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289.00 for a power supply... who are they kidding!!
odd problem.....
Antec slk2600amb
Specifications Of A Peltier PSU??
I think my Fortron 350w is not enough power for me...
Dell PSU question
Just the Side panel?
Source PRO480W any good?
cutting aluminum
should I worry....
make a laptop power supply???
is this safe?
This a good dragon?
place to get pieces for PSUs/mobos? (power)
power supply causing windows xp to boot slower?
Has anyone modded a Sonata?
Thermaltake 420w VS Enermax 350w!!!
I-STAR Power Supply
Is 180W enough???
Fortron 300W/120mm fan or 350W/80mm fan
PSU problem?
Vcore Value is crazy
What volt line are video cards on
Cheiftech/Antec ****yyy thingy
Summer Cleaning
HP PSU adventure
Which PSU???
Fortron 350... Too much to handle?
FSP350-60PN is $20 more than FSP350-60BT/BN...is it worth it?
uggghhhh whats wrong with my psu?
Now this I don't get.....
New Power Supply Idea
Built new system (PICS INSIDE)
Is my system underpowered? and If yes, could you guys recommend me a PSU?
My ATI 8500LE causes this, should I go with Antec TRUE430W
+12V or +5V line feeding AMD processors?
Achieve 500 watt?
Boosting 5v by adding regulators
about UPS systems
voltage regulators not UPS
true power 550 or true control 550
not enough power=high temp?
Freeze - Crash= PS?
rheostat question
PSU with the highest +12v output
Power Supply problem?
HEADS UP. New PC Power & Cooling BLACK 510w PSU...
Just bought an Antec Tru430. Comments?
Question about my PS specs
Allright I guess its time for a new psu, the Sparkle 300watt isnt quite keeping up.
How to make a PSU run when another is on?
how can you tell if your psu is not good enough?
R U using the 350w fortron/sparkle? if so, what are you specs?
what would cause the rails to jump
is the antec sl350 a good power supply?
OK, now what?
how do you find the speed of your power supply??
Fortron 350 or 400+?
Correct Voltages??
Dont Know Where To Buy
want good psu with no fan only connectors
dont have the power
How much power?
psu heat output quetion
I (finally) found the limits of the 350W Fortron/Sparkle
Is the Antec Sonata good Cooling?
low computer performance, PSU not big enough?
How to multimeter test a PSU?
I just want to point out my experience with a particular PSU
Vantec 520 W
Power supply under rated???
Can i do this???????
Most quiet PSU??
fortron 530watt on dual AMD system at 2ghz...
Sparkle 460w w/ active PFC
Powersupply crashes?
350 watt fortron, whats the most it can run?
Can PSU handle the load?
question for larva or someone in the know ;)
Power Supply Seems to Speed up When Room temps are high
Ive got a problem
What can my generic PSU handle?
Which 400w PSU?
13 Power Supply review
Enermax floppy drive cover
300watt+300watt sparkle deal i missed :(
Help Antec TruePower 550W Low Rail!
Where can I find some nice bright LED's?
Zalman OR Thermaltake
newbie needs help
Can a PSU still be crap, when the voltages measure good with a MM?
PSU series connecting. knowledgeable only please.
Completed 5v mosfet mod, input?
5v motherbord mod article link?
Fan Contol For 30 Or Mo Fans....
Wath is the best power supply?
problem getting PC to run..
are these still good power supplies...
micro atx power supply
Antec TrueBlue 480 watt
is ISO psu any good
My new TruePower 480w PSU... impressive.
fortrons overrated in wattage?
11.36 12v line too low? PSU about dead?
Were can I get these.......?
Got my Vapochill in!
Enermax EG465
If you own a Chieftech/Matrix please read...
AUX Power Connector
Sparkle and Fortron PSU info.
330w truepower != low noise
Would enermax 350W be enough for GA-7N400 Pro???
Your PSU Education.
350 watt fortron/sparkle with 120mm fan in STOCK
Generic = buy or dont
sluggish performance
New power supply???
Antec Sonata?
anyone with cooler master 201?
vapochill or promecia
Antec Smartblue 350 vs Enermax 465W (old version)
opinions wanted: what psu to use?
Recommend me a Power supply for my rig.
1u Psu
3.3 volt line low
Just ordered my Vapochill :D
Fortron 530... Help plz
Help:: (psu)
Burnt PSU?
Pc Power & Cooling opinions for my Dell?
dieing PSU
Fortron w/ 120mm fan and Lite-On FS-020
This is because of psu right?
more power
unstable power Supply?
Nice 550W from Hiper
Who makes them ???
voltages ???
What do you think about this power supply
Replacing my PSU; Newbie Question
Is my whole cmputer dead!!??
Buzzing noise from com --> Antec PSU?
Antec TruePower
About Hoot's Sticky Psu Post
Is this worth it?
is the inside of this pc P & C P.Supply more like an ANTEC or FORTRON?
FSP350-60BNS vs FSP350-60PN
need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
voltage question
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Newegg!!!!!!
External HD box??
