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GA-8IRXP bios for higher voltage settings than 1.85v?
Problem flashing Asus cuv4x
Northwood overclocking problems
BD7-raid, will Abit ever resolve the reboot problems?
BIOS Tag Error on GA-6BXE
ST 6 Ram Speeds
To use sound or not to use sound.......
Does it make a difference/what config will OC better?
Are the AIW Radeaon 32DDR, and The Matrox Millenia G550 Incompatible With the P4TE?
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Extracting the urine?
RAID 0 stripe size
256MB RAM, only 128 recognized?
TH7 2 RAID setup
Mobo has 3 bad capacitors. Is it fixable?
what does the TH7-2 box contains?
micro-atx asus p4b266
Swiftech MCW462-U Water-block on TH7II?
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Need new Bios chip?
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P4S333 temp monitors
My DRCG sinks for TH7II
asus p3v4x setup
How to change boot screen P4S333
Thanks Badflash.com
Location of Winbond thermal sensors?
How would I be able to overclock my DELL?
processor voltage mod for the P4T-E motherboard
ABIT BE6 II rev 2
Sa6r - Fc-pga2??
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New TH7-II Bios
Timeline of an OC effort
good abit mobo to overclock
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MSI Ultra Volt Mod???
How good is this mobo....
another be-6 question
Moherboard Volt mod
P41 Fire Dragon vs Dragon Ultra
Th7II-RAID Overclocking problems
TH7-II and 1.6a Error
Does the msi 645 ultra use the A2 revision of the sis 645 chipset?
Does the msi 645 ultra use the A2 revision of the sis 645 chipset?
Fastest Video card for BH6--Please Advice!!
BE6-II Checksum
a2 645 motehrboards
Is there a software like ASUS PCprobe for ABIT mobo?
TUV4X - No 1/4 PCI Divider??
Bios flash wont see cd-rom drives?(p4s333)
can i change socket to be better
vpin volt mod results
need a slot 1
Abit BX-133 BE6-II
BL7 0nboard sound problem
from ic to cypress
please help me i need datasheet
6VBA133, PIII 750, & FSB of more than 122
Bios Shadowing
low HD benchmark on BP6
Enable DDR333 on P4S333
4BDA & 4BDA2+ performace thread
P4 1.8NW & the 37 Bios works? TH7 II
2.2 Or 2.0 Which To Buy This Month? Advice Please!!!
Memory temps?
pIII + ddr?
TH7II-Raid keychain?
Need replacement P4 rentention mechanism! :-(
Vid pin works like a champ
What do the TURBO settings on P4B266-C do?
My TH7II & RDramsinks
ASUS Tusl2-C Cold Boot annoying me!
Soyo P4S Ultra -- Any good?
Need tips OC'n P4S333
Where to purchase AWARD BIOS chips?
System Board
1,6A+TH7 II =Overcloking disaster !
P3 mobo?
TH7II-raid PC Health Question
MSI 845Ultra-ARU Glitch
Rioworks PDVIA
intel 810
Does The P4T-E Have the HIP6301 Volt Mod Chip On It Or Not??
what would it do
whats the best asus board for 1.8a northwood ?
Does a P3125 SeccII heatsink fit a P3B-F?
Can you help me identify this Mobo, please?
Just built-temp issues with p4t-e
will a mobo boot w/o a proc?
Clearing ESCD???
BD7 Cold Boot Prob
I'm not clear on this
440BX - Holy Moley!!!
Avoid the GA-8ITXR like a pile of fresh, steaming...
Newbie: 450@505 but still a little confused.
sis645 vs sis650
Memory cooling mods on the TH7-II
Voltage mod for Asus P4B266 (Help)
Strange TUSL2-C behaviour at 133MHz FSB
I give up on RAID 0
"CPU unworkable" error on TH7II w/ 1.8A
Calling BD-7 operatorsthose
Asus Secret jumpers.
P4b266-c Bios to use???
Anyone using GA-8SRX and Hercules GTXP?
updating ESCD problem
VP6 Question
FSB:PCI:AGP ratios for Epox 4SDA
First attempts at oc'ing - major problems
where is ABIT support??????
Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra temps, etc...
cant get my computer to boot think its mobo
CPU fan header not working on TH7II
Northwood compatible on Sis 645?
What Highest Voltage You Guys Got Northwood Cpu?
P4T-E BIOS & mem. settings
msi 645 ultra vs. soyo dragon ultra vs. asus p4s333
New bios for Epox 4BDA2+
Abit bd-7 post hang at A7
scsi problem
Where is DRCG on th7 II ?
Help finding the right mobo!
