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I need help with a MoBo
The NEW SOYO SY-P4S DRAGON Ultra Mobo is coming to a P4 near you!
ICS9250-10 Plugin
Opinions from the pro's on this MOBO?
Max memory Abit BH6 1.0 ?
branded computer
What chipsets/motherboars support Tualatin-S (NOT THE TUALATIN)?
screen flickering problem...need help
amr slot??
chipset and clock generator cooling?
Fsb probs on my Msi 6337 i815E Pro
iwill bd300u
Soft menu II
Finally fixed my VP6 problem.
my cmos doesnt start...
Cheap, Overclockable and stable MB for P2
suggestions for cheap, stable, overclockable P4 Mobo
can i mod vio to 3.5+??????
P3V4X help please!
Compatibility ASUS CUSL2 and Celeron 1.2GHz Tualatin
hehe look at this
More power supply woes (is Intel related)
A-Trend ATC-5030 - Bad IDE?
soyo 6iza
P4 + DDR Memory
New to OC'ing, but want to learn.
Abit BE6-II and smoking PSU and SBLive !
epox mobo
What on earth is wrong with this thing?!?!
Aladdin-P4 M1671
what do the beeps mean...?
Fixed mulipliers?
Has anyone used the BIOS tweaker on a TUSL2-C?
Motherboard burn in?
Intel QS440BX PII/III AGP mobo
Gigabyte Motherboards
Is it possible to mix Bios??
overclocking on an abit se-6
Msi 815ep Pro Lite(ms-6337le)
aopen mobo`s
CUSL2 512 megs
Max CPU for Asus P3B-F
PIII 800EB on ASUS CUV4X mobo
uATX Tualatin mobo???
Best CPU bang for my Buck
TUSL2-C a couple of comments and questions
Any Comment?
A ? about the ASUS P2L97-S board
vp6 Help, I'm Stumped!
ASUS P3V4X and a PIII 800e
celeron 1.2 board support?
Tyan Trinity 400 owners unite!!!!
P2B FCPGA Slocket Help?
Abit VA6 Motherboard
Core Voltage help
Abit newbie help
celey 733@1100 locks up
I want a DDR board for my P III
I've just installed my motherboard. Now what?
Suggestions (PIII 550, 440BX, GeForce 256 DDR)?
MB M758+ Cleley 733 Help
Overclock with MSI!
Abit vp6 mobo 1/4 divider problem
VH6T and some quick newbie questions
Anyone out there with a Shuttle Hot 661P
M758+ MB Celeron 733
Soltek motherboards
I Want to overclock my Computer
lost AC97 on abit th7II-raid
Taking Thoughts on AV40
Wait for i845D?
p2bax problems m\b seem dead
Abit BX6 2.0 need upgrade advice
Hard Drive for my CUSL2-C
P3V4X what is highest multiplier support?
Little help needed.
6BXC + 700C Help
Abit BE-6 II Voltage question?
Gigabyte GA-6RXB...
Asus CUV4X Vcore
chassis intrusion control
FSB divider
VH6T vid-pin modding??
PIII motherboard
asus CUV4X-E: any clue?!
M6TBA overclocking help
SOYO 6BA+100 pro's & cons?
AOpen AX-34 Anyone Use IT?
Abit BX-133 RAID and the PIII T
Anyone using an ASUS P4T-E???
o/c with dell??????
Please help with my Intel system!!
Msi 694T + Celeron 800 ?
Asus TUV4X CV how high?
th7 raid and more than 2 rdrams ?
Best board for 2.0 GHz P4
whats the best dual cpu mobo for intel p3???
Asus Cusl2-c Agp4x & Sideband
How to update bios??
just flashed my bios
Abit ST6 Vcore
is there any way i can use a pIII?
best mobo for oc'ing a p3 1000E
Unlocked intel?
Any news on the Abit TH7-II?
Abit TH7II problem...SERIOUS :(
high voltages on be6 II motherboard
Celleron 800 on be6
Bios for BH6
ABIT SH6 mother board problems
Tekram S3PRO-AU+
what via 4in1 drivers are the best with my vl6?
simple mobo question
Tualatin vs Coppermine
Abit Be6-ii & Xp
Error code at Post on a Compaq Deskpro
Soyo 7VCA-E Voltage Adjust ????
Abit VH6 question/problem
Help! It keeps locking UP!!
Dual Pentium 3 1ghz Motherboard
Gateway pd440fx intel mb overclock?
