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Need P3 dual board
All the Chipset and processor specs you could ever handle!
via pro133T or intel 815ep?
Newbie building computer
SOLTEK 65ME+ how much improvement in performance frm this board
Are the PC CHIPS brand boards any good?
My sd7-533 Review!
Overclock Meltdown?
Where can I get a good Slot 1 Mobo?
Asus P4T-E vs ABIT TH7-II
Mine is a P4T-F...
guide on overclocking, please help.
TH7II Bios update - need help
ABIT TH7II BIOS update - need help w/P4
looking for P4 mobo heat sink mount
Abit BD-7 vs. Abit SD-7 533
IWILL BD133u / revision 1.2
usb on Xcell2000
D850GB Overclocking with SoftFSB
PLL probs with XET?
VP6 Questions
Help me out with a voltmod
PCI divider, P4B?
INtel P4 o/c
SDRAM Buffer Strength - XET-c
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Help Please! What kind of motherboard my HP have?
Problem USB on M748MR
Gigabyte GA-6BXC 2.0
PC Chips M748MR
Overclocking an old Huyndai 166mhz computer
F10 BIOS available for the GA6OXET/-C
Best Board ????
HELP please
***Newbie Question***
***Newbie Question***
Gigabyte GA-60XT - Reviews & thoughts ?
a qwicky! - Best Intergated Intel Solution?
help be6-II revision number
Asus p3v133 Users, help me
celemine 900 and VT6X4
AOpen AX6BC Question about 1/4 PCI bus speed divider
How do I get into the bios of an old 486???
Confused about Katami &Coppermine??
th72 raid reads #26
Which one?
Lug broke, will krazy glue hold?
p3v4x - agp interface
best P2 mobo for o/cing????
Pen. 2 motherboard
Drivers for the ABIT-ST6RAID not working properly.
Vmod any higher on ST6?
Soyo P4S Dragon USB 2.0
How do you do the vmod trick on ABIT-ST6?
swiftech too heavy for the socket?
Pentium III EB 1200MHz "Tualatin" ?
Getting by the 1.6v limit on ABIT-ST6RAID.
Dual Xeons: where, what, etc...
How Can I Identify Motherboard
volt mod CUSL2?
Asus P4B266-C or MSI 645 Ultra333?
damn mobo
best setup for a p3v4x
Anyone running a GF2-MX400 @89Mhz (1x)AGP ?!
Intel N440BX dual CPU o/c capabilites?
VH6T BIOS and XP Install...
PIII 1100/100FSB on Abit BE6 v1.0 ?
Quick question on BX6 and BX6 Rev2.0
Where's the system temp diode at?
Low budget server mobo suggestions
Burnt Vp^!!!!!!!
Overheat issues with P4 473 chip set?
Voltage trick
TUV4X and Tualatin P3 Vs. Celeron
P3 1000/133 on a 100 FSB Mobo?
i815 B-step +ISA slot
Mobo's that allow L2 latency change?
Is there the option to disable the HPT66 controller in the 6BA+IV's bios?
Mobo for 423 pin?
Ggigabyte GA-6OXET or Abit ST6 or Abit VH6T
P4B memory volts
Good overclockable Mobo for under $100
socket 423 vs 478
need Celeron mobo recommendation
BX6 R.2 Ram Problems
overclockers' BX440 MB
ST6's max v for a cuppermin
Gateway is being ****y
SoftFSB Question
Help!! High temps with 2.2 Northwood and Abit TH7II
tualatin cpu
tualatin board what about?
Cannot shut down automatically in Win2k
Moved pc, now crashing?
Maximum multiplier?
Overclocking Soyo sy-7vca-e MB
Overclocking Soyo sy-7vca-e MB
win XP cd no boot on this m/b - amazepc ab-693v3 need bios update ?
Abit BP6, max hdd capacity?
where can I download CPUSB or SOFTFSB
AMI bios... need help PC chips MOBO
P3B-F@FSB higher than 133...
815E and 815EP; whats the diff?
Can AMD K6/2 fit here?
major problem...PLEASE HELP!!!
What am I doing wrong? BE6-II
Abit BP6 Bios Blues
Voltage range@TUSL2-C
asus slocket question
need info
Whats the differance???
Abit st6 and Softfsb
694T Pro??
694T Pro???
o'clock sy 6vba 133
soyo sy-6vba 133
o/c software?
Msi 694t Pro
MSI 694T Pro
Volt modding an Abit TH7II -- any thoughts??
