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READ!! Games like FEAR, Quake 4 crash on you? READ!!
OCZ Powersteam 520 Oddity?
Is this powersupply any good?
Help !PSU enough or not ?
Power supply any good?
can my psu handle my rig
Is this PSU enough for the BFG 7800GS?
Power Supply and ATI Radeon X1800XT videocard
Antec P160W
PSU suggestion?
Repairing bad PSU
420 ocz psu enough?
Suggestion on Power Supply?
i think my psu broke, comp wont broke, should i short it to test?
PSU for friend's budget 3800 x2 rig
looking into a quiet psu.
PSU suggestions
New Psu
New(?) External Power Supply for PCs
Is this a PSU problem?
what is the effect of low +5v
My turn, which PSU would you buy???
How much over 12V do I need to be?
OCZ 600W SLI replacement?
OCZ 600... need some advice
Dirty power from house... Can it cause problems?
Am I overstressing my ps?
New system help
What PSU should I buy?
How can you apart a SATA Molex Connector?
OCZ Powerstream or Silverstone Zeus?
I Need Your Recommendations: an excellent but not super expensive PSU
Bah who needs silence...
looking for specific "power supply", input 12v, output 5v 2a or more
I don't have a dremel...but I need to cut some holes
Can I measure the actual current use?
450 modstream to 520 powerstream?
PSU for this system.....
OCZ 600SLI-ADJ bites the dust.?
PSU for a friend
Replacement On/Off Switch
ultra xconnect 500 PROBLEM
Don't throw away that old psu...recycle!
hiper type r or ocz powerstream
Cable Swap?
has anyone sean or recomend this?
What are your PSU damage stories?
7800 and 350PSU
PSU for a Vapochill XE
One PSU Two Systems, is that possible?
Upcoming OCZ Units
new psu? completely dead?
Neo HE500 problems...sell or try again?
anyone ever used or modded a
Again, I need another opinion
I Keep Blowing PSU's
2 Questions
Do I Need more Power?
What brand & type UPS do you have?
X2 3800+ & OCZ 420 psu..
What PSU do I need for this?
Silverstone TJ06 or Enermax CS-718?
XBox PSU problem
Relative noob with a question..
Thermaltake Purepower 560 whats your take?
ePower Zumax series...any good?
Antec NeoHE 550 Defective
FSP350-60THN enough for a 7900GT?
Seasonic or Fortron?
Dead OCZ
AT psu and load question
Hiper 580W died :(
Enough Power with OCZ 520w
Checking your PS?
aspire x-qpack psu
Power supply possible problem(s)
High Wattage PSU's - Zippy PSL-6701P vs. PCP&C 1KW
sli psu
PSU Suggestions
Massive Power Required, Need advice
New Enermax Liberty 620w gets my vote
My Cold Cathodes Died....Please recomend a GOOD replacement
Do I have enough power?
Please need help fast...
PSU Advice: SilverStone vs OCZ
Raidmax Power viking 450W
Seasonic and DFI possible problems ?
Advice please!! Will my Powerstream handle all this?
XBOX psu
help with my smartpower
Cheap UPS suggestions?
Seasonic S12 600 vs. Enermax Liberty 620
How do I..
BFG 600w way too loud
Awesome powersupply selector
Power ?
TT Armor Drive Bay Covers/filter
enermax eg701ax-ve problematic???
I ordered the P180. Need a PSU
ThermalTake Armor/Kandalf owners
What are the -v specs and what should they be at?
Thermaltake introduces worlds 1st Graphic Card power supply
PowerStream 520 Just Died
12 v rail weak?
psu in overclocking
Urgent!!! P160/P160W or SLK-3800B
Help me pick a new PSU
Fortron PSU making odd noises when fans turned down
430 watts enough?
Need a new PSU...I think...:)
how low is too low
Vga PSU from Fortron
Help me pick a silent PSU in 400 - 450W range
Future-proof PSU...
Power Supply problem or evil Msi Neo2!
need a modular psu...help?
thermaltake psu
12v dropping far under load.
Upgraded PSU's.. and having a problem.
Antec ahead of OCZ and Fortron in XBit labs poll ?
Silverstone ST60 reads low 12v rails
HELP!!!! 560 SS Zeus is DEAD!
Newegg Price Gouging?
510 sli volts to high?
Now, this is just ridiculous
Topower vs. Fortron?