350 watt fortron powering dual system with 8 scsi's
400w Duro power supply:rolleyes:
Split Power
molex problem.......
powertek power supplies
compusa power supply
450W Channel Well Technology (CWT)?
do you think a 300w will do it
Huge list of seemingly cheap psu's, any good?
power supply stress test
-Straying Away From Conventinal Steriotypes-
Prometia Mach 1/Mach 2 vs Vapochill ... is there much of a difference?
What's better AOPEN 360W or..
how to make a 120mm hole?
Dangerous PSU
mini psu
PSU Question
Upgraded PSU but see little change in voltages
Voltage Regulator Clicking?
at power supply, turn on without mobo
So why did my PSU die?
Any Suggestions?
Odd voltages... need help please
which one is better???
Antec TruePower fan only
good buy or bad buy psu?
P/S will not start after compter shutoff
SVC Cold Cathodes
Okia PSU's
Fortron Model Question
form factor
PS Run with no mobo
Any Better Prices On This Antec Ps/Help With PS Problem
Fortron FSP530-60GNA Questions
ps question!!!!!!!!
Voltages on different PSU's
Can somone reccommend a good power supply?
fortron 530 watt vs 350 watt--RESULTS of head to head on same machine...
What shouldn't I touch?
ATX to AT adapter?
92mm fans work great in Chieftecs!
Upping voltage
2 comps, 1 psu
Enermax EG465P-VE
how is my psu performing?
Antec 300w vs generic 420w
Which power supply
Emergency help....
Falcon system...
Modder/Engineer Needed
Antec True CONTROL 550 PS
Bad Antec True Power 430??
Fortron/Sparkle vs Fortron/Source
Fortron PSUs: question on their fans...
Homemade "carputer" power supply?
Not Enough Power?
Brand new PSU
Power Supply Issue
Anybody know where to buy one of these???
nForce2 specific PSU's??...
Enermax 365AX VE FMA Capacitor mod
My computer looks as good as my Corvette
Random reboots with Fortron 350 and 8rda
Help...Cant boot
I am sad....
uATX w/P6 connector
Sparkle gone bad?
A little burning plastic never hurt ATX connector...
How can I connect my front USB ports?
Concerns about whether my PSU is enough
Dual Power System
truepower external molex
How's your $2.99 Fry's power supply?
Need Help! with PSU
Wondering about this PS
HELP PSU possibly dead, need to know for sure...HELP
Unstable core voltage
Signs of power supply problem
Voltages too high??
tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Measure, In Watts, how much power a PSU gives out?
is this a good deal???
need a good psu cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!
LCD in Floppy Bay?
Enermax EG365P-VE(FM) and T-Bred 1700+
PSU question
Broken PSU?
Need help! Problem with Fortron PSU
Fan templates ????
Steel or Aluminum, whats the difference?
atx power supply Q
could intermittent glitches be PSU?
suggestions please?
Computer just powers down. No Shutdown sequence.
Comparing FS 530 and TP 550.
would a fortron 550...
can someone help me find a cheap tp 430?
-12 and -5 would like some info please
Antec Sonata + Zalman ZM-MFC1?
How important is PFC ?
Low +12 Reading
Quiet power supply search
Did I choose wisely?
foxconn (austin) ps
Thanks to everyone who helped me choose a PSU
why so cheap?
Am I missing something here?
Can a power supply cause a motherboard diode to explode?
Is my PS enough to run my system?
Cheap quiet priced PS for this system?
How to.....
Where Can I Find...
Calculating my system's power consumption
True Power 430
Bit of a newbie question on a Antec 550 ps
my antec 3.3-5-12 all low!!
PSU and lighting an LED
Antec TRUE 550???
ORdered the liteon fs020 today!
Homemade PSU help
How many power do I need?
UV lights sux to much power?
What is a Decent PSU???
is this AT or ATX?
300 watt sparkle psu's overclock
Nexus NXP 201
need opinions on full towers....
Chieftech/Chemning X-Pider HELP!
found a small atx psu :)
Is my PSU what's holding me back?
Mucho Smoke :(
PSU sleeving guide
Sparkle Question
PSU array
Problem with Power????
Help me "load" the power supply?
why do my lights flash when i turn on my cpu?
Burnt out?
PSU problem? I don't know..
Difference between Antec TruePower & TrueBlue?
Fan speed
TrueBlue480 or TruePower550?
Mobo Fitting Question
keep an eye out for me
Odd PSU problem after modding.
need advice guys. Connect two psus or buy new?
2 Psu
I have a deer.
Why more volts?
My previous main computer
Fortron 530W@newegg, 18A on +12V, enough?
Small PSU needed
Antec 430W fan speed
I thought i knew it all, but aparently not
new comp pics
Power supply question....
Need help picking a power supply
WOW - SilentMaxx proSilence PCS-350 ?
Any problems with Enermax 350??
Which PSU would you get (of these 3)?
PSU induction coil? [PICTURE]
Using several Cold Cathodes... Need power?
SPI/FSP 530W, difference between 60GN and 60GNA?
HP Pavilion 7940 upgrade to Athlon XP Geforce 4 ti4200
UPS recommendations?
how can I run 2 PSU's in series??
