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Diff between It7max 1 and 2¿
Best Overclocking MOBO for Dual P3-S @ 1.4Ghz?
ST6 Board Availability
Vmem mod for an IT7
P4B533E Voltages
TH7-II Overvolt Alarm??
Whic MOBO? you decide.
Which MOBO?
What Motherboard to use??
Anybody know what this jumper does on VH6T?
Abit with pc2700
Is the board dead?
BIOS talk for the IT7-MAX2 ..
it7 max intel accelerator cd
2 questions, Abit RMA and new P4 board
CPU Fan Speed?
ST6 & Thermal Probe Readings
it7_c6 modded bios up on site
BD7 raid oddity?
Abit ST6 & Tualatin Eng Sample CPU mult ?
Asus P3B-F
ABIT BD7-II and Mr. Natural BIOS?
Witch it7-max2 bios to use?.
Best Driver for P4B533-E
Abit IT7 Max2 or Asus P4B533-E
Best proc for TH7ii-R for games and oc'n
Intel Billings D845BG/Pendleton D845PT
8IRXP Corsair XMS?
P3B-F and ti4200
8K5a2+ IDE SET UP Problem
Need help O.C Aopen ax6bc pro (440bx)
A Look@Iwill's P4HT (845PE)
P4S533-E tried to install it, hlp plz
Will a 2.5 or 2.6 P4 work on a TH7IIraid
P4TE with CYP-632850 drcg's...
Is it possible to volt mod the memory on the P4T-E?
P4S8x, to P4S533-E back to P4S*x
Ram P4b533-e
Have Anybody compared the BE7 with the IT7 1 or 2
INtel Granite bay DDR2 boards launch next month. Link inside.
it7/it7max2/it7max2 v2.0 mod bios
Fried mobo?
New TH7-II User. Having Problems Need Help
IT7 Max 2 bios with more memory dividers?
I am a newbe at overclocking
no BIOS CD PLEASE answer soon
Acorp dual P3 socket 370 motherboard
Is this about it for a 2.53 on air?
Intel D845EBT Motherboard & Overclocking
BD7-RAID: 1 stick of RAM, DDR400, 2 Sticks...down the tubes!!!)
IT7 max bios prob
program to edit bios?
BH6 rev 1.01 + tualatin 1.2 - can't overclock
IT7 OCing guide?
Temperature diode accuracy
P4S533-E board came , no bios cd help plz
how set mem to ddr200 in abit bd7 II?
Granite Bay or SiS 655?
RAID users... is it worth it, or just a pain in the...
TH7 Users... What BIOS are you running?
@BD7-II users :)
Newbie needs an Intel MB
Abit IT-7 with psu
Abit TH7II and a P4 2.4b
Need a good home for a 2.4
Hardware monitor?
FSB pin modding.
FSB Pin Modding.
Pin volt mod doesnt work on the P4T-E
P4S-8X good for overclocking?
Best Heatsink and Fan combination for 2.66 P4 CPU?
P4S-8X good for o/c'ing?
Audigy and IT7-MAX2 ??
Intel Application Accelerator and RAID
Only EXEs are curropted due to pci bus?
Problems posting ABIT BG7 board
p4t533-c with pc1066 overclocking question
Best Board!?
VIA = Peice of crap, also mobo rankings
abit SR7-8X overclocking to the exxxxtreme ?
Supercomputer Motherboard - quad cpu / 32 GB DDR-RAM
ASUS P2B-DS (i.e Back in the day....)
P4 Processor For Asus P4b266
Which mb for 2.26b with DDR?
anyway i can overclocker with this baord?
SOYO P4X400 Dragon
Will Abit ever release a R658 motherboard?
sr7-8x temp issue
problem with it-7
INF and IAA what are they and do i need them ???
drivers for p4B533-e
IT7 and printer connection? Please Help!!
P4B 533-E Agressive Memory Timings?
How do i found out what kinda MOBO ?
TH7-II Northwood 'B' experiences...?
How to tell if Abit BD7-II is dead or CPU is dead?
Hello fellow TH7 users! (new here, got some questions)
mobo and bios questions mabe .........?
memory interleaving in BD7-2? is this available?
set pc2700 with abit it-7
What board?
What board for my needs?
IT7 intermittent start problems?
Board Help
BX doesn't like >128MB of RAM at all?
abit motherboard it-7
Problems with P4T533-C
Can somebody direct me to the older P4B533-VM bios?
th7-II, is there a 3.3v mod?
modded it7_bt bios
IT7 MAX2 Rev 2...when?
P4t533-C Memory Cost
p4t533 vrimm mod
ep-4t4a+ / ep-4t4au
32bit rdram! What brand do you have...
P4S533 and AGP
What's the max vcore for Abit's TH7 BF BIOS??