P4B266 and 133+ FSB, why bother
I feel like such a n00b....
bios install
Hardware monitor Program for ASUS P4S333
post hang at 00
th7 2 bios install
what sre the best SIS 645 motherboards?
The world's best kept secret
TH7 II , HOW to fix the FIX ?
New Beta bios 8IRXP users F6d
I'll be out this weekend
430VX chipset HDD probs
new TH7-II already with bios 38?
any way to get /5 pci divider on VH6T??
Electromigration - Interesting Read
Anyone EMail Me Hardware doctor for TH7-II
P4T-E and PC1066
Abit VP6...
Concerns with O/C an Aopen AX63Pro
Concerns with O/C Aopen AX63Pro
Gigabyte GA-BX7 & MBM5
Via Cyrix 3 processors on socket 370 board?
Best Overclocking Pentium 4 Board
Need Opinions on MSI mobo's
Can someone help me with this annoying issue with my th7II-raid?
P4b266 onboard sound hangs w/ oc'ed 1.6a
Why you hardcore OCers, give me a hand. What should I do with the AGP/PCI divider?
TH7-II VCore
Why are people vid pinning their TH7-II's?
Asus Cuv4x and pci dividers... plz help!
Post screen ghost image
TH7II-raid dip-switches
i gained 3714 3dmark2001 read how
Post code 26! I'm in bios hell!
I am a bad~~ person.
PC restarts irregularly
GA-6OXET vs. ABIT ST6 questions
Wait for dual channel for p4's?
All Abit Users Please Read This
Going to buy an ST-6. Any tips or things that I should know about it?
Need major help on bios update
Th7-ii/2.0a/4x128 Samsung I Have Question
PCI divider on Abit ST-6 ????
Weird OC'ing results with 1.6A and TH7-II?
Whats the best watercooled/peltier combo for the TH7-2?
P4B266-C USB Question
Need links, mods, & info for the TH7-II mobo
1.8a question
Need ST6 Beep Codes.
i need help here - what settings to oc well??
P4B266 Memory Ratios
Check this monster out!
ASUS Probe temp readings,are they right?
Abit TH7-II Links and FAQ
be6-ii beta bios flash
The coolest forums on OC!
Can BD7 handle DDR 2700??
help newbie with oc
any drivers needed for TH7II and winxp?
TUSL2-C - CPU temp, which proggies to trust?
Abit BH-6 How high a cpu can I put in??
P4B-266 - questions about usb 2.0 and onboard sound
P4T-E : Anyone cooling the MCH ?
MSI 645 Ultra/Promise FastTrack TX2 Issues
4 vs 2 RIMM o/c
TH7-2 Owners: Anyone try the hacked 77 bios?
promise fast track tx2 and sis645 issues.. are their any?
good overclocking board?
Chipset HS on TH7II
Th7-II Mainboard temp sensor?
P4T-E future bios ?!
Fic VA 503+ jumper info needed
>>Good mobo!!<<<<<<<<<<<<
PC Chips M930LR ???
are mbm voltages accurate?
abit bx133
AX3S Aopen motherboard
bios eeprom on Th7II-R?
DDR combination on Gygabyte GA-8IRX
another cheap skate with a bx6
Gigabyte GA-6VTX(E) VIA chipset Socket 370
Serious P4 Motherboard selection help!
How is D845BG?
Sorry Humble apologies
p4266-C Turbo Settings?
need help on mobo choice!
Just got a celeron 1.0A for a friend and the Gigabyte Board is acting wierd.
Which mobo for 1.6A@2.13 (100%)!?
Low 3.3V rail on ST6 w/Celly 900
Bios update help needed!!
Help with my motherboard
Got TH7II? what are all your voltages?
Which P4 Motherboard?
Asus Tua266 Any Tips?
i have alway been wondering about dual thing
can you play with pin
Extreme CAS settings question (very tech)
Motherboard bending - 4SDA
Soft Fsb Help!
What's the difference between the POI Modes and the DMA modes in the BIOS?
Need advise
just ordered 2.0a/th7-II/2x 128 samsung
Newer P3V4X...
Anybody have new bios for Epox 4bda2+
What cpu will an SE440BX support
Celly-T on ST6 & TUSL2-C benchies here....
is there a site that help with awardmod or cbrom
Best Micro ATX P4 board
Th7-II, CPU Unworkable?
TH7-II BIOS 38 questions?
AX37 Pro Owners, come out of your shell
P2B 1013 bios
Asus P4B266-M, anyone?
toasted my mobo's fan connector
Asus P4s333
TH7-II Hardware Doctor
Need mod Bios p4s333
S1 jumper on TH7II-R?
Abit BE6 - How big a cpu ?
Optimum BIOS settings for TUSL2-C?
