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Limits of my psu
TEC PSU and relay idea
power supplies
between 12.6 and 12.7 on 12 volt line
cheiftec AX 01, please advise.
Erk - overloaded PSU?
fortron 460watt
Which Fortron PSU?
limits of aurora 300w (sparkle)
TO: Anyone with an Antec Sonata
psu connector question..
3.3volt rail is not stable!!
ermm...this can't be good......
Anyone heard of LC Power?
Thermaltake ATX420w
My -5V line is low
Which psu out off these.....??
just got a sparkle 300
Wave Master
Antec PlusView1000AMG how is it?
Pic Of My Computer Finished
Sparkle power! Ohh yaaa!!!
question for Antec Rep, please...
Mini Review: Fortron Aurora 350 Watt Power Supply
psu questions..
Slightly low -12 volt rail.....should I care?
Antec tech representative Ihave a Q for you
power supply question..
Please post what Power Supply your using with what MOBO....
I need some advice.
Ideas for custom laser etch
Antec TB 480 Quiet Surprise
Voltage Deviation in PSU
Modded PSU kills mainboards...?
dual side fan bracket help!
question... pls read n00b mistake
DRU-510a installation in Antec 1080AMG
Power Supplies won't work
Enough POWAH?!?!
Need something better then a 430 tp!
Anyone any inside info when the Fusion is coming?
Antec Truepower 430watt...
insufficient psu = hard drive problems?
amazing psu
2 Q's about modding a PSU
Black PSU wires make a difference?
Abit NF7-S + AMD 1700 - System not working >.<
Ultimate Power Supply?
Seperate fan power supply?
AeroCool PSU
What are active and passive PFC?
need power supply wiring diagram
Fortron 350W and my 12v rail at 11.56
this psu good for now?
fryed psu?
+12v at 13.25, that seems dangerously high....?
2 Choices, need help to choose
Coolermaster ATC-110
CoolerMaster Aeromaster II
cwt = unbadged antecs?
Antec True Power 550 question?
should I get a bigger power supply
I need expansion slot covers
fotron 350w limits?
Aopen/Fortron/Sparkle PSU Problem
cpu beeps when i press ctrl+up+left and others
How many 4-pin connectors in series?
TT Lanfire
how can you tell that your PSU is failing / not enough juice?
Step-by-Step: Building a Quiet PC from the Ground Up
antec truepower 430 or 480?
Antec Sonata ?'s
Psu Q's
Bootup Failure Question....Tricky indeed!
+5v mod raised cpu temps?
+12v reading 11.4
VCore Settings
"3.0 v & 5.0 v l 160 w max" ? is that good?
Are these good?
good psu?
How to overide temperature control on Antec true480
power supply going crazy?
Will this work
Vcore drops significantly under load.
PowMax psu's any good?
120mm fan instead of 80mm
New PS rails???
what voltage to look out for when overclocking CPU?
Annoying PSU Problem
Symptoms of a Bad PSU?
possible low voltages
Replacing PSU fan
Choices, choices...
antec 550 true showing low rails with hardware monitor
Argh. Dead PSU? Please respond
Forton 350 watt PSU
How to have 2 PSUs in PC?!!
5v beyond low, is this possible?
Blank covers for 3.5 bay?
Holy Mary!
Which PSU will perform the best while overclocking?
Help me decide which Fortron to get....
most accurate software for checking psu volt readings
quiet and yet powerful psu
Need to change True550 Server PSU to ATX..Need help.
New FSP350-60PN. Low 12V line.
What are the odd plugs on the True Power 550?
PSU sudden death twice !(help pls)
TU-150 from Apex
The ATX standard
Recommend a good PSu for me
Enermax 350 Power Supply
Fortron PSU
Power supply round up. Where?
First time building + wiring madness = HELP!!!
MiniATX power supply for server farm?
what am i missing?
Antec Sonata Blue LEDs -> HD indicator lights
Turbolink and Channel Well
---PS output and input-----
whats wrong?
