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Antec TrueBlue 480W Mods
quietest psu ( ocz or seasonic or enemax)
Can my psu run all this?
PSU advice/Question. How do I know: how much juice is enough?
Will this PSU power my a64 Rig?
PSU That will work with SLI
Antec TruePower II 430W or Fortron BlueStorm 500W (really 460W) ?
tsunami/steel version.
Decent PSU around or lower than $50 possible?
What is this wire for?
I need a good ups
new ps.
Non OCZ PSU recomendations?
Limited choice
lanfire help needed
ocz p.s. question
Is this a good PSU? NUUO brand
Which voltage rail is always on?
Enermax EG651P
i think my antec died.
measuring amps
Whats the difference between them??
ocz 600 or seasonic 600 as my new PSU
-12 v is running 13.2 12.9 is this normal
sli setup!
Possible SLI psu
Underrated PSU?
Any PS gurus have some advice on my 12 volt line
Need a huge PSU, check out this monster!
PC P&C Turbo-Cool 510 Deluxe Express
choking my PSU?
Fortron Source 400watt problem
PSU for 3700 San Diego
modding Antec 3700 AMB
PSU to suit my needs?`
Adjusting PSU rails whilst system is on.
Fortron BlueStorm AX500 PSU concern, any possible conflicts with my AGP setup?
Highest Power Requirement
Power supply question----
Please help...power supply gone i think?
enough power?
New Fortron DOA?
KOOLANCE PC3-725BK - What do you think?
Going silent PC. Which PSU?
Power Supply Use
cheap dual-12v channel wells - xclio?
MBM5 Volt readings
600 OCZ would do?
Need new PSU?
> 350w ??
Bad OC chip?
Good PSU?
Antec TPII-480
AMS Gmono
External Power Connector Use On True550??
dell proprietary power supplies
noisy or ultra cool?
power supply cable
Need urgent verdict on Antec TruePower 550W
PSU specs confusing: Dont no what to get.
What is the best PSU for under $100?
Where can I get a mobo tray?
Error Code 12
For those that don't know how much power they use.
PC-61 vs PC-65B
I think I need a new PSU
Tech Station
OCZ Powerstream 600 - oh gawd
Wow, major wattage!
impressions and stats:Rosewill 450wt atx
Decent Midtower for WC
What PSU would be right for me?
Will a Fortron 400W be enough to power this?
is 11.2v acceptable for the 12v
PSU giving off a smell
new build will not turn on.....
Which PSU for the V1000B?
Testing a psu
Ordered this power supply today.
Bad PSU again?
OCZ Modstream vs OCZ Powerstream
Is this not a popular PS?
evercase 4252
OCZ 520w Powerstream owners
Dividing my watts. . . .
Dual 12v rails or single 12v rail?
do i need a new psu
deal or dud?
Antec 3000B Side Duct with an Abit NF7-S
Antec TruePower II Series..
Fluke 179 Multimeter Review
Is this a bad 12v drop?
Best UPS on Newegg for ~$50.
Does anyone own an Igloo 1?
Need help choosing PSU
my-5v rail exceed the limit warning :(
Need To Power An Amp
Y do good ideas always turn out so ugly
Sound Dampening Matting + Windows?
Does Fortron have a website?
Wondering if this is normal... (psu rails)
Silverstone any good?
350watts enough?
Bang for the buck PSU for +3500
+12v or +5v more important for AXP & NF7-S?
is my Fortron DOA?
What psu to buy/beg/borrow?
Looking for a PSU, need some advice
Fortron Blue Storm or OCZ PowerStream?
question about PSU...
Suggestions for new PSU
Which Fortron for my rig?
need recommendation for PSU
How can I test my PSU?
OCZ Powerstream 520
Antec Neopower 480 runs hot?
Which PSU to get?
fan flowage?
any 1 use ThermalTake Silent PurePower??
Power supply color dilemma...
comp wont boot
need a new PSU
Soldering PCI-express connectprs on a Zippy 700w! Can it be done?
For those interested in the OCZ Powerstreams...
powerstream 520 died???
How to change fan speed in windows?
do i need PFC when my system behind AC voltage regulator (stabilizer)??
fluctuating +5v rail...
Need a good 24 PIN psu
180V to 230V switch Help
Silverstone TJ03 dimension?
voltage readings
Fortron 350w handle this rig?
