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I wonder how long these will last.
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[BUILD] 10 Channel USB PWM Fan Controller
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Hi All :) Need Some Help Pls :)
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4 pin molex crimping tool.
Is This Normal For a Power Supply
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PSU or motherboard
3rd GPU, need to know if 600 watts is enuff.
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Fan Controller / PWM Booster / Regulator / Converter / Etc. Thread!
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please help. think power supply is dieing
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OW, PSU question
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Computers dont use as much electricity as some may claim
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convert male molex to female molex
Rosewill RPS-200 6 Outlets Power Strip with INDIVIDUAL ON/OFF switches
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220/230V UPS?
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OCZ 850W
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How much Power does my Build need?
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Looking for new PSU
CM GX750 + 290 Tri-x
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Just did a PSU test and FAILED!
Choice Please help.
HTPC Build. Need advice
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Seasonic-X 850W enough?
Fanless PSU for Studio PC
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Need to upgrade my Power Supply
Is this enough Wattage for my system?
watt psu wattage
Thoughts on this one?
Cheap PSUs
Comments on Coolmax ZU1000B
Hey Oklahoma, bought this could ya maybe review?
Wich one place on main system? (XFX Pro550w vs. LC-POWER 650w)
CX 500 enough psu for 280x?
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850 Watt PSU, CrossfireX 290s and a puddle of tears
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AMD Athlon 250 + GT 440 GDDR 5 OC PSU 450W
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How close can i cut it?
PSU Size Needed
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7950 and PSU question...
What size of power supply do I need???
Will it be enough?
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Need a new PS.... What should I be looking for these days?
Quick help needed. Brothers gift PSU good enough?v
Inadequate PSU for OCing CPU and GPU?
is this dangerous?
AMD 9590 Crossfire V formula Z - best RAM choice?
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PC P&C 750 quad - 9 year review.
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Ups and surge protectors.
6950 and core2 quad
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Understanding Rack Server Power Needs At Residental
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12v Rail Failed?
Is 600W enough to SLI 2 GTX 760's
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What size PSU should I have for this build?
Safe to power 2 GFX cards?
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Well my 1000W Silverstone crapped out
Corsair RM750 vs Seasonic 760XP2
can hd 4850 run on this...
New help on a new build
Any Disadvantages Of Having A Bigger PSU Than Needed
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12v molex
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Power supply for a powerful Graphics Rig
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Seasonic 430 under powered?
psu wire cut fix
HX1050 coil whine.
Any good External Power Supplys?
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Overclockers.com Power Supply Testing Equipment & Methodology (UPDATED)
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PWR_OK in a System Without Motherboard
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Is PSU a problem... or just drivers
Black out
Thermaltake TR2 RX 850 low 5v rail
PSU choices, any help welcome.
Can I do this ?
Power Supply upgrade
Use A PC Power Supply As A Bench Supply
paracord sleeving
Need Help for Choosing a PSU
Mobile phone interferes with PSU
Just a question,,
1000 watt for R9 280X CFX ?
Calculating Crossfire PSU W
PSU Brand Choice
Cooler Master 550W bronze 80 plus
Proper Wiring for Illuminated Bulgin Style Momentary Vandal Switch
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replacement transformer issue for game console
Powersupply possibly dead
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PSU exhaust fan... North or South?
5970 stopped working
Modifying a PSU fan
Getting low voltage readings? Help pls
How much psu is enough?
Wattage Required?
Help me with power supply wattage and recomendations
PSU wattage needed???
Plastic/Glue is melting in my HX650, again!
So i need to make my own Molex to 4 Pin CPU.
Corsair RM750 Power Supply
wattage needed?
Strange PSU voltages displayed by HWmonitor
Ax1200i owners or people in the know
Help Fast
PSU cap worries
psu fan won't turn off (always on)
Just wondering if this PSU is good enough?
is my psu gold rated?
PSU Advice
aerocool Templarius Imperator 1150w any good
PSU Recommendation?
Which Seasonic PSU to buy?
Power requirements
PSU Wiring Question
Did I blow my Corsair TX850?
Did I get a dead PSU?
My power supply can handle it ?
PSU Requirements
Am I safe to overclock with this PSU/Setup?
Question about 12v for 2 PSU.
think my psu just fired...... thoughts
New to Sleeving - Looking for Recommendation
Looking for a new mini ITX PSU will fit in my case
Adding switches to internal power wires
Enough power to overclock?
