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Need a stable board, no overclocking
Lower Memory Timings or Higher FSB
Abit IC-7 questions (what's the difference?)
IC7-G/1.8 Ghz C1 combo, what to expect
help with ic7-g oc
Sideband adressing ?
Bios Help for P4P800 non-deluxe...
2.4C overclocking issues and problem.. please help!!!
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Differences between the IS7 and the IC7?
Good BIOS for IC7 + tips to reach 300+ FSB needed!
P4C800-E deluxe IrDA port?
ic7 5/4 3/2 ratios dont work
So which Vc reading do you believe?
BX440 Final Refit. PCI Divder Help.
weird graphics problems with p4s8x
how to raise voltage at elite p6s5at mobo
Asus P4P800 Memory slots..
Either of these boards worth buying?
hardware doctor on my IC7 underload reads +3.3 at +3.10?
P4C-800 vs P4P-800?
Divider ?
GAT settings and mem
HELP! Pro266TD Master MS-9105 Dead
I'm stuck, EXPERIENCED HELP wanted. Asus P4C-800E w/ P4C 3.2
new version of Intel app accelerator
Need help with upgrade in SA6R with Celeron 1G
P3b-f Problems
Problem with flashing BIOS on a BH7! "Source file not found"
asus 800mhz question
"ABIT IC7/IC7-G links" sticky post fixed
IS7 or IC7
IS7 problem
ASUS p4p800 Delux MB any good?
Should I upgrade from an Asus P4PE to an Abit IC7 (some flavor)?
it shows the RAID bios when starting the PC
Anybody know how well a DFI PS83-BL handles oc'ing?
300 fsb, how to make it stable?
Vdimm mod for IS7
p4pe winbond voice-POST thingmebob
Help! Having problems w/ p4p800 deluxe
Ic7 nb strap woes..
fsb and to...
P4S533 and 2.0a OC problem
Need help optimizing IC7-MAX3/3.0c
planning on getting a IC7 good choice?
IC7-G GAT memory settings & bandwidth
Good MOBO for OC'ing 478 P4?
Voltage problem
Best Bios for a P4P800 Board
New EP-4PCA3+ REV. 2.0 available here
ABIT- IC7 good for overclocking ?
Abit Max3 is the BOMB...56K
IC7 BIOS 1.5b wanted
IC7 Non Stop beeping!! Help!
won't post/no video
what do I have here?
ICH5R vs Promise RAID
Need Intel Chipset advice
Need Help Plz w/P4P800 Dlx
Help! plz!...new components..NO post
Anybody find 1011 bios for p4c800-e slow?
Socket 7 vs. Slot 1
Max3 Help
Abit AI7 introduced
5\5 divider going to be a problem with max3?
865p and 865pe
P4P800dlx no SATA DMA
Will it fit?
OC my P4P800 deluxe
purchasing advice for GA-8knxp
Has anyone overclocked on a 8S648FX board?
IC-7 vs IS-7 Vcore regulator.
anyone buy one of the newegg refurb boards?
P4c800-e Cpu And Mb Temps.
asus, abit or epox????
thinking of a abit IS7 refurb
getting new abit
performance benefit for buying sata to ide plug instead of using ide channelon max3?
P4P800 Delux with P4 3.06 HT 533 bus?
IC7-MAX3 Died
oc stability and raid help please
Overclocking MS 6339 (850Pro)?
TH7II posts C1 error
PWM temps ?
Ideas for OCing an Intel 865 mobo (in a laptop)?
P4C800-e DLX: what utility should i use to downgrade my bios?
Beta bios for IC7 also
Ms-655 Max-fisr (ms-6730)
P4C800-e deluxe bios 1008 needed !!
P4C800-E, P4-2.8c, HYPERX4000/1G OC PROBLEM
NB Fan clips, ****ed.
FSB/PCI Ratio...?
Need HELP configuring IC7-MAX3
P4C800 Deluxe
P4P800 Deluxe + 1.6a = interesting problem
abit IC7-G max3 hangs for 20 secs before windows splash screen
Refurbished Abit M-boards
Refurbished Abit M-boards
Are Abit temp readings junk?
Cant get onbord lan to work on p4c800-e
Asus P4P800
beta bios for the max III
P4P800 Slow Bios screen?
Advice to o/c P4 2.8ghz
New computer built, only RAM LED turns on, on powerup...
New computer built, only RAM LED turns on, on powerup...
Can't get past 245 fsb on P4C800-e dlx
Startup - Two Beeps
Abit IC7 question about ram.
Is the northbridge heatsink of my my Asus P4c800 deluxe supposed to be like this?
Will I need another IDE to SATA converter for max3?
Memory not overlcocking with FSB?
P4 2.4c Msi 865pe Neo2 Series
just beeps?
Sweet looking Northbridge Cooler !!!
anyone know the northbridge heatsink measurements on the ic7?
