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Weird noise from power supply
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Mother Board PS temp=Bad CPU TEMPS???
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TTGI overvoltage????please need help...
Modding My Mouse.
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Thermaltake PSU
why so low
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1700+ pally and el-cheapo m-atx PSU
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Difference 5V: Real voltage and MBM/BIOS - which to trust?
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Power LED Lead
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Ep-8rda flooring 3.3v
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does this sound like an ok power supply?
Diamond in the Rough (PSU)
What are the best color round IDE cables with a blue cold cathode light?
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Why Such A Dramatic Drop In CPU Temp?
Those nobs in your power supply are not for the fans!!!
ATX Schematic/dimensions
addtronics 420 W PS
Computer problems... PS related?
Cheap $10 PSU
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what the *bleep* is u-ATX?
I need a PSU recommendation for a 9700 Pro
voltage from 5 to 6 for a second!! WIW??
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8rda+ Psu
Problem with PSU?
Fsp530-60GNA 3.3+5+12 =508watts
Heatshrink Q?
ATC-201C-SX2 Oh, and Hello!
PSU Efficiencies
Check Out Alienware.com
Computer-inside-a-Briefcase "Laptop" Power Solution ?
Stupid Antec Door...Suggestions...
1coolpc 500w PSU any good?
350 or 400 W sparkle
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Looking for a Quiet PSU, help pls!
350watt psu not enough?
questions on 550 trupower
Overcoming resistances in ATX PSU'S
Old AT power supply, do is it need a fan???
Needed New PS
Antec Fusion
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Raidmax 500 Watt Aluminum PSU...
Antec true430watt ps!
Q about the sparkle 350w
USB front panel help
What do you guy's think
Before you condemn your particular PSU:
Ahanix Noblesse...
What color cold cathode should I get
4 Pin connectors
How do you test the Volages using a multimeter ?
How do I add a relay to switch pump on with PSU
+12v rail is bad!
What do you think ? Pics
how do you calculate your system power requirement?
Problem with new 420w Enlight
PSU w/ monitor mains
How to hook up 1394&usb2
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EMI is screwing me? Please help!
Adjusting strobe lights???
true power 480 low line readings
Enermax PS minor problem
power supply problems?
Tripped my PSU... Now I have a question...
Recommendations - Sparkel or Antec
Aluminum Or Plastic?
Any recommendations for a UPS?
UV lights, good or bad?
Wood faceplates.
3.3V and AGP
_incompatible_ PSU?!?
Comp can't power radeon?
Custom Window Help
Is this a power supply problem?
what's wrong with my Antec True Power????
Is 400w powerful enough...
What a capacitor on the power connector of ATX PSU does?
How to start PSU a while before mobo???
how do u turn on an AT power supply?
Do you have an Enermax PSU with a low +5V line? Fix it
help with vbat....
500W (275 on 5+3.3) not enough???
Enough Power?
What's the red switch on back of PSU for?
possible psu problem
Need a QUIET ATX PSU, any suggestions?
+3.3v rail
anyone opened their thermaltake PSU ?
suggestions on multimeters
Voltage Tolerances?
Quick qustions about voltages jumping around!
advice on full tower please?
Help my A7V8X 5 Volt is very low!!!!
Antec Customer Service is GREAT!
fibre glass?
Dead PSU???
Looking for PSU Wattage Recommendation
PSU Wattage Recommendations
Antec true blue 480W PSU ???
Antec TrueBlue 480 question
computer wont stay on
Taping Wires To PSU
if the 3.3v on psu is out of spec...
Front Mounted USB and Firewire
More horror stories about Allied Power supplies.
PSU wire trick
actual power consumption
My -12 line is strange.
300w a problem in old ATX MB?
Something u all knwo, but i don't
Fan Filter Material?
"works" Power Supply
How do you think this will do?
Ggrrrr No Power Up!!!
What are the symptoms of an overtaxed PSU?
Adjusting 5v line & PSU life expectancy
Antec 430 is getting on my nerves
There's yellow goop in my power supply.
Black Floppy Drive?
dose JBWeld work with Aluminum?
where are my screws?
Looking for a front panel for media ports...
My fan stopped working at 7V?
Quietest Power Supply Recommendation Min 400W
Computer PSU for In Car Use.
ttgi/hiper psu ticking clicking
Sparkle with 120mm fan
PSU reccomendation
Changing Fans in PS
Hot Wiring a ATX/AT Power Supply
What size PSU to get
Voltage Rails
Front Connector Components
Got me confused. UPS and 3dmark2001
PSU the problem?
Problem: Computer Powers itself ON
European 220VAC power supply question...all you dudes from Europe,give me some advice
It won't Shut Down!!!!!
Dual Powersupplies questions
Any low profile power suppies above 200w?
hmmm....could I do this?
New 8RDA+ & 3.3 Rail
NEED HELP!! 2.5v rail @ 3.29 computer won't boot!
12v + 5v possible, same psu, diff. psu?
