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Ok, so what is the best PSU for crossfire?
does anyone think this will be good for my system
PSU Suggestion
So what is accurate?
ANTEC P190+1200
Where can i find a cheap CM 690?
OC with 360w silverstone, safe?
400W - 800W PSU Selection : Any Reason NOT to get Corsair?
Dynex DX-PS500W PSU Pictures
CORSAIR 550VX or PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610W
Running a PSU with nothing pluged in?
Are these the same ?
HTPC that will fit a TRU120E
Argh! PSU is so loud..
Apevia PSU, thumbs up or down?
HDD led that changes with activity mod?
620hx DOA - Question
BFG ES-800W PSU? Would you get one?
Sudden PC power down
Pics of the new rig built with a CoolerMaster Cosmos
Wattage supply Calculator
How important is PSU efficiency?
Is Antec TP3-430w good enough for my rig?
Which PSU is FUBARed?
8-pin PCI-E diagram?
Will my power supply..
Learning this?
Corsair 450 or 550 vs. Enhance 5150GH
Current Power supply NG if going with 9800GX2
Corsair HX 520 to replace SS Zeus 560
Power supply for this setup.
going crazy!!
Antec Nine Hundred & Ultra120Ext
Need help finding good PSU
50Watts Short, safe???
Cheap (<$50) Reliable
CM 690 Windowed Side Panel in stock at Directron.com
New full tower (n00b)
E-Power EP-2KW 2000 Watt Review
smaller wattage PSU vs. Bigger wattage PSU (Temp wise)
PSU Shock Therapy
Sufficent PSU ?
20+4 pin?
GIGABYTE 3D Aurora 570
Efficent PSU
power supply fan making some noise
mabe time for a new PSU?
Molex Connectors
Asus Motherboard Power Question,
new psu
Enermax 600Watt PSU Blew Up Last Night :(
Gigabyte 3D Aurora- top panel
under $100 and open right side?
CMPSU-750TX clicking sound
Can my Silverstone ST56ZF run a quad-core?
PSU Cable Cutting
PSU gurus, got a sec for a question?
Antec NeoPower 650 or FSP Group FX600-GLN
Corsair PSU Display / CeBIT 2008 Day 3
work as a 2nd PSU???
New power supply
Trying to get a new psu
OCZ Powerstream 520w enough for dual HD3870s
ATE power Supply
quik question
Will this cooler master work for my system?
1 PSU 2 Mobos?
Corsair HX620W vs ThermalTake Toughpower CableMan. 700W
Yet another "help me design a system" thread
What PSU i need for SLI
What size PSU??
Thinking about adding a window to my 690... A little worried though.
PSU upgrade time?
New PSU = 30% faster boot! Why?
psu for 3 GTX?
CoolerMaster aXtreme Power Duo 600
Cable Management
External CCMOS Switch
PSU Problems :(
Coolermaster realpower 850W
RaidMAXX... ughh
Psu suggestions
mATX 450w -> 750w upgrade log {56k beware!}
Looking for recommendations for Power Supply.
PSU query
Sharkoon SHA450-8P PSU questions
AeroCool M40?
So what are the Silverstone DA750s like now?
Custom PC Power & Cooling PSUs
Really Weird PC problem, its like starting a car!!!
Single Rail vs Multiliple Rail [Answer inside!]
Recent Antec NeoHE Owners and Wattage Recommendation
is a ps necessary? look...
Which PS should I use?
Old PSU New Abit Mobo
New guy here. PS ?
Server PSU Suggestion
Low requirement - HIGH reliability PSU suggestions.
Any reason to upgrade from a Silverstone SST-ST56ZF...
Dual PSU question
Coolermaster Cosmos?
Does this look right?
700W enough?
Thermaltake Armor New Installation Questions
Replacement PSU, Need Opinions
can my psu handle 3870x2?
Ultra X3 1000 and Coolermaster Wavemaster Doesn't Fit?!
CM 690 Results...WOW!
Is a noisey PSU a worry ?
PSU sufficient
4 Pin molex to 6 pin pci express adapter
ordered 600W PSU today .. was i wrong?!
New system....will PSU work????
New Power Supply, PROBLEMS !!!
7 volt fan mod on 520hx -- how?
Vapochill Pe
PSU decision
Will this PSU get the job done?
Ultra X2 750W Review on [H]...warning!
What Do You Recommend? (PS)
Replacing a PSU, need some advice please.
Dead power supply in a file server
I think I've burnt out my PSU.
