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Random nerd post. My Peee Cee with Kill a Watt
Random nerd post. My Peee Cee with Kill a Watt
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Want to run Corsair TX 750 at 90% 24/7
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Will my PSU get enough airflow in this orientation? (Pics)
Ultra X3 1000w is it not powerfull enough!!
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Can I.....?
What the hell power supply is this?
Ultra 750W X2 PSU's Really 550W?
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my psu is @ rma..temporary dual psu-harm my pc?
Quick advice please
Corsair TX750 has killed 2 HDDs...
Suggestions for new PSU and UPS
is a psu meant to make a noise when pc is off?
Help quick! trying to power Gigabit Switch.
Molex to SATA connectors
Belkin UPS + Active PFC PSU's
Anyone have or had an OCZ stealthXstream 600w?
Convert 8-pin pci-e connector to a 6+2-pin?
total power for 8800gtx TRI Sli
How much power?
Problem PC P&C 510W SLI
Potato Tomato!
Problem connecting a S61EPS PSU to a Gigabyte GA-8ipe 1000 Pro 3 MB
Corei7 & Antec TPQ1000
Small PSU for a home file server.
always preferred antec but...
Is my PSU a POS
Enough Juice For Crossfire?
Best Truly Modular PSU
Nice list of multi-PSU/rail bridgeing questions.
Would it work? Enough Power ? URGENT
Help upgrading from Antec 420w true power
New power supply! need help deciding pls :)
psu for gtx285 please check my spec
psu for gtx285 please check my spec
Actual power usage and Kill A Watt readings...
Case help please urgent! thanks
New casecom case soon! YAY [problem] help
Antec TruePower Quattro TPQ-1000 1000W ATX Power Supply
20 Pin socket A - new PSU
2u PSU with pig tail help needed please
Dual PSU question...
I really hate to say this but did i max out my new PSU already?
power on
Oklahoma Wolf : Corsair 850TX + i7 + (2) gtx 295's.
GPU and CPU tempratures problem
I broke off these thin copper wires inside of an adapter. How can I get them out?
ati 3650 on a 300w powersupply! :(
How much power will I really need?
PC is losing performance, today it wouldnt post in bios with normal OC
Xbox 360 Power Supply...
can the powersupply survive?
Overclocking a ati radeon 3650 on a 300w psu?
ati radeon 3650 256mb asus any good????
I need help
CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 650w ATX Power Supply
Call of duty 5 And GTA IV on ati 3650 hd 256mb
is my psu toast?
Games Crashing
Enough Power For GTX285?
Corsair 1000HX limits?
How much wattage above what I "need" should I get?
Motherboard or PSU
Help me please with psu
A x1650 pro 512mb on a 300w psu?
Online power supply calculator
Another: Enough power?
making my own laptop cooler
What power supply for this system?
Confused about +12V rails
Enough power?
How to choose a UPS
PSU failing?
PSU help
Pc won't power up
The top combination of Quiet and High wattage PSU-GIGABYTE ODIN Pro 1200W
295 quad sli psu help
PSU suggestion
Still chugging along on the ST56ZF. GTX 285 a possibility?
new psu for gtx 260 SLi
The Combination of extremely quiet and high standard-be quiet! Dark Power Pro 1200W
need a cheap PSU
Power Supply Myths Exposed!
is this a good PS
Problem with lag before HDD powers on
Corsair VX550 enough for GTX295?
? on antec true 850
should i worry about low 12v?
Are dell psu's any good?
It's gotta be the power supply, right?
Need help! Problem with my fans.
Need help with power supply
Looking for suggestions on new PSU
Loose Wire on Seasonic SS-600HM 24 Pin Connector. Help!
corsair 750tx voltage fluctuation
need cables for PSU.
PSU Confusion
start a pc manualy with psu green to black
Power supply cable mod
Please recommend PSU
Corsair tx-850 for 8800 gtx tri SLI
new gtx 280 card, psu makes whining sound now
OCZ ProXStream 1000 Watt Power Supply
will my corsair 400 be enough to run this?
enough juice for xfire?
How to hotwire an ancient COMPAQ PDP 100 PSU?
520HX or 620HX for simple build?
OCZ GameXStream 700W causing lock ups?
corsair TX850 for 8800GTX Tri SLI
Mushkin went kaput!
PC shuts down
BFG ES-800 VS Corsair TX850 VS Corsair TX750
850TX power 2gtx 280's + core i7... Oklahoma Wolf!!
How far does a 500W go?
Corsair 520HX enough for GTX280?
Will I need a new PSU?
Xilence Power 1000 Watt
8 pin extension, just want to make sure I'm looking at the right one
Current PSU for next computer?
what would cause this
700W PSU for 4870X2?
500W OCZ good enough for single 260 4870?
Should this cable be connected?
Multiple Pico power supplies for max effficiency/silence/low heat output?
Need Help Deciding PSU wattage!!
Current Flow...
