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bang for buck..
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AC power fluctuation readout..... (56k beware)
Just sold a P4, TIME TO GO TO UPGARDE!
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does this PSU really suck?
What PSU to get?
For those of you with antec 380s
source for 4-pin molex covers? and a reason to use them
Cheap PSU
Just finished my first dual psu mod!
Jameco Electronics
PSU for a p4 pc
3.3Vsense line on an Aspire 500W PSU
anyone replaced the fans in the ps?
Trouble with power supplies !!!
turbolink psu
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Best Power Supply
mid-tower & dual 120mm?
blow or suck
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True550 ATX vs True550 ATX12V
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Power Supply Safety
Forced Into Getting a PSU buut not sure which one
Sonata 120mm Exhaust Fan
where do you get 120mm hole saws?
how's a fortron 400w?
let me guess... this aint good
can't find a reseller with a cooler master apc-111b or apc-110b
Side Panel for the Antec SX1040BII (SOHO File Server-Black)
So you wonder why your generic PSU can't cut it? (big pic)
Power supply and noises. (normal?)
are my readings good or bad,
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+3.3v, +5v, +12v, etc: what do they control?
NewEgg return
What PSu to get for my rig.
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Fuse help for Sparkle 350w
psu generic 12+volt mine a lil low??
What sort of Dual PSU is this?
CWT Power supply
Fortron 120mm fan psu?
what app to monitor voltages and such
Power button - no response
Macron 400W PS?
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bottom fan not spinning
Total n00b, need help with power supply
No cold boot...PSU?
load on the 5v line for max voltage on 12v line
sorry if already posted, but this new Fortron 400 rocks!
would you be interested...
so many fsp300 s. which one??
:Buying a PSU, a little help. thx
Cut 4 pin
Is this sparkle good enough? PLEASE READ!!!
250w Sufficient
Whats the better power supply?
Is it good enough?
what the hell is this? Are they the same? check it out...
Is this enough power?
what power supply that could handle this?
Good Power Supply?
Fan not working?
IS PFC neccesary?
Can anyone tell me why not to get this psu?
I need!
Anyone know where i can get a micro ATX psu?
Up and down it goes where it stops nobody knows?
Fortron Source 530 are the #'s what they should be
About Ultra PSU @tigerdirect
What kind of pwoer supply is this (out of an older computer)?
Check this out!!! Matrimony Mods + Wedding
PSU undervolting
Refurb PSUs -- asking for trouble?
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What would be better?
Power Supply fan's do not spin!
Wave Master for a Silent PC?
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24 to 20 pin PSU adapter
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3.3V rail low
Is my PSU running low on juice?
new chieftecs in town
"Downgrading" from True480?
Antec Truepower 380 voltage fluctuation
PSU Sleeving Guide
PSU sleeving question
PSU problem
PSU metal mounting piece
Dumping My Allied
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Windowed door for an Antec 1000
3.3V+5V total W or 12V Amps?
powersupply "supermod" question....
New sparkle fsp350-60pn
I need a very small 12V, 1.5A, 5 Watt PSU.
aopen is fortron?
Lookin for small PSU
Which PSU will generate less heat?
dual 12v rails
what can I do about this power supply?
Just got my Antec Sonata
motherboard tray
Antec SL400 Faulty or not?
what wattage DC to AC converter from RS for my car?
Coolermaster 101sx or Wavemaster?!
Does anybody fix psu's ?
Enermax pwnz
Retailer for Seasonic PSUs
3.3V rail mod??
Can you find it...any cheaper?
antec smartpower 350 watt
MEAN WELL S-300-24 Question
power supply woes
What is Vio in motherboard monitor
any1 in here using Superflower?
Just installed a Fortron 530W... did I do it wrong?
Dead PSU fan question
what to do to my x-superalien?
Antec SLK3700 and SL350
overclocking using SKL3700 w/ Standard PSU?
can't be good....
Blowholes in SLK-3700: is it worth it?
fortron 350 or 530?
AT PSU to test 12V Swiftech pump
PurePower420W - 3.3V line going dead?
Cooler Master ATC-220C-VX1
raidmax psu?
Will this work to power a 24V Peltier?
Different readings from winbond and MBM5
Which is the best 300/350W Fortron/Sparkle?
how is this possible
Opinions wanted! Best Quiet PSU sought
PSU help pls
Is my 350W Fortron getting to light nowadays?!
What's the safe way to work on a PSU?
Need advice!
Negative Twelve Rail Low
should i replace my mobo or my psu?
Another Happy SLK3700AMB Owner
Concerned about ENERMAX 350 Wat PS
Herolchi Silent Series - any good?
Really stupid question and hopeing for a quick response
lookie what happened to one of my sparkles
Adjusting pots and does it help?
Antec True550 EPS12V
why Fortron with no PFC?
is 350 watt good brand power supply enough?
