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NO CLUE what Intel mobo I have..
whats highest ddr ram abit bd7II raid can use?
Asus P4B533-E or Asus P4B533-V
Whats Better? Rambus800 or DDR2700
Have anybody the Gigabyte FTP Bios site??
Help OC Gigabyte 8IHXP Please
TH7II-RAID with 2.32 vs 2.31
BD7II (inaccurate temps) + P4 Retail HSF (temp controlled fan) == Fan runs too fast
volt mod abit th7ii Vi/o
blew my mobo
abit it7-max
Gigabyte 8-IEXP Need Feedback
Should i go Abit it7 max2 or bd7-II?
need advice ASAP RE GA-8SIMLP
Need some advice for picking the BEST P4 Motherboard
memory voltage th7ll, vcore voltage in bios
Think I found the problem with the 4G4A board and running ram at DDR400 in Dimm 1
BD7-RAID & LOCKED PCI = 33 problems?
LED on ST6 Raid always on
TUSI-M does it support 1.3G celeron?
ga60xt gigabyte motherboard
New P4 2.8G system. Need buying advice !!!
2.4A or 2.4B for Th7II-Raid?
flashing bios error
TH7II New Bios Files?
Anyone try one of those soft fsb programs with the P4T533-C?
Consider this
ST6, GA0XET, or TUSL2?
Gigabyte GA60XET initial results! Not good!
Looking for a new motherboard...Tips?
new computer all set up, now to oc'ing
"ULTRA" seetting in the Mr NATURAL BD7II bios
Max voltage?
EP-4BDA2+? any good?
New Multiplier
SiS645DX vs. i845G
besides th7-II what 850E mobo goes above 156mhz FSB?
Asus P4S8X or Abit SR7-8X
Ultimate P4 System........
3:4 ratio
New P4 RIG
P4S333 Problem (I think)
P4b266 -vs- P4b533
How to volt mod DDR on BD7II
Highpoint HPT370 or i815 on ST6 Raid
what is the hot abit p4 setup these days?
boot faliure
Acer AX4T II
Budget(but still good/fair OCing) 370 Board?
Need Driver Advice (MB, Video, OS, etc.)
Successful overclocks with IT7 MAX
Voltage core for the IT7-MAX?
BD7-RAID : Key for default-settings boot?
What's the best SDRAM P4 board still available?
how do i ...
IT7 Problems Fixed?
does ANYONE have 3200 working on an 845g?
ST6 Divider with Tualatin problem
ARG! ABIT BG7 and intel p4 2.26b problem, please help
Vote - Best P4 DDR Board and Why?
Abit SR7-8X
Compaq Mobo Ahh!!!!
Asus P4B533-E Question
Problem with Asus P4B533-E
P4B533-E/What Chip?
To all 8IEXP owners:
Anyone Using a 6VBA-133?
The parts are here... any suggestions?
Anyone try a 2.5 or 2.6 100mhz P4?
Upgrade Time..yippeee
What's the fastest CPU the kt7A R1.3 will support?
Help with my Abit IT7
GA-8IHXP Benchmarks
GA-8IHXP Benchmarks
New 4G4A Bios
A NW with 533FSB with the Gigabyte GA-8IRXP???
P4B533-E Bug? Please help!
Dead IT7?
New BIOS for SY-P4I Fire Dragon
8IEXP BIOS! plz POST ur version!
why multiplier on p3 and cely mobo
Abit It7 Max 2
Abit BD7-2/MBM5 temp. offset experiment
Need help picking new i850E motherboard
Does mushkin pc3000 work on the asusp4b board?
New Board
My G-8IHXP Experiance
3:4 Ratio on P4B266 Mobo
P4B533-V With New Bios 1004 Beta Gets 3:4 Ratio
Mr. Natural BD7II Raid BIOS?
TH7II or P4T533?
should i look at the Gigabyte GA-8IEXP
MSI 845E Max2-LR (i845E)
ASUS P4T533-C (i850E)
no 3/4 on p4s533 ; cpu mem settings
P4B533 Oddities
Going from P4T-E to TH72-R.. need answers! ABIT Virgin!
