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What board is nice and stable?
Gamer Needs A Little Help
DFI LANPARTY UT 250GB x64 Chipset drivers, which should i use?
A8R32-MVP Deluxe
Flashed bios, now cpu fan turns off
My First Epox Board
Need Asus board like the 8AN Premium, but with an AGP slot
8KDA3J, Please Help Meh
8RGMI sound problem....
Asrock939 - Install Xp with no floppy@sata
Cant find a NF7 v2.0 can you suggest a different make or model?
Pls help: EPOX 8NPA7I and SPEEDFAN software..
Psu Opinion
asus a8n32 and dual 7800gtx problems
I have problems
this work?
k8n-e deluxe
I Really Could Use Your Help Please
Old School A7N8X Deluxe SATA Problems
Need Help ... SLI-DR, video not outputting, PCI-E idiot or something wrong w/ board?
sorry :p, yet another sli-dr expert problem
First time out. Ocing
Testing Motherboard?
neo 2 platinum
ASrock AMD Riser Board-AM2!
A8N-E, Opty 165 - how to install it all?
A8N32-SLI shut down problem
Need Opteron 165 Mobo
Sli Dr
RAID 5 on an SLI-DR
DFI SLi-DR or Asus A8N32-SLi
A8V troubles
Mobo advise
Foxconn 6100K8MA-RS
a8n32 and the sb to nb freq
Crossfire RD580? or 3200?
nOOb Q?
A8N-SLI Premium and Unknown device
A8N-SLI power requirments?
Dfi Lp Chipset
Socket 754 with PCI Express
Power-on Issue with SLI-DR
A8N32 or other NF4 Borad CnQ lower Multiplier Work Around
Finally got my 8RDAA3+PRO working!
K8N Not using Default CPU Frequencys
ga-7vrx and athlon mobile 2400
No signal to monitor - LEDs and beep codes all good
Help overclocking KN8-Sli 3200 venice.
KD7-raid doesn't post need help
Problem with NF-4 Ultra D usb ports and modem
KV-7 and SATA problems....
Why can't I boot from SATA?
Stuck at 217 HT on A8N32-SLI..Help
Abit AN8 Ultra - CMOS checksum errors and more...
Having trouble with A8N-SLi Premium 1009 Final
Stuck in PCI mode ASRock Dual SATA II 939
What happened to Shuttle?
Motherboard Problems
9NPA+ Ultra --> what BIOS
Attaching a Thermaltake to a premium asus
need bios sugestion
non-loading mobo
Biostar TForce6100-939 NIC problem heads up
Ideq 200N (MSI Nforce sff system)
Aftermarket HSF with K8N Diamond Plus
Help finding a motherboard
9NDA3+ having USB related problems?
Lanparty Expert
A8N32-SLI I am sure this thing overvolts .06 vcore. This is bad.
Putting 4 sticks of ram in my K8N Neo2 Plat....Help!
Mobo and 2 CPUS FRIED?!?!?
iDeq 200V (M7VBA) AMD3000+ OC
A8N32 & Mushkins
Help! I've suddenly lost voltage...
a8n32 overclocking questions
A8N-SLI Premium and XP-120
A8V-Deluxe w/ Crucial Ballistix DDR500
Umm... Underclocking an A8N-E?
Vcore voltage problem with A8N32-SLI
A8N5X Overclocking Problem
k8n sli
A8N-E comes with SLI disk?
Motherboard Help
Noob question
Help with dual channel
Need help for oveclocking wit 939 dual sata 2
Asus K8V SE Deluxe
Biostar bios (understanding what is what !!)
AN832 DEL video problem
From Sil 3112 to ULI based mobo....
Asus A8V-e Deluxe - quicks questions lil help?
uGuru Codes
RD482 Neo2 memory settings
A8n Sli
NF4 Expert Test Points
NF4 Expert Test Points
A8N32 SLI Deluxe Sound Problem
New AsRock Mobo
newbie to amd and overclocking - point in the right direction please
Budget Upgrade Suggestions Please...