P2B 1.02 & P/// 733Mhz?
cusi-fx vcore
Asus TUSL2 (not -C) 1011T bios for Tualatins
Pavilion 8513
Tualatin Chips w/ ST6 Temps Compared to XET/XET-C
Form factor question
Software needed!
Can I overclock an !!!!
Does anyone have an Abit SD7-533?
whats up?
Bois update
MS-6366 Need input
No audio, inferior video, no modem, with P4B
Help regarding Mobo processor socket and heatsink weight
Hard Question
Do any Asus boards support asynch PCI/AGP?
Is anybody going to make a dual P4?
Dell Dimension V350
Northie OC: Lockdown & 533 question
TH7-II Fix Question
Non Via Dual PIII board?
Anyone runnin VP6?
P4T-E Voltage Mod?
messed up my bios
dual-chip mb recommendations?
Asus P3V4X vs. Aopen AX63Pro ?!?!?!
NEW BIOS FOR ABIT BE6 II V2.0 ( with HPT bios ver 2.3)!!!
GA-60XET wins Best OC Award...
does my p3v4x support a p3 1000e?
is my mobo overclockable?
intel vc820 mobo
socket 370 with ddr
chipset HS removel
ST6 and ST6-RAID Bios the same?
max vcore without wire-tricking
should i go with the SiS 645 or the 845???
Abit ST6 and PIII-S 1,26 Ghz...
Comparsion amount ST6, TSUL2-C, and XET-C, perforancewise
6ba+IV help please (partial POST)
More VIO from ST6?
Building new system...could use some advice
Intel 850 or i845 chiset??
Abit BD7 J3 ATXPWR12V1 Header Plug
where do i plug in front mounted usb on th7-raid!!?
Soyo P4S DRAGON Ultra?
MS 815 PRO (ms-6326)
Fastest CPU for Abit BX6 V.2 ... Please HELP!!!!
Tualatin m\b - opinions
new video card for bh6
Abit SL6 & Pentium III [1 GHZ] Final Verdict !
hEY FELLS NEW abit sl6
Hey fellas, New Asus SL6
Hey fellas, overclocking with new MOBO
6BA+100 : Distance between CPU slot and dimm slot
Fastest CPU for a p2b-ls
GA-6OXT, 6OXET/-C differences ?
Gigabyte GA-6OXT, 6OXET/-C
ABit ST6 questions.
Gateway motherboard confusion...
P4 478 pin board either i850 or i845D that does 133Mhz bus??
P3 933,need good MB
Abit TH7II-RAID vs. Asus P4T-E ???
Asus P4T-E vs. Abit TH7II-RAID ???
OVerclocked but surfing the net is slow?
P2B Bios
ASUS P4S333 mobo (questions)
Help with fsb/pci/agp settings
Question...What does the PIO setting do?
TX97-X ... A retro thing
Anyone have info on Abit SD7-533 (SiS 645/DDR 333) Mobo??
ST6 and SiSoft 2002
abit bf6 problem
SiS 645 comes in the 4SDA
BIOS Sound or Beeps (Asus P3B-F)
VH6 Owners: HELP!
Which Motherboard to get
How many guys are running what MB's?
Asus P2B-D Motherboard... (COME ON LADS!)
CPU for a Asus P2B-LS
Who can identify this?
Take a dremel to the case?!:eek:
Anyone running a 512K Tualatin in a TUSL2-C?
Dell Precision 410 440BX
Change of Heart
VT6X4 BIOS always reset.
Mobo for a Celly 900...
BE6-II and 512MB RAM
P3C-S with Slocket and Celeron 1.2
Anyone using an ST6 an Sisoft Sandra?
Dell Precision 410
Need BIOS Program!
Jetway 694AS bad overclockable??
powerleap adapter FCPGA to FCPGA2
Motherboards for P4 with ddram?
New gateway that wont overclock help!
Info on overclocking wanted
PCI Latency?
Dual or quad-CPU slot 2 motherboard
asus p2b-ve?????HELP
ST6-Raid where's the AGP divider?
Which P4 Northwood Mobo??
Voltage Question
Sigh... I need some help
Need help finding paperwork for Biostar 8600 TTC mobo
Abit BD7 ... who's DDR works best?
DDR + Tualatin mobo and OC
How to tweak memory in Asus Tusl2-s?
Fo's unOffical BIOS release ZW for BX133-RAID
Anybody OC'ed a MSI 694D Pro (MS-6321)
help with PC Chips m726
identifying this motherboard
ST6 Raid board needs some help
Asus Cuv266
Question about Soyo TISU
Abit BX133-RAID + Celeron2 1.2 GHz possible?