HELP!! IT7 Max and SX1030 AGP issue
What pci slots to use (it7)
Cpu Unworkable - Bd7-ii
Need Help with 4G4A+ , P4 1.6A , DDR333 or DDR266
Overclocking P4 2.4-2.53(533) to 3Ghz+ mobo
what the difference between the Asus P4B533-E and the Asus P4B533 motherboard
Asus P4B533 or asus p4s533? any other suggestions?
HELP! IT7 Max and Antec SX1030 issue
Gigabyte 8IEXP
1st time intel, need suggestions on mb and cpu.
TUSL2-C OC.com/X86-Secret.com BIOS
asus p4533 sis 645dx any good for overclocking
BIOS problem w/ hard drive
TH7-II with PC1066
P3V4E with PIII slot 1 1000
The New P4T533
BD7-R: does addding a second DIMM reduce ram OC-ability?
Acorp dual socket 370 Tualatin Mod?
The State of the GA-8IEXP
The preferred chip to o.c. the P4T-E
can you add pci divider to your bios setting
Random 30-second pauses in windows XP?
Overclocking p4 1.9 with asus
TH7II-R O/C Adventure
I succesfully replaced a busted cap on my BE6-II v1.1 board!
GA-6VM7A+ bad flash
Ga-8ihxp Problemz !
anyone know a program to interface with a PLL?
Mobo Ethernet ?
motherboard problems??
err help, my moms comp is being wierd
850E boards?
How to overclock an old Abit ST6 and a p3@ 800MHz 100Mhz FSB???
GA-8IHXP: PCI Serial Controller Driver
mobo,cpu recommendations
Best way to tell is a motherboard works?
ide problems...asus p4s533
New Intel drivers
Problem overclocking TH7 II
Looking for mobo for P4 1.5g Yes, I'm a newb!
Inherent informations the Abit TTh7II-R.
BG-71 Problem. Please Help!!
Asus: P2B-LS
Gigabyte ga-6vx7-4x mobo
Magic Trick 3:4 memory setting problem.
oTTO RULES ! TUSL2-C owners read !
How accurate is the temp on a P4B-533e?
thnks. w/c one first?
Gigabyte GA-8IE similar to GA-8IEXP??
oem asus p4s533
anyone knows any new 850E with RIMM4200 mobo coming??
how to OC on MSI
SHUTTLE AB45 INTEL 845E 533MHz Socket 478 ATX MOTHERBOARD - RETAIL. good/bad?
Anyone else get better performance when renaming HPTpro.sys file on raid boards?
NEWBIE looking for help
Recommend a P4 MOBO Please
Asus P4B533-E / P4 2.26 / Bag Memory Bandwidth HELP
Help with my new Abit IT7 MAX!!!
hpt problems... th7ii
How does one incorporate the highpoing 2.32 bios into BD7-Raid bios?
GA-8IE - similar to GA-8IEXP??
modded 9p bios for abit st6
Problem with 1/4 setting CPU/PCI on P4S533
New HPT374 drivers
New HPT374 drivers
Which *fast* memory for a BD7II?
P4B533-V, P4@2.26GHz, Ti4600 Bad 3Dmark performance.
asus p4s533 temprature problem
Abit TH7-II Raid
Turn off the high voltage alarms
Possible to overclock this?
New System Advice
GA-8IRXP Bios F7 (****!!) HELP!
CPU and DDR of P4B533-E
BD7II inaccurate temp reading fix?
Help with 4G4A+
BD7-II issues
Update on my A7 postcode error
Vrimm Mod For Asus P4t533 32-bit
P4B533-E 3:4 memory question
FSB and RAM???
P4S533 having problem installing windows
P4S533 having problem installing windows
MSI mobo's . . .
IT7 and 3rd mem slot , NOT DETECTED anyone else ?
New MSI MS-9105RL Dual Tually rig @ 166 MHz FSB!
what kinda memory ratio does BD7II have??