220 FSB = ntoskrnl.exe error
A8n32 Maybe a stupid question.
DFI Ultra-D Question
Lost with memory dividers nf4-d
Wierd things happeing w/9nda3+
A8n32 noob..A few ???
Jerked The 10K resistor off my board!! Am I Screwed?
Cmos Checksum Error - Bootup Hangs.
EPOX 9NDA3 losing 2 sata w/NV cooler, need low profile 45 deg. SATA cable
Modded by Ultra-D to SLI-D - help anyone?
This forum....
Asus A7V880 (VIA KT880) Are 4 DIMMs worse than 2?
DFI Ultra-D which nforce drivers
Anyway to get higher than 250Htt in windows
First post, and a question about AMD mobos
Flashing AX6BC to pro?
newly built system
opteron / motherboard ?
Burnt MB? Please help
Installing Raid on A8V DELUXE
Boot options on A8N-E?
Dare you sir buy a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum? :)
DFI-SLI-DR Marvel Lan ?
Bios Not reconizing HDrive
[NF4 Ultra-D] Where to begin ?
Just got a A8N-SLI new, should it be factory sealed?
Highest HTT for Ultra-D
sli-dr expert power connection
Have I messed up my board by OC'ing?
DDR 500 RAM in this board?
what do you guys think about Tyan?
A8n32 Bios 1103
Asrock939 w/3700+ slower than NF7/barton
Biostar fan util gone bad- 6100T (Matx)
Tight heatsink fitting on sapphire pure - does it matter?
Asus AI and overclocking
LAN help
What orientation of XP-90C in A8NSLI Premium
common problem with a8n32 ??
Time to build a new one, what to use?
choices of boards
Anyone active cools their mosfet on Ultra-D?
Help with Core Center please....
hows this mobo for a budget system ?
AN35N Ultra and Raptor?
NF4 Ultra-D Wont post
Asus A8R32-MVP: First ATI RD580
Ultra-D Dividers
DFI Infinity
floppy drive on Ultra-D
Need help UT4 SLi-DR
No beep during post. nF4 ultra d
neo2 plat 1.3c modded bios
Why I might not go with Asus motherboards again.
New AMD motherboard Hypertransport bus
Bought epox 9nda3+, Where do i put the extra heat sinks?
DfI sli-d Bios Question for Crucial Ram
Help Fix High HTT Problem with ASRock
dumb question
DFI NF3 250 GB - no post
OC King of Multi-media integrated motherboard - DFI RS482 Infinity
Dfi Noob some help plz were to start...
raid functions on a a9n sli
NF7-S rebooting randomly...
should I update bios prior to installing for the first time?
Sata controller no longer works after changing OC.. HELP
enabling 1t in bios on ultrad?
Just Bought a A8N-SLi SE - Question.
Max vcore on DFI Ultra-D?
Biostar M7NCG 400 Help!
Help me Troubleshoot this DFI LAN Party
First post - Bios help - Biostar 6100 (754)
New guts
pcprobe work?
a8n32 problem with internet
Foxconn Winfast NF4UK8AA-8EKRS
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9 - Where to buy?
New Rig II
whats a good sli setup for less then $550
*GA-K8NF-9* post ur OC results =)
PATA to SATA convertor
Compatible RAM?
New problems with neo2? or maybe CPU?
Sound issues
K8N Neo2 Platinum...looking for an I/O plate
A8N-SLI Premium for server???
Asrock dual SATA capacitor missing
Asrock dual SATA capacitor missing
vnf4 netwrok problems
A8n-sli Psu
Trying to get stable overclock
Anyone know where to find Measure Points for DFI Nf4 Ultra-D?
Neo2 replacement board.. RAID lost?
Recommendation for mobo and CPU upgrade to 939?
SPeedfan Vcore readings
ASROCK 939 Dual: Freezing Problem
DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR
Hardware Gurus-Need recommendation on Nvidia mobo!