PNY GF4 Ti 4400 won't play nice w/my TH7-II setup - HELP!
FIC PN-6210 User Comments
it7 and corsair ram pc3200
Tualatin MB with raid 1
Refurbished TH7-II: Need Tips Please
P4B266 and Vcore
Is Abit ever going to make a 850e board?
New Motherboard
will this work?
chose booting device on P4B533-E
The New Intel 845PE chipset
Ramos? P4GE-V socket 478 or the
P4s333 & P4s8x
Asus p4s533 stall question
Sound and High FSB
Modded ABIT BF6 BIOS update with Tualatin Microcode
right?? 556FSB ? 2.64 overclock??
thinking of asking for RMA
new gigabyte MB.. nothing detects on secondary
P4S8X 2.53 now 2.58
D815EPFV board question and Intel Bios
PLZ What did I just do??
P4T-E Jumper settings for above 112 fsb
ipanel deluxe
Epox EP-4T4AU
Need Advice, Wich MB Should I Buy
Can I push this system farther? stats inside..
Does the Gigabyte GA-8IGX support all 3 banks of DDR filled?
what do you all think about the .......
Learning to read the SAMSUNG RDRAM memory label
DMI Editor?
Asus P4S533 can't do DDR 430 above 133fsb, but can do ddr 450 at 113fsb.
Question about the ASUS P4B533-E
Replacing components on A7V333
need new m-atx system......
Quick IT7 MAX question...
Anyone else with this issue? Beeping Board
Abit BE7???
BD7II + P4 1.6a stopped overclocking
New bios for the IT7-max2 today!!
which mb....
IT7-MAX 2/330W Power supply
differential current
P4T-533 user opinions website
i just fry my intel mb
Any useful sites for Abit users?
p4b533 playing a tune...how do i stop this
Anyone else w/P4PE yet?
motherboard problem soyo pIII HELP
8200 Bios Upgrade
What's the best IT7?
good cheap motherboard for celeron
Need a board for an old p3 500 mhz
TUSL2-C + Celeratin Need more power!
IT7 Max Temp Related
Biostar M6VLQ mobo Folding rig questions
Abit IT7 max2 and Xtreme DDR
****ed @ it all (...@ me.... )
Temp displays from MBM5/SiSoft vs. Bios
How accurate is the temp sensor on the BD7?
rhino i850-acp - fsb and cpu clock
Intel "granite bay", on OCT. 22?
P4t-e memory question overclocking
IT7 MAX 2 just arrived- need serious help
Vacuum Madness
Soyo SY-7VCA-E
P4, newb(ish)
Gigabyte GA-81GX or Abit BD7II ???
Vcore BIOS suggestion for TH7-II
4bda and pcxxxx?
OC PIV 2.0 on Asus P4S533..... Need help...
Shuttle SS51G Motherboard
chipset change
OK where the heck is the ABIT BD7-II MEM VMOD
Oh shiiiiiiiz
SSS you there?
NewEgg refurb!
484DDR w/ 2.9V memory volatge but I want more
Gigabyte P4 Titan 667 - what's the go?
Just wondering if anyone knows of a board to meet these specs
My 845g supports Hyper Threading ??
Someone Help Me OC my cPU=)
Help I'm new!
P4T-E - new beta bios out!!
Locking the PCI/AGP bust to 33mhz??
My IT7-Max2 have the "world record" on the PC Mark memory score
ASUS P4S333 usb problem
Help with a CC820
P4T-E and overclocking problems
AOpen Users!! Do you trust your system/CPU temps?
Gigabyte 8IEXP and networking
My Current Temp ....is it high ?
Anyone know how to Mod the BD72-Raid Vcore Default Value ?
Better bios for IT7-Max
P4S8X? Anyone try one yet?
New IT7 Max-Pain-in-the-arse
Finally, P4B533 working like it should
P4B266 - boots with jumpers at 133 but not w/ Softmenu
P4533-E boot up and cdroms problem help!
ABit TH7ii-Raid th7hbf bios with htp 2.32 inserted.
CUSL-2, Fan Stall warning
Help!!! BD7-II flipping out
Building New PC, Qs about MB
This motherboard any good?
Abit Th7-2 raid +P4 2.5GHz
Need Recommendation
P4 steppings
Ram setting with P4b533
Modded it7_av bios for it7 max2 only
Question about current temps...
MSI 845G max-L overclocking problem..2.0A gig FSB problem..
Which chipset? Sis? nvidia? via or intel?
VH6T thermistor question
Which would you get?
IT7 max 2 memory timings.
No 1.22 Higpoint bios....yet :)
COMPAQ SPIDER BOARDS good for overclocking?
Help Please, did I miss something?
Gigabyte GA-8IHXP "F7" Bios Released
stumped on pb533vm and floppy drive
Code Ed with IT7???
Dual DDR Boards coming out soon?
