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Full Tower for WCing
Combining PSUs (12v rails primarily)
PC Power & Cooling VS Zippy Noise
What PSU do you use with your PC?
Rosewill Power 600W
P180 is it really that quiet?
water cooling psu
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problem with turning on computer
antec power supply tester. accurate??
A ring main
PSU calculator
what software to use for monitoring PSU voltages?
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Newb Dilemma - PSU
replacing a PSU fan
VDD low, bad PSU or bad motherboard?
Thumbs up or Down on this combo
Need a PSU Recommendation
WTF, Ultra x-connect 12v rail way off
how much wattage do i need?
Fortron AX500-A System Shutdowns/Freezes
will this power...
Thermaltake Kandalf LCS (walter cooled)
Where is the best price for Thermaltake Armor
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Dive rails of Antac P180
Fortron Epsilon vs GameXtreme
Fileserver PSU- Overkill?
Ultra Connect 500W Question and 8rda3+pro question
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if a supply fails while connected to a SATA...
ATX more reliable than AT?
an AT fan-less psu, possible?
How to minimize power loss in modular PSU?
my PSU fan is (was) noisy, is the PSU going to catch fire?
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New a new psu. help me find one.
Fortron 500W Blue Storm vs OCZ 520W PowerStream
PSU for old rig
Armor JR vs. Mystique ???
Tinting a Side Window.
500w FSP Blue Storm + SLI = ?
Tuniq tower 120 + Tsunami dream - a close fit?
Whats the power effiency of a SkyHawk 520W GM-520SC PSU
PSU for a slightly OC'ed 805D
OCZ 700
Zippy 700W (PSL-6701P) Fan Mod Query
How do you load the 5V rail? Plus another question.
OCZ vs. Enermax
p180 (again)
Supermicro-PWS056 650W PSU Review
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Possible PSU Issue
Looking to buy a PSU that will fit a Dimension 4700
Corsair to come into PSU market?
Twice7 from Mountainmods.com
Totally silent
Where to have a window custom installed?
p160 or p180?
What can cause bad 12 and 5 volt rails?
Looking to buy a modular PSU
Where to buy new/Used Rack mount?
PowerStream 520w or NeoHE 550w?
My Fortron AX-450-PN Works but doesn't work...Help!
psu replacement
Any suggestions for a dremel
ATX & AT in one system, questions.
110W PSU
is my power supply dying?
How often do you switch out PSU's?
Missing wire on 12v conector
OCZ Powerstream 520W?
OCZ 450watt modstream faulty?
Cheap/easy male molex pin remover
PSU that'll last years....
Antec NeoHE 500 SATA Cables
problem w/ OCZ Modstream
What 400W PSU should I get?
Help finding a place that sells Zippy PSU's in the US:
OCZ GameXStream 700W??
Mushkin XP-650 Enhanced Power Supply Review
How f***ed is this power supply?
Any thoughts on XION PowerReal XON-500F14-TN?
Budget psu :p
Antec Sonata fan mounting
need stronger CPU ??
Zippy PSL-6850P owners
which psu??
I need a 110v av to 12v Dc converter
APC BackUPS RS 1500VA issue = 'replace battery' alert
PCP&C 510W SLI or OCZ GameXStream 700W?
I need some tips
Could my PSU be crashing my System?
550PLG-SLI problems?
DELL 4700 PS
Does it matter where I hook up the drives?
Trust me, You want this supply
Would a big negative pressure kill my psu?
Is my local computer store BSing me?
Redundant power supplies
Two options, which one?
dual rails
My PSU sufficient enough?
ANTEC TP550 help needed!
XClio make quality products?
Need more screws for Hard drive slide bay
Safe to use 20v PSU on a thinkpad? Also, PCMCIA Swapfile?
Help Needed
OCZ 520W or 600W?
Which is best out of these 3.
gotta share - bob happy :)
Good enough PSU?
PSU causing no POST?!
Power Supply to Motherboard AT connectors
Power Supply question
Smart power supply for PC
My PCP&C 510W SLI is screaming , what to do ?
Decent PSU??