Building a Sudget/Decent PC is 350W enough?
x1900xt needs 30a 12v. Amperage must be on one rail? Or can it be split 12v1/12v2?
What do you guys think of this PSU?
Please help
Enermax or Silverstone?
120.3 in front of Thermaltake Armor?
Powersupply for video card
Dual Nocona/Irwindale PSU choice needed!
Which PSU
Which psu?
Zalman HD160
Antec TP2 550W vs OCZ MS 450W
Wow what do I do now? Regarding APC Backup
ARRRG Antec Neo500HE
New PSU needed for New Mobos?
Upgrading power supply
Silverstone Sugo SG01 Evolution
Quick question about Thermaltake Armor.
Front intake on the X-Dreamer II
Tagen 530-U22 (2force) psu
ax500-a vs. ax450-pn
Looking for a very wide, cheap tower!
Could it be my psu?
Measured my PSU. Thoughts?
Power Supply Woes, Help Me Find the Perfect Unit
Enermax 485W
Need a good budget PSU
wire management
Quality PSU doesn't save money on electricity?
Buying a new PSU: Seasonic 600WATT?
Err whats wrong? not enough power?
FSP Fortron Epsilon FX600-GLN
Weak PSU
FSP AX450-PN Is there a better PSU for under $60?
high 12v rail
OCZ 520w Owners I have a Quick Question.
What PSU for dual core?
ocz modstream fan mod
PSU Suggestion
Am I underpowered?
My report on Ultra X-Connect 500
A guide to how much power components use?
do i need an new psu
What NOT to touch in a PSU ?
PSU whining, ideas to fix?
How do I find out the amp requirements for my proc?
psu pin repair kit
OCZ Powerstream 520w SLI ready or Regular?
20 pin adapter on 24 pin motherboard
FSP350-60PN fan died
Cold Cathode Placement
i'm hoping this is a psu issue whatcha guys think
not a psu q, but doesn't fit into another category
Still confused.. help me choosing the right PSU
Sparkle 550 sli, adjustable rails?
single or dual rails?
ePower PumaII
Question about 4pin power connector to CPU...
Zeus ST56ZF Issues
koolance PC3-426BK+
My new Build (aka cable managment)
general power questions
Need PSU advice please.
unstable power supply?
Planning on running dual PSU's. Just some quick questions
Faulty power supply?
What is this connector?
Antec 350 ok for new PC?
american psu in europe
Need more power!
how much power do i need?
Replacement for PC P&C Turbo Cool
a feeler opinions needed
Micro ATX Linux Rig Build
How to Run Dual 24 pin ?
Help me chosing a PSU
v2000b or similar?
Special UV Cable Sleeves
OCZ 520 Question
Hiper HPU-4K580-MK Type R 580W Vs. Forton Blue Storm 500w
ATX connector charred, low voltages, video card glitching
single 12 v rail vs multiple 12v rails
How can i run 2 psus?
To Redundant or not Redundant...
Accuracy of MBM?
Figuring out what my PSU is.
Centurion 534 (RC-534)
Need a new PSU , Which One To Get?
Cannot Decide Between Two Powersupplies
Is it just me???
low 12v?
A Question for people who own AX500 Blue Storm
UPS help
Help me deciding PSU
P PC&C Turbo Cool 510 Shorted out
New Rig - Need Solid Quiet PSU
Is FSP Blue Storm AX500-A enough for PCI-E?
Got Tax Refund, Building New Rig, Need Help
New PSU or something else?
ax-500a not enough?
Antec NeoHE any good?
Sparkle FSP530-60GNA for an A64 OC'd rig?
Need Advice on single 12V rail PSU
Enough power??
Is 500Watts enough? Please help
Super Flower 520w PS
How much more do i have?
Best s939 cooler for , $35US?
Woo Hoo! Tax Return Coming!
Best 600w psu?
Zeus takes top honors.
4pin or 8pin ATX
Uninterruptable power supplies?
ST56ZF voltage droop
PSU performance question.
Xclio Goodpower 500w
PSU - 8 pin mod? Help from experts please ^^
Asus Atlas Power Supply
PC P&C 510 or 850 for new rig?
How to determine PSU manufacturer?
modstream vs. x-connect
In need of second PSU for dual PSU system.
P180 Wiring
Voltage Fluxuations Antec TP2 550w
Which PSU should i use
Can I get away with this for my X1900xt?
