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New Abit-IT7 (845e)
anyone soldered the TI 533 drcgs yet ??
adding fsb setting in my bios
all i gotta say is wow.
overclocking biostar m6tsu motherboard
Whats the best Motherboard
Onboard Sound TH7-II RAID + PCI Soundcard
Why don't I see these BIOS settings?
New BD7 boards available in UK in 1-2 weeks
rdram: 128mb 8 device
Abit TH7II-RAID w/ P4 2.0GHz / Overclock- How?
Probs O/C p4 1.8A with an MSI 845 Ultra ARU mobo
Help! What's the Optimal VCore for an ASUS CUSL2 at 157 FSB??
please list some slot oveclocker boards
Modifying an Asus S370-L to S370-DL
Is the 4SDA+ any good???
AMD lover going to "try" intel, read on...
Anyone know if pc1066 rambus is available in the UK yet? (NT)
whoa! Check this out!!!!!!!
newbie to O/C
Award bios
having some issues with p4s333
845E mobos released
bd7 raid help!!
post code "26"
TH7-II is vmem reduction possible?
Right - DDR or RDRAM and Which Mobo???
Are you using the "Fix" option?
[help] Can i have more than 521mb sd ram on ST6 ?
1st OC EVER!!! but I have some issues
Got to ask..
"advanced" questions about overclocking P4 NW with TH7II :)
TH7-II, Questions about settings in BIOS
Chipset Cooling?
SIS 645dx motherboards ??
Chaintech 6vjd2
P4 Mobo Check
Question for Mr. Natural...
Question for BD7 Owners...
question on motherboard and rdram plz help
Goin back in time a bit!!!!!!!!!!
MSI 6398 845 Ultra Raid Hacked Bios
Rom Chip for Biostar M6TZK
Gigabyte GA-8IRXP OR GA-8SRX wich one to buy??
Abit BM6 upgrade?
P4S533 bios on P4S333 warning!!
What drivers are needed for Win XP & Abit TH&-II?
TH7-II, Which O/S is fastest now, with this MOBO?
Can't connect my IDE drives?
Temp Update!
p4t-e or th7-ii, which has more stability, foolproofness?
Intel 840 and Radeon 8500
Mrnatural please set new bios free
1998 440BX Gateway O/C?
motherboard with s-video /sound/ network card
Anyone get higher with vram mod?
Help out a newbie
Survival story "I can't beleive it still works"
Abit Th7II-Raid P4 2.0GHz Socket 478
hey, anybody got the 4T2A3 mobo?
P3V4X no post, up and down beeps... n e 1 ?
Epox 4sda+ power connector??
Giga 8IRXP Bios F7a fixes reboot issues
TH7-II temperatures
Are these good components for a system?
What's the best o/c'er for the money
Soyo Dragon P4S & GF4 Issue
TH-7 II low budget overclocker See this
Whats a good mobo at a good price?
is this possible?
P4 Ddr Mobo
ABIT BX6 r2 w/ MBM5
Why?!?!?!?! :((
What memory for Asus p4b266?
C2 1.2A / TUSL2-C Benchmarks
th7ll mod
Can you overclock a Intel P2 440BX Motherboard?
Cumputer World, Carlton
Overclocking P4 2.2 & Asus P4TE
TH7II-Raid 1.8A OC BW,MIPs & Mflops
bought TH7II, 1.6A, Samsung PC800 - now what?
final analysis
Which Intel Chipset officially supports 533 fsb?
05 Error Code (TH7II)
I want to buy: P4 1,8 - Gigabyte Ga-8ITXR - 256 MB Ram Infineon
what is a good overclocking p4 motherboard
who have tested the Beta BIOS BD7_7B.B02 for BD7/BD7-RAID??
help to see the temp
One last request
ppl using the TUSL2-C..
o/c help! on a p4s333
Abit ST6 woes
P4S333-M question!
MOBO for CeLLy 633?
Abit vs. Asus w/ PC1066
Just ordered some Samsung PC2700 Original memory...
video severly drags if my fsb is set higher than 144 !
