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Antec True 550W, Enermax Noisetaker 600W, or OCZ PowerStream 520W
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i think its time for a change
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Best glue for plexiglass?
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Anyone Have The Orange Ultra X-Connect??
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My Fortron 530W 12V line under volt!
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Antec P-160 $59.99AR @ Compusa!!
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so I got my powerstream 520w
FInally done... pics and homepage
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Need a bit of reasurance
Cheapo Allied 400w vs. Fortron EPS 550w
PCI Express Connector??
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polishing a clear window
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Using volt meter
Strange power supply results, any ideas?
Power on ALL messed up MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD
Adjusting Rails on Fortron 530w
MBM5 says my 12v = 11.92 Do I need a new PS?
400watt Sparkle?
which is true about the 3.3V line?
Filters and fan controller for SLanboy
best PSU
Need Help on a PSU
wrong forum, please delete
What are rails
How good is Fortron 530W PSU?
Rosewill PSU any good
Wich Power Supply for Asus A8N-SLI??
psu brands
New Coolergiant Enermax PSUs? Manual Control behaving strangely?
Blue Storm 500w vs. Fortron 530
PCP&C New Competition, Thermaltake?!?!
Extremely low voltages?
All my questions about PSUs is one thread! :)
Anyone know which pot is which in the Blue Storms?
PCP&C handle this?
I can't decide!
Ultra's Modular PSU ??? Wadda ya think?
Any good Quiet PSU for HTPC? Prefer 450-500+ watts.
Where can I find It???
super lan boy?
Help Choose
Tagan 330wpsu
Logisys Dracula
MGE Vigor 500 looks better than Fortron 530w
My new 500 Ultra Connect-X
Dual PSU Cable Available?
Underpowered PSU on high power system?
Does the blue storm 500w PSU have adjustable pots?
Looking for No LED and Adjustable Pot PSU
OffLine UPS squarewave loads
Help! building computer but only things that comes on is green Led on Asus Mobo
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My new PSU fan isn't spinning, but Mobo light turns green, broken?
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P4 560J - PSU Question
Securing voltage pots
Ultra X-connect or Fortron 530w
Upgrading a Dell PSU
sent my pcpc sli psu back now wut
jus a n00bie question
too many choices! Please help me pick one!!
Working Fortron 530w, 'bout time!
Which one?
PowerStream or PCP&C 510 Deluxe
Fortron 530 vs 550
antec 550 fans..can i change them?
Just Got My New Fortron 530 Watt
Need recommendation
R.I.P PPC Silencer 470
whats the usual power consumption of a computer?
How does one run two PSUs
Antec 350w PSU wire
Antec Fan only?
adjusting pots?
PowerStream to hit 700W+?
Hot-Swap UPS Battery?
Antec neopower advanced cable system or truepower ?
Power supply Capacity worries
Motherboard Standoff Height/Clearance Survey
What is the difference between these?
Dual rails?
how to find amps of psu?
What is the quietest 400watt PSU
Compusa psu actually ROCKS
The King has Returned PC Power & Cooling NEW 850 Watt PSU!!!
Hard drives CLICK, multiple tries to finally power up the system, no probs after that
PSU Upsidedown ?
Which UPS to buy for 100 bucks?? PLEASE HELP!!
Bought the Fortron Blue Storm 500 watt psu.... Was it a good choice?
power useage
Seen the Y2K bug?
Ultra PSU
Fortron? Really that good? Mine isn't.
Fortron Connectors
I Need A Good Powersupply!
A different PSU
another no boot thread
XaserV Modding/General Wiring help
Fortron 550 blue
PSU Check and Recommendation on new PSU
Comp wont start but lights flash
Best fortron unit?
Antec PlusView 1000 AMG modded / set up pics please! temps too!
Antec tru control 550
20-pin to 24-pin power supply adapter?
actual power use of loaded dual 3.5ghz Xeon system
Ahanix D.Vine 4 exhaust fan question
Need a new PSU???
Which PSU... plz help
ETA on newer style PSUs?
True Control 550w -vs- Neopower 480w
i need a new psu
Good Power Supply?
Computer won't startup?
Newegg comes threw once again
Need a new PS
Most Quiet PSU EVER!
Fortron 530
Atx12v V2.0
Total Power consumage of....
antec super lanboy
Narrowed it down to three. Your advice?
no -5v equals no LED diag.
Cooler Master PS
OCZ Powerstream Alternative?
ocz 600w vs pcp&c 510 deluxe
Hows this PSU?? (name brand)`
will it fit?