Need help choosing a PSU
Voltage tolerance
Measured my system power - question
PSU for new build
Prime95 causing voltage drop means...?
wont power on.
Capacitor aging
I think its Dying Slowly??
Is PoE Universal?
GPU Heat..
Delta Electronics PSU, Good enough?
Not sure if power supply is DOA
Corsair TX-750 picking up wireless mouse signals and emitting a high pitch noise
Looking for advice
Is this Enermax 350W enough for 7770 rig?
be quiet! Pure Power L8 630W or XFX Pro Series 750W
Cooler Master V850 PCI-E Power
Ximatek NRP-503 failure.
"900W Lainey Schmidt digital power system", what is it and how does it work?
Where's my 4-pin connector?
Gaming monitors.
Need advice on a new power supply
New PSU needed, what do you think about this?
New PSU for Crossfire?
PSU Help.
The age old question
Power supply making a buzzing sound
HP ML110-G7 350W psu enough?
Do I need a bigger power supply?
Need Suggestions for SLI 770 Classified
have amd980 w seasonic 520w
Corsair builder 750W ok for 770 SLI?
Can you splice 4 pin pwm fan into 2 pin PSU connector?
Going from a 85% to a 90% effecient PSU worth it?
Can't power up new build
Need an upgrade on my PSU, want more power!
Smallest 600w PSU?
Need to unplug power, wait, then plug the power cord back in to start the system
Power Supply Unit
Seasonic X-Something
is it possible to repin a PSU
Seasonic or Rosewill psu?
power supply next??
looking for a new psu
Dell server has option to switch off PFC in BIOS?
12V rails: do they pretty much power everything?
Need some help recommending PSU wattage for my system
realistic power supply
"Smart" meter data collection
I found something I never see anymore...
Bad PSU?
Corsair psu, just FYI
Reset loop psu issue?
PSU Suggestion?
Super Flower is extending warranties
Corsair 550 PSU cooling fan connector.
3.3V Problem Turned off the computer unexpectedly
Custom Length PSU Cables
Best gaming PSU?
Is this what a dead/dieing PSU looks like?
Seasonic G-550 for a gtx 770?
help me this resistor value
Adequate power supply for new build...
OK to transfer lots of energy over 1 wire?
P3 Kill-a-Watt Killing Monitor
Recommended power supply?
Ask bout Corsair TX 850
Server power supply hackup :D
Seasonic SS-1250XM will not turn on
3D Printers, anyone?
Will it work?
can bad PSU cause over heating?
OCZ 600w powerstream (600-ADJ)
Do I need a new power supply?
Dell Vostro 220 - PSU good enough for GPU?
Looking for Silent, minimum Watt PSU
TX 850 voltage fluctuation
Power supply wont turn on
Laptop power issues
Canj i use this with my Corsair AX1200I
Conversion Cable for Dell PS (from Precision T3500)
Where can i buy new pins for my power supply
Cooler Master Silent pro M2 Question
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 750 W Power Supply Review
Enermax Galaxy 1KW Fan issues
Need help PLEASE may be PSU may be other????
New Power Supply, Old Motherboard
dual PSU? (redundant w/failover, not same load)
PSU Rec. for My Custom Build :-)
Looking for a PSU..
Push it to the limit?
What do i need?
Fans not getting enough juice
Just retired my TX850
If the voltages on my PSU are okay, does that mean my PSU is fine?
PSU for my little rig...
PSU Coil Whine
Recomended PSU Testers
PSU better performance ?
UPS device
Bad Review on Corsair. Any Suggestions???
Looking for a new PSU, trying to find a deal :P
PSU question
Trouble with 7950's drawing way too much power.
Haswell Ready Powersupply-Is mine ready?
weird numbers
PSU help needed: FX6350, 650 TI Boost etc.
PSU for x79 big bang (2 EPS connectors on one socket)
[Batteries] Alkaline vs Ni-MH
Shelf Life of PSU?
New build, help with PSU! pls!
Is my psu causing my problems?
Magnum Pro 275 (550w peak)
what ups i need for 750w psu ?
Questions about wire gauge, electronics theory
Sleeving Silencer MKII 750 W
Trusted PSUs for modular 600w
Antec EA380 or VP450?
Why so much?
Enermax NAXN ADV 650 W Power Supply Review
Which PSU to get...
