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Bios Flash Question
diffrence betweenpci lock@33mhz & EXTclk/4
A good mobo
FSB Modifier Tool for TH7-II
Have I hit the proverbial ceiling?
Testing Motherboard
Which abit 4 p3 ?
? O/C Tyan/Tiger133 S1834
quick RAID question
trying to set 3;4 divider in bd7II bios
can i overclock?
am i the only one getting high temps on IT7 MAX?
Voltage mod needed
Which board for Celeron 1.1 A?
ST6 problems with dividers
BD7II pictures @ newegg, missing HSF around CPU socket (???)
What's the problem?!?!?!?
Tyan Trinity 400?? Overclockable?
motherboard temps ? P-4te
P4 1.8A on IT7 Max - help me decide
A wonderful experience! No More Cold Boot Problems
Abit BG7 or Asus P4B533-V
abit IT7 Max...shall I get one, pls help
Thanks Mr Natural And O/C Forums !
ps4-645d lite troubles
TH7II RAID 160GB HDD not recognised
IWill serverboards in the UK
DFI CA64-TC voltage mod
Can't get into BIOS, please help!!!
best mobo
Where Can i Find mr Natural 7F bios! Please Help!
Upgrading, using Abit SA6R, plz Help!
TH7II AGP Aperture Siza
Gigabyte 8IHXP not booting
When will the Pt4533 be available?
Soltek 85DRV-3 Highly recommended.
Asus voice post reporter, coolest thing or what?
Have a Pentium 4 motherboard but no P4-ready power supply?
Nice BIOS updating tips
Low 12V line with Abit TH7 II
Whow can I do Mr Naturals vmod without using wires!!
TH7II - Vcore probs over 1,85v
478 intel zif socket
How to Mod BIOS or CPUFSB/PLL to give 1/5 divider??
IT7 or BD7-II?
Abit VH6-
Highest the 850E could handle?
Best bios for extrem OC on TH7II..???
Are there any AT boards available for a PIII 650?
abit vs epox
Abit ST6 wont work...
For all BD7II owners, Quick Q!
Tualatin on asus P2B-B
Could someone explain what this means?
P4 1.8A@2.4 with default voltage!
here's the link for the bd7ii bios!!!
PLEASE I need more ram voltage for BD7/BD7II
local vendor.....
Some overclocking questions.....
Mr Naturals BD7ii-r bios?
IT7 or BD7-II (non raid ver)?
GA-8IHXP-first tests-3DMarks-OC
newbe gettin new mobo
ntel Dual DDR Chipset (Granite Bay ) benchmarks up
12v Line BD7-II & P4 2.26B
Cant get the bios to flash to the latest on ST-6 mobo
Raid version of mobo better than non-raid?
Abit IT7 Cold Boot Issue
GA-8IR533 good at overclocking??
4g4a+???? Good / Bad
TH7II and NW 2.26 GHZ - does it work ?
Samsung PC800 for TH7II-RAID
Where to buy the p4t533
SiS overtakeing the Intel chipset market?
Abit TH7II-RAID and linux
St6-raid Problem Plz Come And Help Me
Which bios for BD7 II
Problem with 2 2.26B CPU's with TH7II-RAID
where can i find those bios??
p4t-e jumpers for 133fsb wont work
ECS micro ATX P4VMM2 was Just ordered
changing voltage on p4t-e?
i need to know which board i have is better
p4s533 stop booting
Need Help O/C/Explain Memory Dividers
What is VTT???
BD7-II big problem
Need some overclocking tips
BD7-II or BG7
bios question
IT7 stock speed & overclicking
Cold Boot Problems
BD7II and temp sensors?
pci/agp speed?
vram mod th7ii
HMM can this work?
memory multiplier
P4T533-C O/C @ 133/M3 or 125/M4?
Whatcha think (8IHXP/P4 2.26B Prob)
400 Celly Needs MOB,Advise Please
Help! USB2 driver install
Locked PCI/AGP speeds on P4B533 (and TH7-II)
instability with over 128MB ram on modded 810 board
is there a way to mod the promise bioson the P4B-533E to have the full raid functions
new system but games are loading VERY slow...
P4S533 Fan Blues
TUSL2-C and AGP 4x
Asus vs Gigabyte? Which one is the best?
Need a P3 motherboard
BIOS for BD7
pin mod = consistent voltage?
Need some help.. BD7-II system..
P4S533 & 1.8A OC to 2.4 - NOT!
BG7 wierd 3:4 Ratio
wow, ordered samsung rdram. Got infineon
new DDR mobo for 2.26 P4
Ordered TH7-11R Th7-11 turns up!!!!!
hot babe still needs help
Optional USB header
Sound on p4s533
What is best bios file for TH7II??
p4t533-c overclocking
TH7-II questions (Mods,mem,cpu)
PIII board
BG7: Antec TP480 low volt & USB2 drvr probs
No Video Signal.. *help*
BD7II-Raid + Bios Mr Natural
Is it safe to flash my BIOS from 'within' windows XP?
how do I find out what type of MB I have?
