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PSU Question
Aerocool II 550w PSU, good quality?
2 computers and 1 PSU??
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HARDEST thing i've ever had to do! Pleae help
a new PSU
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Fan controllers
possible to adjust rails on super flower 450w?
PSU watts and VGA overclocking
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WTF!!! +3.3V rail reading at 2.8V !!! (updated)
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Power Supply Guidance
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Modding my power supply
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question about psu
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Quick rail concern/question
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Laing D4 with what PS??
Flower Power
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Installed new power supply and comp is blue screening
Silverstone Tj05
Best "barebones" system?
What do you guys think about this Aspire PSU
Which is better, the new OCZ Powerstream 520watt or the PPC Turbo cool 510watt?
NeoPower By Antec
Widest Selection??
If anyone is shopping for a power supply.
ThermalTake Fanless 350W Power Supply
Is thermaltake crazy?
Where is the pot on FSP400-60PNU??????????
Acceptable PSU Voltages?
Nice looking CUBE PC's
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ChiefMax Power Supply
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DC equivalent of Light Dimmer, to save energy?
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Aftermarket window panel with fan
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I need some opinions on a potential psu problem.
Chenbro Gaming Bomb II
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Need Help With Ups
Rosewill 400W
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Will a 430 Watt PSU handle this?
power supply problem
Double checking :)
Would this side window fit?
No 12v connector to motherboard?????
SS420 put a rod thru the block
What are the power req for Athlon 64?
will an Antec 350 smart power do?
Sparkle 400w PSU - seems like a really good price?
how're the Super-Flower/TTGI PSU for OC???
psu dimensions
2 power supplies, 1 computer?
PSU or Switch?
Getting rid of the blue LED in my PSU help!!!
Is this a worth-getting deal?
DOA Antec?
Truepower 550 overwhelmed
noob question..
monitor 0-2/5v
Glue on Fortron 530 pots??
Grounding question...
Buying a new side panel for a Coolermaster Praetorian.. ?
FSP300-60PN: One pot for 5V/15, the other?
Computer powers off while in bios
microsoft windows G5
Power Supply Not Enough Juice ???T or F
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The ModRight X-connect
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MGE XG Vigor 500W
Aspire 520w 12v triple fan vs ..........
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Fellow Wave Master owners
Load on 5V rail?
just got 9800 pro, need new PSU
I'm down to 3 Thermaltakes
Tin Strips
Cleaning Up Blowholes
Best way to put Plexi?
What Type Of Power Supply
super lan boy or tsunami
What UPS unit to buy?
Guardian Mid Tower manual
Is my PurePower 480W PSU bad ?!
Fortron/Sparkle PFC or no?
super lan boy
Power Supply Voltage Question?
active PFC????
What PSU for OC-ing?
Fortron 530... Specs A-okay?
Home Depot don't know their holes
Anyway to check 3.3V?
How loud are the fans in the 530 fortron?
Burnt smell but not sure what caused it..
PSU power-on override guide
New Antec Psu For Pci-express
need psu help
The ramifications of a 12V rail that sits at 13V?
Dual PSU Bracket
Powmax brand PSUs ROCK!!!!
High voltage?
Thermaltake, or NO?
The Newest PSU's?
Possible or idiotic
What power supply do I need?
Where can i get more Antec Sonata Fan Gromets
What do you guys think of this Super Flower??
btx question
Drilling holes...
Fortron FSP-60GNA -- WHAT THE HECK?!?!
Enermax or Fortron?
Anyone use a thermaltake psu
PSU wire wraps
Please Confirm, Athlon XP uses 12V rail power...
Highest safe 3.3v rail voltage 24/7
Best Low Wattage PSU
Full-Sized vs. Mid-Sized Tower
Getting DMM !!!!!
Thinkin of goin smaller
Time for a new PSU?
OCZ PowerStream
Power surge damaged my PSU.
What do you think about this Tt PSU?
PSU electronic schematic
Dual PSU = More Stable Rails??????
Help please. Need to change a proprietary Power supply.
ATX12v Switching vs ATX?
Antec 550W (EPS12V) compatible with my rig?
bad rail??
how are Coolmax power supplies?
Building a specialized power supply
Good Power Supply??
what PSU will I buy?????
+12v Rail dropping to 11.6-11.7v ?
PSU help.
Will this PSU handle my computer well?
Voltage Issues
need WEB site for ANTEC PSU
Whats a decent psu for this build?
Any ideas on this?!!?!!?!!?!!
Difference between Fortron/Sparkle 550w PLG/PLN
I think I killed my CPU...HELP!
