rev 2 - Slow when accessing DVD-ROM
Asus P4pe
Killed a P4C800 doing the droop mod!
VIA P4MA Pro 533 Mainboard
Abit IC7 and 2.6 800fsb ?????
Best Motherboard For P4 2GHZ Willamette
MBM5 and p4p800 dlx
IC7-G 137GB Barrier?
AGP Problem Need Help!!!
C7 max3 & kingston 3500 ddr
cross platform speed floosie/bios p4 ??/hpt374 setup
p4c800 io shield?
easiest way to remove NB heatsink
make me faster!!!
Raid Problems!!!
Install Lan on a 865GBF
Noisy NB fan IC7-Max3
p4c800-e deluxe errors - need help :(
Best Intel Mobo? Prove it
What can I expect with vdimm mod on this setup.
help!! my new replacement ic7 5/4 is a brick wall
Motherboard setup
Help Me overclock
abit ic7 prescott support?
P4 2.66 and ASUS P4P8X board Pls help
P4C 800 E Woes
P4, 2.4GHz overclocks higher than a P4, 3.0GHz?
Mother board selection -newegg
is 400w PSU good enough for my comp?
P4P800 Deluxe No Midi Game Port?
4PDA2+ rev2
Sata non-Raid works on Promise controller
Fix for crackling sound on D865PERL
P4p800 dx, onboard sound/lan question
P4C 800E Delux - Chassis intruded?
First impression: Albatron PX865PE Pro II
P4P800 1014 bios is out
PAT and memory
Max III Onboard NIC only runs at 10Mbs!
max3 and hyperx ddr 3500
Any experience with a VP6 mobo?
raid as regular ide on p4c800 e deluxe
P4C800-E DX sound?
GA-8IPE-1000-L Bios Flash
Bios 2.0 available for IC7-G
P4P800 Dlx + P4 2.4C (m0) What a team!
ai7 vs is7?
Temp monitoring of DFI PS83-BL...
P4C800 Deluxe Over 301fsb
Ready for the IC-7 Max3!
P4P800 Deluxe + Ram + overclocking + CPUZ Specs = HELP
Manual says 2 "new"drives for Raid0 ichr+
P4C800-Edeluxe/Promise controller question
Abit IC7-Max3 Preformance Questions
Possible P4P800 cpu voltage problem.
400MHz to 533MHz
ic7-max3....wont go above fsb 269
Brand New 4PDA2+ v2.0.....instability? help
Bios update on P4C800 dlx
Memory issue please help
Help with an MSI 845Max
p4c800 deluxe rev. 1.03 and 1.04 difference(s)?
thanks for the reply
abit is7 or abit ic7?
The big, hairy AI7 thread.
which motherbaord is better?
Finally Got AI7 System Working, Weird Lil Errors
TUSL2-C northbridge heatsink
ASUS P4 S478 P4P800/GD ATX Moederbord
ASUS P4 S478 P4P800 DELUXE ATX Moederbord
what RAM w/ P4P800 Deluxe?
Suggestions!!!!! IC7-Max3
strange booting at times?
Running 400fsb chip on a IC7?
GF FX 5950 Ultra will not install with out blue screen
8knxp bios update to F9?
OC- what to try next?
what would be the best board?
p4c800-e deluxe won't boot to ATA HDD
ASUS P4 S478 P4P800/GD ATX Moederbord
Cool stuff with my IC7 max3
Asus P2B Boot Problems
vdimm for p4c800, will it work for a p4p800?
Help Ocing P4C800-E
"System failed CPU test": recurrant intermittent error on P4C800E-Deluxe
Graphic errors at 1 GHz memory speed
P4C800-E Deluxe
ive had it with my ic7-g
Want to build a fast stable business computer
ABIT OR ASUS P4 Need quick recommendation..
IC7-G Raid 0 help plz..
IC7-G Bios..Which one for overclocking?
best settings for p4p800 1014 bios
Help me set up a P4
D865GBF mobo, anyone else having stability probs w/P12 BIOS?
100% cpu usage when I use SATA
P2.6C or 2.8C chip...what board?
need help with p4p800 dlx
loosing agp/pci lock over 300fsb
A small thing about the vdimm mod... help
AI7 High Temp
posts into bios, wont load windows
Need Help Fast!!!
Strange Graphic errors @ 1GHz Memory speed
Sound Error
AI7 LCD Display on all the time? Could someone check 4 me please?
omg i think the m/b is screwed
System Fan and PWM Temperature
p4p800dlx unknown chipset?
Good P4P800 Configuration...
