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Thermal Throtle setting ?
P4C800-E Deluxe with 2X 512mb GeIL golden dragon PC3500
MS-6534 Need Help
DOH, Prescott & 865/875
New guy on the block
onboard sound problem
865pe neo 2 ?? Garbage??
Please help, I can't figure this out
DDR500 and IC7
Odd problems on IS-7 w/2.4C...
OCing Intel D850GB
4PEA+, good board or not?
Who's shipping IC7's with the new NB cooler?
IS7 vs. IC7 vs. IC7-G
Your highest IC7 fsb?
Pentium III mobo recommendations!
Abit contact info
Knowing Abit Temperature Readings, Should I Be Concerned?
ASAP help needed ! gigabye ipe1000 bios problems! help!
ASAP help needed ! gigabye ipe1000 bios problems! help!
Whats the Faster ram my mobo will take?
P4C800E Bios help needed
P4C800-E DELUXE memory question
Abit bios question
IS7 problem loading os, bad raid?
Think this is is mobo problem? HELP!
Problem with old BE6II Mobo
Has anyone run GAT fully on 800Mhz cpu?
DRAM setting help
Best mobo for 2.4c??
Help Me Please!!!
IC7-G Latest Bios and Game accel. tech.
Just got my new MOBO!!!
4pda2+ results
The Mic/Line-In on my Asus p4pe don't work? Any idea?
Overclocking IC7-G
Abit IG7-G Max III availability ?
What is the most stable 845PE MB for OC'ing?
can't get my P4C800-E deluxe to boot up after i update the bios
sound screws at high OC
AGP voltage
IDE Configuration --> Enhance Performance
5700+ Memory Score
Finally got the new rig... how to go above 3300MHz? :)
Managed to squeeze a few more mhz
stuck at 225fsb
n00b needs help with BIOS please
Help Me Run Prime Stable @250FSB!
Please help with 845PE board choice -- DDR400 memory
P4C800-E BIOS settings?
GA-8KNXP with a Zalman 7000, fit?
Dell poweredge 400sc AGP slot
Asus p4c800 e USB problems
Another Bumb Northbridge Mount
Removing NB Fan On ic7?
uh oh.. i hope i didnt kill my mobo!!!
Good OC board for ES tualtin
AGP Slot Overvolting on its own..?
Please help me asap.
P4PC800 & 2.8 CPU now looking how to set up corsair TWINX 1024-3700 ram
Dividers for MSI 845 PE MAX 2
Possible problem
i845GE max size DDR memory stick?
Ic7-g Maxii
which one is better p4p800dlx or p4c800dlx?
800fsb mobo opinions
Intel 845BGL temps
direct link for version 1.6 bios file
Is the P4C800 worth it?
IC7-G vs. P4C-800 Deluxe....
I need a bios hacked or something to have higher Voltage for RAM
P4P800 boot screen
new bios for ic7-g , bios ver 1.6
I need a bios for high Ram voltage or any kind of mod
Lost sound overclocking?
What memory??????
just got MBM, question about IC7
upgraded to p4p800 Dlx
P4P800 Bios 1010__02 is out...
865PE (MSI NEO2) reporting wrong temps?
Need advice on upgrade - would it be worth it for me from my current specs?
Caution: IC7 chipset mounting fragile!
Question on mobo and cpu choice
new mobo suggestions?
BIOS websites
Stoc NB Fan messing up on IC7-G
Anyone tested the new NB fan?
8knxp Big Bug No Boot Rom
Good Choice?
Ancient, FIRST generation Corsair PC3200: i865/400MHzx2 compatable?
newbie motherboard surgery
Help me set up my first P4 Rig
IC7-G Temp sensor confusion
new NB hs "worth it"
Anyone use IDE RAID on the P4C800
1.4 celeron
Anyone else have a P4I845PE and a 3.06?
Temp. readings to low on 8IPE1000 pro.