Abit IC7-G NB Cooling Fan Question
P4P800 vs P4P800 Dlx
Overclocking a GA-6VXE7+ Motherboard?
Bios PCI Option
SuperMAX Nonsense
I cant seem to find chipset drivers!!
check it out... new IC7 sticky ^
[Retired Sticky]ABIT IC7/IC7-G/IC7-Max3 links
8knxp volt mods
BIOS Update for the P4C800-E...
Vcore and AGP/PCI Frequency
Dell Poweredge 400SC motherboard
PAT (MAM) worth it???
which intel mb to get
which p4 mb to get
Help me with P4p800 dlx overclock
BD7-Raid problem
IC7-Max 3 Divider issues?
NB Hell on the IS7-G
How to set memory ratio in P4C800-E?
Asus "Pc Probe"
My thoughts on upgrading to Max3
wanted to make a poll, which p4 2.4c m/b to use
What results can I expects with this combination?
voltage measurement
asus audio problems a7n8x-x
Intel activity monitor
Geil and IC7 Max3
P4S8X-X + 2.4a 400mhz - no boot? but booth with 533mhz chip....
Vcore reading on 8KNXP
+12V reading as 15.3V
Asus P4s533-vl Sony Rx-991
intel IC7-G Help plz
P4P800 doesn't agree with Winbond CH-5
IC7-G Question
IC7-G HD does not detect when overclocking
Motherboard fried?? Please help
asus p4pe and 2 sticks of corsair XMS 3200 problems
Mobo for Intel P4C system
IC7 overclocking issues
interesting OC observations with this mobo
DDR 500 w/ PC4800-E Question
Need some tips for my 2.4C w/ P4C800-E...
ASUS P4C800 Deluxe OnBoard NIC Problem
memtest 86 freeze
auto voltage settings?
asus P4P800 DLX usb problem
SP94 and abit ic7 max 3 question
I need a cheap celeron board
Gigabyte Ga-81hxp problem. promise raid chip?
vdimm mod on p4p800
Random restarts P4C800E
IC7 Won't Boot my PCI RAID Controller (Silicon Images 680)
Abit MAX3 and CPU Temperature problem!
Best mobo for intel?
Best motherboard to overclock 2.4c under $125.00
Same problem on MAX3
Got my IC7-MAX3!!
abit bd7II
still able to enable PAT on the P4P800?? + other questions
Anybody using Photon PF1
Pics of the EP-4PCA3+ rev 2.0
P4P800: How fast can your FSB go with synchrous (1:1) overclocking?
P4C800 memory question
find what is my mobo PLL
Onboard sound
IC7 O/C Help
Weird Results with IS7-G
P4C800-E : best drive setup 2 SATA 2 IDE??
system wont boot with p4c800-e...
abit - Th7II - raid problems
Weird problem with motherboard
Thinking about IC7-MAX3? Read this first!
Thanks Abit! GigaLAN on IS7-E
ga 8ipe1000 pro overclock?
How can I stabilize the NB chipset besides more cooling?
Updating BIOS
Tired of waiting for Abit RMA - Going Max3!
P4C800-E problem after ocing
shuttle hot 661 bx board ?
p4s533-x 5v
Upgrade question Please!
Best Memory for P4P800 Deluxe
P4P800 Bios Settings
P4P800 owners..max voltage?
Abit Ic7-max3 !!!
Can't Get Bios To Post On My Monitor
Mobo suggestions please
Help with Board Specs?
chips and hs"s
Updating Bios on 8knxp
Post your max fsb with IC7
IC-7 New Bios Out!
A system is born
BE7-G won't work with Fan Mate?
Epox 4pca3+ rev2!
help with RAM
Voltage fluctations
Max 3 Sandra benchies....better than IC7!!!
big troubles
sounds on p4c800
IS7-E 1.8a at 2.81 gig
Asus P4S800 motherboard, bad deal?
IS7-G NB Strap query
::: Need Advice :::
I've surpased 290 FSB p4p800 dlx??
Asus P4B533-E or Abit BD7-II?
p4 2.4 800FSB, best board?
Ocz Pc 4000 Gold Memory Problem!!!
Game accelerater settings
MAX3 Review
Other peeps who use Gigabyte boards
845PE Max2...bad temp reads?!
GA-8PE667 Ultra - memory compatibility?
My new DAW based on P4C800-E, suggestions please!
205FSB on P4B but 166FSB on P4C?
ga8knxp won't post
8Knxp Newbie O/C Questions
Fellow P4c800E owners how stable is your vcore? Do I have a bad board?
Is this a dead IC7-G or a bad Power Supply?
48c, Time for Better Cooling?
Anyone get their max 3 yet?
P4P800 onboard audio and sound glitches???
abit max3 / ddr ?
