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P4P800 and Raptor Raid-0?
IS7 - AI7 - IC7max3 build qaulity and overclocking differences?
opinions on p4s800 mobo
Intel 875 chip set and ECC memory
FSB question
Abit IC-7 having problems getting gameport configured....
Intel i875P Chipset Questions
AI7 or P4P800-Deluxe?
Mushkin or Kingston ??
Need serious pre-sales advise
abit ic7 max 3 voltage prob?
some imput please
abit ic7 max 3 voltage prob?
what the heck does this freaking beep code mean?
Stop Errors & overclocking:
Which is the best mobo for runnign 300+fsb on a p4 2.4c
New P4PE BIOS Update
watercooling is7 chipset
P4P800 Bios beep codes
Bios Flash
MSI 865PE NEO2-FIS2R or ASUS P4P800 Deluxe
Stay away from F8 bios
before i do something stupid...
Which P1 mobo for OCing?
Quick question, Mobo manual says AGP/PCI Freq Fixed
Abit BH-7 reboots if more than one stick of ram installed.
Raid 0 With 4 Hdd
fsb/memory ratios on p4p800 ?
Abit VP6 questions
What the crap is wrong with my CPU volts in BIOS!!!?!?
idea for northbridge pins?
P4C800 - VDIMM Voltage display?
Ok HELP with P4S800
Overclocking a P4, 2.0
What could i do with my p4p8x
Can't pass 275MHz Bus speed.. need help..
Epox 4PCA3+ and 2.4c w/ Zalman7000CU @ 297 FSB!
getting ready to build a system
P4G8x-D Newbie OC
Abit IS7-E AGP voltage
IC7, temps, and BIOS revisions...
New MOBO on truck for delivery
P4P800 modo doa?
IC7-G, Dual Boot, ICH5R-ATA100 Drive problem
how do you create a boot disk?
is there another way to clear cmos on IC7-MAX3?
MAX 3 Issues?
Motherboard electronics question
Is There Any Way...
ai7+Zalman ZM-7000A-ALCU
Abit IC7 Max 3 - Unlocking multipliers on P4 3.2 EE?
Asus Radeon 9100 IGP motherboard out
Which Ram Best for OC on p4p800
northbridge cooling
P4c800 1014
865 vs 875 Chipset: Whats The Difference?
Help Optimizing BIOS
Which Board To Get
NEW asus p4p8x for sale
Top Performance
CAN' T install Intel.Desktop.Control.Center.V1.0
What Timings should I set my memory to w/ a P4C800?
OK My new ASUS board on the way. Mem Ratio question
? for Asus P4C800-E owners
P4c800 & Pc4200
How high does the P4P800 OC to? I'm looking to boot Abit.
AI7 3.2V max VDIMM makes it better than IS7?
3.0ghz @ 3.4ghz Hit My Limit?
P4P800 And 533mgz proggy
P4P800 3.0ghz @ 3.4ghz Hit My Limit?
p4c800-E V2.0 problem no setting for 1:1
how much FSB can the p4pe do with the latest bios ?
P4 2.4 vs 2.6 or 2.8 Ghz - need help...
How do I get Windows installer to recognize my RAID1 on my IS7 board?
Memory question on IC7-G
Voltage Mod for 865PE Neo2
P4S800, good one?
Temperature Sensor(s) Power/Aux?
IC-7 Shutdown Issue
problem with integrated Analog Devices AD1985 sound
can come plz help me
Is the RAID od the p4p800 ATA 100 or ATA133?
Can't overclock on the MAX3
Abit SA6R onboard sound
With new DVD Drive, I can't boot
High temperatures with P4C800-E Dlx OC'ed
IC7-G --> IC7-Max3
If not Abit or Asus, then what?
best abit for OC'ing a 2.4C without hurting the wallet?
ver2 at newegg?
P4C800-E ICH5R not work with 7K250?
Lost in the sauce w P4C800 & P4 2.6C
IC7-MAX3 won't boot anymore
bad bios flash
IC7--how to find where made?