Tyan Thunder 2500(S1867) Clockable??
help: 815EPFV mobo installation
Abit Vh6 II am I pushing it or ??
Help with VC820!!
Anyone Overclocked TH7 Mobo past 115FSB
Asus P3BF with Celeron
New heatsink sitting on ram
is abit wb6 a good choice?
Is there any way to force a bios onto a mobo's flash rom?
AsusP2b + Celeron 100Mhz Bus?
Are there Tualatin motherboards that use DDR?
How do I find out who made this MoBo?
OCing help w/ Gigabyte GA-6VXE+ mobo
Strange CPU usage problems with Soyo 6ba+100
changing bus speed and multipler while
shuttle mb with via chipset
asus cubx-e
Intel SE440BX-2 w/ pen III 550
Asus MEB-VM board not wanting BIOS flash
High End System w/ Big Problems
FC-PGA 1-GHz original large Intels' heatsink
BH6 v1.02
EpoX BX-7+
Asus p3v4x & ps temp sensor
pushin' it a bit more?
Which MB??
Asus P2B 1.02 + Celeron 900?
Need opinions on Asus P3C-E mobo
Intel Motherboards
Anyone have the Abit-BE6? Prob: Cant Read CPU Temps..
AGP Fast Write??...
looking for a motherboard...
MS-6309B Ver.2.0 and Vcore ?
My new tualatin board
SiS 635 Board
Help with overclocking ??
Intel MB: Overclockable?
Help flashing BIOS
Temp Question
Tyan Trinity 400 + new celerons
Computer won't shut down!!!
Abit Be6 + Celeron 800
i815 Tweak
PCI slots 1 & 5 conflicts - any solutions?
Intel 430VX chipset
asus CUSL @ 1100 MHz +
Newbie needs help O/Cing
Abit BX133, video, and I/O voltage
AGP 2x to AGP 4x?
i cant get the via 4 in 1 to work
P3 800EB on an Asus P3B-F
Which Cpu on a Compaq Deskpro EN Mobo?
p200 pc partner mobo
whats the Via 4 in 1 drivers
BX-133 RAID and new 1.2ghz PIII
P4B mobo & rimm v dimm
Best Mobo 4 Celly 566MHz
ABIT ST6 questions??
Raise of Abit - Vcore increase program for BE6-II and BX-133
SIS620 Max CPU?
Which Mobo to get for Celeron 1,2GHz FCPGA2???
need to get V-core higher than 1.9v
speed over limit, is it OK?
Is this worth overclocking?
USB not working at 133 FSB
Asus P3V4X temperature sensor and MBM 5
why do mobos have 83mhz settings?
Asus graphic cards on Abit motherboards = BAD ?
Anyone heard of a p4ITA mobo?
new motherboard?
anything besides softFSB?
Has anyone found a high quality HSF for 478
Celeron 600 on BM6
BE6-2 clock generator? for Softfsb
ICS 9250xx-10
Warning about BX6-R2 and faster CPUs!
Bx6 Compatability
This is wierd
Thoughts on Abit WB6
Which Board??!! Help !!
What are the useable CPUs for this MB, Abit BX6 v1?
via apollo pro266T
dual processor
Pulling a Bios Chip...
Epox EP-3SPA3
Ineed A Better Mobo Any Suggestions?
Overclock Supermicro p6dbe
Best mobo for intel proc
Best Motherboard
Asus TUSL2-C Core Voltage Problem
In search of Asus P2B-B AT style slot-1 mainboard
Can I do >800 Mhz Celeron on BX board?
dual proccesor mobo
abit vl6
Disable BUS MASTERING on Abit VP6
What's a good P4 motherboard?
Motherboards, cases
Overclock or Upgrade?
Need help on choosing motherboard please
Dell Dimension 1600 needs a boost
Newbie to P4 mobo!
PIII 450 possible overclock?
A good dual P3 motherboard?
MSI 6309 and 100MHz FSB Celeron?
B21 Pin Trick
Tayn mobo & PIII 700Mhz
Asus P3C2000 with PC133 RAM?
BIOS battery ?
Need Help! Do Asus P3V4X support Celeron 800Mhz?
ABIT ZM6 Vcore "stuck" at 1.54v with Celeron 566
ASUS P4B problems!
dead pc :(
Can someone help me with my tusl2-c?
Cleaning Motherboard
help with abit vh6 2
Overclock Intel 850GB?
Overclocking Limits to the P2B Board..please help!!!