Are My Readings Too Low?
Question on PSU's
New OCZ PSU is comin!
Would you buy this PSU?
Please help me set my voltages
How do you make PSU == silent?
PSU of my dreams. OR nightmare from elm street?
don't kill me what is a molex
Sup$erFlower 550w modular....$99
what would happen if you used 2 powersupplies?
new computer... i press the pwr button and it goes on off on off on off
Will 450w run this?
--->Need PSU and Review For My AMD 64 3000 SetUp<---
OCZ ModStream
Is this a PSU problem
how good of a deal is this?
weakest AT psu
Just how much do we need.....
Fortron 400 Blue Storm? 500 Blue storm?
Instability from Enermax PS?
Good PSU from Aspire?
I need a high powerd and quiet PSU
Fortron 460
Help me decide
ocz modstream?
Power for Athlon XP mobiles
Should I Get a PSU, and What Kind, for My System?
Are PSu's really that important?
okia 500w PSU
Look! It just similar with PowerStream!
Motherboard and PSU Problem....
New Fortron 530 not powering up
Antec or sparkle?
this Powersupply anygood?
Neopower vs Truepower
Best PSU Hands down
Some ?'s about PSU wires/sleaving
Configuration Instruction for the PCP&C T60R-SN1 600W PSU
silly question about psu ratings
big power problem
4 pin connector on psu
Fortron FSP550-60PLN
Unstable can it be my psu
OMG! Gaming Bomb II for $260 at Microcenter!
Looking for good heatsink/fan for processor
Do I need a new PSU?
custom wiring?
The X-Connect = Absolute Failure
Possible Powersupply Problem (bad smell)
Ultra x connect
New Antec "NeoPower" PSW.. what ya think?
is the rosewill 500watt any good
-12v rail @ -15v ! help needed
Need Help Sleeving Thermaltake Butterfly PS w/ new UV kit
OCZ Power Stream
ultra 500w x-connect
Ps testers
which psu do i need?
15.5v on the 12v line
UPS wattage requirements?
Do we really need 300+ watt PSU's?
New power supply advice
Shutdown and rebooting issues
new psu or more ram?
OCZ PowerStream 520W is made by Topower (Confirmed by OCZ)
New Modular PSU's
What about Enermax Noisetaker 701p-ve (600W)?
Antec USB ports purchased in 2003 may not work with new USB drive sticks
wtx atx eps?? also: new PSU for LGA775?
Aerocool Aeroengine question
Email response from PCP&C about SLI
second PSU with low voltage
Will this PSU power my rig?
PSU for sli
-12v line too low?
Fortron 530w sucks?
New Fortron PSU -- AX500-A w/ 120 mm fan
Question about Psu for SLI
Which of these PSU's is better?
This Rosewill PSU looks good. Is it?
Rail Adjustment?
Help Antec Trueblue 480W undervolting
New Budget PSU
is there a way to run psu with mobo and stuff
I need some wiring help with 300w redundant
This is what a very dirty and cheap 450W psu(Qtec) looks like inside!!
My Antec 500
Antec NeoPower
Antec 3700 w/ 350PSU enough for Intel 775 chipset?
About drive bays
660Watt Enermax with Dual 12V out channels is available now..
Does a Dell Dimension 8400 have a standard ATX power supply?
WTF..My OCZ PSU isnt giving enought voltage (according to my mobo)
Is my 3.3v rail too low (link to live 8 hr monitoring graph)?
Strange volt results
PSU Just For My 6800
Cooler Master Cav-t01 Midtower
PSU Decision
LOL, I Found a use for those old Floppy Power connectors.
Front Panel Firewire Connector Help Please
w00t! it worked, im the ghetto mod master
PC&P vs ocz
HELP! is my computer dead or just my psu?
Is 350W sufficient for an Athlon 64 3000+ & 9600XT?
does my rig really a fortron 530w?
3.3 rail way low
What is quietest out of rec'd psu?
OCZ or is Bluestorm enough?
x800xt on it's way... PSU okay?
I need your input
PSU fan placement (up or down) question
What pins do I cross to make the PSU turn on..
Help choosing silent /quiet PSU
PSU for s939
HP Pavilion PS
best PSU with SATA
Using PSU without Mainboard
3 pin fan connectors , wher cna i get them in UK
Power supply issue?
AeroCool Vs. Aspire Personal Review
What would be a good PSU to have?
Enermax Whisper 433 watt old school
Aspire 550w PS any good?
A Quiet mATX PSU...