New Build slow performance. PSU Buzz
PSU wattage for overclocking FX6300?
Seasonic X-760
Trying to understand 4 Rail PSU
Need additional Connector - Advise
500W missing connectors (adapters)
Build related PSU question | Other advice also welcome!
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 1200 W Power Supply Review
Corsair 430w Mod PSU
4 pin cpu connecter off power supply
Can i get a 6870 and a 6850 to work on this PSU?
Quick PSU Question
Help with a choise quiet psu
Need help identifying the +12vB on a dual rail Dell n375p-00.
Is This Enough?
Is a PSU Connector also a PCI Power Connector?
PSU`s cooler change
What PSU to choose?
PSU + Motor, will it work?
Does this PSU fit my system?
Really need help choosing psu for my first build
Am I close to the edge...powerwise?
PSU 24pin sleeving question
PS question
is 1600 watt good for my build or am i way over my head?
Is my PSU good enough?
help with pin on corsair cx500
psu goes pop!
Modified power supply
Quick Question;
Pc will not power on.
Question about a car stero amp vs a sub?
Fanless Seasonic owners
Computer loses power under load?!
low voltage on the 12 v rail
Need a new PSU for my system
looking for another power supply
Antec 430 True Conversion Is It Possible 20-24 pin?
Good 400-500W PSU Questions
LF single rail 12v 40A+ PSU, to hack up into a bench power supply
Slight cable change on power supply.
where does cpu 12v come from
PFC in a home use PSU = useless
Psu Help
Going to add a video card
Another Cheap PSU Tested, Went BANG
What is second best vs Corsair?
What is -5VDC and -12VDC used for
Deal Extreme
PSU connector pin question
Gpu dedicated power supplies
Convert a Computer Power Supply to a regular Power Supply
Fanless PSU
How much power to run x3 ATI 7950's?
single 1500VA 980w or two 1000VA 600w
PSU modifications
My Kill-A-Watt died
Recapping a blown motherboard for Terry
LED voltages
NZXT HALE90 V2 Review
Corsair AX850
Best PSU for $50?
Know Your Rails - story of melting death
PSU Recommendations
BFG EX1000 Fan Speed
check to make sure this psu will work please
Logisys PS480X2 PSU Review
Will my PSU (750W NZXT Hale90) be enough?
CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD
When troubleshooting power/mobo issues triple check your connections...
Dual graphics card power supply demand
Psu Shroud
a lil bit of psu cable help
Will the Corsair CX430 fit in my case and run the HD 7850?
Power woes
ATX 20pin to AT 12pin?
Power cable extender
In Win Commander III "Desert Fox" 700 W Power Supply Review
foolish mistake
Fried PSU - Motherboard Still /good?
PSU opinion
bob the psu gods are calling out to you again
PSU died, why?
Do we really need to use Gold PSU ?
Enermax MAXREVO 1500 W 80+ Gold Fully Modular PSU Review
Safe for an Antec NEO 400W Continuous PSU
Requesting PSU Voltage Check
Replacing PSU
Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 1500 W Power Supply Review
How many outlets do I need in my gaming room?
NZXT HALE90 V2 1200 W Power Supply Review
Thermaltake Smart-M 750 W Power Supply Review
Is COOLER MASTER RS-750 GX enough for this system?
850W PSU blowout. Why? Replacements?
UPS recommendations?
Converting a psu to external use?
Is Seasonic still building quality PSUs?
Spire power supply
Buying new PSU
Dsub 9 pin M/M adaptor need to swap TX/RX
disabling power to usb when system powered off
Your honest opinion
Noobish question about a Cougar sx850
Will this PSU power my build effectively?
Help me convince my friend to not go overkill on his psu
New build, keep PSU?
Warning : 750W Chieftech PSU will not feed an EVGA GTX 590
PSU Still Safe To Use?
SFF Psu?
Pico ratings
Removing psu from case?
Backup unit what to get
How many items can connect to a single molex cable?
What to buy?
Advice on buying budget UPS for my system.
I have some question about the Corsair AX1200 cable
Cougar PowerX 550 W Power Supply Review
Is it safe to power....
700W ULTRA PSU enough?
dead psu/rma
5v Rail problems!
PSU fan undervolting
power source
Too many fans not enough places to plug into
200W psu? lol
Is this SeaSonic PSU enough for my build?
Two 4pin = 8pin?