I lost 1 meg of Ram
newest bios for p4c800
what is the best mobo for p4 2.6c or p4 2.8 c
865 or 875 chipset for overclocking p4 2.6c or 2.8 c
what processor to get for p4 for good overclocking?
P4C800-E DX Rev2 or 1.xx ??
IC7-G Temps
Advice wanted for front page article
P4P800 dx, wierd overclocking problem?
IC7-Max3 CPU fan turns off for no reason! Need help!
Novice at OC...how do I overclock my Asus P4PE?
BIOS logo
Prime95 question??
Which Raid 0 channel/chip to use?
sound card going out when uping FSB
IC7-G Bios
P4C800-E D OC adj question
Abit's RMA Policy
p4p800 dlx = HELL
Ga-8knxp Yes!@#$
3.2 vdimm ok?
how do you change ram divider on neo2?
865 vs 875 help
P4c800ed can I use Mbm5 to see vdimm after mod.
Problem updatting bios
problems with 5:4 divider on GA-8IK1100
help! p4c800, OC, new to intel..
Help I caint raise my vcore
Soyo P4I 845PE lite overclocking
Asus P4S800D-E Deluxe (SiS 655TX chipset)
Arggggggg Asus Tech Support
cant use 4 sats for raid???
Memory doesn't work on Asus
IC7-MAX3 OC issue
anyone want to hack a bios 8.4gb limit for me?
problem with p4p8000 dlx onboard lan
P4p800dlx Memory
New P4P800 Bios(1014)
P4C800 vcore mod to make it stable?
possible solution to ic7 series temp bug
P4P800 Deluxe Problem
is7 boot problems
[HELP] Board powers up, then down...?
865g Neo 2 Ls
Best 875 MB for 1-2 GB RAM?
P4c800-E Deluxe or IC7-Max3?
Ai7? or IC7(g)? or P4C800E?... Need to know ASAP!
Problems with 4PCA3+
asus p4s8x-x
FSB Problem
Just got the P4P800 dx...need advice
IC7 temps are 8c cooler than Max 3 with same components.
Which Mobo? Purpose= o/cing!
right POT for vdimm mod?
whats the point in GIGABIT lan?
Which is best for P4C800 2.4C, FSB or Timings?
p4p800 dx - my new system
ABIT IC7/IC7-G/IC7-Max3/IS7-X Failsafe BIOS settings. Read First!
Looking to overclock an IC7 series
AOpen AX4C Max Restart problem
Sis 655tx
P4S800, am I the only one...
P4P800 Voltage Fluctuations Fixed?
Overclocking Corsair XMS4000 ram on IC7-MAX3
In the Middle of Vdimm Mod... Help ASAP
New P4C800-E deluxe-Bios upgrade?
P4P800 DX. GAT setting disabled help?
Additional USB risers on Abit ST6
hard timing installing sound drivers for asus.
Installed Raptor and it is #4 IDE Master?
P4C800 Deluxe .32 OCed 3.74 thanks Grandpa Dan!
Asus P4C800E Deluxe Or P4C800 Deluxe
P4c800 Modded BIOS
please help...it restart by it self
800fsb upgrade
Help 2 Blown
865PE Neo2 P-series...
Asus Update wont install says NO ASUS MOBO DETECTED#$
Will this be a good Overclock system?
3 Motherboard choices
Sale on IC7-Max3
Help with OCing a 2.4b on an BE7 MB
Looking to build a 2nd computer. How's the DFI Lanparty 875 Board?
Any comments on the P4P800 BIOS 1012
updating bios???
First impression of DFI 865PE Infinity
Is PAT disabled on the new AI7
Is the SP94 overkill on a P4P800Dlxe?
P4P800-D or P4C800-E Deluxe?
Overclocking Abit IT7 /w P4 2.53GHz CPU
p4c800 vdimm mod Question?
Why are there boards that support HT but on 533fsb?
P4C800-E Deluxe fried first time it's turned on?
best ram and configuration for p4c800deluxe?
AI7 Temp Probe
p4pe hibernation helppppp
need advice
Promise not working when using Intel
MSI Neo2/ need help with slave drives
Grandpa Dan question please!
Aopen Vcore volt mod done.
P4C800 D, New Hardrive >RAPTOR or More MEMORY?
Raid 0 faster than udma?
Which one will Work better?
IC7-MAX3 High Temps!!!
Help me move to the Dark Side.
Asus or Abit when using a 2.4c m0
AI7 Clock
Help, my computer sounds like an amubulance!
[HELP] need a bew microATX board- i think...
p4p800 BIOS explenation
How to tell revision?
