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So how can I speed up my processor without speeding up my ram? (NF4 Ultra d)
4X512 in NF4 SLI-DR
dead soltek 75frn2l
need help overclocking
max/min HTT
Bios settings question for a newb
nf7-s2g of fury!!!
939 Opteron Problem with A8N
motherboard temp - ultra-D
ga-k8nf-9 problems
Can't get a Post on A8N-VM CSM
A8V Deluxe: can you use a USB boot device?
New to Asus bios OC options (A8N32-SLI)
A8NSLI premium memory overlock settings
Very strange motherboard problem. What happened?
pci express clock~ need help with it
GA-7N400 Pro2 wont boot
a8n-sli Emergency
SLI Mod Longevity question
LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D does it support opty
DFI NF4 ultra-D: need IDE drive before raptor to boot
Motherboard or Ram!!!
ASUS A8N5X Need Advice
MOBO question.
Asrock 939 won't post under non-spec multiplier
EPoX Voltage measurements?
Anyone Running 4 stick's in their Neo2 ?
URGENT! FUBARed BIOS after flash - no video. Is there any hope?
A8N-SLI w/x64 SATA HD issues
Buying a new mobo, shall I choose Neo2 Plat?
Is my neo2 guilty of...
Upgrade to x2, need a new motherboard!
Motherboard, processor, and ram for < $500
MSI K8N Diamond Plus with Vacuum Tube Front Panel and Opteron 144
having problme with onboard networking a8n-sli help !
Does increasing LDT and/or Chipset voltage do anything?
new buld will not read xp install cd
Ultra D boot issue - wont post + flickering power light
A8N32 SLI Deluxe Heat Problem
Novice overclocker
HELP!! first build, 939dual beeping
BIOSTAR Motherboards SUCK!
How can I increase the voltage limit on ASUS A8N SLI Premium?
Need some advice with motherboard for opteron 165 gaming system
A8V-E Deluxe Overclocking Issues
mm5 doesn't work with asrock 939... any suggestions?
A8N32 and Motherboard Monitor
A8N32-SLI ACPI issue
A8N32-SLI onboard sound stuttering in BF2
LANParty Stability Issues (Moved from General Hardware)
Potential PC configuration
Help- ASRock 939dual-SATA2 X300SE
o/c finally set~ come give me some suggestion
PC Chips M811LU
what's the big difference between the EPoX EP-9NDA3J and the epox ep-9nda3+
a8n32-sli deluxe in stock @ eastluna
epox 9nda3+ out of stock, what is comparable
Need a decent NF2 mobo
Neew New BIOS chip for A7N8X
Biostar TforceSLI
Is it safe to have my value ram running @ pc3800?
Best SFF Motherboard For Mentioned System?
best bios for a7v333
a8n-sli Deluxe chipset fan speeds uncontrollable
Help - Front USB Ports Don't Work Properly
NF7-Sv2 Vcore jumped!!
Another opteron question?
stupid question.. mobo/cable routing question
AMD NooB OC'ing question (Please)
EVGA motherboard w/ 7800GT
DFI Lanparty UT nF4 SLi DR memory problem
Not getting USB 2.0 Speed
Random "System failed VGA test" errors when booting up
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D onboard sound question
A8NSLI reset issues
Can i get a 6th divider on my motherboard
Upgrade to Dual core X2
Neo 2 plat owners
K8N-E Deluxe (Need Help OCING)
Has anyone had this problem before with the Vcore?
neo2 plat.....sigh
Neo 2 Plat (7025) and the X2 CPU
I need help selecting a microatx motherboard
cpu freq.
Dual Channel Questions
What are my options? PART 2!
which a8n board should i get?
Asus A8N SLI Premium & Creative X-FI
NF7-S Do i have Damaged MOBO ?
Av8 + 165
Dfi Bios Version
need help reinstalling windows xp with abit nf7s v2.0
huge lanparty ut nf4 ultra d problems
DFI Ultra-D TCCD Bios ?
will pc2700 (333) work on asrock sata2 939 mobo?
