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Aspire Q-Pak.......you want your full-length DVD burner, here ya go ;)
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Wall-Mount PC?
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230watt is old school but can It help me here?
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Will my 460w Akasa PSU run a DFI SLI mobo with 1 Nvidia 7800?
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PSU Mod Somewhat Sleeving.
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Power Supply Requirements for the new GeForce 7800 GTX in SLI
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hdd racks
20pin powersupply on 24pin mobo?
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BFG 530W PSU.. Know anything about it?
i need a new psu .. which one .. ocz or pcp&c
Rackmount Psu
need a psu
Antec SLK-3000B: Covering Side Panel Grills
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Need a very powerful PSU. Please read and suggest.
Multimeter Questions??
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faulty? :(
Interior Paint Suggestions
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PC Power&Cooling at Newegg?
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please recommend a PSU for this hungry machine
AT- ATX adapter
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Help with fan going out in FSP Power Supply
pls explain single & multiple rails @ PSU
Power supplies for SLI
Whats better: Fan or Duct
A qustion for those who have the Antec SLK 3000B
Need Information
How is the Antec 550 Watt True Power 2.0?
using a PSU after shut-down
AX500 rails adjustable?
Which wires correspond to 12V rails 1&2?
Would this look good?
what is the best >500w power supply? (e.g. need best power supply)
3 pin Power LED connection - Help Please
blue storm 500W - cool and quiet
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Crappy psu,..venice
Any casemod idea for YY-0221
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Best 400W for the money
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Whatever happened to that Japanese PSU website?
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Is 500W Blue Storm enough?
COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power RS-430
Can my PSU handle all this?
Rubbish Psu?
Koolance PC2-650 Question
COLORSit 550watt
Jump an AT PSU (Pic)
Can small influxes in 12v rail make for a bad oc ?
APC UPS Question
Is my PSU adequate?
PCP&C 510w ATX
p180 in stock
What happened to OCZ's great tech support?
PSU noob needs a new PSU
Best PSU for ~$125 or less for an SLI system
OCZ modstream and 20pin MB?
Too much power---is there such a thing?
Really need hlp with this
Can a single PSU support this?
how to activate second PSU?
power supply not enough?
Power Supply Draw
Voltage a little high. Help needed
Anyone here use SeaSonic S12?
OCZ powerstream 520.....
Has anyone modified this?
PSU for a new high end system.
Need PSU Recommendation inexpensive but stable and silent
regarding this PSU
Whats up with my psu?
PC-V1000 Worth It?
need help choosing a PSU.
Of three PSUs, which works best for me?
oh yeah, celebration time, new PSU...
power supply's
OCZ45012U sale at newegg
Do I need Male or Female Connector?
Have you run caseless ?
Using Two PSUs
PC dying or Intel Active Monitor Sucks?
Which brands of UPS units are better? What should I buy?
Any Good?
Helping a friend put together a new machine, Powersupply suggestions
Recommendations on PSU
PSU with stable power lines
how important is a pci-e plug
why does enermax get bashed?
Need a good PSU... im lost
Still can't decide on a new PSU...
Small PSU causing high temps?
PSU Question or Is it time for new PSU
Serious problem with voltages-cpu temps rose 25* C
What does one need to cut out fan 'grills'?
Wire Fan Grills (Finger guards)?
Triple fan PSU
Is the 300w psu included with Antec's SLK2600AMB good enough for ocing a mobile 2500?
Just picked up an PCP&C...
PSU Fan too Loud, Should I Replace and Void Warranty?
Best PSU for SLI system
Fridge Computer
Which Fortron/Sparkle PSU for an SLI System?
Ultra X-Connect 500-Watt Power Supply
this is WHY you buy the best psu you can afford.
Updated info on PSU's....
I am sold on Sparkle
Hiper type-r modular PSU
520watt Hiper Power PSU Relay problem
adjustable POTS inside aging FSP 350W PSU?
Dual 12v rails inferior to single?
Suggestions for Silent PSU
Good Cooling PSU
PSU humming noise
PSU Wiring
best psu under 80$
Looking for a psu
Modstream vs. Neopower - which is better?
Praetorian rattles...
Anyone got an extra one of these fan cradles?
Sparkle or Fortron?
Front Panel Audio issues
changing wires on power supply
How low can 5v go before cpu o/c is affected?
Aspire X-Infinity ATXB6KLW
Am I having trouble with my PSU?
How big is 120mm?
zalman 400a
Modstream 450 Enough Powah for Venice rig?
Quick Question
What kind of PSU?
relay, or no?
FSP Blue storm will it be ok?
Fortron 530watt PSU problems
SLI problem
Need a new PSU.
Is this enough power?
Best Modular PSU under $150?
Seasonic S12-600 $130.00
Antec SLK 1600 w. 300 watt ps = good or bad?
THERMALTAKE Silent PurePower 420w any good?
Ultra X-Connect Temps
ATX 12V on an ATX motherboard?
CMStacker and DD heatercore?
A "proper" modular power supply?
