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New BIOS For A8N-SLI Non-Deluxe...
A8V Deluxe upgrade
How to oc my DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D
Board won't power PSU
what would cause this ?
NF7-S board wont start help!
motherboard or psu problem
lp nf4 ultra-d - backing plate
Aftermarket Chipset Cooling? DFI NF4 UT Ultra-D
First build needs stamp of approval
DFI NF4 UT Ultra-D / No DualChannel
the difference between these two DFI boards?
A8N-E lan drivers
Should I wait for crossfire?
An AGP Question
Nf7-s Temps
Four red LEDs of death and a cold Venice
is this a good motherboard ?
BIOS ROM checksum error: D27 Taipan
A8V Deluxe does not give you too much room to..
wake on lan with nForce4 Ultra-d ?
NF7-S Mic problems
nf4 sli dr
onboard memory?
nf-7 rev2 memory slots?
Incorrect clock speeds
Simple raid question on the 9NPA nforce4 mobo
A7N8X Deluxe PC2700 Stable only at 133
mobo question
NF7-S rev2
Which bios for this hynix ram?
A8N-SLI Deluxe vs LanParty SLI-DR
lose the dual channel to go to 2gig?
A8N-SLI Premium - constant lockups
Does same chipset equal same performance?
GA-K8NSC-939 Overclocking
CMOS not resetting
Hngs when shutting down?
what memory voltage does this mobo supply
KV8 3rd Eye overclockable?
A8N SLI Premium Vcore only at 1.47? Help!
Best NF4 "non" SLi Mobo ?
Post != Yes | Help Please
k7n2 issues
NF7-S v2 5VSB LED problem
ULI m1695 chipset
Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939 And Microsoft SP2
K8NSC-939 Bios
Anyone know if DFI LP NF4 Ultra will post with PCI video
How does this look? (pics inside)
DFI nForce4 SLi-DR Best BIOS?
What bios for my NF7-S V2
Help needed selecting motherboard (and more)
mobo or graphics card?
Ideal s939 mobo?
any ideas
4V Jumper on Ultra-D?
Not stable, even at stock speeds.
a8v sata error during win xp installation
Problom with nf4
9npa+ ultra memory
anybody have a soltek K8TPro-939 mobo?
New System Upgrades
asus k8n8x-la powers off soon as i press power on ,
Dragons DFI NF4 BIOS Vault
Is BIOS development a constant thing?
Is getting a DFI UT NF4 Ultra D worth for SLI conversion?
Need help amd64 k8n neo2 plat
How do you OC Epox 9NDA3+
Building a new gaming rig- help please...
nforce4 fan replacement on LP SLI?
Ultra-D -> My Floppy Won't Work!
p4p800-vm / ct-479
Bios OCing Problems
HDD on SATA 5 not starting during POST
Which BIOS should I use with my TCCD memory?
What is actually wrong with the Lanp-arty UT NF3 Ultra D First model?
A8N Premium 1005 to 1007.2. What Changed?
Gaming on Ultra-d
A8N-SLI Premium O/Cing issues
DFI DAGF memory questions
AN8 SLI - problems with 1GB sticks (Crucial BallstiX Tracer)???
Just bought a DFI ulta-d sooo...
Nvidia sound storm drivers on nf7-s
new drive for raid 0 came in!
A8N-SLI Deluxe northbrige fan not working
Abit SV-1A
Does this make any sense??? (RAM issue with K8N)
Sound Problems
what mobo?
new revision of sli-dr board ?
Native X2 support on SLI-D?
Is a Vmod needed to reach 200 x 12.5 w. xpm 2500 & NF7S v2?
What NF7-S BIOS should I use?
Are the NF7 and NF7S v2 I/O shields the same?
Lanparty UT Ultra-D
MSI K8N neo2 plat onboard sound mic problem
DFI Lanparty nf4 UT
What does 8 Audio Channels on motherboards mean?