Easy Tune 4/other advice
Does/Will the IC7-G or Max 3 handle the new Intel Prescott
New Final BIOS 1010
P4P800 and PAT/GAT settings
P4C800-E, NO XP install with RAID? ya, got floppy.
fuzzy logic 3
Help me choose
Suggestions for my first Pentium mobo
anybody else have a boot problem with thier IC7?
overclocking p4c800?
best mobo for p4
How can I overclock with D850EMV2 motherboard?
Motherboard search---AGAIN!!!
F7 bios, performance???
System management bus ???
Need advice
Asus P4P800 OWNERS: Please Input!
Max 3 question?
Is Vcore a limitation
Rambus question
P4P800 deluxe paired with GEIL pc3500 ram?
OC Adjustments for P4C800/TWINX3200LL
IS7-E v1.1
P4P800 and Radeon 9800 owners...I got a question
Asus P4P800 Bios... how to revert to an older ver?
Quick IC7-G Max II Advance Question
IS7 Wont Power Up....HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IS7 serial to IDE converter
boot problem
??DRAM TImings??
ABIT IS7-E vs ASUS P4P8X which one
Intel overclocking software. Check it out
P4P800 DLX EZ Flash Hang up!
P4P800 DLX EZ Flash Hang up!
Suggestions please
Dead P4C800-E after OC'in Video Card
RAID Drivers, Win XP, and PC4800-E Dlx question...
GA-8KNXP, and slk-900u
super slow boot
Bios options used to break barriers?
IC7-Max3 @ the egg
Problem with GA-8SQ800U and HyperX
Radeon 9800 and IC7 problem
Question about Intel Mobo Drivers
P4C800-E - no post!
Iwill P4GB ****ty
P4PE HyperThread choices?
My IC7's Chipset Cooler popped off
Which Motherboard? Urgent!!!
Mobo Recommendation
New case, no power
Strange IC7-G Problem
Need help with Asus PB4533-E..Thnx
Huge IC7-G Issue..........Please Help
motherboard for socket 370 500mhz celeron
Vcore measurements on an IC-7
fsb, cpu voltage on P4G8X Deluxe
Overclocking help needed
new bios is out today :)
New IT7 MAX2 v2.0 modded bios
new is7 bios is out today :)
new is7 bios is out today :)
BE7 boot prob
Voltage Help
Two IS7 systems, one won't overclock
p4c800 chipset heatsink
Max 3 only mobo to run prescott so far?
Best motherboard and RAM for 2.4c OC?
suggestions on P4PE bios with 2.4 533
Ready to build my forst 2.4c system...how's this board?
IC7 and 2256Mb Corsair XMS3500C2 not stable above 220MHz
Dual with any two P3 450 MHz ?
TH7-RAID resurrected from the dead!
Where can you buy an abit ic7-max3?
IT7 Max 2 ver. 2 & ZM80C-HP Zalman Heatpipe
Question for GA-8KNXP owners
Help-p4b533 P4 2.26
Gigabyte 8KNXP Ultra + Kingston DDR 433
Which mothrboard to choose?
p3 ddr info
Help figuring out ram for P4P800 Deluxe
trying to OC my PC first time, not really working
P4P800 2,4c and DDR 500 Rams
p4c800-e deluxe sata raid0 help needed
Mobo decision week
vdimm mod to Asus P4PE?
My IS7 dead?
Gigalan Ethernet Problem with GA-KNXP
Dfi 875p Infinity
OCing BH7
P4C800 dlx and raid issue
IS7 or IC7?
p4p800 deluxe or abit is7-e?
P4P800 and RAID Array
I Won Chaintech Apogee 9pjl Mobo How Is It?
(newb)Mobo help.
Abit Ic7 vs Abit IS7-G
IC7-g + WinXP Pro Install + BIOS
Abit or Asus?
Is my pcchips dead?
Who is over 300FSB?
Epox 4PCA3+ 19/08/03 bios out
Memory Problems with MSI 845 PE MAX 2
IC-7 Bios problem?
Soltek 75FRN2-RL W/Geil...over 500 Mhz
RAID on P4C800-E
IC7 255MHz fsb 1:1 barrier IS finally "broken".......
is my IS7 dead?
IS7-E question?
Help plz Serial ATA configuration P4P800 DLX
New IC7/2.4c system (first impressions)
ON-board raid for the P4P800-D any good?
motherboard question ga8knxp
gigabyte 8pe667 u .. need help please
IC7.... first time overclocker, need some help
Help Please!
ASUS P4P800 Gold i865PE wiht PC4000/DDR500?
I think my abit ic7-g is dead
IC7-MAX3.... Availability?
READY to buy IC7!!! But there is a problem :/
P4C800-E Dlx owners Unite
NEw to overclocking, need some info please
GA-8IK1100 Mic in dos not work right
Overclocking Pentium 2
P4T533c Beta BIOS 1011.005 ??
where to find p4p800 bios 1008.4?
