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Abit IC7-G SATA Problems
is the asus p4t and p4t-e clock controller the same?
I got my MSI 875P Neo FIS2R :D / 56k death
Gigabyte 8pe667pro with corsair
SoftMenu Bios
New board and major problem.
how does this look?
New Mobo???
8KNXP problem with SATA (&SATARAID)
P4T533-C Bios 1010c
does this work???
What is the best BIOS for P4C800: Report and findings
Is cheaper memory stable on 875P if you dont use dual-channel?
Abit IC7-G Memory Help
albatron px845pecv pro
IC7-G - vdimm 3.0v + how?
quick question about ic7 non G
IT7 max2 ver 2 hpt374=dead?
Any news on an IAA for ALL 875P's?
$3-4 G's - Going Intel
TEmps in Albatron i865PE springdale
Abit IC7G or Gigabyte GA-8KNXP
P4 2.4/533 on a i875 board?
Great look at Intel chipsets in comparison
IC7-G, 2.4c, memory help
Will this work? Even at stock speeds?
IC7 question.
Will this Work?
worth upgrading from p4t-e to p4t533-c
Problem with my P3B-F, Help!
new motherboard, and new to intel.
problem detecting hard drive :/
not booting please help
IT7 Max 2 ver. 2 and MBM5?
max vcore on p4c800?
Re-apply AS3 to Canterwood NB?
best mobo to oc a 2.4c/2.6c?
New board
New MSI Board
Abit BH7 + P2.4 C + Windbond DDR400, will it work ?
Why does my GA-8IHXP take ages to boot win XP ?
I get this error message when I'm trying to load up Acronis DrivesCleaner 6.0
Socket 370 Board
Intel board bios D850EMV2 problems
Intel board bios D850EMV2 problems
How to lock memory FBS? please help
IC7 = dead
Help, alarm and shutdown.
Help with SH6
Commell LV-670 Pentium4 mini-ATX motherboard
vcore problems
Help me spend my $$$
AOpen AX3S overclocking...
Editing BIOS
Aopen AX4C MAX first impressions
ABIT researching temp problems
BH7 with 3:4 divider
800FSB and IT7 original?
P4s533 Help!
Abit IC-7 vs MSI 875p neo
My IC7-G Memory Benchmark
440BX Mobo Close in Design to Intel's
BH7 temps
VIA chipset VT82C694X and VT82C686B whitepapers wanted
need help, new to mobo buying
8KNXP (non-ultra) SATA-RAID-0 in Windows2000?
P4pe Bios 1005
Abit SA7 any good?
Which 800mhz CPU offers best overclocking?
Worst luck in the world
Help choosing motherboard
Will SLK-900U fit on Asus P4C800 (and Deluxe)?
IC7 and Audigy 2
Epox or Abit I875??
Socket 370 board w/ agp
IS7-G Faulty 3:4 divider
Canterwood upgradepath only 1 year??!
Canterwood (8KNXP) owners ?
Forced to choose alternative to IC7-G
IC7 and DDR 333
Abit Vp6 .. PCI 1/5 divider..
Question to all IC7-G owners
fastest cpu for board
[TH7II] 01 boot code error
Albatron 865PE-ProII
i cant overclock!!!
Need a New mobo to replace my Dell system - must use RDRAM 1066
What happened to my BH7?
Gigabyte mainboard with dual PIII
SOYO Dragon Platinum
9EJS1 AGP/PCI lock
p4pe help
New Soltek Intel Review
Asus P4C800 and Winfast A280 graphics: bad luck !
Abit BH7 & 800fsb P4
Abit BH7 or IT7 MAX2
Mr.Natural, the return?
Overclocking SOYO-6ba+Motherboard
Best P4 mobo for overclocking?
p4b fsb:mem ratios
Abit IC7 owners how did you tweak the memory settings in the bios???
Help with sorting this out. Thanks
Need testers for IC7(-G) MODDED bios...
Problem with IS7 and IC7
upgrading cpu
IC7 / RAID0 / Serillel "2" adapters ? DO THEY WORK ?
IC7 Possible modded Bios?
pc4800 or GA-8KNXP Ultra ?
Asus P4C800 and Ati 9700 Pro?
New Bios 4 Bd7ii-when!!!
What is the BEST for overclocking.
TH7-II, What do the VGA drivers do?
OC P4S533-E anyone?
will zalman 7000cu fit on Abit IC7-G?
Southbridge Cooling ?
IS7: Which Cpu & Memory?
ga8inxp keeps beeping at me :(
P4S533 Help
4PEA+ temp monitoring...whats what?