Another dumb question by moi...
Dual-fan power supplies
Converting old AT power supply
Antec TrueControl vs. TruePower
Need new psu?
5v, 12v, 3.3v what does it all mean
5v rail at 4.65v
Building a pc need some advice
Got my sparkle 400w today
Power Supply Suggestion Please
Antec 250W PSU (not TruePower)
How do I use a PSU with no comp?
weird PSU
Bad PSU?
Icute 350W, Junk or Quality?
AMD approved??
PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 425 ATX vs Vantec Stealth 520 PSU
Vtt low?
Quiet PSU
ps fan speed
Supermicro 400W PSU queries
Equation for a power supply?
Do i need a new psu?
Larva... a 400watts to 500watts MOD !!!
A random shutdown problem
3.3v & +5 max output 200w enough?
I need a little help hooking up an AT power supply if anyone can help.
Matrix Full Tower MOD Pics
Antec PSU's are noisey?
Gateway Tower v.s. Light weight ALuminum
What power supply do you recommend?
front mounted firewire
465 Enermax
TbredA->B: 12V & 3.3V
How hot does your Antec true power supply run?
Could a machine run with a 3.3v of 2.6?
sparkle 400wt or true power 550?
Power fan below threshold
Mounting a 120mm Fan on your powersupply?
Good or could be better ?
ANTEC 400 watt ps - very noisy fan - what to do?
Antec RULES!
Do we realy need a 300w+ psu?
PSU from 2 down to 1
w00t for my new PSU :D
PSU just not strong enough?
24-pin ATX to 20-pin ATX adapter...
I need help I think?
Is my antec 350 w enough ?
24V Power Supply
good deal
What happens if PSU overheats ?
Need help with a possible PS problem
External PSU #2
Does your PSU work, mine does not.....
Power on Errors, please Help
Stealthing CD drives etc
adjusting +12V in a topower/atlas PSU
Red Rounded UV-Sensitive Cables?!?
Power usage question
Modifying Fortron 300W for more power
Is Power Maxx from PCToys the same as Vantec?
External PSU
3.3V extremely low
Cutting power supply cables
Antec SX1000II + Paypal
PSU blew
WILL A Thermaltake Silent PurePower, 420W ATX power supply be QUIET???
ATX and micro ATX power supplies.
Power supply problem?
3.3v is a tiny bit low? Antec SL400w
Which Power Supply??
Quiet PSU's
Which wire is what?
quick led question
low -12v and -5v lines
Do I need a new PSU?
8-pin adapter
Antec Truepower
Do I need a new PSU for my 1700+??
PSU Suggestion for A7N8X
Cable Management!!!
Silver X-Sonic :)
Tom's Hardware Actually Did Something Right
Please Please Help
Sony Power Supply
terrable voltage rails
How are flex atx power supplies? Opinions/Help please
Is My Power Supply Strong Enough...
newb power supply question..please help
Power Supply Help
mini ITX?!?
Which model fortron / sparkle?
+5v +12v +3.3v -5v -12v +5vsb
Arg..... generic PSUs..................
Which PSU to get?
low +3.3v and +5v...
My PSU is making a high pitched noise
5 inch bay covers?
Antec 550w or 430w?
Core Voltage Fluctuating
The goop inside a psu?
My psu beats my old delta 80mm in db
PSU Wattage
Power button question ...
Getting random reboots
Antec Truepower 430 and "fan bus"
Silent TT520SS
Anyone using a desktop?
Antec "Control" 550
High Amp PSU suggestions
Will an Antec Stealth be ok if running this?
300W Superflower or 400W Q-tec ???
which one to believe
Curiosity is killing me here
Quick question on spreading LED light
Best way to tell a good power supply
Fortron power supply with 120mm fan
Antec True Power 550 Question
Where to get PCP&C 510 ATX-PFC ????????
Power consumption
Calculate how much power system is using?
Hmmmmmm... decisions decisions....
full tower, big window. 1 or 2 CCFL's?
anyone had any
My modd - what do you think?
Psu Stats...
Enermax or Thermaltake
Loss of sound caused by Cr*p PSU ?
connecting rails (same v's) in parralell and still work?
is this power supply sufficiant for smp?
How do you safely work inside PSU's?
Question on old powersupply.. yanked out of old 486 computer
How od you start a PSU without a Mobo?
Dual psu !
Dual athlon XP, how many watts?
What do you guys think of the HEC 475W?
Becooling TEC supply Anyone got the instructions?
Bad Power Supply?
Fan Arrangement
non ac psu?
diffence between fortron and sparkle
Adequate Power?
I really, badly, thruly, deeply, madly need help !
Fortron/sparkle psu- uk
Custom PS 9~17v DC Imput
Powerful Flex ATX PS for SN41G2...
Dual PSU
How do you know when your PSU is "dying" ?
Antec RMA?
Ok.....WHAT did I blow up this time.
Funny story...recommendations...
Strange power supply design
antec lanboy
need more power?