IC7 w/ 2x512MB sucks
P4c version 1010 BIOS sound problem
Can use half-raid on p4c800?
Is Abit better than Asus?
Downloadable Manual for P4C800-E Deluxe...
P4P800 Dead, I think with corrupt BIOS
Need a Cheap System that will play HL2
MB temp sensor-where is it?
Got rid of that "mini tornado" on my Abit IC7-G, Zalman stepped up
IS7 is dying.
Abit IT7 Max
is7 overclocking not possible with sata?
Vcore and ddr undervolt question..
p4p800 dlx mbm issues
P4PC800 & 2.8 CPU looking for the best Fan for Overclocking
Major OC problems
Steps to OC and burn my CPU an Ram
P4C800 fan headers lost power?
P4P800 Deluxe - what settings have I missed?
Umm wtf? Weird temps on IS7
NB cooling on a 1C7 with a Zalman 7000cu?
Onboard sound, is it better to disable before installing O/S?
Newegg Refurbs
Low PC Mark 2002 Scores for IC7-G + 2.4c Stock
bios update problems - p4p800 dlx
40 mm fan on P4P800 Dlxe NB heatsink
8knxp and Prime95
A Good/Cheap OC'in MB?
problems with raid 0 on the IC7-G
Will the Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu Fit the ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe?
O/C for Dummies
Does the P4C800-E have the 3:4 divider?
Clearing CMOS/ What Happen's?
p4p800 deluxe dram ratio
bit of a problem with IS7-E and 2.4B + OCZ PC3200 DC
Overclocking 8KNXP help needed
When will they standardize the FP connector?
Modded IT7-MAX2 v2 bios?
Abit Bh7 1.6oc 2.1ghz system jerky video playback
IS-7 and 2.53B problems dual channel
Ic7 Max3...
P4S333 board
need link 4 vdim mod for the ic7
IC7 vs IS7 vs IC7G vs IS7G
Overclocking question
need help with friends computer!
Difference between IS-7 and IS-7E from Abit
I have 250 dollars
P4P800 Bios 1009 Final is out...
finding a motherboard for overclocking p4 2.4c higher than pc3200
Northbridge fan support
865PE : wrong tomps (even with 1.3 bios) ?
Abit Flash Menu
NEW BIOS for P4C/P800 with Intel RAID 1 support v3.5
Need some help from the Gurus
abit ic7 windbond hardware doctor ver 2.71 question
Matsonic Ms9337c?
P4C800-E And The Zalmen 7000 HSF
EPoX 4PDAI Simple testing!!!
my setup
P4C/3.2 Cannot get past 204FSB!!!
IS7 cant do 3:5 CPU:DRAM Ratio?
New BH7 bios (1.5)
Another lost BH7 NB heatsink
Northwood 400mhzfsb mobo suggestions
Did I Do Enough ? Could I have Done More ?
Did I do Enough, Could I have done more ?
Need a new mobo- Don't know what's out- what do you have?
Need a new mobo- Don't know what's out- what do you have?
Caution with Zalman N.B. Heatsink
Mobo woes
Running without cmos jumper
P4C800DLX can you use a SATA and an IDE drive at the same time?
Chaintech 9JCS Zenith
Chaintech 9JCS Zenith
P4c800 dlx OC, stutters in BF1942
Motherboard Monitor and 8KNXP
IS7 vs. IS7-E Performance
P4C800 deluxe overclock option
P4C800-E Deluxe and 1010-003 BIOS
Big Problems IS7
The all new ABIT IT7-max3
which do you prefer? ABIT OR ASUS
generic ic7 new fan
motherboard upgrade
best raid mobo
wuts wrong with my system temp(8ihxp)
Quick question about PS2 keyboard...
TwinMOS pc3200 IC7 users...
Does IS7 work well with kernel 2.4.21?
AGP fast write on IC7?
any new word on an ASUS P4G8X and an ATI 9700?
Need experienced overclockers help...