Tyan Tiger 133 mobo
Motherboard advice...
st6, more voltage without vid mod
Small and stable board
Shopping for Mobo need advice!
Which mobo to buy?
Abit BE6 *not BE6-II or 2.0* MB Users
Just got a P3C-D Board
Chaintech 6BTM
M-407 80486 Mobo
abit th7-2 raid
MSI Intel 815E Pro (MS-6337)
Asus TUV4X
abit SA6 - strange problem
Asus P3B-F
IDE and floppy connectors brittle?
Good Slot 1 board for 150+FSB, 1/2 AGP would be nice, suggestions???
AGP and FW&SB???
Sh6 Doa
Need a cheap, but OC'able Socket 370 board
SE6 and SA6
Mobo (ABIT ST6)? or Vid Card? Help!
Vcore issue???
bios update...voltage issue TUSL2C
P3V4X and 1006 bios?
st6-raid and 1/4 pci divider ???????
st6 and pci 1/4 divider
Abit BX6 Rev. 2 + Coppermine
Sis 630e
fng has a simple q
Do they make one
Just Ordered Abit ST6 & Celeron 1.2!
Asus p2b & Pentium 3?
My problem
Looking for the pcr files for the VIA Apollo266T
Gigabyte GA-6OXET-C vs. Abit ST6
PCI devider on ABIT BE6 II V 2.0 and some other strange stuff...
stupid erg
need a cheap mobo works with Celery 1.0G
Another Bad p3v4x has gone bad! PCI problem/southbridge?
Good Dually P3 board?
Gigabyte GA-6OXET
Info for Abit BX 133 RAID
Celeron1.2 Tualatin on P2B ?
How to disable Memory Check at the start?
Info on VH6T
Need Abit BE6 v1.0 settings for O/C
PII 350 need suggestions for replacement Motherboard
i815EP MB's with 64Meg AGP Aperture limit
NOt reading boot disk!!!
TUSL2/i815EP/ATA Drivers Problem
Celeron 733@1100 or 766@1150 on Asus P2B Rev. 1.02 ?
Looking for a New Mobo! Any Suggestions?
Looking for a New Mobo! Any Suggestions?
AX34 USB2 Adaptors
mATX tualatin-boards??
Mystery Motherboard
ABIT return policy?
help! Help! HELP!
Abit BH6 adding a CPU Thermal Sensor????
Abit BH6 adding CPU Thermal Sensor
Epox Boards
MB problem help!!!
Newbie Hello
tualatin motherboard
Soltek SL-54A5
125fsb x 1.33=166MHz dram speed?
Asus BIOS Logo mod?
Wierd issue with modem
TUA266 w/Celeron 1.2
Looking for a good Pentium 2 Motheroard.
P2B Owners
Tips n' tricks with the MSI-6309, please?
Asus Tusl2-c
Sloket Question
DIMM slot affects OC max?!
ABit St6 or abit vh6t???
Bad P3V4X from ASUS
Gateway Motherboard
ASUS going backwards in ocing technology?
Tualatin ST6 and VH6T
a good tualatin board that supports over 512mb?
Abit St6?
first one
Be6 Ii....
BF6 owners
Soyo 6BA III and 300A = no 450!!
Abit BE6 IDE Controller Question
Spread Spectrum?
Anyine have a dead BE6-II rev1.2
Soyo 7vda, upping the 3.3v I/O?
st6 chipset temp ...too high?
Gigabyte GA-60XET-C - Am I nuts ?!?
Bus incompatability
ATA66 headscratcher
PCi bus...
ASII in AGP slot
Soyo 6BA+100 slot 1 multipliers
dead or alive
Abit VH6-II and Celeron 1 GHz
buying a dually p3 board
Quick question on the Intel se440bx-2 mobo
Soyo 6BA III with celeron 1gz?
abit st6/raid
This mobo = embafflement
Need Vmod for Abit BF6...
ECS Mobo overclocking
mobo alarm saved me
Best sdram mobo/chipset
abit bx-133 raid help ! please
Asus P2L97X, will it support a cumine Celeron?!?!
Abit BE6-II r2 - In-Order Queue Depth
Any one be so kind?
? flashing bios win2000 pro ?
Core vs. I/O Voltage
Another bios?
Iwill dvd266u-rn DOA
Restart/Reboot Freeze
asus mobo
bx440 and geforces cards compatible?
I feel so stupid......
Abit ST-6 Raid
SH6 & heatsink choice
2 questions for an upgrade plz...
Celly 1.2 mobo recomendation
agp/fsb and pci/fsb buses
Shuttle AV18E OC Help Needed
Overclocking a Pentium 2 350 Mhz ?