Asus P4B533-E bios 1008E(final) and 1009.001 beta
ASUS P4S8X SIS 648 Chipset
um..whats raid
What's the Black thing around the Asus P4B533-E socket?
Asus P4B533-E or Abit BD7II Raid???
CUV4X question...
Is it possible to o/c?
Highest P4 For AsusP4B266
fixed TH7-ii RAID 'so called dead board -even by Abit!'
Specific TH7II - Non RAID BIOS Optimization?
Beginner needs some advice.
Epox 4g4a+, 2.26b, and 512mb corsiar pc3200 ram Compatibility Issues????
A few questions about new(to me) Abit BF6 mobo...pls help if you can!!
PB4-533E and AGP Pro
Question about the Promise ATA133 on Asus boards
P4B266-M bios update - simple? pff!
Help w/ my P4B533 and 1.8A
how to get to 3ghz
IT7 - why the vpin mod disappeared?
mobo for p4 1.8
Low mem bandwith P4B533-E
Max Chip on P3V4X??
Serious NEWBIE looking for help
question about the abit bios multipliyer
dual ddr info
RAID0 2xWD8000jb problems on bd7-II raid
Overclocking block
Where to buy Samsung PC1066? Or is Kingston just as good?
Overclocking the P4B533-E
Prime95 errors out on my P4B533-E
New Board Help
TUSL-2C over 166 FSB
problem with p4b533-v
Which?? GA-8IEXP, P4B-533V, 4G4A, 4SDA?
sis648 mobo?
anybody got their Samsung DDR400 TCC4 to work with their BD7II?
i think TH7-11 do report correct temp
P4 2.26 & P4 B533-E Overclocking
P4S8X oc´able ??
P4 2.4 board PCI Slots
Asus P4T533-C overclocking
4G4A+ don't boot PC2700
New ICH4 Usb 2.0 Driver for BD7II-Raid
i need help fast !@!!!!
I Need Help Fast!!!!!!
P4S333 monitors
can i mix rdram on one bank?
Cooling 4 845 chip??
p4t533 drcgs?
BIOS Flash gone bad, oh S***
Looking for a new P4 board. Any recomendations???
Can i post anything for sale here?
Ram voltage on an IT7
p41.6a and BD7II cpu temp at 75C/167F right out of the box???
vh6-t or..........
P4T533-C 1005 BIOS Problem
bd7-I: Differences between 79Y and 79Z??
BD7-2 multiply options...?
oh no! forgot to flash bios before puting new cpu in
Motherboard Advice.....Please
Can you boot from a USB floppy?
types of mem
P4B533 running higher FSB than 150Mhz !post here!
Celeron overclocking (Please Help)
Your results with the 4G4A+
GA-8IEX VS Epox 4G4A+
Newbee needs Help setting up BIOS
GIGABYTE GA-8IHXP + 1.8a o/c
Abit BF6 mobo/wP3 500...given to me...have a question.
Newbee needs Help setting up BIOS
Soft fsb program for BE6-II
latest modded bios for BD7-II-RAID?
has anyone got LAN working on it7
Official BIOS release AJ for BD7II/BD7II-RAID BIOS compile date: 7/23/2002
P2B and 150fsb
Asus Mother setup Problems
Best P4 motherboard
Best tualeron mobo??
Best board for P-III socket 370
am i the only one getting overvoltage with BD7II-Raid ?
Getting new mobo!!!!!
Cpu unworkable?
Need to choose a Mobo... 8 choices and too much info. Help!!!
Need help with my TH7II-RAID
MSI 694D Pro2 BIOS with more RAID options
MSI 694D Pro2 BIOS with more RAID options
floppy doesn't work so I can't flash bios (it7)
Yet another person who cant decide
Raid or no raid?
New IT7 bios
Anyone else been burned by Mr. Natural it7_9x.bin
What is the best Mobo for DDR400 OCing?
Lucky-Star 6abx2v
Will I have to use CRIMMS with my P4T533?
Bd7ii Bios
Tualatin MB's --- Conspiracy or bad luck ?