Need A PSU For Server... Need Suggestions
Dual PSU's on Single Mobo
Replacement PSU for Compaq Presario?
Need a Dual 5.25" Bay Cover
Calling all overclockers
Speedfan - Understanding PSU readings
Alphacool SilentMaxx
Rate my psu...
Dual PSU concerns
What is up with Antec & ASUS???
24 pin to 20 pin?
Exhaust fan
Sen's Mushkin 650W PSU Review
Power Hungry!!!!
Efficient PSU
Need some suggestions
Tagan TG-580-U22 580W for an 805.
Just ordered the...
X-Connect X2 550W vs. OCZ ModStream 520W PSU
Silverstone ST60F vs Enermax ELT500AWT
PSU recomendation
extremo power silent 700w psu
mushkin 650 pos?
Good PSU
Buddy of mine cant decide!
question about the ocz 520 pstream
please help the noob builder! AMS460 psu + k8n-dl + dual 248's??
what psu
PCP&C 510w SLi or not?
pc shutsdown on hi oc
Calling Oklahoma Wolf and other PSU gurus - PSU Upgrade or No?
new seasonic modular power supply in the works?
What is "EPS" in power supplies?
Would a FX700-GLN be overkill for this system?
Problem Diagnosis: weigh in
Could my PSU be the issue?
PSU for overclocked PC-DL/ 1.6lv xeon duallie
Power Supply Anatomy
Power supply help
overly bright power light
Faulty PSU?
Ultra X-Connect 500watt
OCZ Powerstream 520W not enough to power my system? I need PSU guru advice!
12VDC dimmer... Kinda like a fan controller, but with a 36watt load!
Mid Tower with a 120mm exhaust?
MUSHKIN are into PSUs !
700W GameXStream Multi-GPU power supply testing
22A on 12v Rail...What about 18Ax2?
Seasonic SS-300FS
Power supply for BFG 7900 GTX OC
Antec True Power 550w vs Spire SP-500W
Server PSU's...what to do with them
Enough power?
Antec Incompatibility with certain Asus intel boards?
In need of a new PSU
Fortron blue storm 500w anormal noise!
PC got struck by lightning...
Are they E-POWER or TAGAN?
psu got wet because i'm stupid
The -5v and -12v readings
SATA cable length needed- TT Armor
Smoked My PCP&C 510
Can I have your recommendations
Antec PSU inquiry
Doh, I blew a fuse in my PSU
What's the proper way to dispose of a PSU?
Mushkin Maximum Power 650w PSU
Dual P/S issue
Are dual 12v required now?
removing 'void' label
Update and comments thread for sticky
Looking for an inexpensive PSU for a file server
PWR_OK pin not functioning.
Weird squeek whne i shut off main power
need suggestion for my system
PSU Orientation???
Power Supply Question
PSU buyers guide and How-to guide
Where to get this sized PSU...
I'm too lazy/cheap. will a 250watt able to power this rig?
Good cheap PSU's for general computing?
pcp&c 510w vs powerstram 520w
Are Fortran good
PSU good enough for x1800xt
need some advice
need a new powersupply
Power supply requirement
power requirements, x800XT-6800GT, is a TP420 good enough?
Combine rails?
A slightly different dual PSU - both powering the mobo
Program to monitor and log voltage.
Need a UPS that will carry 3 rigs
20 amps?
1x 620 watt or 2x 400?
Looking for a....
PSU at fault, or mobo?
12V rail issues
cooler master extreme power 600w
Antec P150 [black] without power supply
520 mod stream or 520 powerstream ?
Maximum length for fan and power cables?
600W enough for crossfire x1900xtx?
Sparkle FSP550-PLG-SLI 550W FAN change
Best modular PSU:
Decently quiet PSU for my future system
Alright, what do you experts think of this one? FSP550-80GLC
Is my power supply to blame?
5V off the charts.
Rails used by different components
PSU basics.. help!
Powerstream 420 enough for 7900gt?
PSU with more then 1 mobo connector?
Antec P160 users, a favor...
Neo 480?
