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does a intel mobo tell the right temp?
my FIRST comp, confusing problems
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Best Mr. Natural bios for TH7-II
This Is The Best Boot Disk For Updating Your Bios!
help my abit wont turn on!!
"new" bd7ii official bios bd729x.exe
Ehhh all lugs on one side broke
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the best p4 cpu and motherboard for overclocking??
Instability problems with a BD7-II question about ram
p4t533c overclock question
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64bit pci
My HDD mini LED on TH7II is missing.
ARGGG! Upgrading problamos muchos!
why is my gfx card in pci mode?
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TH7II-R, Vid card problem
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P4t 533c
help setting up
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P4S533 - Should i update the Bios?
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OC Asus P4B-M & P4 - 1.5G
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Gigabyte mobo
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P4S533 mouse Problems
th7-ii won't reach post
How good is Rimm4200 for OC?
Buying advice please.
Giga-Byte GA-8IEXP.
WD 1200JB Clunk noise on abit th7-11 ANy ideas, 2 drive like this now?? controller?
P4S Dragon Ultra Question
New ST6-Raid bios up at ABIT's site
Intel Motherboards?
BD7II temps?
Help! Asus P4B533-V - Vcore set to 1.75 or higher produces incessant siren sound on s
Introducing the Abit IT7-MAX2
P4B533-E bios 1007e final out
BD7 temps
will an abit bh6 run a P3 800 Mhz
getting a bd7II... what do i need to know?
anybody using the bios file
Please recommend me a DDR mATX board
Fuzzy Logic Question
BD7-II - Socket Conductive Paint & Problems
usb on bd7ii
My BG7+1.5a chirps
will a tualitin work on my board?
New Abit Bios For It7 Board (VERSION 9W)
Choice between motherboards
HELP!! My BD7II is CRAP!!!
1.6a runs stable at 130fsb @default voltage, but at 131+ it get win protection error
a high pci frenquency can damage the mb or the pci card ?
It Is posibble To O/C My D850Mv ???
It Is posibble To O/C My D850Mv ???
Need help ocing my 2.26b + p4s533
HELP! info regarding new SiS648 chipset!
BD7RAID error code 26
th7-ii and intel app accelerator
Abit Sa6 Sound Problem
REAL temperature for BD7II???
New Abit Bios files
Go SiS Go!!!
How long before a P4 board with Dual Channell DDR is available?
Latest P4S533 bios fixes floppy prob
Want to o/c 1.6a or 1.8a, which DDR motherboard?
BD7II-raid memory voltage
What version HPT driver for Mr.N's BD7-II bios???
Epox - How does it compare.
How do you know it's heat problem?
What burns up first when you raise the core voltage?
BD7 And Samsung PC2700??
what's max fsb on p4t533-c?
P4I Fire dragon bios update fix overclocking?
Anyone run into trouble with lots of ram?
Epox 4G4A and Swiftech MCW462?
Problems with BD-7 II, please help!
o/c Gigabyte 8IEXP
Memory problem on 4BEA or 4G4A
I Was So Stupid Bying A Soyo Motherbord...
Major disaapointment
VH6T and p/// 800eb
overclocking friendly
th7II-R problem
what's wrong?
Terratec reduces FSB on P4T-E
Abit And Rma
VCORE reading on pcprobe
P4S 533 DSW settings
Quick question about async bus and P3V4X
P4B533-V and 512mb of Corsair XMS32000
checksum error on REBOOT-bd7II
Any more details on the SOLTEK 85ERV P4X400???
Enermax 350W: enough?
BD7-II-R Pre-Overclocking request for tips
Suggestions please
"Differential Current" what does it do?
P4B533-E Bios Flash Error?
Capacitors become pregnant
Asus P4T533-c Prob ????
Hosed by the Dinglehoser hack!
Extra thermal header on P4T533?
Abit BE6-II 1.0 (ata66 support in XP)?
whats wrong with this board??
Asus P4T533-C question ??
Bd&ii Temps...
AC97 onboard sound (it7) wont work at more than 33mhz pci???
P4T-E will the USB problem ever been solved?
Need a Cheap ( Good Quality ) intel based MoBo
Is my motherboard shot?
Comments requested on board choice.
BD7II-northbridge cooling
TH7-IIR and 2.26b. Will it boot with factory BIOS supporting NW A's?
Packard Bell legend 11CD jumper settings?
Overclocking with BD7-ii RAID...what to do first?
P4B266 O/C Potential
Where are the Aopen Tualatin boards at ?
P4T533 Mod
Unable to set cpu/memory divider or boot over 133Mhz
Does this sound like an O/C mobo prob??