To remove the ATX connector...
Motherboard screws
External power supply
Chenbro Genie
Another "which ps should I get" thread...
PSU fan noise
MPX2 fits in BQE 3700?
[HELP] dual PSU's - how much Watt's each for this set up?
i don't know if this is right!??
computer parts watt consumption?
Overclock limited by psu.....
Pos Raidmax!
Antec Superlanboy....
Need some advices!!!!!
Is it time for a new PSU? Recommendations?
Should I get a new PSU?
antec 430w question
measuring the rails on a psu
One PSU Multiple Mobos?
fortron 530
Is my Antec pooping out?
Chieftecs new bx series
thermaltake xaserIII fan control
enermax psu
What "Silent" PSU do you recommend?
My pc keeps on crashing, i think low 12v line is the problem.
OCZ PowerStream 420w help
problems with 12V rail
Any input of which PS?
Antec overture
What programs to load powersupply?
Mini review - the GM100 AC Relay!
New Antec PSU: Neopower 480
300w sparkle psu pots
Is my True Power 430W not enough?
HP Hard Drive Removal
zippy psu
Need opinions...
New PSU and now boot problems...
Help choosing PSU for 6800GT
OK i have been reading and!!!!!
Which PSU to use?
I swear!
Mge Super Charger 600 W
Thermaltake Lanmoto/Tsunami Dreams - HELP
A Flamin' ThermalTake- Well, coulda been worse
Terrible problem...
PSU question...?
can some one look over these psu specs for me?
ATX<>MicroATX compatibility
Fortron 350W vs. 530W noise and overclocking results
PS recommandation
Got my Praetorian now how do I improve airflow?
Best psu brands?
another what PSU should I get thread..
Hot Antec Lanboy
Got my V1000B
I want to cry
Is Turbolink that bad
PC Power & Cooling 510W ATX-Deluxe Is it worth it
psu prob i believe...help :o
400 watt Fortron...UPS size needed for this?
External PSU questions and ideas...
Worth getting a V2000 over a PC60?
is this PSU enough for an amd 2500+ system?
A64 Rig and PSU question
Is 10.7v on the 12V rail bad????? (help)
300 watts for all of this?....
Another question for power supply experts!!!
Two seperate psu's possible?
need a PSU to power comp, 226w and 80w TECs
thats it, Im mad
How would i mod the 12 and 5 volt rails on FSP400-60PFN
Need help finding info on a PW-520Q Superflower PSU
Sparkle ATX-350GU
Just lookin for a second opinion...
Fortron 400 problems...
Lookin to get a new PSU
Mod of Sparkle/Fortron PSU w/120mm
Getting really bad flucuations on my 12v and 5v rails, please help!
11.61v on +12v, -12.44 on -12v rail. Stability probs too?
3.3v problem?
Atx cable 5 volt
Question for you power supply guru's
Possible low power problem
Dang Psu problem driving me whacko
I know generic.. But is it alright?
how to use a second psu
Antec 350W will be enough for these?....
Fortron 550 weight??
3.3v rail too high?
+12v -12v?
Wee.. Lockup problems, Suspect: PSU?
My Enermax EG485P Coolergiant 480W Review
300watt Enermax
Check out this new style PSU
Truepower 430 Antec has 26Amps on the +12v line how is this possible ?
ATX 12v Version 2.0 PSU anyone?
Powersupply kill a motherboard ?
I think my psu blows...
possibly dead Fortron 530w, < 1 day old
I <3 you antec!
Old Dell PSU question
What does PFC do for you?
is the SilenX iXtrema Pro for me?
Why doesn't my mouse shut off?
which 24pin-20 adapter?
How do I attach this switch to my PS?
power supply question
upgrading to athlon64
Take a look at this weird piece of wood....
Antec power supplies (and possible others) dead simple mod to improve quietness
Will this PSU be enough for my upgrade?
2 PSU's + "SLI" config?
Q-Tec... Are they as crap as they are cheap?
need power connector to my floppy drive
Minimum Power for PC?
What do you think of this PSU
Were can I buy a presleeved PSU
Cheiftec dragon & optical drives
How about a dead rat
wow 580w ps for $28
PSU wire mess
New quiet psu needed, please recommend!
Bad Fluctuation on the 5V line, need help please
P160 - where should I put the temp probes? Will they work here...
What the hell?
voltages from psu
Antec Truepower 330W - how much noise?
ATX Power Supply Color Coding
need HELP w/ PSU pls
Painting a PSU potential grounding problem?
highest effeciency power supply?
Will this work for 3.3v mod
Sleeving trouble, help!
what adapters for sparkle 550?