Fortron or ANTEC?!?!?!?
im taking my psu apart - call me cheap but hey
Antec Sonata TruePower 380 squeeking
Thermaltake 480W Pure Power? good?
What are the odds of this happening on my first OC?!?!
vapochill question
Help With Finding Why Voltage Changes
Symptoms of a dieing PSU
Adding juice to my 5v line
PSU wattage Calculator
Wake-up-on-Lan.. how to use this?
Very cool PC Power Consumption program.. has anybody used this?
Power Supply Adapters
Crazy Drive Rails on the Antec SLK3700AMB, need help installing 5.25" drive (pics)
a quality black psu?
enough psu right.....?
Loud *** psu
UPS question
i don't understand these voltage readings. Please help
UPS to protect router?
-12v questions
Fortron Question
hooking up front USB ports
Liani-Li pc37/60+65
What the heck is this noise??
when will Antec sell SONATA SIDEPANELS?
Power Changing
i know its been asked before but...
PSU Problem
power supply limiting overclock?
Window Help
Lower volt on 12 V DC
Did I push my PSU over the edge?
UV reactive Molex Connectors
antec smart blue 350w
Sooo.... How are these antec lan boyz?
What does a blown capacitor look like?
I plan on getting this..A few questions~
Cable sleeve size
PSU rail question
Approved PSU
Fortron 350w PSU adjustments
Enermax or Antec PSUs for Abit NF7 mobo
Fortron 350w, or 400w....
cathode light shuts off monitor!
How to use an AT power supply without a board??
Safe Power Fluctuation
Enermax 350W
Quick Lame Question
confirm parrallel PSU question
UHG!...ever since the spark incedent I can't run my board....
does ATX psu work with microATX mobo?
Powmax 400W
Recommend a PSU with short wires
wow check this out
Power supply rubber silencer
FSP350-60BN vs. FSP350-60BT
What a sexy mod!
Difference between antec true control and true power?
antec true 550 vs. fortron 530 overclocking
Power Supply Relay
Fortron power supply noise when scrolling...
Power Supplies and Temperatures
Airflow For Mycase
dual fans on power supplies?
antec 330w true power from newegg?
Dragon Front USB/Firewire?
processor will not boot. AMD
Turbo Link PSU?
Quiet Powersupply Suggestions
what to do if my PSU doesn't have 12V P4 connector??
do i have a problem?
anyone heard of these?
How to replace the fan on my fortron 350W
lanboy to buy, or not to buy
Q-tec 550w Psu
Powersupply went POP...think my mobo is ok?
best website for psu?
best overclocking PSU under 50$
Found a cool looking website
Mobo protection
Kingwin KT-424 S Review
how much power is enough
Fortron FSP550-60PLN for non SMP board?
how much juice does a PC use?
refurbished power supplies?
Need Big PSU for Server
Hyena 350W ATX
Is this look good???
Fortron 530
removing molex connectors
Server PSU, no 3v line ?
testing rail voltages
rail regulation limit?
advice on a ps for o/c'd 1700+
got $60
X-Dreamer with no Power Supply
Overvolting limits on PSU rails?
Rubber Foam = Silence?
redundent power supplys
Funny Names
adding a fan to a PSU
problem cuz of low amps?
Antec True Power or Enermax Which is better?
12v fan molex
pre-sleeved power supply?
is it possible to convert a AT to a ATX
Fortron 450?
Thermaltake psu good?
Using a new Power supply w/ old PIII
Solid, cheap PSU with adjustable fans
curious about site and psu
First impressions: Fortron 350W & Sunbeam rheobus
power supply for an xp 1800
Front USB 2.0 connection to mobo
Replacement side panels for Antec SLK3700 AMB
anyone know where i can get this?
Antec SLK3700AMB Temps?
why does everyone's PSU undervolt.. except mine
Thermaltake PSU run Hot at Rig Off ??
The 300 Club ...(PCPC 510 Deluxe Thread)
TTGI 12v undervolting like mad
Fortron PSU question
How Much power per month do I consume?