Antec NEOPOWER 480W PSU Fan not turning but not dead
Antec TruePower II 480W
PSU Adjustable Fan Mod
PC P&C 510w maxed out? Crossfire\Presler OCed
Advice on PSU, the Powerstream isnt in stock :(
Any Recommendations?
Fortron AX500 and x1900xt??
Do I Have Enough Power? Quick replys needed!
20+4 or 24 pins
Ancient AT Style Powersupply Question
OK Wolf, my silverstone Zeus Came in
Differences between OCZ520ADJSLI and OCZ520ADJ?
Question about Fortron AX500-A combined 12V output
Help me out here guys (PSU dilemma)
Looking at Ideas to Mod my new TT Tsunami.
Looking for a good (and compatible) HDD cooler
enermax or ocz
Question about UV lighting
Antec wont let me turn off the computer?
Coolermaster Wavemaster
psu upgrade question
OCZ 520 vs OCZ 600
OK Wolf, did I do the right thing?
P180 and OCZ Powerstream PSU
How Important is Active PFC?
pick my psu
How well will my PSU run a new 7800GS?
troubleshooting a BSOD - power problem?
S12 430w vs BlueStorm 400w
question about psu's and pci e
is it OK to replace caps in a PSU
Is there anything I can salvage from my dud mATX PSU?
Hmmmm think my 550 isnt good nuff :(
OCZ compairable to Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF
Anyone know where I can get aluminum sheets for cheap?
Help Picking A New PSU
Could my UPC be at fault?...
Suggestions for a PSU for NF7-S
Mods to OCZ600ADJ-SLI
please recomend a good hardwired psu.
Zalman PSU
New power supply..is this one good?
which one
Avoid the Antes Neo 500
Athena Power AP-P4ATX85FE
Does this exist?
Dual Supply ramp up delay
antec neopower 480w, vs silverpower 400w
24 pin plug for a 20 pin mobo
front panel light switch
Power Supply Modular Kit
Is this PSU enough?
Buzz noise from Antec SmartPower II 500W
Am i pushing her too far with my setup?
OCZ Powerstream 600wattSLI
i need a new tower, asap.
How much power do I really need?
Antec psu fan speed
triple psu's
Got my PCP&C 1 Kilowatt unit!
coolermaster 450 prob...
OCZ Powerstream 520W - Can the Rails be adjusted while the system is running?
I MUST be missing something
Antec P-160 Build and Review
Looking for a full tower...
please help me decide on a psu.
single vs dual rail article/discussion
Does anyone know of a single rail PSU using a 12cm fan?
How could this be ??
who makes silverstone PSUs?
Scythe Kamariki II 550w?!?
Help: Ultra, OCZ or Antec?
Anyone Have a LL PC-65B and Big Typhoon?
mmm...UV lighting
Why did my PSU explode?
Hmm...FX600-GLN or OCZ PS 520?
Good surge protector...?
What dremel bit should I use?
im looking for a quiet ATX2.0 psu...
PC doesn't start, or just shuts off (helppp)
PSU help
How loud is the Sonata II's power supply?
#4,985 thread of "help me decide on a PSU" (OCZ520W, 600W, or Seasonic 600W)
good powersupply that wont break the bank?
Silverstone Zeus ST65ZF 650W any good?
psu problems? SLI, 24-pin, etc
power supply problem or just back motherboards
Are the 3.3V and 5V rail important?
2 general psu questions
PSU time... Seasonic?
antec truepower 2.0 question
Powering Molex Connections without a PSU
Coolermaster Centurion 5 (CAC-T05) Spare Parts
Just Purchased a Sparkle FSP550-PLG-SLI
Thermaltake Purepower 600W W0083RU w/Intel Dual Core Opinions
power issues
Antec P150 question
ULTRA Power Supplies?
PSU calculator
How to launch the PSU without having it hooked up to a PC?
PSU faceoff!
FIshy comp!
The Dilema: Watercooling or high-end air?
my new build, its sweet
BIX3 and Mountain Mods U2 - Will it fit?
COOLMAX "EZ Wire" CU-600T 600W
mountain mods
PSU wrong ATX connector for mobo
Raidmax 500W.. ok?
Single or Dual 12v rails on one PSU
Are psu's with modular cabling support unstable ?
How Do I Power LEDs and Cathodes?
Antec Smartpower 2.0 500watt vs NeoPower 480watt
Enermax noisetaker 485w
Antec Sonata II: Air Duct Compatible with XP-90?
