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Do I need more Power??
need some help
removing molex connectors without the right tool
I need a driver... err, I mean, quiet PSU
Power Supply Counts Big Beans =P
1st build,fortron or antec?
HOT DEAL! Super-Flower 520w atx power supply $32.99 + shipping
help needed about enermax specs want to oc my 3.2E
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AMD 64's PSU
upside down clarification needed
SOYO raptor any good?
SilenX power supplies? Are they any good?
Extra motherboard power Plug needed?
Holycow My PSU is Burning!
PSU or Mobo
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Thermaltake VA3000 Dream Tower
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Ultra X-finity 600W?
Would it help to replace the PSU fan?
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Hot-wiring a PSU
what fan to replace 3-blade Delta in PC P&C 510?
PSU's - WHich have adjust. rails?
Why? & How do I adjust my PC Power & Cooling 510 SLI PSU?!?!
mATX motherboard for mother.
Good PSU recommendations please / pretty low budget
enermax 425 noisetaker
Another New THG PSU Roundup
suggestions for a cool window
Asus p4p800 makes 550w antec go on smoke
Antec NeoPower 480W - Quiet or not?
Confused: Single vs Dual Rail ATX 2.0
Fortron 530w DDR Booster
Time for a new power supply
Help Plz
OCZ Powerstream 600w or PC P&C 510 Express
Need an inexpensive ps for a DFI NF4 motheboard
New PSU for mobile athlon
anyone have a TT Armor?
Strange Dual PSU Behavior
external PS
Is my PS bad
Ultra Company power supplies????
OCZ 520W Powerstream?
Beware of the dark side! (project complete)
How do I use my multimeter?
antec super lanboy help
PSU Heat Question
Would like to make a PSUs FAQ - need your help.
should i adjust my rails?
is it possible to simply cut one of my psu fan's wires?
I'm new to worrying over voltages ....
Going Dual PSUs! Any suggestions/tips?
Powerstream 420 watt OCZ enough power?
i know this is an old question but...
What ps can handle this much power?
Psu question
Which PSU Tagan or Coolermaster
PSU? for the experts
Selecting a PSU
Thermaltake PurePower 500W series
Choosing a new Power Supply
AeroCool AEROPOWER psu's
hard drive in external casing
did thermaltake rip me off
Looking to buy a new psu (w/ upgrade possibilities)
razor cut fingers
Thermaltake Armor review
FSP400-60GN pot, which is 12v?
80-plus specification power supplies to become more efficient
Is this even possible, 2.02 on my 12v?
Info on the new PC Power & Cooling 850w
Quad 12v Rails on PSU any good?
Another New PSU topic...
I think the smoke is trying to escape from my Fortron
Enlight PSU
Help me decide on power supplies
Computer shuts down after 15 seconds!!
Best PSU for ~$90?
Watts :) my PSU wattage?
New Fortron PSU (Pictures)
Did I just F*** up???
Pci-e ready and sli ready?
New PSU old Motherboard.
Wooden Box
new psu
PC P&C 510 Deluxe VS. PowerStream 600W
Adjusting pots in Fortron BlueStorm 500W
Need New Reliable PSU
The Guide to Power Supply Pin removers (ATX/P4 and Molexes)
FSP550-60PLG Thoughts and Feedback...adjustable pots?
FSP400-60GN good for me?
Really crappy voltages
Antec True Power 550
need help on choosing psu
Help Quick!
what is this??
Antec Tru Control 550 w/out the control panel
Forton 530w PSU not powering up, pls help
My fortron fsp400-60pnu died...now i need a replacement
HELP!!!! OCZ 420W + floppy = smoke
so we can add another LL V1000B to the list... (pics)
installing a window
Thermaltake Kanadalf VA9000.. whato do u think??
OMG thats funny!
Fan of death?
Which PSU for DFI Motherboard?
Can I use a 20-pin PS in a 24-pin socket?
Which PSU?
PSU Cable Extension
Nikao Psu?
Ryanpower2 550W
-12 volts Help
What is the Aux plug for?
Antec 550TP Fans
TT 420W Purepower...
OCZ Powerstream 600W - ticking......
Where can I get an ATX extension cable?
Can my 550W Antec Handle my System?
recomend a cabinet? I want to consolidate everything.
