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need screws for IBM pc
modding a ups
computers interfering w/ television picture quality
Dual Powersupplies? One for ATX connector and one for P4?
Is my PS dying or is my computer messed up?
PSU bottom fan or no?
No more Fortrons for me
3.3v low when playing games.
voltage rails
Antec True Power same as Antec True Blue? ?
What's PFC on the Power Supply Unit ?
This PSU gone?
which one do we need more power
antec true550 PSU
Cold Cathode Issues
Antec TP 450 5v rail at 4.56
Is this PS any good?
weird clicking sound from PSU
Gotta love April 1st.
Airflow question.....
Deciding on PSU
Power supply Problems
Antec true power 430,480 or 550?
opinions on 2 PSU
Voltage fluctuations
PSU Suggestion for P4 OCing
antec super lan boy
Antec 550w EPS or Forton 550w EPS for dual Xeon?
goodbye fortron 530
Will this Fortron be "good enough"?
DUAL PSU Questions....
My problem:)
Antec True Control
I'm new here. so i just want to toss that out.
Test Run Success ! ! !
Good upgrade?
? about what PSU rail for DDR
which PSU should i use for my system?
Belkin UPS Regulator Pro 625VA
Simple UPS question
PSU Hardcore Modifcation - Ghetto Volt Mod
Dell 4600 PSU Help.
Picture of the meanwell psu's
SilverStone SST-TJ04...PURE 1337ness
will a 300watt psu effect my ocing
Is my PSU struggling?
Pre-sleeved Antec True Control 550W
Where to put second PS?
the sparkle and fortron brand fsp530's have different ratings, aren't they the same?
Looking for.....
PSU safety question
how are thermaltake PSU
PSU extention cable.
PC-61 or Super LanBoy?
I cant decide which Antec PSU is better
blew up a 550w...
Clear nail varnish and scrathed perspex trick? Does it work?
Computer stuck in "sleep" mode...
Bad PSU (Look at the voltages)
Is it really worth the extra $10 on the FSP400-60PNU compared to the FSP350-60PN?
Got my RIG together!!
anyone have a thermaltake xasar II
good psu
FFortron 400W And Prescott
Got a question.......
Show your pc
Enermax eg365p-ve
Is this adequate & Quiet?
Molex Pins mixed up!!! HELP!
new power supply
psu cable sleeving ..
Antec True power" Ya got to be kidding me"
Cooler Master Wave Master hot wire?
Q. for Larva, fsp 530 psu's
If I accidentally made a cap on a PSU go off...
PSU fan replaced
Molex power for drives via 1/8" connectors
help me please cpu fsb settings etc
quiet pc help
Which of these should i get?
Difference between Sparkle 350W FSP350-60PN & Fortron 350 FSP350-60PN?
PSU or Mobo...I need your help
Dead Enermax Ps?
Enermax EG485P-VHB SFMA
Antec vs PC Power and Cooling
Antec TruePower 550
Any Heard of this PSU
Will getting A large PSU Do anything
Can my PSu handle this
Sparkle 350w died, need new psu, suggestions?
Which PSU Is better
Inreasing +3.3v on FSP-400?
PS toast: need recommendation for OC'd Rig
Help with voltages
Surge Protector!
PSU Fan Changing " Possible " ?
I need a new power supply! Which one?
freaking...help please
Here's a list of acceptable PSUs:
Antec TP550
safe 5v & 12v
Do PSU's have special connector's for Intel & AMD ?
Will my PSU handle more load?
Dual PSU = More Power?
Antec True550 won't power my system??
Powersupply for OC a64 :)
What Is The Difference Between These?
Antec True Powe 550w x 80w peltier
2 dead PSU's
New Antec 550 Watt Has Low Rails?
Forton - 350W, 400W, 450W, 550W ... etc
which psu should i get? fortron or antec?
P160 power led connector to NS7-S
Which PSU Should I Buy?
Low Vcore!
Readings from Multimeter--Way off?
5volt spiking
Something NOT to do
OK to buy this PSU?
Stripped PSU
playstation ac w/ PSU
Strange drive mounting problem
Here are my pics..
