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p4g8x 2.4b test results
IT7 Max 2 ver. 2 Temps & More
Initial 8SQ800 thoughts...
New BH7 Questions!!!
Gigabyte PE667
BD7 II - Raid and Linux?
Asus CUV4X and Tualeron
When Overclocking, when do you need to worry about agi/pci ratio ??
ARGH! Help!
SQS800 AGP Lock?
Help with Epox 4PEA+
845WN Probs - need help with em...
P4G8X Vdimm Mod
BH7 is available
Modded F4 Bios SINXP
looking for a stable m/b
IT7-MAX2 V2 Yey or Ney?
Can not start P4PE???????
why is intel's interconnect speed slow?
Rambus boards NOT O/C Friendly!!
P4T533 Best Overclock...???
8INXP system temps
P4 mobo?
9700pro and Granite Bay boards: Calling P4G8X users
SHOOTOUT!!!! Granite Bay or SiS655?
Good OC Mobo?
Sony VIAO with Asus MB
Anybody notice subpar 3DMark2001 scores with TH7II?
overclocking the GA-8iHXP(3.0)
Aopen AX45-4D Max SIS 655
Is a Granite Bay worth almost $100 more?
New P4PE Beta Bios
P2 mobo/case question
P4G8X Voltage Tweaks??
Kingston/Samsung PC1066 breath new life in TH7II
Best Intel Overclocking Motherboard
Buying my first Abit mobo
Asus P4PE Black Pearl.... Anyone use this?
ausu P4PE or abit IT7
What 845PE chipset??
any suggestion for a good o/c p4 board?
2.8 It7 max2 v2
TUSL2-C & the 512 MB limit...
Memory problem on P4PE
PC133 in PC66 - Old motherboard question
Need fast : options for best P4 mobo $100
p4 1.8a motherboard help please
Is my Dual Channel DDR setup rite?
AOpen motherboards?
D7 BIOS Revision for IT7-MAX2 V2 ?
Opinions please, 8INXP or SINXP1394
Asus Mobo Meter
has anyone got hdd corruption using pci lock?
Pentium III 750
P4SDX When will it be available?
Asus P2B and PC133 ram
Can I raise the vcore on msi 645 compo
regarding the gigabit p4 titan 533
i850e chipset- How to keep it Cool ?
Best Northbridge Fan/Heatsink??
Read This!!!!
many windows files corrupt - Who's fault?
Switching from Asus to Abit...
Cant OC P4 2.53 C1 stepping on P4PE
Decide the future of my o/c experience! (new mobo)
P4S333 dead?
Decide the future of my o/c experience! (new mobo)
Stupid question
POST beeping in windows??
everything mobo- cheap
p4pe 1003 bios beta
Gigabyte SINXP1394
Gigabyte GA-8SQ800 >> on the way.
Please help me spend money on new machine!
Help Help Help!!!
Trouble with my TH7-RAID, any help?
D845PEBT2 temps?
gigabyte 81 HXP beep codes
Tualatin MOBO with AGP/PCI lock ?
IT7 Max 2 ver. 2 BIOS question
refresh mode select
Is it worth it to get a 8x agp mobo
Abit Bh7
P4 2.53/533 w/ASUS P4PE O/C Help Needed
Gigabyte Dual Power Supply Problems...
Asus P4PE temp problems...
Can I change P4S533-E to P4S533-X?
BE6-II shuts down after 10 seconds?
HELP! I can't get XP to load with a P4PE
p4g8x problems
Found something rather odd
Asus P4PE or Aopen AX4GE? Help!
IT7 max2 v2 USB 2.0
Help me pick a p4 mobo guys
Does the Asus P4S8X read temps incorrectly?
Springdale and Canterwood - what's the difference?
Do I need to RMA?
slotket questions?
Does Gigabyte 8INXP have AGP/PCI lock?
Albatron Px845PE Pro-S or PX845GEV PRO2 ?
Sandra - detects multiprocessor
Going for the sky Need help!!
Asus P4PE or Aopen AX4GE? Help!
is sound card sharing irq with hpt366 on be6 ok?
Getting new IT7 Max2 Ver2 what is proper driver install method?
P4G8X BIOS 1004_014 File Date 02/26/03
p4pe AGP Problem
Setting up an Asus P4B for overclocking a Pentium 4 1.6Ghz
Gigabyte 8PE667 ULTRA2
Need some Advise/Direction
Recomendations on a P4 mobo please
new sockets for prescots?
P4PEGBL anyone play w/ this board?
Please help
P4 2.4A 400mhz fsb on Asus P4T533-C?