WANTED: Abit BF6 Manual
Note on AOpen AX37Pro
Have there been any comparisons? rdram/ddr?
P III Mobo Recommendation
ABIT SH-6 memory question
ABIT, Highpoint Controllers, CD-ROM access
ABit TH7-IIRaid/Asus P4t-E????????
i845 with DDR? WHY?
VP6 shows dual p3/700 as single p3/700@/933
Any1 know about an ASUS P3C-E ?
AGP Divider on Abit ST-6
The SiS645 chipset for Pent.4 using DDR333 ???
input on expensive system
new to overclocking plz help
Have a problem after installing new RAM, No Video???
Abit BX6 Original -- CPU Options?
Soyo motherboard (overclock?)
BE6-II version 1.0 + CeleronIII 1200 + Powerleap iP3T = ????
Question on the ABit ST6 board
Tualatin addapter for SLOT 1, any info for me?
dual cellermine
Bad Power Supply or Something Else?
rdram and ecc
higher vcore for celly1200: where?
P3B-F or Be6?
Asus S370-L Smart Slot 1 Slotket Question
Ecs P6bx-a+
Ecs P4s5a ???
Abit ST6
QDI motherboard
Abit BX6 r2 (300a@450)
celly1.2 in a bx board via slocket
Experiment on Tualatin.. HOT!
good intel mobo for 1.5ghz p4?
abit kt7voltage mod for the st6 is it possable
Computer Building Project
Another problem!! HELP TH7-II
Best MB for a p3 700
Looking for "Raise of Abit"
What does the motherboard have to do with anything???
be6 II + cely 900 help !!
VH6T Help! two display cards agp/pci on Via
Clear this up for me
help nead more volts with st6-raid
i845 MB question.
Msi 694t Pro
Will this processor work with the bx6 rev2
slot 1 mobo??
To Intel or not to Intel
ASUS, TUSL2-C, vcore & I/O voltage problems?
your experience with MSI 694T PRO
Plz Help!! Plz!!!
Be6-2 Bios Reset Help
Best Slot 1 Adapter
Anyone own a Soyo SY-7is2 board?
Owner of Aopen AX3SP motherboard, pls come in.
Swapping Mobo's
HP Mobo... what kind
Abit ST6 PCI/IRQ Assignments
Can A Slot One Run A Slot 2 Xeon ???
Overclocking a Dell Optiplex GX100 500 Mhz Celeron
Do or Don't Do?
FSB change, need help !!
Good mobo for slot type of CPU?
Software VCore changers?
Help!! CPUs won't fit in TYAN Tiger 133
Good Mobo for Celly 1.1Gig?
Anyone Overclocking using an ABit BL7
ABIT BL7 (non Raid) AND ITS Intel 845 chipset?
INTEL D850MV or Asus P4T-E Intel 850???
need a decent P3 motherboard, cheap!
Supermicro P4DC6+
p4 Vcore
Best Intel Mobo
BX Master AGP Divider
Fic Ka-6110
Gainward 3VBA
Bashed my board w/ screwdriver
BX6 Rev 2 MB w/ Cel 1 GHz CPU
Suggestion on a new mobo for a p3 800
Asus Tusl2-c
Best dual tualatin mobo w/ddr
P3 933 Slot 1 on BX440 based mobo?
psu's for dual xeon 1.7 gHz?
Swopping BIOS chips?
ASUS Motherboard P3V4X
Intel Motherboards
BE6 bios upgrade
BE6-II Versions?!
Experience with AOpen AX37 Plus?
sock 370? tualatin?
Asus CUBX & AGP divider / VCore problem
mobo ID
BE6-II back to older BIOS gave me stability!
Gigabyte GA-6OXET
MBM 5 vs. Bios
Overclocking intel p54c 200
Pentium question
Witch will...
SiS 645 motherboards ???
Xeon watercooling
Abit St6R with cel 1.2 needs ram and cheap place to get stuff
ASUS P4T gone bad?
Opinion required with this board
Mobo dead or alive?
What is newest BIOS for P3V4X?
overclocking alton A641A MOBO,,
Abit BE6-II - AGP 4X?
New ABIT TH7-II BIOS posted on ABIT's site
New processor on old MB?
x-86 secret.com bios not working
What Dual Socket 370 mobo to get ?
Gigabyte 8itx Helpppppp!!!!
ABIT BE6-II Question (Updateing ESCD)
bios flash
Help have IRQ's of 64 ,60,68 isnt this impossible?
Asus Cuv4x-cm