K7N2 Plat Temp Questions
urgent: motherboard is acting up like no other.
some help please: BUDGET gaming system
Lanparty UT Ultra-D and two hard drives
OMFG! I have samsung TCCD!
Whats a buyable ULi 1695 chipset mb
BIOS Archive got a make over
You cant run a 7800 GTC SLI setup on an SLI modded Ultra-D? fact or fiction?
Overclocking my EP-9NDA3J w/ A64 venice 3000+
L12 Mod?
A question about DFI motherboards and fans...
9NPA+ Ultra OC Woes - HELP !
Crazy vCore: Mobo or PSU?
Warranty/ Rma questions.
Bios problems
AN8 Ultra heatpipe interfere with XP120
Gigabyte quality issues
think I fried my mobo.
how can i boot from a usb floppy drive/flash drive
an8 ultra memory choice
DFI NF4 Chipset Waterblock?
I need an answer FAST
Please recommand the Memory for Asus A8V deluxe Rev2
A8N-SLI EX-PLUG: Needed always, or just in SLI?
What S754 mobos are good right now?
About the Neo3 card. I've seen it in action...omg...
Help me buy Again :) Be Serious
Analyse my Motherboard
NF3 Ultra-D Rev 2 ?
Is there anything i need to do to get a higher oc?
Physical BIOS update
DFI Lanparty UT NF4-D problem?
msi neo2 platinum memory dividers
need a little help with new motherboard
So I'm getting the Ultra-D tomorrow and I need a few tips...
Any opinions on this upgrade situation?
OCZ Timing Help
Official MSI Neo2 Bios 1.9 caused Nvidia Ethernet Lan Issue
A7N8X-E-Multiplier Problem
amd x2 on my an8 ultra???
DFI model help
A8V Deluxe heatsink mount ?
need ideas (FX57 MachII NO POST)
Safe to use this old HS on an NF7-S Northbridge?
Can someone please help me, no sound?
NF4 Ultra D and SATA
LP UT4 Ultra or ULtra SLI-DR?
DFI LP UT4 Ultra and Mushkin Redline XP4000: do they like each other?
Offical E6 support with v1.90 BIOS
Am I Doing Something Wrong? Cant OC
bios for k8nsc 939
Dealing with Abit RMA service
Need a new MotherBoard
Temp reading Accurate
Prime 95: can i run other stuff?
abit an8 ultra hard drive
Do Not Power Off, Froze, Reset, Won't Post Please Help!!
Epox EP-9NDA3J doesn't always boot
A7V880 with too much Vcore
Forceware 5.10
LP UT4 SLI-DR: confused by 2 models at the Egg
just a quick question..
What's this thing with the red and blue plugs?
Using 3 Sata Drives and Overclocking
overclocking with kt600-al
Motherboards and PCIe
For the poor saps with a Promise Raid card and an Epox mobo
FYI: The Thermaltake XP-120 does fit on the NF4 Ultra-D board.
Looks around lifeboat
DFI NF4 is not working with new Maxtor Diamondmax 10
AN7 Uguru problem
Neo2 K8N Plat + San Deigo
Best Micro-ATX Motherboard
Errr.. DFI Board Wont Load Past 2.8v Memory!
Has anyone reviewed the MSI RS480M2-IL Socket 939 Board?
what the hell is this?
Help Testing Motherboards
bios acting s..l..o..w....
Motherboards that maintain x16 in SLI?
MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum memory help
Help me pick out my new system
did I kill my board?
Dual Channel Problems on NF7
Installing HD Problem
NF4 SLI DR Nvidia Raid Issue
which one do you recomend?
HELP! Computer won't turn on for the first time!
Should I RMA this board?
Well it has all been ordered now
memory for Ultra D
How to overclock
nf7-s v2 onboard lan....dead?
something to play with Till M2
CPU clock multiplier on a 7VT600P-RZ
NF7 troubles with APIC
Need A DFI Bios Guide For Help In Overclocking? ANyone?
new 3800+ X2 in its way home... what about BIOS ??
