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Cable Braiding in the UK!....Any good sites??
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what is high for the 5volt rail
Thermaltake skull....LOL
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HDD, GFX, mobo wattage?
my rough skech of my minicube
160w :-(
Drop in 12 v line.
power supply...4 molex question
Allied PS with window, go or no go?
In car powersupply?
PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 425 ATX power supply noise
quick help please! which wire is which rail?
omg wtf..
Zalman 400W PSU not up for it?
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cold cathods
I have done it again
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yeong yang cube @ good price
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Antec Sonata Abit KD7 and Zalman cnps700a
Problem with 5Vsb
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Omg my powersupply BLEW UP.. but components survive..
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Steel vs Aluminum
General question about freshy98's 12->5V converter
I thought Channel Well Teck psus were suppose to be good
thus PSU any good?
UPS Questions
Coolmax CX-450?
Difference between these two ps?
High +12v a Problem???
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BTX Motherboard format
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Antec PSU just died today :(
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4 pin ATX P4 connector
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Vantec Stealth 520W
Powmax 400W PS 12V drop to 11.49V ? is this real
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Antec True Blue 480W PSU
Antec SLK3700AMB
Is this PSU enough ??
sleeving question
probably been asked several times
expandable sleeving!
Help Help Help!!!
wiring up two psu's......
Anybody have An X-Dreamer?
sound suppression tip
can anyone help me find.......
Your opinion!?!?!?!?
PSU Fans
There's something loose inside my power supply
psu technical question
LianLi Bezels (faceplates) ?????
which comes first?
Q-tec any good for the money?
dual psu's
Antec SLK3700 owners! (and AntecRep too)
Should I be worried? (antec tp480)
300 watter from sparkle
sleeving psu kits..
Silence a PSU fan?
How low should my voltage rails go?
Annoying Problem with PSU
why are the plugs so hot?!
Should I get a eg465p-ve fc?
Where can I buy a Fortron/Sparkle in Canada?
Modding a Micro-ATX to hold an ATX mobo..
Should I upgrade my P/S to Fortron/Sparkle?
Adjustable Pots in Antec TP 480W?
Soldering question??
where can i get a Lite-On FS020?
Useful tools?
which is better ?
Is my psu enough for the system?
how much room is too much?
Psu Molex Covers , Where 2 Buy ???
what kind of power supply do i need to do this...
What are Bezels?
Need advice on PS and Pots?
I love this one...good price, too!
Best Ocing PSU & will my Enermax 350W do the job?
molex connectors and supplies
BTX, what are you going to do?
Question on PSU sufficiency
how good is this?
which should I get ...
should i get a new PSU
N-Force boards & PSU issues
Voltage readings-- Need advice/help
Building Dual server caseing
Have some questions
dead psu fan
PSU Bad?
Which of these two is better?
Is My Power S. Dying?
SilverStone Tech 400W
would it fit?
What's a good PSU with SATA plugs? Atleast 500Watt
This Antec or That Fortron?
PSU problem...
Difference between CWT 550AD and ADP?
Where are the FS-980XPB and FS-981XPSSes?
Is 380W enough?
Do these #s justify a new PS
My Rails Good, Bad, or UGLY??
12V Rail Problems
Getting a UPS
Bad power supply
Help me pick a new PSU
300W power supply
how to calculate max load power for this PSU ???
I thought that P4's REQD more than 250w PSU's?
voyeurmods replacement side panels
Question about vcore fluctuations.
Fortron 530 Watt - Model: P530XF530W - Any reviews?
Generic PSU mod finally solved!!!! Yummy topic!!!
Power Supply at Limit??
Multimeter help please...
Best Power Protection?
Antec vs. Vantec
APC Back-UPS Pro for two computers
Antec 400SL is loosing some of its punch??
Question about the 12v rail
PSU temps/airflow/replacing fans help?
Raidmax 500w PSU, this one any good?
Are these rails low? Pic inside
Mobo voltage fluxation
PSU limiting my OC?
Antec Tru-Power 430- Loud?
using psu as transformer
Delta 350W
Opus Solutions 150W Car PC PSU; Too Underpowered?
+12V difference
question about power cables from monitor to psu
My psu died today, but...........................
