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Star Tech
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im in a bit of a squeez
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Im running on a 500w onthese specs
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750W Thermaltake Toughpower W0116RB ANY GOOD?
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Koolance Liquid-Cooled Power Supply
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anyone hear of a powerking
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HI ALL, New Here. My 2008 Build & PSU question
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Your Guys Opinion
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I ahve a problem
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Sound > Light
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would this enough power to run 3xvga?
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Thermaltake TR2 430W PSU
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Another vote for not trusting software voltage monitoring, huge difference in reading
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600W enough?
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HD4870 PSU i am confused
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Antec TPQ-850
Is it my power supply?
Laptop Battery
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Rail Check-- Are these voltages acceptable
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NIghtmare need some help.
How can I check how many watts a PS is outputting?
450W PSU on 4850 - did i shoot myself in the foot?
Replacement PSU
PSU cable question.
Mabe powersupply?
Using a second power supply WITHOUT connecting to mobo
can a PSU die by turning off the main switch?
help with APC battery backup software...
Help me pick out a power supply.
Guru 4870x2 recomend 750-800w PSU at the least
iMac power cord replacement?
Is this a safe buy?
Corsair 650TX
A humble request...
How on earth is my computer booting up?
need help on PSU Silverstone/Corsair/PC PnC
6+2 pin pcie cable same as native 8 pin on seasonic m12?
Can i run an x1950xt on my PSU?
what psu should i use?
What is this? Do you have one or an Adapter?
PSU suggestion needed + gaming +quiet
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Playstation 3 Power Supply help
what power supply is the best for me?
Exploding PSU Warning: Corsair Lab Fun
Dead PSU.. questions.
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Anyone recognize this PSU?
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Hiper PS help
Definition of irony
PSU Buying Advice
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Dynex 400w PSU for a P4 630 rig?
Can my Kill-A-Watt be trusted?
PSU to go with Abit IP35-pro
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When you buy a PSU, you must buy twice as much as you need!!
New psu for an Aging system
Silverstone DA750 or Corsair HX620?
How to choose a power supply?
Random shut downs
Rocketfish PSU.
Annoying PSU Problem
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is my power supply inadequate?
psu for 2x hd4870 & c2d e6750
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Is antec sonata III's PSU enough for this system?
Is this Apevia 500w good for this rig?
Power PC 610 or 750 Watt
quick PSU question.
laptop loses its charge
Antec Neo HE500
am i screwed?
Not enough juice?
HD 4850 on a 350w power supply
Which PSU's of these are the best?
Corsair 750TX enough ???
what PSU for my setup
Overloaded on 12V Rail? Please help
Big Problem, PLZ HELP!
anyone here work for OCZ?
Corsair 1000w PSU not working
If this 550W PSU good enough for these proposed specs?
T2984 won't start
PSU for Tri-Fire
choice of 3 PSUs
Questions about the Silverstone ZM1200M
using extensions...
Good Power Supply for old Computer?
Is the Corsair 1000HX a good OEM?
What Kind of Power/Specs Do I Require?
Power Supply Choices?
Voltage issue?
12v amp rating question.
HKC Power Engine 630 watt (Modular Cables)
PSU for Cosmos 1000
new power supply for sli
Should I go for the 620 or is 520 ok?
Tagan 500W-U33 (2-Force II, 1st rev.) vs Corsair HX 520W
In the market for an UPS, suggestions?
Burning plastic smell from new UPS
What to do with 2nd battery?
Which quality PSU would power this?
Should I worry or just ignore it?
Silverstone Element ST50EF-PLUS 500W + 8800GTS 512mb?
super glue
Is this wire supposed to be cut?
Can I combine the power wires from 2 LCDs?
MSI power supply
I would like opinions
Will my Thermaltake 480 w (TWV) run this new computer?
Modern Dell Power Supplies?
6 to 8 pin PCI-E connectors
Magic smoke got out, literally
Reversing the fan in my PSU?
Check out this bad boy.
Corsair Modular 700w?
Choosing a PSU...what do you think?
New battery or APC ?
APC UPS batteries ?
Will Corsair 620W work with gx2?
Corsair HX-620 Crossfire/SLI with cards that need 2x6-pin power
any o these?
Can I make a battery pack for my mp3 player?
I did something stupid, maybe
Fan controller, I know, but this is different...
12v / 5v Rails ok?
Thermaltake toughpower 750w modular
Cooler Master 460W PSU?
questio about 12v rails drop
Belkin or APC UPS
Looking For a new PSU
stock 300 watt power sup. seems to be melting
GTX 280: finding the PSU to match
Finding the right power supply.
Is this a good power supply?
Dell PSU Question
Narrowed PSU choices to 2.....thoughts?
QUAD RAIL or single rail??
PSU gone bad?
Is a 500-600W psu enough for this?
Is my PSU strong enough?
12 Volt rail more like 10.76V
Need some help with PSU choice
Quad Core with 4-Pin power connector.
PSU powerful enough???
question about antec earthwatt 650
PC power's turbo-cool 1200ESA
Rewiring a 3-pin
PSU/PCI Bus/i-RAM question
Antec earthwatts PSU
650w or 750w?
Need suggestions on a new PSU please.
OCZ Powerstream 520 compared to StealthXStream 600
DOes Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750W good?
Car radiator fan off PSU?
Is Antec a good brand for PSUs?
s this psu good? << 4 .>> 12v RAILS ??? good or bad
Adapter 20pin vs. 24pin. Is it really necessary?
Confused about Antec Earthwatts 12V rail ratings
Fortron Blue Storm 500W rails good?