What do you think of these? :-/
psu not enough?
im buying a psu in 2 hours...tell me if this one is good enough for me...
ROSEWILL RP550 Opinions...
Thermaltake 430W PSU on newegg, decent?
What PSU to upgrade to?
Tornado volt mod wire trick????
Antec SmartBlue 350 rails...WTF?!
Coolermaster Centurion 531/530
Competition for the 500w Blue Storm?
Blue Storm is humming?
how's this Thermaltake 430W? is it better than this 300W Sparkle ATX 2.0?
Faulty PSU?
rosewill 450w
This PSU good enough?
Power supply help
I need an opinion
Here is one for all the geeks out there
Fluctuation normal??
Will my PC Power & Cooling be enough?
does "P4 ready" mean the same as 24 pin PSU?
PSU cutting out?
MADDOG surepower 550-watt psu.
Friend needs a new psu.
enarmax server 600w PSU
Battle Of 2 Fortrons...
Will a BIX fit a CM stacker's back 120mm fan?!
couple of questions
Help finding a PSU...
any good?
good psu?
Signs of PSU failure?
480W Tagan
Need your knowledge: (Enough Power?)
PSU with lots of connectors?
psu 1-n
Which pins do I jump to start PSU?
Which budget PSU for my system?
I think I'm going to need a better psu
Is this a power supply problem?
To few connectors
Need advice on how to distribute power with an SLI system...
Good psu? I need to OC.
Fortron AX500-A vs Seasonic S12 430W
Is the Neo Power 480 good enough for an nF4 Ultra?
Cooler Master, HEC or Verudium?
OCZ 520W PSU Dead?
power for athlon64
Hows about the Thermaltake 480w Butterfly PSU?
Completely Overboard (PSU)
what are some good psu testers
Need PSU w/ ATX 2.0 SLI Support
What PSU?
Testing with a mutli...
Which PSU Dilemma...Antec, OCZ, Fortron, Enermax
Give me your opinion
Antec Neopower 480W
Alternative to Antec Aria
Got any cool mods for the Antec SLK3000B?
20pin / 24 pin- do you need an adaptor?
Any good?
new fortron psu
electric question.
Which PSU for me?
480w true blue antec
how quiet are the sparkle/fortron units with the 120mm fan?
do i need a better psu for my fx55
Ps Problem
New breed of PSU: Passive cooling with...a 120mm fan
Quick question about this PSU...
What are good rails?
Time for a new power supply (maybe I fix the old one??? tips please)
PC Power or OCZ????????
Fortron FSP530-60GNA vs. AX500-A Blue Storm?
Fan replacement on Fortron AX500-A?
TT PurePower Fan Speed Question
WHO has them?
Modified Fortron 530W
Thermaltake Silent Purepower 680W
Antec 480W fan rpm too low?
How are Coolmax PSUs?
Just got a Fortron 530 from someone on the forum and the 3.3v is really low
sparkle psus?
a question about PSU???
What's the difference between these 2 Super Flower PSUs?
Selecting the right psu for overclocking
Fortron FSP550-60PLG : need your feedback...
Enermax 535W Whisper II: any good?
Help me choose a new PSU please
high +12v reading on me new Fortron FSP350-60THN-P
Thermaltake Armor VA8000 & PSU's
20 PIn PSU w/ 24 Pin Mobo...
550WTP is reliable!
Micro ATX PSU Supporting 939 SLI Mobo
Urgent PSU? Issues
Power Supply Acting up?
FSP460-60PFN-S vs. AX500-A
Fortron PSU: which one?
Attractive, small, and aluminum... suggestions please!
Will i be ok to use my pc?
wow sparkle power supplies made by pc power and cooling?
How to decide whether a PSU is good?
Line Voltage
Toms Hardware PSU review cool and quiet PSU's.
New OCZ MODSTREAM +12v is at 11.67!! :(
Qn regarding Fortron Bluestorm (fsp350-thn)
Switching Molex ground wires
Powersupply readings good?
From generic to excellent PSU?
Wave Master
New Review of Power Supplies
stupid question~
Warning!! Skyhawk PowerOne PSU's
EPS12 Antec 550 Voltage help?
cable management
Generic 500watt psu 12v 28amps
AHH shutdown to auto. restart
Thermaltake armour modding questions
I traded my Enermax EG425P for a True550!
