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ummm quick help please?
NF7-S Audio jumper question
reset problems with Lanparty NF3 250
Whens the next official neo 2 BIOS coming?
New System, a few questions
Question for Xcelerator
need help in modding bios KT400A /K7VT4A+
DFI Lanparty nF4 Ultra-D, install problems (SATA?)
Just got my NF3 250gb
The novice ins and outs of the NF4 boards
New System is Wrong i need i HELP
L12 mod, is it worth on a DFI nf2 ultra infinity and a 2600+ Mobile?
DFI NF4 Ultra....a real piece of junk!
Did your dfi ultra or sli nf4 arrive damaged?
Has anybody tried the new A8N from abit?
Nf7 2.0 Tracks Vdimm To 3.4?
Dual channel ultra-d problem
Anyone know much about D27 modded bioses?
Gigabyte K8ns ultra 939 Raid Problem
multi higher than 10x on k8neo 2 plat?
Feel my pain, or laugh, .....whichever.....
a link to latest drivers for k8n neo2 plat.
Nvidia nForce K8N Neo Problem
Ultra-D blown pci-e slot ?
939 Serious gaming
ASUS A8N-e NF4 Ultra - now available
VTT mod on 0.52 Abit NF7-S v2....what method?
ASROCK K7VT4A+ at 200/200 MHZ= AGP divisor 1/6 is working
K7N2 Delta2-LSR Unknown CPU Type?
Neo2 3200+ oc max 218x10
Asus A7V880 Boot Problems
8RDA problem
Board recommendations?
Help! Building New GA-K8NXP-SLI Rig
A8N-SLI New BIOS: 1004 Final
A8N-SLI Premium???
Official pleading thread for the owners of DFI Ultra-D
90nm on socket 754?
cant get more than 225 fsb
Overclocking assistance.
ga-k8ns-ultra-939 and mbm5
New Board? Or Not New Board? That Is The Question...
fatal1ty board
DFI LanParty UT nF4 SLI available in canada?
K7N2 Delta-LSR RAM compatibility.
Ultra-D & Patriot ram
Trying to cross a barrier...
can't go any higher then 231mhz fsb, opinions??
How to make a SATA driver disk for the K8NS-ultra for XP installation?
8dra+ problems
Power connectors on nF4 Ultra-D?
8RDA+ ALWAYS crashes when playing any game. My Volts on +3.33 are 3.06. What u think?
a8v deluxe and poor fps!!!
a7n8x rev 2 non dlx locking up...
Problem with UT250Gb SATA
MSI Live monitor ??? worth it ?
I need help, big help.. please!
Oh Gawd Please Help
got me a new toy
Problem with AGPfunctionality, A7N8X-deluxe
NF4 and overall overclockability Opinions please
SATA curruption on NF7-s
this motherboard any good for 939?
Windows XP Won't Detect my SATA Hard DRive
LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb: support a ATA100 HD?
Nf7-s 242fsb memtest error test 7
o/c'd A7N8X-E dlx & Side Band Addressing
Best ram for a ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe (nForce4 SLI - ATX - S939)
Motherboard/Case contact
MSI Neo4 voltage setting?
ati xpress200 boards = no o/c functionality
K7n2 Delta2-LSR Windows XP Install
Ethernet Port on NF7-S vers.2.0
OCing a K7som ???
Does the nforce A7N8X-X have a agp/pci lock?
K8t Neo FSR Sound dead?
DFI LanParty UT 250gb Quirks
Help with an AGP 8x prob
Quetion for a first time overclocker...
Epox bios went flaky
8kda3+ pro dead?
Dfi ultra-d / sli monitoring (mbm?)
Can't even get 2200MHz stable on a 3200
K8N Neo3-FSR?
MSI K8N Neo2 Plat. will not post/boot
Asus to Soltek?
Changing Mobo's S-ATA Raid Question
which motherboard to get?