Converting a PSU to use seperately from mobo:
Looking for PSU options
Is my PSU failing on me?
What PSU would you recommend for two GTX 280?
Battery Backups
PSU for a first timer
Opinions on Tagan ITZ700 psu
PC Power & Cooling 510w SLi for newer cards?
best power supply for 9800GX2?
PSU Problem.
Watercooling upgrade PSU
Unusual PSU sound
APC PDU and Powering on a pc
psu for fans
Got something wierd with my hx520 -'s way off
I'm torn between a CoolerMaster Real Power Modular 520W and the HX520.
Quick question on Corsair units
Good fan for power supply
DOA Corsair hx520w
Annoyingly Loud PSU fan!
Long cables...
Apevia a good PSU?
Can I use both a surge protector and voltage regulator together?
How do you know a PSU is (or is going) bad
Pick me my perfect PSU
Are these output voltages normal/ok?
SIlverstone ST60F or Mushkin 650W
Corsair 550VX or OCZ StealthXStream 500W
Help We had a t-storm tonight compter got messed up
Computer will not stay on
Help finding a PSU in Aus
Which PSU For Me?
Antec Earthwatts 650 watt - enough for HD3870 x 2?
Nesteq EECS-7001 Ultra Quiet 700W
Thermaltake 500 watt purepower 2.0
Antec true 330
Need PSU for an elderly AMD s939 config
Power supply to video card question
Battle of the titans Tt vs. Ultra vs. ABS, which one?
fixing to purchase a new comp looking for info or suggestions on the PSU
Monitoring PSU performance
Plzz help
Can I trust this PSU?
Is it possible?
PS suggestion
Missing -5v pin/PSU issues
Power Supply problem
Thermaltake Power Supply is it SLI ready?
How much power do i need for my PSU?
Does my PSU have enough for Tri-SLI?
Does my OCZ SLi Powerstream 520W have enough balls?
slow video FPS could the PSU be the cause?
Which Power Supply?
To upgrade or not to upgrade, is my current psu enough
What is a ideal ATX power supply to use to power two 168watt Peltiers? Any suggestion
Whats the difference between these 2 Corsair PSUs?
Antec Earth Watts 380 for Compaq rig?
Is 600W enough power or do I dual PSU?
Antec TrueBlue 480 20pin???
I got a new PSU!
PSU comparison help
I need alittle advice and more PoWah?
Duel PSU’s with a 20pin psu’s to 24pin mobo
New PSU is it good??
Issue Installing my Antec PSu.
Do dual PSUs use more electricity than a single PSU?
Choice of PSUs
Really interested in getting this PSU.
Need a New Psu What One ???
My votages have gone crazy ( pics imside )..do i need a new psu?
PSU dead after 2 hours? High pitched sound
Recommend me a non-seasonic PSU
TT Armor+ fan question...
PSU upgrade help...
I would like your experiences on this
Best 600-700w power supply?
450 Watts wasn't enough...
My first sparks
CORASIR psu OR Hiper psu
Is the PSU fan controlled based on temp?
Hiper psu any good? What psu ( links inside) cant decide
IS THIS RANDOM PSU any good???
PSU won't power down?
Corsair HX620 vs OCZ GameXStream
Fortron Everest series
Questions for the jonnyguru.com crew
Advice needed on a PSU
Which PSU should I use?
Replace pair of PSU's now, or later?
Empty Slots
Ticking noise in PSU
Will this PSU work for my rig?
Need PSU on all the time
Need Your Guys Help
Rate my gamers build and PSU rec. please.
Dimas Bench Tables V2
What Can 450w Power Up Nowadays
Going Green
Ok so do i need a new psu?
PSU fan dying... how long will it last?
Need help from PSU experts
Recommend a power supply...
8Pin power plug needed on the mobo?
OCZ Powerstream dead?
Need more power!!!!
Need some wire management help....
Updated sticky
OCZ Powerstream 520 and HD 3870 crossfire
my PSU is loud!
upside down psu's
Vcore and temperatures etc.
Antec Basiq any good?
PSU For Tri-Sli 9800 GTX ?
Help Choose Power Supply
Super PSU bargain bonanza!
guys quick ? about psu
Help reading PSU tester
Input on a file server PSU
Is there a way to tell how much wattage you need?
Extending my PSU's Plug & Switch
power problems etc
New video card, but can't OC now. New PSU?
Mounting 3 hard drives in a Coolermaster CM690.
2 broken power supplies or bad mb?
Cold start issue
Redundant PSU's - Is a DIY solution possible?
PSU label symbols?
Will I need a new PSU?
Which PSU in your opinion? (again, yeah I know)
Mountain Mods question
Rowlux Illusion
Need Help picking up a psu !!
Which PSU? In UK
petite power supplies
Dell are now selling PSUs?
FSP Bluestorm II Review by Oklahoma Wolf
Looking for TRUE Modular PSU
Silverstone Decathlon series PSU any good?
Bitspower X-Station Multi PSU Module
Re SLI/XFire power supplies...
Does the US have a similar power supply available?
Power Supply blew up
Corsair TX750 - turns on but won't boot pc
Will my HX620 run my 2x8800GTS 512mbs
Do I need a new PSU?
Need some awsome lights
Measuring PSU voltages with DMM
PSU upgrade brings a couple questions about fan speed
enough juice?
How much is too much Load on a PSU?
Silverstone Strider ST1000 1000W Modular
how to "artificially" load a PSU?
Laptop-sized psu/battery?
Power supply fan dying.
How bad is 11.60v for an HP?
HX 620
i still don't understand multi rail PSU...
Hey PSU guys