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ASUS P4PE overvolting question
"safe" settings for P4PE's FSB?
How and I doing overclocking P4PE and P4 2.4B C1?
IT7 Max2
bios swaps, trickery with bios chips
Best server mobo/cpu combo?
compatible mobo???
old Intel VS440FX board
need help ocing this mobo
Temps on a BD7II
Which MOBO?
BD7-II: difference between "3:4" and "(by SPD) 3:4" ?!?!
P3B-F question
More than 512MB Ram in a i815 mobo.
P3V4X clockgen interchange
A-open AX3SP-U
help with my intel*se440bx2
need a new motherboard!!
PLL for intell D815E mobo?
xp professional on VP6
Asus PC Probe....Quirky readings!!!
P4B533-E Mem prob's`
SIS rdram?
Does the BD7-2 under measure/report the CPU temp?
Soltek Motherboards
HELP! probably dead mobo...
Beat by an AMD!!
Need help finding a PIII board that supports a 1100Mhz cpu
Long Story- Short Questions...
asus p4t5333-c problem
Comments Requested : TH7-II FSB Modifier
Granite Bay @ 180MHz FSB Benchies
which p4 mobo to get...
Patched P3B-1394 BIOS for Tualatin?
System temp at 51 degrees!!
P4PE, 2.8 OC'd at 3.11
re: overclocking a 1 ghz celly on BF6
P4PE mb temp 33c, CPU temp 43-50c, bench 15222??
quick help 4 it7 max v2
A Funny Thing Happened To Me This Afternoon...
Albatron or IWILL
New IT7 classic BIOS
P4PE fsb 600 and clocking 3.15
What's the difference?
Anyone Have a SR7-8X besides me?
Does a MoBo exist with rdram 232pin and 8x agp ?!?!
?s about my CUV266, new to O/C.
Need to replace a mobo
Gigabyte GA-6VXE+
Usb problems with p4pe
Application accelerater
p4t533, radeon 8500 problems
Fan feels loose, should I add a shim?
Hardware montor alert!
Micro ATX for a Celeron W/AGP slot
BD7II - Stuck at 133ish FSB
how to identify intel/dell board?
Help..Crash on start, then Reboot???
{Quesition on mother board
bootable cd-rom on bd7II?
A few Asus P2B questions
Odd motherboard behaviour
SiS 655 chipset board article
confused about bh6
TH7-II : confused about processors
Best bios settings for IT7-Max2 & P4 2.66 or 2.8?
Gigabyte ga-60xm7e, supports Tualatins?
Albatron PX845PE PRO II
My Dell board overclocks up to 33%, hurray!
I need some help with Phantom Punisher's Vmem mod on the IT7 MAX2
What board do I have?
i have an albatron 845pe mobo and it wont boot!!
Does the AbitTH711 mobo Undervolt?
Need help please, 64bit M/B question
P4PE and 1 stick of 512mg Mushkin High Performance DDR 2700 @ 2,2,2?
Strange problems with an Epox 4G4A+
Bios for the Gigabyte 8PE667
WTF is going on here???????????
epox pent 4 overclock?
overclocking with the D845PEBT2
Plz Help Me !!!!!!
Changing multipliers on a P2L97
Question on the Asus 845PE??
Abit BE6II/Windows XP install info
P4PE a bad overclocker ?
P4T533 Whats your BEST OC with this MoBo?!?!
P4PE - Bios
availablity of granite bay boards
The new Granit Bay boards
150fsb on my 440BX?
Will Abit BE-6 accept a P3-733
Epox 4T4A+
P4T533..Floppy Boot in Bios !?!?!?!?
Help me find this board please
Mermory Frequency???
Asus P4G8X Deluxe Landed (UK)
P4B533 and Memory Timings
Socket 370 DDR Mobo
P4PE 5.1 sound? um, where?
CD/IDE problems on P4PE? ... Total Newbie here :p
best bios for bd7II
Good OC board.
No Post - please help - desperate
BE7-Raid NB heat problems
BE6-II Cap replacment
setFSB won't work with my 7IS2
Capacitor of MSI-6168
Dual Channel DDR memory ?
P4PE "SMART Failure predicted" on bootup
Volcano 7+ / P4 2.53ghz / P4PE question
need help with installing cpu
p4pe beta bios cpu multiplier avaiable
builtin audio problem in BD7-2
Need a little help
Help!! I can't OC my mobo and enable AGP 4X!
BD7-II a good board for $25?
Abit or Asus
help with asus p2b
MSI 845GE Max memory timmings prob
Dumb question but...
Help with the D845PEBT2!