A8N-Sli Pemium help.
Fyi - A8n32sli
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D question
Asus A8V Dlx + OCZ Premier ram??
A8N32-SLI not as it seems ....
How much power will I need?
Asrock 939Dual-SATA2 showing usb1.1 Not 2.0
Mini Heatsink Placement on 9NPA+
Oc on A8N-SLI premium ?
a8v deluxe/ dual core?
K8NMF-9 and Cool 'n' quiet
KV7-V Problem...
A8V Deluxe - need help switching from VIA to Promise Controller
So I found out some stuff
A7N8X-E deluxe... installing SATA?
New build(geting the info together)
Modded BIOS question
Asus A8N-E & Opteron 148
NF-7S rev2, agp lock how to....
DFI nf4 Ultra-d backplate problems
Newly Installed (oced) A8N32
Board Wines when power draw increases
a832 in stock and 229bucks
Neo Platinum nForce 3 250gb
AsRock 939 Processor Voltage question
What one of these motherboards
Chaintech 7NJL6 Bios?
NF4 SLi-D Temps
has anyone had this problem with LP NF4 Ultra-D?
OLD SCHOOL:A7V880 Problems
nF3 PWM/MOSFET Location?
a8n32-sli wont boot into windows!
a question
Rev. AD0, anyone?
NF7-S2 stand-by problems
Upgrading to AMD64
Asus A8N
AN8-Ultra IDE & SATA killing each other
Can't boot, can't get into BIOS
Overclocking problems with DFI Inf. NF4 Ultra
Tons of problems With my A8N-E Need help
KN8 Ultra - two tone alarm sometimes when wake
ASRock thread HSf(not going to read all of that)
New Antec PSU: high -5V (-61.94V) NF7-S
Dual socket 939 boards
Asus A8N32-SLI Mobo - Questions on setup , problems..etc...etc
Motherboard Feature?
DFI LP Ultra D Do I need a new PSU
GA-K8NS Config for 2 gig ram
How can i filter out EMF noise?
My Ultimate Machine...What should I do?
I do believe I killed it- NF7-S rev 2
a8n-sli deluxe bios memory frequency/divider control?
a8n-sli deluxe or premium?
Configuring Nvidia Firewall and Active Armor for 2 networked pcs
I took the plunge - A8N32-SLI questions
DFI for opteron?
busted ultra-d ?
Stuck with K8N Neo2 Platinum
CAn the NF3 250GB run stable at all stock speed?
DFI NF3 Ultra-D
*NEW PC* Ocasional BIOS hangs, unreponsiveness - DFI NF4 LANPARTY SLI-DR
A8N-SLI Deluxe, new build, want opinions on my equipment choices
A8N-SLI Deluxe, new build, want opinions on my equipment choices
Gigabyte K8nsnxp and X-fi wont work!!
Computer randomly reboots
New mobo needed, help plz... (socket A)
No Post, No Beep, No Display?
board bored...
a8n-sli deluxe problem
pLz helP
NF4 LanParty with Opteron 144
No VCore on K8N4-E Deluxe ?
AN8 ULTRA PCI devices problem
Fried Motherboard?
Lanparty / Ut Lanparty
Error message and slow boot up
Where did you guys buy your epox 9nda3+?
can i use this ram w/ this board?
TaiPan 0.3 [ED] Bpl 3.19 28.12.04
Tell me if I missed something
ASUS K8NE-Deluxe SPDIF, is it output only?
neo 2 fsr problem
A plethora of newbie issues
Mother Board Tempratures
NF7 v2.0 and Corsair XMS-C2 rev 5.2 = problems
which bio version for A8M32-SLI Deluxe ?
Fatal1ty An8 ultra bios mods
DFI Infinity: which sata ports are locked?
new A8N32-SLI doesn't post. any ideas?
EpoX 9NPA+ Ultra BIOS's
OC a8n-sli deluxe 3500+ noobie needs insight
K8N Neo2 Platinum Install Problems
A7V600 reboot issues?
Asus A7N8X-Deluxe vcore?