How to tell if a mobo is shot?
ASUS P4T533-C Help ??
Vacuum tube P4 motherboard!
P4T-E FSB max at 120 (With ICS...)
Overclocking Samsung PC2700 experience with BD7II
Abit and AGP 8x
What is the max safe operating temp. of a 845e
Overclocking 1.6 & MSI645
ABIT IT7 BIOS set up questions please help
gigabyte 8IEXP or 8IGX?
question about the Epox 4G4A+
bd7ii sound driver for xp?????
BD7-II voltage over 1.67v with Mr Natural's ?
IT7: not overclocking yet!
promise controller
differential current
Need recommendation
Does Mr Ntural's 40b TH7-II bios have a 3/5 AGP Divider?
about to OC on P4S533 w/ 1.8A
Human Error & TH7-II
Strange TH7II Problem
Which would you recommend: Abit BD7II or Asus P4B533
got my bd7-ii raid today!
Overclocking a D845GLAD mobo
P4B533E and P4B533V Poll
problems with abit mobos
soyo must die
Verifying memory settings on P4S533
Gateway Board
Has anyone got the P4T533 yet?
winbond setting for BD7-R
c1 error code on th7ii
Abit ST6 bios is very lacking
newbe confused
How to Mod P4TE or P4T533C Vcore?
2.4b in TH7-11 raid clock. Can I go higher? experienced users help please!!
Asus p4s533 vs p4b533
Monitor shows nothing, Beeps a long beep, then another etc. What do I do?
I cant find my motherboard motel
New system and alot of problems HELP ME
370 + Ddr?
cpu bracket cracked!!
p4s533 vmem 3.1v maybe
hows the IT7?
Max OC for this system
About the onboard sound on the IT7 MAX
p4t533 no mem combo
Little DB7II OC help neededůVery strange mobo behavior/result.
major problem please help
Several questions about BD7R-II
p4b533 overclock without mod
Placing HD on bd7ii raid controller-
ABit, ASUS, Epox, Soyo, Gigabyte
CUSL2-C mod for Tualatin?!?!
prob with P4-1.8A uand bd7II-R
Best motherboard for the 850E Chipset
Overclocking Problem With Abit TH7-II
Best settings for P4S533
Abit TH7-11, how many revisions?
newbie overclocker need advice
850 chipset driver installation error on P4-te
asus cas trick
looking for a new mobo
best motherboard for upcoming 2.8GHz or current 2.53GHz processor
6BA+100 problems, won't boot!
P4S533 USB Problems
Epox 4G4A+ board and Corsair 3200 ram!!!!!!!Incompatible?????
Is...Asus P4T533
Thinking of P4S533
bd7ii raid bios???
vh6-II question
Best MB for p4 2.26b
Help me Guys
Tusl2-c, Xp
Great Forum
BD7 II "FWH write protection" error
AGP Fastwrites on BD7-II?
TH7II and MBM5 settings
overclocking an Intel board
Overclocking the Intel 850E board
4G4A+ BIG Problems (Help Plz)
TH7II constant beeping after post
P4B533-C Frequency Problem
peeps with st6 diver problems
Using all rimms on TH7 II...!!!
Want Mr Natural's BD7 bios 6H2
Looking for original Bios for 4G4A+
Forgot this
newbie question about multiplying rdram.
New system, Comments or advise!
New P4S533... Floppy Drive Problem
Mr. Natural link?
Laptop Beta Bios?
How do I find out what mobo I have?
Vantec Tornado on a P4S533
Help! mPGA478 problem - TH7II
Can u Do this with a TH711
Abit ST-6 Raid
MrNatural BIOS
Help!! p4s333-vm???
MBM reading wrong temp?
How To Update Award MB Bios with New HPT Bios Using Cbrom
ABit SH6 & SA6 motherboards
BG7 lets SBLive have TOSLink
Abit BD7 II ... NEED HELP!
Which mobo can do 166 MHz FSB at 133 MHz MEMCLK and 33 MHz PCI CLK ?
best bios for the th7II-raid, non northwood
TH7II or TH7II-R ??????
Will new 533fsb p4's work with TH7-II?
Can the Abit ST6 read a single 512mb memory stick?
Problem with CPU voltage
Do I need raid?
New bios 7F2 for the TH7II-RAID
3:4 CPU/Memory ratio on P4B533 - here's how
overclocking 2.0a on P4S533, need help!
can someone please explain memory ratios on the bd7ii to me?
2.26b@2.89 on a 4G4A+ but want more
AGP Activation
Which abit board???
Please hepl...BG7 and Radeon 8500
BD7 II Overclock!!