Abit BD7II-Raid help needed
Double Zero Post Code
Cannot boot new mobo & CPU
What Tualatin Support for your BIOS?
Asus TUSL2-C and Floppies
Abit It7 Max2
HDD GB limits for Bh6/P2b?
P4s533 vs IT7 Max?
What are the 845E's limitations
Found something interessting out, about the GA-8IHXP
yes... i am retarded!!! ;)
How to get ddr333 on the 4G4A+
question about BD7II-RAID
high pitch noise in a asus p4b533-V
BD7II vcore mod that's NOT vid pin
no volt mod with mr natural bios for it7
Best board for OCing?
BD7-II hardware monitor?
Chaintech Apogee 9EJL1 looks to good to be true
ASUS P4s333 Lockups
ASUS P4B533-E or Abit IT7-Max
Micro ATX Main Board Socket 370
P4T-E w/Kingston 1066
2 x 512MB Cosair XMS + BD7-II
Why is the Asus p4t533c a better overclocker than the GA-8IHXP ???
Arriving when?...
Can someone recommend a good board?
Best Value or Best of the best
Abit Sh6
4G4A vs 4SDA
OC Mobo?
P4T533 or P4T533-C?
MSI 694T Pro USB 2 Cables???
P4T533 (without C): buy it oder leave it?
Abit Bg7 New Bios
north bridge temps...
Which is the best CPU for the 4G4A+ ?
Gigabyte 8IGX
Confusion regarding P4T533 and RIMM4200 ???
Order BIOS chip from Abit??
changes in MrNatural's 8B bios for ST6 and questions about them
New BD7-II won't boot. Bad mobo?
it7 9x bios
p4t-e data corruption
Best mobo to oc a P3 800Mhz(100 Mhz FSB) socket370???
DTK PRM-00801 e0 help...
NE1 w/ a P4 & 4G4A+ ?!
Volt Mod
Help with P4 Mobo Decision
What changes are there in MrNatural's 8B Bios for the ST6
Asus TUSL2-C Voltage Mod
OC opinions wanted
rd-ram or ddr?
Anyone got the new SR7-8X
Help with Asus p4b533-v
4G4A+...Onboard sound problem.
Really help me my friends (urgent)
Urgent help with 4G4A+
clock-multiplier jumpers on the motherboard
sensors on p4t533?
Newbie mobo choice
MrNatural BIOS files-- NEW site
Anyway to Increase DDR Voltage beyond 2.7V for Abit BD7-II
Help with IT7 boot issues
help! sandra memory bench suddenly lost 800 points!
Improve Dram Performance
Need help with a MSI 845G max Mobo
What mr natural bios for IT7 done
Overclocking with Jumpers on Mobo
BD7II raid + samsung PC2700
Can I trust the BIOS's Voltage Readings
content`s of floppy for bios flashing
New Mobo....
How to 3:4 at Abit IT7 ?
Australians - where to buy P4T533 + RIMM4200
repl th711 with a th711 strange result
n00b question
mothrboard for a P3 500 CPU?
New mobo, same HD?
bd7ii -checksum error-bios version cause of?
Data Corruption
Abit BD7-II RAID problems?
IT7 max overclocks? what are they going up to?
Mother board that can support 3 things...
what kind of ram for BD7II-raid
A question about the BD7_9Z bios for Mr. Natural
Are there any known problems with COM PORTS On BD7?
Motherboard for a Photoshop Machine?
Oc an Intel Mobo?
MSI 6199 + Tualeron?
Does Mr. Natural have a BIOS for my ABIT-ST6?
2.98 io..should i rma?
pci bus bandwidth and 3ware escalade
Cooling my BD7II-Raid
AhHhHHhh!! 250? (Help?)
BD7II-Raid So close... but alas
P4T533-C Anyone getting that prob ??
Are Panasonic Capacitors any good as a replacement for busted caps on any mobo??
Newest Bios for Abit BE6-II V.2.0??
Constant IDE activity: HPT372 on BD7-II-R?
Quick question Re P4S333-M
anyone having problems with p4t533?