Quick Q
AX500-A Blue Storm POTS Exposed
250 Watt PSU sufficient?
fortron blue storm
Dead PC & Powercooling PSU
no -5v line bad?
Problems w/ATX sleeving
Hacking A Power Supply
6800Ultra not enough power-PSU problem?
Is my power supply pooched?
This a good PSU ?
OCZ modstream vs. x-connect
PSU/MB load question
Fortron 530w = 10.97v (does this have to do with amperage)??
On the hunt for good power supply
Tips needed for dust & airflow control and cabling
What PSU would be appropriate??
Antec TRUE430 ATX 430W Power Supply
Look out Zippy
V2000A or V2000 Plus?
Looking to buy new PSU
Fortron Blue Storm 400w any good?
How bad is this?
Need a PSU for under$100
Cant find Chenbro Xpider II
Power supply getting loud lately? Read this.
Reliabilty of thermaltakes 480watt purepower butterfly psu?
What PSU for this system?
will this work?
can i get some help
pc power and cooling will be ok for future upgrades also?
How is the Antec True550 EPS12V?
Need a new, quiet PSU.
700 Watt Power supply - What to do with this?
What's the function of -5V on a PSU?
Centurion 5
Wolf - New AX500 at fault for this???
sparks coming from my power supply... HELP!
shame on you pc power and cooling!
OCZ Powerstream 520 "Dead"
Additional 3X3.5 HDD module in Armor
Is the Antec TRUEPOWERII TPII-430 430W enough for my new rig?
Power supply or video card
Best modular psu??
opinions on pc power and cooling
Whats the difference? (2 fortron PSU's)
Has anyone ever had a bad experience with Kingwin psus (spec. 420w 'Mutant X' model)?
Antec 480W dying, need new PSU please recomend
PC P&C Turbocool 475atx
Multimeter shows 5V @ 5.6-5.7v. Bad?
11.87v on 12v rail - how safe am i ?
Ugrent Help
Clear 120mm Acrylic of Lexan tube?
Got PSU for free
Cannot decide on PSU - HELP
What PSU should I be using with my setup !!!!
Fortron Source FSP550-60PLN
Just curious...
Digital Multimeter Or Motherboard Readout?
My new PSU has just arived !!!
Need some advice on multimeter choice...
Anyne using a Blue Storm getting good Pressy overclocks?
Advice on 2 PSU's Please look
power supply or video card problems?
makeshift power switch help?
Constant Power?
modular psu, a bad idea?!?!
Can a failing PS damage a mobo/ram/cpu?
Question about Tsunami
What does this mean?
20 to 24 pin PSU Convertion
first ever mod
Any one ever herd of this PSU
SFF Mobo Tray
Modifying PSus
Best PSU under $200?
weak/defective psu?
Adding extensions to psu?
PSU fan replacement question
What's next? Nuclear powered systems?
Where to find mesh for window
PSU fan replacement problem
best deal for PSU under $80.00
Did I fry something?
Antec neopower any good? on sale for 38.52
Need some PSU advice
budget power supply to support
Fortron 530w is LOUD
Shut yer pie hole PSU!
I have an insane idea!
PSU Troubles ? Maybe - suggestions ?
ocz 600wt psu brother?
what psu to power sli + vapo + raptors +
Power supply fan exchange
650W Modstream?
Which Power Supply?
psu for around 50?
PSU heat
which psu should i keep?
how good is my choise?
Best PSU with Advanced Cable Management
Introduce me this type of casing
PSU choice...
are my baterry backups safe for tv/stereo?
PSU pins don't match MB
replace pcpc fan
12v levels
Please help me understand the specs of this "ATX Form Factor 12V V2.01" power supply
What PSU to buy between these?
games freeze, does it sound like psu to you?
I just got a BSoD that said "power management"
what psu to choose?
Fortron PSUs and Powmax ATX testers aren't compatible
What PSU is this?
Atx 2.0?
Antec Phantom 350w vs Thermaltake 350w Fanless
Weird PSU problem!
Got my Fortron back, and cleaned up the wiring. Pic inside!
Need a new psu... any help would be cool!
Ordering a PSU from the US to UK
Will and EPS12V PSU work in place of a standard 24-pin PSU?
How do I know if PSU has 24-pin hookup?
Best PSU?
power consumption: socket 939 vs. socket A
Power Supply Choice
Fortron 400W or Thermalrock 450W?
Voltages and stability
should this be enought to power my set up?
This sounds like PSU issue?
antec phantom 500 review
Zippy PSU's
+12v rail question
Ultra Xconnect?
Powerstream vs Modstream
Good power supply for about 100$
Antec Phantom500
OCZ 520 and 600 powerstream question.
Any loss with a pin converter?
PSU choice
Antec TrueBlue 480W Mods
quietest psu ( ocz or seasonic or enemax)
Can my psu run all this?
PSU advice/Question. How do I know: how much juice is enough?
Will this PSU power my a64 Rig?
PSU That will work with SLI
Antec TruePower II 430W or Fortron BlueStorm 500W (really 460W) ?