Allied 450w -13.2v
Channel Well 550W
Plexiglass Box
Fortron Source 530w praise!!!
So how much does your vcore vary?
a power supply suggestion question
My Set up is finally done!
Explosion and fireworks
What size PSU for what CPU?
how do you read PSU labels?
Fortron 530 fans
power supply fan replacement
Keep my Forton 350 or get a 530?
Antec True 430...Blew up!!!
need an opinion. again. lol
How do I quiet down my power supply?
Molex Power Strip?
How is the Antec PlusView1000AMG???
12volt power supply
Enermax EG651P-VE (24P)
zalman psu's
Antec lanboy and cooling
Extra Molex
question about voltages, software reading, o/cing
Dual (yes, 2) Power supplies.!!
Forton 530
FSP400 or 460?
asus a7n8x-----fpa audio
Extremo 550W
Is 3.26v OK?
Computer wont Start?
major PSU probs???
does my chepo psu have enough power ???
Recommended PSU for Xeon system
Fortron 550 vs Sparkle 460
PFC - Worth anything?
Which PSU is quiet and is PFC worth the extra $$?
Anyone here got any experience with a Kill-A-Watt Device?
Rackmount specs
Fortron 400W damn loud?
How much power am I REALLY using?
is 360w enough?
AOpen PSU is actually a Fortron?
OK you decide which PSU I get
Fortron FSP530-60GNA???
KPI Redundant PSU 230W N+1
need a new PSU
Help me out on a PSU!!
Any tips on using Dremel tool?
Why it pays to research purchases...
3.3v rail drops low while under heavy stress..
Need Info/Help with a 1U PSU
un-interruptable PSU's? need help.
Pics Of Crazy Power Supply Install
PSU Fluctuation
24 pin to 20 pin converters
Horay!! I just got my CC's to work
O/C wall due to power supply?
Load vs Heat
Lite-On FS020
plexiglass designs
Help with power supply decision
Coolermaster 110 .vs 111?
LCD Watt Question
house power question
480 watt thermaltake purepower. Did i make a good choice?
Weird noise coming from PSU
psu smoking!
Whats a good name brand.....?
PSU volt impact on Mobo volts
Crazy Power Supply Install
low 5v dropps when overclocking and 12V fan drops its rpm
12v line low
Sleeving 3 Psus in the cheapst way...
Antec TP550: EPS12V and ATX12V
new PSU?
No catchy title, just look if you know about power supplies.
fan only connector on the antec power supplies..
Trick to start ATX PSU didn't work...fried?
Fortron FSP350-60PN Aurora Series 350W or SPARKLE 350 WATTS FSP350-60BT
PSU not strong enough?
issues with my true power.
Dying Powmax 400 watt powersupply - which Fortron to get?
Forton 'Hi Q' brand
Easy Way to Remove Molex Connectors?
[Help] Removing wires from PSU
Dc to DC powersupply
Does this mean my PSU is dead?
enermax or antec
PSU Dead?
Is this safe?
Longer cables?
Is my system underpowered?
Vcore fluctuates
Can someone tell me how to start this?
Shorting PS leads
will new PSU help me OC?
Do I need more power??
Powering my 11 CD-RW CD copier tower, how much power do I need?
Please help me choose
Possibly shorted out PSU...Help
Where to get Antec Sonata w/o PSU?
Quick PSU question.
Psu wires.
5V line drop
PSU Recommendations?
V's fluctuate
Fortron 250Watt Vs Eagle 350Watt
24 to 20 pin convertible connector?!?!?
Reccomendations for a new PSU wanted? :)
psu fan dying?
Interesting article on PSU's
I need ideas.
Suggestions for a new PSU
Should i worry about the -5V rail being low?
+3.3v rail
Can anyone ID this PSU?
No fans, lights, etc.?
sparkle 400 watt psu
getting low voltage, need help.
How do I know if my PSU is limiting my overclock?
Dust and external air filters/purifiers
anyone heard of Super Flower power supply?
too low or too high of a 12v Line, Causing reboots/program closes?
how to add another psu
How's my PSU performing?
Moddable Antec Sonata?
Should I get the Enermax 430W...
How can you tell if a PSU is a limiting factor in OC'ing?
Well I did it.
Fan wires on Antec True 550
Is there a such ting as a fanless powersupply? PLEASE READ!