Yet another PSU question...
Quieting a PSU
PSU inquiry/ Questions
looking for an atx full tower
ocz modular design 'modstream' retarded?
Is Xilence a good brand?
Power stabilization, how?
OCZ PowerStream™ 600 Watt "Limited Edition" SLI Power Supply
Adding hard drives to file servers, can the power supply take it?
One of the lights is not working
What is the quietest PSU??
3.2 on 3.3 line ok?
Good PSU for my setup?
Will an X800 series fit in..& Work..?
who are silverpower? help plz!
Enermax Liberty 620W vs. OCZ Powerstream 520w
New System - need advice
looking for a New Psu for abit Ic7
Enermax Liberty 620W - Can't get it to work with DFI Lanparty Expert
cheap power supply for 50-75$?
my system
Recommended PSUs for those on a budget?
Question on my new OCZ PS
Enough power ??
Template help needed
Are either of these power supplies any good?
Where to find adapter for two PSU:s one 24 pin one 20 pin and 24 pin mobo?
PSU upgrade recommendations?
why buy an expensive powersupply?
Questions : Kandalf
V2000B Dual PSU Help
Recommend me a PSU !
PSU calculation guide
Super LAN boy Window - What material?
PC Power & Cooling rewire?
power supply question
What power supply should I get?
PC Power & Cooling
What relation ?
v1.3 VS. v2.0 OCZ Powerstream?
PSU recommendation for plain Presler Folding rig
I hate my P180.
eXtreme PSU Calculator update
ePower (Tagan) Puma 450w
Scythe Beef Bowl!?!?!
PSU recommendation for limited space
Weird Voltages: Help!! (pic included)
Is this an appropriate 12v reading.
Thoughts on FX600-GLN?
ePOWER Tagan TG-480-U22 ATX 480W Power Supply
Please help with PSU dilema
is my PSU...
My New Toy PCP&C 1 KW PSU
Is 350W enough ?
Aspire 500W PSU any good?
psu on the deathbed
New build won't boot...not enough power?
PC P&C 510 SLI or ASL ?
520W Modstream vs. Powerstream...
question about ocz 520w sli
My rail voltages are dropping
How do you check your PSU temperature?
PSU recommendations (assuming I need a replacement)
uninterrupted power
Rear fan mod
need acrylic side panel
Antec SP-500W - Rear Fan woes..
Bluestorm holding me back?
Need a good reasonably priced psu
Weird Noise Coming From PSU
New system kinda
New PS or just wait???
Fortron Blue PSU in TJ06?
24-pin ATX?
A question about multi +12V rails
Question on 500W Fortron Blue!
Proprietary PSU's
How do you turn on your computer with power supply switch?
Silverstone TJ07
tip for improving cooling with an asus vento
Antec P150
Tight buget!Need single12vPSU 20+4.
The pci-express cable
ocz powerstream, 520 or 600w?
Could a Weak Power Supply Be Damaged if overloaded?
Im new need help bad!
Antec TruePower 480w enough for my new rig?
whats a good power supply?
Never gave it much thought...
PSU power cable advice
fan replacement on silverstone 560
YOUR $$$ goes to ??? --- OCZ 520W vs. FSP 600W vs. Seasonic 600W ?
SLI Power, how much wattage?
Is my thinking right swapping a Bluestorm for an OCZ 520 SLI
Am i able to Oc on my Coolermaster extreme 430w
Is the ax500 good for this rig?
Apples & Oranges ($100 .vs $200 PSUs)
NeoPower 480W, is this good for my new system?
Vantec ATX 2.0 power?
Enermax 550W PSU?
making a keyboard and mouse light up directly from the PSU
Let's make this beast a bit quieter, eh?
Cooling Configuration
Do I need a new PSU?
Vento 3600
Highest Efficiency 500+ watt PSU?
ocz powerstream 520 sli
Aerocool 550W ?
Centurion 5 vs. ammo
2 x 4-pin EATX 12v power plugs on motherboard
PC P&C 510 vs. OCZ powerstream 520
** Random HDD died lately caused by power supply? **
Whats a good 600W PSU?
12v rail @10v
tp II 480
Which PSU to get for my presler.
Oh not the PSU doesn't fit with new mobo!
Sonata II + Pentium D = ?
Asus Vento help to remove front bezel
Antec Neo HE +12V cable too short?
how to jump out power supply