True550EPS12V - Has it a standard ATX connector?
+12.00 @ 11.73 = new psu ?????
Looking for a new PS
antec true 550 w/voltage adj. how hi?
here it is folks
Low voltage FSP-400?
Getting +12.68 on my Thermaltake PSU
Just sleeved my PSU..
Hiper PSU's ?
Are Thermaltake PSUs any good?
Do I need to upgrade my PSU? Help!
Difference between Thermaltake Butterfly and PFC??
upgrading psu capacitors
which antec for my needs
Which Has Better AirFlow??????
power supply help
Cool Looking PSU 550W with SATA PWR Connectors
To All PSU Expert helppppp
Confused, Help!
Am I the only one who finde the P-160 w/Window ugly?
Plexi glue
powersupply help
Antec TPS 550.....convert to EPS12V?
Sparkle FSP-530-GNA Voltages
Antec "Fan Only" connectors
New 480w antec true power screwed ?
Power Supply for System
How is the Sonata? Thinking of getting one
DIY A/V rack
Rack mount as tower?
I gotta ask about this PSU
Thermaltake PSU fans
need info
Antec True430 Voltage adjustment?
Would the experts recommend this enermax EG475P-VE SFMA
2nd PSU
Woo! I can now join the club!!!!
2 400w Psu's Now which do i use?
Codegen 350 or Allied 350?
Mustang 450watt p.s. reliability
I Need Expert Advice on this PSU !!!
Where to get a senfu tech station?
550W CWT + SATA Quiet Dual Fan
my psu readings, bad?
p4/aux psu connector to molex?
Fortron & Sparkle are the same?
Systems reboots sometimes?
how much of a difference does the power supply really make?
Is this 400 watt Silverstonetek SST-ST400 psu any good?
Is this too much
Voltages are off but dont thinK it's the PSU
my lines seem to fluctuate a lot, is this normal?
Dual PSU
What is the best power supply money can buy?
Is my PSU the limit of my OC'ing? 12v rail is pretty darn low =)!
What the ?..Antec TPS 550....she done blowd up reaaaaaaal gooood!!!
Antec TruePower 550W or Enermax 550W ?
psu killed mobo
Power Connectors...
Power supply for a cluster?
good psu for under 35dollars
Antec Sonata with 380w TruePower PSU - fan control
PSU sleeving question
Best PS Under $80
4pin Power Connector Question
What do you think??
Which Sparkle ?
vcore drop under load?
What fans do Antec True power PSU's use?
Did my Thermaltake PSU kill my HDD and mobo?
Bought the wrong PSU....... Apparently !!!
Question about my rails ....
need help to fix a lot of psu's.
Looking for good PSU.. for your buck..
Adjustable voltage rails - does it matter?
Antec Died- Fortron Sparkle Replacement Question
Yeong Yang mini cube, need help keeping cool.
Just installed Antec true480...
Which fortron or sparkle 350 to get? there are alot on newegg.com
Antec will not replace my mobo damaged by melted Antec power supply connector
Finally had an antec component fail!
chiefetc quality dropping madly?
better psu airflow
Re pinning a power supply
New PS
random reboots WTF?
Antec PlusView1000AMG
Volt probs
ATX Power Pinouts
What mods can you do to raise your 12v rail
Power Supply Needed - Please give me input
I have a volt meter how do I test my rails individually?
What does your 12V rail set at ??V
Tt 420W nonPFC: before and after 12V tweak
HELP need an expert with 2 PSU set up
My rails seem to be slipping :(
An idea! PSU Modding with titanium coating Chassis and transparent window
Need new PS, suggestions?
How much can my poor little Antec 380W handle?
fortron 530w
Around what size UPS is good for keeping a modem + switch on for a couple of hours?
what to do when?
Antec TC550 fan only-molex & front panel question
350w of 400w?
Fortron FSP400-60PFN Problem
By what logic? Raidmax 430 vs Antec 350
More questions on PSU's
Should I swap PSUs
Powmax 580w Psu?
Low Vcore with Antec True480 / Asus P4C800-E
I need a new PS for a my new rig
noob question which of these 2 is better?
