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is this a DEER PSU?
Gotta great deal today
psu v ocing
Not Sure which PSU to get. Recommendations?
Quick PSU Question (Are these good specs)
400W Silencer from PC Power & Cooling
Can I join the 5V with the 3.3V giving 8.3v?
Snake got into PSU??
need help, setup pararell PSUs pls
Do I need to change my power supply?
Buying a PSU
Got a problem!
What does the -12v and -5V do?
Sparkle 400W Pots?
Powersupply to weak?
PSU not good enough?
What is this PSU connector for? (P6 AUX?)
dell/intel power supply help
enermax 650 watt psu (that's a lotta power!)
Antec 4pin fan connector
Fortron 460W PSU?
The Antec AN-SLK3700AMB
Antec True 430 sux?
Which is ground?
A funny question.
Using a multimeter
What is WRONG here!?!
Need Help Selecting the Right Power Supply
5V running low, overclocking limitations?
PSU Ground Wires
Mod a lighted PSU to glow proportional to current draw?
Which brand power supply?
Fan for 5" bay ?
Antec True 430w - Fan only connector ?
power supply not strong enougH???
If you own an APC read this (recall info)
Just got my Sparkle 350, big surprise
Two PSUs in series for 24v?
Oh ***** I think i destroyed my pc!!!!
Can 180W power...
Seasonic Ss-400fs?
Time for a new PSU?
What do you guys think?
Prosource power supply?
AMD Punk needs intel nerds for help choosing PSU ;) :D
Do PSU's get Worse over time, in overclocking conditions?
Glowing IDE Cables
PcToys PSU
PSU fan airflow?
Antec SX1040BII- SOHO File Server? Where did it go?
serious electricle short! cannot locate source, may be dangerous. suggestions?
Auxillary Molex Connector
I will have your babies if you can help me
430 True to 550
Is this psu good enough?
MultiMeter says 5.03 Bios says 4.68
250w for a duron 1.3?
Radio noise from psu keeping garage door remote from working!
Huge newb wiring information request
Power/LED Connections on Antec 1080 AMG
Quick Power Question
appropriate UPS?
Random Restarts HELP!
best applying magic fleece?
PSU killing?
Need recommendation for DUAL CPU psu
Newbie PSU recomendation.
Noob Question. Please help.
250w actually 400w?
UMMMM are these volts right??
Is my PSU dead or close to it?
do you recognize this PSU?
dual power supply question
Should I swap my PSU for this one?
thanks :)
Vantec 520W not doing its job...
New Project
Some really ODD voltages
Do I need more watts?
Power Suply question
My Vcore blinks red in my bios?
The Perfect Power Supply
Switches on PSU's
What PSU do you recommend?
what does teh 3.3v line do?
how to wash acrylic window?
Let's get to the bottom of this...Experts?
Wattage List?
My New Enermax 431W doesn't work I think.
no charge
Athlon use +12v instead of +5v ???
some adapters for power supplies
Effect of Power Supply on FPS?
Sparkle or Allied PSU... which is quieter?
Antec True550...God PSU?
Anyone have this PSU?
PC Power & Cooling ATX425, WTF??!!
making my own fan duct..
paint suggestions
am i missing something here?
I need some advice...
Belkin Regulator Battery Back-up
are there any silent (or very close to) high wattage psus?
How do I discharge a psu?
Micro ATX cast that has a ATX power supply
"POP" How many times can you...
Power Supply going bad?
Oil cooling a power supply the easy way?
Signs of a dying PSU?
Codegen 450w PSU ?
Where to get expansion slot covers?
How does a power supply work? What's its purpose?
Minimum air flow for my 300W PSU?
Need some spec help
Anyone use this PSU? Directron 520w Triple Fan?
Users of HEC 400w series
sparkle 400 watt psu
15" Clear Lexan Cube
Question about painting...
APC UPS problem
the power supply for me
are antecs ugly?
computer boots up for a minute at a time
what power supply should i use?
n e one heard of Max power supplies?
what fourm to buy PSU;s in?
Switch Question
Antec SLK2600AMB any good?
mini pc
which PSU would you choose??
Where to buy Lite-on fs020
fortron 460w 24 pin to 20 pin mod
6 phase power supply?
Adding external power to your rig!!!
Random reboots: 5V line fluctations or CPU cooling?
JPC psu?
More Power?
Kinda amazes me about PSU disscussions.
question about PSU's
anyone heard of Powerup psu's?
Best way to hide CDroms and floppy on LianLi PC68?
Googlegear sent me the wrong PSU
Full Tower ATX
Front USB on PLU1080AMG
Windows wont finish loading after new power supply?
Power consumption
window side pannel
Stupid Kingwin kt-436wm question
Wires Smoking ouch not good...
Question about the Sparkle PSU
Building a server..how much power?
psu volts
Will the 350Watt Sparkle be enough?
Antec Plus1080AMG
Antec SL400
Which Quiet PSU?
changing PSU fan, how?
Is my psu caving under the pressure?