Asus P4S533 and FSB OC..
need help swapping out Asus for an Intel mobo...
Help wich board Gigabyte 8IHXP or Asus P4T533-R?
P4 SW8X Sandra Says,FSB 540
My IT7 took a big CRaPOLA....
Gigabyte 8IHXP and RD-1066 32bit?
One question about ASUS P4S8X
Going for it - Upgrade to P4B533-E
IT7 MAX2 HDD Size?
Need some advice on a P4 board purchase
Do I have a bad P4B533-E?
Bad HDD performance on P4S533 (SiSoft Sandra 2002 SP1)
Max OC on P4T533
Anyone running a C1 2.5/400FSB on the TH7II-R?
Question on P4T533(-C) and RDRAM
Abit It7 Max2
Shuttle AS45GTR acces 5.1
Looking for Great MOBO
A very... ****ed(stupid) Pentium owner(RDRAM question)
New Micro ATX boards?
Please Help !!!
400watt power supply,
Asus P4B533-E New Bios
8iexp 3/4 setting!!! Found?!?!
Anyone know how to set/activate the /5 and /6 dividers for VH6T?
new Rimm 1200, what can you use this on?
Anyone running a Gigabyte 8SG667??
2 stupid questions :)
HELP w/ asus p4t533
Abit IT7-Max2 or Asus P4B533?
IT7-Max2, BD7II, BD7IIR - Which one?
IT7-MAX2 v2.0 (Intel 845PE) available soon!
Does the Abit IT7-MAX2 also miss-read temps?
Would an i820 board take the tualatin?
Incorrect memory speed at first bootup
Installing chipset drivers >>> freezes apps
BD7-II Problems
P4T 533 or P4T533-C
Overclock 101
GA-8IHXP with 4 rimms full or 2 ?
High FSB's on 2gig northie ??????
best cpu for o/c
what the latest version for Mr Natural Bios to date now ???
can the Raid port on my TH7II-raid be use as a normal IDE port ???
Good P4 AGP 8x DDR Board
IT7 MAX and fsb settings..???
IT7 MAX and fsb settings...???
New BG7 Beta Bios
how to use Mr Natural Bios ???
ASUS P4 S8X, with P4 2.53
IT7Max2 and Serial ATA
windows xp and overclocking
ABIT TH7II-RAID question
2.53/P4B533 owners?
modded it7_av bios
TH7-II further bios development ??
bd7II ddr Question
Gigabyte GA8iEXP won't overclock
BG-71 Problem - Intermittent Crash
Is this a good Mobo for a first time PC Builder?
TH7-II Please help to Choise CPU for the
Is there a fix for this?
Putting Asus Under Pressure!
Abit BF6 refuses to work with 768 Mb Ram
25x multi
EPoX EP-4T4AU: I850E + ICH4 + 32-bit RDRAM
Shuttle AV61(VIA '693a 133Mhz)
Abit IT7 cold boot issues
P4S Dragon Ultra Weirdness
2.53 and 4G4A+?
is the Albatron PX845G anygood
Overclocking a Dull
New BD7II bios multi's
multiplier off the rdramm abit th7 ii
BD7-RAID refuses to boot @ 133fsb
Buying Monday>asusp4s8x 2.4
Abit SI7.....new rambus board
RDram or DDR
IT7 MAX2 voltage options
Asus P4PE
IT7-MAX2, 2.66, Corsair 3200XMSC2
Which board for a 2.5 / DDR400 combo?
hey arman68 ive got some bios logos for you
ocing the p4b
Opinions Needed about Gigabyte Board
GA-8IEXP supports DDR 2700 333mhz???
Asus P4B533-V can't use mic @@
GA-8IEXP supports DDR 2700???
Intel 850E Board
Bd7II help SM Bus Controller? wtf
New bios based on the TH7H_BF.
Asus P4s533 and a 1.6A
Asus P4s533 and a 1.6A
P4 C1
wire mod for vcore-is it safe?
intel mobo: D845GBVL will it work with my current hardware?
Cel 1700+P4S533…is it ok?
New official bios BF for TH7II-RAID
new P4B533-V help
help a newb out :)
P4b533+more raid problems
IT7 bios that allows more then 1.7 volts?
TH7-II RAID Highest Clock Multiplier?
my poor abit(bios problem)
will i be able to use the p4b533e on this tray?
Disable CPU Fan Error on Asus P4S533??
TH7 2 V core
re: PSU failure- consequences
P4S8X and overclocking
Best processor upgrade for Abit BE6 ver1?
IT7-MAX2 Vcore...help!
Volts and Cooling Queries
A little BD7II-R Overclocking advice - how to get more speed
which Pentium 4 Motherboard???
Help With Th7-ii Raid
where is system temp probe on TH7-11 raid
Looking for a new mobo...help!