Is this the end.....
looking for stable bios settings for Abit IC-7g
P4P800 Deluxe and memory ????
VH6-II, Legacy Sound, Windows Protection Error
Motherboard Advice For a Celly
what's the different between ic7 and ic7-g ?
PCI mhz check
Good News for P4PE Owners
Installed Ax4r Where's my CD rom??
Help~!! P4t-e & Pc-1066 Rdram
my Abit IC7 and my 3com
ic7 + network card
OC help with my P4P800 dlx
IC7-G Memory Voltage
MS6163 PRO BIOS update
Thats same old question
Abit IC7G / SATA and 70Mhz PCI...
the P4P800 AGP Question
Best overclocking MB for intel 2.4c
p4p800 deluxe
IC7/IS7/Ix7-G NorthBridge Problems, Solutions, and Putting the Zalman NB Sink on it..
Fried mobo - need cheap replacement
FYI IS7 is shipped with new NB fan
Mix 800/1066 Rambus
MSI NEO2-LS & Corsair XMS PC3200 : no 400mhz in dual channel?!!
Intel Desktop Board D875PBZ
P4P800 Issue leads to P4C800-E vs IC7-G
p4800 overclocking help
8IHXP Beeping
P4P800 1009.006 Bios Released.
TH7II-RAID and harddrive support
Platform Drivers?
ATTN: Anyone Experiance Slow Writes With Gigaraid Chip??
what kinda fsb can intel mobos hit these days?
IS7: Winbond 2 Diode or Winbond 2 2N3904
wierd acting computer.
P4P800Dlx Oc question
Identifying Motherboard?
Help Needed
Asus P4C800 V.S. Asus P4C800 Deluxe
MSI 865PE Neo2-LS
My NB Fan is so freakin loud. How can I quite it????
asus p4c vocal post message, "cpu test failed"
IC7 and IC7-G
Whats the best socket 478 mobo?
How to
Asus P4C800 Deluxe Question
TH7II-Raid Temps..
Should I return my IS7 for an IC7?
So I emailed asus about the Prescott issue..
major problems, 875P neo
Free MAX II northbridge cooler from abit
Abit IS7 Bios 1.4 download
P4 Motherboard?
how can you tell when the northbridge needs extra cooling
What do I need get to hit F1 in GAT?
RAID 1 on ICH5R ?
HELP - Win2k Won't Recognize Raid Array on P4C800
Can I use PC3500 with Asus P4P800 Deluxe?
IS7-E BIOS update to 1.14
IC7-G and memory?
P4B533 V1.03 Hyper Threading works
Bios Flash
can the p4c800 take pci?
cache says 256
p4s533-mx support 48bit LBA?
P4C800-E, any News or Reviews?
Asus p4p chipset temp
How bad is IC-7 sound really?
New machine config and questions
I-C7 G max II What speed can I get
IC7 Bios Game Accelerator?
Which Ram SHOUld I use??
question about an ic7 bios option
Anyone hearing any bad things about the Abit IS7?
Intel Deadends
P4P800 and 2.4C Owners! Bios settings
Is my OC maxed out??????
Hardware Doctor Question
OC problems for IC7
P4P800 deluxe + p4 2.4c problems... !!!
8knxp prob
Prob. W/ flashing Abit IC7-G
Twinmos winbond CH5 with P4P800?
What chipset drivers for P4P800?
P4P800 deluxe booting sound?
P4P800 Mem Ratios for 533 MHz P4
SATA Raid on P4C800e
P4 2.4C IS7 400 FSB not 800 FSB, runs at 1.2 HELP!
Asus i865 is Prescott Ready
why cant i update further then the 0.11 bios in abit?
Which abit to get?
IS7-E and Motherboard Monitor = loud annoying beeping...
PCI 64 bit slots & voltage, soon! / DDR11 ~Speed DEMON in our future!
Is northbridge fan important?
P4P800 Deluxe and 800FSB 3.0 Ghz CPU Overclocking problems
Picking up a board on the cheap: Abit BD7-II or Asus P4B533?