P4 northwood for 100$
MOBO for P4 Norwood for 100$
Can you run 2 different cpus on same motherboard
(TH7II owners) What kind of chipset temps are you getting?
OK the temp results are in!
Asus mobo temps
Help settingup abit TH7-II w/1.6a P4
ASUS P4S533 with no USB 2.0
Vmem mod link for TH7II
P4t-e Antec 1040b Blue and Blake wire from PS
Advice on overclocking celeron 433 (BM6 mohterboard)
Please read.... Johnny Mo
antec plus case and fan moniter th7 II help?
mushkin PC3200DDR works with bd7 ??
how can i edit abit bios?
BD7 Beginner
Neebie needs help on new ASUS board...
p2b-f + Tualatin 1.2Ghz
Newbie in distress
Clear CMOS placement on P4T-E Mobo
TUA266 MOB,Which one 256 or 512 Taulatin?
BD7 Owners Give me Overclocking Advice!
Best Board To Overclock Tualatin
slot 1 mobo bios
Best Board To Overclock Tualatin
P4NW1600@2136 problems:
Where to get the Beta BIOS BD7_7B.B02
new to oc, need m/b help
how to overclock dram on abit bd7???
something with my kr7a133
Soyo 440ZX support Celemine or Tualatin?
Folks I need a little help!
Question about FSB selection on "ASUS CUV4X"
4sda...pci divisors
P4 2.0 Willy- overclocking potential
REPOST (Sorry)
GA-6OXET f10 bios vs. WinXP
Finally a review that mentions the CODE 26 bug ;)
Upgrade now or wait
Th7II Instability problems
P4T-E Multiplier??????
what stripe size is best in hpt 2.31 ?
Help...what new cpu's can i use with my abit bp6
MSI 645U and 1.6A stuck at 130fsb help:(
Problems encountered with Soyo SY-P4S DRAGON Ultra Bios p4sx2ba3.bin
what will abit have to run the 533 P4's in 3 weeks?
Alternative cooling
12v line low with Antec 400w
How High can I go with Bh-6?
Gigabyte GA-6BX7+ anyone
What Speed Will Which Ram Go?
Taking a 1.6 'woody' up the o/c lane - Best 845D?
Rdram Board Decision, please help
who have tested the Beta BIOS BD7_7B.B02 for BD7/BD7-RAID??
Need a Good OC P4 Board
More than 100FSB
New Probe 2.16.03
Mr. Natural's 39C BIOS and wire mod (batboy, you might be able to help me)
When Overclocking?
Beta Bios for P4B266-C
New P4S333 bioses
th7 II bios co1 .How High to volts go?
cpu/memory frequency ratio 3:4
Offset hardware Monitor
New bios (2408) for 4SDA.
RAM speed
TH7II-R - sloooow boot!
Any one tryed a Vcore mod on a P4TE
V Pin mod on a 1.8A and a Asus P4TE
got some probs with 4sda+
MBM and Abit TH7II-RAID Temperature Readings
Cant install NIC on P4T-E
P4T-E Vcore with jumper settings on
P4 1.6A/Ti4400 @ 2128 gets massive 3Dmark2001 Scores
Question on the mechanics of flashing a BIOS
Weekend quiz: will a 4bda2+ handle this RAM??
4SDA+, 4BDA or TH7 II?
o/c noobie. help me oc ? thanks
Whats the highest FSB anyone is running on VH6T??
Why not voltage pin mod this way?
How can i turn on sideband addressing on my Th7-II and Geforce 3?
Looking for info on booting problems for BL7 mobo!!!
old intel mb help.
th7h7c00 or MrNatural's 39C??????
I Need Help!!!
Abit BD7-RAID POST error E1
3 tab holddown w/CUSL2-C?
ABit of Help...hhehehe
Help! ASUS CUSL2 FSB Problem!
