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Help Please
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the computer freezees whn i run ntune
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Overclocking AMD64 3200+ Winchie Core (newbie please help)
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Temp Monitoring SW for Giga-Byte Board
CPU, Case & GPU Monitoring Temps
Compaq GX5050 BIOS Flashing
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DFI NF4 UT SLI-DR & 406BTA bios 250 upclock ?
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Gigabyte K8NSC-939 Anti Aliasing Problems?
OCZ booster + Asrock Sata 2 mobo?
HP motherboard with chipset ok for making music?
Weird XP boot issue on Ultra-D
which dfi is best for opteron 165?
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ultra d 255FSB = weridness
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Which voltage reporter do you all believe?
Asus A8N32 SLI user, What is the cpu temp reported by Asus Probe II?
nf7-s motherboard dead??
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Dont buy asrock...pics inside
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ComputeX2006 Part1-Motherboards
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Strange MSI Neo2 platinum problem.
Just got my AM2 3500 and ASUS M2N32-SLI Setup (Pictures)
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my Dual-sata 2 + opty 165
Windows Vista driver for Ultra-D?
Neo4 plat acting up with ram?
Ultra-D dying after ~1 year?
geforce 7950 gx2 compaible a8n-sli deluxe
Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra
What does UT mean
HTT Link Speed > 1000 MHz with Ath64 3200+?
dual chipset?
Little confused-AsRock Dual Sata
9NPA+ ULTRA question
Asrock dual Mobo
a8n32 Overclocking
A8N-E Green LED on MOBO, But No Power?
Biostar M7NCG 400 + athlon mobile multiplier problem
Asus A8N-E and 3200+ Venice
Cheap Socket A Mobo Replacment
new socket 754 but with sli
ASRock 939Dual Sata2 and AGP
New to Overclocking -- Seeks Help
opty 144 w/ 939dual wont turn off
Help wont start!
Need help with Thermo Stick (seriously!)
What to buy?
What motherboard should I get for the new AM2
2gb of ram showing as 1gb
More affordable AM2 options?
8rda+ Rev 1.1
9NPA+SLI problems, please help
Any Ideas Why My Board Wouldn't Post? 9NPA+Ultra
EP-9NPA3 Ultra Anyone running DDR @ 300FSB?
KN8 Ultra v1.0 - Help... No POST after VGA
DFI Expet + BH5 = no more than 250!
a7n8x-x will not POST
Nforce 4 and the asus A8N5X
BIOSTAR TForce4U ???
nForce 570 Vs. nForce 590 (Whats The Difference)
is there something else i should cool?
need help with a8n-sli deluxe
A8N32-SLI Deluxe BIOS/OC question
Amount of Ram on VF7 v2.0
Soltek SL-K8AV2-R1L
Need a new chip for my A7V333
AM2 excellent overclocking mainboard- EPoX MF570 SLI performance analysis
CPU-Z Misread Ram?
ASRock Dual SATAII + safemode
Strange OC issue on LPUltraB DFI
fresh board = no power up...ideas?
AN8 SLi stuck at 255 FSB
A8N32 Running very hot
my opty / 939dual results
Dual SATA2 + 144 + TCC5
nVidia Firewall BSOD
NF4 SLI-DR vdimm read points
a8n32-sli problems
how to change 939dual divider
K8V-X SE problems
First AMD Build-using AsRock 939 dual
might switch chipsets
Jetway GTDual-STD-G ??
PC-A9RD580adv Bios HELP!!
A8N32 and GSkill Extreme DDR500 issues
DFI Lanparty UT nF3 ULTRA-D?
socket 939 agp board?
a8n-sli delux bios problem please read
Asus a8n32 watercooling/NB heatpipe issue
FX60 compatible with Asus A8V???
ASrock Dual Sata 2 OCing results??
a decent amd board with agp
Mobos PCIE and AGP capable
Can't access BIOS???
A8V and Samsung UCCC RAM
Need Driver Asrock K7vm4
BIOS Flashing Pro's
Which bios for g.skill HZ 2gb + Ultra-d
Tried ASRock now Im Back
k8n-dl questions
Main rig has died! Need help with diagnosis. Memory or mobo issue?
No Place for 3-Port Power LED Connector on ASRock Dual?
Bios currupt, need help!
A8N32-SLI bios 1205, any takers?
Bios corrupt????
Inaccurate ASUS probe readings
EP-9NDAJ died after 8 months
prime95 shutdown = bad PSU?
ASUS M2N32-SLI AM2/DDR2 suppport
bios flash from hell pls help
A8N-E won't overclock in BIOS at all
Gigabyte and raid installation
NF7-S2G multiplier question
Replace or upgrade NF-7? your 2c please.
