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Whatever happened to the SX7-533?
socket 370 ddr?
cooling the th7II
can i mix Pc800 and Pc1066 ram on a TH7II-raid??
is there a Epox 4G4A+ equivilant with no onboard graphics?
IWILL P4R533-N i850E
TH7-II CPU Temp Diode accurate?
What type/brand of pc1066 memory will work without problems on the TH7-II?
Going crazy in Rhode Island
Going crazy in Rhode Island...
TH7-II Temps....45 threads-no conclusions. HELP!
New mobo
is there a 'best' bios for p4t-e?
P4 Motherboard with AGP/PCI Frequence Lock
CPU Temp - which is right
Confusion about 1066 Rdram 32ns and Th711-R
Advice on overcloking 1.6A
problem with multiplier unlocked part
Newbie looking for guidance
Overvoltage alarm
Help! Code 01
Abit TH7-II Raid and ATI AIW128
Abit VA6 problem...
Sound card on P4s533
Iwill DVD266u-RN
Mobo for 1.6a?
problem with this old comp..
Abit BG-7
question about temperature sensors on p4t-e..
Dissapointed with Asus P4TE
What Abit Board to buy for a P4 1.6A.
A new bios for the BD7 on MrNatural´s Server. What is new?
ST6 Raid cannot overclock PIII 750 Help!!
Intel Celeron 1.7g - works w/ SiS 650 chipset???
Quick ?
intel chipset tweaker is there any
(RDRAM pc1066) RIMM1600...Please explain...
TH7-II overclock BIOS - stability
(BX) P3B-F Question? Fastest CPU Compatible
Dividers what does it mean?
Asus P4t-e 1006 (no Beta)
ASUS P4T-E v.s. P4T533-C
Need Dual MB
Timing for SiS 648 chipset?
VH6T and PCI, AGP Speeds
Is there an ST6-Raid FAQ?
any asus p4t-e tweak sites/ tweaks u kno of?
can u change ram voltage in p4t-e?
How accurate are temps on Abit ST-6 Raid Mobo?
Defective BE6-11 rev2.
Best MOBO for P3 850 100?
Abit TH7II-Raid - Bad CPU Voltage Undervolt Problem - Please help
Serious TH7-II issue:
DDR PC2700 - PC3200 in Abit BD7II??
Hardware Monitor / Abit ST-6 Raid / Windows XP
New P4 Mobo's
Who Writes the Best Manuals?
TH7-II RAID Issue - RAID doens't work right!
Need info on that memory I just bought :)
Bios Problem with BD7-Raid
PC-1066 RDRAM Priced @ $263US for 256MB
What Bios do you lot use for your ST6?
Which DRCG for which slot on TH7-II
Winbond Hardware Doctor, is it motherboard dependent? Where can I download it?
Abit TH7-II How to flash ABIT TH7(wrong) bios to right one?
solution to bad HD performance
ABIT TH7-RAID - Nothing but 00
Finally cool!
After BIOS update: F1, reset, clear CMOS...
Help pls... Asus Tua266.!
New TH7-II BIOS - 7E
how do i change so i can boot off a floppy on asus p4t-e?
does defective ram give beeps?
should dead proc give beeps?
4G4A+ Problems..help
what mobo setting makes the comp turn off automatically when i shut down?
please help th7II post 29
Th7-raid continuous short beeps and no post! help!
How do I find out what processors my MotherBoard supports?
swiftech mcx478 hsf on a gigabyte 8srx
Rambus changes.
Fuxored my HSF Fan.....any thoughts??
p4t533 and p41.6a
Abit BE6-ll Help?
Koolance System And TH7II-Raid Board???
Can i control the STOCK HSF FAN RPM??
MSI Live Bios sucks, and I have no mobo
Which is the bext OC mobo for a P4 ?
Epox 4G4A+ Power Connections???
the new bios
anyone know this one?
help please mboard info
in the p4t-e mobo, from agp PRO Slot area can i take white plastic piece out?
stupid vid card problem... dont give me a pic when i boot !