Unusual requirements.. looking for input
How do I bypass the "cpu fan failed" on Asus A8N-E?
HELP!!!: NEO2 & Second Video Card
new DFI Ultra-D; need some tips on SATA and overclocking
Best Value/BangForBuck Socket 939 PCIe board?
need a new board
About to buy DFI Nforce4 Ultra D
Asus A7S8X-MX question
Stock overvolting on 9npa+ultra
asrock k8 combo-Z, ram running slow
Need Help in Buying AMD64 Motherboard
MSI K8N Neo4 problem: Mem can't fit with large heatsink (XP-120)
MSI K8N Diamond, Pc wont turn off or reboot.
NF7-S/AN7 temperature offset?
Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe PSU problem?
New X2 Workstation............
Welp confirmed that 1t works above 250 mhz with the a8n-SLI premium
DFI NF4 Ultra-D + 2GBS of Dual Channel Different Brand? Problems?
Whats the BEST air cooling solution for the Ultra-D board?
8KTA won't boot-Help please
GA-7N400 Pro2 REV.1
Warm Boot is the toughest test on my A8V - Deluxe
Good board for an old T-Bird?
NF3 250gb overclocking
What's the verdict on v1.9 final BIOS?
A7N8X-E-Deluxe burn in PIO only????
Athlon1700+ to 2400+ is it worth upgrading
looking for a new mobo
Cant disable Spread Spectrum? Help!!!!
Neo Plat 2 Sound 1/2 broke?
Anyone using a Scythe Ninja with DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR?
which abit?
My BIOS is screwed!!!
DFI LP nF4 SLI-DR & X2 4400
Nforce 4 ultra to SLI Mod by bridging pins, how to remove epoxy on top of them?
Just got my Ultra D
problem on startup with new system, NEED HELP PLEASE!
4 memory sticks in DFI nf4?
My DFI is here!
kmrivers nf7-s v2 overclocking adventures
Odd memory error (A8V-D)
New System Think DFI Ultra-D good?
Sapphire PURE PI-A9RX480 aka "grouper"
possible motherboard problem?
a7n8x-delx won't overclock anymore
Good idea.........
MSI Incompetency Strikes Again
Trouble figuring how overclocking
abit NF7-s Vs SATA2 drive
Where is Crossfire?
Best Drivers for NF4 Ultra D?
Flashing to an older bios?
Tweaking tools and Bios's..........
where to change vcore
melted system looking for replacement
melted system looking for replacement
nasty artifacting, not sure why
Warning all A8N Users!
Overclocking Record set on DFI UT NF4 Ultra-D in Chile
Which drivers will i need for an NF7S v2?
Help! New build DFI Can't Hook up Firewire
quick question for the Athlon X2 cpus
CPU Fan not starting?
What's all this bad crit on DFI?
Best Socket 939 mobo with AGP ? ? ?
Best affordable ocing mobo s939?
New to OC and also having prob.
A8V deluxe- promise controller settings
System FAN BIOS problem
Boot order problem - A8V Deluxe
Having trouble deciding which 939 board to go with
1/6th PCI divider?
Sell me on this DFI
Updated Bios
Asus A8N-SLI deluxe fan speed problme?
new (revision) DFI NF4 mobo?
A8V D rev 2 crashing in game
Would like Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe OC suggestions
Lanparty and Lanparty UT?
8rda+ at 200? Prime 95 doesn't like it.
BEst epox for 939 agp?
A64 Dual Channel error = bad RAM, CPU or M/B?
Jetway MicroATX or wait for the big boys?
4 sticks only reading at ddr333, with nf3 UD
A couple of (basic) qestions for AN-7
can someone help me overclock memory, MSI neo 2 plat
can someone help me overclock memory, MSI neo 2 plat
good 939 board w/ pci-e with only a 20 pin psu?
Best m-ATX 754 motherboard with PCI-E
MSI neo4 plat
Pr3ach3rs Hardm3nu modded bios
mobo suggestions....