Dangerous to use to Small a PSU
400 watt psu
Vantec Stealth?
New psu....new mobo?
ThermalTake V1000D Blue!
what to get for 150bucks?
Question about P4 plug thing-a-ma-jig
Are these rails too high??
Motherboard stands - where to buy?
PS software???? anything out there
Am I using too much power???
How to hook up a Meanwell PSU?
Time for a new PSU
What to get? a blue cold cathode or uv blacklight?
How high should I run my 12v rail?
New mobo...new psu?
Should I replace my psu?
Opinions on powmax
Enermax 450w PSU life span????
Quietest PSU?
quiet PS
How powerful of a power supply do i need?
did my fan or PSU kill the motherboard?
Old fan....need help connecting..
new sparkle 12v problem?
Quick easy question for anyone
Sparkle PSU
dont hate it because its beautiful
so I finally bought the antec true power and RIP!
New psu..recommendations?
Enermax power supplies
How big of a power supply do I need??
Quieting your PSU?
and now I SEE!!!!!
ok I am confussed..whats this about rails?
"Brown-outs!" power conditioner?
fortron/sparkle 350 watt w/120mm fan pumps cool air on dual system
Can it tame my beast?
What Power Supply should I get
How do you test a power supply?
12 V questions
new psu rip old one
Antec Power Supply, Where do I connect this square 4pin connector?
Psu question.. hmmm
PSU, how much can it take?
Discharging PSU...
Which PSU
New fortron 530w at newegg
Is My 400W Antec SmartPower guilty???
Laser Led's from Xoxide instead of CCL's
Quick newb question
Gotta Get One Of These
Antec TruePower 550 rebooting itsel
New power conditioner/battery backup unit
Switch on back of power supply
PSU reveleation, please all read
PSU Wire Cutting, How Dangerous?
FSP350-60BTP shutdown problem
Should I get a new PSU?
What is this
Selling Chieftech - Already had a PC-71
Dmensions for the FS-020
+5.00: 4.76V - too low?
First time building a comp
need to mod a psu help please
Overclockers PSU?
Powermax PSU
Blue UV wire sleeves
NooB Help
who makes Enhance?
How to turn on old PSU without a mobo?
Dual PSU to improve +5v ?
Vantec 470
Stupid LED Question, kinda...
Allied who makes?
Which specs look better?
Performance:Price PSU
Enermax EG365P-VE whoops EG465P-VE Butt!
hiding round IDE cables
PSU Weights
replacing psu fan questions
8rda+ reading way off
My Psu Rip!
Why doesn't somebody build a pc with a ups instead of a conventional PS?
Once again my power supply tried to kill me!
is it ok to use the non-athlon/p4 psu on a nforce2 board?
Motherboard generates high pitch noise
PSU Voltage
sparkle w/ noise killer
CoolerMaster 201 Midtower
cutting PSU wires
Bad +12v with Herolchi 400w LDT
Voltage Not Stable?
Modding PSU to fanless - help?
Ttgi Tt-400ss 420w
enough power ?
Do's and don'ts when piggybacking??
PSU questions
would this run stable?
Dremel help
The best rig I've ever seen
Bigger PSU
Recommended PSU
how good is a channel well?
lol...check these voltages...
Lausy PSU or reading problem?
Vantec PSU fan warning!
LOL I gained 0.03 on my +5v and +12v rail doing this
Good PC Configuration?
short opportunity: answer fast: antec truepower550
so many! experts advice needed: PSU type
why's my -12 at -7.17?
Please comment on my Power Supply readings...
New Antec TruePower but....
My 350W enermax supply's inconsistant voltage?
Midi or server?
Burning in Antec PSU
Removing ATX Power Connector for sleeving
TK eia Tk-350watt power supply. good for OC'd 2gig rig?
Sparkle vs. TTGI
Help me pick a power supply
PSU Upgrade for Compaq Presario 4660
Antec True Power 430
Ugh... psu just died...
little help. Antec 400w
How much power does a cold cathode kit takes up
need cheaper but good powersupply in UK. Links? how bout q-tec.
This is insane!
New Antec PSU yes/no?
Where to buy Sparkle PSU
Getting a new PSU, SPI FSP350-60BT any good?
first window mod- pics!
Is this normal?
molex for PSU
My PS has gone crazy?!
is my new antec ps DOA?
Mainboard ATX Power Connector
300W enough to run my setup plus....
Channel well psu
Psu ?
Some questions related to PSU
2 Questions about PSU's
Advice needed..shopping for new PS
How much power do I need? (For AMD2400+)
How much load on "7V"?
watercooled power supply
just bought new psu
Where are the pots?
time for a new PSU, help me pick
Really low 5v rail
Cooler Master ATC-201-SX questions
Computer, and Power supply Question, Friend reaching for excuses on a benchmark.
250W brand PSU better than 400W generic?
To get the antec Top off....
who makes this and where do i get one?
Koolance PC-902 & Accessories
PSU RMA experience?
Mobo PSU connectors
Anyone familiar with FSP 510w P/S?
Achieve Power Supplies
Insight on transformer PSU needed....
voltage too high?
Higher temps after new power supply?