HPC psu
antec pp-403x 400w
I hooked up a fan while comp was on!!
where to buy a multimeter?
pulling too many wats could cause connectoers to overheat???
Is a 350watt Fortron PSU enough for a 2500+ Barton?
New to water cooling
what is the best psu
Hear The Silence
how low is too low?..
Flickering Cold Cathode
Runnign more than one PSU???
Whats a GOod Cheap PS
Antec TP480w a dud????
quick question
300 watts
Fortron- P530XF530W Question
How much load can one molex handle?
best $60-$80 psu
12v line at 11.22v - cause for concern?
atx connector problem?
fortron 350 or antec tp 380
Antec Plus 1080AMG- simple question
The Metal thing behind the bays....
daisy chain
Limit of my CPU? PSU related?
Raidmax 420w powersupply. Any good?
Is this an Antec TP PSU?
Fortron 530 or Antec True 550
Uneec Ps
bad powersupply?
One Reason to Reccomend Antec
Fortron Question
upside down psu
Antec true control 550
can't really find out how to use multimeter to test voltage...
Antec 550 limits
Should I sell my 300w Fortron?
Power Supply Nearing Death? Reccomendations
Why does everyone knock Powmax?
Is This A Good Ps
Power Supply On The Outside
A really stupid Question
Sparkle FSP550-60PLG can this be used for an ATX M/B?
PSU & asus voice error message
Where to connect the fan wire from Enermax/Antec PS?
are these voltages to low
Blew a channel on Vantec Nexus...
Any Ideas
Any one own a Thermaltake?
Look at my 5v rail !!
how to measure 3+volt line with multimeter
Ground Fault (GFI) plugs
Fortron 350W 12V Connector?
Fortron FSP350-60PN(PF) ATX-cable length?
Antec 550 or 480 True Blue
choose my power supply
Do these voltages look right?
Enlight 300W getting crushed?
FIC Ice Cube
Running 2 Power Supplies
how to find out PS current draw
Need help with a new PSU!
What amount of vcore drop is acceptable when running prime95
Voltages on my PSU
can someone posts some pics of fan holes cut using a nibbler???
Yeong Yang, YY-5601 and YY-5602! Any thoughts?
Considering all power-drawing components
Antec TrueBlue 480 - Good PSU to buy right?
is this a good psu?
what is the point of 4 fans in one psu?
What's this goo?
I hate Enermax
can my PS handle this..?
just got fortron 530 have a fan question
My Computer is possessed
Is this PSU any good?
fortron 120mm blue adjustable fan psu 54.95 shipped
Antec Trueblue 480 Bad?
ahanix Dbox
350w Fortron..
Floppy power connector
Are thermaltake power supplies worth anything?
Can this 250W handle this?
cd tower
question on PSU
Acceptable voltages and fluctuation...
budget computer
You have to see this...
ANTEC SL v. TRUE =independent output isolation
Opinion on New Antec
which wires are better?
Burnt speaker wire
Whats the deal with the 4pin connector???
Messed up on this one. :( Need a new PSU
gasp... silent PSU for whopper price
Lite-On FS-020 Is Discontinued! Better Get One Soon!
Sparkle (SPI) 350w (120mm) on it's way :))
Stupid Question
psu fan stopped.
350w enough? or would 430antec solve possible problem
Lite-On FS020
Combined output of 3.3v of 5v of True380
Drive cages- would they fit....
Comp in a car? PSU?
Channel well PSU's any good?
do i need a new PSU?
i think my PSU is kinda dead....
Best PUS for overclocking
Antec 430W needs another fan? Also, top PSU fan blows or sucks?
Looking into geting a new PSU !
PSU Voltage?
Bigger PSU?
Pc Power Cooling 425ATX
Half the PSU dead..?
how to test digital server power supply
Antec SLK1600 and MicroATX motherboard?
Calculating 3v and 5v
Ever heard of a Mustang psu?
Antec PlusView1000 AMG...Opinions???
where to buy channel well psu
not booting up after installing cold cathode
200w good enough for p4 2.4C & Radeon 9800pro?