Bios Recommendations: DFI NF4-DR SLI
64bit mobo
MicroATX S939 Mobo (MSI or Jetway?)
newegg epox 9npa+ultra in stock tomorrow
emergency. dead mobo?
A8V vs AV8-D
Best DFI SLI board?
3200+ Venice and Bios 1.8
Chaintech 7VJDA
K8NS Ultra 3.3v Rail VDIMM Volt Mod
My take on the AN8 SLI
Best Socket A board?
3.3 volt rail, sata, on nf4ultra-d and oc'ing..
overclock settings question`
nForce3 64-bit Drivers...wtf
Install sata drive in existing windows installation.. Help please!!!!!!!!!
Neo2 Platinum Vcore Question
General Bios flash question and recomendations.
DFI LanParty NF4 Ultra D and 3/10 bios
Bios flash Dfi SLI-Dr
A8N SLI-Deluxe frustrations with scrambled HD
time for an upgrade me thinks!
My 3000 Winnie at 2.7GHz
Which one?
Help me please, reg overcklock A8N-E
Need help plz, booting up
Random Restarts
no case and grounding mobo
Did I Fry my Motherboard?
REQ: mATX mobo with mounting holes (Scoket A 462)
epox or just motherboard question.
Noob board?
K7N2 Platinum Probs
So many options
Board Squeels..Why ?
aint' nutin wrong with ga-k8nxp-sli, right?
Temperature reading software recommendation
Another X2 Thread
New Mobo and PSU
Bios problem
GA 7n400 Pro 2 (rev 1.0)
Another New Bios for the K8NSNXP-939 (F11) & K8NS-Ultra-939 (F8)
wheres it gone?!?!!?
Dfi Sli Dr ? ? ?
EP-9NPAJ and EP-9NPA+Ultra
Bios Checksum Error
OC'd A8N-SLI Premium Owners...PLEASE read
Neo2 Plan Mobo - Problem with Bios 1.90 Final
Will a 939 proc run in a 940 mobo?
My Ultra-D to SLI-D Mod
Anyone used Abit's e-Rma?
dual channel on A8V-D
Abit UL8 and AX8 v2.0?
Finally built me killer gaming rig from an asus A8n sli-deluxe
nF4 SLI-D firewall?
PC stable at OC but not at stock....
Neo2 Platinum to 1.9b9 bios!!
LanParty Carry Case??
F8 for K8NSU-939 & F11 for K8NSNXP-939
which board to use
New nForce 4 Drivers
CrossFire any news?
Whooooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!
Best DFI Board
which motherboard?
DFI SLI DR Gamers board ?
its upgrade time!!
How to remove HS backing plate?
Booting problems
Boot problem!
USB 2.0 Speeds
Anyone tried anything like this?
microphone not working ???
Overclocking the GA-K8NS Pro -- memory divider vs. CPU overclock
the best board
DFI Ultra-d - will it work with RevE out of box?
Anybody use this mobo/RAM combo?
Up Chipset voltage? gains?
How is the onboard sound of a NF7S v2?
damaged southbridge?
Are DFI mb's problematic?
Modded HP XW9300 Dual Opteron rig
Cant do over 220MHz HTT with A8N-SLI dlx 1010.001
How badly did I damage my DFI board? (Please help)
Should i go DFI or ASUS
NF4uK8AA I think I'm in trouble
Gigabyte "memory problem," and a bios question
Hitting the OC wall with the A8N-E
SiSoft RAM benchmark difference
epox or asus?
Where can I get the 1010.001 BIOS for A8N-SLI dlx?
Looking for a pair
Old system upgrade, motherboard compatible?
Choosing a second 939 board
AV8 Problems
Mobo for business (running 24/7, heavy math)
A8N-SLI Premium: I don't /really/ want to not remove the heatpipe, right?