Please help a newbie
Help with 1.6A 845 Ultra and G3
HighPoint IDE's
Just got my 4bda2+
More Saga's Nvidia & SB Live?
agp aperture
ATTN: EPOX 4BDA2+ Owners...
Best OCing memory for ABIT TH7II?
IRQ slot-sharing in Th7 II
experience with MSI K7N420 - anyone?
BD7's, A7 post errors and tight slots.
BD7 comments
TUSL2-C vcore selections w/ Tualatins
TH7II DIP Switch Questions
New beta bioses from abit for TH7-II,BD7,KG7,KR7A,KT7A v1.3
Update bios & hpt for BE6-II
What does the "DRAM Therm Management" option do???
What RDRAM temperature reading are you getting? / TH7II-RAID
Help me decide st6 or vh6t
Need help with 3.3v rail
Need advice on Mobo
- ASUS P4S333 Clock Generator.
Don't try this at home!
oh crap my wifes going to kill mee cksum error now nothing help
Preparing 1.8A OC. Watercool before pintrick?
looking for the pci / agp bus fix just point me in the right direction please
Need Mobo Advice for 1.9p4
Amptron MOBO newbie question?
Ti 533
I can't get into the BIOS of my TH7-II!
Giga-Byte GA-8ITXR
Abit Th7-2 w/ a P4 1.6a
does the st6 report temps wrong?
What is the best case for a BP6
"Cold Boot" problem, what is it - exactly?
Overclock to 133 MHz bus quad pumped with Intel 845D chipset
any way to get more mem voltage BD7?
WTF! Need help B4 I smash this thing!!!!!
question about overclockin gon p4b266
latest beta bios for Asus P4b266.. help please
Which P4 Board
Potential CPU speeds on old ZM6 PPGA370 66/100?
Winbond HW.DOC
vcore and ram
is there a single cpu ddr p3 board?
Chipset Driver for the TH7II-RAID
300a Please Help?
IWill DVD266 vs. VP6?
The cold boot issue BD7
BD7 not working with 1.8a@2.4Ghz with mod bios
Epox 4dba Gurus
***** Asus P2l97 *****
Enabling the HLT command on the i845 chipset
Enabling the HLT command on the p4b266
Looking for RAID help on TH7-II
Question Bout PowerLeap Neo S370 ...
Questio about the PowerLeap Neo S370 and combatability...
P4T-E o/c questions
Award vs. Highpoint Bios - I'm confused
Temp monitoring the Epox 4SDA
New vh6t bios for increased vcore volts
AC2001 is not an audio chip
P4 / P4T-E Benchmarks Wanted
New Epox 4SDA+ Kicks Butt!!
Sound problem with TH7II Raid
Extreme Overclocking Database!
!help! P4s333
Vcore gets lower when full load
New to OCing settings: TH7II-RAID/1.6a
Soyo P4S and the onboard NIC
Dual P3 700's
Hey Bigtoe have a question for ya
Th7II reboot problem
BD7 Raid-new user
Dual Mobo
Asus P4T-E Retention clip
Chipset voltage mod in P4S333?
Question for anyone with a 4bda2+...
A little clarification please!
Please HELP from a 4BDA2+ owner...
Helpful ideas please
P4S533 bios on P4S333?
OC exp with tyan 2266 aka trinity 510
Advice on a Tualatin motherboard
Winning combo: P4 1.6a & MSI 645 Ultra
Ram recommendation for Gigabyte 8RIXP
Crucial 512MB DDR 2100 incompatible with BD7?
File-System-Problems running the P4T-E with FSB-133
Will a Celeron 1100 work in an Asus CUSL2-C???
P4T-E Help
2BA2 Bios
Captain! we need more power!!!
Asus P4T-E past 133mhz?
IDE performance on a TH7-II non raid?
One final upgrade.
Random Reboot on BX-133RAID
TH7 IIR Nice board, crap performance?
Anyone using the Zalman Flower P4 CNPS6500-ALCU?
Is Epox 4sda+ a good mothrboard for overclocking?
Question With My O/C Attempt
HELP! Soft CPU II wont let me overclock.. i think..