Dfi-Ultra and Ocz pc3500el gold (work or not)
Which is the best Crossfire Motherboard??
Asrock 939dual SataII, AGP problems
What's the highest fsb you've gotten with your A8N-SLI premium?
A good budget PCIe S939 board...
Best CPU for my DFI board
AN8 32x - 32x SLI
NF7-s Rev2: 2Gb RAM options?
eVga NF41 Bios Saviour question....
EZ selector card A8N-SLI
instability from cpu or gpu?
no audio
NF4 Ultra-D RAM Problem
AV8 Displaying Awsome Temps (but alas, wrong)
CPU temp programs
Need Help restoring my NF4 Ultra + G.Skill after bios upgrade
ASRock 939DUAL-SATA2 Restart problems
A8n-sli Sata
noob question 1T and 2T
9NPA+ booting in safe mode
Can not overclock XP1800 in Asus A7V266-E
A8n-SLI second card not detected
motherboard or cpu-z wrong?
Sapphire ATI R480 Pure Innov Xpress 200P
nF4 SLI Infinity BIOS settings for OCing
A8V Deluxe and dual channel ram
Weird Problems with NF4-D
Best OCing Mobo?
What are you using to monitor temp?
ultra-d and xp120?
What does chipset voltage gain us?
A8n-sli premium and Nvidia IDE drivers Help fast plz
I broke my chipset cooler, is there a replacement avaiable?
Good mobo for noob overclocker??
CPU Fan Issue
ultra d and dual core opty..will it boot or need bios flashing?
OCing ability suddenly just stopped! Need help quickly!!
A8N32-SLI Question.
44-46 Degree Celcius Chipset=my problems?
New to AMD, need some advice
Abit Ic7-g
Can't get ultra-d over 265
is it bad
Driver issues
New comp w/ Abit AN8 SLI mobo complications
Not pleased with my DFI nF4-SLI-Infinity so far...
A8N32 and RAID
Advice needed on s939 NF4 Micro ATX Mobos
Hi, need help...feeling a bit silly
Ultra-D Hitting a wall?
Asus K8N4-E Deluxe
Ultra D Dual video card question
opinions on my Ultra-D setup
Are the RDX-200s even worth purchasing yet?
motherboard monitor and vnf4
Best Memory for Ultra-D?
939Dual memory dividers acting fishy
How do i overclock on my K8N?
ASRock question
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 - Will It Support DDR-SDRAM
Built new computer...POST takes forever and hangs during Detecting IDE devices!!
Help me With my ultra-D
asus a8n-e, ocz and ddr voltage
ARGGG !!!!!help me with my ultra-d
Small Reply Needed - 1 Simple Post To An Easy Mobo Selection
Problem with flashing bios on A8N-SLI Deluxe
eVGA Nf41 & Ati
ASrock 1.60 bios release.
Power plug on DFI Ultra-D
What Do You Think About?
Why can't i hit fx speeds with my 144 optron?
ATTN: MSI K8N Diamond+ Users
I cant seem to find the right sata drivers for my A7N8X Del
replacing ram in Abit IS7
asus a8n5x
NF4-X lights
Asus A7v880 overclocking problems
Killed my neo2, any ideas on ressurection?
Thoughts on this?
Asus A8N-E any good?
AN8 Temps
ASRock Booting problem?
p4t533 r
Dfi Nf4-d Whats The Difference?!
Should I go 939?
Thinking of getting the A8n32-SLI Deluxe..but I have BTX form case
Asus Probe II is off....
A8N Will stop OC?
Newb OC'er...Help Please....
BTX Form Factor?
Which BIOS updates for LP Ultra-D?
I think I'm gonna throw up- shorted molex
Which 2 gig kit for my Neo 2 ? (choices inside)
HTT maxed out @ 220???????
Best dfi board?
neo v-core ?
Evga 133-k8-nf41-ax
CPU and Case Fan Connection????
