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Upgrading and have a question
Bios update required to run X2 on DFI Lanparty UT??
What is the 4-pin molex connector for on the DFI Lan Ultra D?
DFI UT nF4 Ultra-D Voltages
new asus a8n32!
A8V HTT frequency
Switching to an A8N-SLI from a DFI LP UT nF4 SLI-D - reformat?
Need a good socket A overclocker
DFI LANPARTY UT nF4 SLI-DR Expert: sli compat mod
Whose to make the next gen overclocking Mobo?
Odd problem... won't power on with certain CPU
Best current 939 board with sli.. stable, easy, stock
DFI SLI-DR Expert + Crucial Ballisitx Tracer DDR500(2x512) = Bad Combo????
My Rig keeps freezing..:(
new mobo wanted, help needed!
P4 820d Oc?
Hi, recommendation for 3200+
A8R-MVP Question...
"Abit AN8 Ultra v1.0 crashing (BSOD's etc. and freezing)...what's going on???"
Anyone running a 400fsb Barton on a Gigabyte 7VAX ?
Dram voltage
A8N SLI or A8N-SLI Deluxe?
My Asus A8N Doesnt boot with Serial ATA drives on Siil Ports
Ultra-D connectivity help.
Replacement for the NF4 SLI-D that doesn't suck?
Opinions on the BFG RNF4U
Dual Opteron Board
can i have more ram?
chipset temperature?
A8N-SLi Premium can't do 400 Mhz Memory ?
Bad results with an Ifinity SLI
CoreCenter bug? & Memory settings w/ K7N2 Delta2 Plat board
About to get DFI Nforce 3 939.. Help Please.
HTT Is stuck low
can this take a 4400 x2 amd
Good OCing S939, onboard vid, economic board choices
Opteron suport for A8N-sli posted ot ASUS Faq
a8n premium sli going past 1.55 volts
Please help AV8 post error
8rda+ Post Led
just orderred my asrock
Memory for my nF4D
Asus A8V-E SE Error code 1086
Kind of an odd question, how to remove something
MSI K7N2 Delta2-FSR
A8N-SLI Third temp sensor MBM
DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-D not booting up with 1 graphics card.
A8N-SLI Deluxe Beta BIOS 1016.001
A8N-SLI Premium with my ram???
Obtaining Best Performance from A8n-SLI Deluxe
ASRock Dual939 SATA2 Memory Type
Looking for an A8N32-SLI ???
Troubleshooting a GA-7ZXE, did I miss anything?
Are refurbished mobo's OK
DFI NF4 Ultra-D Ram problem
upgrading to a PCIe motherboard - help?
Dead CPU or MB?
Just a quick Question
Windows 64 bit work on EPoX EP-9NPA+ SLi ?
ASRock Dual939 SATA2?
Problems with NF7-s, Voltage F'd?
Where is that voltage list someone created?
Alternatives to the DFI LanParty Ultra-D?
DFI Temp Software
A7N8X-E Deluxe compatibilties
Abit's, and other's, current offerings...
What bios is everyone running with there x2 ?
Bios tweaks in windows?
I do NOT recommend this
Another successful A8N32-SLI :)
A7N8-X MOBO memory
Dealings with Double Dual Desktop???
8RDA3+ -12v prob
Three motherboards, but which?
Lanparty Ultra D and Corsair Value Ram - What BIOS? HELP
Nvidia Firewall - Any success?
K8N Diamond Plus- what do you think?
Both BIOS work okay?
ASRock 939 mobo system not booting into XP
updating Bios
Any alternative to K8N4-E Deluxe? (looking for 754 with PCI-E)
Which one do I trust?
HELP nf4 SLI-dr
RDX200-DR Warning
CPU usage spikes to 65% + with my CAD app.
mobo recomndation?
Best 754 board?
nF4 Ultra D problems
board and ram
does anyone have this?
Upgrading mobo and CPU, suggestions
NF4 Infinity SLI questions
2x 512mb of pc3200 ddr400 only reading 166mhz?? Need help.
Replacea NF7 with what? I am out of the loop
oc'ed fsb stability
what revision for a8n32 ?
AnAndTechs Motherboard Price Updates.