Need help OC'ing my Elitegroup P6BAT-B plz!
Has anyone else RMA'ed thier IC7 Max 3?
P4C800-E Deluxe Raid Question
Msi 865 Neo 2
My new abit board
4PCA3+ voltages
Asus P4PE + P4 2.8/800 FSB = ?
need some help
Newbie Intel Questions
IC7-Max3 questions..
Help! Won't boot
is this memory compatible with this asus mobo?
Buying a new mobo..STUCK!
P4c800-E deluxe startup problem
IC7-Max3 Vcore Voltage Issue.
got a question
Asus or Abit
Cold Boot Problem
IT7max2 r2 hacked bios?
Bios Modders, I need your help on an AI7
What Settings to DISABLE for better oc in my IS7-G ???
PSB 800 AND PSB 667 which is better?
P4C800ED SATA RAID, Promise or Intel
Pls help me OC my DFI LP 875B
IC7-G MAC3 cant run my OCZ PC4000 at 5:4?
AI7, no post
advice on mb
P4C800 Deluxe SiS results so far
Use onboard lan or not??
IC7-G Max2 Raid Question
Sound on the IC7 boards
Is anyone here using an ABIT IC-7 and a Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro joystick? HELP!
8KNXP rev 2.0 and rev 1.0 differences??
What's so good about Asus and Abit that Epox doesn't have?
Asus p4p800 dlx fan connectors??
Big PIII in BH6?
Need New mobo
250Gb WD Hard Drive on mobo w/o PCI Promise Card??
P4C800-Deluxe, what OC should I expect?
P4C800 Deluxe what does the Volt Mod do actually?
IS7-E mobo
Which bios version to use with P4C800?
best O/C bios for the p4c800
Wierd OC problems
Spot my voltage regulator!! ...'cause i need to volt mod it.
Ai7-DOA question/poll
Help with AI7 and 270FSB+
P4C800ED & Corsair
P4C800 with 3.2 Hyper, I KNOW it has to go FASTER?
Availability of new Asus P4S13G board?
how to check p4c800 vtt
From where can I??? Help plz
wont turn on maybe because of bad mobo sensor
P4C800 Deluxe how do I SATA from IDE
P4C800ED could really use some help
Hey everyone... jus bought my AsusP4P800
P4C800-E Deluxe help needed [Drive Based]
Dell Upgrade
anybody remember if a p3 will run in a bx6
IC7 MAX 3 Issues
Firewire 1394 wiring
Newbie P4C800 deluxe with 2.8C
P4C800 overclock @10% so far 3.51
p4c800-e dlx where in the bios is the....
ic7 problems
NB heatsink on P4C800-dx
Asus P4C800 & P4C 2.6 D1
NewBie / Gittin Ready 2 Roll
How is this guru?
Asus or Abit mobo?
how do get into the bios?
PC Mark scores!
Replacing stock Northbridge cooler
Asus P4PE and Zalman CNPS7000A-CU
odd question
Abit sr7-8x increase vcore?
New Setup OC Possibilities
ic7-g problem with ati vid?
Abit mobo and P4 SL6Z3
biostar boards
Need advice on Intel boards please.
I wonder when the max 3 will have a bios update?
AI7 caps
p4g8x deluxe sound and internet ?
Blue Screen During Windows Install
IC7-Max 3 or IC7-G Max 2 ??
Need New Socket 423 Motherboard
simple vdimm mod
4PCA3+ and Setup
Question on Which abit mobo to get...
north bridge temp?
help with p4s333
My max3 order was stopped,
wierd mobo
update BIOS
Gigabyte GA-8SIMLP
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe RAID question
Which 865 motherboards have trouble with high FSb and 5:4?
single or dual???????
Soyo 7VBA: whats the PCI divider?
Gigabyte GA-8SIMLH Motherboard
What is the key to hold down to reset bios?
IS7-E and P4 2.0A Northwood, help please
P4C800 E - "Burst Length", "32 bit IDE", "Turbo" ??
Asus POST reporter stopped "speaking"
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe Hard Drive recognition capability
Need advice Asus or Abit?
IT7 MAX2 Can't use more than 1 stick of DDR
Help With New System (AI7) PLEASE!
P4C800-E Dlx. Droop Mod works!!! 3.7G
IC7-max3 owners . What is PWN in windoctor?
Dual CPU
Processor or mobo?
P4P800 DX, reading Dual DDR?
655TX anywhere?