What abit board should I get?
IC7-G info needed
DFI LanParty Board! Canterwood!
Memory to chose for an P4T533?
8INXP heat
AUX Power 6-Pin Connector?
nb temp for 8pe667 u2
How to rase CPU fan speed?
p4s533 hyperthread?
Abit Serillel "2" Kits Are Now Available !!!
Socket 7 boot trouble. HELP!
Need help to overclock P4T-E with 1.7 P4
Abit IS7-C - what's that?
Asus P4sdx....?
Installing windows now on an Abit IS7
Need to find a good, stable, cheap P4 board that supports 1.5ghz
does the latest IT7max2v2 bios support P4C CPUs?
Motherboard Capacitators ?
Itanium Motherboard
Best of the best ahhh Im so confused
Abit IT7-MAX2 V2.0 2.4 to 3.6? True or False
Abit BH7 Voltage ?
Higher ram frequency on IT7-Max2 V2 ?
Question about chipset cooler
Please Help Me!!! "8INXP"
Ack My RAM wont work! Need Help!
can someone email me Phantom punisher's IT7max2v2 d6 bios?
I need SetFSB for 4PEA+ can anyone help?
Newbie question(s) please help
*NOTICE* ABIT 875/865 and ABIT Serillel "1" adapter kits are NOT COMPATIBLE !
old vl6 cpu swap problem
flash bios from c instead of a?
IC7-g vs IS7-g
Can someone please help me find IC7-G!
Albatron PX865PEV Pro?
i845PE or SIS655?
GA-8PE800 Ultra or BE7 RAID?
ABIT IC7 issues
New system
which i875 mobo
What motherboard to use with P4 2.8
New offical TH7-Bios (TH7HDU)
OCability of the MSI 875P Neo ?
global capacitor problem for many abit boards (and other devices)
Is this a good board ?
Reccomend me a motherboard that...
Which Canterwood? SATA RAID w.adapter??
Is the ABiT IC7 Good for Ocin'
Anyone got a overclocked Asus P4B
Abit BH7 and MBM 5 Temps
IC7-G @ THG, poor performance
Asus P4C800 or Abit IC7-G
Abit IC-7 max FSB setting???
Blown Caps Getting Worse?
Disappointing BH7 OC results-need help
Canterwood vs. Granite Bay
Newbie IC7-G Query, help!
Springdale vs. Canterwood
Be6 Ii
i865P vs i865PE
ATi RS300 Chipset to be launched at Computex in June
Abit Springdale at Newegg
Blown P4PE Fan Taps
Abit IC7 in Canada?
Abit VH6 + Celeron 1.1GHz
Whats a good mobo for Ocin' a 2.4 Ghz P4?
Gigabyte's "Top Performance" in bios
Advantages of changing pci/agp lock
New Intel an AMD Bioses
Should I switch to Intel?
bh7 question
AX4C Max CPU Voltage will not exceed 1.6V
BH7 vs. IC7
New mobo for me.
Caterwood with 1.8A
IC7 memory timings issue
Switching on my P4C800
whats the differences between the springdale and canterwood chipsets?
BIOS-modding tools
Attention Abit BE7 owners!
8SQ800 Ultra - Offical F6 bios is out
Need A New Board!!
holy moly!300 fsb right off the shelf!
Is now a good time for an 845PE/GE board?
Easy tune 4 not working on GA-8IK1100
FC-PGA adapter??
Got an IC7. Here is box contents...
albatron px845pev pro USB controller
8INXP owners ..!
Memory ratio settings on a Giga-byte SiS655 MOBO
I need more voltage
what tool to use to change settings in an IT7 bios file?
Gigabyte Intel 875p Mobo sighting
My Canterwood experience
failing mobo or cpu?
unlocking bios options
Abit BH7 BIOS ?
Possible 533fsb?
Overclock - SoftFSB definitions
will the i845 support 800mhz FBS?
can i overclock this??
A general ?
P4C800 Deluxe in stock at googlegear...
Another 8SQ800 owner here with questions
P4S533 Questions
albatron px845pev pro and mbm5
P4S8X and AGP 8X
BH& Memory Question
Albatron died?????
Very Hot Nb !!!?
Motherboard problems
IT7 max2 v2 - new bios - df - 3/27/2003
Bios screen jumbled
nForce motherboards
Whoever has the GA-8IHXP(3.0) come in here
No overclock with Radeon?
Abit IC7 and IC7-G
Canterwood or BH7?
Gunshy 8PE667 Ultra 2 owner needs overclock advice
Anyone running 133FSB on a BH6 w/ agp card?
p4b-lx pci lock?