MSI Neo2 Plat. Hooking up Front Sound/Mic
a8n-sli premium and dual core opteron?
BSD.....Trying to diagnositic HDs...cant get to DOS
Dont buy MSI
SLI Bridge Question
advice needed with this OC on my NF7 and my new Geil 1g PC3200
Voltage problems with DFI Infinity NF4
whats the difference between the D and ultr-d?
i have a dumb question
NorthBridge Cooler
Chaintech 7AJA/100 OC ablility?
nF4-D jumpers
dfi nf4 sli dr ram issues
Need motherboard for my opty 144 for maximum overclock
Intel 10 pin connector diagrams?
Swiftech GPU blocks and SLi????
SLI-D unstable at default settings
9NDA3 BIOS settings overhaul and weird options
Bad CPU or Motherboard?
S/PDIF connections
Quietly Overclocking Motherboards
quick question
AN8 SLI - Does not boot ?
Help needed, can't install win xp!
NF4 Ultra-D Ethernet Failure? -- help needed
MSI K8N Neo2 wont boot Windows with 4x512 2t
Moving to a UT NF4-D + G.SKILL
How to quiet noisy fans on an AN8-SLi with SLi enabled?
Safe load temps?
A8n-sli premium... bluescreen and reboot.. Drivers?
The most luxury NVIDIA SLI 16X motherboard- MSI K8N Diamond Plus first look
New ATI stuff in the pike?
Lanparty Ultra-D PCI Clearance
ASUS A8V Deluxe - Top Memory Options?
Abit AV8 OC - which is better?
blown up motherboard
Need help flashing bios.
chipset cooler for ultra-d
commenst suggestions?
2 Chaintech 7AJA/100
trying to flash bios
Ultra-d still moddable to SLI
Asus A8N32 SLI Deluxe setup - nervous
HELP OCing NF7-S V2.0 / XP-M 2600+
Getting Expert Board...What PSU?
Dual Processor Mobo?
MSI K8N Neo 2 - What Bios is best for me?
omg, i just got scammed on ebay, buying an A8N32-SLI!!!
SATA boot
ASUS A8N32 Deluxe and CORSAIR XMS 3500LL Pro 2GB (2 x 1GB) Installed and WOW!
eVGA 7800GT/MoBo Combo
Computerless in Vancouver :( Bad Bios Flash
Still can not get a decent overclock!
Lanparty UT nF4 SLI-D question
dfi ultra-d chipset fan screws
ABIT KN8 Ultra
Asus A8N32-SLI: Flashing BIOS
K8V-X Best Settings
ECS KN1 SLI Extreme....automatically downgrading the ratio when OC'ing with 1:1
NF4 SLI Infinity and HDD problems
ram and A8N32-SLI
EP-9NPA+ULTRA EIDE2 not finding drives???
Switching to AMD and PCIE
Is this board good enough for 2x 7800gt's or gtx's
eVGA Nf41 SLi and XP-120
Incorrect HTT Frequency???
cpu and motherboard compatibility
A7N8X Proceesor compatibility?
New Abit owner
Leaking capacitors... how much time left?
Problem with mob or hd??
dualcore opteron on A8V
DFI lanparty 250gb ram question, please help.
help with ga 7vaxp
a8v deluxe, bios, press f2 to load default
Help! Strange memory OC issue.
dfi expert and ballistix users pls come in
Overclocking AN8-SLI w/3700 SD
Epox 9NDA3J and Opteron 146 not a good combo?
1 x16 and 1 x2 PCI-E Buss DFI LPUD?
A7V266-E Upgrade Options?
Hynix DT-D43 on Neo2 Platinum
Cant get X-Fi to work at all!!
A8N- SLI deluxe Chipset fan problems
Best D27 for NF7-S rev.2
Computer keeps crashing.
Asus a8n deluxe possible compatability issue
looking for a mobo AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
is there any possibity to unlock the multiplier
Question about the board slots
NF4 Ultra boards
Anyone get MBM working with A8N32 yet?
DFI and 850W PSU problem? still exist?
Only on SATA-II mobo with AGP for s939
Lookn for board for Opty 175
speedfan readings
DFI LP UT nF4 SLI-D max Vcore
Upgrading to Asus A8N32-SLI
Abit AN8 ULTRA and 1.5Gigs problem, HELP!