Sudden PSU death?
Godly PSU?
OCZ Modstream 520W or OCZ Powerstream 520W?
What to buy: Fortron FSP400 or Enermax EG475? (Opinions)
Need alittle help before I kill my PSU!
Checked my rails....uh oh :(
AX500 doesn't have POTS
multiple PSU startup circuit
Powersupply choice, which one more watts or more Amps?
New PSU needed??//which one
Hoy crap! New fortron 530
Modstream Question..
420W Enermax enough for A64?
Media Server + 9800Pro = Smoke?
PSU recommendation for 500W 24Pin adjustable POTS
Can a 24 pin go in a 20 pin
Forton 530 died?
What could I expect this PSU to power as a slave PSU?
Need a dirt cheap PSU
Antec True 480W fans not working
antec true power 430 watt psu
These rails good?
500w psu
Ultra X-Connect Opinions?
Enermax NoiseTaker series any good?
need a new psu
Fellow Canadians - Fortron AX500 Arrives
Molex connectors
Strange Voltage readings (HELP!), Help me pick out a new PSU
20-24 pin adapter?
Insufficient Wattage?
How many people use a UPS
What do you think of this PSU
upgrade necessary?
Voltage Problems! Please Help! (1)
ThermalTake Tsunami
sonata or centurion
Need help choosing new psu
Modding a PSU?
crappy PSU?
Possible PSU externally bu lengthening cables?
The MOBO beeps!
System upgrade power issues...no power..
Good, CHEAP PSU needed
Hm. Why does new Antec TP380 have specs that are equal to an 'old' Antec TP550?
Where can I buy a 24-pin secondary Power Supply starter cable?
What else can I use instead of Tin Snips?
SMPS resource Files.
Gateway 2000
New PSU...
might sound funny but could it be the reason?
450watt PSU & CPU Fan
Psu Help
Replacing PSU Fuses
Whats the problem with low voltages?
how do i sleeve my psu?
How do you tell if a PSU is compatable with AMD proc.?
Server-type enclosure on the cheap?
Update *Pics inside*
Purchasing a PSU.. for real this time...
PcP&C...and AcRyan
Is my Power supply still good?
Just goes to show
what is causing this? I'm really confused
who makes a decent one?
Silverstone Zeuse ST52F
Desprately need help ASAP Where to check +5v
How $Much$ Do you Think This Will Be???
ugg... new build, need help
Urgent Please Help
V2100....how long should i buy my cables?
Witch PSU is better?
noob q about modding rails
20 or 24 pin cable?????
If i dont have enough amps on my 12v rail, can i damage my computer
super flower 450w ps?
I bought the Fortron Bluestorm ax500-a, Is it the best PSU in its price range?
Help...PSU problem after sleeving
Thermaltake PurePower TWV500W Modular
Will my Antec 430W True Power be okay?
New PSu?
rail adjustment warning
Overvolting .. How to ?
PSU review including blue storm and Ultra-X
Do you overvolt your lines?
Replacing fans in TP430
fortron psu question
24 pin PSU ?
Antec PS question
whats a good PSU
Antec vs OCZ vs Enermax...
Whats a good dual fan 500W PSU??
I need a pretty silent PSU for OC - here's my options
PSU is failing... how much of a monster do I need?
I have a floppy drive power cable with only a red and black wire...
I just can't get over this fortron 530, best purchase I'v ever made
PSU Blues (-12V @ -13)
How does dual PSU's work?
PSU's and performance/stability?
ATX 20 pins to ATX 24 pins?
Is 350W enough??
Redundant PSUs?
Random Power Off and Reset
Sleeving a psu...with electrical tape?
low 12v rail fortron bluestorm
So...how good are these X-Connect psus?
Forton Blue Storm vs Cooler Master Real Power
Dead PSU ??
What PSU should I get for my new tower?
Fortron FPS460EPS12v ? ---where are you Wolf
Help choosing correct power supply
12 Volt Rail
Fortron AX500-A vs 530W
3.3v Rail
Well looks like its new PSU for me.
I want to know if I have a PSU problem....
WTF @ Cathode Inverters
a psu for a non ocer
Help Opening My PSU
Antec TP300 and P4
is okia a decent brand
FSP Group same as Fortron? Potentiall good deal on 500W Blue Storm
ATX standards
computer wont start
another rail thread...