Upgrading my system, is ABit right for me?
BG7m Question
Newbie P4S533 questions
Questions from overclocking newbie
Help with OC a 1.6a
asus p4b533 vm help needed
MR.NATURAL's bios files
Tyan S-1854 voltage mod.
Epox Question
Throttle Locking ENABLED!?!?!?!
Th7-ii Raid
ASUS P4B533-V and 2.26b
ABit SL-6 question
cant boot from a cd or floppy!
what RDRAM board (850E?) to pair w/ 2.26b and have a save beg for 170(+?)FSB....
Asus TUSL2-C and PIII Tualatin 1200@1350
I dont see any difference
TH7-II, which cpu to get? 2.2 or 2.26?
1.6A+Abit TH7II, will work fine?
need a little advice
TH711 Mobo question
socket 423 boards?
Can Intel boards be OCed???
P4T533-C Vcore poll..
atx 20-pin/+12v 4pin/aux power connecter
BD7II and Win98 Driver help
TH7-2 or P4T533-C?
ABIT BL7 OC'ing...
recommendations for a Suitcase PC mobo
Considering Gigabyte GA-8IEXP
P4S-645DX not so bad
Keyboard Problem
Bios settings on an th7II and 1.8 NW?
Intel 1.6A with Intel D845EPT2L mobo
BG7 - 3:4 ratio broke?
Motherboard Recommendations...
Abit BD7 Ram Questions
Mod Vmem Abit BD7
Checksum Error on TH7II
Questions on Softmenu III for THII. Can someone explain in laymans terms
Problems I'm having OC'ing on my TH II......
hot babe needs help...
samsung rdram800
???'s on ABIT ST6 with Celery 1.2
p4t-e jumper setting
DDR333 support with 100mhz FSB Northwood?
How do you overclock the memory?
What Temp do you get on your TH7-11
P4 2.0 gig northwood, Whats the most stable board?
POST not working
Petition to Abit for an i850E motherboard! (TH7III anyone?)
Which Bios for TH7II and Overvoltage alarm
Has anyone overclocked with the p4b?
Help with this comment inside..
Asus TUSL2-C
Abit BD7II pci and agp lock???
best old school (Piii) o/c mobo
highpoint 370A bios and driver version 2.32
In the market for a tualatin motherboard...
CMOS check sum error
Anybody know anything about Gigabyte GA-8IHXP?
1.6A+ddr, which MOBO?
BG7 + 1.6a = multiplier works?
Booting Problem
few questions...
Matsonic MS-7127C , need some help .
TH7 ii and Memory Question
Via p4x 333 chipset
couple questions 'bout the BD7II...
Tom's 850E article on NEW 1066 rdram mobos
P4B266-C Siren! NO POST
First Adventure in Overclocking.....
what sort of vcore should be needed to maintain a 133 bus with a 1.6A
BD7-11 Ram/divider ?
AGP/PCI FIX on Gigabyte GA-8IHXP??
MSI 845E Max vs. Asus P4B533
To all P4S533 owners!!
CUV4X max cpu???
thermal sensor on IT7
2.26b mobo suggestions?
new TUSL2-C bios released. Version 1012.
P4B533-E new bios?
epox 4sda+ oc probs
DDR BIOS Settings
P4S533 and XMS3000 SPD problems
Biostar M6TZA, volt mod
Mr. Naturals 7F BIOS
@all with Asus P4T533/P4T533-C
best board for a 1.6nw with ocing in mind
CUSL2 Bios
Gigabyte GA-8IHXP
1.6a, 1.8a, or 2.0a with a TH7-II (raid)
my bd7 died!!
mobo temp read from where?
Getting a new bios chip.
question about p4t-e
Sis 648 & Via P4x333
i850/i850E vs i845E/i845G vs Sis645DX, decisions decisions...
anyone esle Have this problem with 4G4a+ ?
Gigabyte's GA-7VRXP Lan Chip Problem
Not yet
IT7 Primer
Has anyone seen this thing ????
CPU running a bit hot?
hacked 77 bios please
Need help with OC Bios settings on an MSI 645 Ultra
1066-TH7II-03 & 533 drcgs-experiences
Can a Th7-II with PC800, run a 2.26 P4?
My Vcore drops around .05 V when under healy load
P4S533 and boot logo
4 pin and 12-pin?
comparision hunt
EPoX-4BEAR Reviews and/or opinions...
Anyone using an Epox 850 board?