New Beta Bios For Bd7-motherboards From Abit
Quick question: Which one is better: 845D or 845E
voltages change or not? - tusl2-c
Corrupted partition and other things...
Abit TH7-II question
Help me set up my RAM please TH7-II
Mobo DOA
Need a few recommendations...
Need MrNatural TH7-II Bios 40
Can I do this?
Asus P4T533-c comming this week
from the power button the DC SW 2 pin plug?!
main_fan connector and enermax psu 3 pin connector
pci_fan connector on the p4t-e
the asus mobo agp slot warning thingy..
P4 thermal interface material
has anyone gotten 645 or 656dx to run Cas2?
Strange problem with TH7-II & Leadtek A250
XP unstability issues
Asus TUA266
Old Vcore mod new look
The Ultimate P3 Motherboard Challenge
Need help with new mobo
PC800 work with P4T533-C?
adding vcore setting in my bios
Anyone know of this motherboard?
Three questions about the IT7...
FSB on P4S533
Asus Tusl2-c
What DRCGs Found on New TH7II's and P4T-E's?
Audigy not compatable with Abit ST6?
What’s the minimum voltage you can set for a Tualatin 1.0A in an unmodified ST6?
Abit BD7II-Raid - Hardcore Overclocking?
Is it ok for these two to share an IRQ?
Abit BD7II
P4T-E Bios ??
Tualatin works in GA-6BXE without powerleap adapter?
HELP! I flashed the Bios and it won't BOOT!
New Aopen P4-533 MB
Need a better bios to my sd7-533 !
p4b266 . what bios to use?
Where is Abits new 850E mobo?
Which HighPoint drivers for BD7 RAID BIOS 7C
Abit TH7-II @ 133fsb with default voltage?
P4s533 temp problem..
Big Trouble with MSI 6337LE5
P4S533 and ata 133
BX6-2 modified bios to support tualatin??
CUV-NT on-board video
why wont my PC Close down? TH7-II
ASUS P4T533-c or Gigabyte GA-8IHXP ??
speed limit on BX6
Gigabyte 8IRXP settings
Possible Method To Remove The P4t533 Bios Safely
HPT 2.31 and Windows XP
New BD7 beta bios
BE6-II and P3 1000 won't do 133??
MrNatural !!! Please, please!
Maximum OC for a P4T533-C?
How to get 3:4 cpu/memory ratio with 4BDA???
Epox 4BDA - Hardware monitor correct???
Drivers for P4S533 ???? Where???
Gigabyte 6oxet-c Voltage readings?
NEW official Abit Bios TH7H_7C released!
Newbie in need of help!!!!
New TH7-II does not boot POST-Display: 01
Fellow BE6 Owners. A Question.
Overclocking the P4S Dragon Ultra
Rdram marking. Need advice.
Just Flashed P4T533-C BIOS on P4T-E... Results
Asus P4S533 memory Question
BE6-II random reboots
Will a 1.4 Tualatin work on a TUA266 ?
Via's P4X333 chipset for P4's
Which Motherboard for my new P4
Official PC2700 support?
P4B266-C overvolt jumper causing instability
bd7 question
Epox 4G4A (+)
Engineering Sample pc1066 Samsung on its way
Custom P4T-E Bios
Newbie TH7II-RAID question
which board for a P3?
Abit St6
P4 1.6A Temperatures
Bios 43a
dfi nt70?
845 or 645?
newegg asus p4t-e Q about retail or oem..
Northbridge on the P4T-E
Question of the year about Th711
PC Probe 2.16.07
TH7-II AGP fix problem
Finally - An 850E MB with Pretty Colors!
Please Help With BD7-RAID BIOS MOD...
Recent batch Samsung PC800
Abit TH7II-RAID Help plz
645 to 645DX Bios Flash ? Gigabyte 8SRX ?
Best ASUS for the buck?