How can I know which th7II mobo online has a bios with northwood support?
Will a Pentium III-S work with a Abit ST6
BD7-R or BD7 II-R??
IT7 users who have done the vid pin mod
Leaky Transistors in Abit board??
CPU & System Temp of TH7-II
memory trick for TH7II to make PC1066 work?
Will this work?
1.6A OC to 133 not stable?
Is this a common problem with the ST6?
Gigabyte GA-81EXP what's your take on this one?
Whats best bios for BD7 and 1.6a with overclocking in mind?
new highpoint 2.33 drivers
Bios Password!!!
best mobo for P4 1.4GHz
Anyone got experience with Intel Server Board STL2 (Dual)
1.7v volt mod, what about BIOS voltage??
P4 1.6a on my BD7II Overclocking "?"
ST6 board. It wont recognize both cd-rom drives at the same time!!!
AGP Voltage?
upate on my bd7ii o\cing adventures
jumper settings for asus p4b533 or 266 series board
Which RAID mobo (BD7-II or P4B533-E)?
Sound problems asus p4s533
Asus p4b533-v or p4b533
IT7 post code not in the manual... A7??
Best way to find out what type of mother..?
can someone help me? (BD7II-raid)
abit th7-ii mbm5 temps
what board and cpu o/c
Northbridge cooling for TH7-II
SYS temp sensor position on BD7II?
mobo with locked PCI/AGP bus
Just got my comps setup ready, should i flash to mr naturals or abit's bios???
Intel motherboard monitor, where can I find one?
I am not really good in this but just tell me
ABIT BD7-II extremely high temps
having some issues with the it7
BD7II vs IT7 Max
TH7-II, In BIOS do you use Delayed Transaction?
anybone using S/PDIF out???
AMD'er needs advice on giving Intel a try....
Is my motherboard holding me back?
abit IT7 o/c
Custom bios (mr. natural) question
abit IT7 o/c
Mr Natural come in here
BD7-II wont post. long beeps
can i or can't i... please help!!!
BG7 AGP/PCI lock?
Help with overclocking an IT7
ST6 voltage settings
trouble installing new P4 2.2 CPU on Abit TH7-II
bg7 problems?
Will DDR 3000, 3200 work with BD7II?
Help ! P4B533 Overclock problem !
What type of board
Hello, new member
BD7-II vs. BG7 vs anything
BD7-II vs. BG7 vs anything
Overclockable? I'm a newb at this :p
List All The Mr.natural's Bios Here
TH7II-raid 2.26b samsungpc800
Abit st6 motherboard questions
OCing my P4 1.8 GHZ on a TH7II
2 ata133 cables with bd7II-Raid?
Getting the right settings in the BIOS of my ABIT BDL7II RAID
getting to not like my bd7II
ABIT ST6 Problems-long
P4S533 VCore Nuts?
Abit BD7II or BD7II-raid
modded VP6 BIOS...
Asus P4B533
Newbie Question
p4 2.0a + Epox 4g4a
IT7 Owners plz read - Is it Mr.Natural's IT7 BIOS?
MSI BX Master (443 BX) - Win XP install fails?
ST6 or VH6T?
TH7 II Raid and 2g northy
sound on IT7, any good?
Need BIOS Update and O/C Help/P3V4X
th7II raid
[P4] MSI 645 Ultra C , not overclockable
Anyone have succeed 150:200 with 1.6A+IT7?
New 4SDA+ BIOS!!!
Vmem mod for Iwill Rdram m/b....P4R533
Elitegroup P4S5A
Mr. Matural Bios - Abit IT7
Does Bd7II Read Temps Right?
BD7 II Raid Bios w HP 2.32?
Problem Overclocking Abit BH6 with PIII500
ABIT BD7-II 134+ or more FSB equals severe reboot problems according to HardOCP.
Asus P4B533 Questions
p4S533/1.8A problems
p4t533 (not c)
Bios Flash Question
diffrence betweenpci lock@33mhz & EXTclk/4
A good mobo
FSB Modifier Tool for TH7-II
Have I hit the proverbial ceiling?
Testing Motherboard
Which abit 4 p3 ?
? O/C Tyan/Tiger133 S1834
quick RAID question
trying to set 3;4 divider in bd7II bios
can i overclock?
am i the only one getting high temps on IT7 MAX?
Voltage mod needed
Which board for Celeron 1.1 A?
ST6 problems with dividers
BD7II pictures @ newegg, missing HSF around CPU socket (???)
What's the problem?!?!?!?