Soltek "Glacial Silver"
AsusP4B533 or BD7II
New system is up, just a couple quick questions.....
P4S533 default Vcore?
th7ii or bd7ii?
400mhz FSB vs. 533mhz FSB?
1.8A OC to 2.4 = 2.4B? Also some mobo questions.
Aopen AX45-533 overclocking??
Pentium 4 BOARD
TH7II voltage requirements
Th7ii Fsb
Got me a BG7
Need your help DMI+RY
ABIT ST6-RAID Bios update
850 vs 850e vs sis chipsets
What's the max voltage for the P4T-533?
flash questions...help.
new bd7 bios!
Is a VCore @ over 2V to high??????
Need help with installing new 1.8 into my Th7II-RAID board.
Fastest non OC Options?
P4S533 1.8a Bench marks
MSI 845G Max - Anyone?
ASUS P4B533-V or ABIT BG7?
P4S533 or TH7II-R
Thank You Mr Natural
Mobo Recommendation
P4 Mobo Recommendations
P4 Mobo Recommendation
Mobo Recommendations
The ASUS P4T533 -----> i850E Armed with 32-bit RIMM 4200 !!!
Sound Issues TH7-II-Raid
Biostar M7SXG mobo
Help with VH6 (original)
AC97 not detected in 845E MAX2 !
New PC - Need Help
New PC - Need Help
Where can I get a BIOS for P4T533-C?
ABit Bd7II 4:5 DDR ratio? Bios Edit
P4S533 Secodary IDE problems
2.2B or 2.4 - which i850E mobo?
to blow or suck??
Dual Rdram Bus, explain ... And more !
Bios update = Higher Temps
got a few problems :(
Hello, AMD user now Intel, Need Help.
BX6 V2 Temp Sensor question
Auto detect DIMM/PCI clk in Bios?
Computer powers up when power cord is connected to the electricity !???
Which P4 to get for my Abit TH7-II
VH6T DRAM Clock Speed
Help me choose one of these mobo's
Would you pay for a TH7-II 7x BIOS with 1.85v??
Abit TH7II !!!
New Asus Bios updates
Will my motherboard supports PC1066?
4g4a+ @172fsb.
BD7-II: where´s the temp sensor???
bios problem
Need help flashing bios!!
older azza dvax2+ mobo bios?
Rambus and 533FSB
Asus P4S333 help!
p4s333 vs p4s533
Finally Rig shots!!!!!!!
what is your temperature on Epox 4SDA or 4SDA+
P4S333-M where are the real temps??
A Intel convert's building a new win+linux rig
th7ll old bios, help!!!!!
My P4B533-e problem...pls help!!!
Learn from my Vid Pin experience
Power Supply Thermal Sensor Connector’ on Cusl2-c ? What to do with...
Motherbaords that support more than 4 ata devices?
rambus retailer..
BD7-II Onboard Lan & Sound
IT7: Poll - Advanced Settings
BD7-II and "NW1600@2665mhz"-experience...
Asus P4t533-C or Giga-Byte 8ihxp??
Just Place Order for BD7-II & P4 2.26B
setting up the Abit IT7...official thread would be nice !!
Abit BD7-II: Bios Bug?!
Overclocking & USB mice
Anyone running P4S533 with 2 x 512mb ?
P2B-F and a PIII 1100
P4B266 new beta 1007 bios
TH7II and 1.6A Plus MrNatural 7D = 1.7 Default Voltage?
voltage problem on P4T533-c
hey jd,batboy she's up and runing-what bios...
My p4/p4s533
Any SA7 Reviews Yet?
EasyTune4 + Gigabyte 8IEXP .. no temp readings
Mr. Undecided decided...
1.8a/4sda O/c?
Best OC'ing P4 gaming Chipset?
What memory to get with 4G4A and 1.6A
Best P4 board??
Vcore MOD FAILED?!?!?!? Erratic beeping after VMOD on TH7-II
P4T-E and the new PIV (B)
Asus P4S533 shut down problem
845e MAX 2 + 1.6a
BD7 II Raid Newbie Overclocking
Abit BD7-II-Raid: High Case Temperature
4G4A+ and Linux
4BDA2+ DDR Voltage @ 2.6V not OCing well
How can I overclock my Matsonic motherboard?
Need help with a V-Dimm Mod for my BD7?
Vcore in BD7 for 1.8A Please Help me !!
What mobos over fsb over 200Mhz
Some Advice From Experts.
Epox 4G4A+ problems!
rd pc800 or ddr pc2700?
th7II bios?
IT7 and temps
Need P3B-F 1007 beta BIOS
which bios for my new abit BD7II
P4s533 Ram
well i did it...
P4T533 vs P4T533-C
Intel Mobo With 8X AGP, when???
Best MoBo for my setup
Abit BG7, is it DDR333 readied ?