Coolermaster RS-450-ACLY?
Really crappy rails
single or dual psu's for SLI?
Odd problem
Vcore Trouble!
Fanless PSU
My computer is now a vacuum.....
recommended 12v amps for amd64
this psu any good for a64??
PSU volts in Mobo monitor
New PSU calculator.
PSU Pots
+5V rails?
Is my PSU causing Prime95 failures?
AMS 550W PSU has 4 12v rails. All at $80!!!!
tfx supply? nah, mod an atx
Can a bad MB Kill a power supply?
psu failure?
A64 and Fortron 530
Aerocool Aeropower 550W Power Supply
Thermaltake rips off Coolermaster AGAIN
Which PSU I ask of you?
What PSU should I get?
Upside down PSU?
12v and 3.3v rails question
Who was looking for an SLI PSU?
Voltage Fluctuations
Help me chose between V2000 or V2100
3.4 -> 4.0+ghz.. what psu? suggestions pls
Anything better than OCZ PowerStream 420W PSU?
Getting New PSU.Which one?
New 500W+ PSU
Need a power supply with good 5V line
Antec trupower 430 reciept
Dual rails? I just dont get it
Easy question, i think.
wholy hell :O three 12v rails on 1 psu!
Molex Pins & Crimping Tool - Where?
Need direction on power supply info
Which psu?
3.3 voltage
Micro atx power supply
Modding PSU for higher voltages?
Hows this for voltages?
Measuring power consumption
New PC Build: No Power?
needs 20amp
MY NEW PSU!!! FORTRON Blue Storm AX-500A baby!!
what do yall think
Rails rails rails?
24 Pin PSU for Asus A8NSLI
which psu antec 550 or sparkle 550 for AMD setup
Cheap ASS OKIA-420W (up to 420W) Question
OCZ Powerstream 520 0r 600 ??
antec smartpower 400 = dead
Looking for a new PSU. Questions about rails and ATX12V V2 standard.
The propper equiptment/tools to mount a 2nd PSU
Fotron 530 ? ? ?
does anyone knows where can I get cheap foam pad?
Rosewill 500w....why is it bad??
Will a TTGI 520 good enough for an A64 system?
Ordering tommorow. Final Decision!
Modding your Aspire or X-Connect 500w psu
Which 24-pin PSU?
PCP&C 850W Coming soon
Fortron, the real deal?
Need help from a OCZ P.S. 520 user
Top Power 706P6
Right Voltages for the Rails
BFG Power Supplies
Aux Power line? whats this for?
Newb With MultiMeter... Help Check My Rails
Raidmax RX-520XP looks like OCZ PowerStream w/o Adj Rails!!
Consolidate Molex Plugs
modding dual-rail PSUs
quieting a Thermaltake 480 powersupply
24 Pin Psu ?
PSU options?
OCZ Pstream or Enermax Noistaker
help on basic psu idea
Questin on X-connect psu's
2 psu's in 1 pc - help needed
is this normal for a new antec truepower 550?
Cold Cathodes Flickering, PSU Problem?
OCZ 420 or 530? OWNERS READ
Need PSU (need some that are compatible with comp)
Enermax 470W not have enough pins for NF4?
topower 350w
need new power supply, i have no clue which one
psu problems
Fortron Bluestorm 500W for SLI?
OK, Its Out With The 460, I'm Fed Up!
Antec Trueblue 480W Problem
ultra x-connect 500watt question
Antec SL350, i'm not happy.
12V rail too high?
Advice Please
Fortron 530W cause of modded mobo problems?
HTPC Question...is this PSU enough
pcp&c a good investment?
Anyone with a Thermaltake Tsunami do a favor?
external adjustable rails
Do these rails suck? How do I know?
Faulty PSU?
Thermaltake Tsunami?
rails too high?
Dead & Unstable Fortron 530's
burnt ATX connector
Underpowered psu
Alpha PSU
Problems With Powerstream 520W...
Bout to order plz help!!
Rosewill PSU
my overture ('big' pics)
Anybody had xperience with Ultra X-COnnect PSUs?
Which power supply?
Latest revision of PC Power & Cooling 510 Deluxe!
Last PSU thread, Promise :).
