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Can You Trust Thermaltake PSU??? Look At This One
Antec NEO HE
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Mid or Full Tower
Low temp = Low power?
How to "load" a rail?
This enough juice?
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What should i do with my 420w purepower supply?
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Antec SmartBlue 350
Looking for a 20-pin PSU (With a lot of power)
is the 485w enermax enough for my rig?
Which PSU for these specs? pls help
side blowhole.advice please!
How do i increase my 3.3vrail on my thermaltake 420w puresilent psu?
Which 600W Power Supply is best for me?
Bought PSU.. will it be enough???
HOW can this be????
Grrrr!!! I hate typos!!
Antec TruePowerII
Dead PSU?
Tech station homemade or cheap
do i actually need more than 300w?
Need PSU suggestions for this rig I'm ordering in a few hours:
How about a Sintek 500SLI 500W Power Supply?
I don't know anything about PSUs
What do you think about the Ultra X-connect power supply?
Buying new psu tonight.. any objections to this?
Decisions, decisions: PSu choice please.
Where To?
Newbie needs help with PSU selection
New power supply
which PSU?
Molex Alternative
PSU recommendation
Need a little help
24 pin connector questions
ocz 520adj question about vga/hdd
Hiper out of stock?
Need input on bulgin switch installation.
Whats this PCI-e PS set up?
Tagan TG480-U01 doesn't have PCIe connector?!
Fortron FSP-530GNA dead exhaust fan...
Power Supply Myths Exposed!
Antec P150: P180ish with a PSU
PSU Help...
Fan Power bus/bar??
I might have a PSU issue. What do you think?
Window or no window?
P180 vs P160
Sparkle power Supply ticks
XG Vigor PSU - good deal for non OC system?
Sunbeamtech Nuuo 550
AX500-A vs SP-500 vs TPII-430 vs EG465AX-VE(G)
V2000 Vs quiet v2000
what u guys think
looking for a stable modular psu
Solid PS with red LED fans?
Is this a good PSU?
OCZ Powerstream 520w question
for those with 850SSI by PC&C and DFI mobo
X-Clio 550 vs Fortron BS 500
Extra X-Connect
Really cheap cable management
Need a PSU, 5v or 12v heavy?
SLK3000B owners I have a question (well, more of a request).
passes memtest86 but wont boot windows
Power supply help
Do I need a new power supply??
FSP550-PLG or AX500?
Abit An8 Ultra Q0otes Problem!
These voltages are correct?
Power consumption question
Need new PS
OK, I Feel like a newb!!
I've now killed 2 power supplies, heh.
Bluestorm enough for a P4 820??
Antec TruePower 2.0 430W
Searching for the lost extension cable. HELP!
Recommend Me A PSU And Wattage
Fortron 500W Blue Storm vs Seasonic 500W vs OCZ 520W Powerstream
need a powersupply :)
Need a new PSU, heavy system.
Tweaking PSU rails to gain more curent?!
Any experiences with Sunbeam Nuuo?
Warranty on Enermax EG425P-VE?
Warranty on Fortron AX500-A?
Sort of dumb question, quick answer
Screw multiple 12v rails?
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6800GT+ PSU please advice needed
-5v question
Turning on ATX PSU without plugging into the motherboard
Good ~$80 PSU
Is my power suply good.
PC Power & Cooling Releases 1000W Power Supply!!
strange psu noises
Wire Management in CMStacker... Help!
Modstream vs Powerstream 520w
Antec 550 true power 20 to 24 pin molex
AX-500A vs. OCZ PowerStream 520
Making Clear Side Panel's
another "which psu"
Huge question! concerning PSU
High graphics games restarting! PSU? CPU?
KABOOM!!!! Need another PSU...Suggestions?
Where is my -5v rail..?
Forton AX500-A in a Antec P-180. Any issues?
Burnt 3.3v pins on my atx connector
Wire Wrapping
Enermax Noisetaker
Computer not turning on is this the psu
MadDog 600w Surepower Modular
PC&C 510
signs of a failing fortron 530w
Powering down 20 secs from boot
PSU Recommendation
P180 Front panel connectors
Voltage fluctuations
OCZ Powerstream 600 as good as the 520?