Antec PS
SkyHawk PowerONE ATX&EPS Called into question
Rexpower PX 400W
Tagan tg480-UO1
How far will this Fortron take me?
what kind of voltage do i want on my 12v rail?
"AMD Ready." What???
Need a PSU, suggestions please.
How do you decide on PSU size?
Power Supply Recommendation for Slot A
ThermalTake Purepower 420 internal pots?
PSU killing parts?
12v @ 25A or above
How do i make a window/fan hole?
is my psu not perful enough for my system!?
Best PSU for DFI 939 + SLI?
PSU for new system
Coolmax 400W vs. Fortron 350W
12v reading as 6v only, help please!
Lanparty power
Thurmaltake 420W VS Coolmax 400W
replacing the innards of my antec PSU?
Power supply recommendations
What do you think of these numbers??
Any harm by running 3.3v-line at 3.6?
Is My Psu Scrap?, Ive got SPEEDFAN screenshots of volts.
Power Loss
How does an Antec TrueControl work?
yay! did my first PSU voltage increase...
Antec TruPower 550W, Adjustable Rails?
Dead Power Supply?
Powmax 480W Power Supply "PSAG480" $12 - Good Deal, Any experience with these?
Got my wavemaster
psu help needed
Adjustible 12v rails
24pin = EPS?
3 Antec choices, which one?
which fortron to get ?
Need help with a PSU choice.
Thinking about getting
Will An ATX PSU tester work with for a EPS12V Psu?
And all I had t odo was get the hard drives out of the way...
Manually increase Antec True power fan speed?
Need help choosing a new PSU
I ordered a Fortron.What is this?
Hiper 525w power supply any good?
Side Panel(s) [On/Off]
my Thermaltake Armor.
Newbie, With ?????
Fortron vs Sparkle - żBetter?
Running various components off an ATX-300 watt, without the computer.
Noob question?
Step by step guide for upping 3.3v on Fortron 530?
Reduced overclock with more ram. Does my PS have a dinky 12V rail?
Forton good with dfi?
Is this any good??
Thermaltake Armor VA8000SWA? OK?
SViking fan controller not working...again :(
liazn li pc2000 owners .. questions
Help Me Fix My Fortron 530 !!
Some little help
New PSU???
PCP&C Silencer=Seasonic?
PSU for LGA775
Anybody know anything about the Black Fortron 460w?
New PSU :) (PCP&C Modular)
SilverStone Zeus 650W, Know anything about these?
Are psu power leads universal in the country of origin?
OCZ 600w/Split 12v rails = problems with duallie Xeons?
Can my PSU handle this load?
Anyone else thought of doing something like this?
Antec P160 or Silverstone TJ05
64-bit PSU
New Power Supply for the Future Spec.
what exactly is this?
Just smoked a PP&C 510 Deluxe
can a 420watt power alot of stuff?
Looking for a new PSU
Power Fan connector
mmmm - should i go BTX?
Any problem history with Antec trupowers and the +2.5 line?
OCZ ModStream for a dually?
UPS makes clicking noises?
I need a step under FSP 530 power supply.
Am I skimpy on power?
Should I get a new PSU?
"quiet" PSU helppp
PSU recommendation for 3E overclocking
Uv Highlighter?
at to atx adapter?
Is a high quality psu still needed/recommended when not overclocking?
Ultra X-Connect 500w
Does the PSU quality depends on it's weight?
JSP Bluefire any good?
450w rosewill.
Fired Sparkle?
How am I supposed to know if a PSU is ATX 2.0 compliant?
Volt Modding.
SkyHawk Power ONE 570W Power Supply
Thermaltake TWV500W vs Antec NeoPower 480 ??
Power supply maze or is it daze??
Thermaltake Kandalf Review
bad sign when computer just shuts down?
FSP350-60PN-R1 or FSP300-60PN
Boosting my PSU
Help me with modding ideas!!!
VOLTAGE too low??
I cut uneeded wires!
Question about a wire on my PSU...
Voltage tolerance?
PSU without motherboard?
Will it squeeze in?
Got the Ultra PSU, question
2 Extra LEDs....what do with them?
stable psu voltages
Power and HD LEDs won't turn on
i make some impulse purchase on a PSU, should i cancled?