Is this a good PSU for OCing?
corsair 450vx, got the juice?
What PSU to get?
does it sound like my Psu?
Corsair HX620 not enough power, apparently. Dissapointing :(
PSU requirements?
Looking for a Solid Mid Tower that is Slient
How many watts is good enough for my rig?
Changing my apevia 680W PSU for a... ??
do they make 90degree PCIE 6 pin adapters?
Antec Neo HE 430 for new system.....
Easy ways to clean up incoming power to mobo?
Motherboard wont boot.
PSU power
Does my FSP Blue Stowrm 500W Cut it anymore?
I'm building my first computer.
Silverstone ST50F - Can it power a 3870X2
Cosmos 1000 Hard drive cooling?
Laptop Powersupply (Help)
How many 12v rails??
Thermaltake VS Coolermaster
Psu for p180
Help with selection of silent Power Supply for HTPC
Was my SeaSonic 550w PSU DOA?
+1 2900xt, might I pick your brains?
random restarts
PSU reccomendations, or am I fine?
Sigma is...
Corsair 520HX -12Vquestion
Need psu help!
Antec EA-380 or Silverstone ST400?
Wiring up Illuminated switch's
500 watt earthwatts
Modded window/tint on Nine hundred
HX620 and SLI
Psu Re-assurance needed
silverstone psu
PSU Help - Details Inside
How Do You Build A Clear Side Panel? Need Advice!
Will a Corsair 520HX Power 2x 8800GTS (G92)?
OCZ Powerstream making strange noises
What Wattage for second PSU???
Temporary solution - power supply insufficient
Question about my CM690....
Is this psu overkill?
Recomendations on mid tower ~$50
ANTEC NeoPower 650
Antec p182 airflow/cooling ?
Got a new psu.
Automated fan speed control question
OCZ PS 520W - Is it enough?
tj-08 and graphics cards
3 different stores, 3 different answers
DIY solution needed
Which one should I keep?
Need a solid PSU that can power X-Fire 2900Pro's
Need help diagnosing power problem
TT Armor VA8000BWS top USB question
Seasonic S12-600 blew up: Warning to non-US customers.
CM-690 Front Panel installation
Enermax Infinity 720w
PSU for Unraid Server Build
8pin 12v cable but only 4 pin on mobo?!?
Another PS question
Q: which is better? 620HX or GXS 600?
Is it time for a new PSU?
ST56ZF /NF7-S v2.0 :: -5V rail acting up?
what do you think of this psu?
IS safepower 465w good enough to power quad core?
Members thoughts or experiences with this power supply
power supply?
Wall Socket Power Quality?
need quick info on a psu brand.
Power supply cable extensions
psu died. need a neww one asap
Thermaltake Armor icage A2309
choices choices......help
Is my PSU powerful enough for SLI
Is it normal for Vcore Voltage to Fluctuate?
which is the better psu (corsair or seasonic)
What kind of current is my rig pulling
Power requirements??
Is too many watts bad?
Enermax Infiniti Problem
DIY eSATA enclosure
Cooler Master PS...Any good?
Is my PSU the problem?
Need a PSU with long cables, quality!
???anyone have any suggestions on a good modular PSU???
EE's Lend Me Yor Ears
broken psu?
Antec Sonata III ??
Antec TruePower Quattro 1000watts
Single Rail Supplies
new 8800GTS 320mb...now i need a PSU that can handle it
OK PSU for low budget?
Which PSU for my build?
So I bought a cheap powah' splah'
PSU - Strange noise
Do power supplies die when the computer is off?
PSU Choice
TT Pure Power TR2-430W sufficient?
Replacement for ENP-2220E
A big question about PCP&C Silencer 610...
Need a new PSU... which one
Power Requirements and PSU recommendation
How do I determine my +12rail amp ratings?
Are you joking
This thing any good? (Tagan?)
Antec psu capacitors?
help me find a good 80 plus power supply!
Loud PSU, how can I slow down the fan?
Wire management ties/sleeves...what about this kit?
Upgraded PC and need to know how long until new PS is needed
need PSU recommendation
PSU for dual motherboard and watercooling
2x2 12V power connector question
Looking for a UPS
Cutting window for Cosmos
Apevia LCD750 ?
PSU limiting OC
Looking for a PSU
Is it time for a PSU upgrade?
need quiet fan
Funny like a clown??
Quick question...Which Yate loons to order?
Just give it to me straight, DR Power Supply (psu q)
Thermaltake Purepower 600 W any good?