P4S333 temp probe works!
When will the P4s533 be available?
MBM5 and P4S333?
ya i am thinking about waiting now
Which Mobo in a Koolance Case?
Japanese TH7II OC performance chart
bending the thermal probe in the zif socket??
Asus P4B266-C BIOS
dual socket micro atx mobo?
MOBO for newer P-4's
abit th7 II volt mod
Overclocked to the max?
Which MOBO for P3
Soyo P4I fire dragon, P4 1.6A and WinXP
old gateway g6300 with astoria m/b p2
Need a good bios to P4S333
Iwill P4DA ?
Is this the norm or am I just lucky
cold boot no more
Noob 4BDA2+ OCing ?s
Anybody else having trouble getting to the Abit website?
Northwood cpu pin trick
Jumper Pins?
Jumper pins
Compaq Mainboard
Editing Bios ?
Intel SE440BX-2 MOBO good for ?
Why is my TH7-II so HOT
PIII T or Celeron with Abit BX-133 or other older style mainboard, working?
Acorp 6a815EP motherboard
133Mhz fsb on a Abit TH7-II ?
st6-raid ide 3and4=bsod
P4 1.9 ghz what MOBO for OCing should i get?
Electronics Guru, Where can I buy a...
Is there a hacked bios for P4S333
What limits FSB's ?
Replace BH6 with VH6T or SL6
Overclunkin the BD7
Prime95 Fails - Now what?
GA-8IRXP Problems!!!
Ms-850 Pro 5 (ms-6545) Overclocking
ATrend ATC-6100
Mr. Natutural - what XP HPT370 drivers to use with your BIOS?
New Soyo P4S Dragon Bios
Best RAM to run in a Gigabyte 8XIRP?
Frustrated! XP shut down corrupting ntfs.sys HELP!
BD7 Beta Bios?
P4S333 fsb only 166
Looking to get new P3 Mobo.. Need help picking.
Updated Abit BD7-Raid and TH7II-Raid Bios. Get them here!
1.6A@2Ghz+TH7-II+Winxp=first time boot with blue screen
Latest Update on my TH7II Raid
intel CA810 motherboard fsb/clock settings??
TH7II, what is this?
Vid Pin Mod went well but...
4SDA+, can it lock PCI and AGP clock?
Tyan's 230T
I810 chipset M766lmt Motherboard, dual cpu
P4S333 Power LED?
Possible to get a good o/c on a TH7 without any mod ?
which i845D mobo lets me oc@133 with maintained pci/agp/mem??
Abit bd7 piv 1.6@133 mhz, what ddr do i need?
Asus P2-99
vCore adjustments on TUSL2-C
Need a ddr board
Need new BIOS!
What Motherboard should I get??
ST6 Divisor Settings
where on the board is the p4
Best P4 Board
Hey Dude its a Dell
New Asus P4t-e Beta Bios 1006 Beta2
POST Error 26h fix...???
New Natural TH7II Raid Beta Bios!
Weird Experience With Mb Monitor And Th7 Ii
810E have sensors?
MSI 845D Ultra-ARU voltage question
need help with a computer friend
Fic Vc11
trigem cognac??
TH7II Settings Advice
newbie help with bp6
BD7 Raid owners. Here's a little relief if you need it.
Geforce 256 CDR and Asus P4B266-C Can it be Done?
P4s533 ? will it be available
please help with ABIT TH7II-Raid
which p4 board with raid and DDR ram ???
Help, bd7 booting
3 pin motherboard wiring
Which BIOS savior does the Abit TH7II-RAID use?
dual p3-P3C-D:is it worth it?
form factor
810E have sensors?
What to replace with TUA266?
Asus P4B266-c VS P4S333 Which one??
6 pin aux connector wont fit on TH7II-Raid!
TH7 II & Woody 1.8a
Th7II-RAID Bios Problems
Seattle BX-2 Question about BIOS...
Intel D850MD, impossible to overclock?