AN35N Power on Self Test
msi k8n neo4 chipset cooler
Confused: Does my Asus SLI nForce4 Premium mobo support PC4000 ram?
SLI ready or not?
nf3 ut 250gb bioses
Asrock 939Dual-SATA2, Everest/Speedfan reporting wrong temp?
A8N32-SLI available again
Tic Tac's D27 3DFire Bios
NF7-Sv2 CPU Thermal Throttle?
Asus32 SLI wont post past 275 HTT
MY setup for the new sig
A8V floppy fails after bios update
HELP!!! An8-SLI board LAN problems!!
ultra-d doesn't like new psu
Asrock 939dual-sata2: Which temp sensor in speedfan is the CPU? (and what is remote?)
ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 USB Problem?
A8N32 owners what memory are you using?
Budget Overclocker: A8R-MVP vs EVGA NF4 SLI vs ASROCK 939 DUAL-SATA2
HTT question on the A8R-MVP
up down ratio for oc
asus a8v does it support tccd ram?
9npa+ultra and kingston hyperx 3500 cl2 ram
I have he new Asus A8R-MVP Radeon Xpress 200 CF board comming in
BIOS Confused?
dead motherboard?
PCI clock on NF7-S2.
System keeps restarting with Asus A8NSLI DELUX board
Nvidia based Abit boards are out of stock?
What board should i get to OC my opteron?
Does anyone use PQI dbl model ram and a x2 3800+
Is Epox gone?
Sempron cpu
Where are SATA drivers?
Second hand motherboards- reliability promise?
DFI Crossfire board and Seasonic
nForce2 Ultra Infinity Chipset Voltage
A8N-SLI Bios for standard board
New version of the expert coming out
A8N32-SLI Deluxe Revision 2.0
Clockgen Chip
A8N-SLI Usb 2.0 Driver
should i get this mobo
Total System Failure...Seems like my MoBo
NF4 hardware firewall - DFI nF4 SLI-D and ASUS A8N-SLI
ASUS A8N32-SLI, I paid for new, received USED!!!
Neo 2 Bios issue
BIOS Savior question
A8V Deluxe mireports voltage
Cpu power circuit...
eVGA Nf41 Stability Guide
Time to RMA my NF4-D?
EP-8k5A3+ and 4 strips of pc2700 =pc2100?!?
LF: Good 939 AGP Board.
Epox 9NPA+Ultra bios settings.....
A8n Sli
jetway 939 gt4 sli-g
AN8 Ultra Video Problems
Memory problems
Is it worth it?
DFI NF4 - No USB port works...
Big problems with s754 lanparty nf3
Epox 9npa+Sli, dead?
Problem on my Asus A7N8X-X motherboard
STUPID A8N-SLI Deluxe Question
FDD connector on Ultra-D connected= non-boot, FDD connector disconnected=boot??
NF7 question
DFI NF4 Ultra-D BIOS Questions
Copied: Shhh... dont tell the intel guys
What bios should I be getting?
Help with OC: nf4 Ultra-D + 3000+ Venice
Neo2 and an Opteron 165
Question concerning ultra-d and not being able to boot.
modded bios for GA-7N400L
socket 939 and AMD DDR questions.
boot problem k7s5a
analyze my new rig:
OMFG BIOS VAULT (which bios for nf7s v2???)
nOOb asrock question
NF4 Expert - Problem on shut down and power-on
A8N32-SLI High Temperatures
9NDA3+ RAM issues help!!
problem installing xp on nf7s v2 w/ raptor
asus a8n32-sli lie!
DFI SLI DR - no boot
New build in progress, need help opty 170 a8n-sli deluxe
Noticable gain going from a A8NSLI-D to a A8N32?
Ok, So I've been shopping for a new system.....
Best bios to use when overclocking...
Converted to the light
Does LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D have Fan speed Control in Bios
Need help asap Epox 8k7a+
How to enable UDMA2 w. NF7S v2, d25 merlin bios, windows 98 and ND-3540a dvd burner?
Epox 9npa Ultra boot issue
Asus A8V Deluxe - Highest Stable Mem Clock Attained?