Post Probe
anyone with msi k8n neo4 platinium sli here
How do I know if my temps are right?
NF7-S V2, need help w/BIOS for 160gb HD
making progress towards stable 250 fsb
AN8 quick review
Help!! No Video Signal On Nf3 250gb Mb
A8v-e Deluxe Vs Lanparty Ut Nf4 Ultra-d
Highest OC w/ Asus A8N SLI - D
K8N Neo2 IDE issues?
Asus A8V Deluxe No SATA Drivers?
Flashing a dfi nf11 lanparty
F9 BIOS Update Says F6??!
NF7 V2.0 Query
A7N8X and a xp2400 mobile
DFI nF3 Lanparty 1/28 Interleaved BIOS Problems.
Need a mb for a 2400 mobile..
Dead a7v8x
A short beep once in a while , running XP.
Best Bios settings for BH5 on DFI NF4 Ultra
NF7-S Rev 2.0 cpu fan jumper ?
RS480M2-IL ? anyone have 1?
NF7-S Machine wont power up and POST
Best "economy" nForce2 board?
MSI problem...
Via Chipset? Agp / Pci
Forgot these on install please no laughing
Recommended Memory
DFI NF4 Ultra - Still on top in 6 months?
GA8-NFSXP and mbm settings
sound looping?
No signs of life,Please help w/Athlon 3500+
embarrassing question.
Neo2 Raid Problem
Epox Tips 9NDA3+
Asus A8N SLI vs Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI, which to go for?
Trying to get 1.5G Memory
NF7-S2 Memory Placement
Somone PLEASE help me.
Asus K8N-E Deluxe NVIDIA NForce PATA Raid not recognized by Windows
NF4 Ultra-D problems..
NF7-S2 Crashing/Stalling constantly
memory interleave on lp 250gb bios 128
new NF7-S v2 can't see whole IDE 160gig HD
Anyone using OCZ PC3200 Platinum with Lanparty NF4?
A8V AMI Beep Post
NF3 250GB: Boot error?
neo2 plat. ultra Out of stock!!! what should i do!!
Tips on an a8v deluxe
whats a good k8n neo2 plat bios with higher than 10% overvolt
cant seem to oc my nf3 250gb lan party HELP!!!
Chaintech VNF4 ULtra - ethernet problem
can't fiqure out wtf happened
1.36mod or 1.5X
Ultra-D Overclocking Problems.
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe vs DFI LanParty NF4 SLI-DR
What power supply?
Asus A8V Rev.2 machine_check_exception
K8N Problems
Just ordered a EP-9NDA3+ From NewEgg
A8V Deluxe Promise controller troubleshooting
Problems with MSI K8N Neo2 and Far Cry?
Under volting my mobo, can this cause serious problems??
GA-K8NF-9 build no boot.
I Need Guidence in Ordering an NF7s-v2
Serious Problem - Please Help!!!!!!!!!
Prime stability...
k7n2 delta L wont reset bios help!!!!!!!
abit or dfi
Ultra-D boards bundled w/ SLI BRIDGES!
MY Asus A8V-E Delux
Is my NF7-S v2 giving out?
USB issue's on NF-4
MAJOR nf7-s rev.2 probs.....
P4B533 will not load when two PC 3200
usb mass storage device
Ultra-D: No Video
new overclocker needs help pleez
PC shutting itself down
OK, a stupid question, but I don't know the answer
New 2/17 Nf4 Bios
How to overclock an AMD 2600+ w/ a SOYO K7VMP2
raising voltage on chipset?
DFI's nForce4 support
Crucial Ballistix or PQI Turbo for NF7-S
[HELP] MSI K7T266 Pro2 ver 2 - updates?
DFi nForce4 Ultra-D BIOS Savior?
Abit "AN8" Questions
What neo2 BIOS is best for 3200+ winnie?
DFI, MIS or Chaintech? NF4 Ultra mobo help.
Has anyone used this ram on a K8N Neo2?