GA-8IPE-1000-L memory speed problem
Help to OC P4 2.6 on P4C800E DX MB
Greetings & Happy Holidays Everyone!
my o/c stuck at 3.11 is that my max
For P3 Slot 1
IC7 Bios 1.9 bug?
IS7 E help...
need help getting up to 3.2 on a p4c800e dlx and a 2.6c
P4C800 GOLD or P4P800 deluxe
tried to 3.2 hyperthreading cpu to P4PE
Another P4C800-E Deluxe Question
AI7 questions
P4P 800 Dlx, TWINX512-3200C2 Overclock help
msi kt6 delta
does my mobo need south brige cooling for better O/Cing?
Prime95 crashes.....new version out
P4c800 deluxe + 3.0 + waterchill -OC?
NB fan needs replaced
lost 1000 pts at 3dmark 2001 : HELP
HPT374 to ICH5R change over
help ocin asus p4c-800e deluxe
IC7 max 3 mobo - any way to convert IDE to SATA ?
P.4b and BE7-Raid
black lvl 2 and Max3
P4P800 vdimm mod... complete... but..
P4P800-VM vs P4R800-VM
P4P800 DX Bios settings...
Need help removing CPU retainer base from IC7-MAX3
P4C800-E OC failure, any ideas?
P4P deluxe SATA vs. ATA RAID opinions
Weird FSB changes
intel d865gbfl, dual monitor, and you
Stabilizing my 3.0c/Kingston HyperX system
IS7 and Prescott
p4p800 and video card
AI7 fsb limit
P4PE, not able to flash BIOS and hacked bios?
GA-8INXP or P4PE will it take a 3.2 hyperthreading cpu?
asus cusl2-c
Asus P4C800-E VCore Voltage Variances Revealed
P4P800 How Many Have Failed
Anyone know what's different about the new 8ipe1000 pro's?
p4 multplier
533 bus P4B and 865 Chipset????????
P4P800 bad bios flash?
Need help finding a board
p4c800-e deluxe UAY??
When Will the AI7-G be Released?
Will my new mobo work w/ this video card?
Asus P4C800-e deluxe have ata raid?
IC7-G + P4 2.4HT + 1gb DDR PC3200 OCing HELP PLZ!!
newbie p4c800 deluxe with 2.4c
P4C800-e : Terrible Voltage Regulation?
aBit officially closes vDimm/vTT thread.
P4C800-E FSB Ratios
ic7 vdimm mod
P4C800-e vcore Styability mod
P4P800 with WD Caviar EIDE HD
Thinking about buying a IC7 MAX3? Read this first!
P4C800E-Deluxe temps 23/28
Where to get IC7-MAX3 1.1?
Can u Disable Via Raid Bios- P4P800dlx?
New BIOS for IC7 mo/bos! 1.9
2.4c mobo asus e or no e
What are the odds of hitting 320 FSB on an i875 chipset?
IC7-MAX3 Fixed?!?
Abit IC7 or IS7-E
P4P800 for 300+ FSB?
p4c800 and 400mhz ram freq
How would you set this up?
best gigabyte mobo for overclocking
p4c800-e problem?
help on tweaking my overclock...
GA-8IPE1000-L Rev2.0 New Sound Driver
Worth the Upgrade? P4 3.06GHz i850 no OC to i875 w/ OC
Lan problems
Spread Spectrum and Audio Glitches
volts, this looks bad
new p4 system, any suggestions?
stupid question, IC7
Soyo 7VCA-E mobo extreme overclock
p4p800 deluxe or p4p800
RAM compatibility question~
Ai7 Nic
IC7 max3 oc'ing problem, pls help
A little Intel help needed for an AMD guy...
Newb needs bios update help
What do you think about this MB
AI7 for $99
single sata drive + 2 other drives problem
Another ASUS voltage thread
I noticed that nobody talks about Epox anymore.
How do I enable hyper-threading on MoBo?
I need better cooling for my 3.0 Max3 rig
Help a Intel Noob.. Best Intel Motherboard?
P4P800 3D artifacting when doing 1:1 WTF?!
Temp in Bios
question on the max3
P4P800-DX Support??
P4PE and memory timings
GA 8INXP Whats the DPS deal?
I got my Max3
IS7 Volt mod...... a couple of questions.
Need some help overclocking 2.6C
Gat settings
Abit IC7-Max or Asus P4C800-E ???
Abit IC7-Max or Asus P4C800-E
My new Asus Combo WONT work!!
what do you guys think of the epox EP-4PCA3+
IC7 not cold booting
Max 3 TEmperatures
mother board & vid card help
change timings on gigabyte mobo?