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Does IS7-E have SATA raid?
IS7 beats all??
Anyone know of any 875P & Radeon 9500 Pro incompatibilities?
P4G8X deluxe options
Final Bout: Asus P4C800 vs Abit IC7
Intel's 865 overclocking warning
ASUS P4C800-Dlx anyone who bought the board when it first came out have probs ocing?
link for vDimm mod for p4p800-deluxe, anybody?
Intel Pentium 4 (800 FSB) Motherboard D875PBZLK
Intel Pentium 4 (800 FSB) Motherboard D875PBZLK
Thinking about an Intel setup - need mobo help
2.4C / 2.8C + Albatron PX865PE PRO2
MS 6534 BIOS confusion
Asus P4p800-vm
P4P800 Beeping at post?
IS7-G Owners, VDimm?
KILLED my rig ... please calm me !!!
A couple of noob questions
P4P800 Memory Problems (Help!)
wpcredit & wpcreset
IC7 vs IC7-G
Best Processor for P4C800?
Epox 4PCA3+ results at 200fsb 4900 buffered 3000 unbuffered
3D apps will not run on my IC7-G/Radeon 9500 Pro setup
IS7 vs. IC7- Overclocking ability?
IC7-G - Twinmos winbond
heat readings?
Degradation in PCMark2002 results after OC
Problems with Raid 1
75c cpu
Drive letter assignments and PATA/SATA
p4c800 deluxe
New Mobo Opinions?
difference between abit boards is7e g p
question about IC7-G and IC7
How do you lock the AGP/PCI on a P4T533-C?
URGENT: IS7-E/IS7/IS7-G paired with HyperX PC3500
p4p800 + 2.8c over clock temps
is7-e highest fsb?
Intel D875PBZ Sound
ic7-g problem
IC7 won't power up!!1
Abit IC7 with TI4200 or ATI9700??? How much better is the 9700?
P2B FSB Jumper Settings
P4P800 North Bridge Cooling?
DA3: FSB unlock?
Mounting A HeatSink
P4P800 Revision?
When will the epox 875 board be out?
Unstable IC7-G in dual ddr mode
P4PE sound can bit stuttery at times? Common problem?
p4p800 and memory config
P4P800 Bios 1008_04 Anyone tried this?
Using Highpoint Serial ATA adapters With IC7
Abit - IS7 conspiracy?
BH7 or IS7-E with 2.4B?
Ecs P4vxasd2 Problems With Celeron!
MBM5 & IC7-G Question
SLK900U on a P4P800 board
Exaustive Motherboard Search
IC7-G and logictech speaker question
Ecs P6isa-ii Mobo Overclocking With Pentium 3/celeron
asus p4p800 or abit IS7
8x AGP on GA-8INXP
P4C800-E dlx
Can I get higher OC with this setup?
400 FSB on P4G8X Deluxe
Shuttle av49n
Abit 865 ownage ! Look
Abit BH7
P4C800 owners.
Overclocking Wall?
Setting up raid
Help a newb pick a board?
Which old abit board is it that was the good OCer
Abit IC7-G and Prime95
Got a IC7-G, Few Quesions
Bios settings for noob overclocker
GA-6OXM7E Question
Abit Rma
Crazy motherboard problem
TH7II-Raid and RDRAM Dilema
1007c.012 bios beta
What Heat Sink & Fan
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu on P4C800
IS7 cpu/ram ratios
Problem with sound on overclocked P4T533-C
Albatron Support is stumped!!! (On Board sound not working)
Abit IC7 Beta bios for improved memory performance
Dual-channel lovin'!
A Lesson in Overclocking
What intel 845 chipset board will overclock well?
Can anyone with a Gigabyte 8INXP help me
px845pev pro and 6/1 divider? help!!
Very Low performance in 3DMark2001
New IC-7 revision?
Beware of 875P motherboards with HT processors!!!
Best P4 845PE MicroATX mobo?
need help
IC7 Temp
Silly: Forced Boot from CD with IC7
Bad DIMM slot on IC7, anybody else seen this?
270 fsb wall
Need major Intel Advice!
I might have to RMA my IC7-G
What am I doing wrong?
Is Albatron PX845PE Pro IIS better than Abit IT7Max 2 board????
Tech Support
just got into overclocking
Is my board dead???????
Struggling with AOpen MX64
Asus P4P800 Deluxe - no vdimm readings?
Onboard sound prob with BE7
AX4C Max Just Didn't Cut It.....
Canterwood 3:4 and 4:5
Cant get Windows XP to boot
What is next after the IC7-G
VIA P4PB Ultra
no full usb speed with p4p800 dx
P4C800 - "CPU fan failed"
resetting cmos on ic7-g
P4P800 dx and raid config
bd7II temps question.
abit bx6 2.0 mobo
raid confusion with IC7-G
NEO2 1.2 bios performance option
All BD7-II Raid users please!