What is raid?
Which abit ddr p4 mobo? URGENT
TH7-II, do you guys use APIC or not?
Help with P3/450, ab-bh6 MB OC
Abit TH7-II Turbo mode problem
Noob OC'er with P4T533-C needs advice
P4-1.7GHz willy overclocking
BD7 II questions
Memory voltage mod for the SD7-533
Gigabyte 8IHXP here now
Max watts safely drawn from MB fan header
question bout the bios of p4t-e
MR16R1628AF0-CM8 40ns samsung @1066?
Mr Naturals Bd711 bios (BD7II)
Asus Probe on P4S533 issues
Help me choose a P4 mobo (specifics)
P4 1.8A @ 2.4 (133 MHz FSB)
Pls help. USB-HPD pin assignment
To 850E now, or 845G & Granite Bay later
Kingston Value PC1066 128MB RIMM: Will this work on an abit th7-II?
What batches of the TH7II-RAID have the best RAMBUS clock generators?
Overclocking to 166MHZ with P4S533..
Bd7ii Ram Timings Bug?
New Bios for 4BDA2+ problems
P3 motherboard which one
Future P4T533-C BIOS updates?
Asus P4T533-C Questions :)
P4S533 HDD LED?!?! - please read little desperate
Th7ii Bios
Chassis Fan!
Asus Temps
Best P4 mobo
P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra
AGP Bus or Temperature??
Best Vcore to OC a P4 1.8A @ 2.4 using P4S533?
Auto detect DIMM/PCI clk - Bios
ST6 suspend-to-ram & FSB speed= bug?
Abit BE6-II Rev.1.2 identification surprise!
Update BIOS on P4T533-C?
Bending mobo?
P4b533 Vs. P4S533
Cold boot
How is the Abit SA7 overclocking?
Amd Clocking Speed And Heat
Just how tight?!?!
SA7 BIOS just posted, could it work on a (SIS645) SD7-533?
p4s533 aux power connector?
Look! 3:4 ratio for P4B266 above 132MHz FSB!!
New Beta BIOS out for P4B266 1007 Beta 4 released
1.8a cpu, please help me build new system
Question about P3C-E and AGP
Anybody...any experience with IT7 ?
th7II raid performance
ABit VH6-II, P3 1GHz
Asus P4S333 big problems....
Overclocking ABit VH6-II, P3 1GHz
Abit VL6 (p3) won't boot.
'VEN1' jumper on P4S533 only rise +0.1v of the core!
what kinda 850E mobo u guys suggest??
845e / 845g / 850e - Which one to buy?
Too Much Time On My Hands
Question about the clockgenerators on the P4T-E
Abith TH7II and CRIMM... I'm confused help me out here
Anyone using 8IRXP, have reboot problem?
Onboard LAN on TH7-II RAID
Socket 423 Mobo
Aopen AX3S Pro overclocking alternatives
questions on liquid cooling for th7II
Asus P2L97
IT7 - ok to not OC memory/pci/agp?
Lookiong for the right Mobo
Insane 1.6a temps HELP!!
For those with the P4T533...
CPU Temps; I am out of Ideas!
Abit IT7/AT7 Sound & Speakers
P4S533 - new system - need advice
Help a Frenchy with a weird PB!!! PLEASE!!
Please HELP me, a Q for P4T533-C w/ PC1066 owners
Abit SD7-533 Sound Problems (Help)
TH7II w/ memoryt at full speed @ 138fsb
Asus P4T533 dip switch chart...
What PIV mobos allow an FSB of up to 200 MHz?
Old stupid Asus Cusl2-c mainboard
heres a question for you BE6 owners
My system... I NEED HELP!
Help/Not Getting Video At Startup
buying new system based on THii-7 and RDR1066
BXMaster BIOS Upgrade
Where to find DRCGS for TH7II
th7II doesn't support woody at first?
Fooling M/B Into P.O.S.T
bd7II and sb live value problems
how fast!!!!!!!
Best mobo for P42.26 with DDR
TH7-II and Northwood
Bypass CPU Cooling Fan Power Conn./Sensor
BD7II - Best stable results
First mobo with Vacuum tubes!!!!!
interesting problem
If that's the case...
TH7II-Raid-Should I RMA?
P4b266 Rebooting issues
biggest processor for bx-133 raid???
P4 1.6Ghz mobo recommendations here
TH7 II PCI lock?
P4S Dragon Ultra Problems
Brand new TH7-II post problem
Building a New System
Good overclockable mATX board?
cpu/dram ratio
BD7 Fan Header Wattage-- How Much?
anyone got any extra dummy rimms
TH7-II RAID - Flashed, now problems!
Can't Overclock!
Can't Overclock!
TH7-II RAID - Flashed now problems