Is this FSP350 defective? 12V@11.45
How much POWER will this system need??
problem powering up?
Don't know how to install my Mean Well S-320-12?
Is this $130 Shipped a Good Price for LianLi Black PC65?
CWT power supplys any good?
New form factor: BTX
My 3.3 volt is only 1.9!
Temperature Sensor Placement!
something's burning? but what?
Power Supply Wiring Question
thermal take silent PSU
12v+ rail reading 12.61v on MBM5?
Which 3.3V atx cable goes to Vid card, can I replace it with another from 2nd psu?
Is the ampage of 3.3V and 5V lines shared???
Connecting tower usb ports to mobo
is this ps any good?
Is my PSU the source of my USB issues?
Please Recommend A PSU
Is power supply as critical in Intel rig as it is in amd rig?
This a good PSU?
heatshrink help
Enough Room For.....
which power supply for the price..
Antec TruePower: still winners?
Safe to remove fans from PSU?
Fortron 530 vs. Antec TP 550---1st Round Test
finally decided on a full tower
please reccomend me a ups size!
pcpowerandcooling running too warm
12v amps mod
Signs of PSU about to die?
Check this out
+12 V al 11.850
+5v at 4.70
Need some assistance-Computer turned off when moved, wont turn back on.
Restart problem w/ Vcore @ 1.98V
Difference in 2 12v lines?
Voltage reading differences
Fan Connectors
9800 Pro Up for grabs!
Is this a good 500watt PSU??
Quest about PSU sleeving
How To Understand The Real Power Of PSU!
Works Power circuit diagram
cheap power supply
will it help?
Please tell me this problem is my PSU's fault
Hiper Power 520watt PSU
dead fan power connectors
new antec true blue 430 worse than Allied 400
new antec true blue 430 worse than Allied 400
new antec true blue 430 worse than Allied 400
Strong Generic PSU
TP 430W and 380Wusers plz post +12V rail readings!
More power?
Computer for Cabin
Negative and positive pressure?
Best 400W PSU for P4 ?
Power supplies - the bigger, the better?
Question About ATX Mod
Comp freezes in games for no reason
UGH! I got a problem...
WHat PSU with an Asus A7N8X Deluxe?
AHHH!!! This is REALLY freakin' me out.
Should I Get A TruePower 480?
What causes this problem?
FSP/Sparkle 350w VS. TT 480w
can this handle that...?
Sparkle 300watt psu
Check this out!
Question on Independent Power!
p3 connector on compaq AT power supply
Rails on Fortron 350 dubble spec
Adding 5-3.3volt mobo connector on ATX PSU?
Which Fortron 350W w/ 120mm fan: Thermal OR Manual Fan Control?
fortron 350watts
PS fan mod
Antec 480W True Blue goes....BYE BYE!
thank you
Abit TH7II-Raid auxiliary power connector?
good PSU for....
antec truepower 480w, new feature, now billows smoke!
Old p/s used to run just the fans??
Thermaltake silent purepower 480W problem
Average Power Use.
multimetering AT power supplies...
My Sprakle 350w doing good?
antec true 430?
Using a PSU in a external box... on /off?
Enermax EG2451P-N
Antec SX840 or SX835II
What to get?
Really stupid question
meaning of 10a250v on power supply cord
ATX Y-Splitter cable
Need advice...Thermaltake vs Zalman
i got a problem!!!
well, i just bought an Antec TruePower 550...
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt
holy cow!!! the fortron 530 with DUAL 12v lines is AVAILABLE at NEWEGG!!!
Limits of my psu
TEC PSU and relay idea
power supplies
between 12.6 and 12.7 on 12 volt line
cheiftec AX 01, please advise.
Erk - overloaded PSU?
fortron 460watt
Which Fortron PSU?
limits of aurora 300w (sparkle)
TO: Anyone with an Antec Sonata
psu connector question..
3.3volt rail is not stable!!
ermm...this can't be good......
Anyone heard of LC Power?
Thermaltake ATX420w
My -5V line is low
Which psu out off these.....??
just got a sparkle 300
Wave Master
Antec PlusView1000AMG how is it?
Pic Of My Computer Finished
Sparkle power! Ohh yaaa!!!