Antec 430 Trupower dying? How to test?
Forton vs Forton advice?
Sonata mod...
Diagnose my rails please?
OCZ PSU Problem maybe?
How do i tweek the 3.3v line
Antec Truecontrol 550 dones work with ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe!!!
Chenming made by Antec
EPS Motherboard, NON-EPS Powersupply, is there anyway to make it work?
Question about these Fortrons..
Sli Psu?
what would look better?
Insane Power Supplys
A note about OCZ modstream PSU's.
what are some relatively inexpensive 24 pin PSU's
Making a look alike voodoo PC
A8N-sli and Antec
This psu won't be a problem, will it?
Opinions Need
Will rosewill/codegen hold up? s939
PSU Problems?
3 screws enough?
New PSU should be my next upgrade???
Whats equal to OCZ 520watt psu?
Need a good PSU
Rosewill power supplies
bad feeling about PSU
Any PSU w/ adjustable pots, 450w+, 24pin, <$100?
Toms psu article a bit rough/?
6-pin to 4-pin PSU converter?
HELP! Installed new psu both both my dvd drives dont work!
80mm to 120mm fan switch over
Need an 80x80x20 fan for my fortron
Choosing the right PSU for my planned system.
Sagging 3.3 Line on TrueControl 550.
oookk......q-tec 550w. opinions please.
Do I need a new PSU?
Coolermaster Wavemaster
antec true control 550w not good anymore ?
Just by looking at the specs, how can you tell if a PSU is good?
Thermaltake v2000a Problem!
Replacing fan on an Enermax 300w
Buying Fortron Blue Storm
New to PSU modding
Build custom power supply?
Is a 350W Forton Aurora powerful enough to run...
Using 12V rail on PS
Which Fortron.....They look to good:)
OCZ 520 and Neo 2 Randomly shutting off
Desk Gallery!!!!
EG-485P vs. EG-495P? Did I make the right choice?
Fortron 400w with 478 Pressy 3.2ghz
Worth to Upgrade?
SLI Power Supply
absolutely rediculous
Should I Try It?
Best way to test Rails
PCI Slot covers
Power Supply Suggestions...
Enermex noisetaker 600w?
Looking for a new PSU for A64 rig
quick power supply question
Fan hole PSU mod(store bought)
Power Mac G5 MOD (It´s a pc )
I've never used anything but generic PSU's
Plexiglass adhesive that won't turn white?
Adjusting Fortron 530's pots : help?
heres wat i got and heres wat i need it to do
Generic Power Supply?
Antec or Fortron - Help me decide
Volts ok? FSP400-60GN
Battery backup run-time. What has your experience been?
What's the cheapest Modular PSU?
Should I change PSU for AGP > PCIe?
dual 12v rails or single?
Is this good PSU?
Basic PSU to run 754 system
Which of these fortrons are better?
Future-proof, silent, strong PSU.
Any use for those funky connectors?
enermax psu dead?
diffarences in the Fortron 530-60GNA
Is this a good PSU?
Ordered my Fortron 500 watter
Is an OCZ 520W Powerstream PSU really worth $140?
atx extension cable??
Where can I buy....
Power bricks
Good Power supply
What power to use for computer assembled in USA going overseas ??
Guys How good are Enermax ?
Which would you prefer?
Dual PSU, Switch Question ***
Thermaltake 480w
Sort of off topic, but PSU related.....
Need a decent and cheap psu...
Which one of these PSUs = win?
Power supply 12v line shuts off??
A 'test' PSU.
Switch from 9800 pro to x800XT TE, new PSU necessary?
Has anyone ever heard of a "Giler" psu??
cx-550b vs. fortron bluestorm
dell dimension 4600
Extra wires on my PSU.....
Hiper PSU good enough for A64 Rig?
Few questions about PC P&C 510 Deluxe
Need some recommendations on a good PSU
strange -12rail
Random reboots..could be PSU?
Anyone using Ultra-X Connect 500W PSU wit ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
Ultra's X-Connect PSU - only $69.99 (after rebate)
Rails in acceptable range?
PSU Recommendations for my rig?
Ultra-X Connect 500W
how to attach temperature sensors?
Old Thread
will the ocz 520watt psu be enough for this?
Do I need more Power??