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help! my PC blew up and now it won't start :(
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I think the extreme outer vision calculator is
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Mini keyboard + Trackpad, How cool is this :)
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-12v rail, is this bad?
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LED tube? Use in a PC ?
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1000W or More?
What the heck type of power supply is this?
Is this a good PSU?
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Super-Flower, good brand?
Bottom Mount PSU Upsidedown?
Is 420w enough?
is this safe?
Psu Help will any support me??
Fan swap in PSU question
PSU rail down after two weeks
unpowered USB hub sufficient?
USB Hub Wiring
Holy cow , these things got expensive in the past 6 years! PSU recomendations
Advice please fellas (ladies if there are any lol)
Ultra LSP 550 watt
Replacement PSU recommendation needed
What kind of wattage would I need with..
help me choose psu ....
Electricity usage of a 1200w Power supply
Antec TrueControl 550w?
can i put a psu in upside down ?
20+4 Pin -- weird :S
Sata Power Connection Issue Antec 902
Lamptron FC-2 really PWM?
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Corsair HX750 or Seasonic X-750 ?
What psu requirements should I be looking for?
ABS Dark Beret 850w/1kw?
Another one of those is this enough PSU for my system threads...
Which PSU is better
650w for 5850 crossfire
500W enough for 4890 and Phenom II X4??
Can my PSU handle my ring?
Quad GPU rig
Is 650W enough for my new pc
SilverStone da1000 good or bad?
Power supply sata power connector?
Can you guys verify this for me?
Is my PSU dying?
PSU fan
How much does a PSU actually use?
Will my 620W PSU handle this?
Dr. Power (Thermaltake)
Corsair TX650W Exploded
how much watts can PSU handle?
Making first rig
advice ond opinion on power supplies
Dead Silverstone Zeus SST-ST56ZF Question
Can an OCZ 700w run 2 260gtx in SLI?
Testing PSU, just wanted to make sure I am doing this right.
Is this ok?
is my 550vx enough?
Homemade PSU tester
Fortron 750W, any good?
Ground loop problem
Anti-Static Mat or Conductive Mat - Which?
Why do circuits use negative voltage?
Need To Select the Best of these PSU
8 pin to 6 pin PCIE
Weak link causing my problems?
can my PSU handle this?
Sleeving PSU with mdpc-x, does it void the warranty?
Does my PSU Suck?
"Master" branded PSU?
Thermaltake Toughpower 750w
Ultra V-Series?
Power Supply Recomendation
Corsair popularity?
Am I pushing the limits of my PSU
Zune Battery
Do All Modular PSU's Have SOME Hardwirde Cables?
What is the diffrence between these two PSU from crosair?
Is it possible to buy internal USB boards?
Replacement Power supply suggestions?
Static Electricity - Grounding - PSU In a wooden case.
Is my PSU powerful enough for my system
there are way too many to choose
Corsair HX1000 connect to GTX280 and 9600GT
Psu problems?
Unstable -12v
Limited Choice of Power Supply
is this a cheap power supply probelm heelp!
Thar she blows!(carnage pics)
Is my PSU strong enough (HD 5850)
Is this psu too cheap? HEC 585Watt
need help picking a psu
Is my motherboard killing PSUs?
reboots in game
enough psu for this cfg?
What risk am I taking using this PSU?
PSU/MOBO comatability issues
hissing PSU
Is this bad CPU for overcloking ?
New PSU!
Should I accept PSU return on ebay?
[GUIDE] Measuring computer power consumption using multimeter
Cooler master vs thermaltake??
Getting rid of extra wires...
Thermaltake TR2 600
This PSU looks good for <$35!
PSU for i7 rig.
Local dealers and cheap PSU's?
Pots in PSUs
Need Help .. Ikonik PSU??
Power Supply Compatibility
Suitable Power Supply for ATI HD 3850 X2?
Cosair 850HX Modular...possible problem
Do my PSU support X-Fire?
Converting laserwriter for UK use
750W PSU
Power Supply the solution?