Tyan Trinity 400?? Overclockable?
motherboard temps ? P-4te
P4 1.8A on IT7 Max - help me decide
A wonderful experience! No More Cold Boot Problems
Abit BG7 or Asus P4B533-V
abit IT7 Max...shall I get one, pls help
Thanks Mr Natural And O/C Forums !
ps4-645d lite troubles
TH7II RAID 160GB HDD not recognised
IWill serverboards in the UK
DFI CA64-TC voltage mod
Can't get into BIOS, please help!!!
best mobo
Where Can i Find mr Natural 7F bios! Please Help!
Upgrading, using Abit SA6R, plz Help!
TH7II AGP Aperture Siza
Gigabyte 8IHXP not booting
When will the Pt4533 be available?
Soltek 85DRV-3 Highly recommended.
Asus voice post reporter, coolest thing or what?
Have a Pentium 4 motherboard but no P4-ready power supply?
Nice BIOS updating tips
Low 12V line with Abit TH7 II
Whow can I do Mr Naturals vmod without using wires!!
TH7II - Vcore probs over 1,85v
478 intel zif socket
How to Mod BIOS or CPUFSB/PLL to give 1/5 divider??
IT7 or BD7-II?
Abit VH6-
Highest the 850E could handle?
Best bios for extrem OC on TH7II..???
Are there any AT boards available for a PIII 650?
abit vs epox
Abit ST6 wont work...
For all BD7II owners, Quick Q!
Tualatin on asus P2B-B
Could someone explain what this means?
P4 1.8A@2.4 with default voltage!
here's the link for the bd7ii bios!!!
PLEASE I need more ram voltage for BD7/BD7II
local vendor.....
Some overclocking questions.....
Mr Naturals BD7ii-r bios?
IT7 or BD7-II (non raid ver)?
GA-8IHXP-first tests-3DMarks-OC
newbe gettin new mobo
ntel Dual DDR Chipset (Granite Bay ) benchmarks up
12v Line BD7-II & P4 2.26B
Cant get the bios to flash to the latest on ST-6 mobo
Raid version of mobo better than non-raid?
Abit IT7 Cold Boot Issue
GA-8IR533 good at overclocking??
4g4a+???? Good / Bad
TH7II and NW 2.26 GHZ - does it work ?
Samsung PC800 for TH7II-RAID
Where to buy the p4t533
SiS overtakeing the Intel chipset market?
Abit TH7II-RAID and linux
St6-raid Problem Plz Come And Help Me
Which bios for BD7 II
Problem with 2 2.26B CPU's with TH7II-RAID
where can i find those bios??
p4t-e jumpers for 133fsb wont work
ECS micro ATX P4VMM2 was Just ordered
changing voltage on p4t-e?
i need to know which board i have is better
p4s533 stop booting
Need Help O/C/Explain Memory Dividers
What is VTT???
BD7-II big problem
Need some overclocking tips
BD7-II or BG7
bios question
IT7 stock speed & overclicking
Cold Boot Problems
BD7II and temp sensors?
pci/agp speed?
vram mod th7ii
HMM can this work?
memory multiplier
P4T533-C O/C @ 133/M3 or 125/M4?
Whatcha think (8IHXP/P4 2.26B Prob)
400 Celly Needs MOB,Advise Please
Help! USB2 driver install
Locked PCI/AGP speeds on P4B533 (and TH7-II)
instability with over 128MB ram on modded 810 board
is there a way to mod the promise bioson the P4B-533E to have the full raid functions
new system but games are loading VERY slow...
P4S533 Fan Blues
TUSL2-C and AGP 4x
Asus vs Gigabyte? Which one is the best?
Need a P3 motherboard
BIOS for BD7
pin mod = consistent voltage?
Need some help.. BD7-II system..
P4S533 & 1.8A OC to 2.4 - NOT!
BG7 wierd 3:4 Ratio
wow, ordered samsung rdram. Got infineon
new DDR mobo for 2.26 P4
Ordered TH7-11R Th7-11 turns up!!!!!
hot babe still needs help
Optional USB header
Sound on p4s533
What is best bios file for TH7II??
p4t533-c overclocking
TH7-II questions (Mods,mem,cpu)
PIII board
BG7: Antec TP480 low volt & USB2 drvr probs
No Video Signal.. *help*
BD7II-Raid + Bios Mr Natural
Is it safe to flash my BIOS from 'within' windows XP?
how do I find out what type of MB I have?
Upgrading my system, is ABit right for me?
BG7m Question
Newbie P4S533 questions
Questions from overclocking newbie
Help with OC a 1.6a
asus p4b533 vm help needed
MR.NATURAL's bios files
Tyan S-1854 voltage mod.