IT7-Max Original Question
Crap is my P4PE Dead?
P4C800 Deluxe STUCK at 269Mhz.
bios 1010-01 beta p4c800dlx
To buy or not to buy....Should this Intel convert wait?
IC7-G Overclocks
Newbie Needs Help on Overclocking (3.2/P4C800E)
p4c800 and p42.2b need ram and cooling
IS7 IDE position
CPU temps lower than mobo temps?
IS7 Series BIOS 1.4 posted.
Brookdale chipset
P4P800 BIOS 1009b3, Anyone tried it?
New IS7 boards un-PAT-able. READ!!!
Enermax and P4P800 Won't Run
Got this list of parts>
IC&-G&Soundblaster Live!
Are these settings correct for 2.4c on IS7?
Could someone who has the P4C800 Deluxe please post their boot screen?
ASUS p4p memory setting- command rate?
Please help me with some data . . .
IS7 voltage selection and read out different..
IC7-G USB Keyboard Problems in Dos
IS7 Dual Channel DDR question
LiveUpdate 2: Sticks on NEO board?
Low voltage vs fluctuation IC7
Where'd my sound go when overclock?
why does my ic7 memory benchmark only 2900mb/sec?
Only 267FSB Stable... Something I'm doing wrong maybe?
Readings in IS7 bios varies...
Can I please have a little help with bios settings?
Acerpower 8000
Intel newb question on dual channel
A little 8KNXP help please!
Adding 2nd Raptor
D875PBZ Question
Which P4 setup to get
IS7-E -- Am I scoring too low?
Ratio? etc ?
ICH5R RAID 1 thread
What is a good motherboard for overclocking, has onboard RAID, and supports the P4 C?
THG - The review of 24 boards
Those who are running an OCed ic7 please read
875P Neo2 Fan speedup/slowdown
P4C-800E Deluxe Voltage Drops
Is the IC7 Shipping with the 'new' Fan yet?
On-board sound not working when OC 875P
VIA PT800 Review
P4C800 dlx no fast writes off or Agp 4x setting?
Max stable fsb on p4x400 chipset?
Overclocking a Thinkpad 600?
Flashing P4B-LX mobo with P4B bios??
I cant change my vcore in my bios...please help me
SATA question on a IS7..
SATA question on a IS7..
Need Advice/Help with P4PE
Looking for love...
P4P800 vs. IS7
IC7 (-G) can you do FSB >285 AND 5:4 divider?
Finding out PLL?
motherboards and windows
Need some buying advice
whats better (Abit IC7-G Max2 ) OR (ASUS P4C-800 E DLX ) ?
TUSL2 CMOS reset?
Memory for IC7-G
IC7 and 2x256 Corsair XMS pc3500 problems.
Abit Ic7-G - Pat options? Where?
Abit Bh7
P4P800-VM overclocking
P4P800 - no active cooling hinders overclocks?
Need help with this Mobo
overclocking old hp desktop
Cant Run turbo Game accelerator
abit be-7 nic adapter
Advice on upgraded system please!
overclocking a fic vc11
abit bh7 & mobile p4 = under 1.525 vcore without mod - HOW?
Omg Wtf !@#^&#%&!#%#
dram frequency p4c800 question
VIA KT600--Still no Dual Channel!!!!
IS7 or IC7
Curious OC / Mem Problem?
P4P800 128bit ddr data width????
Other forums dedicated to Intel?
how to power aopen mobo?
Budget P4C Board - IS7 or P4P?
Intel nOob needs help
How do I ID a motherboard?
Asus 865/875 with 4 Corsair Dimms
abit ic-7 bios update
New Motherboard
please help. i dont know what to do...
IS7 with 2.4B better than P4B533 and 2.4B
1.75v on IC7 board
which of these two?
Well this isn't fun! Help??
Is there a Mem speed wall for IS7?