Silverstone Strider ST1000W any good?
PSU fan getting LOUD under CPU load
On/Off switch - recommendations?
New Computers Power Consumption
weird psu fan problem
*Advise on power supply for build*
Power supply problem??
2X4 pin power suply
Only half powered?
What about Gigabye Odin Pro?
Purchased PSU
PSU dead?
Cooler Power Supply?
Enough power?
Antec 550 PSU
Power issues with 2 x geforce 295gtx with EVO Galaxy 1250w supply!
need quick suggestion on new psu
bantam weight dj-pc set up amp help
What is this device?
Case fans and their wiring.
5750 @ 23A?
Is True Power 650w enough ?
Is my HX620 dying?
Silverstone OP1000-E question for OW....
Which PSU do I need?
Modular psu cables... Does it matter?
Advice on a new PSU?
Replacing fan on Silverstone ST56ZF
Good mini-ITX / Flex-ATX PSU ?
Microsoft mouse freezing up!
Earthwatts 650, how can I find my maximum?
(# of) Molex to 8pin pcie
Corsair 750 Pin and Cable
4pin molex need help.
Antec True 430w Need input
Batteries - Rechargeable "AA" "AAA"
PSU wire gauge? (size)
Grounding Strap and Wall Outlet Ground
Corsair HX 620w Enough?
enermax capacitor mod
OOPS... need help deciding how much PSU to buy for current box
Should be safe enough?
Can We Trust the 80 Plus Certification?
Can some1 explain to me what this guy did?
Help picking a PSU for this system please
Is power supply up for the job...?
testing new system without video card
Uni-sleeving 24pin + other PSU cables
How can I test my case fans with out the MOBO
Faulty PSU?
Is this PSU worth it?
Sleeving a Corsair HX850W?
2450mah vs 2500mah
Power supply recommendation - augent!
XFX 850w PSU anybody?
620HX at its limit or still below 80%
which power supply?
is this any good
PSU voltage question?
PSU keeps blowing fuses. Any ideas?
My actualpsu can't handle my new gtx 280...
PSU: What Wattage For My Rig?
Wattage Recomendation Requested
Get a new PSU?
Corsair 850HX Sufficient for my build?
two things
How much do I need
Is nexus worth the hype?
Another Jump...is the Zeus still holdin strong?
Need some help
Using Molex to PCIe adapters
CM 600w and ATI 3870X2 crossfire
"Power Octopus" a pipe dream?
Strange psu problem
ENERMAX PRO82+ 525w or CORSAIR 550w
PSU help?
Watts and Amps
Help me diagnose my non functional PSU
Corsair 850TX + 2 GPUs
Need a Better PSU?
how much 'watts' does my pc need
Athena Power AP-MPS3ATX55EP8 550W MicroATX PSU
Power Supply Help
Computer wont boot up QQ.
COOLER MASTER Silent Pro m600 RS-600?
the first part of my new build!
1000W PSU = UPS Selection
400W good enough? Really?
FlexBay USB ==> Standard USB header??
thermaltake 430watt (old psu) dead?
psu just clicks
help??? 4pin power off enermax revolution85+
Question about my PCP&C
2 GPUs too much?
Corsair vx450
Newbie PSU question - for i7
Upgrade advise needed!!!
Corsair PSU question
IS this PSU safe?
This guy created a 20 amp line dedicated to his pc because of vid card?
Corsair PSU Q/A Session
What size PSU plz guys :)
UPS question
Is this a reason to complain
Repairing PSUs...
Overclocking and PSU help
PSU scamming - Fake 1000W Coolermaster
Quad Sli PSU requirement
Opinions needed on a PSU
Seasonic X-750 80Plus Gold PSU Reviewed
Quad sli
Vantec ION2 460W PSU
What are good name brand capacitors for mobos?
psu question
OCForums needs content editors!
is my psu enough for my current rig?
What connector is this?
Antec TruePower Quattro 1000W PSU or Coolermaster 1000W RealPower Modular PSU
Two VERY ODD questions about PSUs.