Antec P182
Power supply 12v rail
New PSU: Do I need active PFC?
Is my PSU the culprit?
Power Supplies; Too much power?
Is this 550W powersupply enough to power my overclocked Q6600 & 8800ultra?
Need a reliable PSU
Using 3-4 year old PSU?
Good Example on how to do a BAD Review
retail stores that sell PSU's
Little switch problem
question about cabling
Which power supply?
need PSU recommendations
Power Supply Power Choice
Did I buy a bad PSU? (Thermaltake 500W)
Where can i find it?
what psu should i get..
which psu for new setup
Is it safe to test fans with ps if not connected to mobo?
Fist Power Supply death for me
Screwed up PSU?
Wattage for 8800GT
What in the heck am I doing wrong?
$99 for Corsair 520HX...Now or Wait?
Looking for a PSU
Ocz 520 be enough
CoolerMaster Extreme Power 500W - RP-500-PCAP - Ready for takeoff!!
1.2 Kilowatt power supply IE 1200 watts [PICs]
Corsair VX550 PSU Single Rail
corsair psu: vx550 vs hx520 which one?
Antec TruePower 2.0 550W Enough?
PSU issue?
TT Armor Fan Questions
Power supply dying
A window for the P182
PSU won't turn on, but its not totally dead
Need to upgrade power supply for Dell Optiplex gx620
350W okay for this AMD system?
tt armor fan led wiring?
Corsair 520 IP35-E problem
Is there anything BAD about Modular PSU's?
Connecting tt armor(va8003bws leds?
Is it safe to use an ATX 12v 4 Pin to EPS 12v 8 Pin adapter.
New build and current PSU ?
need help finding solid budget psus
1 High amperage +12V rail Vs. 3 normal amp +12V rails?
Will my Corsair HX520 run this proposed upgrade?
looking for an adequate psu. plz advise
My PSU isn't living up to par for me.
Quick question about Antec P180b & P182
corsair 450VX vs. Antec Trio Power 650
PSU for SLI Setup
OCZ GamexStream 600W
OCZ EvoStream OCZ720EVOSLI 720w
debating between PSU for SLI setup
HOw do you know if your PSU is DOA?
Help me diagnose a power supply problem?
How well are corsair PSU's against protecting Crispy Items
Does my Antec have enougn amps?
Budget PSU for overclocking
Another Thread looking for a power supply recommendation
Corsair HX620 vs OCZ 520 Powerstream
PSU issue?
Antec SmartPower 2.0 500W issues?
Coolmax CUG 700 OK psu, terrible company.
Rebuilding an old Antec tank...
LP4 4 pin, just need some help with which wire is witch
Enermax 350W > E2140 + HD3850 ???
New PSU Needed?
TT Armor 8003 Has Arrived! (P1)
I need a new psu. Options linked
What's dead here? PSU/Mobo ??
PSU to go with my Q6600 :S
Old iron box in the modern era, anyone?
Identifying PSU Manufacturer
New PSU, now no POST
How to figure power supply size?
question psu worth selling
Dell E520 | Compatible Power Supplies
Power Supply for CoolMaster 690, ip35-e board
Is my PSU holding me back?
New thermaltake armor VH6000 :O
which psu
450vx enough for my new build?
Enermax Liberty 500W reliability
Need PSU Ideas for TTArmor Rig
Is this a good PSU for my system?
What PSU for my new shiny quad?
Cooler Master eXtreme Power
Your Opinions on Raidmax Volcano 630W
OCZ power supplies
Decisions decisions...
Bought a UPS
8 pin connectors...
Weird click comming from PC while running... PSU???
Silverstone release 5850w PSU... apparently
600w possibly too little for my system?
Help choosing a PSU to run my system
Will I have enough power with this PSU?
PC Power and Cooling 610 Silencer or Corsair CMPSU-620HX?
8500 GT in SLi Power Requirements???
I think my PSUs dead :(
Video Card Wattage Question
Unsure if my current PSU will run this...
tt armor question
Power Supply for E4500 & 8800GT
PSU advice for Digital Audio Workstation
if i send my machine to euro
Wait or impluse buy!
Quick Question....
Does this pack enough "punch"
400 w PSU, Geforce 6800 GS?
PSU blowing out question
power supply, memory, lucifer?
How to tell if a PSU is dying???
I think its dieing....Or hates me.
FSP 400w Power an X1900XT?
Apevia X-Jupiter
UPS advice
Power supply too short?
610W not enough?
Corsair vs Silverstone.. RAWR!