Biostar Tforce4U?
DFI infinity or Ultra-D?
Cant Find A8n32 Anywhere!
A8N32-SLI, I can't get more than 1.4vcore
How do I overclock the A8n32-Sli?
Is there such a board?
DFI NF3 VS Asrock ULI1695
Death to NF7-S, my replacement :)
Best CPU heatsink/fan combo for NF7-s
how to get MIDI on NF7-S2
S754 AGP 8x & PCI-e?
32 bitV 64 bit gaming build issues
DFI Board Selection: Confused
Overclocking with my epox 8KDA3J
K7S5A wont boot with 133fsb
I dont understand.
Few questions
AV8, can't go over 260HTT
K8N Neo 4 with 3500+ Venice
No more dfi for me.
nf7-s help
PCI-e frequency
No boot, seems to post...HELP
A8n Deluxe 2gb Limitation
MSI Boards Suck...?
nf4 sli
9NDA3+ and DC Opteron.
How Can i make my SATA storage?
DFI Expert or a true nForce4 SLI X16 MoBo?
NF4 ultra-d ITE question help.
Thermalright NB-1 cooler with NF4
Can I add another stick to my NF7?
A8n-vm Csm
Asus s939 mobo for linux
Chipset driver problems...I am lost
K8N Neo4 SLI overclocking help >>
K8N NEO2-F Missing Enhanced USB
Scythe Ninja
help a DFI noob out...
is my CPU fried?
Looking for NF7 replacement
Need help Picking a DFI board
Which motherboard and processor?
Need help. DFI NF4 SLI-DR couldn't pass 300
MSI K8N Neo4 problems?
Epox 9npa+ w. big video card
How much can 3 pin connections handle
pci/agp lock
A8V Deluxe OPTERON 170????
Adding Memory
Improve Overclocking w/low ESR Capacitor Upgrade
is it worth it?
How to use Msi Core Center to Overclock?
xp 120 on A8N32sli?
good s939 1x16x PCI-E and other...
Best OCing S754 mobo
Whats a good mother board for a Noob
A8N-SLI Deluxe - Change Processor 3000+ to X2
Ram for Abit AN8-SLi - twinx-2048 c2?
Having trouble updating bios. its a pain
updating bios for new board.
DFI, MSI or Epox?
Help with DFI LanParty UT nF4-D mobo?
A8N32-SLI advice
Problem with A8N SLI Deluxe/AMD 4400 X2
Chipset voltage
A8n Question..
overclocking 3200+!
How to run XP2600+ / 166 at 16x 133MHz on Gigabyte GA-7VRXP rev. 2
New Dfi Mobo!!!
Which Non SLI board for 3500 Venice?
Confirmation of a dead board
A8N32 boot issues, need ideas
help with ram
Dual Socket 939, does such a thing exist?
DFI opty+utt redline boot issues...help.....
Help with Lanparty UT NF3 250Gb
winflash misflash on ultra-d nf4 lanparty
more voltage please...
Which AMD non-SLI PCI-E board?
Vantec IceBerg 4/IceBerg 4 Pro Compatible w/ Neo2 Platinum?
Asus A8N5X vs Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra
A8N-E 1t troubles...
Motherboard Setup
K8N with 3200 need help!
Good ocing socket 939 PCI-ex mobo
ECS K8M800- M2 VER 1 agp add on issue
A7N8X-X Bios acting weird.....
Who has an ASRock Dual
3200 Barton Fails OCCT at Stock Multi
Blinitializelibrary failed 0xc0000017
Multiplier/fsb adjuster for kt600
BIG Trouble with my Opteron 170+DFI eXpert system!!!!!
stress test, on asrock...
I need help selecting a new mobo
A8V and XP90
mmm.... A8N32-SLI Deluxe
Long beeps,dont know whats going on.
Need To Lock Pci ??
My msi mobo just went dead
DFI Expert Setup
WHICH NF4 BOARD? Need to know ASAP. -ASUS SLI, DFI Xfire, DFI Expert?
computer powers off after 2 seconds
Help me choose a bios?