Abit IT7 Max2 V2.0 boot-after-power-off problem?
N\B Strap???
IS7g_13.b03 please post or email
ic7 vs ic7-g
ASUS P4PC800 Dlx GIG Lan issue.
need help
What ram to use in 865/875 chipset??
Serial Harddrive on IS7 how to configure?
P4P800 won't power up
Abit IC7-G slow ass gigabit lan
How reliable are P4PE temps?
Springdale OC as well as Canterwood?
dual DDR400 + P4C800 = 4500MB/S , how about dual DDR266 ?
IC7-G and Zalman CNPS7000ALCU?
Help me choose
Epox 4pca3+
is this the end of th7ii ??????
help ! what would Sandra Mem score would be if i use IC7+DDR266+P41.6A ?
***P4P800 Owners***
RDRAM overclock
IC7-G Raid Startup
P4P800 Deluxe Bios Settings! Help!
this computer is acting wierd...
IC7-G Driver Question
Anyone help me with a small problem with asus p4p800deluxe
Primary channel: drive not found
IC7-G Serious problem
does the abit 1s7-E have mounting holes?
Asus P4C800.... has it's flaws.
Shuttle AV41P
Whats Best Board for 3.06b +PC3700 Ram?
3dmarks doing what now?
Canterwood Prescott support?
overclocking abit be7-s help
New IS7 Bios enables PAT like ASUS?
Ic7 Wont Load Bios...help!!
Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Ultra Intel875P
8KNXP Memory Help
ABIT IC7 or ASUS P4P800 ???
HT and AGP Ratio for overclocking...
Manual RAM timings can't be set IS-7.
thinking about getting the P4P800? if so, read this before hand...
Best 8oo mhz fsb Board
how to remove retention base on ic7?
Abit BH7
Have the upgrade itch
9700 / 9800 problems on Springdale & Canterwood chipsets?
ok.. wtf
Noob to Abit Mobos...
How high is your FSB? springdale/canterwood
GA-Sinxp1394 synch agp bios Question
Toms new article on asus springdale pat
GA-Sinxp1394 RAM Voltage Question???
Abit praise time (Yes im still mad at them)
confused about P4P800 mem timings
IC7-G and the difference between 1 and 2 sticks of ram!
HELP With P4P800 Deluxe setting up RAid
Ut O
P4C800 Deluxe and SLK 900 ?
IC7 Interupts
is7 problem
MSI 875P Neo doesnt like OCing?
Is it safe to buy an MSI 800FSB board yet?
Compatibility with P4P800/SB Audigy/ATI 9700
IC7 3:2 Mem Divider
Intel setup
IC7 - 2.4B Need Advice TIA!!!
canterwood mobos BESIDES the asus and abit
Motherboard upgrade
Asus p4c800 where?
IC7 Voltage Question...
what's the best BIOS for the P4P800?
P4B533 Expert O/Cer needed
GA-6OXT-A sound problem
@Bios is ****. Ruined my Dualbios. 8KNXP
PC chips overclock
Asus P4P800 supports Hyper Path = PAT
info on oc for the D845GLLY mobo???
oc, mobo D845GLLY w/c.1.8 cpu?
Which is correct, BIOS or WCPUID info?
P4S533-E no boot
Break-in time?
Case and watercooling
Flashing IC-7... my first BIOS update... need help
Been gone a while...865PE or 875P?
Help With Is7!
Help with IS7
IC7 problem
P4P800 deluxe, or not deluxe
P4P800 Deluxe, or not?
p4p800 deluxe, or not deluxe
epox 4PCA3+
Huge ASUS P4P800+Radeon 9700 Pro Problems
3d mark 2001se locks up at default???
can Abit TH7II-raid use a 2.4C chip ????
Iwill p4ht 800FSB???
CPU "raw" horsepower or high mem bandwidth - whats more important?
what could be wrong with this dell?
IC7+XP install issues
Thanks Bob4burton for the IC7-G Northbridge MOD
Please confirm this for me????
Asus P4P800 Issues
How much are temps actually off?
P4C800 divisor
requesting IC7 and IC7-G links
Voltage "problem" ?
P4C800 Divisor
TUSL-C hardware monitor
IBM NetVista Bios
Is it the board?
IC7 above 275mhz
Come and see what others have to say about abit !
P4PE+3.06 high temps?
How to Vdimm MOD P4C800 and P4P800 DELUXE
8ik1100 +533cpu
finding a mobo with proper agp slot
For all u wondering if a p4c 800mhz works on a bd7II
New to the motherboard finding business
Does the IC-7 support Media XP?