DFI Expert: SLI Cooling problem..?
8RDA3+PRO won't POST
Asus A8r-mvp
8RDA3+PRO boot code F2?
asus a8n5x 20/24 pin PSU questions
New DFI DR-Expert BIOS release
Abit KN8-SLI overheating?
DFI Ultra-D & UTT, which is the best bios?
Newb DFI LANPARTY UT-D 939 Qeustions
How to ge a better OC (still underclocked)
Black screen on my NF7S!!
How to safe mode?
DFI SLI-DR, Fortron 530W -- which is the problem?
A8N32 Step-by-step installation?
a8v deluxe - nvidia tnt2 m64 32mb agp... compatible?
BIOS Option Question
Is the nFrorce4 SATAII Mod motherboard Specific?
GigaByte K8NF-9
Best mobo for AMD 165 Dual Core
9NDA3+ No Post (New Build)
Ok well im in a bit of a pickle hear
Which bios to use for a Neo4 Plat (non-SLI)
NF4 Infinity no multiplier over 11
Asus A8n SLI Deluxe Issue
Differences between the DFI infinities and Lanpartys?
can't get into RAID BIOS on A8N32-SLI
New motherboard won't post
which board?
ASRock mobo for CPU question
Just got Ultra-D should I mod Now or Later?
new mobo upgrade.......so many
chipset fan
EP-9NPAJ SATA drivers:
Weird problem with Sisoft Sandra
RS480 No Post
Should I upgrade my PSU?
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe + XP120?
Need Advice For AMD CPU
Need opinion on motherboard and RAM
PCI-E skt 754 DFI board question
Will these work together.....
A8N-SLI Deluxe not posting
A8N-E reflashing issue
Need advice on new mobo/proc
USB ports not working, please help
msi k7n7 delta 2 lsr VERY temperamental!
Neo 2, anyone gotten 4 sticks @ 1T ?
new oc help
New Mobo, Got questions!
Why is 200+ FSB more stable?
Installing a lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d
a8n32 was due at newegg 5 min ago... Not there.. Where to order from?
What slots do I use?
Problem and I think that is the mobo
Dual Opteron K8T800 board.
A8N-SLi sitting at Windows Startup screen. No idea why!?!
Dfi Nf4 Bios
A8n-sli prem, 2 raptors & 1 300gb How????
No eVga Sub-Forum, so here goes...
nforce 3 and agp risers slot question
Asus A8R-MVP voltage problem?
New nForce4 drivers. Which ones?
NF-7 S and 1GB modules - No post
top new 64 939 boards please?
8RDA6+ Pro and Mobile AthlonXP
8RDA Pro
Mobo under $70
Questions about A8N-SLI Premiun.
Storage drive doesn't show up in bios or windows( Help)
Help sys wont boot
Help my switch to AMD be painless please...
Need some help finding a mobo for a ....
USB/ mouse trouble with DFi Lanparty nf3 754
GA-K8NF-9 Won't Boot With G-Force 6600GT
Warning about the VNF4
MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum: can I use SATA ports 1 & 2?
Help me Decide!!!
Question about AN8 SLI mobo
a8n32-sli deluxe in stock $245 xcaliburpc
A8N-SLI Fried?
a8n-sli premium - no dvd drive in windows
a8n32-sli, with 175 opteron won't post
Anyone else have this happen with their neo2?
Heatsink Fan
ASRock Dual939 Boot Troubles
Problems with 9nda3
Another Death To My Nf7 Thread!
NF4 mods
I'm looking at an ASROCK or A8N-E
system hang problems
ASrock 939Dual-Sata OC'ing?
a8v deluxe OC questions
new setup wont even come on
k8n neo4 platinum, hit or miss? i shall see :(
Wait or Update?
Memory or board problem?
overclocking asus
DFI Expert and Ocz 4800 any way to make this work
Dual Channel Won't Post - A8V
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Availble RIGHT NOW on the Egg
eVGA 133-K8-NF41 Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Motherboard Opteron Ready? **HELP!**
Finally got around to putting 4 sticks in my neo2
New DFI Expert scrare
A8N Deluxe w/dual 6800 gt
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe - What bios for maximum vcore?