BFG gt oc and asrock dual sata mb
It's Here! **DFI Expert at Newegg**
NF4 Boot issues involving the HDD
What AMD Mobo for Beginner OCer?
SLI-DR + GSkill 4400LE Tweak Help
pci-e clock at 88.59 whats up wit dat????
World of Warcraft and Asrock 939 Dual...
Wanting the absolute best overclocking AGP board, be it AMD....
K8N-E troubles
Cant boot up again at 2700mhz...
Measuring temps?
Help choosing motherboard for a Sempron
A8N32-SLI, notes and comments on new build
NF7-S SATA Probs
Asus K8N-E Deluxe (no sata driver disk), plz help!
bios won't save settings - have to clear CMOS
Instabilities with CPU Interface
DFI CrossFire Board Probs
2gb kit, OCZ Platinum or G.skill Extreme
Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra Firewire??
Neo2 Platinum and poor OC'ing results
asrock d939 power
Having some problems. Little advice :/
...where are the latency settings?
New to nForce4...which features to use?
ati/dfi crossfire background info
Computer dosn't boot
FSB crapping out around 290
Need an AN7 Bios for UTT memory chips an other things...
Conflicting sound drivers?
Needs help with DFI NF4 SLI-DR
Noobish HDD question.
Whats best mobo for s939 cpu?
A8V dlx and ram
DFI and Corsair Value Select Love...
No video after new cpu
Best ASUS A8N32-SLI Overclock at 1T timings?
My NF7-s Rev 2.0 Won't enable to 8x & fast agp write Whyy??
Want to upgrade...but need advice...
Want to upgrade...but need advice...
New Build...Fatal1ty stability problems
ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe - PSU problems
ASUS A8N32-SLI Advice
Tmods DFI Bios Flash CD 5.0
s939 AGP and PCI-E 16x????
ASRock Dual939 Motherboard! Ram Question?
7VJL Apogee Deluxe....cpu question!
can motherboard limit cpu overclock?
DFI LPUT NF4 U-D ... Realtek or Nvidia Sound Drivers?
DFI website down for anyone else?
No Boot / Video NF4 Ultra-D
DFI Ultra-D freezes on boot?
Speedfan and MBM5 together on lanparty
new dfi sli-dr not booting
FSB/Overclock not right. Help!
Pls post best oc settings with DFI Expert,2gb Ballistix & amd x2 3800
Best Motherboard to Overclock
Help me pick a board
DFI Advice for noob
Does MSI PC Alert 4 report correct voltages?
Help Me Choose A New Board Please
Two Boards Crapped In One Week Looking Again!
A8V sata install problem
k8t neo 2 6702e
ABIT NF7-S2 or NF7-S V2
Help!can't go over 180 fsb nf7-s2
eVGA 133-K8-NF41 nF4, does it have memory divors?
ASRockDaul939 CPU utilization in RAID 0
Does the thermalright XP-120 have compatibility issues with the Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra?
Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra HTT overclock question
Which mobo?
is it safe if i oc and use via raid?
MSI Neo2 Platinum killed 2 CPUs
Changed Ram And Having Difficulties to Boot
SLI-DR: setting up the temp limit for the NF4 chipset fan
eVGA nForce 4 SLI mobo?
Upgrade for my NFS-7 2.0
DFI is pitiful.
ABIT AN8 Ultra 0.4. POST code
Ga-k8n51gmf-9 (onboard 6100 Gpu) User Notes
Need help picking mobo...DFI didn't work for me.
Neo2 Plat OC and Sound Problems
NF7 series out of production?
Chaintech VNF3-250 temp questions
A8N Sli Deluxe Bios update
Best mobo for Socket A
OCZ Titanium 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR 400 with a neo-2 mobo ?
Is this a sign of a bad motherboard?
MSI K8T NEO overclocking
Boosting PCI-E Speed on DFI Ultra-D
nF4 Ultra-D BIOS updating problem
NF4 Ultra D, onboard sound problem
COM and IrDA connectors
How many HDs does the UT nf4 ultra-D support in raid 0?
Installing my first mobo
Choose ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe or LANPARTY UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert?
Asus K8N4-E Deluxe
DFI Lanparty UT NF3 or Chaintech VNF3
overclocking with cool and quiet enabled
NF7-S v2.0 What to sink?