Which Sparkle to choose ?
Question about Evercase E4252
Here is my main rig, pics inside
Newb Question
New ATX Mobo, Old ATX PSU
how much am i pushing it??
buying guide for PCI IDE Controller...
HELP! My IDE is not enough for my devices!
Is it my PSU or my mobo??
Um...this Cant Be Right!
Sloppy Wires?
Is a Raidmax PSU good for casual OCing and gaming?
Pics of my rig!
SATA Connector -> Molex Connector?
First-Time PSU Buyer
gateway upgrade
Pictures of dead snake in power supply?
How good are the XPC's power supplys?
Added Antec true control panel and CPU temps went up
Question about fortron 530w ps
Need Advise on PSU for Gaming system
PSU Clicking....
How do i sleave the psu cables??
Place that sells OCZ PowerStrem
Dell power problem
Voltage on 12V goes up under load?
Antec Silent 430W Truepower
will a fortron 400w handle this?
Q-tec 550w PSU cuts out!
PowerRight PSU any good?
Aspire PSU any good?
$50 psu VS ANTEC 400W SP
4-pin to 3-pin!?!?!?
help w/ adjusting new forton 530
24V of Of A Power Supply
power supply failure??
Interesting Problem with Aerogate II
my new fortron is a dud :{
Good cheap 12v psu's for pelts?
Seeking quiet and inexpensive PSU
UV Sensitive Power Supplies
Fortron 530w in Canada?
Power supply woes
Rails dropping with Sparkle 530
Replacing PSU motherboard molex connector
Help! Fortron FSP400-60PNU fluctuations? (questions...1st comp. build)
Wattage of Devices
Do these PSU readings look good?
Need good info on BTX form factor
Too Much For The Power Supply?
Too Much For The Power Supply?
Replacement fans for Antec 430 Truepower?
Help choosing a Thermaltake Power Supply.
too much power on 1 line?
antec truecontrol 550 fixed random reboot
ATX12 and P6 connectors
Uh oh - Can't turn PS on
tell me about pc power and cooling
Zaser III Skull Series Fan troubles
How do i use this PSU
Not powering up
Super Flower TT-561
Anyone looking for a completely silent PSU should take a look at this
Just some pics....
How do I use my PS WITHOUT a motherboard?
PSU rails
Ah, the noise...need new PSU
Antec P160 or Coolermaster Wavemaster?
Enermax EG651-VE FMA - How do I increase the 3.3v rail ?
Will this fan controller fit?
Is this good enough PSU?
chieftech, worth the money?
Antec SLK3700 users. I need ideas!
Voltage all over the place.
Sparkle FSP460-60PFN Too Loud?
Enermax EG365AX-VD OEM ?
new fortron 530 +5@4.81 under load.
Power Costs?
Is there such thing as a psu with a built in ups?
Looking for a PSU...
STOP ME!! I want the v1000B
X-Dreamer Questions (PSU)
Which power supply?
12v= 16A or 28A on FSP530-60GNA? shows both?
Somethang bigger than ATX?
Old PSU Died, Need new one
Quiet power
PSU Decision time
Problem with a PC&C 400w silencer psu
Recomend me a power supply
Just installed my new FSP550
What's the deal with split rail 12v?
power supply
which to get? Antec/Sparkle
fortron/sparkle or seasonic? (quiet psu)
Last Resort: I really need help, I think the Antec 430Tru is my OC Bane!!
Antec 550w overload ?
Will BTX take over ATX?
Need advice on PSU
FSP350-60BN vs FSP350-60BT vs FSP350-60PN
PSU with high rating on +5v, +12V rails, low on 3.3V rail
LianLi 73SLB
Look what I just noticed!
Need advice/Oppinion
If i get an EPS psu and an EPS-ATX connector, would it work?
Which PSU is better?
Newbie's second mod
Decibel Measurer?
fortron 530 0r antec trublue 480?
All those having psu troubles-read this (especially antec or generic troubles)
n00b compatability Q.
stupid little project
Cheap psu, will this work?
Static issues
need help w/ forton 530
antec true430
help if u could
Has anyone ever RMA'd a power supply before?
heard a spark, smelt smoke
The oddest problem with a pair of Sparkles
Help with PS question
ANTEC True 550w problems
fortron/sparkle or antec?
Couple of PSU questions
fanless power supplies suffient enough for overclocks
QUestion about Fortron FSP350-60PN PSU
Extremly good voltages?
Can I use a 2nd PSU to power on my DVD-Rom and CDRW?
Voodoo PC HeXx