Need help choosing PSU - Not typical system
Need a psu for under $60
Quiet but good PSU?
Overclocking problems - psu????
Overclocking Unstable - Need a New PSU?
Powersupply advice...do I need change?
Bluestorm versus Type-R
Coolermaster atc-200
New PC P&C 510SLI / still getting lockups?
Am i using more then my 535w enermax can produce?
which one of these Sparkle models should I pick?
Seasonic Appreciation Thread
Antec Neo Power 480W
distribution of components.
PS for XP motherboard
Best Psu On Market
My first build
hdd led solid
might need a new psu after upgrade
PSU pin outputs
psu blew up :(
PSU question
PSU good enough?
Xbit Goes Fanless
Adding a 6 pin aux connector to a new PSU
PSU 3.3v rail low
PSU Pins
Ultra X-Finity or X-Connect
Keep my antec TP550 or upgrade for dual-core box?
asus vento 3600
Quiet single 12v rail PSU?
Aerocool Turbine 550w Owners
to use or not to use:turbolink LC-A420ATX
Where to buy OCZ
help on rivet size
replacement for the powerstream
How much power for an old 32bit
FSP550PLG-SLI PCI-e meet 150w spec?
need help finding a psu
Anything dethrone the bluestorm yet?
Which PSU...?
Can't find Hiper Type-R 580W PSU anywhere. :(
New Power Supply for Pentium 4?
Psu (weird)
Questions about grounding yourself...
What do you think is Enough power for these specs..
Weird shut down problem with Enermax PSU
Sintek 600w SLI, Modular, Sleeved PSU...very nice!
Ultra X-Connect power supply
Very scared to stick another 7800GTX. Help!
Do they play well?
Need a PSU
So a little bird just told me..(OCZ 600w SLI)
Lovin' my Seasonic
Lazyman's dual PSU
Is the Ax500 enough for what I have?
New Sunbeam Modular power supply seems Promising
Need a PS recommendation for an SLI system
Aspire 600 Watt or OCZ 520 Watt
Question about cable management & casefans...
wiring front audio
Message from PC power and cooling
Okay, what's next
Random lockups caused by bad voltages?
12v reading always below... is this bad
Power Supply Calculator
My PSU went *bang*
Quick Question
Is it my PSU or Mobo?
clarification on dual psu's
Need new psu quick!
Soly Tech 460w 20+4pin Sli V2.0
fortron bluestorm 500w or ocz modstream 520w?
External 12V PSU and Dummy load question.
dual PSU mod
Enermax EG701AX-VE/600Watt not cutting it in SLI?
Question about power supplies
Suggest a PSU
Sunbeam Nuuo 550?
Good PSU?
PSU 110v VS 220v
Grounding prob?
Nothing fancy just something that works.
A Little Dust Can Make a Big Difference
Antec Aria 8 in 1 drivers
Good to get or no?
help! PSU started making sounds...
old computer, new psu
PSU Connector Madness
Power Usage
APC 1000 can't keep up?
Watercooling with a P-180?
random reboots :(
"SLI-Ready" PSU necessary for SLI system?
Ocz520 powerstream or seasonic s-12 500?
Silverstone ST65ZF 650w v.s OCZ Powerstream 600w vs Others
how are these readings???
What should I buy?
sub-300w powersupply
Antec Phantom 500w
Antec Preformance Plusview1000amg with Hardcano12
Which Seasonic?!
mobo starts when cable plugged
geez why's my 3.3v so freaking low
PSU for overclocking Geforce 6800 GT
Pin Problems!
This a good deal?
Power Supplied to Choose
Strange house power problem/incident.
What's the deal with SFF/HTPCs?
Possible PSU Problem?
Voltage information, Please
Voltage information, Please
Cooler Master 450W ACLY vs. Blue Storm 500W
Antec TPII 480 fan not spinning?
Suggestions for getting the most out of my Antec SLK-3000B
Which Voltage is each cable on an AT Power Supply ?
Is this PSU adequate for my needs? Or is it too low?
Removing pins from a 3 pin connector
its time
is this right? (fortron)
Is anyone running a system with a 7800gtx and an Antec TruPower 430 or similiar?
2 Seasonic PSU failures in 2 days
Xbit tests the AX500-A
Is my PSU not enough?