Joining the DARK SIDE
Epox Ghost monitor voltage Off?
Absolute best mobo for Socket_A OC'ing
A8N-Sli Delxue keeps rebooting
Bios question
Disk Boot Failure...
Case/Mobo question
Asrock AM2 Upgrade Out
GA-K8NF9 Ultra rev1/2??
Epox 9NPA+ Ultra - status on power fail : on
Before I buy - Non SLI mode?
best 265 motherboard
AM2 Mobos
Will my A8V Deluxe support a Sempron S939?
A8N Premium No Boot
a8n-sli deluxe ....no post!!
can Biostar GeForce 6100-M7 be flashed to BIOS of TForce 6100???
Boot problems on Ultra-D (of course) with 2x1GB G.skill Extreme
nVidia IDE sw drivers?
Socket Compatibility Question
asus' am2 board.
Any overclocked opteron 144 owners w/ Asrock SataII?
what board for me
7800GS stepping up to 7900GT... need a mobo!
nVidia nForce4 9.16
What Mobo for me?
DFI flashy?
All info on DFI AM2 motherboard place here please.
ASUS A8N SLI temps and southbridge messed up
ram question?
safe voltages with my dfi
a8n32 memory setting please
Asus Sli Premium: Updated BIOS, now PC won't boot w/ extra IDE HDD hooked up
Motherboard Issue
RAM settings for AsRock Dual Sata2
9NPA+Ultra: BIOS or Windows Issue?
From Asrock to DFI Ultra-d
AN8 booting problems - completely stumped!
Epox with ULi
Voltage help
DFI ULTRA-D , question.
New MOBO help
New MOBO help
AsRock Dual SATA2 Northbridge temp is 67C!!!!
Chipset Temp Problems Solved :)
vcore 1.41
Would a different bios help
SATA driver for XP install?
No post after reseating CPU/HSF
Unable to go below 140 divider on ultra-d
Remap memory?
DFI NF4: VCore Table (New) PDF
help lol =X
Ultra-D power requirements
Did my lanparty nf3 250g die?!
A8V xp3200
Are A8N32's good MB's?
new board
DFI Ultra-d to Ultra-d SLI
Now I read Neo2's suck. Damn. System locks in 1 second.
A8N5X Raid drivers
Fine tuning a8n32
A8N-SLI Beeping on Start-up
Out of box compatibility w/ Opteron 165 cpu? PLZ HELP
Asrock SataII Bios 1.9
tried to update BIOS, now receiving BOOT DISK ERROR?
CFX3200-DR - RAID problem
Third ram stick won't work in neo 2 plat?
ASUS A8R32 Deluxe Please Help!!
Crazy MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum XP install Problems
PCI-E Clock????A8N-SLI Deluxe
Help Needed with mobo and RAM....ITS URGENT
s754 board with PCIe
Next-Gen AMD Motherboard Intro- MSI K9N SLI Platinum First Sight
My soon to be setup with 9NPA+Ultra
advice with buying a DFI mobo
Bios 1013 Asus A8N-E *HELP PLS*
where's the serial number?
DFI CFX3200-DR monitor CPU temp in win
SLI Performance difference between the A8N and A8N32?
Flashing an A7N8X
Mobile 2600 and NF7 OC'ed
Is the Ultra D ok with AMD X2 4800?
does anyone use TT blue orb 2 on asrock 939dual
Asrock 939Dual-Sata2 Oddities?
New system built with A8N-E
Opteron Dual Core 939 in A8V Deluxe?
an8 premium, which sata to use
need help with oc
PCI sound card, no boot
asrock 939dual north and southbridge cooler replacements
Changing from 2T to 1T ( how )
hello hello asrock peeps
do i need to enable sli on an ultra d?
BIOS Settings Problem (Resets Sometimes)
Question about SLi mobo's
NF7-s v 2.0 >> serial ATA does'nt recognize
Upgrade time
HTT at 1095...bad?
ok better
NF7-S Series mobo problemss
NF7-S Series mobo problems,
a8n sli premium help
Abit AT8: 20 pin or 24 pin?
ASrock Vs. DFI?
Chipset cooler
siren from A8N-SLI premium
What kind of RAM with 9NPA+
Blue Screen
Bios Upgrade for Asus A8R32 MVP Deluxe
Out of Curiosity: What CPU do you run with Your 9NNPA+Ultra
Socket AM2 Platforms 3rd Party Motherboard Specifications - ATX
Asrock 939 + system32 error
Help setting up 9npa+ ultra
I knew this was coming....
mobo for Athlon X2 + 7600GT ??