Hard Disk Problems NF3 250GB
RealtekICON, K8T
Will a dtr chip work on msi neo plat?
Using CoreCenter for O/C?
MEMtest questions
Passively cool the nforce3 chipset ?
Ahh, my $100 mobo killed by cheap parts!
A8N SLI DELUXE shuts off when running 3dmark or glxcess
Same asus!
It seems that there is a way to have agp with nf4
What OS do you use on DFI nf4 lanparty???
question on DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250GB NVida nForce3
shut down temps?
MSI neo 2 plat won't post in Dual channel, please help
asus A8V-deluxe and 8x AGP HELP
20/24 pin connector?????????
My MSi neo 2 plat won't post in Dual channel please help.
Where's the RAID drivers for A8N controlers
Boistar M7NCD Pro
Smooth DFI nf4 install
nF4 Ultra D and Ballistix?
Questions re NEO4 Platinum
Minimum VCore with A7N8X-VM/400 Rev. 2.02?
K8VT800 Overclock?
Ga-K8nf-9 conflict with PCI wireless card
Please explain the differences in these 2 mobos from Epox
To DFI nforce4 users: any quirks?
What the best volts for my 3200+ / msi k8n neo 2?
I overclocked and my temps dropped.
Neo4 Platinum And Winchester..
DFI 939 SLI NF4 settings .And what is cpu special
Having MAJOR issues with my NF4 Ultra-D
Help me upgrade
newbee but want to learn
Best 939 mobo
Gigabyte GA-K8NS Series
OC failing after a month!?
Need Help Fast!!!
Motherboard Shorting Out
Problems Installing XP on MSI K8N Diamond
So mind-boggling! Need help choosing a 939 mobo please...
Help!! 9NDA3 bios locking up
NF7-S v2 overclocking
No overheat protection
Optimum Mobo Settings
msi power connection on MOBO
Is the NF7 a NF7-S v2.0 without Sata?
AN35N-Ultra backplate
Very quiet in here lately
Why won't you boot!
dfi nf4 sli d overclocking
Dirt cheap 754 motherboards
Chances of 2 neo2 refurbished boards going bad?
Graphics anomaly over 250 HTT...
NF7-2S: New Motherboard HELP!
Bios for K8T Neo2 FIR
Why do I get this warning (dfi nf4 sli-dr (dual channel))
K8N Neo2 Plat. won't go dual channel
NF3 UT 250gb OC question...
Asus A8N Deluxe vs DFI NF4 SLI
ABIT Drivers VS nVidia Drivers.
LAN PARTY UT nF3 250GB, Suppport Dual Channel?
Anyone heard of this?
Weird Voltage Readings, Advice ???
Asus A8v Deluxe, Zalman heatsink/fan, weight
power on restart...
A7N8X-E DLX: nTuner.. Corrupt bois or what?
Overclocking Question
My K8N NEO4 just smoked itself!
L7S7A2 motherboard- tearing out hair!
Asus A8V Deluxe only boots 100mhz HTT and no audio
Please help me with my ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe
DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra onsale
random reboots
A7N8X E Dulux problem
AV8 slow windows now
XP90 on Epox 9NDAj?
Bios For An35n W/sempron 2400+
1.52 bios very bad?
voltages on dfi
kt6v-lsr and Mr.Barton
Which mobo should I go with, MSI or DFI???
Overclocking my A8V
K8N Neo2 Plat. Problem...plz help?
DFI Lanparty sli-dr power question..
Ultra-d sli question
BIOS really does make a difference!
Stuck on 255 fsb ? cant hit 256 Think again!!
AV8 usb not working
BIOS Questions
battery volts
A8V Rebooting problem *SOLVED*
Anyone seen a micro atx 939 pin board in the states, yet?
which is better?
EPoX 9NDA3+ will Thermal Right XP120 fit this?
changing voltages
mbm5 equivalent for soltek?
Cannot overclock 3200+ in Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe....confused...