MSI K8N Neo Platinum: Beta BIOS?
Can you flash an abit an8-sli bios with no processor installed?
Quick Help! Opteron 146 + TCCD Ram.. WHAT BIOS?
9nda3j - Dual channel plus single stick?
Urgent-Dual channel?
DFI SLI-DR Expert up and running
Cool and Quiet Over-clocking made easy for AMD64 and nForce 4
MOBO not letting me confic ANYTHING
Which mobo, Asus or DFI?
Windows Freezes on startup screen when OC'ed (nf7-s 2)
Oh knowledgeable one, I summon thee. (Ultra-D) Inquiries.
Available voltages on EP-9NPA+ SLi?
comp worked, then ceased, any advice?
asus sli premium and ballistix 2 gig ram overclock
Why isn't this a sticky??????????????????????????
Is My K8N NEO4 Platinum Bad?
My Overclock
Neo2, measuring vcore.
opteron 148 s939 owners
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe OC help
loud whine coming from my NF7-S??
Slipstream NVraid Drivers Onto XP CD
Boot issue... Ultra-D
Just got an e-mail from DFI!!
DFI SLI-D Problem!
suggest mobo for my new budget gamer machine
What does EB,ED, romsip...etc mean/do actualey?
how do i test for max stable fsb?
setting up RAID
Fatal1ty and Dual Channel
What is happenning?
Help with a problem
Navi's being twitchy...A8V and A64 3500
best $100 or less s939 oc board 1xPCIE slot?
good 939 overclocking mobo reccomendations?
AMD MB for AMD xp2600.
k8m800-m2 not likeing my freinds lynx one?
A8N32-SLI best Price
DFI "Nothing-Fixes-it-or-it-died" thread
ASRock K8 Upgrade 1689
ASRock K8 Upgrade 1689
SMBus for K7S5A ?
How unstable is DFI UT nf4 Ultra-D?
patriot memory & MSI K8N-Neo4 Platinum
Uh Oh!!!!!
Does flashing bios reset everything?
True dual x16
Windows freeze, mobo help plz........
DFI Ultra- wheres the Headphone Port?
New nForce4 drivers?
Big Typhoon on A8N SLI PREMIUM
need help picking a new mobo
DFI NF4 Ultra-D what's your flavor for heatsink/fan combo?
939 with onboard video?
Help w/ Ultra-D & 3000+ Venice/TCCD
A8V deluxe as a cheap upgrade solution, today.
need help picking a crossfire mobo
Chipset drivers 6.70, Bios 1009, ASUS SLI Prem. Any problems?
DFI infinity SLI + XP120
Looking for microatx 754 mobo.
Voltage monitors
DFi NF4 Ultra - wont boot at all.
ISO: Passive cooled 939 mobo with NForce4 for AMD 3800X2.
Neo2 tricks to get this stable?
The "Max Memclock" setting on A8N-Deluxe?
Bad Board??
A DFI Street thread to watch...
Newbie To NF3 overclocking seeks help!
Which S754 mobo with integrated graphics ?
eVGA SLI mobo and Opty 148 OVER 300htt
Master DMA register failure!?!
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe settings, PLEASE CHECK THIS CONFIG...
DFI Ultra-D: No Mouse?
Can't change HTT with A8N-SLI Deluxe.
Best Memory for SLi-DR?
Help OCing A8N-SLI Premium
Please please help AN8-E
Nvidia Nforce PCI system Management issue on SLI-DR
A8V-deluxe advanced memory Options in bios QUESTION....HELP?
Help/Advice For XP-M
Whats the difference between Lanparty UT and non UT?
I cannot Install Windows
SLI-DR: Chipset Fan Broken
NF4 infinity - custom mem dividers?
Need help controlling MSI K8N NEO4-FI fan speed
0verclocking a 3700 sandy any tips
signs of a defective Fatal1ty?
Can't boot into windows DFI NF4 Ultra
Stepping outside the Intel circle
Reliability just left the building
the via raid conntroller drivers and the fasttrack controller
New BIOS with LESS options?!?!
DFI SLI-DR - Leds and beep code
Will I have better luck?