SeaSonic M12II SS-500GM vs CORSAIR CMPSU-520HX
How do I use my psu without turning computer on?
Recommend me a good PSU?
will both of these psus
Found a used Ultra Xconnect 500 w PSU
4850x2 Crossfire/quad ps recomendation...(Help Oklahoma Wolf!)
430W PSU - Took the V measurements of the rails
Why is there a -5V rating and a -12V rating on PSU's?
Mobo/Power Supply incompatibility
Cheap 500 Watt Power Supply
PSU for an HP with a new GTX 260?
To modular, or not to modular...?
i7 920 + 2XHD4870 - 750W Enough ?
cant decide on psu
Modular PSU for wire-managing in the Antec 1200 and OC'd CPU?
Going Quad, Do I Need a New PSU?
New PSU?
Earthwatts EA-430 New Build
Choices: BFG ES 800 vs. Corsair 850TX
New PSU recommendation
New computer system
Weird power glitch...sign of a problem?
3850 agp on 450 ocz modstream ?
when my pc turns off..i normally hear a beep...BUT now..
hx520 problem i think????
Unused PCI-E lines
budget PS
Recommended PSU's - True/Tested
Sticky about best reviewed PSU's?
Silverstone ST70F?
Is Corsair the best right now
Really Confused Gtx 260 + antec Sonta III 300
Corsair TX-850. it's a friggin Antec 850 TPQ copy!!! (design wise anyway) - link.
fsp 500w modular psu
OCz 520w ModStream adequate?
UPS for other Appliances?
wireing fans for 7 volts...
will my PSU handle GTX 260 SLI???
Corsair HX 520-Confused =[
Power supply providing too much voltage?
Stupid question: Is my new Corsair HX520 fried?
Need to test a PSU
PSU went pop!
Found the F word in a PSU
Wattage needed?
Which PSU to install in HTPC
Just installed 620HX, low voltages
Will I have any issues?
How do I know what amps my PSU can provide?
Silent power supply. Please help!
Corsair 400CX
20 pin PSU, 24 pin MB
Ultra X-2 550-Watt fan change?
corsair 620hx enough for oc'ed i7 920?
cannot get 20=4 pin to work
worth it to upgrade to 650w from 500w for $10?
Laptop battery help (am i in the right place??)
will 850w handle 4870 xfire + 4ghz e8400?
How off do the volatages have to be for it to be bad (is my pc about to get fried?)
Inconsistent Power On
500W enough?
need very cheap PSU replacement
Need PSU - Suggest One
is bell wire too thin for soft-off s/w & case LED's
Corsair 1000W PSU
do i need more power?
Insufficient PSU? or acceptable?
can't decide which PSU to get....
Minimum wattage for planned rig?
power supply screeching, searching for new one.
Odd LED problem
Is my 1200w PSU not enough? Question about voltages...
Antec 850 Quatro is it enough?
PSU needed for a juice-hungry rig?
Power needs for 2 Gainward GeForce 9600GT 1GB GDDR3 "GS"
XG stole my power supply??!!?
610w enough for SLI?
Wife's Corsair died
number of devices on 1 power cable
Major Boot problems, PSU?
how warm its to warm for a Power supply?
will this psu work for this mobo/cpu?
Can my psu handle a 9800 gt?
Need to know if I need more power..
How do I install a CORSAIR TX750 in an ANTEC SONATA III?
I'll NEVER use a crappy PSU again
What does HI POT OK mean?
Anyone here an electrician or electrical engineer?
PSU ATX connector different from motherboard
Advice on Good Modular PSU...750W range
OCZ vs. Corsair
Corsair Power Supply Survey
One of the best power supply calculators I have found
hows cooler master UCP 900w or 1100w?
Strider, Decathlon, Whats the difference?
PC shut down issue.
PSU help.
500Watts enough?
Help with buying a new PSU
PS electrical safety question
Is there chance of repair?
Do I need to upgrade my Zippy?
psu on without mobo??
Smoothwall: can I remove the PSU FAN?!?!
Replacement PSU
shuttle sff box psu
PCP&C 1,000 compared to 1,200
will a 300-350w power supply handle this?
PSU Advice on a GTX280 rig
PSU wattage - 300W or 450W? Confused!
help, is my PSU good enough
Burned up my power supply
Need PSU for Xfire 4870X2
psu guru;s i need advice
PSU requirements for 9800GX2 Quad SLI
I need a hand
help me chosse psu....
Would this psu cut it?
Antec Neo Power 500
How do i do this
Need help pickin a PSU
Will it run
Is my PSU good enough for 7 or 8 series GeForce Graphics Cards
computer shutting down under intensive programs
External PC PSU?
Corsair 750w + CF ??'s
need power supply recommendations.
Can my Corsair 520HX handle this?
PSU Amp calculations/best PSU for my system
Help! Voltage issues.
PS's Best balance of Quiet & Power? Suggestions?
FSP 530 for newer rig
Which PSU for my HTPC build?
Which PSU?
PSU for 2, 4870 X@