Dual psu Worth it?
Is a weak PSU causing sudden OCwalls?
Blown Antec TC 550W
updated sl350 power supply
Help me pick out a PSU Please!!
good psu?
PSU wires
Good Amps but is it quality?
Anyone got the Gaming Bomb II yet?
PCI-E mobos and ATX PSU
hmm do i NEED a new psu?
500W Fortron Blue Storm - No -5v ?
350 watt not enough for A64+ Chaintech VNf3?
Enermax Coolergiant 480W -5v = +3.5v
Thoughts about this brand
Enough power to overclock?
how is this psu?
is my PSU dead?
EZ media power supply
FSP550-60PLG Pot adjustment ?
4 to 8pin and 20 to 24 pin adaptors?
Fortron 530 Question
i hate my PSU
Cures for an itchy Vcore?
SPI Redundant 2x400W PSU Adventures PICS!
antec sonata
Will the PC Power and Cooling 510 Express work with...
10+ 3.5" Bays?
psu review,these guy`s know
Weird Problem, NEED HELP!
Another psu problem i thinkh
Antec BTX?
my next system..
what sleaving/molexes to get and were?
Help me choose between 3 PSUs
My PCP&C 510 Deluxe bit it.
Using a 2nd 12V Supply for CPU
My Epox MiniMe Lan machine
buying new psu help needed
Is my PSU dying?
Molex Crimping / Wire Gauge
Not taking full advantage of PSU
If I move from the US to overseas....
Hmm which psu? (i read the stickes somewhat lol)
where to buy?
Power Supply Recommendations - A64 SATA...
2nd PSU how?
Thermaltake 480 butterfly adjustable rails?
4 Pin molex to 5 Sata Power
Looking for older (cheap) tower such as Q500
Better cooling and silence, Antec 1080AMG or P160?
Chenbro SR104
replace plastic with mesh?
Putting a 120x38 fan on back of Antec SLK3700AMB?
4 pin 12v ABSOLUTELY necessary?
ps problems
Puter shutting down after 5 secs
Should i get a new PSU?
whats wrong with my Vore reading.
What Can I do with the P2/P8 Power Connection?
Questions for those with CoolerMaster Stackers
which is better?
Power Supply Killing Cathode Inverters?
Power requirement general question
Ultra X-Connect 500W Good or Not
OCZ powerstream
Black stackers ANYONE got one ?
3.5" drives in 5.25" bays
Vcore reading not correct. Is it the PSU???
thermaltake xase question..
Dell PSU
+12 volt line stability
Can upgrading a PSU affect overclocking?
Do i need a bigger psu?
150 watt powersupply question
ATX PSU Splitter?
Cutting clear acrylic
Inside an Okia 450, the guys exposed.
choices of psu for SLI
PSU doesnt start after i change drives
How HOT is your PSU How hot is too hot.
I hate to ask this kind of question, but it is about the size of a required PSU.
how PSU affect perfermance?
How exactly does dual +12 volt rails work?
blowing fuses
PC Power and Cooling, still Unstable
Aluminum casing?
which PC components draw of which voltage line??
Should i sell my TT XaserIII?
How 'bout a new PSU?
Combining supplies?
Need a solid PSU
Very good links on PSU & cooling.
Using PSU just for the 12v
Dual power supply bracket for Lina-Li PC-70
Can I increase my 12v rail?
PSU problem? Ran diagnostic w/ Prime95/MBM
I really need some good advice on my PSU rail droop problems/PSU replacement options
Testing an AT PSU?
SHOW how you wire your computer :cool:
Looking for a rack cabinet
Would a Antec TrueBlue 430W run a A64 and X800XT PCI-E?
Need Advice on PSU
is this bad?
thermaltake pure silant 480 watt psu.
Antec TrueBlue 480 20 pin connector, but 24 pin mobo socket??
Voltages, up and down
Fortron PSU 530-550 how loud or silent?
Hiper PSU - adjustable rails?
What server tower should I buy?
Best psu to OC my winchester
Where to get differant color Stackers?
need help on increasing airflow!
Tagan 480 W and x800xt PCI-E
Do you think Antec would let me RMA my 550W for the newer ones ?
Upgrading an OLD machine
what do u think of this psu?
DELL XPS 460W PSU! on ebay
gahh X-Dreamer II + PS with side LED fan issues
Anyone w/ MSI neo2-fis2r and TT V2000a...
DELL Optiplex GXa Power Supply Replacement
-12 rail @ -11.45
Are my rails bad?