Anyone try one of these AVR's?
Emacs 460W vs Fortron 460W, for Server Stability Under High Temps?
Fsp Psu
Dual 12v rails....Still bad news..
Narrowed to 2 PSU: Sunbeam Nuuo 550W or FSP Bluestorm 500W
Oh no I'm screwed!
Quick question?
Power supply suggestions?
Silent yet active cooled PSU
Which PSU?
Problem with OCZ 520 PSU
psu issue please help me!!!!!!!!
Is this cause for... ALARM?!?!?
Using 2 ups's?
P180 or V1000?
PSU problem...I think..plz help
Any experience?
Turning on pc
THG 6 Week PSU Stress Test
Adj. pots
PSU decsion + a Question
a couple of issues
Is this enough power?
which psu to put in
apex pc 115 compatibile with asus p5rd1 motherboard
Bad PSU?
OCZ 1,100W Power Supply Prototype
Casemodding Inspiration
PSU in the 450-500W range suggestions (not too expensive)?
Hiper Modular
Can someone review my voltages and tell me if they are safe?
My PSU Volt's
I mean....come on!
what fan fits in the top?
Antec TP-550..anyone have these probs?
Boarding house scam- htpc
PSU Purchase
Good Power Supply for my setup?
need psu for oc'ed x2 3800 and sli 7800gtx's
Antec 480W
Holy Mother Of God! Thermaltake Tai-Chi Rules!
This PSU any Good?
Ultra X-Connect Modular PSU 500W
Catching up with my upgrades. Have a few PSU questions
help! -5v rail is +3.55v!!!
5.0vsb rail serious problem!
anyone tried putting better fans in ur psu?
PC P&C Turbo 510 SLI w/ Custom fan anyone?
Antec Truepower 550w
Antec Minuet - Athlon 64 X2
Suggestions for a PS
Hiper PSU's How Good Are They
500w psu enough?
my feeble attempt at wire management
Replacing Cap
PCP&C - 10% Customer Appreciation Discount?
new atx tower wanted.
DFI board needs 24 pin power?
random power outs
just purchased antec truecontrol 550w, tell me its good!
12.59 safe?
Are these specs within reason
Insider Report: OCZ Preps 750W PSU for Enthusiasts
Decent PSU for overclocking
Sintek 600W?
Dell PSU Upgrade
what happens when a PSU hits its "peak output"
12V1 and 12V2 - help explain and mod
Which of these would you get?
Seasonic 600w S12 Not Compatible W/ Dfi Nf4 Sli-dr
Looking for a full tower
Best Budget PSU?
Enermax 1000 W Power Supply
Sure you can but it...but what if you build it?
ATX version question
Getting a RMA ffs.
need 12v "for p4 mobo"
dead new psu?
Is my PSU bad?
Seasonic S12-600 way more efficient than may Antec True430...
Power Supply good enough? Please advice
Huge tempature increase.
Is this PSU enough for a Dual 933 PIII Rig?
That Protective Rubber Stuff...?
What does this mean?
Rails to high on Antec 550w??
7800 Gt Psu
New Fortrons
going to upgrade from mid to full tower, which to choose???
Voltage question
Expensive brand PSU or Dual generic's
this psu any good
PLease help me pic: Antec TruePower 430w, CoolerMaster RS-450-ACLX, and CoolerGiant
450watt Generic 420Watt ThermalTake
Arg.. does this PSU have enough guts?
SuperLanboy and aluminum Mods
ThermalTake Soprano
is my Stock PSU safe or I'd need to upgrade it
How much of a difference does a good PSU REALLY make?
power supply adapter
Seasonic 500w or Fortron 500w
Silly question but...is it normal?
Modding my Antec Smartpower 2.0
Changing fans on my Tagan PSU.
How good is Fortron's Protection Circuitry?
PSU Dead?
PSU for WC and just maybe an x2
Oh teh noes!!! Will the AX500-A be enough for an X2 oced?
Effects of a suddenly burning fan?
Thermaltake Soprano VB1430BWS
24-pin PSU
PSU Information Sources
lial-li still pretty good?
530w Tagan EasyCon
Cooler Master Real Power 550 intermittent shut down
What If ???
2nd X-Connect dead....what now
Stupid Dual PSU question
Cap'n, do we need more power!?