Abit BH7 Best memory
Abit BH7 Bios
Is the Soyo SY-P4I875P Dragon 2 a good board for overclocking?
P4'x'800 differences???
Ic7 Max 3
Help in overclocking for P4 2.8GHz with MSI 865P Neo M/B
Overclocked a 1.8 to 2.3 and it is stable on the new P4C800-E
a good MB for OC?
Pre-tested cpus?
So, what's the latest Mobo?
A good OC MB?
New system setup
mosfet cooling IC7-G
Albatron 865pe Pro
Asus P4C800-E 1009 Bios Out
P4 2.26b + Springdale???
pc2700 with abit ic7
IS7-G or IC7-G
p4c800 dlx could use help OC
Which Corsair RAM?
p4s8x bios problem (DOH!)
IC7 onboard Sound vs. Creative 1024 Live4.1
clock generator?
P4P800/MBM5 Question
P4P800 System slows down progressively with uptime
IS7-E Vmem volt mod?
[IS7] PC3200 not going along with 2.4@3.0
Is7 Bios ?? :(
Asus P4P800-Deluxe Weird mem/OC probs
CNPS7000-Cu doesnt fit?
CPU temps .. need help ..
Very variable benchmark results :-/
My mobo won't work
How to enable PAT ?? cant find
RAM for the IC7??
compatability question with p4C800-E and RAM and CPU
IC7-G 3.0C Overclock Recommendation
IC7 what version or rev. ?
IC7 and 333mhz?????????
P4P800deluxe no overclock at all
RAS to CAS '3' is recommended for i865PE.
My IC7-G and 2.6C Benchmark Results
P4PE VS P4PE Black Pearl
Software FSB!
IS7 won't boot
Unable to install OS with new P4P800
What Hardware monitor software for P4PE?
Old Packard Bell Motherboard Won't post.
My Overclock wont show??
Need Help With OC Bios Settings for Abit IC7-G
where can I buy a bracket?
Asus TUSL2 with Celeron 1.3?
Best Intel Mobo for P4 type "c"
Need help with some options in P4P800
Problems with Abit BH7
P4c800-e dirve question
Please Help: Which PLL
P4C800D very SLOW BIOS response times...everything else is working OK.
Question about my 8INXP board
P4P800 cpu temp readings...
P4C800 DELUXE 4 minute boottime
Easy Tune 3
IS7 Humble Beginner
asus probe
Overclocking P4P800 deluxe ????
Where is the setting to change mem ratio
No Dual-Channel / PAT on my IC7?!
MSI 694D and 1.13 512 Tualatins...can do???
does this work?
IC7-G and Raptors
BIOS updating question
I'm a P4P800 Virgin and I NEED YOUR HELP!!
875 - how many watts?
Abit IC7-G Temps
2.4A and P4T533-C OC
APIC and your Intel OC'ing adventure...
1007 Final bios P4C800
Looking for motherboard and Ram advice
IC7(-G): BIOS v1.5 is out...
BH-7 - northbridge hook snapped off?
MSI MS-6579 a good overclocker?
My little oc adventure with a p4p800 Deluxe Rev 1.02
P4C800 RAID0 question
*HELP* P4PE Windows Problem
Asus P4B266-LM
Help with BH7 IDE 2
Anyone do this with a Biostar M6TBA slot 1 board?
8knxp little help please.
Should I upgrade? Newbie Question
Voltage levels
P4P 856pe with GEIL??
IS7 F1 Default Perf??
Hot Wheather and Abit IC7-G keep crashing
Updating BIOS, Need help. I'm confused :(
need help oc-ing MSI NEO2-LS with 2.6c
Canterwood 875P vs Springdale 865G
is7 vcore fluctuating
questions about 845PE chipset boards.
IC7 BIOS update from HELL!
Urgent !!! My Busted IS7 ?
P4P800 ...1008 bios final look what have changed
Koolance Northbridge Heatsink Mounting Clamps