HELP!! P4B266 w/ DDR can't increase timing/ Cas2
P4t533-c Bios
PC1066 ram available
Bunch of update for ASUS Bios
List of motherboard that will run P4b cpu's or not.
On-Board sound
updating bios
is the DFI WT70-EC oc friendly?
New to RAID - TH72-R
TH7II OWNERS - What BIOS are you using?
ASUS P4S333 Pci Dividers
A new BD7 Bios on MrNatural´s Server, who have test it?
P4T-E with Northwood 2.4
P2B / Voltage below 1.8V?
OMG new BIOS 1007 Beta 2 for P4B266!
OC Newbie
Weird problem with P3v4x
why hasnt anyone hacked the intel mobo bios for oc options?
No 4x AGP on VH6T w/ TI200
OCd P4S533/P4 1.6a Ghz Results
P4S-645DX Dragon Ultra
matsonic ms7177c
dual Tyan for tualatin
what about this motherboard
2.4b on an abit th7ll raid board
Simple MSI 645 Ultra Question...
strange beep
strange beep
Asus P4S533...MSI 645E Max2 ??
New MSI 645E Max-2
thoughts on the p4?
A TH7-IIRaid bios with up to 1.9 vcore would be great!
Is it possible to overclock an Intel P2 440BX Motherboard
P4S333 voltmod @1.8 only lets me select up to 1.85V?
P4S333 and two PSU's...
th7II-r heat sensor
How high can the Vcore go on the TH7-II
help msi 645 ultra + 1.6A oc probs
VP6 won't boot up....
How well does the P4S533 OC?
Abit ST6 problems... please HELP!
Epox 4BDA2+ OC'ing 1.8 only to 2.2Ghz?
modbin on win2k
Help can't run stable!!!
P4S333 Temps?
va6 pIII 1000/100 re start
My 1st OC on new system - Problem with sound
Intel 1.6 & MSI 645 Ultra
th7-2 raid with network card
Rambus Voltage and Chipset Voltage
problems flashing new bios for 8IRXP
Need A Guide to the Volt Mod on P4T-E
Giving Intel a shot,, need some advice
celeron 1a + tusl2-c and the vcores available
Have anyone infos about a abit board with the new i850E chipset?
A few new Asus Beta Bios posted
Getting a TH7-II but have 1 question
is 845G dual channel? if not, when is dual DDR due out?
Over 155 FSB and weird video probs with ATI Radeon 8500, TH7-II and any BIOS
DIP Switch settings TH7II?
Help !
New p4b266-C beta bios
Dying on a MSI MoBo? :/
Cold Boot Issue - Root Cause
STR-3 can't get it to work on TH7II-RAID
Will Existing 400 MHz FSB Intel Boards Support 533 MHz FSB
Bios th7h_77 ?
Puzzling problem....Any advice?
CUSIFX mobo, where to raise the voltage?
TUSL2-C , whats the max it can take (Celeron)
µatx or micro atx board for northwood and best oc´ ability?
Which mobo for ddr333?
shuttle boards
ECS P4S5A expreience
Th7 Ii Raid - Correct Way To Connect Onboard Usb ?
TH7 II Raid Voltage
another one...
Gigabytes 645DX Board: GA-8STX and GA-8STXP...Any info?
Well Intel screwed us! I850E chipset no 1066 RDRAM support
Need Temperature Verification...
Does the pin trick work on the P4B266-E?
P4B266 problem
Vmem Reduction = More Rdram Overclock???
p4s533 update bios in win2k
Vmem !???!?!?
Intel milking consumers with 845 chipset
Ditching my P4S
P4S533 work with PC3000, PC3200 or not?
P4T-E VCore Mod
Cost for RAM sinks!
PCI & AGP bus speeds...
Fans off & humming noise from TH7II?
Help needed repairing a mobo trace...
ABIT BH6 How many gig max?please
OC Intel 1.8A on BD7
best P4 mobo for under $100
4BDA help! can't set volt. higher.....