Who has had major success with a MAX3?
P4P800 but what else??
Floppy drive not working?
I Scratched MY IC-7 MAX3 Motherboard!
is it supposed to be like this?
P4P800 Deluxe users question..dual mem
Winxp install troubles
C-7g slow boot up
For me new Prommy Mach II
P4P800 1012 Bios
Intel 3.0cpu + d865GBF
TH7-II & ATi 9800 Pro ??
Which one to use?
USB conflict - Keyboard and mouse - 8PE667 Ultra
AI7/IC7 watercooling...
p4c800 better than p4p800?
What is the NF7-S of intel systems?
Max 3
which board is best
which board is better
IC7-Max3 DRAM Ratio issue
1:1, 5:4, 3:2 whats it all mean?
P4C800-E-Dlx/2.4C/OCZPC4000 Gold
Why Did Abit TH7 II Cold Boot Disappear?
coppermine boards
IC7-MAX3 Sound doesn't like my subwoofer
Why Did Abit TH7 II Cold Boot Disappear?
IC7 and Video card problem
The Abit AI7
Anyone know about the BH7 Revisions?
Abit Max 3 Retail Box Dimensions?
Rambus lives
p4p8x, no cpu ratio...stumped!
BH7 Problems
New bios for TH7II/TH7II-RAID.
Abit Replaced WinBond...Abit EQ
Max 3 Bios 1.3?
P4P800 divider
Ready for Vidmm mod
i845GL chipset support registered ddr???
spare IC7 mobo CD?
Thanx to DFI for a KILLER Birthday Present!
IC7 Bios setting question
Intel update inf5021003.
How many mosfets?
P4c800-e v2.0 retailers
Best RAM for P4P800
does this have mounting holes?
You think Abit would RMA my IS7 even though I superglued the NB fan hoops to the
P4C800E Reboot Help
Cannot get hyper threading to work on P4P800.
Best motherboard for stability with LOTS of peripherals
Best motherboard for stability with LOTS of peripherals
Game Accelerator in IC7
Dead bios after sitting in storage
IC7-G install troubles
USB vanishing on TH7 II
P4C800-E deluxe worth the price?
which is better?
What brand are ASUS Power MOSFET's?
Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility
p4p800 deluxe first build what can i expect ??
I decided to break down
Recommendation for motherboard/ram
IC7 - Has anyone else lost all their pci slots?.
IS7-E, why not high MEM-speed with 533er CPU ?
p4p800 deluxe , random hangs / crash
3Ghz Barrier
Can I flash a standard BIOS on a H.P. P4B?
Asus/ P4C800 Delux
Problems Flashing BIOS
heatsink and fan???
Instant music problem (we'll try this again)
Abit IC7
P800 DELX-UAY Memory options need advice
BIOS 1013 for P4C800
Help Please Re Install XP on SATA drive
Good NB cooler for IC7
New Overclock~!help!
New OC build
Need help w/Desktop Control Center
P4c800-e deluxe Questions
Can an early model BE7-Raid use an 800mhz cpu?
ASUS TUSL-2C chipset drivers
Parity Errors
Abit released new 17'er bios for IS7-x
IC7-G problem
Booting/bios chip question
QDI PlatiniX 4X (w/sound) overclocking
IC7 northbridge cooling mod
testing memory voltage on ic7
more mobo problems....
2.53Ghz 533fsb P-4 motherboard
Bad sound from IC7 onboard sound
p4p800 Ram Timings question
P4C800-E rma fix = reflash bios ?
Where can I find P4C800 BIOS's?
IC7-G no pos, help plz
Getting a few more mhzs
Asus P3v4x Bios+drivers Update
New BIOS for P4C800/P4P800 Final
Board recomendation
IS7-E no go. Please Help!
TH7 freezes in mid-POST
P3B-F can you put a TI4200 in it.