How can I see what PCI clock I am running at?
Abit ST6-R not running with 4:4:1 setting with Tualatin 1.4
Hyperthreading possible with every P4-Chipset?
forcing pentium III to 133mhz FSB
230MHz FSB in a IT7-MAX
Seeking mobo advice (high fsb needed)
Bios confusment
Looking for a good motherboard
Abit Max ver. 2 Firewire ?
Abit IT7 MAX2 v 2.0 hits 200Mhz FSB
Just bought the Abit IT7, not the Max2 but the original IT7 is it good?
Powerleap installation on BF6
problems on new P4PE system
Anyone using Powerleap 1.4 CPU for BF6
1000 $ to build an intel p4... wich mobo ?
ss51g mobo?
66mhz PCI slots on IT7 Max2 Rev2?
Monster O/C mobo hunt
P4B533-E supports HT?
Ecs P4s5a2
Bios flashing methods used by you on MSI MB's
Help me decide on a motherboard to buy.
question about overclocking
Asus P4B Users
Help Me Find A Link ST-6
Which boards
4 Drives on RAID - Abit TH7-II RAID
HELP mobo blownup
what's the best bord for rdramm ???
? on Memory OC on P4PE
Motherboard finder
New bios IT7 Max2v2 - PD6 - Raise the upper limit of CPU core voltage to 1.85V
P4B266....can't hardly OC
Where is the tempsensor on th BD7II?
P4PE owners read this!! Reported Temps
ASUS MBM5 Temp Sensors???
be6-II +Celeron S370 + MS6905 experiences?
Memory Timing on Corsair XMS 3500
I wonder...
safe i/o voltage?
Do you think that's possible???
845PE blue mountain 2
Mobo-makers and RMA policies
Intel, Asus, Abit, so hard to decide?
Help Picking A Mobo
?????? Ga-8ihxp-2 ??????
new some help with Intel AL440LX
Chaintech ZENITH 9EJS1 845PE
Future upgrade on my TH7-II... what to do...
Asus P4PE - what darn memory settings???
Albatron PX845Pev pro and MBM 5
bx-133 memory problem (different)
does your max2 v2, say v2.0 on the mobo?
AS3 on P4PE Northbridge void warranty?
computer spec mess up?
Same Ole Q. One more time please
Anyone running P4PE and Radeon 9500 Pro
Some Help
Want to help me build a intel setup?
Gigabyte GA-8PE667 ULTRA 2
Mem prob with BX133 Raid
P4PE setup for new computer
RAID Question for TH7-II
Micro ATX and chipsets
When Should one update mobo BIOS?
P4TE Odd RDRAM Crash: Channel A
intel d485pebt2 USB wiring
P4PE game/midi port...
post test
Really Strange.......
Abit Bh6
socket 370 that supports DDR
P4PE or PX845PE?
FSBs > 133 on the ECS P6S5AT
Mobo w/ SD-RAM
which would be better?
my left nut for an abit 850e board
P4PE losing soundmax audio when cpu OC'd - URGENT help requested please
soyo 7vda socket 370 DDR board
Springdale chipset
P4PE overclocking
P4PE - 2.66@3.00 (150fsb) not stable.
Asus P4PE Fan Headers
All 815 chipsets support Tualatins?
p4b-533 and overclocking
Need serious help with SIS 648/ATI problem
lil help deciding
help needed P4PE mobo
Old P3 700 @ 1050
Asus P4PE - 2.53@3.04 1.7vcore
P4T 533-C...not recognizing total ram ?
Granite Bay - only 3 manufactures?
P4b533 1013.001 Bios
Upgrading Gateway Motherboard
will Abit make a Intel® E7205 Chipset ?
compatibility problem =/
TH7-II, Volts, Temp (lets beat this to the ground again)
Does VP6 have a /5 PCI divider?
th7II schematic for monster mod
When exactly will the springdale chipset be released?
ASUS P4B266 - Turbo option in Bios???
IT7 Dying??????
p4t533 memory benchmarks
GA-8PE667 Ultra hacked bios?
Dell Precision 530MT MOBO?
Just starting out need help...
Most workable Mobo?
Hm..... 845PE question
Anyone with a P4PE experience SNDS? and a voltage question
Abit TH7 II wont shutdown?
c1 stepping
I need a hand with this TYAN board
Good P4pe setup?
REFURBISHED????? P4PE 85 bux...
asus p3b-f smb connection?
asus p4pe problem!!!! plz help
Asus P4B533-E Beta Bios
Having probems with the 3:4 setting on IT7-MAX2 V2.0
VH6T changing BIOS values at will...