IC7 users rejoice!
IC7 Raid question
P4C800 deluxe+ AIW 9700 pro
WHat's a good OCer w/ front USB connectors?
8knxp 2.4c @ 3 Ghz, can do better?
Are ASRock Mainboards worth a crap?
soyo sy6ba+ question
abits response to over 250 fsb 1-1 issues
Why doesn't my MB boot when I set the Performace Mode to 'Turbo'?
Need Help With Using IDE 3
Newegg refurb items
IS7 not posting ... need help.
P4P800 Deluxe - PAT activation on later versions?
How do you set CPU:Memory ratio in neo2?
It's Coming... (P4C800-E Deluxe system)
Some Peoples are Updating the IC7 an G with Max3 BIOS!!
will a 400 mobo run a 533 cpu?
875P Chipsets WILL run PRESCOTTS?
System Tripping
Best way to run this IC7 pc3500 combo.
Building a system. Need a motherboard
how to change values higher on p4c800-E DLX and 2.8 800fbs
Problems overclocking IS7/ P4 2.4B
P or PE?
I've hit a brick wall
P4P800 BIOS corruption at high FSB's
help with sound
only 256MB of 512MB recognized
IC7 and IC7-G users, I need help
get a P4P800? or? please advise!
SOYO P4I875P(Black Edition) OC or not??
P4C800-E Deluxe 2.4C help
use as3 for northbridge h/s
ASUS P4P800 RAM ratios
P4C800-E and Win 98?
help with motherboard
anyone OC an ECS board?
Th7-II Overclocking Help Pls
not stable @ 250fsb!!!!!
8ipe1000 pro v1
IC7 Memory Voltage mod Help!!!!
System Freezing
my mb
Asus p4t533-c and hadrdrives...
Need help with Sata! Thanks!
Help please! ATI & Gigabyte 8KNXP
P4P800D Vs. P4c800D
abit sa6
Voltage Problem
Gigabyte mobo
Need some advice please
Any way past 156 fsb on GA-8IHXP(3.0)?
p4c 1-1 ratio any probs?
winbond hardware doctor or bios on abit ic7
Is my voltage OK?
P4B without 12volt connector
How fast can SiS 650 chipset run w/pc2100?
Bios check
NB HSF Clips on IC7-G MAX II
Albatron 865 PE PRO
Abit ATA to SATA Adapter
Help in choosing Motherboard
latetest bios GA-SINXP1394(GA-8SQ800 Ultra2)
NB cooling mod on IC7...PICS
Is there any way to get VDimm above 2.8V
Ic7 over 255 fsb 1-1
Abit Ic7 Parts Help
Adata Pc4000 @ Ddr550 / 4pca3+ [PICS]
Problems switching to 5:4 / IC7-G
Need some help
865PE-Neo2 OC's vid cards automatically
Avata size... how to change?
Advice Needed - Thinking of swapping out my...
Whats the catch?
can anybody PLZ give me a brief instruction on settingup raid on my p4p800d?
faulty motherboard?
PWM In the Harware Doctor
Xeon proc only way to get 533 with HT?
IT7 MAX and Boot Codes.
Max FSB for i845E
IS7 work well with Winbond BH-5?
Question about AGP/PCI lock on P4P800
Im lookin for a good mobo for a Pent III socket 370
asus must fight!
P4P800 w/Full "PAT" and simple to do!
P4PE or P4S800
Really low raid scores p4pdeluxe.
IC7-G Raid 0 - can't Overclock?
new P4 motherboards with 4 memory slots??
VIA MB's any good??
IS7-E finally died.
P4C800-E Deluxe Manuel OCing
5:4 ratio on P4P800. What's up?
Any SE6 owners running a celeron 1 ghz?
Anyone having problems with teir BD7 or abit 478 boards in general?
IC7 problems.......
scared to buy an IC-7
BH7 OWNERS!!, I have a question...
Epox Ep-4pdai ???
Abit IC7, does mobo report cpu temp accurately.
Abit IS7 or MSI Neo-LSR ?
P4P800 and Twinmos PC3700 Update
SATA Raid 0 / 2.4C OC problem
IC7G SATA raid
P4C800-E Deluxe boot device and built in audio problems
ic7-g or p4c800E-Deluxe?
Asus p4p raid setup need help quick school.
P4 2.8ghz + Asus P4S8X-X
MSI Neo2 865PE Won't Boot Up
refurbished ic7 from newegg
Cant go above 2.88
2.4c oc question
Thermal Throtle setting ?
P4C800-E Deluxe with 2X 512mb GeIL golden dragon PC3500
MS-6534 Need Help
DOH, Prescott & 865/875
New guy on the block
onboard sound problem
865pe neo 2 ?? Garbage??
Please help, I can't figure this out