Will a Zalman VGA heatpipe fit in the IS7/IC7 with new revision NB fan?
Is there a 250FSB Bug in the Max3
Can i over Clock this one !! and HOW!!
What is the criteria for you choosing the board to buy?
how accurate is the IC7 MAX3's CPU temp sensor?
IC7 Abit, work with Prescott?
GA-8IRX update problem
Please Help P4P800 Delux and Ram Problem?
Anyone have a ga-6vtx, or mobo with 694T chipset?
IC7 and SATA problems
HELP! I screwed up and killed my computer
P4Pdeluxe Bios1010 HyperT/Raid question
865PE Neo FIS2R good/bad?
need help from all i865/i875 mobo users
Dead BIOS on mobo
Overclocking and Sata
P4P800 Instant music problem
Overclocking abit max 3 help
P4P800 Memory Slots 1 and 3 vs. 2 and 4
IC7 and 2.6C Combo Help
Abit IC7 Max 3 related problem ?
I give up overclocking this thing.
Changing P4G8X to P4C800E : Will my RAID still work??
NEW 1.8 (offical) BIOS FOR IC7 IS OUT !
P4P800 not running in HT - Please help!
memory volt mod for ic7 AND ic7-g?
Upgrading System w/GA-6LA7
OS reinstall if MOBO swapped?
Onboard sensors not reporting
IS7 RAM setting problem - wierd
This may sounds stupid guys but......
P4C800-E settings problems
MSI Neo 2 dead?
where the heck are the mosfets on the p4c800-e
Does the Abit IC7 have integrated LAN?
New DFI mobos
Switching over
AHH!! PC DEAD!! but which part? Help!
Anything New??
P4C800-E Deluxe fan problem
P4P800, PAT and CPU-Z
Max P4 for TH7II?
How to do Vio mod P4C800?
P4C800-E review shows overclock prob
How to attach the Zalman-NB47J to an IC7-G?
Which upgrade?
Ga-sinxp1394 Raid
Safe mode & P4C800-E deluxe
asus P4P800 overclock PCI locked question
P4C800-E , 3.0 , GEIL DDR433 : I can not get it to startup
how to overclock P4T533 (my friends)
Help in OC system for first time
crotale.. advice on vdimm modd..
New pc please help with oc
should i upgrade or not?
how do i disable the...
been a while... Do Abit boards still have high temps?
ASUS P4P800 RAM question
Difference between P4P800 and P4P800 - DX?
Flash the BIOS-no Floppy?
IC7-g Northbridge fan thermal goop resembles...
IC7 MAX Northbridge brackets
Soltek SL 865 GR
Reboot problems on Abit IC7's
RAID question for P4C800-E
Gigabyte RMA - WTF?
max3 + geil 4200 smooth so far
Intel D865Perl
its been awhile .....
Zalman CNPS 7000 w/Zalman ZM-NB47J on P4C800
IC7-g northbridge HSF replacement
Question regarding Stock NB fan on Abit IC7 MAX3
Msi Neo2 vs. Asus P4P800
Help with overclocking
New Motherboard
Temp warnings IS7-E
Intel Chipset Utility installation problem
P4C800 Deluxe help mem timing
Msi Neo2 Fis2r
Asus P4P800
Overclock your Intel motherboard
IC7-G with the Radeon 9800 Pro
Intel Desktop Control Center
Volt mods for P4P800
max3 vdimm voltage probs over .9v.
p4p800 delux ram timings........
P4P800dlx does not boot when MAM or Turbo is enabled...
AGP/PCI bus not locking
Abit IS7 and DDR not up to speed
p4p800 what?
Beta BIOS for IS7, possible CH-5 fix
IS7-G/IS7/IS7-E Beta Bios
Which mobo is best for this cpu/ram config?
Cooling the chipset on a P4P800
IC7 not holding CMOS
Built in MIDI port of Gigabyte 81K1100 not working
Abit IC7-G RMA'd and replaced with another bad board?
New P4P800 -- 245fsb some questions...