Do I really need an Asus?
abit vh6t bios DRAM Timing settings
Old p3v4x
Question about CUSL2-C????
TUA266 Headaches
Best sound/video/lan celeron 1.3A board
Any BX133 mods to make it run the TULLIE
Help, trying to upgrade cpu
VP6- YT Bios -PCI Latency Timer(CLK)"option.
Overclocking for the P4T-E question
Are there ASUS flex ATX vendors in US?
I asked this before will Abit slot 1 BX6 version 1 take Celeron 900?
Will I be able to use pc2700 ram on this board?
BD7raid experiences, boot & new standby problem, part2
Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra Overclocks
Best Mobos for School Poject
Temps on P4T-E, including RAM and Memory controller
win xp and oc error
How do you get the stock heatsink frame off a P4T-E?
A-trend ATC6240V-01 with C466
Best board for a P4 for average home user not OCer?
ST6+Tualatin 1.0GHz AC97 problems
Cold boot
Best BIOS for TuSL2C?
Intel alpication accelerator works on SIS chipset?
133 Fsb
Msi Ms-6368l ?
AsusP4S333 Voltage Mod and Probs?
Fastest processor for SY-6BA+IV
Can Not Install Radeon 8500 on BX Board
Intel's Audio 97 & Lan built-in features?
BIOS 37 with north wood issue
My system is down again! Argh! What does error code 25 mean?
Beta BIOS?
Paps new setup NEEDS YOUR HELP!
Random reboots?
1006.01 beta for ASUS P4T-E
AGP interface on a asus TUSL2-C
new ga-8IRXP bios settings
TH7-11 boot up problem with blue screen
Vcore voltage mod in Asus P4S333 please!
ICS9212AF-13 DRCG's... I should be getting 30 samples
Where can I get...
Components for a new box?
abit sd7533
TH7II-Raid with PC1066 at 1178mhz mem speed (56K WARNING! PICS INSIDE)
Should I question the ABit ST6 mobo or the PSU?
440BX- Onboard Video Memory?
Accuracy of Asus PC Probe?
Th7 Ii Fix Test
How to unlock Intel motherboard to do overclocking?
How to unlock Intel motherboard to do overclocking?
BD7 Boot, RAM & OC'ing Probs
intel udma controller vs highpoint raid in th7 II and optimization
New to OC........Just a few questions....
TH7II + 1.6A Northy: worries and questions
HELP -- need to figure something out
Dell Dimension 2100
TH7 II and C1 Error Code
IAA 2.0 vs DMA box only
i845D vs. DDR
Mobo for P4 Northwood
AGP/PCI speed reading
beta BD-7 bios
Ultra ATA driver on ASUS P4T-E
Fry's Special on ShuttleAV18e, can this be OC?
overclocking my cellie400 with biostar board
BD7 cold boot tip
TH7 2 RAID Owners - Which Rambus Do You Have
P4 1.8A / P4T-E Benchmark Results
4DDR slot mobo?
OC The TH7 II - What Is Reasonable
abit's web site?
Fastest Slot 1 Processor For P3V4X?
Asus P 4 266 E
Server Board
TH7II "Cold Boot Issue"?? - What is it?
overclocking the p4b-lx
vh6t pci/agp divider
ST6 AGP speed and core voltage?
New BIOS for TH7-II
P4S333 cpu voltage mod. Anyone?
Aopen AX6BCM/b confused!
Asus P4T-E O/C 1.8@2.4 and Logo XP ?
Asuys P4T-E O/C 1.8@2.4 and Logo XP ?
TH7II-RAID and P4-533 FSB?
820 chipset question
Best DDR MB for P4
p4 1600A not working with Th7II with BIOS 38...
TH7II vrambus mod?
What holds the best possibilities?
Calling TUA266 + Win2k + NVIDIA card owners!
Asus P3B-F
Temperature monitoring
Abit BF6 boot problem
Dual Celeron w/ abit
ocing dell 8100 w/ Intel 850
GA-8IRXP bios for higher voltage settings than 1.85v?