Power supply...smells- bad?
power supply demand
ordered my Antec True 430 last night
12v down to 11.3
Signs of weak PSU
pc p&c Convince me!
Fortron FSP 530 Same as Sparkle FSP 530?
Antec TruePower 430W... Will it run this rig?
My new psu and question
Xoxide UFO Alu Cube mod suggestions
Broke the door off my Antec AMG1080
12 volt imput PSU
psu voltage Q's
Is It Okay To Tape Up PSU Vents?
Video cards and PSUs
how far can the 380W Antec Sonata go?
6-pin FireWire --> front header adaptor?
antec p160 and nf7-s
PC internal speaker
Antec True Control 550w PSU
Channel Well 420watt (SPARKLE??) @$43... any good??
Cannot decide on a 550W PSU.
Fortron or Sparkle?
If You've been looking for the Coolermaster ATC-111C-SX2
Vcore way to low!
Is this a good psu?
how much before it goes out?
Antec true550eps12v voltage adjustment pots... (psu mod)
enermax 350w enough?
Fortorn 530watt or Antec True 550?
A quick question! (need quick answer)
Which PSU
how to tell?
HP server Power Supply Cable??
PSU battle
PSU modding links
coolcase.com and mods
aspire psu's?
Can you get Antec 1080AMG side pannel w/ window?
cheap ps for a 1600+
Dead power supply? OR something else?
Antec PlusView1000AMG Painting...
Is my older PSU taking strain
Layout of an AT Connector
Acceptable PS ?
how much power should my psu have in an AMD system?
quick psu question-easy to answer
ThermalTake 480w Butterfly
how to determine how much power?
Seasonic 400W psu review
Clarification on what rail supplies Vcore for AMDs...
PSU went bang again!! HELP
Antec PSU's with Fan-only connectors
enermax comparison duel
Changing SATA to Molex
¿Which to trust?
Convert ATX to BTX Mod
I forgot...
550watt PSU, good brand would be?
multiple power/hdd leds
Check This Out !
Adjustable Antec 550 watt
12V down at 0.32V....arggg
Weird MM readings in prime95
Kingwin KT-424 BK-WM or Antec P160WF...
Startech 480W PSU???
Enermax Dual fan PSU drawing air in blowing it out?
My 12v rail is really low & pc keeps turning off
P4 connector on K7 boards
fortron 530w p530xf
psu (breaker blower)
PSU Advice
Is this liteon PSU any good?
What do you guys think of an Antec Power Supply?
Best Power Supply
Cost of running a computer or massive server 24/7
If I run these teo power supplies in Parallel, Cout it power a 226W Pelt?
Any help would be appreciated
Powmax PSU
Good PSU
Mean Well / Samlex S320-12 PSU in Canada?
Testing voltage with multimeter?
Is a Fortron 350 watt ps enough for overclocking an AMD cpu/
superflower 550 14cm fan vs fortron 530
help Needed!!!!!
pci power supply guide?
PSU at its limit?
Vantec Stealth 470W PSU noise
How many devices can I connect?
Is there a way to remove the main PSU > mobo connector?
Computer won't power down correctly
PSU weirdness
sound comparisons on antec
Is em interference a problem?
looking for new powersupply
Main Power Switch Wiring.
Fortron 530w DOA?
How much is too much???
dynapower psu
Help needed - looking for quiet PSU for new computer
Is it time for a stronger PSU?
+12 volt rail
Belkin Universal UPS
Power Supply Silence
Hi, I need some advice on power supply stuff
Powersupply issues
power supply problems or fried mobo?
Enermax 1018
Stupid P4 nOOb question....
True power Cookage - PS Guru Needed
HOLY! 7.2V on the 12V rail! World record?
coolmax power supply warranty info
RF Thermometer
Seeking recommendation for modest priced power supply
antec sonata
Sparkle SATA?
How to turn on a PS
Can you guys help me understand power supplies better?
+3.3v at 15 Amps?
Too much 3.3+ voltage? Bad?
Exterior PSU
Unidentified plug
Dual PSU Wannabe
Computer making a creaking noise??
What are the optimum voltage rails for ocing?