Building question....help!
TUSL2-C boot beeps...
Anybody wrap pins 1-2-3-4??
Will be any new chipset for P4 this year?
TUSL2-C owners: change your I/O voltge
Th7ii P41600a Heeellppp
JP3 Header (RT2 Thermistor)
ABit ST6 Temp Woes Solved?
TH7-II/Northwood Issues (Need Help)
Which slots are u using (Asus P4B266 or -C)
Dual Xeon (p4DCE) Help?
Dual Xeon (p4DCE) Help?
i850 vs sis 645/961
Voltage Mod and wiretrick???
Highest Front Side Bus?
stuck on mobo choice...
st6 hardware monitors
SD7 & P4 1.6a at full FSB
help on first OC
How can iI make the mod trick to tha abit TH7II-r
Asus Tusl-l?
Beeps with TH7h-II
ABIT BD7 COLD BOOT prob with Northwood
SiS 645 vs i845D vs P4X266
Dell 410 Dual Slot 1 400mhz OC???
"what i found to help me with wpcredit"
Worng temps report by MSI 645 Ultra or P4-1.6A??
Wrong temp reports: MSI 645 Ultra or P4-1.6A??
Best Rambus Board
oc suggestions for a system that lacks hope.
abit st6 don't mix with aureal sound
1.6Ghz@2.5Ghz-temps high?
Abit ST6 supprt Celeron 433 ?
MoBo Decision
Jetway or J-Mark motherboards
Is it just me?
ST6, super high temp.
on an intel board can u enable northbridge SBA from Windows (registry, software)?
TH7II/Northwood strange boot behavior
P4T-E Bios
Audio Controller (Intel 82801AA)?
Need a Socket 7 board to run a Cyrix GXm 266mhz proc.
Win98SE Does Not Register P4, also...
my northbridge supports SBA, how do i enable it?
Best Bios and drivers for HP370 of TH7II
high temp and hard coflick make tainice something something...
Amptron problem with 133 bus?
VH6T - Enabling AGP Fast-Write?
BE6-II v.2.0 info needed
Dead P4B266-C
Soyo P41 Fire Dragon suck for overclocking?
TH7-II bios's and tweaking files
is there a way to change pci and agp
Hacked 77 bios is here.
Help TYAN is hurting.
Asus P4s333 Bios
My TH7II 1.6@2.133-PC1066
tweak award bios
thermal sensor
P4B266-C temp stuck at 40c
P4 1.6a?th7-ii Wow!
Where can i get the the bios hacked beta "77"
I need more voltage in abit th7II raid
Thank you very much
Need your input or experiences
Best board for socket 423
boot but does not boot totaly
"Reserved" FSB jumper on old board
th7h38 bios is here if you need it
LX + 256mb PC-133 dimm == work?
Asus P4s333
o/c cpu fsb without o/c agp and pci is it possible...
Motherboard question
Mobo suggestions for a 1000EB???
ASUS MOBO's the Pleauge?
Which setup would you choose?
th7ii won't boot- help shed some light
I'm pretty upset with Abit's Tech Support Right now. Check this out.
PIV 533MHz?
850GB and RAID card?
Will Abit release a BIOS w/>1.625 volts??
Where to buy TH7-II or P4T-E with 600mhz DRCGs?
Need Help!! - Newbie with Northwood 1.8a and Th7II-Raid
I got my o/c prob fixed! This might help those of you still haven probs. [AsusP4B266]
Anyone know where I can find more dip-switch setting for my P4B266, above 133fsb???
Vp6 Knowledge Needed....
TH7-II + P4 2.0Ghz - overclock question
Beta "77" BIOS for TH7-II
jetway 695as - overclockable?
Anyone used a EPOX EP-4BDA ? not the + one
Newbie.. AX6BC how far can I go..
need suggestions.
Any 4BDA2+ users out there??
DDR or RDRAM Mobo?
PCCHIPS need drivers, help please!
need help w/ 64 bit PCI slots
How to get higer Vcore 4 my P4 1.8A on a TH7-II
ECS P4S5A2, any experience on this?
Last word on TH7-II?
P4S Dragon Ultra bios
Decent MOBO celeron 800
Order of XP install?
8IRX or P4B266-C, feedback anyone?
Abit BE6 II v2.0 owners.......
Talk me into TH7II
max cpu for bf6
Gigabyte GA-8SRX
HELP : VH6T ISA slot modem not responding
is there any way to overclock wit intel mobo?
BH6 and large amounts of ram
Which BIOS to use with my Asus P4B266?! I currently have 1003
Best overclocking CPU for Abit BX6
problem with abit bd7
DipSwitch settings for P4T-E
Need Help!! Which Mobo????