Help needed - Problem with Mr Naturals Bios's with Highpoint Raid v2.31 on TH7-II
Need advice, Newbie o/cing the VH6T
What Mobo for 1.6a nortwood???
Who´s got exp. with Gigabyte 8 SRX
TH7II and cpu fan speed
I got the "Hookup" for RAM Heatsinks!
P4S533 For 118 Good Deal or Not?
Strange Problem with a BD7-RAID...
Strange Problem with a BD7-RAID...
BIOS warning for 1GHz Celeron on P3B-F
p4te mobo and new p-4 2.4 533 fsb cpu
IRQ problem
4bda+ please help
1.9v max on an abit BD7
Pushed it to far and Trashed OS Installation
Cooling Rimms
Vmem mod without soldering - grabbers
MrNatural Bios Confusion - Please Help
Mr.Naturals TH7D_7D bios
RD-Ram based Board wich one should i buy
Intel set to announce new Chipset
BD7 bios c39 where?
Th7-ii Raid - Post Code 05
TUSL2-C hacks
hey mr. natural got any more bios's to test out!
vio mod
MBM5 and Asus P4TE
OK... When will the P4T533 be available?
TH7-II RAID BIOS Update & RAID Driver ¿Question?
Quick Slot-1 mobo question, guys...
Abit bd7 , mushkin 2x 256 3200 drr instability
Dual Pentium Gigabyte GA-6BXD
TH711 overclocking w/willamette
Is ABIT VH6T a solid for Home Theatre PC?
MSI 694D Pro for $40?
Biostar M6VCT with Cel2 1.0A GHz
TH7II Help
voltage drop
P4B266-C v1003 bios
TUSL2-C with 1010 BIOs
Asus p2b-f upgrade and bios help
RDRAM overclock w/ TH7II
TH7II Crazy Temperatures
Asus p2b-f upgrade and bios help
Sandra not reading AGP and PCI bus Speeds?
Not planning on OC'ing need opinions?
Thanks MrNatural i going try TH7.40b now
Idle CPU load...
FDD trouble
abit sd7-533 and digital doc?
Vcore too low?
epox i845 4BDA2+ power on problem!?
new EP4BDA2+ wont power on!
Vmem mod question!
MrNatural I thought you said monday?
Asus ASUS P4S533 Motherboard for Intel P4 478
New Abit-IT7 (845e)
anyone soldered the TI 533 drcgs yet ??
adding fsb setting in my bios
all i gotta say is wow.
overclocking biostar m6tsu motherboard
Whats the best Motherboard
Onboard Sound TH7-II RAID + PCI Soundcard
Why don't I see these BIOS settings?
New BD7 boards available in UK in 1-2 weeks
rdram: 128mb 8 device
Abit TH7II-RAID w/ P4 2.0GHz / Overclock- How?
Probs O/C p4 1.8A with an MSI 845 Ultra ARU mobo
Help! What's the Optimal VCore for an ASUS CUSL2 at 157 FSB??
please list some slot oveclocker boards
Modifying an Asus S370-L to S370-DL
Is the 4SDA+ any good???
AMD lover going to "try" intel, read on...
Anyone know if pc1066 rambus is available in the UK yet? (NT)
whoa! Check this out!!!!!!!
newbie to O/C
Award bios
having some issues with p4s333
845E mobos released
bd7 raid help!!
post code "26"
TH7-II is vmem reduction possible?
Right - DDR or RDRAM and Which Mobo???
Are you using the "Fix" option?
[help] Can i have more than 521mb sd ram on ST6 ?
1st OC EVER!!! but I have some issues
Got to ask..
"advanced" questions about overclocking P4 NW with TH7II :)
TH7-II, Questions about settings in BIOS
Chipset Cooling?
SIS 645dx motherboards ??
Chaintech 6vjd2
P4 Mobo Check
Question for Mr. Natural...
Question for BD7 Owners...
question on motherboard and rdram plz help
Goin back in time a bit!!!!!!!!!!