Voltages On Gigabyte Ga-8sr533
Voltages On Gigabyte Ga-8sr533
P4G8X or P4PE
I don't understand SATA
Can I restore my data?
w00t, just got my rma from Abit!!!!
Granite Bay Chipset
Help! on increasing FSB
Product Change Notification?
fc-pga2 celeron 1.1Ghz processor
8INXP & Throttling
Asus P4Pe or Abit BE7
NEW O/C setupm, and a hearty welcome to all!!!
8INXP and voltage readings?
nother bios question
best onboard-everything-for-cheap mobo
8INXP digital audio question
Via P4PB Ultra??????anyone use it??
Gateway Mobo
Vcore setting. but no jumper "AVAILABLE"
p4pe and heat killer
Mobo/CPU/Ram help needed please
p4s always got all da goodies :-)
Abit GB7?
what kinda mobo is this......
BIOS problem
i need a keyboard right now, help!
Could anyone post their bios settings
p4pe :( bios
Voltage readings accurate ?
Nice !!!
E7205/SiS 655 based mainboards and memory
Abit BH6 upgrade?
anyone got mobo wit SIS655 chipset?
Abit Max 2 version 2
Other asus mobos as good as p4pe?
BD7m Help!!!
ULtra ATA/100 problem with Gigabyte GA-6vtxe-a
Dual Proc Overclock?
P4G8X owners
GB, SiS, and all things in duality
P4PE 3.06 overclocking
does this board have 4 holes?
summer mobo upgrade... planning ahead :)
my motherboard's bios sux :-(
P4PE/L prob, any ideas?
which granite bay board for high fsbs?!
New Epox 4PEA boards
Help me find out what Motherboard is this
More questions from the AMD user
8inxp In Stock Now At Newegg!!
Question about granite bay
P4 2.26 P4T533-C Vcore problem...HELP
new mobo need advice
New to overclocking
Gigabyte Sinxp
Overclocking newbie
AL440LX show wrong cpu spead
P4b533 2ghz > 3.2ghz
P4G8x On its way!!!
SiS & RAMBUS & ASUS & SAMSUNG team up for 9.6Gb bandwidth!
Swiftech MCX4000 touching the capacitors near the mosfets
msi 845e max (6566e) help with overclocking
Question about P4G8x
How to get more Memory Voltage on IT7-MAX v2.0??
Abit IT7-Max2 Serillel ATA 150
Is this the Mobo maxing out?
asus p4pe Flickering problems
px845pev pro led headers
Upgrade Options
Micro-ATX Socket 370 w/ AGP?
Overclockable on my Mobo?
newbie questions
help on pev pro????
Mobo search engine
For those running an IT7-MAX2 over 200 FSB
DFI Model NB72-SC
Low bandwidth with an 8SQ800
Abit IT7-MAX2
They ever going to make a Quad P4 board?
To P4G8X owner, how high FSB have you hit??
few upgrades to Abit BD7II
How I can adj. memory and video Voltage on TH7II-R
vRambus on TH7-IIr
Good P4 Motherboard...
BE6 II v.2 vs v.1?
New Member-First time buiding a pc....
Springdale Benchmarks
best chipset?
P4g8x + 183fsb
Early SPringdale Benchamark!
Multiplier question, need input please
P4G8X - Where is the DDR/FSB ratio?
Plz Quick, MSI 745 Ultra
Need help with overclocking please
Best MOBO for celly 1.2a
any suggestions on a micro ATX board?
PC Chips M770LMRT
8INXP No Video - HELP!
Wrong Bios, Posts doesnt boot
Cheap MB for Celeron 900
P4PE - Cold booting problems at high FSB
Abit It7-max V2 Owns!
is there anyway to adj the voltage on a intel d815?
Intel D845GRG Motherboard
Thoughts on the BE7?
The giga byte GA-8SQ800, dual channel DDR
GA-8SINXP1394 vmem bios mod?
P4E - Anyone running 1Gig of Corsair memory?
P4PE, Others are u still Running HOT?
P4PE stalls during boot?
Article in Toronto Star re: bad capacitors in electronics (Abit...)
Strange result OC of P4 1.8A on Asus P4T-E
New ATi chipset
HSF recommendation for Abit TH7-RAID
TH711 post code F4
Good Cheap Slot1 Mobo needed
P4PE temp problems
which tual. mb would you get?
considering the P4G8X DELUXE for upgrade
The Dream Board
P4PE no overclock
Gigabyte GA-6VX7-4X bad flash?