P4PE help
Intel Mobo's to support dual ddr400
TH7-IIR and PC800
best oc'ing mobo out now
abit it7 max ver2.0 set up question
Anyone Use iWill Boards? Experiences?
GB boards at gamepc.com
Will P4T-E overclock higher than 133 FSB?
440LX FSB capabilities
Gigabyte owners: Easy tune 4 is out
P4PE Overclocking Tips?
Whats the best price for a Abit BD7-ll?
694T question re Processor
Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra
Question about connectors with an Asus P4PE and Antec Trupower 430 PSU.
Gigabyte GA-8INXP or ASUS P4G8X Dlx
Albatron Motherboards
3:4 ratio and memory timing control on P4B266
Flashing BIOS - Asus P4PE; doesn't work
Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Problem!?!?!
Asus P4PE - Removing CPU bracket
oji special/turbo.pll/p4t-533c
bios updates asus p3b-f
P4PE sound...4.1 support and sound quality questions
Abit IT7 CP Bios unstable? Most stable version?
Need IDE channels - What mobo?
FSB resets
Asus P4PE Memory Question
Suspend to RAM (S3)
P4Pe or P4B533? Help
Thanks to Everyone..
Can't o/c my MSI?!?
i got a bios savior for the it7
Xeon Board HELP?
Why i chose the P4PE for my new rig..am i correct
What temp sensor does P4PE use?
When the hell are GB boards coming?
Will these boards support Tualatin Celeron processors?
P4T-E V-Core
-[[intel Dual DDR Channels?]]-
compatible P3-S motherboards?
Gigabyte GA-8INXP board, when or where?
try this and see how far ur mobo undervolt
Which One????
Is BE7 good
What is 4x Iref in Abit IT7 MAX2 v2.0?
Asus P4PE vs Albatron Pro II
Overvolting DRCG's
Abit IT7 max2 settings/OC Q!
Problems with BFDISK.ROM.
Abit IT7 Max-2 bios settings/oc Q!
VIO increase on P4PE
Ep-4t4a+ ?
How to identify a board?
Only for Abit BX133-RAID owners
P4 mobo?
it7 max2 ram issue
Sis 658
Advice on Motherboard choice
Abit BX133-RAID and PC133 High Density
Abit SA6R ....Please Help!!!!!
DCDDR: Intel versus AMD
Isa [2] option with cbrom.
Asus P4PE (objectively) poor sound quality
Found 3/4 divider, solder point for the EP-4PEA/+
P4 Mobo Upgrade Purchase Advice Sought
no 411 on intel?
Please help with undestanding CPU: DRAM Clokc Ratio
Curious: Can one install diferent BIOS's to a mobo?
anyone tried more than 512mb ram on i815?
Asus, Abit, Intel, or? HELP
P4B266 Reviews?
FYI AS40GT has a new bios out
Aopen motherboards
Do I have a DOA P4PE?
Talkabout undervoltages!!!!!!!!!1
printer port drops when overclocking
cuv4x has power but the fan wont spin and wont boot
Abit BE7 onboard sound quality
P4PE inadequate power
Motherboard dead? Do i need a new case for...
EPOX 4PEA+...wheres 4:5 for memory?
when will Granite Bay motherboards be distrubted?
Sis 648 motherboards
Need help Overclocking on Aopen AX4G Pro mobo
Any suggestions/reccomendations?
who's using a 9700 pro on a Th7II
Th7II and problems with os. any info?
Gigabyte GA-8PE667 ULTRA 2
P4B533 silent beeping
Computer Randomly Powers Down
Soyo Dragon Ultra
IT7 Max2 Ver2 Audio problem when overclocking PCI...Any suggestions?
P4PE- i hate it
IT7-MAX2 V2.0 - Help with OCing
need some help tweaking p4 2.4
Canterwood Turbo DDR400 Details
BX6-2 Ram question
IT7 AGP slot off, did anybody get fixed boards from Abit?
What kinda mobo?
between 4PEA+ and 4G4A+ which one OC's better...
new bd7II bios @ techconnect
Additional thermal sensor for BD7-II
Need help choosing a mobo.
Mr. Natural Bios
MSI Wallpapers
Is my IT7 MAX2 faulty?
flash update prog? abit th7-ii
TH7-II C1 Error...Help?
hdd led on th7hII not working?
Temp On 4pea+
P4PE Voltage question
Motherboard Monitor for Gigabyte GA- 8SIML
best RDRAM p4 board
BE6 II no video???
How do I find the motherboard model and maker
i get 645E MAX2-LRU (MS-6567)?