Dual PSUs... Only use the 12v from the 2nd one?
Forton 700w Epsilon LOUD
"good" replacement for antec super lanboy
This thing any good?
Best PSU for the money?
silverstone tj07 ?
Zippy EPSL-6850P(G1) 850W
PS won't turn over! I'm lost! HELP
Aspire 500 went up in flames with my PC!
Are these volt readings messed up?
Question: How hard
How much can I load a connector with?
PSU for A8R32-MVP
Ultra X2 550W PSU
Duro 900 really a 750 watt part, but still gets an award
PC switches off...
5v rail at 4.30!!!! Help!!!!
Project Wire cleanup :D
Brand new system, issues.
Will 80 watts be enough?
V1200b Plus Vs P180b - which would you choose?
How does thsi look?
About the TJ07...
$50 to $75 budget for a good PSU...
Is this 700watt OCZ PSU worth $200 or should I get the OCZ for $100?
PSU decision
Advice/suggestions Please (which one)
Whats the difference for these two ps?
OCZ Modstream 520W or Silverstone Zeus 560W?
Advice on a power supply that's less than $50
Anybody use an iStarUSA S-10000?
Looking for a UPS
12v looking fine after playing BF2 for hour or more?
Antec TP-II 550W
budget yet quiet psu recommendations
Power supply calculator.
Anyone heard of Akasa PaxPower Plus 650W?
quad psu battle????
use for a PSU that the 12v is high?
Antec Bluepower will it run this?
PSU n00b. Few simple questions.
Where to buy basic and GOOD PSU combo
need an powerfuly psu
PSU flame at online store.
Sunbeam Theta....
Bending / Zip-Tying Wires OK ?
OCZ X-Stream 600W
Everything look OK w/ my PSU? (pic)
Posting low 12v....
Can you combine rails?
Best x1900xt Crossfire PSU
7800GTX power problems
Cooler Master Ammo 533
Help me find a PSU
Whats Quieter: FSP AX500-A Or S12-500
Antec SOHO CS600
Antec Power Supply Question
Modding a Silverstone TJ06
12 rail readings, just curious
Will my door clear a control panel? Or does anyone make a low pro control panel?
New PS, many options
PSU Help needed
Cheap and Quiet
Masstige with CM 4in3 module
Fanless PSU
Good Silent Psu wanted
Which mobos use 8pin-EPS?
Antec Titan 550 4-pin ATX12V?
Quiet PSU for OC'ed presler system around $100 bucks
Zalman ZM460-APS
well the new rig is up and running!
hiper psu
What's the best PSU w/ future proof?
turn on psu without a mobo to test??
Biggest Brain Fart Ever
Wierd Problem
Cheap PSU
Enermax Liberty power supply - problem
Fortron FX700-GLN
SilverStone 460w vs. Thermaltake 600w - Help me pick!
PSU fan problems
550w rosewill - 35a 12v rail ?
3.3v Rail ?? Quick Question
Any ideas for a window?
Need a new UPS: Any Recommendations?
Looking for specific PSU
Quick UPS question
Need a new PSU
New rig, new PSU but which? Need advice.
AX500-A or SP-500, enough? Pentium D system.
Will this be enough power for my system?
Zippy Reviewed at Xbit
Question about dual 12v rails, my theory.
Looking for an appropriate PSU. Any help is appreciated.
need psu advice
How Much Power Do I Need?
PCP&C: Silencer 470 ATX Or Turbo-Cool 510 Deluxe
+2.5V Rail
oh Plastic Guru's I need you!
Clear Side Panels!?
anybody know anything about silverstone SST-ST60F?
Switching vs. Continuous?
Shut the **** UP!!
guessing this is bad..
FSP psu question
Bigger doesnt equal better?
LEXA Thermal Probe problem
2 power supplies
Motherboard power connections
Looking for a PSU
rack mount question
Look at this data, ocz mod vs power vs TT purepwr
Need a OCZ Powerstream ASAP!
100$ to spend on a PSU.
Newbie question?
I-Star ??
OCZ PowerStream 520w non-SLi in SLi setup
I made a boo-boo...any chance for "revival"?