Is 235w enough for now?
psu reccomendations
True Power and 8K3A+
Enermax 350w vs Okia 350w power supply
Fanless PSU build...
PC Power & Cooling
Allied PSU
which of these 3 psu?
Okay, asking another PSU question
What are connector covers?
Vantec Stealth and other noise questions
Agonizing over choices - need your help!
Which wire what where?
Dead Enermax 350W
Just curious about the Antec PLUS 1080 AMG...
what the power and whats the ground?
New Sparkle 350 watt
ibuypower psu
Astec AA20910
just got antec 550, it is crud. can i do better for same $, locally?
Dissapointed with my new Antec True430
Q-Tec PSU 550W Dual Fan Gold
fortron 460W
Which PSU would you choose?
Anyone own the Antec Slk3700 AMB?
check the damage from ups!!!!
new PSU
3 PSU and nothing!!!!
3.3V lines increase from PSU !!! nice stuff !!!
500 watt raidmax... different models?
Is this a power supply problem??
Help me OC!
which do i trust
Just curiouse+++++Voltage
Favorite Powersupply !!!
Antec PLUS 1080 AMG ?
PSU fans
Which PSU would you recommend?
Intake psu fan????
What is my -12 volt line for? Also software to monitor it...
Channel Well Technology?
voltage too high?
Which power supply?
Can I run PWR_OK through a switch?
Will a XXX watt power supply run this?
please help
PSU-want your opinions
P4 power supplies
Dremals and sparks...
power supply goes under during prime95
550W (hmmm..... De ja vous...)
Acceptable voltages?
Is my Enermax about to kick the bucket??
Replacing a HP 4550z PSU..Will a standard MICRO ATX PSU work??
hyper 420w....
Enhance 460w PSU, Any thoughts?
350 watts enough for XP 2200+, and GF4ti4200??
PSU Fan location
Thermaltake vs Topower (both 420W)
Antec Truepower Voltage Modding
Do I need more power?
Anyone Have An Aluminum Power Supply?
File errors and random system resets
1 PSU, 2 Motherboards
a psu that can run a 226 pelt and rig?
old cathode power draw?
LC powersupply?? Are they any good?
Is 300 watts enuff for my system?
460w Tyan MP PSU on a regular old board?
Ya think my P.S is Dead???
250W PS for duron
New PSU with POTs panel
3.3 voltage at 1.55
Will this be enough power?
Short out damage?
What resistor would I need to bring 12v down to 9v?
PSU Questions
Allied PSUs...
which one?
Sound deadening?
What could be the culprit causing my fluctuating 3.3v?
anybody have this sparkle 400 watt psu?
Safe voltage ?
Fan noise
Antec Truepower/Solution?
250W PSU Enough For K6-2 500MHz?
Bigger PSUs increase electricity bill ?
stupid mobo power connector...
Turbo Link PS - How Does It Rate
Swiftech Peltier.. PSU good enough?
Is this power supply good?
12V dropped with MB bios flash? random reboots at load!
Top Power 5v line adjust
Is 430w enough for me?
Is this a safe PSU mod?
How much is too much?
Which PSU Should I Get
will it fit?...use your imagination :D
Sparkle FSP400-60GN, switch to 230V?
how to discharge caps
will this power supply work with AMD's?
Thermaltake vs. Cheiftec
LED northridge fan
500W Achieve for $34.99 is it real ?
I adjusted my Pots is this safe?
Am I out of power?
Firingsquad PS Article
No 230W wire in the PSU
Do i need a PSU?
antec smartblue 350w VS Enermax 350W EG 365P
Help Me Decide Please...
power supply blues?
Not enough power?
How much power?
Q-tec550W psu - what's your 2c?
ok pcp&c final choice
Robanton 600 Watt
Question about power fluctuations and Folding@Home
Help Me Chose an Antec
how very odd
Vantec PSU
Ps mod???
Bench PSU
Suggestions on a dual-mobo psu
Note to everyone: Do not skimp on the PSU!
Sparkle PSU questions
Antec True Control 550...Dream PSU!!
where oh where?
cheiftec matrix
Psu weirdness....
MSI K7 Master duallie power consumption
need a good psu with > 220w output!
cwt 550 w
is it possible for bad power?
Do PSU's Kill Stuff?
ThermalTake Purepower psu question
hoot can you look at this please?
Maxtop rackmount
time for a new power supply?
Can this antec fit and Extended Atx?
My PSU fan on my Enermax 431 watt seems to be not working
Quiet PSU
poor PSU preventing a 166 FSB??
Is my PSU sufficient?
Quick Question
Sparkle power supply noise?
Is PFC Worth It...
Vantec 520w fan noise
is this for real?
the meaning of PSII / PSIII
Need some help...
are these readings any good?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
inwin Q500 standoffs
To Antec Or Not To Antec?
(foxconn)Allied or sparkel.
My PSU is squeeking
what happens when computer is underpowered?
is there a way to find out how much power ur computer is using?
power supply adapter
What are good PSU around $100-150?
is it time for new psu?
Does my system have enough power?
Have I got a dodgy PSU?