IT7 max2 v2 ----> IC7-G
What do you use as hardware monitor for IS-7 or IC-7?
What Asus board to OC 2.66 p4?
Abit's official response to the HIGH Intel Mobo temps
P4P800 and Zalman CNPS 7000 cooler?
How do you read the CPU/MEM dividers?
P4P800 and Zalman CNPS 7000 cooler?
Asus wins a big one...
IC7's are all NOT created equally!
I am a newb and I need help overclocking
is7's vs ic7's
P4P800 and PAT
First PIV O/C !!! :)
Drive config on IC7-G
A little bird told me..
What was your highest TH7II FSB?
P4P800 Review
GA8-IRXP with 533MHz CPU ???
BE7 - BH7 - P4B533 Which would you prefer?
Anyone running an Ati 9800/ IC7(g)?
got my P4C800 toaday and so far this....
Bunk IC7?
Question on Price for ASUS P4T533-C and Ram.
What does the DPS2 really do. have you felt any?
IC7/P4C 2.6 MHz/OCZ 3500 EL DDR
MSI 845 Ultra-C
Good 'Ol TH7-II Question
P4C800 Deluxe or P4P800 Deluxe
Can IS7 run 4 x 256MB?
p4p 8000 deluxe memory recomendations, please
Via problems
USB controller not recognized
New beta bios for P4C800 enables Turbo feature
8KNXP non ultra - good or not?
looking for a good cpu monitor program
GA-8Ik100 mobo users post your stats
800Mhz FSB or 533Mhz FSB?
Ga-8ik100 won't oc
KNXP Problems
ABIT IC7-G fried?
Serillel 2 adpter for SATA to IDE? How do I get one?
P4P800 Deluxe USB Question
Abit IC7, How to set up RAID?
RAID question on Asus P4P800D
ASUS P4PE REFURB @ the Egg... waddaya think?!
1005 Final bios, tweaked version for P4G8X
Gigabyte GA-8SG800, would you recommend it?
ab-pr5 overclocking
P4C800 w/2.4b
GA-8KNXP Ultra vs. IC7-G
Any way to install HPT374 without a floppy drive?
Max fan power for ic7?
Whats the difference? P4P800 vs P4P800D
When I overclock my P4PE I get no sound?? Help!?
Anyone have any gripes about OCing and onboard sound?
Fastest Processor for TH7-II RAID
Ram Question
How do I overclock a CPU on Abit BE6-II
Dirt Cheap is7's!!!
865PE boards w/ rich OC features where art thou
RAM divider on It7
Whats the best mini pc?
upgrading to a ga-8ihxp
Have a few questions about SATA
asus p4b lockt cpu frequeny multiple field plaezee help!
looking for mobo with socket 370
Anyone Running RAID on there shiny new IC7?
someone clue me in on whats up with my memory and my IC7 please...
Help picking...
ecs? for celeron?
WTF! P4C800 doesn't come with anything!
IC7-G Overclocking Settings
ASRock Board Question
???Asus = ASRock???
Abit IC7-G new bios available!!!!
Just got my replacement mobo, a TH7II-RAID
Canterwood Motherboards
P4 2.4b + GA-8SQ800 + kingston HyperX problem
IT7 MAX2 v2.0 SATA issue
do the intel inf updates help anything performance wise and stuff?
P4P800 Deluxe for $157(inluding shipping)
PWM Temps on IS7
Good Canterwoods
GA-8IHXP bios???
The MSI 865PE NEO2 FIS2R is up and running!
Asus or Abit....
can i flash IT7 bios onto my BD7ii
Server Motherboard?
Anyone have the P4P800 or P4P800 Deluxe?
"The Combination"
2 sticks or 4 for P4C800
BD7 Doesn't like any new RAM?
diference between p4c800 and p4c800 deluxe
IS7 or IC7
P4G8X and 800MHz ... Help!
abit ic7 fan type and divider
IC7 Have 4 mounting holes for WB?
Can someone mod a bios?
best mobo for 2.53 pentium with rdram
EPOX 4PCA3+ ....anybody have it ??
GA-8KNXP and Northbridge Fan ?
Abit bp6. Does it worth it?
Gonna Lap the NB on the IC7...
865PE Shootout ....Good Info!
P4C800 stupid problem
850 Md
Is the TH7II AGP lock a PCI lock as well?
IC7G good O/C, bad MEM score...why?
cheap p4c800's?
Question bout an Oldskool MOBO "P5A-B"
HD larger than 136GB & 1,85 vcore via bios
P4C800 Volt Mod for Ram
Iwill problem
Asus cuv4x-ls
*Motherboard Shootout*
PC Speaker Error Codes
IC7 Serial Number: Where to find?