Setting Up New Max3--WHICH BIOS?
Max3 Northbridge Cooling - worth it?
asus p4p800 sound???
Upgrade from the Abit SE6
IS7 and 2.4C instability on restart or reboot
HyperX pc3500 and the P4P800
Which Motherboard to get ? and suggestions please.
How sturdy is the P4 hold down bracket?
Asus P4C800-E DELUXE or Abit Ic7-Max3?
Opinions about this setup please
8KNXP users
P4C800DLX SATA HD Options
max3 bios- for an ic7
NEED retention clips for Abit IC7
ICH4 mobo system fan
Never seen this before..Help please
Had it with ABIT, thinking about P4C800-E
P4C800 Mobo
Memory OC
I just fired up my first PC :) but there's no sound :(
IC7 - IAA and Intel Chipset S/Ware
IC7 Bios Recommendation
Maxing out (sadly) @265 MHz
Getting P4 3.0ghz 800mhz FSB w/HT, what "value" mobo is best?
IC7-Max3 Plz help OC read guides
MAX 3 over 300 bus issue
Overclocking my old 733MHz on Cuv4x
Albatron px845pe pro II Silver vs p4 2.4c(fsb800)
Best ABIT Board?
Graphics instability when overclock
Max 2 ver. 2 LAN Help
p4p800 any good?
Building MAX3 box, could use advice
Why are intel mobos so much better than amd?
Shuttle SB75G2 XPC Review - Crowning the King
Abit IC7-MAX3 - USB booting?
SATA Raid on P4P800-X with 2 diff drive
OC GURU...how many use it
Overclocking deadline
Help out with OC a P4 2.0 Board: P4B533
Easy Tune4
P4P800 Delux and WiFi Adapter?
Any new Abit boards coming out?
Changing 1:1, 5:4 and such on p4p800
P4B533 BIOS update?
MSI 655 Max/ Double Channel Problem
GA-8IPE1000 OC questions
P4C800-E Deluxe and Motherboard moniter?
Does P4P800 support 200GB+ HDD's ?
Can't o/c my p4p800...
Abit Boards and temperatures
IC7-Max 3 Recommendations.
P4C800 Deluxe firewire dropped frames
Question about 800-E mobo (Intel Noob)
Problem with my Board, OC'ing
IC7/IC7-G Optimal GAT Setting
ECS Mobo
Tiger1 kicks_____
Is Sisoft Sandra Mem 4835MB/s OK?
F6 Bios
IS7G question
Need some feedback please
PCI Timings?
P4C800 Deluxe & PCI Mode Graphics Problem
New ECS P4 865PE Motherboard (Nice)
My 1st Abit board and it's the BOMB!!
P4P800 - power problems?
IC7-G SATA problem
IC7-G and Mushkin 1GB not getting along...?
Actual Speed IDE vs. SATA vs. SATA RAID 0
NB heatsink/fan is DRIVING me nuts!!! Is passive ok?
what motherboard and CPU shoud i buy?
My final o/c results with 2.4C and Asus P4C800-E
IS7-E : Thoughts/Hints/Recommendations
Northbridge fan on IC7
Trouble with Asus update
Information On PC Chips M726 Mobo
aopen AX4SPE-N USB driver??
Intel Tabor III mobo probs
Best pentium 4 mobo ???
What is this worth?
P3B-F and P-III/933 (both Slot-1) do not work together
Can i change the chipset Voltage on an ASUS P4C800 Deluxe?
Does the Abit IS7 not support temps right?
HELP, cant get IAA to install on IS7...
Newbie seeks assistance. . .
Any problems with my old hardware before I buy?
Tweaking a P4P800 what do you have your settings at
old motherboard for old processor
IC7 Abit mother board
P4P800 miniATX versus ATX version?
1st hands on the Abit AI-7 mobo
Zalman Cu-7000 fit on a P4P800/Deluxe?
Abit IC7-G - is newegg shipping with new NB heatsink/fan like on IC7-MAX3?