Will this... Do this...?
will a 350 watt antec powersupply do?
Do I need a new PSU?
New System, Needing New PS
i want a new powersupply but choosing is OH SO hard =/
noise...might be broken?
what does everyone have and recommend?
Antec Midi Sonata 380Watt
help....need to find.......?
Is this old Antec 400 enough?
What's the lowest voltage's I can run stabily at?
Is my PSU bad?!
Will an ATX 2.03 PSU run an EPS12V mobo?
OK to replace power supply fans?
Aopen H700C Zwart (400 Watt- ATX Bigtower)
PS voltage too low?
Yes, i read Hoot's sticky, but....
power supply for p4 2.8c
Antec Midi Sonata 380Watt
instability, is my psu to blame?
Black 4 pin molex connectors.
Which wire is the 12v one in the molx wires?
Something went Wrong Terribly wrong
TruePower550 too hot?
Fortron 550w - A couple questions
Antec true blue 480
Is this a good Power Supply?
what can u tell me about this unit...
Question for the P160 owners... (and others who should have the answer)
psu fan isnt moving
Dual fans on a PSU? Is that better?
Too much power?
Looking for LL PC-73sl...
my monitor flickers, is it because of my psu?
help me..........
need more amps
bought an antec truepower 550
Fortron PSU 350 OEM !! Will I be OK ??
ULTRA power supplies
Thanks to all - Lesson learned about generic PS....
Weird Voltage Readings
Layout of an ATX Connector Please
TruPower fan substitutions
Looking for a UPS
Need front USB ports
Antec true330 or Fortron 350?
Antec trupower 420 watt psu problem!!
Sparkle 350 troubles
how much on 400 watts?
how cleaning the side window?
Can someone tell me which is the better Power Supply
Could my PSU be holding me back?
psu upgrade
help removing this please
How much is Too much for your PSU??
help id who makes maxtop psu
Real Low -12v
Opinion about Soyo Raptor 400 or 500 Watt Adjustable Power Supply with Front Panel
Aopen H600B Black (350 Watt - ATX Miditower)
Does this sound like a problem with my PSU?
Thoughts on my new Antec P160
psu questions (2)
What's Wrong With My Power Supply?
El-cheap-o PS & X-10 issues.....
bad psu?
funny negative voltages
PSU without motherboard
Need Help Deciding
Power good wire.....whats it for?
Thermaltake psus?
PSU fitting problem (newbie)
Will I have enough Power?
AUX power connector
Spare PC75 side panel?
Coolmax or Fortron?
How many devices off 1 molex?
Will connecting the power to a floppy incorrectly kill a PSU?
TTGI power
Unbelievable! Hunk O' junk Compusa 4 yr old 300w PSU powering my main rig?!
PcAbusers review of the Antec P160...
PSU Recommendation
The Sonata's TruePower 380W PSU?
New Power Supply?
Why does Fortron 400W cost same as Fortron 530W?
400watts of juice... But is it enough?
lead power 550
VAntec 520 stealth
Vantec Aeroflow
COOLMAX 350W CX-350 psu?
Whats the word on "ULTRA" PS's
Second PSU...
Antec Performance II fan "rail"
what is the point of Dual-PSUing?
What´s the PG rail on PSU?
Looking for New PSU (got 9800P, need more pwr)
TTGI TT-500SL vs Fortron 530
Does anyone sell modded side panels for the Enlight 7238?
Fortron 460
Does Antec replace PSU's that burned & melted?
ThermalTake 420W PSU
Putting a hole in the plastic window...
Anyone own the coolermaster wave?
How to test a power supply
Higher wattage=more stable rails??
Budget PSU Help
replacing PSU fan.
Adjusting rails on my Fortron 530w
Which Antec power supply is better?
PCP&C question
Antec True550 to True control, can it be done ?
Should I stick with Coolermaster?
overclocking psu and voltage help
Serious Problem...computer wont run
sparkle PSU limiting OC?
is this a psu related reset?
TTGI 520 vs. 530 Fortronn
Senfu Tech Station or similiar
EnerMax 550W @ 4.1 GHz
Your thoughts please
is 300w enough?
cut 12v aux plug in old mod, now need it back. pls read!!
Powering THIS PSU without a board
Has Antec gone down in quality?
Turning on ATX PSU with AT???
Power Source for cheap non-OCed comp
Which Sparkle PSU?
Antec SLK3700 AMB vs BQE
How do you know when to upgrade?
Power supply suggestions
Just wasted all my christmas money
Aerocool Aeropower 550w?
CAN i do this?? help fast
modifiing an ATX supply from 12v to 14v
Silent Power Supply
The Best Psu for overclock, thats quiet
Antec TruePower 550 PSU Volt mods ?
voltage pots in the antec true550
Adding Top Fan holes??