Suggestions for 939 socket with NF3
Neo2 Platinum Setup Help
ASUS A8V rev 2.0 Non deluxe OC problem
MSI xpress 200 skt939
Help with ram settings, and the X2..
Best Bios for 8RDA+?
Bios F7 released for K8NS Ultra 939
What has more overclockability
Why You SHOULDN'T Get a DFI Board
Single or dual channel for overclocking?
Oh please help me make up my mind!!!!!
Cheapest 754 bas @$$ overclocker out there?
Antec Smartblue 350w
cpu sensor?
Gigabyte GA-7VAX-A
a7n8x owners whats ur socket temps?
Dual channel not good for oc?
I am the luckiest guy in the world(sarcastic). BIOS ooppsy!
Makes me feel like a newb
epox or dfi
New Memory! Now running at 300 1:1!
How do you change the fsb other than the set settings? >A7N8E-E delux
A8V Deluxe and SATA (strange!)
Building a new computer. Suggestions?
memory problem with 19.b8 bios
Pls help me with ut sli-dr
AHH Neo2 just died?!?!?!
New AN7 Bios
best monitoring app for NF4?
Cannot install with 4800 SLI-DR
AN7 Overclocking Guide: Revenge of the Abit NFII Black Sheep
C/P Value - DFI nF4 SLI INFINITY test
Fatal1ty pile of junk
Abit Finally RMA'D my board
A7N8X-X won't save to CMOS.
Best OCing mobo for socket 754
DFI NF4 D SATA 2 mod
NF7-S v2 Long term case study thread
2 gigs of ram and a GA-K8NS Ultra-939
New to here with a simple "?"
Quick Question
NF4 Firmware 6.66
7n400 Pro2 and Dual Channel Probs
im going to scream
GA-K8NF-9...3 mem slots
Stupid Laptop
Needs moar voltage!
Abit AN8 Ultra...what's it like? User impressions etc.
A7N8X wont boot.....Somtimes
Overclocking A8V Deluxe
Neo2 Platinum 1.9b8 flashing problem
Just bought an A8N-SLI Premium what is the best ram for this board?
PC not booting (Neo2PT)
Help! I'm dead in the water.
Is something wrong with my chipsets?
So frustrated...need help with SLI
S939 PCI-E mobo suggestions...
MSI K8N Neo4 Plat. Command Rate Question
New DFI nF4 - How do you install 2 CD/DVD devices
A7n8x-e Deluxe Temperature Problem
Asus A8V Deluxe Bios problems
Socket A...
Best bios for a winnie?
A state of confusion
front-panel USB in VNF3-250?
WinFast (FoxConn) NF4K8MC-ERS
which motherboard should i get?
Dead AN8? Need pro help.
Memory and OC questions
Asus A8V Deluxe -- a good buy?
Super Nade Pls Help Me
High end 64bit mobo ?
AMD X2 supported motherboards
A8N-SLI Premium and Mushkin Redline
Just flashed Neo2 Platinum to 1.9b8 bios!!
Epox 8RDA+ Need Help Fast! Serious Problem!
Abit NF7 2.0 with USB 2.0
Dfi Ut Sli-dr
K8NS-Ultra939 & OCZ PC4200 Questions
No Boot NF3 UT Ultra-D
SATA ports
DFI NF4 Ultra-D and clearance with xp-120.
A8N-SLI Deluxe - How do I turn this off?
Do anyone else's dividers not work on the NF4 Ultra-SLI?
Max FSB on A8N-E
a8v memory help please
SiS chipset and ATI video card...
Help!!! bios corruption?
New SLI-DR...need advice
A8V deluxe Rev 2
bios will post 600..#@%????
LanParty NF4 SLI chipset cooling
NF7 NB Cooling
The gritty on Neo4 Platinum?
DFI NF3u-d problems!
NF2 8RDA+ and XP2900 question multi is not locking
Big PROBLEM need help plz ...
Anyway to get more VDimm on GA-K8NS Ultra?
Good Features/Performance 939 Board?