P4G8X non-deluxe 1GB XMS3200C2!
p4s533 no power issue
BD7II: how to disable thermal throttling?
turbo.pll project HELP!
looking for PIII mobo
PC Chips 930LR w/ 1.6GHz P4
EPoX SiS655 board?
feature-rich Intel boards?
IT7-MAX2 V2 High temps?
TH7II - Will not Suspend to RAM - Why?
O/c an asus p4t533 to get it over 150 fsb
Want to overclock a MSI - 6506 motherboard
TH7II memory detection problem
4PEA+ and a PCI Silicon Image ATA133 RAID card
Motherboard probs
GA-8PE667 Ultra Help to set BIOS...
Big Problem With Be-7 Temp Reading
expected release of msi 655 max mobos?
Am I missing something here? (Albatron 845PEV Pro question)
Gigabyte GA-6vtxe
Mobo refuses to overclock
GA-8INXP Newbie Install Questions
P4pe optimazation guide?
AGP voltage on it7max2v2
My mo/bo is beeping :(
Where is that in Giga 8pe667-ultra?
Asus I-Panel Does it really suck.
ABit IT7 Max2 V2 Temps?
Pentium 1
Asus P4PE
Anyone use TH7-RAID with Powerleap adapter?
So WTF already!!!!!
Trouble overclocking P4PE w/ P4 2.53
What Chipset for P4
Has anyone tried this Mobo?
bd7 ll with raid, TEMPS OUT THE ROOF
n00b with a 4BDA and P4 1.8a
Asus P4PE
look at what the cat brought in
Asus = No Usb 2.0 < Wtf ?
Celeron 700 question
SiS 655 boards
Abit IT2 Max2 v2 support EAX audio ?
I finally got in the new board!
Granite Bay board
CUSL2 with TUSL2-M Bios?
th7 II and pc1066
Help! P4T (socket 423) vcore mod???
bd7ii raid and 256mb ddr333
Asus P4PE max fsb???
You've Gotta Be Kidding! P4G8X
CAS Timings with P4PE
P4S533-X bios
P4PE FSB How To?
Asus TUSL2-C
New MoBo on the way!!
Original IT7 runs out of gas at 2.8VDIMM???
HELP plz!
th7II stable fsb limit
P4G8X and latency question
Via Chipset
P4B533 users.
gigabyte titan problem!
should we wait for canterwood ?
P4PE with Asus Geforce3 V8200 voltage too high!?
Busted thermal diode
VRD power failure - help !!!
Abit IT7 max v2 or Asus P4G8X Deluxe
GA-8LS533 question
Please help unlock Multiplier
Stability after 2.8GHZ
IT7 MAX2 v2
Broken BIOS
different mem divider..?( Ph Punisher??)
IT7-MAX First time wont boot.
Overclock Software, Fuzzy Logic, I want a similar Program
P4B users with 1.8A or 2.0A
Canterwood boards
Giga8inxp core voltage
Asus P4S8X OC Sucess..
overclock and usb card
Need help Overclocking this (intel) board
AMD to Intel - convince me
Springdale PE chipset
upgraded BD7II bios now comp is unstable??
BE-7 overclocking porbs..........
What's the BEST P4 mobo out there?
I need a good board for a Celly 466Mhz
good p4 board non-o/c'd
Looking for new mobo
P4 2.66 on BD7
Which P4 MOBO?!?!?
If you have a P4PE with RAID setup please reply
Abit BD7II vs Asus P4B
AMD User with P4 questions...
P4PE on board sound. lock agp/pci and it dies. any insight?
I need help with a MB! :0(
Does updating HPT BIOS kill the RAID set?
P4 2.66 at TH7II
abit bd7-ii or it7 max2 ver2
Should I buy now.....
yay or nay?
Question about VP6
Dual P4 Board
p4m & multi?
what voltage ? Burn in ?
asus bios 1002 ??? crashed my computer
What happend to RAID!?
Canterwood Chipset
BIOS Health Screen locks up
Which board/celly 700?
reformatting with IT7, what Intel drivers do I need?
ADvice for 3.06 Mobo?
Aopen AX45-8XN Overclockable
GraniTe Bay ??? yes or no
P4 Mobo Recommendations please
Is this a possibility?
!!HELP P4PE Wont start!!
IT7-MAX2v2 -12 and -5 voltages
Need HELP on XMS3200LLPT - Not being recognized
SiS R659 quad channel RDRAM chipset
Need a bios update! help?
New P4 system won't boot - please help
anyone overclock the p4g8x yet?
Is the SI7 of interest?