Connecting motherboard to chassi
How to test a power supply
power short?
What PSU would I need to run these?
Raidmax any good?
UPS backup needed
My PSU is making a whinning noise... uh oh
PSU schematic
Sparke FSP400-GN problems
local shops in nyc
Need new PSU.
ENERMAX EG365P-VE(FM) + 1800 OC + A7V8X work?
Best Bang for its Buck
What is that purple thing for?
Power levels...
Wow.. Antec True Power 480watt :(
Notice Anything Wrong?
Digital Multimeter....Settings
wow, now this is a real PSU
How much power do I need?
Need Answer Asap
Low 12V line on FSP 350W PSU
enermax 465 w
Whoa, I actually gathered enough will power to buy a new psu.
temp gauge
high 12v line
Full Tower? What for?
Best PS for under $100 bucks?
cad dealers?
Full tower for under $70?
high mounted mobo?
PSU Fans
Overclocking Virgin....Be gentle, please!!!!!!!!
Utilities that measure line voltage ?
SEcond time question, 0.0 readings, Pictures
Psu HUGE hs mod
0.0 reading on voltages??
NEW ANTEC 430w power supply,
Are Cheap PSUs That bad?
What happened?
MaxPower PSUs? (Ever-Power)
Good mATX power supplies?
Quick Rail-Voltage Question...
atx form
Dust Dust
Vantec 520W PSU Voltage
Anyone got a Hiper420w PSU
question about antec psu...
European Antec PSUs (and some other questions)?
MOBO trays only. Anyone sells them???
boosting the +5v from the psu
The Strangeness of my Powmax 400...
Rails too high.
questions about pots on sparkle 400w
Power Spike/Power Drop
What PSU do i need?
Antec 430, 480, or 550?
umm... wow!
Which PS to get?
Molex Connectors
oc psu?
PSU gone mad
Enermax vs Sparle (FSP) vs Antec vs Vantec Which one is good?
UPS..What to get
Vantec 520W and A7N8x?
What is this PSU's watts and is it good?
Power Supply Extension Wires???
Do I need to upgrade to 450w?
PC Power & Cooling Fan Mod
> 200 watts, I dont need it
PSU Problems? Please Help
Turbo Link 430w PS but 5v line is only 4.85 Help!
Are Antec 350W PSU's supposed to be so noisy?
cpu fan stops
Where can I get blank drive faceplates for an Inwin Q500?
Ecs K7s5a + Athlon Xp
Is this a good UPS
Which Watt PSU should I get for this system?
350w Enermax enough?
looking for about 10amp 12v ATX PSU's
antec psu
No Way!!!!!!!!!!!
PSU related problem (maybe)
Replace Fan in Sparkle with .4A instead of .3
Which PSU?
What a deal!
AMS Gtower
Junky Power Supply?
Power supply I/O switch necessary?
I killed my PSU?
PSU w/ fan that speeds up w/ power, not just temp?
5v dropping fast
ThermalTake Front Panel USB help
Power Supply Fan Noise :(
Very quick 12v question...
cooling the PSU?
Smallest PSU...
Enlight 420w
Form Factors
Honestly, what would a good 250W power supply run?
whats that trick to get a PSU on without it actually being on a motherboard?
PSU for TEC, water pumps?
What size?
Low 3.3v Line?
enermax 350...POTS or not?
HOT deal ? Enermax 350 Watt
Antec TruePower 430w or 480w
Vantec Stealth PSU..wtf is this wire?
Cheapest place for Antec SX1030B or a clone?
Pots on Sparkle 400 question
PC Power & Cooling + MBM5
Need Help Fast. (mosfet Question)
Computer Rebooting For no reason
10 computers 1 power supply ???
PSU's for TEC's, lights, water chillers etc
12V noob question
Why should I care if my 5v is low?
Info on Enermax CS-5190
Glueing Acrylic
i think my psu died.. how do i find out 4 sure ?
dead psu??
Good PSU @ low price?
Power up problem
buying new psu maybe...
Noisekiller og Magic Fleece
Is this a good power supply?
how wierd is this
How are these voltages?
Need help setting up bench psu
12 volt unstable...BAD?
Best place to order online?
using a 120 fan with the PS
Determine the Quality of PSU
17V is it safe?
Time to get a new PSU?
What is this plug???
Regulation on Vantec PSU's
Sparkle 300 watt psu. This thing has some unbelievable specs!!!
18v on 12v cable, wtf?
mATX psu's?
is 350 watt enough?
Thinking of getting a PCPC PSU.
power supply> was registering.....PLZ
Valuable Power Supply components?
Atx 550w
would this be suitable?
new power supply
Which power supply should I get?
"my voltage is too low!"
2 PSU deaths in 1 night!!!!!!
tbird@1650 + radeon 9700 = 300w PSU = disaster??
12V & 5V on Antec TP 550W < on Enermax 350W !!! HELP
Codegen 6057L
Extra wire?
Is ATX a standard?
there is a website that will be selling some cool stickers
plants in a computer?
Is anyone here using a Vantec stealth PSU?
Anyone ever order from Directron?