300 watts enough for a barton?
What mods can i do with a Antec Lanboy??
Fortron PS in Canada
PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Bad Psu??
Which one is the best??
Bad Antec 330W TruePower
power supply cables
Need advice on PSU for new system
PC shutting down is ti PSU dieing
Aspire 500w PSU... What Trash
Modding the psw box
Micro-ATX psu...?
Junk PSU killing Hard drive?
Where to put a multimeter,to get vcore?
Changed power supplies - question about rails
Vcore fluctuations?
custom leads
is my psu enough
Whats the difference with these two PSU
Power Readings UNDERATED?
PSU question
Computer dead after power cut.
Heatshrink and Sleeveing Question
Any cheap cubes?
SLK-3700BQE HDD Cage?
Antec Smartpower 400w
Add Sparkle 250W to what I have ?
Panicked and ordered a new PSU
where can i get a Lite-On FS020
What 400- 500 powersupply?
Mid Tower or external enclosure?
Antec TrueBlue 350W???
Advice on PSU
Does such a PSU even exist?
Switch Fans ?
Info On Power Supplies
forgot psu
questions bout tower/psu
Antec Minuet
How Do I Use The Molex Pin Extractor Tool?
Need to change PSU probably
Asus probe/voltage drop warnings
How much many Watts should I get
a few full tower questions
Mid Tower or Full tower
always barriers when building...
Poll: Power supply's with SATA connectors
Enermax PSUs
Is a Levicom PSU any good?
Advice on a do it myself window.
Antec TP 430 rails are jumpy.
psu decisions..
Should I Cut OFF these Wires? AUX cable.
Fortron 530w
Quiet Case's and PSU's...Antec?
Taking accurate readings from PSU
Should i keep my PSU or get a new one?
What is this??
2 Fortron psu's, where difference?
Recommend me a PSU
3.3V line @2.5 peak!
new RIG cube????
Meanwell tec power
+12 Volt,need help
12V rail at 11.67 effect on CPU?
sunbeam vs. x-oxide..
How much do I need?
TruePower 550
before i turn it on... need PSU grounding advice
What signals that you need more power?
v5 rail REALLY low...a fluke?
external power supply question
fortron 350 and P4 setup......
super lanboy
Fortron 300W PSU enough for overclocking?
3rd Party Front Panel Display
splicing 2 fans off 1 connector??
Tonnes of questions.
not sure if this psu will work
psu for my rig..
Modding my Antec True550W PSU?
is this good?
Are Enlight PSUs any good
Help me decide on which PSU to get
new enermax ...ozone smell?????
Got an APC 650va UPS, do I still need...
Cold Cathode lights question
looking for sturdy cheap ($50) PSU
Antec 300w - Enough?
Fortron PSU
can someone give me advice?
Antec true control 550 w
Dual PSU question (yes i've tried searching)
Thermal Wire - Where to Put?
Just wondering what the -(negative) voltages in the psu control..
Antec TrueBlue 480w HOT ?
Malfunctioning Hardcano
What to do with a extra psu....
I feel a complete numpty for asking this .....
Switching ground wires on psu molex?
Micro-ATX Suggestions?
12v to7v how many conections
Sudden voltage drop, problem?
Whats the difference?
PS Wiring questions..
Uh oh..
MY TT PS ATX connector cought fire with MB
Is a 300W big enough for this setup...
Fortron voltage probs?
PSU Question.
Whats cooltek?
Media Center PC
Making a power supply for car to run a cd-rom
Building New System, Worried About PSU
Anyone w/ Microm X-Pider?
HP PSUs -- Proprietary wiring?
Looking for Antec Power Supply
Crapy thermaltake
Battery Backup question
What are the main causes of noise in a computer?
Force check a PSU?
Antec Super Lan Boy
How do you tell if your PSU wont cut it?
help me choice among the following or more
will this antec solve my problem?
PSU power consumption
Pics of my first rig, Built By me,
Fortron 400W Burnt Out
Fortron 400W or 530W?
Thermaltake PSU's any good?
is 18" round cable long enough for Lianli 7X series?
PSU wire splicing???
would a fortron 350w be enough?
Soyo Raptor - any good?
Need Help on psu + overclock
where can i find a SF-550TS power supply?
My first Casemod
Powmax PSU
What PSU will last for many future add ons/ upgrades?
What does this thing do?
Importance of a PSU...?
where to find T molex connectors?
another PS question??
how to set up 2nd power supply??
Fortron 350 +12v fluctuations
what do you think of x-superalien?
What would you recomend?
Very good read, Alot of Great info on PSU's
Front Panel Connectors too short?
importance of io shield
This is a cool setup!
Compucase-HEC Midi Tower CI-6A19
PC-70 and Mach II?
ISO-500 , Is It Bad?
Building a PSU