Do I need PSU Upgrade?
New PSU? Do I need it?
Antec differences?
Antec 500w Smart power 2.0 failing me?
anyone know where to get side mount molex?
HELP fried new psu using 250watt need replacement for under 30dollars
Always a hitch
Molex question
Can you power multiple motherboards with a single power supply?
Portable Desktop
ps for lights and fans only
Please explain how this works...
More power
New Zippy Single 12v Unit
Why doesn't my new motherboard match my psu?
Connections on Antec Truepower II 550W
Forton vs Antec 500W
Look quick! PS ebay
light bus help
GeForce 7800gs agp
Good PSU Brands
Koolance 601
Which one...
Which PCP&C PSU Should I get?
Need Power supply Help
Putting a fan in a PSU
Are Super-flower PS worth having?
More than one version of FGP 500?
Another New Power Supply Needed
Should i get a 20 to 24 pin power adaptor?
Power supply question
What about seasonic psu's??
defected PSU?
enough power?
Bah, I'm torn!
future upgrade problem
2 powersupplies
new type of voltage regulator?
READ!! Games like FEAR, Quake 4 crash on you? READ!!
OCZ Powersteam 520 Oddity?
Is this powersupply any good?
Help !PSU enough or not ?
Power supply any good?
can my psu handle my rig
Is this PSU enough for the BFG 7800GS?
Power Supply and ATI Radeon X1800XT videocard
Antec P160W
PSU suggestion?
Repairing bad PSU
420 ocz psu enough?
Suggestion on Power Supply?
i think my psu broke, comp wont broke, should i short it to test?
PSU for friend's budget 3800 x2 rig
looking into a quiet psu.
PSU suggestions
New Psu
New(?) External Power Supply for PCs
Is this a PSU problem?
what is the effect of low +5v
My turn, which PSU would you buy???
How much over 12V do I need to be?
OCZ 600W SLI replacement?
OCZ 600... need some advice
Dirty power from house... Can it cause problems?
Am I overstressing my ps?
New system help
What PSU should I buy?
How can you apart a SATA Molex Connector?
OCZ Powerstream or Silverstone Zeus?
I Need Your Recommendations: an excellent but not super expensive PSU
Bah who needs silence...
looking for specific "power supply", input 12v, output 5v 2a or more
I don't have a dremel...but I need to cut some holes
Can I measure the actual current use?
450 modstream to 520 powerstream?
PSU for this system.....
OCZ 600SLI-ADJ bites the dust.?
PSU for a friend
Replacement On/Off Switch
ultra xconnect 500 PROBLEM
Don't throw away that old psu...recycle!
hiper type r or ocz powerstream
Cable Swap?
has anyone sean or recomend this?
What are your PSU damage stories?
7800 and 350PSU
PSU for a Vapochill XE
One PSU Two Systems, is that possible?
Upcoming OCZ Units
new psu? completely dead?
Neo HE500 problems...sell or try again?
anyone ever used or modded a
Again, I need another opinion
I Keep Blowing PSU's
2 Questions
Do I Need more Power?
What brand & type UPS do you have?
X2 3800+ & OCZ 420 psu..
What PSU do I need for this?
Silverstone TJ06 or Enermax CS-718?
XBox PSU problem
Relative noob with a question..
Thermaltake Purepower 560 whats your take?
ePower Zumax series...any good?
Antec NeoHE 550 Defective
FSP350-60THN enough for a 7900GT?
Seasonic or Fortron?
Dead OCZ
AT psu and load question
Hiper 580W died :(
Enough Power with OCZ 520w
Checking your PS?
aspire x-qpack psu
Power supply possible problem(s)
High Wattage PSU's - Zippy PSL-6701P vs. PCP&C 1KW
sli psu
PSU Suggestions
Massive Power Required, Need advice
New Enermax Liberty 620w gets my vote
My Cold Cathodes Died....Please recomend a GOOD replacement
Do I have enough power?
Please need help fast...
PSU Advice: SilverStone vs OCZ
Raidmax Power viking 450W