Choosing PSU, one more time
System Shutdown, low Voltage?
PSU Power Trip?
MGE Vortec 600Watt or Powerstream 520?
*Warning* Sunbeam product support
OCZ PowerStream
OnBoard PSU?
psu or mobo?
APC UPS old school Serial cable question.
Quick PSU question
Voltage - does this sound right?
Wow, Antec True Control 550w, uber stable!
Quiet PSU
Redundant 300W...How much is it?
x-connect problems
A Fan Muffler Design
Upgraded System -> Require New PSU?
Bad PSU?
Choosing a PSU
Stable PSU for SFF
What size PSU do i need?
Floppy Bracket For Dell Dimension 3000
Dual +12V rails for P4-D's
Noobish question about how much power I'm going to need
Help! (pic)
PSU or MB? Help!
Analyse my PSU's
Enermax 600w or OCZ Powerstream 520w??
Fortron Bluestorm OC's
Power Supply Voltage
This voltage too low?
deciding on a good psu
Fortron 500w blue storm or antec true 480/550?
Transparent Side panel for SLK3000B?
Another PSU question...soz
Advice needed with PSU
Power problems
Hiper 580W Type-R supply and Abit AV8?
min dual psu for sli
If you were to design a PSU...
looking for a psu
Low 12v with my new antec TPII 550 Help.
Need Help
So how many people here actually have this?
Which PSU?
Is an upgrade worth it?
vdimm and rail, 2 multimeter w/ diffrent #
24 to 20 pin ok?
Easy Question, I think...
Is it same to assume...
Another which PSU Thread !!
Is my PSU dying?
Q-pack // Aria
Anyone know how to change fuse in Hiper 580W modular supply?
Good psu???
Owners of Forton Blue Storm 500W, I need your help.
How to use multimeter to check your voltages and rails!
power supply toggle switch
Tweaking PSU Rails: What's the limit?
piece of doo doo powmax power supply?
Antec NeoPower, is it good?
Power Supply Question.
Is this a good fanless power supply?
Antec Sonata Window
OCZ PowerStream 520W or Seasonic S12-600?
remove molexs
Dell Dimension XPS R450
PSU compatible with a64/pci-e
Looking for a quiet Athlon 64 power supply
CoolerMaster Real Power 550 W?
My multimeter sucks and i need help
best PSU for my system
Best way to estimate power requirements.
Weird dual PS behavior.
the tagans
New Power Supply?
duality question
I love you guys
Fortron AX500-A 460w or OCZ Powerstream 420w?
Best and best budget ATX 2.x PSU?
Crazy Voltage Readouts?
Vantec Power supplies???
Best PSU for 250 shipped? 300?
Is my Fortron 530w big enough for 2 7800GTX's and 3800+ ?
PSU required is??
CoolMax 140mm PSU...good stuff?
Sparkle PSU FSP550-60PLG-B with DFi UT NF4 SLI: need a PCI-e adapter?
Questions on 2 Molex-->PCIe power adapter
EATX w/ window?
Power supply, asap.
PSU problem, need advice.....
in terms of stability, which would you choose?
Powerstream 600W or Power & Cooling 510W?
Need help with PSU Desicion. Seasonic vs.sparkle
24pin PSU question
450w(500/550?)Fortron 24pin bargain! 49.99 + shipping.
What's the best way to test a psu?
PSU 3.3+ rail wire
400watt Fortron Blue Storm ???
Problem with 420W OCZ PowerStream
220 60hz...?
Fanless or near quiet PSU
Though my Enlight 350W ATX12 was OK, Ha-Ha-Ha
Anything better than PowerChute to manage my UPS?
PSU voltage problem ?
Need Help! Possibly PSU?
SLI setup with a non-sli powersupply, possible?
the difference between these two enermax psu's?
Quick Overvolting question
Dell psu, can it be used on another mobo?
How do I calculate how much stuff I can attach to my PSU?
Bought the wrong ps
1 or 2 psus
Wut is this?
What would happen if...
Where to buy? What shipping?
Turn on the PSU without turning on the PC
Where to find Sparkle PSU
Will a new PSU fry my system?
PSU Heat
How is this seasonic?
Question about PSU ratings