What PSU for SLI?
PSU question
Ok all you Sparkle guys, FSP400-60THN any good.
Computer in a fridge?
"People" Keep Posting About OCZ Quality Lacking
Enermax Whisper II ATX12V Ver 2.0
HELP! Need tips on which PSU to go with!
Can I do any better for a little less?
ATX Connector
Zippy PSL-6701P
How about a modded wooden box?
cheap psu
Which PSU, I have a limited choice.....
Cleaning up a clutter
Question about PSU spec and stuff :)
Too much on my PSU
Any quiet powersupplies?
adapter needed?
Scam, or any good?
Front panel aduio ?
Is my power supply sufficient?
OCZ 420W or Fortron 550W?
Is my power supply holding me back? or is it my p4c800 droop?
Antec NeoPower 480 Caught on fire
Dual PSU's
Antec Lemons?
Wierd problem
AntecTrue430 and thinking about upgrades...
looking for a cube
Dual +12V?
Modding 3.3v rail
Help on isntall fan
PSU (Can't think of title)
Need a 48v DC PSU...runs off 120v single phase
WTF?! It Doesnt Fit!
Some help reading Hardware Monitor ?
What the Heck is that Noise?
Small update *Pics*
Are these rails within range? Not sure.
Rosewill RP500 PSU...Any Good?
Multiple mobo's from single psu
Aria power supply question?
Replacing PSU fans
power line help
Anyone know where I can pick one of these up?
Fortron rails going nuts....could use a quick reply
MBM reports my 12V rail at 5.84 V is that even possible?
Antec Sonata or SLK2650-BQE?
rotating the hard drive bays
Looking for a small sleek mid-tower with good ergonomics?
Is it the 300W that is causing this problem?
Enermax Noisetaker 470w power supply
OCZ 600w vrs Zippy/Emacs 600w
What do you do with extra PSU wires?
Fortron 530 Good for OC'ng
Did my PSU or Mob died?
Power Supply Power Consumption?
Antec True Power 430 info needed
PSU for a FX-55 and 6800gt?
Cooler Master Cavalier 1 intake fan replacement
Getting new hardware, need new PSU
Moding an Alienware
Fortron AX500 Review
Best PSU Hands down ?
Sparkle FSP550-60PLG 36A 12v (review)
Worth the price
Will 300W be enough?
Opinion on CoolerMaster
Antec Super Lan Boy Questions
Pushing the 12v rail
Opinions on Enermax?
What PS is shorter?
making my own voltage pots?
Can this work?
3.25 Floppy to 5.25 Adaptor?
Will the OCZ Powerstream Work 520w for my situation?
Need a low-budget 500W
How much power supply power?
What do you guys think of this PSU
New PSU needed?
OCZ Modstream
Difference between these two
Thermaltake Support
is the ocz 600 overkill?
Fortron Bluestorm or OCZ Powerstream
Thermaltake Tsunami - side panel with window?
New PSU needed?
Looking for a midtower with 92mm/120mm intake & 120mm exhaust help me!!!
Power Supply Problem
OCZ powerstream question
Rail modding a TP550
What is the antec SLK1600 made out of?
Ethical to RMA?
Power supply readings
Pick a TruePower 480 or OCZ Powerstream 420
i have a dilemma
looking for new psu
Electrical help needed....
Electicity Costs--!?
Can I adjust a Fortron BlueStorm 500w?
question for people with antec true 430!
fortron or ultra x-connect?!?!?!?!?!
Htpc Psu
Will my PSU work my new system?
Does any have Triple PSUs in their system?
12V Rail Messed Up ???
20 to 24 pin adapters?
CoolerMaster Wavemaster
DIY Modular powersupply....
Huge problem, need help ASAP
this psu adequet for a64 rig?
Bad VOlts??
Possible PSU Problem
Another "Picked up a DMM" thread, Try480 this time
Power Supply and Duct Tape
Superflower/TTGI 550W Modular....junk?
OCZ PowerStream 470W PSU discontinued?
PSU dillema (another one....)
Pick my PSU (need one ASAP, i got no computer rite now)
Just got a Multimeter- OCZ 420w results
Can poor rails cause this??
is it possible to make my antec TP 380W atx v2.0?
Power Supply - 550w low end?
Most quiet p/s