Newbie needs guidance
Does anyone know if the Gigabyte GA-7vrx capable of underclocking memory speed
Mobos that are socket AM2 ready...
New to DFI
SLi Chip - Install for single video card?
Bad NF4 SLI-DR Expert?
difference between LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR and LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR EXPERT
Differences between Ultra and SLI
Wondering If my config is OK ?
Silly and somewhat obvious question but please answer =]
166 divider not working on my lanparty ultra-D anymore
How far can I OC my PCI/AGP slots?
Asus K8V-MX audio Driver
A8N-SLI Question
Will this fry a motherboard?
What are my options?
new asus a8n32!
Stange Boot Problem
What the bleep! Flaky OC behavior with my Asus A7V8X-X motherboard again!
500MHz HTT on the DFI Expert . . . This board rocks!
Skt. 754 mobo
will my processor oc more with?
replaced my mobo and temps dropped 20c
Gygabyte? No Thanks
Motherboard Help on amd64 3700 (754)
Which BIOS to use for NF4 Ultra-D?
were to buy?
Building my first computer with the A8N-SLI <Premium, Deluxe, SE?>
Reset keyboard if Early_Reset_KB?
The daily double question on that BSOD parameter on Windows XP 64
Board powers itself on and then off
New DFI Expert
Lost A8V Deluxe Support CD
Any last minute install advise on my A8N-SLI Premium?
Memory Problem
question about Fatal1ty AN8 SLi
more memory?
Problems with Lanparty Ultra-D
Neo2 divider issue?
What the heck does this mean? (EP-9NPA+Ultra)
is my evga mobo not supported?
12 Volt SLI PWR?
Who has the DFI Expert board in stock?
Which is better?
Need Help w/ NF7-S Board (need specs for one cap)
neo 2 memory voltage ?
DFI NF2 Infinity, is it "good"?
which is it?
DFI Lanparty DR-Expert acting funny!!!
Whats the deal with orange slots?
Best Overclocking Motherboard - MicroATX
is this for real?
What's the best way to monitor temps on the VNF4?
Motherboard shuts off after a few seconds...
noobie question ?
ocz booster
a8n32 what do you think?
Has anyone run into this problem with the DFI LANParty UT RDX200 cf - dr ?
Opteron + DFI
Calling all ECS NFORCE4-A939 Owners!
Does the DFI Expert have cold-boot issues?
which of these 3 amd mobos (skt.A)
DFI and ATI no good together
Does the Award BIOS normally show RED Cautions in these areas?
Noisey whilsting motherboard!!!!
Trouble booting up with overclock (Asus A8N32-SLI)
Problem with 9nda3+ & mem 1T
NF4 Infinity Ultra, PCI lock?
Memory related issues
A8N-SLI NB fan
help O/Cing LANParty UT RDX200 CF-DR please
Upgrade to K8N4-E Deluxe....
Looking to upgrade my system, what's the best MB?
BIOS flashable with external floppy?
7N400-L0 Memory problem
Overclocking the A8N-SLI Premium. Problems...
DFI lanparty 250gb
X2 support on an A8N-SLI Premium
Just Bought Sound Card, sould I pull out and uninstall drivers for DFI Ultra-D mobo?
Nvidia buys ULI?
WTF is the diff between these dfi boards
I May Have Been Hacked And Burned!!!
What's with the 24 pins?
Buying a DFI LP UT NF4 Ultra-d *questions*
Neo2 Platnium (MS-7025) and the FX57?
Best Bios for NF4 Ultra-D?
Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra Vs. DFI NF4 Ultra-D
Can an a8n-sli handle anything higher than pc3200?
Crossfire. Viable? Performance? Junk?
more A8V problems
Does the DFI Ultra-D (NF4) require a CPU fan to be plugged in?
overclock = onboard ethernet disabled?
how to turn on a motherboard, without a case button
Asus A8V raid driver problems