Intel Billings 2
SIS 648 Vs 845e
Major Linux issues with Epox 4G4A+
TH7-Raid USB Pinout
Where should I modify the BIOS for max vcore?
845PE-based Motherboards..?
Converting from AMD. Need Assistance.
best bios for it7 max
Mr Natural BIOS demystified
P4b533 with 1.7vcore
WHich mobo
Gigabyte 8PE667? Iwill P4GS?
I just got an ATI 9700Pro card to go into my BD7-II, does the BD7-II support 8x AGP
2.53 on the way...which mobo?
845g M/b?
When will SIS chipset with Rambus arrive?
Which Rdram board for P4 Please help
MOBO: Trigem Computers Inc Lomita...?
Abit TH7-II Raid OR Gigabyte 8IHXP?
BD7 II Raid Mr Natural Bios???
Need some help on P4B533-E
Abit temp reading high?
P4T-533 (32bit RIMM) Core Voltage
Asus P4B533 = Asus P4B533-E Just without RAID?
NooB has question
overclocking asus motherboard?
IT7 raid settings
AGP aperture size.......?
Mini Barebones Systems?
Mr. Natural?
Please help me with my Asus P4B533-E settings
Please help me with my Asus P4B533-E settings
Aggiornamento bios Abit...quando?
BD7-II dead out of the box ?
Choosing a INTEL system for this AMD guy
Abit BE6 questions
IT7 33hz easy but need some help...
temp offset for MBM5 with IT7-MAX2?
Which abit
Soyo P4VSA ---Any good for overclocking?
What boards have the PCI lock
ASUS P4B533-E Problem
NEW ABIT IT7/IT7E/IT7-Max2 bios Released
Need BIOS For P4B266-C That Allows 3:4 Over 132
Need BIOS For P4B266-C That Allows 3:4 Over 132
dvd playback problems by jetway??? mobo model 993AS/993AN
Newbie Question
More than 2.7v on vDDR with BD7II?
P4B533-E Memory Question
MSI 645e Max2 CPU core voltage
Help!!. PC fails to boot first time
Graphic Card for the IT7-MAX ?
BD7-II/-RAID: new BIOS AW ! ! !
Got P4S533 Have Questions...New to Intel
hey i got a siftfsb type thing for the it7
BD7-II and AJ bios
Need help with TH7II and P4 2.5GHz !!!
Mr. Natural BIOS for BD7II-RAID please
Nuovo bios TH7H_7G.
Help will this support p3's?
Setting up IT7
Abit TH7-II with new 533 fsb ?
P4B533-E Memory Command Rate BIOS setting
anyone got the modded a4 bios for the it7?
Bd7ii Can I Use Pc3200 400mhz
GA-8IEXP cooling
Help on tusl2-c wire trick
The Speed goes on... and on... but what do we get?
TH7ii-raid boot problem
O/C Difficulties with 1GHz Celery on 694T
onboard sound on it7 good?
Gigabyte temp monitoring
do you connect the psu monitor plug to your mobos?
P4b533e Memory Ratio question
Asus p4b533 , p4b533-e . is the raid the only difference
th7-2 raid versions
My First P4 system.. Which Motherboard to get???
Can Bd7 be flashed to bd72 bios ?
cock of the roost
Please help me find a MOBO (new SiS chipset?)
My new P4T533-C
My P4B533 can't O/C anymore
quickie question
P4B533 please explain!
asusm cuw-rm
y so hot???
IT7 max or IT7 max2
best config 4 p4b533e?
please help me with th7II bios
Help Me choose a MicroATX board
I think my be6-2 is killing PSU's. now what?
Can't find Natural's BIOS
Having real trouble deciding on mobo...
ABIT TH7II w/ 1.6A and BIOS code 29
P2Z-B- overclocked?
unable to OC. nedd help please.
Anyway of
BIOS Flash on P4T-533
A simple question
More than 1.85V possible on P4B533 ?
best modded bios for th7II please
Can the Sony Vaio be overclocked?
Promise PDC20276 RAID on M/Bs
CPU L3 Cache
Original RAMBUS and TH7-II RAID
Why only 1:1 and 4:3 for IT7-Max?????
Best board with SiS648 chipset?
Th7II bios w/1.85 vcore
Undervolting with a P3 mobo
best bios for bd7II please
mr. natural bios for it7max2 ??
abit SD7-533
DDR 400 and Intel 845e mobo's
What would you do?
More RAM Voltage - TH7-II Raid
Chaintech Apogee 9ejl1 any one esle have it?
BD711 Problem
G-A 8IEXP Exploitation (Complete Discussion)
G-A 8IEXP Exploitation (Complete Discussion)
bd7II think onboard lan crapped out
PC3200 on the P4S533
northbridge cooling ?
BD7 issues w/ new CPU