New BIOS upgrade for D875PBZ (version P14)
8PE800 Ultra
Problems OCing: P4C800-E & 2.4-C
How do you use RAID???????????
Just got a P4C800E...
Slow boot on Asus P4P800, after install of sound card.
Asus TusL2-C & Celeron 1.1a
best pentium 4 motherboard?
must be losing mind
8KNXP/8IK1100 Owners : Did I 'cheap out' on memory?
IT7/Nvidia compatibility w/Hauppauge Vid Cap Card
IC7 Vcore Voltage question
How far can I go?
P4C800 dlx & P4C800-E dlx
P4C800-E Deluxe or IC7-Max3? Which to go with?
making progress...but...
GA-8IPE1000 Pro Help
P4C800-E Clock-gen program
No Bios
updating the bios for p4c800-e deluxe
asus p4p800
IC-7 vs IS7-G which one?
P4B533. Ethernet card power.
optimum settings for ic7, 2.4c, and ddr 400?
abit bd7II
A very unusual issue
New Abit Mother Board!
Abit IC7-Max3 Question
Should I RMA my IS-7?
Need help with P4P800 dlx + Serial RAID - Bluescreen
Am I buying the right mobo/RAM combo?
craziest story ever
Some advice on reinstalling XP on a IC7-G with RAID 0
Something Died Please advise
Is7 Gat/pat
Newbie seeks assistance. . .
Fujitsu Siemens D1457
Failed BIOS update 8KNXP
Will these Intel drivers work for the IC7-Max3?
8KNXP and temps.
Max3 and N/B Strap
Need IS7-E vdimm mod info
Max3 sound died which card for it?
front audio hooup for p4c800-e
Is Asus that good to O/C????
875 vs 875p vs 865pe
Finally 295fsb @ 1:1 on Max3...
17C below ambient on water?!?!
Have Abit IC-7, will replacing with P4C800 require WinXP re-install ?
IC7-G temp issues (too cold!)
Asus MOBO's
P4C800-E Deluxe rev level?
Anyone usin an IC7 with Mushkin 3500 Level 2?
PLEASE ADVISE: 8KNXP-Ultra or nonultra users
P4c 800 e Deluxe
All Abits MAX3 owners...results..
IC7-MAX3 OverHead
Divider on P4C800 Deluxe?
pc won't come out of sleep mode
Possibly Dead Bios!Please Help
Abit IC7-MAX3 Game Accelerator
Abit Motherboard Suggestions
AGP Preventing Higher OC on ABIT
Question About A Mobo's OCing Ability
GA-8KNXP Custom / Modded BIOS availlable ?
DM no longer shows correct names for CD-Roms.
Nb Voltage Tune-up P4c800
Very very buggy Asus P4C800 Deluxe
Using coppermines on a ASUS P2B
My new P4P800...will be ready soon!
SATA drives on an ASUS P4P800 Delux
IC7-G Max II Advance Onboard LAN Questions
major problem
P4P800 AGP slot compatible with XPERT 2000 video card?
Ic7 Max 3
Help! I want to OC more
building new system need some input
p4c800 deluxe - cpu temps jumping around
Problems OCing my GA-8IK1100
Im new here i just need some help !
beta bios 18 and ratios
PSU voltage change effects
BIOS settings on IC7 max 3?
# of IDE and SATA slots on P4P800 DLX
what are the temp sensors on the abit ic7?
P4C800 Deluxe buggy bios?
IS7 TO NEW Epox 4PDA2+ REV2.0
Ic7 bios settings for problems with 5/4-3/2 ratio using adata chips
P4B533 Upping the FSB. Nth Bridge Cooling...
P4 2.4G, Asus P4S533
Abit BH6 / Memory speed adjustment?
New beta bios for IC7-G & Max3
Help with the No Case Club!
well there might be
Tweaking Bios for Best Grapics
CPU running hot???
P4P800 Delux, Problem.