Up Vcore on Tualatin CPUs with TUSL2-C ?
new bios for It7max2v2
CMX512-3200LL will work on IT7 Max2 V2?
Strange?!? Speed set in the bios and actual boot speeds donít match.
Which Board ?
800mhz FSB cpus
overclocking canterwood and CSA
What is VTT and VDDQ
In Need Of Bios for MS6114 Ver1 LX4
looking for a good overclockable Mobo?
BH7 northbridge heatsink fell off
onboard lan and sound problems...
1.10B bios for Albatron PX845PEV Pro
PC4800 PCI sharing
springdale 865PE @ FSB321... wtf!
P4 1.8ghz Oc
Ga-sinxp1394 (help Please
IC7-G Max2 board, UK
Where are Canterwood vs. I850 benchmarks?
Springdale is out for $99
Abit BE7 .db bios is out
PX845PEV for 800MHZ chips
wondering what temps you get for 8ihxp
p4pe 1003 final
Plz Help Choose Motherboard
New stuff arriving!
looking for suggestions on motherboard
basic voltage questions.
Question about EasyTune4
4\5divider?on BD7ii
New vid card and psu and now no post.
P2B-F questions - USB ports and thermister probe
Check out this memory bench...
2.4 NW 533mhz and bh7
running high fsb......
ocable P4 supporting DDR433
P4G8X Deluxe DSL through USB?
BH7 x Canterwood x my actual board
Aibt Raid?
What's the best of the best for a consumer?
need help downloading BIOS files
P4PE, Really need help
easytune 3
soyo p4x400 ultra pci freq lock?
Intel Desktop Board D815EEA
P4PE readouts???
Help me with a OC board!!
Shopping for new board
different versions of canterwood?
Canterwood Upgradeability?
Un Identifiable Motherboard
Canterwood in an 845PE
Abit IT7 Max2 ver. 2, Can't boot up system disk
IT7 Temp problems..... :(
newegg's first 875P board
p4 overclockable board
problem with asus p4pe with 2.4b!
Big raid troubles SINXP-1394
Canterwood is Here!
Highest FSB for a 845PE mobo
P4PE Bios 1003.013 beta
Abit BD7II support P4 HT 3.06....officialy...
Over 64MB RAM with iTX430 chipset: what'll happen?!
i wish to thank some folks
Trying to OC.. stability/temp problems?
Albatron PX845PEV Vcore Flux...Maybe a clue...
BH-7 lowest multi@ 15
Just installed 8SQ800 + dualddr333 corsair xms + 2.4B
is the ASUS P4C800 Canterwood mobo out?
1004 fix P4G8X RAM timing??
Need 8INXP Promise Raid Drivers!!!
looking for good mobo for a celeron 1.20
Suggestions for a P4 setup for a LAN gaming machine?
IC7-G Max2 board!
RAM speed missing on P4G8X
Aopen ax4g pro beeps and everything shuts down
P4T-E oc potential?
Spread Spectrum 8INXP
Dangerous vagp...
gigabyte ga-8pe800
cheap PIII mobo
Average max fsb?
GA-8SQ800 owners who bought from NewEgg...
Highest FSB on BD7II?
What the @@@Hardware Doctor turns off my Fan!
Agp/pci locked on NF7-S v20?
Soltek Motherboards
gigabyte 8pe667 u2
PCI slot question
Dip switches
Pentium 4 Server Boards.
which memory ratios for P4PE
Missing 8IHXP part
GA-8SQ800 - Dual Channel DDR Question
Jetway Motherboards
new motherboard install problems...doesn't see keyboard, help please
How much can it take?
SLOT 2 Motherboard?
any1 needing rdram for the p4t533 32bit vers pm me
IT7 max 2 v2 sound issues
asus probe not under admin
What does Turbo Mode do?P4T533-C
Canít get out of the starting blocks with the 8SQ800 Ultra!
Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 vs. ABIT BH7
IT7Max2v2 + Raptor - No ATA150 option
socket 370 board with DDR??
8INXP over 180Mhz ?
TH7II Up in Flames
Can someone help me set this up?
Abit Ic7-g
STABLE , P4 mobo needed for xtra PC build !
Couple of P4PE questions
Best IT7 Bios for OCing
P4G8X Deluxe Why do i lose sound when....
Abit BH7 AGP/PCI lock???
Whats the max k6 this mb holds
P4G8X AGP not locking?