O/C with Abit TH7-II - success
Does anyone have exp with overclocking a Trigem Mobo?
Source for good slotkets?
Dfi Wt70-f
SoftMenu III (Abit TH7II-RAID)
Epox 3ETM vs Iwill WO2
soyo 7vba133
How can I force my mobo (533MHz) to do 800MHz +?
What could be holding back my cel. 700?
newbie needs your opinions..o/cing p3 733
dissabling phoenix in iwill bios
Changing PLL chip on bh6
protection error initializing NDIS
Anyone know about Shuttle AE22 voltages?
P4t HSF Retainer is Fragile
Dual CD burner ?????
Any problems with Abit VH6T?
RAM Limitations?
Can I use a 1 GHz PIII EB chip in...
dual with ddr
I need some good advice
My Aim: Booksize Value PC...Rate me please!!!
What would you do in this case?
BIOS Flashing to immitate different motherboard...
need help with new computer
Bios checksum error, Could it be the memory?
Suggestions for new system
Abit TH7-xxxx questilons for owners
VA6 and a Bad Bios
Heres a good one...
Pentium3 on Asus P2-99B
Stupid Q RE: Slot 1 MBs
new mobo?
ABIT BE6: Need more voltage
Is this motherboard fried?
Abit TH7II Owners - Question about Vcore
ERROR - can't write ESCD
advice on soldering
slocket qoery
New Motherboard...
is it tooo much???
vh62 again... Outhouse can you help me again?
help I cant get my floppy drive to work
Dual Celeron
how can i know if my m-board is working?
how high should i go???
SuperMicro P6SBA Overclockable??
Hey MR. B
Floppy Drive Question
abit vh6-2 mobo. trouble OCing
cant boot up at 100mhz*10.5multiplier
anyone know this motherboard?
Can't OC with mobo...
jetway mobo
Difference between ASUS CUSL-2 and ASUS CUSL-2 BLACK PEARL
Need help choosing motherboard, FAST!
VH6-2 users note
unlocking pIII
P4 423pin question on MBs
New to intel and need a rock stable
simple question
Good news for INTEL?
If you want to know if its compatible, go here.
Dual PIII mobo?
abit vh6II and aureal sound card
Quick Question
Which mobo is better for pIII 1.0ghz?
PCI to DRAM prefetch
What board to get.
intel inf drivers
Half Ram Working ON BF-6??
Why VIA P4x266?
What is the best buy
New Abit's mobos
a RAID/SCSI question
intel on board temp sensor
Asus CUV4x-E beep codes
bios setting questions
Which Board is all in 1 + Stable + Value + Intel chipset?
in need of lots of help.
Asus P4B review
2nd try.. paired pci slots?
Help, I messed something up...
Asus CUV4X-E. Who has one & how fast is it???
MSI 6337 + Cel 2 - FSB>99 impossible ?
Free from 728
Global Circuit Technologies
THE 815e
supported CPUs from ABIT BH6 v1.0
mb does not BOOT, although power is on
What's differ FC-PGA from FC-PGA2 - I find out!!!
P3B-F w/ single bank 256meg chip
Upgrading from P// -->P///
Need info about Abit BE6
fcpga mobos compatible with fcpga2?
dual tualatin suggestions
MSI MS 6534 (Microstar?)
It wont POST!?
New Intel application accelerator download.
For owner of Abit BE6-II or BX133-raid mobo
Abit SH6, how many users?
ABIT VT6X4 is this MOBO JUNK????
Abit VA6 Bios gone bad
what happens when you flash bios wrong?
Abit ST6 bios weirdness
Abit BX6 Motherboard 1GHz processor
Anyone using the ALR 7300 Dual Xeon?
Case problem
gotta help me
Pavilion 8560C Mobo
Bx6 Rev 2 Bios Settings
Any ideas for this situation? (Overclocking)
Is there way of converting an AMD slot A chip to a slot 1 chip?
WPCREDIT to enable fastwrites??
FASTWRITES on a newer BIOS??
My trusty and loved Asus P2B-F died
OC'ing the D850GB
Coppermine T? And Abit Boards?
abit VL6 being highly unstable
Help me raise the dead
Dual Socket 7?
abit be6-2 enabeling raid
Will PC150 SDRAM WORK ON MY VH6-2???
Big Problem need advice
Kingmax TinyBGA work on i815EP B?
WHere can i get some Capacitors?
Help Abit Va6 memory tweaks
Temp probe broken?