OK, I guess I'll actually show you the pics of my TH7II-Raid
Soyo Mobo ????
Anyone manage to enable DMA on all their hard-drives on ABIT-ST6/ST6RAID?
How to ID this mobo?
AGP Clock?
Gigabyte Mainboard Dilema
Asus Mobo
PCI Latency setting???
Multiplier question
What in the world is this thing?
ST6 owners... BIOS question...
vp6 cas settings
P4 Motherboards
Cpu Pii C400
how can i tweak
Need socket 370 to slot 1 converter
ST6 vs. VH6T vs. VH6-II?
Bios help
Gigabyte Gurus - Looking For Advice
Sa6r Vi/o
Need a few pointers on TH7II-RAID
OCed P2B memory recognition problem on cold bootup
chaintech overclocking
VRMs for Slot 2 Xeon processors
abit bd7 memory question????
I-Panel Problems
Which Mobo for Tualatin Celleron?
Pics of my TH7II setup
Can LX motherboards use agp cards? The abit LM6 wont!
Gigabyte Software OC Util. VS Jumper OC
SiS 645 or i845D?
Promise controller.
CPU voltage problem withP4B 266
does the new Via Promise/Highpoint patch replace the unoffical PCI latency patch?
Another Newbie Question For the P4T-E
TH7II Case Fans
Wally's double dippin'!
voltage mod on p3 733eb socket 370
Abit BX6 what CPU and Socket adapter to use?
ASUS smartcard reader port?
Attn. TH7II Owners!!!
ASUS P4B266 and BIOS ver 1005
ASUS P4B266 and BIOS ver 1005
Asus board w/ISA slots
building a northwood + rdram
When TH7II-RAID BIOS attacks!
Overclocked P4B266 and P4T-E
BD7 "M" version
dead mobo
P4 Suggestions
GigaByte GA-6OXET-C and Adaptec 29160N
Newbie voltage probs OC'ing PIII 550
For BD7 or SD7 owners, please.
TH7-II Questions
Where is the CMOS clear jumper on P3V4X???
Whats the best P4 mobo for o/c
th7-ii hacked bios
Abit Th7iii Raid ?????
Replacing PS2 Ports?
Unsolved problem, please help.
For the 1.6A or 1.8A oc'ers, pls recommend a ddr mobo.
Abit Be6-II Help
th7II-Raid problems
How to update BIOS?
P3V4X Memory Timing Problems
Help Overclocking my comp with just jumpers
need celly board
A-bit Bx-133 Raid.
P3V4X floppy controller problem
Have you ever heard of this?
Abit BD7 ???????????????????
FSB on Elite P6BXT-A+
Problems with Promise UATA100 on ABIT-ST6RAID
secc2 PII350-socket 370 PIII800
Tusl2-C not showing cpu temp
HOORAY!!! ABIT's ftp site finally online
P4T-E Overclocking
gigabyte BX2000 P3 500
Acorp 6VIA81P
M766lmrt I810/Chipset dual 350 or 800mhz
OLd slot one Abit BX mobo, what is largest chip it takes with latest bios 3/2000??
Mobo Thermal Sensor - Someone MUST sell them!
Question about P4 HSF retention mechanism
help please
RAID and overclocking
Can the abit bh6 be bios flashed so I can get more fsb options?
Can't Use Cas 2-2-2 with Abit BX 133 raid - WHY?
Iwill BD133U Temperature Readings??
Link to working ABIT ftp site
TH7II [U]what's wrong?[/U]
P4T-E Weird Primary IDE Issues
Plain 'ol Pentium 4 mobo
Questions about Dual CPU's
Help with ABIT-ST6RAID, please.
Great 533fsb article @gamepc
abit be6II rev 1.1 wtf?
Are the temp sensors on the VH6T reliable?
Soltek SL-66B What's the max CPU possible (non-overclocking)
Soyo 6ba+ and 850 celeron
cpu fan header plug
Recommend best dual Mobo for socket 370
P4T-E and PC1066
Computer problems? intel?
GA-8IRXP .. anyone?
TH7II Website?
gigabyte GA-6VTX
440bx Question
X-mas in Febuary?
gigbyte mb ?
Flashing Bios
asus p4s333 help needed
OLD MoBo flashing
VH6T-Celeron850-fsb fraction problem
Is this the right board for my topic ?
Newbie. Help required.
M766lmrt dual 350 or 800mhz
Looking for mobo jumper info for a Toshiba V3300
ST6-R - How far can voltage go?
Thinking of getting a new Socket 370 mobo
Any experiences with i845D @533 fsb?
Im a newbie in trouble PLEASE HELP ME
No more XET -- }-;