IT7 max2 -per Abit
MSI 645 ultra & HDD?
i need... help, opinions, and advice, please
abit - weak ps/2 and mouse ports?
4G4A+ on the way!
SiS 648 based mobo's
Which PC1066 can i use with the P4T533-C?
System listed below
P4S533 to P4B533-E for more CPU-Overclocking?
Abit BD7II-RAID...
Abit BuH6 ver 1.01
What is the best slocket???
Asus TUSL2-C overclocking
please help me with Abit IT7 and 2.26b
Cpu Vid??
BD-7 II need help on temps QUICK!
Abit ST6 - what´s on?
Ecs P4-vxad3 ?
BD-7II one long beep need help ASAP!
845e Max Fsb
new tinly shuttle cube taht is so cool!
BD7II-RAID boot's slow...
ABIT ST6 RAID - USB Header Problem - HELP
Abit TH7 II and 2v Vcore
Which Bios for BD7-I and P4 2.26?
Question concerning the it7-max
th7ii-raid power connectors ?!?
pci/agp dividers at 125 MHz for msi 815ept pro ?
Quick P4B266M question
P4T533-C Jumper (free?) Question
Pci/agp locking mobos?
Rambus Ram and serial devices
KR7A overclock probs
P4 Mobos that don't need P4 Power Supply?
CPU Temp with GA8IHXP
TH7-II dip switch #2
ARGH!! NB's hot hot HOTTT!!!
Dell Overclocking (first post)
no boot on abit7-2 w/ raid
The Big Question: P4S533 or P4T533c
th7-ii raid io voltage LOW!!
System Won't Post (3 short beeps) (AMIBIOS)
My TH7II-Raid Hard Drive Performance Stinks!
Help! Unable to set DMA for Slave devices (BG7)
Must use 12V auxilliary PS connector?
humour me, i need to learn this...
my results from adding a fan to northbridge
Please advise: Epox 4bda and intermittant cold boot problem
any good p4 mobos with SD-RAM support?
AN Example Of How Cheap ABIT Is
Abit IT7-MAX2
Rebooting issue - help!
[Celly/ST6-R] Can't get into BIOS @ 1.5
lookin 4 a thread in this forum
BD7II raid + Samsung pc2700
TH7-II + 2.2A
HELP!! I can't turn on my PC!
BD7II-fan headers question
I think my CUSL2 is dieing!!
Tracking down strange BD7-II-R disk i/o problems. Need Mr. N's advice.
Wel, here is what I'm building (your thought?)
TH7-II or IT7-Max ??
TH7-11 raid. single drive in ide3 slower than ide1????
845E Max2 WindowsXP Raid Problems
Does raid work when overclocking really high
Thinking about switching to intel
Failing OC with case panels on, yet temps are the same?
Low voltages with ST6.
is this the cold boot issue?
Picking the right motherboard help please
Help overclocking a P4 with an MSI 850 pro5 motherboard.
Overclocking a P4 with the MSI 850 pro5 motherboard.
strange Sandra file system bench probs
533 MHz Bus Mobo's
4g4a+ and 2.26
TH7II-R support 1066 RAMBUS and 533mhz FSB P4's?
The best mobo for PC1066
Question for TH7II-RAID users
IT7- need help
Help me oc
Delayed write failed
2.2 or 2.26 ?
hav you had this/similar noise problem?
Overclocking Asus P4T533-C
some doubts
P4 1.8a and 4g4a+ @ 2.88ghz
Epox 4SDA+, 1.8A OC
IT7 and W98 (and prior)
mr Naturals bios & original Bios
Which bios for ST6-Raid?
BD7II onboard LAN not working
Asus p3v4x
Will Abit IT7 works with Pc 2100 ddr?
My modded TH7II - RAID bios
IT7 Max VS SR7-8X
BD7II Temps +17C After Thermal Diode Calibration
So a 2.26b will work fine in a TH72 Raid Yeah!
No post on Abit IT7-Max
does a intel mobo tell the right temp?
my FIRST comp, confusing problems
BD7...how to turn of pc speaker built into mobo?
BD7II raid + Modem 56k