Ultra X3 issues with sli
Compter won't power on
Device to monitor power usage (wattage)
Please Help me choose a Power Supply
stock psu
I need some help with PSU
Looking for a new PSU...
Good tiny tiny 12V ~20A PSU
PSU beeps twice then switches off
Recommend a good Delta PSU
Powering On Problem
PSU Clicking Sound Problem, or Normal Operation Noise?
PSU wattage ratings.
Vantec ION2 620W PSU, pretty decent?
monitor psu?
Faulty power supply?
Right PSU for my graphics card
24/20 PSU question
HX620 4870x2 plus Aquagate Max, Enough?
new psu
is TX850 enough for this system ?
Ultra LSP750 quality or not
Is the corsair 520 good enough f/ Q9550?
How to check if a PSU still works properly?
cpu voltage question
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 650W
Power supply blowing fuses in Zebra 2746e thermal printer.
How do I know if my PSU is insufficient?
Epower 550w, 12v droops .25v under load
Antec PSU Fan Control
Seasonic launches S12D
can you run 2 computers off 1 power supply?
how much wattage PSU needed?
What's with Corsair's rediculous fan baffle?
Antec CP-850 Vs Corsair 850TX
How much wattage?
Ultra X3 600watt PSU ok enough for my build???
n008 question about PSUs for a new build
Suggestions for a UPS.
700w OCZ vs 650w corsair
Silverstone zeus 650 and my new q9550
Silencer PSUs
Thermaltake Independant GPU Power Supply
Buying a psu in 1k stream. Suggests?
Corsair TX750W enough for this build?
Case Fan using A 4-3 Pin Adapter Quick ?
need some psu's
Need a new PSU
Modular Power Supply Cable Replacements?
Is this PSU too weak?
messing around with my kill a watt
Punch down SATA power connectors?
KAPOW!!! The sound of $150 going down the toilet
I have narrowed it down to a few choices but cant find good reviews
Recommend me a PSU
Power supply fan going bad
whats up with my PSU?!?! <cry>
PSU good enough?
PSU Peril
Need a UPS
Need a UPS
n00b question about UPS
Media center psu
What happened
Is this PSU better for 3 x GTX 260 .....?
Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF (versus) New Power Supply
Will my PSU be enough?
Question about 4890 crossfire
Need your Opinions on a few PSU's
Fans "throttling" and num-lock light staying on after shutdown
6pin pcie on psu to 8pin pcie on video card works?
Antec CP850 and Antec 193 case combo
Power requirements for sli 280's
looking for a PSU for 23 drive server
Power Supply Modding
is my current psu enough?
Ampres for PC devices help!
how good are OCZ Power supplies?
coolermaster 460w vs thermaltake butterfly 480w for hd4850
Buying 650W Power Supply
in a crisis? ocz stealthxstream 500?
Wh and mAh
Sideways PSU
Antec EarthWatts 750W Modular PSU any good?
Would a M520 Real Power Pro be sufficient for my rig?
Flash upon switching on
Psu able to power mobo?
antec neo-he 500w with HD4850
New PSU suggestions
A good power supply for my computer
Coolermaster 100w RS-A00-ESBA
Is upgrading to more efficient psu really gonna save me money?
Where to get just 1 bridge rectifier.
UPS for Modem and Router
Question regarding removing a fan from a PSU
silencer 750 low voltages
Question Regarding a case and a power supply
Wattage for my rig
Core i7 975 compatability
Does this sound psu relate???????????
4 x 18A rails VS 2 x 25A railes
12.3, 5.15, 3.4 good? anyone ever add caps to a p/s?
Will this PSU do the job
New here, need a quick help to clear my udnerstanding about my psu and 4890
Bad PSU or Mobo?
looking to use 12v ps molex to power peltier
Required Wattage
How much power do I need (n00b)?
First build, which psu and opinions?
tricking psu
Clear PSU?
Ok, tell me which PSU I should keep.
Which PSU?
Vista and sleep mode.
Hmm, did I mess up?
Do you shut down or leave on 24/7