Winchester just doesn't want to overclock :(
Asus K8V SE, any problems?
K8T neo fsr
A8V Deluxe Can't Get it Running
nForce4 firewall is too complicated
Dumb K8NS Ultra-939 QUESTION!
new AV8, windows won't boot
NB with Vantec Fan
K7T Pro2 LED post error codes...
Best 939 mobo for oc'ing?
I'm at the order screen now.
K8V SE Deluxe
g.skill A643500 nm 2.6+gig and 300+ fsb stable
Delete This
Dead Mobo ?
Will Thermalright XP-120 fit?
chaintech vnf3 250 fyi
Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-SLI vs. Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR
LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra-D on sale.
Do i have all drivers for neo2 platinum?
Lp Nf4 Ultra-d + 2 X 512 = Xp Crash
For you guys with the SLI-DR
ocing with abit nf7-s
PCI/AGP Locks (cant find PCI)
NFII Ultra B and RAM issues
K8N Neo2 and dual memory
can i burn out my bios
nf4- ultra-d stability issue
thermaltake pipe101
New DFI nF4 Ultra-D build...so perty!
KT4 Ultra - Ability to Overclock?
Replacement board
Modded bios for k7n2 delta-l?
Epox 8rda3+pro 7F post code
Asus A7V8X
DFI NF4 Owners .. Help Me
nForce4 Motherboard Recommendations
whats the best AMD board available right now?
what does all it mean?
Sli set-up woes.... HELP
MSI CoreCenter - Utter S***
No room for sound card?!
How accurate is your dfi utiliy for nf4 ?
Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 VS MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum
AV8 and Winbond CH-5
Help with nf7-s v2.0 bios settings
Are the AN8's out?
Just got new DFI NF4 ultra, but I can't overclock?
HELP with AV8 Onboard sound!@#
I just dont get it
Great programs
How do I flash the bios on MSI Neo2 Plat?
What is the FRONT-X?
NF-7S Question
NF7-s temps wtf?
Stability problems
A7N8X-VM/400 with Duron below 1Ghz???
How to OC the NEO s754
Upgrading Cpu
Updating BIOS
Abit or Soltek?
K8NS-939 ram bios settings?
? on an old A7m266-D
need little help with overclock :)
MSI K8N Neo4
How good is Nvidia NTune?
AV8 Graphics error?
HELP! AV8 wont run synched
Are the VNF3's SATA connecter's pci-locked?
Bios battery dying?
MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum and XP-90/120 question
ASUS A8N-SLI :: Work Arounds:Expensive Bugs:Tweaking:Info
Help me OC further....
Best bios for 1 gig of tccd-need 3d stability
Urgent Please Help
My mic doesnt work on nf3 lanparty ut
newbie help (sorry)
Ultra Infinity locked at 220FSB ?
New Oskarwu DFI NF4 beta bios 209 right here!
How well do you think you can overclock this system?
DFI arrived plus g skill , x850xt ,3500+ 90nm
OCZ DDR booster or Modded BIOS and PSU on NF3-250GB?
Correct me if I am wrong about NF7-S bios
Socket 939 w/AGP
Sen's AV8 Review
AVA SATA problems
Where is there a volt mod guide for the mem?
GA-7N400 Pro 2 video/sound problem
DFI NF4 DR-SLI Aduio riser question
did i forget to buy a 20 to 24 pin connector for power supply?
Should I flash the bios or leave it alone?
What bios for this nf7 system
New need help
HELP! Strapplebberry in distress!!!
MSI Neo4 Platinum USB Prob's
Through with MSI <Worst mobo ever>
Nf7-S with High FSB
Asetek waterchill and the DFI nf4 ultra d
Abit NF7-S 1.3--Native Command Queuing Supported?
LDT multiplier on AV8
Microphone problem on KV7
overclocking my abit kv8 pro with venus fan
Need advice for Abit An7 hotflash
chipset voltage....should i have too?