ASRock 939 6800GT AGP troubles
AN8 ULTRA PWM location&temperature
A8N Sli Premium w/ 3700+ San Diego Results
A8N-E, can't drop maxclock below DDR333
ASRock 939 D.C. memory and HTT Q's
A8N32 SLI-Deluxe Help w/ cooling Northbridge
DDR400 being shown as DDR200 in POST message of A8N-SLI Dlx
New Gigabyte Mobo with 4 PCI-E Slots WTF!!!
Asus A8V Overclocking problems
which motherboard to go with the Opteron 165?
looking for some advice on what mobo to get
RDX-200 Question
Opteron 170 on it's way - how can I prepare?
Need Mobo advise
New Rig
bios for fx60
New rig.... Maybe
GA-K8NSC-939 and 1T, is it stable for anyone?
Asus A7v400-mx
Garbled video and doesnt pass bios post screen
2000 Fsb
Are there any aftermarket heatsinks that won't fit an Epox 9nda3+ board?
A8N-SLI Premium bios update - lost raid
A8N32-SLI, "DDR Strength", Helps with DDR Overclock!
oc GA-7vrx 1700+
Starting to OC O165 on Expert
Mobo hangs in BIOS and displays low Vdd Voltage.. any ideas?
Misreading Voltages In Ultra-D BIOS
A8N-VM CSM overclock?
Opteron 165
New to A64 OC-stuck at 260 FSB on RDX200
SATA trouble /w Biostar K8VGA-M
Is this a good board?
K8NSNXP-939 and X2
BIOS Modification
AN8 USB issue
MSI Neo2 plat issues with opty 165
DFI Expert - Looking for PWM programs like Speedfan, etc.
OC problem with K8T890
Best oc'ing MicroATX for 939 opteron?
A8N32-SLI & Opteron 146
Neo 2 Plat have PCI lock?
Any way to adjust vcore through windows on DFI NF4?
Expert temp readings?
GSA-4163 Craps on DFI Lanparty NF3?
NF4 Chipset Temps
Stable BIOS for NF7-S that I haven't tried?
need help with old socket A board
DFI Issues
dfi? good or bad
Dumb nf7-s question
free A8N-E from Newegg???
DFI Ultra-D just died, whats the next best mobo?
AI Booster/NOS
ASUS Crossfire mobo.. Good? BAD?
K7N2 Delta-L BIOS problems
Anoyone tried the crossfire ABIT??
Refurbished or not?
Front Panel Audio (Epox 9NPA+ Ultra)
AV8 Experience - post here
***Volt Mod's For AsRock SataII***
9NPA+ owners w/ DC Opterons
What Combo to use?
Looking for a board
New board
NF7-S onboard network connection stopped
AMD k7 XP socket a motherboard Overclocking help!!
K8N-E Deluxe BIOS Update problems
K8N Neo4-F - support X2 4200+ ???
Ok help get this damn thing running
i got platinum problems
Marvel LAN Port Fried/Dead/Posesed?
Where do I find what version BIOS my mobo has?
boot problem with a8n32-sli
A8N-SLI del mosfet cooling
Fried mobo??
AMD Opteron 170 on ASUS A8V Socket 939 VIA K8T800?
Indicative of corrupt BIOS?
Expert with O165 up and running mostly
Abit AN8 SLI
Need help getting a boot-block BIOS flash to work
Cant pass prime95 @ 2.70 ghz with my 3500+
Asus A8N-SLI
Any known issue on A8N-E ?
neo2 bios for negative temps
Chipset fan on SLI-DR Expert
remote bios reset
Yet more problems with BIOS
Chipset heatsink is HOT! K8N Ultra-9
Help with ODD! motherboard noises...
BIOS GUI Updater Problems
Abit NF7-s vcore pencil mod
updating bios
cant get above 275-280 anymore
a64 Tweaker=hates me and my ultra-d
ATI 9800 and ASUS K8V-MX not playing nice with each other
X2 3800+ or Opteron 165 and AGP - options
I need new mobo.... dunno what to get
First Overclock-- Venice 3200+
Abit Kn8-sli or Gigabyte K8n Pro-SLI or Asus A8n-SLI
Budget Mobo?
help with a8n32-sli overclock
Computer just won't start
Ultra-D NF4 settings for Opteron 165
LanParty NF4 Ultra-D Question
What board should i cho-cho-choooose?