A .08v drop under load?
Redundant PSU question
380 watts suitable?
Low 12v rail causing system instability?
Please help a desperat man.!
Sparkle Power "Power Q" 350W, any good?
Another P160 Question.
I have a laptop power question. Can you identify this plug?
your recomendations
Please share your opinions: am I having problems because of my PSU?
Antec P160 Question
how much power does an averge pc us a month?
SLK3700 -- any problems?
I learned my lesson - Antec Overture vs P160.
Will my current PSU power.......
Proper 3.3+5v amount for a P4 2.8?
Is my Channel Well 420 watt power supply good enough?
Are these stats on my voltages crappy?
Vantec Stealth PSU any good?
Thermaltake Silent Pure Power 480
300 Watts enough for this system?
3Y Power Technology?
Mean Well S350-12 - Best price?
AMD Power Supplies
Need to Measure High Current? My B-Day Gift.
Koolance - PC2-601, How does it perform?
Out of power
1u psu
Antec Tower
ANTEC TRUE550 EPS12V PSU....wtf?
Powering my 9800pro
Computer rebooting
My UPS died, is there any way i can fix it?
Enermax 350watt deat at shutdown
is this good psu how to test it
New (sorta) THG PSU Roundup
PSU preventing further O/Cing?
Removing the fan from inside the power supply ?
wondering if i have enough power
how many connectors on antec true 430
In Search of Quiet
antec superLANboy front usb connectors -> Asus A7v8x-x
Is there something wrong with my psu?
UPS batteries
LED indicator
Chieftech PSU
Power Supply Adapter Plate.
circuit breaker bulit in psu?
Antec 430watts
multimeter readout help,and volts
antec lan boy switch connection problem
Antec 300W Power Supply SL300?
calculating component wattages for ups
TP550 rail adjusment mod?
Random shutoffs/restarts
my fortron 530watt fans are the loudest on my system?
is the yellow or red wire 12V?
Replacing wires
In search of QUIET PSU to power my sys
help on psu decision
Benchtesting a PS thats not in a pc...
Power supply Unit to buy
Low Rails??
Second, small power supply for fans.
Segmented Power supplies
can i use one psu to power mobo & CPU, and other to power vidcard, HD, CDrom?
which antec?
Antec or Fortron?
Antec passively cooled PSUs?
help with psu rail levels?
plugged in new powersupply, pc won't turn on.
How do I use a multimeter to measure my rails?
Ultra Power supplies?
PSU Gurus: wiring questions for you to prove your mastery
Are these numbers hurting my O/C?
HELP! My computer is buzzing
Need Big PS with adjustable volts
Help me understand my psu!
clever or just strange?
Maxtop Csx-147k2f-gf-usb-gray
This has got to be the stupidist question ever
Experiences with Nexus NX-3500 Power Supplies?
Wave Master = Horrible Airflow
What Paint does Alien ware use
Faulty PSU?
Chenbro Gaming Bomb
Are my rails bad?
psu Problems?
How to measure the +12v line
limited space!
Is this a good PSU or not?
Antec clear side panel
12 volt rail low?
VooDoo PC Doll Replica
need quick release clips for drive bays
Should I swap PSUs???
How Are My Volts?
Testing voltages with a multimeter...
psu help
So, how much can a sparkle 350Wer handle?
changing out fans in my psu
Sparkle Question
Got my Zalman 400watt
Silent PSU
Peltier power supply
P4 and psu values question
little square PSU plug...
More Power = Less Heat?
Front USB - Antec PLUSVIEW1000AMG
No one not talking about Thermaltake lately?
Thermaltake 420w vs Enermax 450w
how to tick a dell powersupply?
Fortron 350W Fan question
Fortron / antec ?
what psu is this?
AeroCool 550W PSU with blue LED - HOT?
are these as good?
be quiet!
Is PFC really worth it?
Gotta love this TP480W
arrow power supplies
Antec True 430w vs. Fortron 530w
bang for buck..
500w Powmax lp6100e
noobie question for PSU
Help!! How to install filters on chieftek
Switching SATA power for regular molex
What is the fascination with no lights?