Silverstone made new PSUs?
too many choices of PUS, may i ask for your help
SATA power connector
Silverstone TJ06 used for a good deal or a new Antec P182
No Power,, need help!!!!
AM2 5600 and 8800 GTS - new PSU needed?
Can I just slap a 20 pin PSU connetor into a 24 pin MB?
Having this weird problem
Psu you fan went out and psu shutoff
My PSU ain't cutting it?
Thermaltake Armor / P35-DS3R combo.
Will My PSU Hold Up With my 8800gt?
PSU problem (Corsair HX620)- pc won't boot!
SLI Power Consumption Results - JonnyGuru
24 pin/20+4 pin ?
Thermaltake Purepower 400w
New Rig Opinions?
Newbie Question...Is this weird?
How much power do I need?
Should i keep the ocz?
12V showing 11.71... wth?
Is my psu getting hammered?
Sleeving ATX cable = PITA
Cheapy gaming rig, need cheap stable psu...
Anybody using this Cooler Master?
Intel Quad with Corsair
PSU's horror stories. Should I ignore them?
Corsair HX520W modular PSU shows ultra reliability
how good is this
OMG unexpected problem with Rosewill R6AR6-BK
Which one...Cosair or OCZ?
Yet another "Do I need to upgrade my PSU?"
Let me blow your mind with a piece of testing equipment
PC-7S and PC-7 Plus II
Will I need to Upgrade my PSU? (SLI upgrade)
PFC on a gamexstream 600W
Need Cheap PSU
FSP530-60GNA + AMD + 8800GT = boom?
Do I need a new PSU?
Saving Energy Question
Big props to OCZ RMA!
CoolerMaster CM 690 problem.
Help: PC is powering on really slow
Gaming rig for the kids, do i need to upgrade the psu ?
Need a new psu!
Fortron 350W for non overclocking quad core + 8800GT - possible or get a new PSU?
What is the electrical cost?
adapting older Enermax EG465P-VE ps to new P5K-E mobo & 8800GTS 320
OCZ Powerstream 520 enough for 8800GT?
What is the minimum power supply recommended
Silent (i mean it) PSU
Those looking at buying a UPS...
What power supply should I get for my rig?
testing a power supply
How much power will I need?
Kingwin MACH 1 800W
PSU and MB work together?
Big power supply and AC outlets
Enermax Infiniti 720W
OCZ GameXStream 850w vs Corsair TX750W
UPS advice or guide?
LC17S possible?
CoolerMaster Centurion 5 380W?
Just bought a EVGA 8800GT OC..Looking for new PSU
need help
Zippy PSU taken apart, worthy competitors: Wintact (PCP&C / OCZ Turbocool) and Etasis
PC Power and Cooling 610 EPS12V
first build, which PSU
Time for a new PSU? Toughpower or Silverstone.
Antec P190 Dual PSU strong enough?
PSU suggestions
Corsair HX1000 Preview
Low voltages or bad sensor?
PSU requirements
PSU drawing 23w with nothing attached, Killawatt maybe wrong?
PSU for a 2900pro ??? Will this work ?
Enermax Galaxy 1000W
Cheap Power Supply
I need a new psu, something quiet..
How many watts does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Possible PSU issue?
Corsair HX620
ST75F Vs. HX620 ?
Am i over working my PSU?
possibly more power needed??
JonnyGURU's SLI power consumption results
Making custom side window
Another which PSU question
Thermaltake Kandalf
Any COSMOS owners out there?
ARCTIC COOLING Freezer 64 Pro with side air duct?
Sata power to IDE 4 Pin.
PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 Enough?
Just want to verify that this PSU is dead.
Looking for a silent power supply
4 pin ATX12v connector vs. 8 pin EPS12v?
This PSU any good?
? Problem with PSU
How to turn this CNC 24v PSU on?
PSU - On with no mobo?
What is the best Power supply tester?
Thermaltake Armor + Toughpower = wont fit?
Mountain Mods Duality Alternative?
Danger Den Water Box Plus ... does any body use one ???
APEVIA X-QPACK question.....
Just got my ARMOR!
How much power do I need?
My Antec TruePower 550 still cutting it??
Corsair 620HX: Is it really as good as most people think?
PSU for home server?
Need opinion about this Psu ...
Perfect PSU for new rig?
Seasonic - would you buy one?
Q6600 + 8800GTX - Power Supply Help.
My Fortron Bluestorm Took One for the Team.
Can I use 20pin PSU on 24pin mobo?
Would my PSU be enough for a better GPU?