AM2 MB what will they have?
PCI Express/AGP Question
Asus Update does not detect ASUS board WTF ?
A8N32-SLI Deluxe booting problem & fried bios?!
Just bought brand now K8N-E and having problems
Biosman bios Experience??
Expert/TCCD Getting memtester86...Test 7 errors...
Help with Centre Channel from Karajan Module
A8N5X with Rev. 6 3700+
A8N Deluxe Bios Not Responding
Need some good OC'ing 2x1gig ram for my DFI Expert!
Anyone uses AX8 and has a high CPU temp reading?
eVGA Mobo's
Is the board going?
0406BTA bios
0406BTA bios
MSI K8T800
gigabyte k8nsc motherboard not working
Can you really Flash Venus bios on Expert ?
Epox 9NPA+ SLI....would you buy it again?
New asrock 1.8 bios i just dont get it
AMD 4000+ motherboard
NF4 Ultra-D will not power up
IC7-G Upgrading to... AT8 32X ???
DFI Ultra-D or ASUS A8N5X?
Looking for someone in Dallas/Ft Worth to get my Ultra-D system running
Random, temporary, freezing...
24 pin connector
K8NS Ultra chipset fan
wierd problem with my nf4 Ultra Infinity...
Stable 939 w/ PCI express mobo
Asrock 939Dual Gskill DDR500 2gb 280*10
Asus A8N32-SLI DLX and OCZ DDR 500
A8V and ATI drivers problem
Asus A8S-X PLESE HELP!! no boot!
EPoX 8KRAI Pro Help
outpost nf3
KN8 Ultra,.. a good board?
A8N5X Memory Settings
Switching from AGP to PCIe - card won't work?
Asrock 1.8 bios Gskill timings what should I do?
computer randomly shuts off
Asrock underclocking ram to 129MHz?
Need Help with DFI nF4 sli-dr please!
A8N-VM CSM - Audio driver will not install
Asus or ePox for s939?
Need quick advice, s939 and agp
3 new AM2 mobos by Epox
NF7-s 2 tone fun
crazy shoping in bag1881 !!
mobo for opty 146
Need Help OCing With Ultra-D
ASRock newbie RAM question
BIOS question
Abit AN8 SLI wont boot in SLI
Maximum HTT speeds I should expect with a 9NPA+?
harware monitor for ASRock Dual
looking for a replacement.
Fan connecting problem- LanPartyUT nF3 250Gb
Asrock Dual 2 beeping after Vcore Mod?
Asrock Dual-SATA2 Wont install Windows
What's up with my A8V?
Looking for a motherboard...
How do find the ram voltage on ASrock 939dual?
Arsock official Bios 1.80 is good to 400
Probably a stupid Q, will i have to reinstall my OS with a new MB???
New Rig PRE setup Help
ASRock socket 754 K8upgradeble VM800 help needed
BIOS settings for sli-dr with mush 2gb
K8T Neo FIS2R reporting Vcore wrong, or setting vcore wrong?
Another A8N32-SLI Deluxe ?
ABit KT7-A and an Athlon CPU
FYI: New BIOS for 9NPA Mainboards
Monitoring Temps on an Asus A8N-SLi...
ACK! NEVER stable?!?!?
Asus A8V and Audigy 2 ZS noncompatible??
LDT Multi question
Put your Venus board on the map!
What Can You Suggest?
A7N266-C Questions before I proceed
Asrock SATA2 dual channel ddr yes or no
ASrock SATA2 Temp auto shut down?
resetting the CMOS on my A8N32-SLI Deluxe
I'm bummed out by my low-performance UT nF3 250Gb !!!
A8N-SLI Premium NForce4 Questions
DFI Ultra-d and using high vdimm
Now problems with my dfi board...
Just curious any quad socket 940 boards that support SLI or crossfire?
K8Nsc or K8NS Ultra
Can the AMD Athlon 64 3500+ ClawHammer work with this ..
Need help w/nf4 ultra-d & 4x512 bh-5
Highest HTT on Neo2platinum
Asrock stock cooling cpu w/o IHS
DFI crossfire mobos
K8NSC and Opty 146
how good
Micro ATX socket a (462) boards-who has the correct info'? Epox don't anyway!
A8N32 from hell :)
RAM question on Epox 9NPA+
I miss PC Probe 1
DFI LANPARTY SLI-DR Wont Boot :( help plz.
Asus A8N5X - deep pink cast/cpu/controller/graphic card problem ?
What would be the best bios for me?
Need to select a motherboard...Need advice.
Swapping out Asus for DFI, Sooo many DFI boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!