IC7G BIOS flash problem - help?
Abit IC7 -- Reassurance please?
some easy questions about the p4pe mobo
Gigabyte Springdale board @ newegg
Abit IC7 bios 11 "turbo" memory setting is nothing but pure crap!
Going shopping, does this look ok?
Msi Ms-6337le5
bios setting
p4pe Voltage question.
GA-8KNXP All those drives
Anybody remember the Gigabyte 6OXETC?
Recommendations for Celeron 2.0 -> 3.0
Brand New Bh7 Dead??
Abit IT7 Max2 - No Floppy...help?
help with intel system
what board?
ASUS P4T533-C POST problems- plz advise
P4S533 Overclocking Issue
MSI 6534 board
Armageddon Has Truly Arrived
C3 error on Abit IT7
P4PE To the grave?
I Think I Just Fried My Motherboard
Help with GA-8IRX please
P4PE Mem slots.
Yea, something like that.
P4PE 1003 bios
Any Soft FSB that work with 845 Chipsets?
Asus P4B533-e memory questions
9CJS ZENITH Canterwood motherboard looks COOL
P4PE Spec confusion.
What is the BEST Intel mobo out there?!
Abit IC7-G SATA Problems
is the asus p4t and p4t-e clock controller the same?
I got my MSI 875P Neo FIS2R :D / 56k death
Gigabyte 8pe667pro with corsair
SoftMenu Bios
New board and major problem.
how does this look?
New Mobo???
8KNXP problem with SATA (&SATARAID)
P4T533-C Bios 1010c
does this work???
What is the best BIOS for P4C800: Report and findings
Is cheaper memory stable on 875P if you dont use dual-channel?
Abit IC7-G Memory Help
albatron px845pecv pro
IC7-G - vdimm 3.0v + how?
quick question about ic7 non G
IT7 max2 ver 2 hpt374=dead?
Any news on an IAA for ALL 875P's?
$3-4 G's - Going Intel
TEmps in Albatron i865PE springdale
Abit IC7G or Gigabyte GA-8KNXP
P4 2.4/533 on a i875 board?
Great look at Intel chipsets in comparison
IC7-G, 2.4c, memory help
Will this work? Even at stock speeds?
IC7 question.
Will this Work?
worth upgrading from p4t-e to p4t533-c
Problem with my P3B-F, Help!
new motherboard, and new to intel.
problem detecting hard drive :/
not booting please help
IT7 Max 2 ver. 2 and MBM5?
max vcore on p4c800?
Re-apply AS3 to Canterwood NB?
best mobo to oc a 2.4c/2.6c?
New board
New MSI Board
Abit BH7 + P2.4 C + Windbond DDR400, will it work ?
Why does my GA-8IHXP take ages to boot win XP ?
I get this error message when I'm trying to load up Acronis DrivesCleaner 6.0
Socket 370 Board
Intel board bios D850EMV2 problems
Intel board bios D850EMV2 problems
How to lock memory FBS? please help
IC7 = dead
Help, alarm and shutdown.
Help with SH6
Commell LV-670 Pentium4 mini-ATX motherboard
vcore problems
Help me spend my $$$
AOpen AX3S overclocking...
Editing BIOS
Aopen AX4C MAX first impressions
ABIT researching temp problems
BH7 with 3:4 divider
800FSB and IT7 original?
P4s533 Help!
Abit IC-7 vs MSI 875p neo
My IC7-G Memory Benchmark
440BX Mobo Close in Design to Intel's
BH7 temps
VIA chipset VT82C694X and VT82C686B whitepapers wanted
need help, new to mobo buying
8KNXP (non-ultra) SATA-RAID-0 in Windows2000?
P4pe Bios 1005
Abit SA7 any good?
Which 800mhz CPU offers best overclocking?
Worst luck in the world
Help choosing motherboard
Will SLK-900U fit on Asus P4C800 (and Deluxe)?
IC7 and Audigy 2
Epox or Abit I875??
Socket 370 board w/ agp
IS7-G Faulty 3:4 divider
Canterwood upgradepath only 1 year??!
Canterwood (8KNXP) owners ?
Forced to choose alternative to IC7-G
IC7 and DDR 333
Abit Vp6 .. PCI 1/5 divider..
Question to all IC7-G owners
fastest cpu for board
[TH7II] 01 boot code error
Albatron 865PE-ProII
i cant overclock!!!
Need a New mobo to replace my Dell system - must use RDRAM 1066
What happened to my BH7?
Gigabyte mainboard with dual PIII
SOYO Dragon Platinum
9EJS1 AGP/PCI lock
p4pe help