On the verge of purchasing a MOBO! HELP!
Do you have NF7-S and G.Skill 4400LC?
I can't prime over 220 fsb
A8N-SLI RAID chipsets
DFI Lanparty UT NF3 250 GB with Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL
Voltage %
getting mic to work w/ nf3 250gb
Anyone know if that antec solution series PSU`s damage the msi K8N mobo
DFI NF4 DR-SLI in the labratory!
Bios gets corrupt going 3.3+ on Vdimm!
Decent budget 939 stable mobo?
Dfi Nf4 Sli-DR Or?
boot help
K8ns Non Pro Owners What Is The Bios You Are Using
ga-k8nxp-sli problem
Ocz or Kingston Ram for the K8N neo 2 platnium?
AV8-3rd eye hitting 300HTT?
NF7-s Forum
Dfi Lanparty Sata Help*emergency*
In stock in the uk
MSI KT6 V-LSR motherboard OC
no post no k7n2 delta plat
Asus A8V-Deluxe and 3000+ winchester
NF7-S rev. 2 nic problems randdom reboots
need help choosing S939 mobo
Neo2 2.5ghz problems, same results on 2 different cpu's
A8N-SLI Deluxe problems
temp sensors
Lanparty UT nForce3 Questions-owners read
My FIRST N-Force board!
Power supply connector and Asus A8V-E DELUXE Via K8T890
Which CPU can I use?
AGP fan replacement help
MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum: Post you highest HTT
Need a new board for s939 A64 3000+
comparable Mobo?
"Best" Choices for SLI ready Socket 939 motherboard?
K8VT800 Front/Rear Audio at the same time!
Which Epox mobo to get for Socket A?
which ethernet to plug to use.
End of DFI Ultra sli mod
What's the verdict on this RAM?
Problems with 8RDA+
K8n neo4
HTT multiplier selection in BIOS is inoperable
msi rma and such....
SN45G bios question
G.SKill 2x256 LA's or 2x512 LE's?? Performance Difference?
Power causing problems
Windows not seeing HD's on Promise controller
been out of the loop a while
Newcastle or Winchester?
Best Socket A motherboard with onboard IDE Raid controller??
2GB RAM on Nforce 4, 2X1Gb or 4X512MB??
Can I Change Multiplier with Asus A8N SLI Mobo?
Sideband Addressing on K8N Neo2
temperature probs.
New Ram coming need bios suggestions--
Dead CPU?
CPU voltage variation
Sound problems with an78x-e deluxe
GA-7N400E-L custom bios
overclocking CPU with K7SOM+ V7.5C
I have done the l12 wire mod... can I still use the new Merlin BIOS?
DFI memory issue
CPU Differs In Speed
K8NS-Pro, but which cpu ?
A8V Deluxe CD Pc Probe Error?? Cant load program From CD
MBM5 settings for A8N-SLI
Need a link to Merlins bios Please
Lockup in games
Buy DFI nf4-U now or wait a month?
Can't crack 155 FSB on my Infinity NForce2.
Albatron KX600 problem
Recommend Me a Bios Please!!
Divider help (DFI NF3 UT lanboy)
New A64 System
ak32a compatability
2 or 4 sticks of memory?
K8n-e Deluxe Bios Settings Amd64 3000+
A7N8X : Highest FSB?
neo4 wont post/boot help!!
Help! weird MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum video problem.
K8N neo vs. K8N-E deluxe (ASUS)
Do these have the soft L12 mod in them?
how to test for hard drive corruption?
asus a7v880 via kt880
cold boot on DFI lanparty 250 UT
AN35N Ultra--XP 2500+ Barton--Need OC help
can't seem to pass 2.46ghz :(
LANPARTY UT nF4 Ultra...Overclocking
MSI K8N Neo (754) - Decent overclocker?
What hardware monitor do you use??
Correct Order of updating Drivers?
FED EX Sucks
Newegg got them!!!
VNF4 Ultra