MSI 6398 845 Ultra Raid Hacked Bios
Rom Chip for Biostar M6TZK
Gigabyte GA-8IRXP OR GA-8SRX wich one to buy??
Abit BM6 upgrade?
P4S533 bios on P4S333 warning!!
What drivers are needed for Win XP & Abit TH&-II?
TH7-II, Which O/S is fastest now, with this MOBO?
Can't connect my IDE drives?
Temp Update!
p4t-e or th7-ii, which has more stability, foolproofness?
Intel 840 and Radeon 8500
Mrnatural please set new bios free
1998 440BX Gateway O/C?
motherboard with s-video /sound/ network card
Anyone get higher with vram mod?
Help out a newbie
Survival story "I can't beleive it still works"
Abit Th7II-Raid P4 2.0GHz Socket 478
hey, anybody got the 4T2A3 mobo?
P3V4X no post, up and down beeps... n e 1 ?
Epox 4sda+ power connector??
Giga 8IRXP Bios F7a fixes reboot issues
TH7-II temperatures
Are these good components for a system?
What's the best o/c'er for the money
Soyo Dragon P4S & GF4 Issue
TH-7 II low budget overclocker See this
Whats a good mobo at a good price?
is this possible?
P4 Ddr Mobo
ABIT BX6 r2 w/ MBM5
Why?!?!?!?! :((
What memory for Asus p4b266?
C2 1.2A / TUSL2-C Benchmarks
th7ll mod
Can you overclock a Intel P2 440BX Motherboard?
Cumputer World, Carlton
Overclocking P4 2.2 & Asus P4TE
TH7II-Raid 1.8A OC BW,MIPs & Mflops
bought TH7II, 1.6A, Samsung PC800 - now what?
final analysis
Which Intel Chipset officially supports 533 fsb?
05 Error Code (TH7II)
I want to buy: P4 1,8 - Gigabyte Ga-8ITXR - 256 MB Ram Infineon
what is a good overclocking p4 motherboard
who have tested the Beta BIOS BD7_7B.B02 for BD7/BD7-RAID??
help to see the temp
One last request
ppl using the TUSL2-C..
o/c help! on a p4s333
Abit ST6 woes
P4S333-M question!
MOBO for CeLLy 633?
Abit vs. Asus w/ PC1066
Just ordered some Samsung PC2700 Original memory...
video severly drags if my fsb is set higher than 144 !
P4 northwood for 100$
MOBO for P4 Norwood for 100$
Can you run 2 different cpus on same motherboard
(TH7II owners) What kind of chipset temps are you getting?
OK the temp results are in!
Asus mobo temps
Help settingup abit TH7-II w/1.6a P4
ASUS P4S533 with no USB 2.0
Vmem mod link for TH7II
P4t-e Antec 1040b Blue and Blake wire from PS
Advice on overclocking celeron 433 (BM6 mohterboard)
Please read.... Johnny Mo
antec plus case and fan moniter th7 II help?
mushkin PC3200DDR works with bd7 ??
how can i edit abit bios?
BD7 Beginner
Neebie needs help on new ASUS board...
p2b-f + Tualatin 1.2Ghz
Newbie in distress
Clear CMOS placement on P4T-E Mobo
TUA266 MOB,Which one 256 or 512 Taulatin?
BD7 Owners Give me Overclocking Advice!
Best Board To Overclock Tualatin
slot 1 mobo bios
Best Board To Overclock Tualatin
P4NW1600@2136 problems:
Where to get the Beta BIOS BD7_7B.B02
new to oc, need m/b help
how to overclock dram on abit bd7???
something with my kr7a133
Soyo 440ZX support Celemine or Tualatin?
Folks I need a little help!
Question about FSB selection on "ASUS CUV4X"
4sda...pci divisors
P4 2.0 Willy- overclocking potential
REPOST (Sorry)
GA-6OXET f10 bios vs. WinXP
Finally a review that mentions the CODE 26 bug ;)