Gigabyte ga-8ihxp Bios and Easy tune support.
Disabling RAID
Gigayte 8IHXP <onboard raid>
System won't boot.....
ASUS Motherboard Temperature Position?
P4PE from Newegg...
E7205 w ECC/REG
P4B Onboard Sound Card, help!
Asus P4PE bios setting what is this???
Can I do this with this motherboard?
IT7 problems, can anyone help me out?
Asus P4B533 question.
Epox 4PEA+
Soltek SL-85ERV2 Via P4X400A
Upgrading bios without A: drive ??
OK I got my P4PE Going, Now for the problems!! grrr
I should posted here first, socket 370 in an ABIT BE6
195 fsb on Asus TUSL2-C
Asus P4s8x
600mhz drcgs
Asus p4pe or Abit IT7-MAX2 V2.0
p4pe or IT7-MAX2 V2.0
Asus P4PE, 2.8, Corsair 3200XMS, VapoChill (OC advice needed)
Need TX97-XV Bios and Mobo Drivers
Which mobo is best for overclocking
here we go again
TH7II and PC1060 RDRAM
P4T533-C and USB Problems!
p4pe question
P4T533-C and USB Problems!
P4 Motherboards
Git my P4PE with P4 2.53 going
frustrating problem ive been battleing
VIA drivers used for the BD7-II?
ALbatron PX845PE Pro II and boot from RAID
advice for new P4B533 based system
asus p4t-e question
hd not recognized for winxp installation
Are these temps acurate?
P4PE vcore concern
Where are all the th7-ii boards?
BE7 temperatures?
Contemplating a BE7. Few Q's please
Overclocking with D845EBG2 motherboard
Leaky Capacitors
66 mhz pci slot?
anything but stock voltage = CRASH
Question: 845E DDR400.
Tazer - Tyan S1854 (!??!)
Time to buy
BE7-S/B/G differences
Newbie questions, advice needed.
Which 845PE Mainboards supports a 200+MHZ FSB?
Compare and contrast these 2 asus P4 motherboards please
Need help with my P4T-E
Please i need new bios /divisor
BE7 vcore/vdimm?
Msi 845 Ge Max-l
I also need advice please {from anyone}
Are voltage readouts correct? (+3.3v, +5v, +12v)
(Yet another) Looking for a mobo topic
BX boards safe at 140mhz FSB?
gonna build me intel computer, need help
I need a mATX P4 motherboard
Overclock Gigabyte GA-8IEXP
MSI-648-Max Bios?
microATX 845PE good OCing boards?
4g4a fried? possible...
Going Intel
Soltek Golden Flame Granite Bay
voltage warning --help?!!?
abit it-7 mobo with wc,pls post ur temp
Whats the computing world coming to?
iT7 Max 2 not reading Temp correct? Any one else?
Still cant overclock my msi 648 max!
Asus P4B266 Question?????
Gigabyte 8INXP Availability???
vio mod th7ll
How do I harass Abit into making the 1/5 divider available for VH6T?
Need Some help with the GA-8IEXP ...
Dying Asus P4B533-E
GIGA-PE667 Chipset Fan Problem?!
Best Soyo MB/Northwood for OC?
IT-7 temp......is that accurate or not
BE7-raid or IT7 Max v2
how is the bx-133?
Buying a ASUS motherboard
P4t533-C Question
ASUS P4PE users please read.......!
Reading Voltages from Abit BG7
MSI MOBO temps accurate?
asus p4t533R
Please help me to begin....
DDR 333 or 400
Any truth to the rumor that Abit bds (BE7) has boot problems?
Bd7-Raid and continuing temperature issues...
Asus p4s533-e or epox 4g4a?
Asus P4PE or
Best Slot 1 Motherboard
GA-8IHXP & usb2.0 Support??????
Abit axes Granite Bay
Abit GB7 motherboard
BE7 + GF4200 + Enermax = Cold boot problem?
my modded th7II bios
Anyone with a MediaXP! Please help!
P3 800 on a abit vh6
Looking for a Nice P4 DDR Board
i/o voltage is too low??
P4T-E...850 chipset question.
baby at board?
POS Raid on IT7!!!
Abit VH6T memory setting
intel PE chipset or wait for GB ??? aarrgh
ecs p6vxat
1.8GA C1 Sounds Wonderful!!!
BD7II-Raid Bios ?
Bug on BIOS ASUS P4PE for temp monitoring!
Need some input on CRAPPY MSI 845E MAX2...
Need a stable P4 board
soyo 71S2
is this true
SetFSB supported "ASUS P4S533"
TH7II wont post, C1 error