How Much UPS Power Do I Really Need?
250 watt ps need to upgrade
The Sonata's PSU lacks second fan, does it matter?
520W Topower
pelt-ish question..
Suggestions for my mods
How do I tell if a OEM PSU is standard, or "Dellified"
would 250W work for this setup?
Changing voltage values
Funky bezel from Coolermaster
Antec 350w (Blue Leds) vs. Forton 350w
P4 PSU connectors
How to compare power supplies - Fortron vs. Antec for the best under $50 PSU
liteon deal of a lifetime...
Question about Antec SL350 PSU and my rig
300w Fortron enough for todays PC's?
is this even possible?
Is RAiDMax good psu
BRAG: Antec True480 $89.67 shipped from Directron.com
my friends new computer doesnt wanna turn on for some reason!?
Forton 350w and Exteme OCing?
Something died
replacing fans in psu
Powersupply - which one?
is Vio +3.3?
worried Im underpowered
forton 530 is 18A on the 12v OR 28A (with 17A=3.3v and 24A=5v)
Since87 (or anyone), is this a good transient response rating?
Burnt Connections
Time for a new psu?
Bad power supply?
turbolink 420w
Tested psu out without mobo..here are results..
Fortron source remarked?
my next idea...
Could this be my PSU bad?
Nf7s users post voltages/psu brand.
Sleeving PSU
Enermax or Thermaltake PSU?
Will this fortron 460watt work on a nf7s
Cooking roaches with RF inside a PSU
newbie help: how to read power supply specs and such...
Fortron 530w noise level
dissapointed with fortron 350w
need a new psu for my nf7-s
how to tell difference between AT and ATX
Quick PSU related question
Looks like Newegg finally has the Fortron 350W FSP350-60PN (120mm fan) in stock..
PSU help
Are *any* Deer power supplies of decent quality?
Power per harddrive
Larva and others please clarify this PSU ratings...
question on voltages
Tech Drawings of Prometeia
Antec Sonata + SLK??
Looking for a quiet PSU...
Antec true 550 w
Tested my Antec, I have no idea if the number are good HELP
Hows this for PSU
Random Reboots
80mm -> 120mm adapter on 80mm INTAKE?
ist it a psu or mboard prolem
Modding a acrylic window
Bad 12V?
Power supply trouble?
what psu?
Antec 550w Warm Heat
how my rails look?
Current Flowing Through PSU Casing!?
VoodooPC cable folding?
PSU Rail
Full window kit for antec 830sx?
Time for new power supply??
hardware monitor numbers alright?
Sparkle VS. Forton...
Power Supply Exhaust Temp
Power supply fan problem.?
trashedmy pc60, whats next??? server???
testing the powersupply's voltages
450Watt Foxconn Power Supply?
fortron 300w or 350w?
Runs Prime but not Sandra!
Anyone have an opinion on this Device
What's wrong with this PSU??!?!?
Fan on PSU
PSU interference
Alien Ware
Is this a PSU problem ?!?!
Bay sizes
crasy -12.00 readings?
Need a PSU recommendation please...
Over 10 PSU's here under $30 Quest for best buy! (plz read & Participate)
run system open?
HP PSU quandaries
Recommend me a PSU!
Sparkle - pots don't adjust anything....
PSU Prob... please help! =(
best psu
psu fans...
Enermax EG465AX-VE opinions? (horrible name, I know)
Alright Fanboys! Pick the best PSU company! [POLL RETIRED]
+5v too low and +12v too high
Wiring Help
Anyone heard of this PSU?
is 11.73 for +12 way too low?
Molex cables????????
How many computers can 1 powerstrip handle?
Antec True Power Question
Dragon vs. Scorpio??
Funny power pack
Which PSU for this Peltier??
best mods ever
Removing some cover thing....???
New antec true 380, question
12v @ 12.7v under load, problem?
12v @ 12.7v under load, problem?
12v @ 12.7v under load, problem?
Raidmax power supplies....
289.00 for a power supply... who are they kidding!!
odd problem.....