Blue AluminumChieftec W/ Side Window+Fan From Newegg
Thermaltake 420W+PFC PSU
To much noise !!
2 Mobos from 1 PSU?
POWMAX sucks starts a leaf-blower
Enermax Whisper 350W question
Antec Truepower 430w, wow!
Duel PSU
For those using a PC Power & Cooling PS...
Antec Truepower and Adjustable voltage POTS ?
What ya think about this PS ?
Is my PSU dying ??? PLEASE HELP !!!
Sheet Metal Suppliers
Chieftech n Antec n windows
Antec's Trueblue 3rd fan
any1 rate the q-tec psu 450w dual fan
Achieve PSU powerful!?
What do you think of this
Antec PP412X vs. Antec Truepower430
Help me interpret this spec!
What voltage is most important for curent Tbred O/C ?
SmartBlue fans CFM rating?
5V is kinda low?
Too much +5v..can it be bad?
Difference between Antec TrueBlue480 and True480?
where can i find this?
TurboCool 510ATX released
What do you know about ElanVital PSU ?
Is 300w to low for a fast rig?
meanwell powersupply
Sparkle 350W PSU and 3.3V pot?
Testing my powersupply??
What The?
Extending my power supply wires?
psu to power hdd's
Holy Mother of PSU's BATMAN! Check this out!
sparkle 250w dieing under power...
Silencing PSU
Is it worth getting this PSU???
ATX PS Tester??
Placing of PSU
I thought this was hilarious!
Antec PP352X
son of a . . .
Antec -> PC P&C....10C drop in temps
Anyone able to get these damn things off???
Dell Upgrade
fan speed on a antec true power 430
Thought I had seen it all till now
AC Outlet
Turbo Link (P4) 420 watts
What Voltages Everything is.
sparkle 350w is the best thanks larva
430 watt Works p/s
How come loaded OEM PC's have only 150watt PSU?
Need a nice PSU
LED lights
Connecting an AC fan to turn on with computer
Have you seen these in your wanderings?
CompUSA 400w PSU?
Antec 550 & Fan Only Connections
antec 480W making high pitch noise w radeon
What fans is in Antec t/p 430?
anything new with a PSU?
is it good for 12V rail to be 12.48 ?
is my PSU giving enough juice ?
Unstable rig, possible PSU probs. Need second opinion
Antec 550t/p +12V?...
Power supply dying?
Should I get a 430 Watt or 550 Watt Beast?
good cheap quiet power?
Voltage question
are thermaltake or enermax good?
meanwell power supply help
GREEN DRAGON SOHO whearabouts?
Psu that can handle 40Amps at system start?
New PSU Mod
200 watts for P 4 bd?
Koolance thermal
useing sparkle fan control in other psu's?
Anyone know about this PSU?
It is an easy question
-12v reading way off thru MBM 5,SANDRA, BIOS and Speedfan
hot swaping CC's
Very interesting PSU problem.
Bad p/s?
Is this a good PSU.
Power Supply 12V Line
New Psu ... Why did this happen?
PSU help , pos or ok ?
3V line reading 1.57V in MBM???
power supply?
Are there pots on the vantec stealth 520?
Anyone heard of Fudin??
how do i test 5v rail/wtf is a 5v rail?
micro psu?
Fortron 350 watt... Good or bad?
Antec SL400 400W Solution Series Power Supply Dual Fan
UV Wires? Where to get?
how do i run 2 psu?
350W Sparkle Powers OC'd Dually Like Crazy!
It is the PSU, right?
Good PSU
400watt deer/allied
cutting a clean circle in sheetmetal
Delta DPS 300BB not working on epox 8kha+
Q-Tec... Any good?
How do you adjust the pots in Antec 430W TruePower PSU
silent PSU
Help with voltages pls
maybe i shoulda asked before i bought it...
what are caps good for?
Which to choose, Help me
PSU makes noises when i scroll!!
Could it be my Power supply?
fast reply How Much Power Will I Need M-ATX PSU
Need load on 5v rail, what type resistor?
Increasing fan speed? - Antec True PSU
Help on powering components
12V too high...advice needed urgently
PSU Problem
does anyone LIKE there Vantec PSU?
Weird voltage fluctuations...Help
Enlight Power supplies.
Antec PlusView1000AMG
power supply with half of it's heatsinks?
Need a server grade PSU with LONG cables!
Some newbies questions....
AKASA Sound Proofing Mat
Dual PSU.....kinda
will it sparkle?!?!?
turning on PSU without computer ect
Ack 3.3 down to 2.8v
antec 430W True Power reading
So How much should a 500w weigh?
Need help quickly! New antec 480W
PSU gone bad ?
Question for people who advocate Sparkle PSU's...
Cheap Power Supply?
low 5v
$30 500 watt PSU vs my current PSU
how much is my psu drawing, and how much do i have left?
PC Power & Cooling: Bad apple out of the batch?
PSU Warranties
is this a DEER PSU?