Getting a i440BX mobo past 112 FSB
small server board?
Any Word on the 440bx and New P3 working to gether?
Advice needed!
confused about my abit bx133 raid
Whats LS120
Abit BX6 Rev2 Mobo Temp monitor
BX6-R2 w/Celeron 800 "CPU is Unworkable..."
D6VAA, max voltage and current for fan hearders
p3@200mhz FSB on abit bx133 RAID :)))))
What's the best motherboard using Rambus ram?
ahhh help need a new mobo
Whats up with Gigabyte mobos and Delta fans???
bx 133 raid has ram trouble?
Any Opinions about Shuttle motherboards/
BE6 II 1.0 and 1.2
Question on Iwill motherboards
Abit SlotKey Trouble
Tyan Trinity 400 mobo - OCing PIII 600....
AGP slot question
Finally got this VP-6 to take a bios flash
possible dead bios
Raising the memory votlage on my VP6... How?
If the computer won't turn on...
Abit ST6 Raid, Anyone using one ??
bash it
intel 82810E graphics controller
Can I overclock a IWILL DS133R?
Does Shuttle Intel P4 mobo overclockable.......?
abit bx133 motherboard question
where do u change the multiplier??
CUV4X-D pci slot pairing????
ASUS CUV4X what is the fastest chip I can put in?
Abit ST6 any reveiws??
Anyone tried Asustempster?
my abit be62 r2 died
Abit Bx-133 raid
The Iwill VD133Pro os no more
oc with intel850gb??
Intel(R) Advanced/RH Motherboard
P4 overclocking
Abit VP6 How many users here?
100 mhz bus p3 1ghz chip in an abit bx6 2?
What is a good Pentium4 Motherboard ?
The was supposed to go in the CUSL2 Thread
Anyone Know how to fix a AGP slot for a Intel D850GB?
CUSL2 Reporting Erroneous temps?
Cd0 stepping compatible with 440BX?
Ignore this mistake please, was mean't to be a reply not a new post!
power regulaters blowing out.
Help with picking a new motherboard.
Schrodinger's BIOS?
I did it!!! PIII750@1ghz Look..new trick
HDD transfer modes?
Intel BX @ 166 MHz FSB or more?? Who did it?
Abit SA6R overclocking
1st HELLO!
Azza temp monitor
how do i update the bios?
I'm Stucked at 728 Mhz!!
Please help me
Voltage too high!
Pb with Windows 2000 Pro Installation and P3V4X
Broked asus cusl2-c
Help w/ BIOS
Abit bx133-raid??
How do u keep the agp at 4x while overclocking the fsb?
I don't know which temp reading to believe.
VP-6 Bios flash
SH-6 Discontinued?? alittle long
BP6 Harddrive problem
Abit VH6 and Black screen intead of BIOS(help)
CV help.
Voltage tricks for BE6-II
Abit BE6II- Pci divider doesnt seem to work
abit bx6 2 high bus speeds/ pentium recomendation
ASUS P2-99 Boots 1/2 way ???? ideas?
IWill Slocket II -- where 2 Buy?
Pack Bell PII 300
how to OC a asus cusl2 mb with p3 1ghz
Can I put a faster CPU in this mobo than what its rated for?
Aopen AX3SP Pro?
If I knew then What I knew now . . .
help picking a motherboard please..
thermo readings
Does the BH6 work with PIII 933?
Abit VH6-II Mobo question
D6VAA - Anyone know of it?
Broken ASUS CUSL2 (Socket 370)
zm6 vcore trouble
overclocking with abit th7-raid
PIII 933 Motherboard? BH6 OK?
dualy neat program for cpu usage
Updating Bios
help with a cusl2-c mobo
Jumper Settings on a Trigem Cognac 3
Looking for S370 Mobo suggestions.
Motherboard beeps! Is it dead or not?????
Intel vc820 will it accept a 1 gig hertz p3
Celeron 366 to 550
Abit BX-133 raid
Abit BE6-II resources question
Newbie question about the Abit VP6 Dualie mobo
broken socket tab...
Pentium II LX Board (Overclockable?)
gigabyte GA-6BXC overclocking problems need help pls!
Overclocking a Dell...
Celeron850@1054 on Abit BE6, who could help
Same old Question Which Board to use?
How to overclock my P4 using an asus P4T
P3v4x vs BF-6 vs sh-6
Intel HEADACHE! i dun think you know this one!
Abit BE6-II will not POST! *worried*