P4 Mainboard with AGP 2x recommendation
which video card above 150fsb w/bx board?
overclock the p4 2.53 on asus p4pe
Help with capacitors
Which Motherboard
CPU FSB dosn't suport PLL, any other programs i can use?
lol blah. it7-max2 dimm slot placement
anybody know....
soyo 6ba+iv and tualatin celeron?
Asus P4PE and Swiftech MCX4000-B
fast mobo NF2 decision help
max fsb on IT7 with corsair 3200?
Need Help: Need a good OC board for P4 and/or P4Celeron.
Motherboard jumpers
Are there HSF mounting holes in a Asus P4PE?
BX133Raid can't install celeron 1100, help!
Recommend a motherbaord for me.
Asus P4S533-E or Epox-4PEAE i845PE?
Best Overclocking P4 board
P4SDX and the P4G8X
p4pe Rebooting on its own
Soyo P4 Dragon Ultra Platinum BIOS Question
asus p4pe black pearl
Motherboard decision...uh, help?
onboard raid + pci raid
NEW P4B-533E beta bios
2.4 results
Which one will you choose?
Which one will you choose?
Albatron P4 Motherboards are they good?
I have a P4. now what board?
Is the Shuttle AS45GTR Motherboard any good?
BD7II-RAID Can't Use All Disks
CUSL2 BIOS Shot. Options?
Asus P4PE settings (help)
Mobo for S-ATA II
Opinions on P4S8X
What Epox 4PEA+ board do you have? (pic links inside)
Which component causing lock up? P4PE
Abit IT7-MAX2V2.0 Or Asus P4PE?
Iwill P4ES ???
simple yes or no
TH7II-RAID and P4 2.4 Northy - vcore problem?
SiS = Suck ?
GA-8PE667 Ultra
Direct Rambus Clock Generator
Did I smoke my 1.8a???? ("00" post on TH7-II)
Motherboard USB's
TH7 I help needed !
Overclocking options on my Gigabyte board
why so many BIOS's?
Can you change the NorthBridge?
Turbo Feature
intel chipsets
Best MB
which mobo and why?
Should i go for Asus P4B?
3.06 mobo?
Overclocking the 1.8a on Abit TH7-II
question about serial ata raid on p4pe
Anybody have the MSI 845D (6398) IS it a good overclocker ?
2.4B ASUS P4PE & peculiar Sandra marks
New chipset soon??????
Processor advice for TH7 II
PIII chipsets
Abit and onboard RAID, fail?
P4PE, is Corsair 3500 OC able? for this board
New P4PE.....advice please
looking for mobo for 1.8 and sdram...
Asus P4PE on-board LAN problems.
bios question
New Abit rdram board
Will high vCore stress/damage motherboard ?
What would your ideal board have, and how much would you pay?
TH7-II RAID BIOS UpDate : Lost Drive on RAID Array
How do I know that this mobo will support Tualatins?
Asus P4PE and vdimm
p4pe feature Q's
New D7 BIOS doesnt like my sound card?
Need i845PE chipset drivers
Jumper free?? - P4S533
Good Motherboard for P4 3.06GHZ?
Narrowed down mobo choices, need some advice please.
P4t533-c Won't Overclock At All
Epox EP-3PTA
MSI 6182 USB Pin Layout
BIOS Question
Asus P4T533-C, Any advantag over DDR?
2.4B C1@non-default (air cooled)
need mobo suggestion
coppermine on P2B ver 1.04
BE/ 845PE problems...please help me
p4pe rev. 1.03 reads correct temps.
Installing mo/bo drivers
Which mobo better?
Strange voltages on P4B-533E
overclocking on intel's d845gbvl
th7-ii RDRAM memory timing
"The BIOS is not installed"
1.8 @ 3.06 on TH7II
Updating BIOS
IT7 Max2 V2 Overclock Problem
adding parts of a bios to a diff bios
Overclocking a Trigem Glendale mobo with P4Celeron 2.0Ghz
Best Cpu to get for Asus P4B
Best Micro-Atx motherboard for my p4 2.8ghz
P4PE- EZ Plug or ATX 4 pin Plug?
Asus P4pe
New Motherboard
Newegg and GA-8PE667 Ultra
chipset drivers?
TH7-II RAID : New ABit BIOS Question
P4PE benchmark and can I go higher anyone?
ASUS P4PE overvolting question
"safe" settings for P4PE's FSB?
How and I doing overclocking P4PE and P4 2.4B C1?
IT7 Max2
bios swaps, trickery with bios chips
Best server mobo/cpu combo?
compatible mobo???
old Intel VS440FX board
need help ocing this mobo
Temps on a BD7II
Which MOBO?