Has anyone tried the VIA C3M266-L + P3 Tualatin?
need integrated board W cpu setings
ABIT IT7 Max2 2.0 vs. ASUS P4PE
SiS658 (Rambus to the next level)
canterwood and springdale
old, new and upcoming chipsets...
Overvolting on the 8INXP
Gigabyte 8SQ800 Ultra
Bus Mastering
Next IT7 max2 v2 bios release
8PE800 Ultra not booting
Asus P4B - what fsb:pci ratios available?
asus cuv4x
8SQ800 800FSB Support.
Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 or EPoX EP-4PEA+
P4I-845PE Lite crap
Abit BE7 temp readings right?
8inxp Wow!!!
P3 Rdram chipsets?
P4S8X-X for overclocking?
What is the BEST oc`ing mobo
Info on Intel chipsets?
MSI 845PE max2 mobo any good for oc?
TUSL2-C & AGP voltage increase..
8inxp pci slot question
granite bay now or canterwood later?
Is there any probs with Radoen 9700 Pro on GA-SINXP1394
Mobo Catalog.
Can't download BIOS from Asus
Intel lexington 2 motherboard ?
8INXP base temp readings ?
700 Pentium 3 temps
overclocking or Springdale?
Corsair XMS3500 512mb & XMS3200 on BD7II
VIA P4MA PRO & Unlocked CPU's
Is there any way a BH6 can have a 1/2 divider for agp?
Gigabyte 8INXP questions?
Albatron PX845PEV Survey
bios flash problem
New P4G8x BIOS, dated 03/31/2003
P4PE "Updated ESCD Successfully" message
p4s533-e moded bios anywhere?
sis 655 any good at ocing?
Intel appliaction accelerator and chipset drivers
BE7 Soundissues
Official Canterwood Benches!
GA8IEXP Audio problema
Which one ?
Memory recommandation for Abit BH7
what kind of softwares do i need to o/c and where i can download them?
Power temp = 125.5C
P4S8X Raid and Firewire?
TH711 Cap prob?
Any existing software like SoftFSB working on BD7II raid? ( pll RTM360-110R)
IT7 Max 2 ver 2, memory
Thank You Forum MODERATOR
How does this combo sound (SIS 655+2.4B+512 Corsair XMS)
BH7 - question about 8X AGP
MS-6339 "Power on Function" how to get this to work?
P4T533 vs P4T533-C
Good mobo for rdram + 2.4B GHz?
Need a good micro-atx board with AGP.
Abit BH7..?
Can't boot with P4T533-C
MSI 655 Max Motherboard.
Questions about p4g8x
BH7-Strange issues
8INXP owners, NB HSF question
Motherboard advice
Memory vs. CPU in 8PE667's
Latest BIOS
SINXP1394 + Zalman cooler
8INXP BIOS Settings
How much does the BE7 over-read temps?
RTC error. Can this be fixed, or is the board junk?
Configuring RAID on the P4T533.
Classic IT7 and rECC memory...
bh7 ddr slots
P4PE questions?
Help a P4 Newb!
What happened to the GA-8PE667 Ultra 2?
Intel 845G motherboards
Bios and RIAD
which memory for 8SQ800?
Is Intel 850E chipset good?
bh7 probelms
P2B-F won't boot on controller
P4G8x+P42.4(SL6EF)+2x256 Twin/Win 3200/400 mem.BAD OC
P4G8X owner, what kinda memory are you using???
where can if ond bluetooh card for p4pe?
Unknown P4 board need help
My P4S533(not the E) is having issues
BD7II cooling help.... suggestions
Whats cmos?
P4PE Only 1 IDE hard drive works?
BH7 - bios reads 50C - MBM5 reads 90c?
BEST ABIT 478 MotherBoard out there?
using pc3200 with a 400fsb cpu = pc2700
newb questions - AX63pro/c366. h-drive? pci clock ?
Clear CMOS for 8INXP or SINXP
If I get the ABIT NF7-S v1.2 Special (Deluxe) MEGA Power PLUS Combo...
800 FSB review
Fixed PCI 37mhz
returning to the world of intel
Springdale or Canterwood? Got a look see last night...
Gateway Intel MB How do i get into the BIOS??
8INXP/SINXP sandra bandwidth scores ?
8INXP continuos beep ?
TH7-II owners, any one getting error 51 with CDRW's?
USB hookup to the P4B533
BH6 Limitations (Old School)
PCI @ 30 is that good??
P4PE and the AGP/ I just don't know!
Is Abit making a Granite Bay Based Motherboard?
P4PE memory timings
CPU Memory Frequency question
A chip thats hotter than a processor.
Pictures of 865/875 Asus boards