9nda3+ bios chip part #?
DFI LanPARTY nF4 SLI-DR Venus First look!!!
HT Warning from N-Tune
Done killing my boards
K8V Deluxe -- Whats up? (FSB)
Non OC PC?
K8n Diamond Plus (New Release)
A8N32-SLI voltage drop under load
cant figure out the LED's asrock dualsata2
Best A8V deluxe Bios
I need help, Is this a problem?
Dual channel memory on an NF4 Ultra-D
Recommend a good NF4 Epox mobo for S939
A8N 32-SLI Delux Owners is it good or bad?
Need guidance.
A8N32-SLI any downsides to watercooling chipset and MOSFETs?
VNF3 250 Mobo Driver?
Abit NI8 sli GR code A0
a8n-sli & pc4000
Duel Video Card Question
Got My Ultra-D, Need To Address Some Problems.
Biostar N4sli-a9 Sli
dfi sli-dr expert X2 overclock question
SLI in 8X differ from 16X ?
can i use a normal power supply with my a8n-sli?
a8n32-sli price drop ever?
I just received my ASRock DUAL-SATA2! Some questions for you guys!
New BIOS SILLICON IMAGE sil3112 v4276!!
$400 dollar 754 system
What the heck?
OCZ Ram for the a8n-sli deluxe
Temperature Monitor - A8N-Premium
G.Skill FX Recommended timings for success?
DFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert Problems with Power supplies?
New A8N32-SLI build
Is this the right board?
X2 4200+ and PCI-E mobo help
Just bought X2 and 7800GT need MB recommendation
boot code on 8KDA3J
EPoX EP-9NPA+Ultra just need a lil info is all :)
At a total loss
Dual Channel Nightmare! PLZ HELP!
Jetway MyGuard Download?
8RDA3+PRO F2 work around
A8N32...sata question
BSOD's freezes.. A8N-SLI premium HELP FAST PLZ
It's on the way!
a8n32-sli, vcore not the same as processor voltage?
Difference between A8N-SLI & Deluxe version
a8v deluxe with one SATA HD and one IDE HD for dual booting linux and xp
Bios settings for GA-K8NS 754 and a Athlon64 3200+ DTR Cpu
Great Results with 1C Sideeffect Bios!
do i have to
NF7-S unknown temps.
A8N-SLI Deluxe BIOS upgrade
help me pick a mobo for a opty 165
Two Ultra-D probs
northbridge fan dead?
K7SOM+ v1.0 sensor errors?
Bad Bios Flash
Which CPU
Wierd Noise distortion? A8N-SLI issue
Internet Problems
no setting on ga-k8nsc-939 for aperture size
Asus K8N Overclock ...How?
Raid 0 on Asrock Dual sata2 mobo??
need pic of DFI ULTRA-D pwm chip
Dual gpu on a neo2?
A7V8X-X Resistor Values?
A7V motherboard Dead???
Where to Find NF7-S2
thermal throttling bios setting
ocing options!
A8N32-SLI, "Error51 paging error", Helpful Hint
New build
Opteron 170 with Foxxconn 6150 board
a8n-sli: dos apps fail after bios 1006
Is there anyway to OC a unlocked Athlon XP in a ABIT AN7
DFI-nforce3 ... problems?
GA-K8NS Ultra-939 New Bios F10
Alpha Timings
AGP driver
Some DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 ULTRA-D questions...
Help.. A8N SLI Deluxe to the A8N32 SLI DELUXE
Will overclocking void my mobo waranty?
Opteron 165 with ASROCK 939DUAL-SATA2
A7N8X + new memory = dead
AMD 64 sandiego core
A8N-SLI having problems booting Windows at random points!